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Where Do Your Cats Go When They Leave Your Home?

Cindy has several outdoor cats that leave her home for days at a time.

Where do cats go all day?

Where do cats go all day?

Why Do Cats Leave and Come Back?

I can't help but wonder where on Earth my cats go when they head 'through the cat flap'. Quite often, they are gone for days at a time. When they do return, they don't seem to be hungry and seem pretty content with life.

Trusting Their Instinct

Obviously, caring for a curious cat isn't easy, as it is so hard to monitor them full-time. This is why I feel microchips are really important if you don't want to lose your cat altogether. Outdoor cat adventures would be amazing to follow, yet impossible to see without attaching a camera to a pet (which I doubt would stay on long if most cats are anything like mine!)

My Cats' Adventures: A Series of Short Stories

Do you have indoor/outdoor cats? Do they go on day-long adventures, only to return home out of the blue? If so, you may be able to relate to my cats' magnificent adventures:

  1. Ronnie Goes on the Hunt
  2. Reggie the Food Thief
  3. Ronnie Lies in Wait
  4. Ronnie and Reggie Visit the Pub
  5. Ronnie and Reggie Take to the Field
  6. Ronnie and Reggie Take to the Lake
  7. Georgie Runs Off to Catch Fish
  8. Squish Brings Us Gifts
  9. Smudge Steals Toys
  10. Pixie the Escape Artist
  11. The Neighbour's Cat
  12. The Mangy Tortoiseshell

Important Note: If your cat is missing right now, you might find my article called 'How to Find Your Missing Cat' useful.

Ronnie Goes on the Hunt

Ronnie Goes on the Hunt

1. Ronnie Goes on the Hunt

My cat, 'Ronnie', worries me sick every time he vanishes. Yet, when he comes back, he simply has a bit of food and promptly crashes out for a day on our bed before vanishing again. I suspect he has a second home and is worrying both 'owners' every time he goes missing!

On one occasion, Ronnie was missing for several days, and we hunted high and low for him. Whilst dropping my husband off at our fishing lake on the third day, I spotted Ronnie crossing the lane behind me. I spent the next half hour crawling through brambles and undergrowth trying to catch him. All the while he meowed at me pathetically from within the depths of the sharp, spiky bushes I was attempting to retrieve him from.

Eventually, I caught him, placed the protesting moggie into my car, and drove him back to the house. By this time, I was covered in lacerations from both Ronnie and the brambles. The faces of the people I drove past was a picture, as they must have seen me driving with a large black and white cat on my lap, complete with his paws on the steering wheel, protesting loudly at his 'catnapping'. I soon got him home and fed him and locked him in the house. Before the day was up, he was gone again.

Reggie the Food Thief

Reggie the Food Thief

2. Reggie the Food Thief

Now, we also have a jet-black cat called 'Reggie', and he is a real character with an appetite that is unbelievable for a slender feline. Quite by chance, one of our neighbours has a cat that is the exact double of Reggie, and neither of us can tell our cats apart.

Some months back, our friend, 'Bartie', was sitting in his lounge when his cat came home and promptly scoffed the entire contents of the cat bowl before settling down on his lap for the evening. Bartie commented to his girlfriend what a huge appetite their cat had lately.

It was only an hour or so later that Bartie went into their bedroom and saw his cat sitting on top of their wardrobe. He quickly realised that this food thief was a mystery cat that had been regularly eating all the cat food, playing along and sitting on their laps. This mystery cat was actually our cat Reggie. To add further insult to injury, Reggie was also eating at least four or five bowls of food a day at home, so how on earth he isn't grossly obese I have no idea.

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Ronnie and Reggie Visit a Pub

Ronnie and Reggie Visit a Pub

3. Ronnie and Reggie Visit the Pub

One evening, my husband, Richard, decided to go to the local hotel bar for an evening drink. Having made it three-quarters of the way and now on the coast road, he arrived at the hotel only to realise the two cats were with him. The owner of the hotel invited Richard in, but Richard pointed out that he had the two cats with him. The owner very kindly suggested Richard bring them into the hotel bar with him, and so he did.

Ronnie and Reggie comfortably curled up on one of the padded seats in the bar and proceeded to be petted by all the guests for the next two hours. When Richard went to leave, he simply called the cats and they willingly followed him all the way back home again, stopping at kerbs and waiting for cars to invite them to cross the roads, at which point they followed Richard trustingly over. They all arrived home safely and were none the worse for their adventure.

Ronnie Lies in Wait

Ronnie Lies in Wait

4. Ronnie Lies in Wait

On another night, Richard went to the pub and Ronnie followed him as far as a nearby derelict greenhouse. Richard ran the rest of the way to the pub to avoid Ronnie following him.

It was some hours later that Richard was walking back home in the dark when he passed the same derelict greenhouse. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Ronnie landed on his shoulder. Clearly, Ronnie had been waiting all that time for Richard to return and hadn't left the site since.

Ronnie and Reggie Take to the Field

Ronnie and Reggie Take to the Field

5. Ronnie and Reggie Take to the Field

When Ronnie and Reggie were merely young cats, we walked to one of our local pubs with a couple of friends. It wasn't more than a quarter of a mile before we heard mewing behind us. Shining our torches back down the country lane, we found both the cats had followed us. All four of us tried in vain to catch the cats without success, and eventually, they ran into a field where we were forced to leave them (the cats, not the friends).

