Toygers - Domestic Tiger Cats are a Unique Exotic Breed of Pet

Updated on February 9, 2016

The Toyger is an Exotic Breed of Domestic Cat

Have you heard of the "Toyger?" One of the latest in designer cat breeds, this domestic cat, bred to resemble a tiger in body, coat and movement, is still somewhat in development. Yet people around the world are clamoring for the unique breed that is both physically striking and has a bold personality.

Could this be the cat for you?

There are approximately 400 Toygers in existence, being bred from descendants of a domestic Bengal Cat (which itself originates from a wild Asian Leopard Cat), crossed with other domestic cats.

The original breeder of the Toyger (and Bengal Cats), Judy Sugden of EEYAAS Cattery in the United States, hopes to raise awareness of fur trade and wildlife conservation by creating these gorgeous mini versions of wild cats. In fact, at the time when Toygers are hoped to be perfected as a breed, the last of the wild tigers likely will be living in zoos around the world. It is important to note that, while there is a small amount of wild blood in these animals resulting from their Bengal heritage, they are not related to tigers. Nor is the breed considered to be "wild" such that ownership may be prohibited by local governments within certain municipalities. (note that most cities ban ownership of wild animals in residential areas for public safety reasons).

The Toyger breed is recognized by the TICA (The International Cat Association) for registration and evaluation. They are eligible for championship judging in cat shows as of Spring 2008.

Gorgeous, unique domestic tiger cat
Gorgeous, unique domestic tiger cat | Source

Informational Video About the Toyger Breed

Toyger Kittens
Toyger Kittens | Source

Breed Characteristics of the Toyger

The Toyger breed is a medium-sized domestic cat with an uncanny resemblance to a wild tiger. But don't let you scare you off from owning one! They are loyal, active domestic pets that might make a perfect addition to your home.

The primary physical characteristics include:

  • long tail and body
  • rounded ear tips
  • large-boned
  • muscular
  • broad nose
  • strong chin
  • shiny, shimmery coat with "broken" stripes
  • high contrast between stripes and under color (black markings preferred, but some are brown or tan)
  • white tummy
  • white patterns above eyes, in lower face, and whited ears (bright "head lights," like a tiger)
  • circular tiger-like cheek markings
  • brown/gold color coat (no other colors allowed)
  • some coats are "glittered," appearing as if they are dusted with gold - especially beautiful

Depending on how many characteristics your Toyger may have, and whether or not he or she will breed, the price tag for a kitten can range from $500 to $2000 as pets, and $1500-$5000 for breeding/show quality. Exotic breeds of cats are certainly not cheap! If you find a person selling a Toyger for less than these price ranges, you should be concerned about a flaw in its breeding, whether cosmetic or physiological.

Toyger Breeder Explains Characteristics

Exotic breeds of cats
Exotic breeds of cats | Source

Similarities Between Toygers and the Domestic Bengal Cat

Like the domestic Bengal Cat, the Toyger is highly trainable, loyal, loves water and can be somewhat dog-like. It can be a "talkative" cat. An excellent pet, they get along well with other animals and children. Toygers also can be trained to walk on leashes and do other "tricks."

Breeders attempt to create resemblances between the domestic cat breeds and their wild muses not only with respect to body and markings, even with the pets' movement! Toygers are said to move with purpose, grace and elegance, much like their wild tiger "cousins."

Whether you decide to adopt a Toyger, or the slightly less exotic Domestic Bengal Cat, know that your pet will be unlike other domestic cats with which you are probably familiar. This can be both a benefit and a drawback. Choose carefully and be prepared for unique antics and a bold personality.

Toygers are Like "Ordinary Cats" in Most Respects

When you adopt a Toyger, you will find that its needs are very similar to those of a regular domestic cat. It will eat the same cat food, and generally require the same veterinary care, unless it ends up with special health care needs. Toygers, like most domestic cats, will enjoy both active and quiet time. Remember that cats are nocturnal creatures, most active at night.

