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Top 10 Cutest Cat Pictures of All Time (Plus Honorable Mentions)


I've been a cat lover all my life. Why do I love cats? Contrary to popular belief, cats are sweet; sometimes even too sweet. They somehow know when you're sad or having a bad day at work and rub their body to you or sleep on your lap as if giving an assurance that they will be always there for you no matter what.

Cats are also very easy and cheap to feed and maintain. In fact, I'm not even spending more than a dollar a day for the seven cats I currently have. Yes, they don't eat cat food but that does not mean I love them less. I prepare meals for them with the food I buy from a local eatery and mix it with rice. My cats love the unique meals I prepare for them every day. I've even proven that they prefer my meals over cat food as I once had enough money to buy a bag but it ended up being a waste since they refuse to eat it. Or maybe they are just used to eating my meals because they've been eating it way back then they were just kittens.

Well, enough of my personal experience and love for cats, and let's get to the main topic. I've taken countless photos of my cats but none of them captured even a fraction of their cuteness. This is why I often look for cute cat pictures online to admire how cute they can be by using the right camera angle and patiently waiting for them to take a pose.

It usually takes me a couple of hours to find a cute cat photo that is worth sharing on my social media accounts so I came up with this list to help my fellow cat lovers like you save time and effort. I hope you enjoy looking at these cute cat pictures as much as I did. And don't forget to share this list with your friends online and help me spread the word to every cat lover across the world!

Honorable Mentions

the staring cat

the staring cat

The Staring Cat

Cat's love to stare at people. Some find it scary but not me. It's cute how they are so curious and focused. I often see my cat staring at me especially when I'm eating something. Maybe that's another story but the fact remains that cats that stare a lot are cute and deserve a pat in the head or loads of back scratches!


The Sleepy Cat

As I mentioned above, I have seven cats and one of them is a sleepy head. He sleeps all day and just moves his lazy cute butt when it's mealtime. I'm not really against it because they are not in-charge of any household chores but it sometimes worries me. Is he not feeling well? Or am I such a boring owner? I consulted a local vet about this and even had my sleepy head cat checked but it turned out there's nothing physically wrong about my pet.

Maybe it's just my cat's nature to love sleep. He is living the dream right? I wish I can afford to sleep all day and not work and still be able to eat 3 times a day or even more just like my cat.


The Angry Cat

An angry cat is not a bad cat. Maybe he is just not feeling well or something new around his environment is bothering him. It can be the neighbor's dog or a stray cat ruining his day. Who would be happy when the person you hate the most greets you every morning? It's important to be patient with your cat. This is true both for new and long-time cat owners.

They might be moody, but they're worth caring for because they'll surely be around whenever you need them most. Just like the time when a wild snake tried to enter our house. My cats immediately pounced the dangerous animal and saved my whole family from further danger. They help keep my home safe and cozy so I don't really mind if my cat is grumpy at times.


The Scared Cat

Your cats can protect your house but not against everything. They too can get scared. In fact, they easily get startled even by the simplest things, like a cucumber. I really don't know what's the deal with cucumbers but most cats freak out when they see one.

A friend of mine once shared with me that his cat can't stand brooms. His cat runs away frantically every time he sees someone holding or using a broom. This is not true with my cats since they love to play with our broom to the point of even damaging it because of their nips and scratches. This only proves that just like humans, cats have individual fears.

As an owner, you should go out your way in figuring out what your cat fears the most and try to save him from it. Be his hero once in a while and your cat will surely reward you someday.

The Ten Cutest Cat Photos


1. The Shy Cat

Is your cat leaving every time you have guests? Does he immediately walk away when someone tries to grab him for the first time? Maybe you have a shy cat. Among my seven cats, three are very shy. It would take several days for someone to win their hearts but I can attest that it's totally worth it.

My cousin recently moved into our house and these three cats always avoid him at first. But as they realize that he does not impose any danger to them, my three shy cats eventually welcomed my cousin to our tight-knit family.


2. The Leader Cat

Cats have leaders too. I've noticed that they appoint one cat as their leader and it happens to be the cat with orange fur and white spots in my case. He is the biggest among my ten cats and that may be the reason why he became the leader. He usually eats first during mealtime and the other others will just follow. He is also the most aggressive every time stray cats try to enter our home's premises. I really admire his sense of responsibility and leadership and I hope I can be as strong-willed and dependable as my leader orange cat.


