A Review of the New Slide Cat Litter

Updated on March 24, 2017

The Competition

I am the parent of two cats so trying to keep the odor under control can be a chore. But products out there are offering to make it less of a chore, and I'm here to tell you if it works. My favorite cat litter thus far has been Fresh Step with Febreze and that's mostly because of the scent that emanates as I pour the fresh litter. What I didn't like, however, was that the scent lasted for only about a day. The fresh fragrance was easily replaced with the smell of poo and urine and the dust that swirled around. This new and unpleasant smell seemed to last forever in the home. And of course, the clumping that happens on the bottom of the pan makes changing the cat litter icky. Arm and Hammer has introduced a new cat litter called "Slide" that claims to prevent clumping. But does it work?

What Slide Did For Me

So I emptied the old litter ( after scraping and scrubbing of course ) and poured in the Slide and waited. The first thing I noticed was no dust! It came out just like sand with no dust choking out my lungs. The second thing to note was the scent. There is no flowery feel-good smells going on here but on the second day of use I noticed its odor neutralizing power. Normally, I could smell the cat box from the top of the steps but with Slide I don't smell it until I'm right up on it. Another benefit of this litter is that the cats don't spread it as far as they climb in and out. The litter does not stick to their paws and leave a trail from the box up the stairs like other litters do.

So for one week, I scooped the top clumps without scraping the bottom to see if indeed it was the number one no-clump litter. It is. Don't believe me? Check out my video.


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    • profile image

      wbrockstar 3 weeks ago

      I just bought Slide,but haven't opened the box yet and after some of these comments I probably won't. I still haven't got an answer whether this litter has sodium bentonite or not.Alot of clumping litters do.Whether youve heard about it or not and whether you believe it or not,I can say with 1000% certainty that Sodium Bentonite DOES KILL CATS.So for anybody that has cats and/or kittens,cares about their health & safety & doesnt wanna watch them suffer the most excruciating death youll ever see your best friend go through, stop using the litter immediately if it contains this ingredient.It blows my mind that something as dangerous as this is allowed to be sold.Litter sticks to a cats paws on a regular basis and eventhough people use litter everyday and never see an emergency occur,related to this ingredient, it doesn't mean it cant/wont happen in the future. This ingredient swells up to 15-18 times its size once moisture hits it.If it enters your cats system in enough quantity,and believe me it doesn'ttmuch,it will prove fatal as it did with my boy Smokey.It's like ingesting wet concrete then letting it set up.Imagine what happens next,now that its coated your esophagus,stomach,intestines,

      colon and not to mention your lungs,due to the dust you have breathed in.Im not gonna go into detail about the horrendous things I saw during the last 20-30 minutes of his life,but I can promise you,its something that'll haunt you for the rest of your life.Thank You All for taking the time to read this and keep your pets away from this stuff,if you love em like I do. WBRock

    • profile image

      Lynn 4 weeks ago

      My cat lost tons of hair and has a bare stomach and legs. Climbs of hair fall out.

    • profile image

      trish 5 weeks ago

      Thought I would try this cat litter out, 3 cats, i like not having to scrap sides, but 1 cat is losing his hair on stomach and legs. He is going to vet tomorrow for blood work, but have since switched back to old litter. Hoping its a litter issue and not an internal issue.

    • profile image

      Nancy 7 weeks ago

      My one cat is full of sores and lost a bunch of fur around her behind has alot of skin irritation and I just incurred a vet bill of $250 to get her checked out and the cost of prescriptions for her, and she started not wanting to go in the box and would go on the floor outside the box. Awful stuff

    • profile image

      Ollie Condon 7 weeks ago

      My cat had allergic reaction she lost a lot of weight, she lost her hair.

    • profile image

      Lizabeth C. 8 weeks ago

      I agree with Kim. The clumps do not stick, which is great, but it is terrible at odor control. I'm back to Fresh Step.

    • profile image

      LauraSue G. 2 months ago

      Slide is awful!!! My cat lost all her hair on her backside...what ever is in it caused a terrible allergic reaction...I threw the half of box that was left out(I tried to give it away but no one wanted it)...so in addition to my cat losing her hair, I lost money. I would not recommend buying this product if you value your cats health!!!

    • profile image

      Lisa B. 3 months ago

      We use slide and have 14 cats. The litter clumps great but like someone else less commem

      Not some of my cats are sneezing others throwing up. Seriously thinking it's the litter. Wondered if there's silicone or what in the litter. Am going to go back to clump and seal and get away from the slide.

    • profile image

      Joan 3 months ago

      I figured I would give Slide a try. Slide is great. No "dust" when you put it into the litter box. It clumps great. Some times a clump sticks to the bottom but a slight tap with the scoop and it is loose and scoops right out. There is no smell even right after my cat uses the box. I use to use Fresh Step and when I cleaned the litter box each day I would have to put some baking soda and spread around and then burn a small match to get rid of the odor. I am staying with Slide.