Toygers may need additional stimulation, through play, toys and/or another pet, so that they are not bored. As an owner of a closely-related Domestic Bengal Cat, I should caution you against letting your Toyger outside unsupervised and/or not on a leash. They often have "wild" roving tendencies that may take them too far away from your home to be safe or advisable.

If you are not going to show or breed your cat, be sure to spay or neuter your pet. Lifespans are generally the same as other pet cats, anywhere from 10-15 years, or longer!

Toygers, like Bengals, enjoy water and are very active cats. You may need additional toys, and should be prepared for a somewhat more active pet than usual. They can be litter-box trained, and some owners even report success with actual toilet training!

Toyger Cat at Play

What Else Should You Know about Toygers?

While the Toyger breed is an exciting exotic pet, be sure to be aware of other cats that need to be adopted! Rescue organizations exist from which you can bring home a much less expensive pet.

For those that really want to own a Toyger or Bengal domestic cat, you may be able to find a breeder or owner that has a cat that does not meet the highest show qualities. These pets will still possess the fun aspects of the breed - including water play, trainability, "talking" and more, even if it doesn't have the perfect coat or head structure to meet exotic breed standards. But beware a deal that seems "too good to be true," as noted above. Such animals may have traits that make them a less than desirable pet. In these circumstances, spend some time with your prospective pet before signing any papers or bringing it home.

Cats are generally easy pets and adaptable to many environments. Before you bring one home to your place, however, make sure there are no allergies. So many pets are surrendered on this basis, and it's a very easy thing to screen for in advance!

A sunny, warm spot in which to lie, litter box and scoop, a few catnip toys, a bowl for food and water, and a collar and leash - there is not much more you need for proper ownership of a Toyger, other than the dedication to take your cat for regular checkups and vaccinations.

Stimulating toys and lots of attention will also be enjoyed by your pet cat. Some owners may wish to keep a pet Toyger or Bengal indoors for safety because the breed tends to wander. If your pet wants to go outdoors, consider a leash and harness.

Above all else, just be prepared with a warm lap and a readiness to spend some time rubbing ears and talking to your inquisitive cat!

Adorable Toyger Cats

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      • profile image

        Yikes McGee 10 months ago

        So, like. Are we just going to totally forget about all the major health problems most Toygers are bred with?

      • profile image

        Delia 16 months ago

        I love those pictures, they are a beauty , I was outside a shopping center and a couple in a car show me this little kitten, one month old, and ask me if I wanted , I say you do not want it, they say

        no, so I keep it and she is now 8 month old the vet told me she is American shorthair but the more I see she looks like a type 6 toyger , black broken stripes and black dots all over , I wonder where can I take her to make sure ? Thank you.

      • profile image

        R M B 4 years ago

        We rescued a kitten and found out she is part bangel but then again sounds like a toyger. My daughter trained her to climb the bunk bed with treats now it is her hiding place. I just wish I knew exactly which breed she was. The vet just labels her as tabby but she is not full breed tabby at all.

      • Hendrika profile image

        Hendrika 4 years ago from Pretoria, South Africa

        I love all cats and found this article very interesting. I am sure we would have loved a Toyger, but where we stay we are not allowed to have cats

      • Rebecca Furtado profile image

        Rebecca Furtado 4 years ago from Anderson, Indiana

        Toygers! Lions, Toygers, and Bears OH MY!

      • profile image

        mujeeb baag 4 years ago

        why not try for the toy-lion in similar way

      • alannahbale profile image

        alannahbale 4 years ago from Rugby, Warwickshire

        This is a very interesting hub! :-)

      • mypetfinderph profile image

        Jef 4 years ago from Philippines

        I'd love to see one of these but I don't think they have these kind of cats in our country. :)

      • bestcattree profile image

        Donald 4 years ago from Florida

        Very good hub I really didn't realize this was an actual breed of cat. I thought you were just using a play on words. Awesome information. Thanks.

      • profile image

        Josh 5 years ago

        Man, I totally want one of these. I'm most likely getting a cat during late August. Since I'm not allowed to get a dog. I guess I can settle for a dog-like cat. Also, I planned to toilet train my cat when I get him. Think I'm going to name him John. After my dad who passed away two years ago.