3. The Worried Cat

Your cats worry about your more than you realize. They see you as their carer, family, and savior. They care that much probably because you have the food but I'm sure that's not the only reason. Cats have hearts too. They worry when you return home soaked by the rain. They worry when you are sad and crying because of a recent breakup. They worry when you are sick and c

an't take care of them. So please take care of yourself and be strong for your cats. They depend on you so don't let them down. When you reach the lowest point in your life, think about how your cats will live without you so you must get over that huge hump and continue living for them. This is what it means to be a true cat person!


4. The Praying Cat

Cats, like us, pray too. They pray for more meals. They pray for an extra serving of fish. They pray for more naps. They pray that you come back home early. They pray for new cat toys. They pray for back scratches. And most importantly, they pray that you won't stop loving them.

I'm not asking you to spoil your cats, but it will be good for your relationship to answer their prayers every once in a while.


5. The Gang of Cats

Cats form gangs to protect their turf. And the most exciting part about this is that they accept humans as members. All you need to do is give them a steady source of food and water, a cozy shelter, body rubs, and scratches from time to time, and you're good to go. Being a part of a cat gang is probably one of the best things that can happen in your life. They will protect you at times of trouble and give you hugs when you're sad. They will chase the pesky squirrel away and keep the mouse from snacking on your precious food. They can also be a good source of warmth during cold days and serve as your pee buddy when it's the middle of the night and you're too scared to go to the bathroom alone.


6. The Hungry Cat

Cats won't bite unless the need arises. That is why you should feed your cat on time. They are quite particular with mealtime and would constantly remind you with their meows. Ignore them and they might bite your hand just like in the cute cat picture above. Kidding aside, cats are really gentle so you don't have to worry about being bitten. Besides, they prefer scratching more than biting.

Just remember that a hungry cat is an angry cat. This is how the term 'hangry' originated. And the last thing you want to have at home is a 'hangry' cat so be a responsible owner and feed him now! No pressure.


7. The Amazed Cat

What could have caused this cat's eye to pop out? Is he surprised after seeing his owner with a bucket of fresh fish? Or has he seen his crush cat getting a lick from another cat? We really can't be sure because cats get surprised easily. They are innocent creatures that would go crazy over anything new introduced to their territory. It can be a simple cucumber or a complicated network of cat pathway you installed for him. Just be sure to surprise your cat once in a while so he won't ever complain about having a boring life with you.


8. The Fat Cat

Yes, cats are conscious about their figure too. So don't let your cat read this list as they might get offended about being called 'fat'. Ironically, they usually don't notice their weight piling up because they can eat like there is no tomorrow if they are served with their favorite cat food.

Fat cats are often favored by owners as they are fun to play with and very comforting to cuddle. But don't get overboard in overfeeding your cat. Don't you know that it can be a form of abuse? Letting your cat get so fat to the point that he finds it hard to stand and move around is not a good idea. Save your cat from this miserable way of living and be sure to keep his weight controlled. Chubby is a yes, but obese is a big NO.


9. The Rolling Cat

Cats love to roll. They roll at any time of the day and anywhere they want. It's their way of saying that they feel safe and comfortable. A rolling cat is a sign that you are taking good care of him. You can play and roll with him too! This activity, although weird, can be a good form of exercise and great bonding time with your pet.

Cats are easy-going pets but they are also very sensitive so you should be very proud if you see your cat rolling and relaxed. It's a good indication that you're a good owner and worthy of being crowned the best cat person in the world!


10. The Grumpy Cat

Tardar Sauce also known as 'The Grumpy Cat' was an internet sensation. He hit the world by storm with his cute antics and lovable grumpy face. Tardar at some point became the king of cat memes. His popularity was out of the question and is continuously on the rise but the world was suddenly shocked by the news of his passing on the 14th of May 2019. Pet lovers especially cat persons around the world mourned upon hearing the news and of course including me.

He is a really cute cat, and I hope he is happy now in cat heaven. I'm sure his owner misses him too more than anyone. Other cats might reach the same or more fame in the near future but no one can ever take his throne as the internet's 'Grumpy Cat' and his owner's 'Tardar Sauce'.

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Cats are more expressive compared to what most of us think. Thank you for appreciating my work.

dailytop10 (author) from Davao City on November 21, 2019:

Yes. Now, time to investigate if cats have religion or not. haha

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These are cute. I love the leader cat; he looks majestic. The praying cat is darn cute as well!