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Seven Tips to Keeping Your Cat Happy

With several pets of his own at home, Dakota has plenty of experience under his belt when it comes to caring for animals.

How to Keep Your Cat Happy

Cats have been beloved pets for many households for thousands of years, giving us so much joy. These wonderful animals also deserve the same amount of happiness they give their owners.

Cats do receive a lot of bad press, however, primarily because of these fur balls' general, meme-inspired devilish nature. While most cats do shower their owners with claw-scratches, it doesn’t change the fact that they’re an excellent snuggling partner.

If you’ve recently become a cat parent or are planning to bring a feline home, there are many things you can do to keep your cat happy and satisfied from the very first day! With that in mind, we’ve put together seven tips on keeping your cat happy in this article.

Let’s dig in so you and your fur baby can bond like you’re supposed to!

1. Keep Your Cats Active

Cats are natural athletes, and they tend to keep moving. However, you should always try to prevent cats from escaping your home and roaming around - especially if they’re male. They’ll get into trouble with other cats in the neighborhood, and it’ll worry you till your stomach turns.

That’s why it's essential to keep them active indoors. While doing so is not exactly a piece of cake, you can always keep them busy with cat treats and build their routine around a few healthy activities. For instance, get a few toys; toys with flashing lights and sound, laser pointers, or maybe cat toys with string and toys that move.

Also, if you live in a quiet and accommodating neighborhood, you can get a harness and a leash and train your cat to take walks with you. It might sound a bit unusual, but this is the most responsible way to allow your cats to take a walk. This is easiest to do when your cat is young - and always remember to treat them after good behavior! It doesn’t work as well as it does for dogs, but it surely helps shape up their routine!

2. Help Your Cat Hunt

Cats are also natural hunters and curious creatures. If you are not stimulating them in the same way, they will want to go outside.

You can do this by hiding their favorite treats, so they have to “hunt” for the treats. You can also use toys that can be controlled to move to exercise your kitty’s hunting instincts.

3. Get Your Cat a Companion

It has been shown that indoor cats are happier when they have another companion to play with. This is especially important if you cannot be home all day with your cats. You can easily do this by adopting another cat from a shelter.

If you cannot take up the responsibility for another cat at the moment, you can also set up playdates with other cat owners. Cats love company; it is a sure way to make them happy.

4. Get a Bird Station

So, in case you’re new to the concept - your cat can actually become a good partner for your pet birds if you have any. Especially if they’ve grown up together, your cat will act as a guardian for your pigeons and hens and keep the neighborhood cats away for good.

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However, we don’t actually advise leaving your cat with your birds unmonitored. Instead, we suggest getting a bird station, maybe a couple of pigeons, and your cat will love observing them from afar.

5. Bring the Outdoors In

If you have a cat, then you probably know that they love to climb. You might have noticed they try to get on every piece of furniture. Naturally, they love climbing trees to sit and also look for prey. To keep a cat happy, you can help nurture this climbing instinct.

Cat trees are an amazing way to do this. You can easily buy one or make your own. You can also add cat shelves to all the rooms in the house or to your cat’s favorite rooms so they can exercise and climb for as long as they want.

Also, if you’ve got ample space indoors, you can also plant cat grass indoors - preferably in a pot or two, so they can graze. If you don’t know it already, cats eat grass if they have an upset stomach.

6. Use Fences

If you can afford to go down that road, install a screened porch for your cat so they can enjoy the outdoors safely.

If you’ve got a sunroom, it can be an excellent way to help your cat relax in winter, given that they’re not already used to roaming outdoors. You can also come up with an enclosure around your window (the size of an air-conditioned unit); this will help your cat have a sense of outdoors, and it’ll be a good space where your kitty can hang out happily.

7. Show Them Love

At the end of the day, this simple step is the most effective for keeping your cat happy. Domesticated cats need attention from their owners, and they crave it when it is not there - they’re just a little more subtle about it than dogs are.

Give your cat attention every day. Pet your cat regularly. Sit down for a snuggle, and spend time with your cat. Dedicate time to play and keep your cat active, and do not leave it all up to the toys alone.

Loving your cat goes a long way to keeping your cat happy and delighted all the time!

Keep Your Cat Happy!

It is clear that a cat’s owner determines how happy a cat’s life will be. Owning a cat is a significant responsibility, and you need to give them the proper attention to keep them happy.

Aside from the above, it goes without saying that cat owners also need to meet their basic needs, such as making sure they are safe, well-fed, healthy, and in a clean environment. As long as you’re taking care of them well, you can rest assured that they’ll be happy and satisfied!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2021 Dakota Newman

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