      • profile image

        brad 6 years ago

        i whant one so mutch :/

      • stephhicks68 profile image

        Stephanie Hicks 6 years ago from Bend, Oregon

        Oh, I am so jealous you are bringing home new kitties today! And yes, Toygers are amazing cats. Best, Steph

      • CassyLu1981 profile image

        CassyLu1981 6 years ago from Spring Lake, NC

        Awe, these are the cutest cats EVER!!!! I'm bring home two kitties today, they aren't toygers but they are still cute :) Wonderful information! Thanks for Sharing!

      • profile image

        Dena 6 years ago

        I want one but am horribly allergic to cats. Do toygers produce the same allergens as regular house cats?

      • arusho profile image

        arusho 6 years ago from University Place, Wa.

        Great information, I really want to rescue a Bengal or Toyger someday!

      • natures47friend profile image

        natures47friend 6 years ago from Sunny Art Deco Napier, New Zealand.

        What gorgeous kitties and a wonderful hub.

      • profile image

        kate 6 years ago

        they are sooooo cute ;]

      • profile image

        Cathy 6 years ago

        R the mini tigers / toyger normal cat size when they r adults?

      • stephhicks68 profile image

        Stephanie Hicks 6 years ago from Bend, Oregon

        Hi Amymarie,

        Yes - we love the Bengal breed! Toygers look like a beautiful, interesting cat as well. Best, Steph

      • amymarie_5 profile image

        amymarie_5 6 years ago from Chicago IL

        I love the pics you used. I'm a fan of the Bengal breed. This is the first time I've ever heard of toygers. I want one now. :)

        Great hub, voted up!!!

      • profile image

        Joe 6 years ago

        Ok so I have this cat and he is just over a year old. His mother is a white, tan and tigered tri colored cat and we dont know who the father is or what he might even look like. She had 5 kittens, 1 was just like her,1 light colored gray with light tigered stripes, 1 orange tigered, 1 white with patches of gray tiger and the one I kept who is very dark tiger markings with a tanish leopard belly. He has identical markings to these cats and has the same colors as the adult TOYGER. What tests do I need to do and costs????? To me he resembles a tiger in many ways, right down to the preying on a victim....his little

      • profile image

        mollymeadows 6 years ago

        This is the first I'd heard of 'toygers,' but now I have a new thing to add to my wish list. My own tabby-point Siamese passed away a few years ago, and I'd love to get one of these.

      • stephhicks68 profile image

        Stephanie Hicks 6 years ago from Bend, Oregon

        A photograph cannot definitely determine whether your cat is a Toyger - only genetic testing can do that. However, if your cat does resemble a tiger, enjoy your unique pet!

      • imdask8r profile image

        imdask8r 6 years ago from Dhaka, Bangladesh.

        if u see my kitten can u tell her breed?

      • profile image

        Aishia Fyruz Aishi 6 years ago

        my kitten looks sort of like these toyger kittens. can u tell me if she's really one of them if you see her?

      • profile image

        lorena 6 years ago

        I really want one of these cats how can I get my hands on one..

      • stephhicks68 profile image

        Stephanie Hicks 6 years ago from Bend, Oregon

        They are beautiful, but seem to be a bit "engineered" for appearances. I love my cat too - he doesn't need to be a Toyger. :)

      • craftybegonia profile image

        craftybegonia 6 years ago from Southwestern, United States

        They are gorgeous! On the other hand, I DO have a cat, and she has been known to go at people with all fours, scratch and bite like the best in the jungle, and she's only a tabby! A toyger? Are you kidding? Only in pictures!

      • Linda Bliss profile image

        Linda Liebrand 7 years ago from San Francisco

        These cats are absolutely gorgeous! Our neighbors had two of these cats and I was lucky enough to be a cat sitter for the weekend some time ago and shot hundreds of photos - some of them turned out quite well :o) Check them out on Flickr:

      • profile image

        maggie 7 years ago

        there soooooooooo cuttteee!!

