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Review of the Cat Care Pet Water Fountain

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The Cat Care Pet Water Fountain

The Cat Care Pet Water Fountain

I used to refill my cat's water bowl twice a day. While Velvet sometimes used it, she preferred to perch on the toilet bowl's edge, crouching down to drink what she considered fresher water.

Okay, I get it. Fresh water is key. But I don't want to sit on a toilet seat covered in paw prints.

I eventually picked up a pet-type water fountain. The cat liked it, and, aside from the drudgery of its monthly cleaning, the fountain proved to be a success.

Nothing, however, lasts forever, and recently I replaced the fountain with a new unit that promised to provide even tastier water while demanding significantly less maintenance.



  • The Cat Care Pet Water fountain weighs 18.8 ounces. This device is 7 inches high, 8 inches deep, and 7.5 inches wide.
  • Its water tank is transparent, hexagonal in shape, and holds 84 ounces of water. A white plastic lid covers the tank.
  • Water is constantly pumped through a filter. It exits at the top of the fountain and flows over a plastic spoon-like device before dropping onto the fountain's lid. This fresh water can be lapped by a thirsty cat or a small dog.
  • The unused water flows through a metal prefilter and drops into the tank below.
  • This device's pump receives power via a cable that extends about five feet and is terminated by a standard USB-A connector.


  • Manufacturer: Cat Care (Cat Care is trademarked by Shenzhen Dogcare Innovation and Technology Co.)
  • Name: Pet water fountain
  • Model: DF02
  • Power source: USB-A compatible
  • Dimensions: 180 x 190 x 200 millimeters (7 x 7.5 x 8 inches)
  • Capacity: 2.5 liters (84 ounces)
  • Filters: Metal prefilter, foam, and ultrafiltration filter
  • Pump noise: ˂35db
  • Pet recommendation: Cats and small dogs


Press the pump's suction cups against the bottom of the water tank and insert its flexible gray tube into the connector at the rear of the tank. Then feed the USB cable through its opening and outside of the tank.

The cylindrical ultrafiltration filter, which processes the water exiting the pump, must then be twisted into position at the rear of the tank. The next step is to install the tank cover and the plastic spoon-like device that distributes water exiting the filter.

Once the water fountain is assembled, water must be added and power provided. In my case, I pulled a USB wall charger from my junk drawer, connected it to the device's USB cable, and plugged it into an AC outlet.

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Visual Appeal

The Cat Care fountain was designed to blend unobtrusively into the background. It is small, quiet, and composed chiefly of clear and white plastic.

Power Source

This fountain receives power through a USB cable. While it worked fine when connected to a power bank, the most practical method of powering this device is to plug it into an AC outlet using a USB wall charger.

The Pump

The pump is ultra-quiet (measured below 35dB) and is fitted with a foam filter. If properly maintained, it should serve between two and four years.

Pump assembly with power cable

Pump assembly with power cable

Suction cups on bottom of pump

Suction cups on bottom of pump


My last cat fountain utilized fabric-covered carbon-filled filters that required replacement on a monthly basis. Because this device's pump was not equipped with a filter, it was recommended that it be partially disassembled and cleaned once a month. I also thoroughly scrubbed the interior of the tank at the same time, removing traces of mold and the odd dead fly that had somehow slipped in around the pancake-shaped carbon filter. The fountain cover, filter holder, and two plastic tubular pieces required a good wipe down.

The new Cat Care fountain demands far less maintenance. The primary filter's lifespan is a full three months. Every thirty days, I recommend that the pump's foam filter, fountain tank, and fountain cover be washed. This routine maintenance can be completed in less than five minutes.


The metal prefilter removes hair, dirt, food particles, and the odd bug. Tiny particles that manage to enter the water tank are generally suppressed by the foam filter protecting the pump.

Water is then pumped through the ultrafiltration filter, which removes any remaining particles and 99.99% of other harmful pollutants.

My old cat fountain filtered the water as it re-entered the tank. I prefer the approach of the Cat Care system, which concentrates on filtering the water as it exits the tank.

Overall Assessment

This well-designed fountain provides high-quality water while reducing monthly maintenance to a minimum. The Cat Care Pet Water Fountain is recommended.

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