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Review of the Vinsic Cat Water Fountain

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Have you heard of the Vinsic Cat Water Fountain?

Have you heard of the Vinsic Cat Water Fountain?

Upgrading Your Cat's Water Bowl

I am continuously frustrated by my cat. After spending a great deal of time and effort installing a cat door (I am a lousy carpenter), Velvet refuses to use it. She stands patiently beside the outside door, waiting for it to be opened.

Twice a day, I rinse and refill her water bowl. I don’t know why. Usually, Velvet sips from the toilet bowl or hops into my bathtub and laps the water dripping from the leaky faucet.

I decided to upgrade her water bowl, hoping that a fancy cat fountain would catch her interest. After checking out those available at Amazon, I chose a fountain manufactured by Vinsic.

Front view of water fountain.  Note the water level observation window

Front view of water fountain. Note the water level observation window

Top view of water fountain

Top view of water fountain


This fountain measures 7.4 inches across and is 5.9 inches high. A small pump sits inside the 81-ounce polypropylene resin bowl, held in place by four suction cups. The pump receives power via a 66-inch cable, which terminates with a USB connector. Another shorter cable connects to a blue-colored LED.

Also included are a filter, filter tray, stainless-steel drinking tray, and a plastic flower-like device that can be used to adjust the type of water flow.


  • Manufacturer: Vinsic
  • Name: Pet/Cat water fountain
  • Model: DR008
  • Building materials: Polypropylene resin and stainless-steel
  • Dimensions: 188 x 188 x 149 millimeters (7.4 x 7.4 x 5.9 inches)
  • Capacity: 2.4 liters (80 ounces)
  • Filter: Resin, charcoal, cotton fabric
  • Pump noise: ˂40db
  • Pet recommendation: Cats and small to medium-sized dogs

The Manufacturer of This Product

Vinsic is based in Hong Kong. This company is a vendor of shock collars for dogs, cell phone chargers, and thermometers. Pet fountains appear to be their newest product, although these items do not appear on their official website.


  1. Press the filter’s suction cups against the bottom of the container.
  2. Insert the connected LED into its slot.
  3. Fill the container with water, snap the filter tray into place, and add its filter.
  4. At this point, the stainless-steel drinking tray must be positioned above the filter and rotated until it clamps the entire assembly together.
  5. If required, the plastic flower may be shoved into place.

While power may be provided in several ways, I pulled a USB wall charger from my junk drawer, connected it to the device’s USB cord, and plugged it into an AC outlet.

Visual Appeal

I think the plastic flower is somewhat cheesy, but perhaps my cat will appreciate this not so artistic touch. I do like the device’s bluish glow, and the water fountain effect is lovely.


This pet fountain features three water flow settings, which consists of flower waterfall, flower bubble, and fountain. The water flow setting can be changed by popping off the plastic flower’s top or removing it altogether.

Power Source

The Vinsic Cat Water Fountain is powered via a USB cable. It worked fine when I connected it to my power bank, but that seems rather senseless. The most practical method of powering this device is to plug it into an AC outlet using a USB power charger.


The pump is ultra-quiet (measured below 40dB) and, if properly maintained, should serve between two and four years. When I stood alongside the water fountain, I could not hear the pump.


At a minimum, the filter should be replaced every two weeks. Twice each month, the pump should be pulled apart and cleaned with soapy water. While this is not a difficult job, it is a task that many will avoid. Unfortunately, if the pump is not routinely cleaned, the lifespan of this water fountain will decrease. At the same time, every other part of this fountain should be washed and cleaned with soapy water.

Filtration System

The circulating filtration system removes hair, dirt, food particles, and provides purified freshwater. One filter is provided with the fountain, and replacements are available at a reasonable price.

Overall Assessment

This is a well constructed and intelligently designed water fountain. Provided you are willing to clean it properly every couple of weeks, theVinsic Cat Water Fountain is recommended.

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