      • profile image

        Yo it's me 7 years ago

        I think this is actually kind of sick. Adopt a cat from a shelter instead. It may not be absolutely exactly what you want, but compromise is a small price to pay when you're saving a life.

      • profile image

        Kalua22 7 years ago

        OMG! I LOVE THESE!!! and i'm not a cat person. im getting one!

      • hana86 profile image

        hana86 7 years ago from Asia

        I don't know about you, but I think what we did is against the law of nature.

      • Eternal Evolution profile image

        Eternal Evolution 7 years ago from kentucky

        such beautiful creatures. i would love to own one.

      • profile image

        Alaa 7 years ago

        I love tigers

      • profile image

        Nicole 8 years ago

        I don't think this occurs to people like you Jenny, but not everybody wants a mixed breed cat". Some of us love a certain breed for any number of reasons, and breeders are people who develop, improve, and show the breed they love, often at great cost while just trying to break even. There are unethical kitten mills out there, and I am not saying that what they do is okay, but it is wrong for you (and others) to call all breeders irresponsible and unethical just because of what BYB's have done solely for profit.

        For example, my breed is the "Sphynx", and there is not one thing wrong with me loving Sphynx, and owning my beautiful boy. What I choose to do with my hard earned money is my choice, as is your money yours to spend as you see fit. I love that he doesn't shed, and he has an amazing temperament, and absolutely gorgeous color. But I digress... Nobody ever said that the Toyger breed was a real tiger. The appeal for most is the coat's resemblance, and it's perfectly fine to admire that resemblance! Your comment implies that you see no resemblance, when in fact there is in coat alone (I won't bother pointing out the obvious similarities, such as both being feline, etc...).

        It is truly sad that each time you visit an SPCA location you are subjected to the sight of several unwanted animals. This is why kittens should never be sold on a spay and neuter contract. They should be spayed or neutered BEFORE ever leaving the breeder to prevent just this sort of thing! No one needs to be breeding unless they are showing their cats and improving upon the breeds. No one here ever argued that pets aren't a responsibility, please present a valid argument if you are going to attempt to change anyone's mind. As to the name of the breed, the animals are completely unaware of the "insulting" meaning of the pre-fix "toy", and whether they are named "Toyger" as a breed, or something far more formal, it really wouldn't change the fact that people will buy them because they want them, they love them, and back we go to the law of supply and demand.

        Yes, like any pet, it's a living creature. It's also going to be a high priced commodity like any other possession (yes a pet is a possession, like anything else you own, as defined by law) when it first comes out and is the new "in thing" to have. Celebrities will purchase from unscrupulous, profit oriented kitten mills eventually as popularity comes and goes, and this too shall pass. You might be tired of breeders breeding, but you know what? We're tired of hearing ignorant people whine and pitch the same arguments that we have already shot down.

      • stephhicks68 profile image

        Stephanie Hicks 8 years ago from Bend, Oregon

        Mike, that is so cool and I'm sure you'll have a life-long, loyal cat in your Toyger. Someone else's loss is definitely your gain. Thanks for sharing your story - best of luck to you!

      • profile image

        Mike Solstice 8 years ago

        I adopted one of these yesterday from an animal shelter and after doing some research on the breed I have concluded that he was abandoned because he's not show quality (dark black markings w/ a dark grey coat). The shelter identified him as a "Brown Tiger Domestic Shorthair" which I put into Google & stumbled on this article.

        Very well written and very informative. Thank you!

        I will say that this cat is unlike any I have ever owned, he definitely is much more "dog like" than a cat. Imagine my surprise when this kitten jumped into the shower with me today! He had no problem with water, in fact he seemed to enjoy it. He is very, very vocal & even though I haven't even owned him 24 hours yet, he is already extremely loyal. He follows me everywhere & apparently thinks that if I'm sitting, he must be in my lap (which I have no problem with).

        Exceptionally bright and easy to train, it only took me telling him "No" twice for him to figure out he can sit on my lap, but may not walk on the keyboard.