    • profile image

      Lynne ivosevich 3 months ago

      I have tried the litter and I have six cats! No problem there! But now my cats and getting sneezing and rispertory problems! So I was thinking about that! I usually buy tidy cat and that's what I am going back to!

    • profile image

      Carol Jovi 4 months ago

      This product is very bad. It does not clump in one large clump but many small pebble clumps. The worst part is my cat is losing all fur on his paws from whatever ingredient makes it clump....Worst on the paw he uses to cover. I would NEVER buy this again. This product is going into the trash after 4 days of use. NO STARS

    • profile image

      Kim 5 months ago

      This stuff is horrible!!! Yes, it slides. The odor is ungodly! My house smells so bad, I want to move. What a waste of money. Need to dump it all and go back to other litter. The litter itself is way too perfumey. My house smells like perfumed poop even after scooping. HORRIBLE!!! WASTE OF MONEY!!!!

    • profile image

      Roxie 5 months ago

      I used this kitty litter for the first time. My cat doesn't seem to mind it and I don't mind it and it's really easy to clean the bottom of the litter box. I wonder two things though, first is it safe to use? Meaning are there chemicals in it that can harm the cat? I've used clumping litter for years and my cat's fine but what is it that makes Glide, glide?

      My second question is, is the box recyclable? It doesn't say.

    • profile image

      cat lover in NC 6 months ago

      I like the liter because of "no dust" but I am on a fixed

      income and it is too expensive for me.

      Have to use a whole box to just have enough to cover the bottom of the liter box.

      I use one or two boxes a week, just too much money for me !

      What is this about not being safe ???

    • profile image

      cat owner 6 months ago

      I have used a lot of cat litter in my life this is the worst I have every used smelled bad and the litter box is harder to clean out. But to each there own.

    • profile image

      brhairbreyes 6 months ago

      I mix Slide with another litter. sticks a little, but not like the 2nd litter alone. much cheaper this way!

    • profile image

      DJ Mammo 6 months ago

      This little has little or no absorptive properties. Solid waste, even though covered with litter, stays moist and sticky and is very difficult to remove from the scoop. Too messy. Went back to our old litter.

    • profile image

      Sad KittyMomma 6 months ago

      OMG. I am fearing the worst! Google "is clumping litter safe for cats" - one line says if injested, it can be fatal.

      Well, my kitty has slowly gotten sicker since we switched to Slide. She's going to the vet tomorrow. I hope its not too late for my baby girl. Stay tuned . . .

    • profile image

      Minnesota55 7 months ago

      This litter really works. I have two negatives. One it cost so much and second I hate the smell of the litter. Maybe they can make a way so it does not smell so terrible.

    • profile image

      Myrna Parker 7 months ago

      My prayers have been answered, A litter that doesn't stick to the bottom of the litter box and is literally dust proof. I presume the minerals that make up most of the ingredients in Slide are safe for Cats because Slide Litter is a keeper.

    • profile image

      Wade 7 months ago

      I'm not sold on this new cat litter. Very soon after changing too this cat litter, my cat became ill. She would throw up her food within about an hour after eating. After a day & half I took her to the the vets. Blood word & through exam, no cause could be found ($270.00 total). Then I got to thinking about the change of litter. I changed her back to the previous litter. Within a day & a half, no more throwing up. Been fine ever since. Anyone else have noticed this problem with their cat.

    • profile image

      Miss B 8 months ago

      This stuff is discussing and definitely not worth the price or the hype! First, it made our cat sneeze, over and over. And no, he has never sneezed before when using any other little. This "stuff" turns into slime and becomes nothing short of a sticky, greasy mess to deal with. And fights order for 1 week? Ha! No way - mixed with the scent it smells horrid after the first use. Save your money, add some baking soda to the litter box and realize it is what it is....

    • profile image

      Jean London 8 months ago

      It's the most amazing litter on the market! Arman Hammer Slide makes perfect clumps and it never sticks to pan. It last much longer than other cat litter I've tried! I was a big fan of Fresh Step / Febreze for many years, but no more! This special Arman Hammer Slide wins hands down! I urge you to try it!!! You will be amazed at how superior this litter truely is! Many THANKS Arman Hammer!

    • profile image

      jrp 8 months ago

      I love Slide! The flowery smell is ever so slight, but I still wish there were none, as I have slight asthma. So relieved there is no dust! None at all!! The very fine grains do come out of the box a little but that is expected. My only concern as always, is not knowing, when the kitties lick their paws, what is going into their systems. I would like to be assured there is nothing harmful in the product. Perhaps a phone call can clear that up with Arm and Hammer. Expensive? Not really when purchased at Wal-Mart for $8.50. It lasts a decent amount of time. All in all, good job Arm & Hammer!! The lack of dust is a major plus for my and my kitties lung health!

    • profile image

      Brenda Wentland 8 months ago

      I like Slide but do not like the cost and it takes too much to fill the litter pan. Will look for a more economical litter.

    • profile image

      texann2000 8 months ago

      I love t is Slide but it is way too expensive. Takes a whole box to make 2-3 inches they tell you to use.