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110 Unique Names for Cats With Green Eyes

An animal lover, having raised and cared for over 35 cats both purebred and feral converts, as well as an AKC Breeder of Merit.

Names for Cats With Green Eyes

Emeralds, often called the "Jewels of Royalty," have long fascinated man, much in the same way the fiery green eyes of cats do. Green cat eyes glower in the dark, like no other.

Those eyes that glimmer in the night, with iridescent shimmer and multifaceted glow, scrutinizing our every move. Their hypnotic gaze beguiles and bemuses us; worthy are they of our esteem. Honor your cat green-eyed cat's legacy with a moniker befitting the Jewel of Royalty; choose a cat name whose idea exalts the verdant green gem.

Cat Names That Mean Green

These names, from cultures around the world, celebrate fertility, hope and renewal as represented by the color green.

  • Aspen: Means quaking tree, a cute name for a nervous cat.
  • Berly: Means sea-green jewel.
  • Calhoun: Irish, means of the narrow forest.
  • Chloe: Greek, one of the Greek goddess Demeter's aliases, Chloe means green or fertile.
  • Cloris: Greek, goddess of spring, Cloris translates as green.
  • Clover: Irish, according to Irish tradition, clovers are good omens of luck, love and hope.
  • Denver: Means green valley.
  • Ezmeralda: Spanish, means prized emerald stone.
  • Forest: Deep shade of green.
  • Kelly: Shade of emerald green.
  • Hunter: Shade of dark green.
  • Ivy
  • Jade: Green semi-precious stone.
  • Jaida: Gemstone jade.
  • Olivia: Means olive tree.
  • Oran: Celtic, means pale green.
  • Mint: pale green.
  • Moss: Dark green.
  • Neon: Electric green.
  • Sage: A gray-green shade of green, which also means wise or wiseman.
  • Shamrock: Name your cat Shamrock, and you can call him Rocky.
  • Teal: blue-green shade
  • Yarkona: Hebrew, means green.

Herbs and Greens That Make Cute Cat Names

  • Apple
  • Basil
  • Bibb
  • Boston
  • Butters
  • Chervil
  • Dilly
  • Frisee
  • Gem
  • Juniper
  • Kiwi
  • Mache
  • Mint
  • Olive
  • Pickles
  • Rosemary
  • Sprite
  • Sprout
  • Sweet Pea
  • Thyme
Surprise Cat - Midori is your new name!

Surprise Cat - Midori is your new name!

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Unique Names From Green Liqueurs and Cocktails

  • Absinthe: The green fairy. (name your cat Absinthe, and you can call her Abby).
  • Chartreuse: Bright green herbal liqueur.
  • Grasshopper: Creme de Menthe martini.
  • Margarita: Lime and tequila cocktail.
  • Midori: Melon flavored liqueur.
  • Mojito: Mint martini.
  • Ty-Ku: Neon green and tropical fruit and soju-based liqueur.

Names for Cats From Green Fictional Characters

  • Elphaba: Wicked Witch of the West and ruler of the Winkies. Like all good cats, she is a serious aquaphobic.
  • Fiona
  • Green Goblin
  • Green Lantern
  • Grinch
  • Gumby
  • Hulk
  • Kermit
  • Peter Pan
  • Poison Ivy
  • Riddler
  • Shrek
  • Tippy Turtle
  • Yoda

Celebrity Names With Green Eyes

Female Celebrities

  • Adele
  • Angelina: Angelina Jolie
  • Ava: Ava Gardner
  • Bacall
  • Bella: Bella Hadid
  • Brooke: Brooke Shields
  • Calista: Calista Flockhart
  • Demi: Demi Moore
  • Dolly: Dolly Parton
  • Dove: Dove Cameron
  • Drew: Drew Barrymore
  • Emma: Emma Stone
  • Esther: Esther Williams
  • Fergie
  • Gaga
  • Gigi: Gigi Hadid
  • Greer: Greer Garson
  • Harlow
  • Hedy: Hedy Lamarr
  • Julianne: Julianne Moore
  • Kaley: Kaley Cuoco
  • Karlie: Karlie Kloss
  • Madonna
  • Meryl: Meryl Streep
  • Mila: Mila Kunis
  • Milla: Milla Jovovich
  • Minnie: Minnie Driver
  • Myrna: Myrna Loy
  • Portia: Portia De Rossi
  • Rihanna
  • Scarlett: Scarlett Johansson
  • Stockard: Stockard Channing
  • Tilda: Tilda Swinton
  • Tippi: Tippi Hedren
  • Tyra: Tyra Banks
  • Vivien: Vivien Leigh
  • Zsa Zsa: Zsa Zsa Gabor

Male Celebrities

  • Astaire
  • Beckham
  • Benicio: Benicio Del Toro
  • Channing: Channing Tatum
  • Clark: Clark Gable
  • Clive: Clive Owen
  • Colton: Colton Haynes
  • Harrison: Harrison Ford
  • Harry: Harry Styles or Hairy Styles for a tomcat.
  • Joaquin: Joaquin Phoenix
  • Jon: Jon Hamm
  • Jude: Jude Law
  • Montgomery: Montgomery Clift
  • Smokey: Smokey Robinson
Green-eyed Maine Coon contemplates his new name.

Green-eyed Maine Coon contemplates his new name.

Famous Emeralds That Make Unique Cat Names

  • Bulgari: The Bulgari Emerald was once owned by Elizabeth Taylor, given to her by Richard Taylor during the filming of Cleopatra. It holds the record for the most expensive emerald sold at auction, garnering $6.6 million.
  • Chalk: One of the most famous emeralds in the world, the Chalk emerald weighs an astonishing 37.8 carats. The Chalk Emerald currently resides at the Smithsonian, in Washington DC.
  • DuPont: The Dupont Emerald belonged to Jessie DuPont. The 9.11 carat stone, was set in a Belle Epoque Tiffany setting, and most recently sold for $1.65 million.
  • Flagler: The Flagler Emerald, weighing 35 carats, was a gift of Henry Flagler to his wife, Mary. Henry is credited with establishing Florida as a resort destination. Some of his city creations include Miami Beach, Lake Work and Palm Beach.
  • Rockefeller: The Rockefeller Emerald, a classic Columbian, weighs a mere 18 carats, but is astounding for is color and clarity. A nearly perfect emerald.
  • Stotesbury: The Stotesbury Emerald weighs in at just 34 carats.

Other Semi-Precious Green Gemstones

  • Actinolite: "Cat's Eye"
  • Agate
  • Apatite
  • Green Serpentine: Often confused with jade, it is more variegated in shades of green.
  • Hiddenite: Sister stone to Kunzite, it makes a cute name for a shy kitty.
  • Malachite: Blue green stone.
  • Peridot: Bright lime green stone.
  • Prasiolite: Dark green amethyst.
  • Sapphire: Sapphires come in pink and green as well as blue.
  • Titanite
  • Tsavorite Garnet: emerald green stone.
  • Tourmaline

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