        I look forward to many years to come raising this rambunctious cutie! Definitely a cool find!

      • stars439 profile image

        stars439 8 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.

        They are beautiful. God Bless You. We have ten cats. We love them all. God Bless

      • profile image

        Jenny 8 years ago

        Creating new "designer" breeds while there are many cats and kittens waiting for a home is simply unethical. This cat is still a domestic cat, not a real tiger, nor it resembles one. That's not the point though - the point is that we as humans have to stop and think about the implications of creating yet another designer breed. Every time I visit local SPCA, my heart is broken at the sight of many animals who were no longer wanted by their owners.

        Pets are first and foremost a responsibility. A responsibility, which the name of this breed belittles. It's not a toy, it's a live being.

      • cute kitty profile image

        cute kitty 8 years ago from england

        Wow! this is awesome! those pics are soooooooo adorable!!!!!

        bye the way, i am the #1 cat lover lol!

        PLEASE join my fanclub! i do not have many fans :(


        cute kitty.

      • profile image

        Conno the cat lover 8 years ago

        I was so fortunate to have a Bengal. She belonged to someone else, but chose to stay with me. Once I found out who the owner was, she told me that if "Emmy" wants to be my girl, she could stay with me. I caught a glimpse of some great big CAT in my garage and it turned out to be a bengal. I had to look up on the internet to find out what the heck she was. I named her Amazon, she was so beautiful. She went to heaven last June. I miss her so much. I certainly miss her loud hello's and everything else about her. She is still an agel, just not on this earth.

      • profile image

        Erin 8 years ago

        I really think these are veryy interesting and I've always wanted a tiger but I'm afraid of the risks. My friend told me about these and I fell in love with them. I live in West Virginia and I was wondering where I could find one. Do they have anywhere close to home?

      • profile image

        Toyger Woods 8 years ago

        So I was at the Humane society a couple days ago and I see this cat that looks like a tiger. Tag says "toyger". I had no idea what that was, but she was so sweet and beautiful we took her home. Then i come to find out she is a designer cat people have to be on a waiting list to get! She is such a great cat....very loving and has some dog like behavior(will play fetch, plays around in her water dish, wags her tail)

      • Kat Renee Kittel profile image

        Kat Renee Kittel 8 years ago from in the Mid West

        Beautiful article and thanks for all the links! Went to the Toyger site and saw the grand champion! Looking forward to watching this breed develop.

        Katie Kat.

      • K Kiss profile image

        K Kiss 8 years ago from Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

        all the toygers look great but the one lying on orange velvet looks like a bengal tiger to the core!! i want one. beautiful!

      • stephhicks68 profile image

        Stephanie Hicks 8 years ago from Bend, Oregon

        Aren't they just incredible? I want one too, Carmen. Sorry to Carmen's husband... LOL ;-)

      • Carmen Borthwick profile image

        Carmen Borthwick 8 years ago from Maple Ridge, B.C.

        OMG they are so beautiful! I'd heard of them, but never seen one. I WANT ONE. I love tigers and have had the good fortune to pet a few. Over the years I've taken hundreds, possibly thousands of photos of them. Thanks for sharing this, my husband isn't glad you shared LOL. The one on the orange blanket is absolutely gorgeous.

      • Charlotte_1981 profile image

        Charlotte_1981 8 years ago from Málaga, Spain

        WoW! These cats are absolutely amazing. Thank you for a great hub.

      • profile image

        thegayestgoth 8 years ago

        i'm getting one of those damned toygers...and i'm going to BREED them, goddamn it!!! (forgive me god for using your name, but you know what i mean!!!)

      • profile image

        Stray Cat 8 years ago

        Awesome! I want one of the tiger looking ones. Its sad to know that the tigers are losing ground in the wild habitat, but this is a good thing for house cats.

      • dsletten profile image

        dsletten 8 years ago from United States

        Beautiful cats. What a wonderfully comprehensive hub on them too.

      • stephhicks68 profile image

        Stephanie Hicks 8 years ago from Bend, Oregon

        Ah QueenAmirah! So many people here will be jealous of you! Congratulations on your Toyger kittens. :)

      • profile image

        QueenAmirah 8 years ago

        I just adopted two toygers. They are amazing!!!! The cutest little kittens I have ever seen.

      • profile image

        MrSmiley 8 years ago

        OMG! These Toyger cats are amazing!!! Have two Persains myself, which are quite adorable.

      • mulberry1 profile image

        Christine Mulberry 9 years ago

        They certain are beautiful, but then most cats are! I don't think they're in my budget however :(

      • stephhicks68 profile image

        Stephanie Hicks 9 years ago from Bend, Oregon

        I am telling you! I have a Bengal, which is closely related to a Toyger. Such beautiful, unique cats. Some day, I will own a Toyger, too!

      • LadyCat profile image

        LadyCat 9 years ago from Somewhere in the U.S.

        These cats are absolutely stunning! I love all the pictures and details you have about them. I love tigers and lions..but since I can't have one a toyger would be a nice substitue!

        Great post!

      • profile image

        rob 9 years ago

        hey babes, great cat. i want one sooooo much to live with me and my partner in crime. kulsum mehmood, we should meet up as i also like the hub. ;)xxx

      • Kulsum Mehmood profile image

        Dr Kulsum Mehmood 9 years ago from Nagpur, India

        I love cats. Nice pics. Nice hub.

      • roastedpinebark profile image

        roastedpinebark 9 years ago from Iowa

        these are some REALLY cute kittens!!! i am glad i ran across this site, it cheered me up.

      • stephhicks68 profile image

        Stephanie Hicks 9 years ago from Bend, Oregon

        Hi Amy - yes, the Toygers are just beautiful! I would love one someday too. I hear that the temperment of this breed is similar to that of a Bengal (which we do own). They have dog-like behavior, which makes them happy, loyal and somewhat "pack like." I think our Bengal believes he is just like Earl and Garrett (our dogs). They get along great. I've also seen him interact with our neighbors' cats well. Toygers are less threatened, I think, than an ordinary housecat.

      • amy jane profile image

        amy jane 9 years ago from Connecticut

        Toygers are such a beautiful breed. I wish I could add one to our cat family! Hmm...maybe eventually. Our oldest cat doesn't take well to new "siblings." Do toygers typically get along with other pets? I know some breeds prefer to "rule the house" as the only pet.

      • stephhicks68 profile image

        Stephanie Hicks 9 years ago from Bend, Oregon

        Starcatchinfo - trust me - not only are they beautiful cats, they have a great personality! We own a Bengal, which is closely related to a Toyger. I am so excited about these pets!

      • starcatchinfo profile image

        starcatchinfo 9 years ago



      • Angela S profile image

        Angela S 9 years ago from Orcas Island, WA

        Really beautiful animals! Thanks for the hub!

      • stephhicks68 profile image

        Stephanie Hicks 9 years ago from Bend, Oregon

        Aren't they amazing cats? I'd love to own a Toyger one day. Thanks for the comment, Patricia.

      • Patricia Bedard profile image

        Patricia Bedard 9 years ago from Venice Beach

        Oh, these are too cute!

      • stephhicks68 profile image

        Stephanie Hicks 9 years ago from Bend, Oregon

        Jim - thank you! We really enjoy our Bengal cat, Romeo. He is indeed one cool cat!

      • jim10 profile image

        jim10 9 years ago from ma

        Wow! That is one cool cat.

      • profile image

        Jessica lolyd 9 years ago

        hi i like the picture of the kittens.

      • einron profile image

        einron 10 years ago from Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

        Thanks for expanding my vocab. Living in a condo is no place for cats or dogs. Animals should have freedom to roam. Very glad to be your fan.

      • profile image

        monografiaac 10 years ago from Brazil

        How can someone not fall in love with its velvet fur? Pitty there are no toygers in Brazil!!!

      • stephhicks68 profile image

        Stephanie Hicks 10 years ago from Bend, Oregon

        Precisely! :-)

      • rmr profile image

        rmr 10 years ago from Livonia, MI

        Absolutely gorgeous cat! And for the price of a used car , you can have a champion! Thanks for an informative and interesting hub.

      • Sally's Trove profile image

        Sherri 10 years ago from Southeastern Pennsylvania

        What a great hub, steph. I never heard of the Toyger 'til now.

        Although the cats are so appealingly beautiful, I am more intrigued with the behaviors. I'd love to have a trainable cat who talks, too. I'd have so much fun with that, I'd have no time for HubPages!

        It was very interesting to read about a breed currently in development. Thanks for putting together and bringing us this fascinating info.

      • stephhicks68 profile image

        Stephanie Hicks 10 years ago from Bend, Oregon

        I know Charlotte! I want one too!! (hubby would kill me). Before my Bengal hub, I hadn't heard of them, either Compu-Smart. We own a Bengal, and they are so much fun. Can you imagine a cool looking Toyger in the mix?? Kat, I'm with you there.... plus the price tag! Wowzer. Whitney - I'll keep searching. I should be able to find a better photo for you. :-)

      • gamergirl profile image

        Kiz 10 years ago from Antioch, TN

        I. Want. This. Cat.

      • compu-smart profile image

        Compu-Smart 10 years ago from London UK

        Toygers!! wow, interesting and news to me..!! This consept is good and these pixs are soo cute!! i could share my home with each n everyone of these little kittys:)

      • Kat07 profile image

        Kat07 10 years ago from Tampa

        I remember reading about the developing breed of toygers a few years ago. Interesting stuff - for now, my tabby will have to be the tiger of this house!

      • Whitney05 profile image

        Whitney 10 years ago from Georgia

        When I saw the article in the Parada magazine last year, they showed pictures of the most recent ones as of last year and they showed the progression of the cats. If I remember, the last one has a more broad face and curved ears. But, yeas they are still working on them to perfect it.

        Ocicats? Sounds interesting.

      • stephhicks68 profile image

        Stephanie Hicks 10 years ago from Bend, Oregon

        John - thanks! I feel like I am on a roll. Next, Ocicats? Last night was kind of a haul working on this Hub, but fortunately I'm not much of a TV watcher. Whitney, thanks! It was a lot of fun. I think they are still working on getting cats with more curved ears and square faces. They had some photos of what they hope the cats will look like, but they were computer generated, so I didn't use them. Thanks Wedding Consultant! Maybe some day... :-)

      • WeddingConsultant profile image

        WeddingConsultant 10 years ago from DC Metro Area

        wow that's an amazing topic. I think my wife would *love* to have one, but I think it would probably be too much for us to cram into our condo. Thanks for a great hub!

      • Whitney05 profile image

        Whitney 10 years ago from Georgia

        You did it! Looks great! I wish there were better pictures online with the curved ears and the square faces.

      • John Chancellor profile image

        John Chancellor 10 years ago from Tennessee


        I am learning so much about exotic cats. It truly is very educational. I am beginning to feel like an expert on these different breeds of cats.

        I know it must be a lot of work to complete all the research.

        Great job.

      • stephhicks68 profile image

        Stephanie Hicks 10 years ago from Bend, Oregon

        I KNOW, Zsuzsy! I'm with you there - I'm a sucker for these cuties. Gadzooks, they are definitely bred in the UK and elsewhere! ;-) Thanks Uninvited Writer!

      • Uninvited Writer profile image

        Susan Keeping 10 years ago from Kitchener, Ontario

        Great hub, very informatve. Thanks :)

      • Gadzooks profile image

        Gadzooks 10 years ago from United Kingdom

        What lovely looking animals, I thought these were bred in the UK though??

      • Zsuzsy Bee profile image

        Zsuzsy Bee 10 years ago from Ontario/Canada

        Steph! How could you? I just have to have the one lounging on the orange velvet. What a beautiful cat. He looks as if he could give the dogs a run for their money.

        Beautiful hub regards Zsuzsy


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