Some hours later and back at home, the kitties had still not returned home. By now, we were all getting worried, so my husband went out looking for them. He eventually headed back to the field we had last seen them in, and sure enough, they were both waiting there for one of us to collect them. Once Richard called them, they happily followed him home again.

Ronnie and Reggie Take to the Lake

Ronnie and Reggie Take to the Lake

6. Ronnie and Reggie Take to the Lake

We frequently go up to our fishing lake and find both Ronnie and Reggie sitting on the bench up there watching the scenery, or they choose to land on our shoulders whilst we are sitting and relaxing on the bench—usually scaring the hell out of us in the process. We also get many 'gifts' of dead, semi-alive or very alive rabbits left on our doorstep. The ones we can, we rescue and take to the local animal sanctuary for vet care. Sadly, many never make it, but we do our best.

I suspect it won't be too much longer before young 'Squish' discovers the joys of our fishing lake and starts to explore rabbit hunting as a hobby, too!

Georgie Runs Off to Catch Fish

Georgie Runs Off to Catch Fish

7. Georgie Runs Off to Catch Fish

I once had a cat in the UK when I lived in a very built-up area in Bromley in Kent. Surrounded by high-rise flats and main roads, there were not many places you think a cat could hunt. However, my cat 'Georgie' managed to bring a fully grown, dead, grey squirrel home and leave the corpse in our kitchen. Then at a later date, she brought home a 6–7 inch live goldfish that she could only have stolen from a garden pond.

I only realised the fish was still alive when I went to pick it up to dispose of it. When it flipped in my hands, I nearly jumped six feet in the air. Thinking quickly, I placed the fish in a large Tupperware container of water and phoned the local rescue centre.

Before too long, I was driving this rather damaged fish to be treated. Sadly, I was later told it didn't make it due to the severity of the damage my moggie had inflicted. I still don't know where on Earth Georgie caught the poor fish. What was really amazing was that we didn't even have a cat flap. Georgie had jumped up through our lounge window to bring her trophies home.

8. Squish Brings Us Gifts

Our third cat is a five-month-old kitten called 'Squish', and she is a real character. Already, she brings us home 'gifts' such as voles, mice, etc. Introducing a new kitten to our existing cats was by no means easy, but somehow it all came together in the end.

We weren't keen to let Squish out until she was at least six months old, but she had her own ideas. Once she had bullied our existing cats into accepting her (no easy task as they spent the first month hissing at her and swiping at her every time she came near them), she promptly began following her new mentors everywhere, including outside and all over the neighbouring fields. I am guessing they have been 'showing her the ropes', and when she has gone missing for a day at a time, I have searched high and low for her thinking someone must have stolen her.

Squish very quickly convinced our cats that she was a part of the team, and even when they tried to hiss at her or attack her, she would have none of it and really didn't 'take the hint'. Instead, she jumped on them, chased them all over the house, knocked their legs out from under them and generally forced them to love her. In our case, her job was easy, and she soon treated me as her 'mum' and made a point of suckling virtually every jumper I was wearing and slept on my pillow.

Now the three of them—Squish, Reggie and Ronnie—all vanish at once, often not to be seen for the whole day. I would truly love to know where they go or plant a hidden camera on one of them, as I imagine their adventures would be pretty enlightening.

Smudge Steals Toys

Smudge Steals Toys

9. Smudge Steals Toys

In Tenerife, I had a Siamese cat called 'Smudge'. He was a darling, but I really wonder where on Earth he went each time he left the apartment I lived in with my friend 'Bard of Ely'.

Smudge went through a truly crazy phase of bringing home Barbie-type dolls with no clothes on, and at one point, even brought home a 'My Little Pony' toy. He would play with these for hours, yet neither of us had any idea where these dolls had been stolen from. We just had visions of some poor child looking everywhere for their missing dolls.

Sadly, on the day I left Tenerife and was returning to Guernsey, Steve (Bard) was going to adopt both of my Tenerife cats, but Smudge was found dead on the same day. We were both really upset as he was such a character, but happily, Steve still has my former cat 'Tiggy' living with him in Tenerife to this day several years later.

Pixie the Escape Artist

Pixie the Escape Artist

10. Pixie the Escape Artist

Many years ago, my family had a big cat called 'Pixie'. He was fabulous and more like a small dog than a cat. He actually looked virtually identical to 'Ronnie', my current cat featured at the beginning of this article.

Pixie managed to escape outside of our vet's hospital one day following a routine vaccination. The vet's clinic was a good few miles (or a 20-minute car ride) from where we lived, so needless to say, we were worried sick about him having hunted high and low without success.

After three days of being missing and having only ever been taken to the vets in an enclosed cardboard box, Pixie turned up back at our house on top of the pig styes in our garden. To this day, we have no idea of how he found his way home, and what's more, he wasn't even hungry, just pleased to see us.

This same cat would happily travel in the car with my mum and step-dad down to their boat and sail all over the English Channel between Guernsey, Jersey, etc. asleep on the bunks down below. Once he returned to land, he would sit contentedly in the car for the journey back home again. His antics were so impressive that my stepfather (a retired fire chief) nicknamed him 'Black Dog'. This cat later became a character in one of the novels he has written since his retirement (Rough Sea Justice by James Cassaday).

The Neighbour's Cat

The Neighbour's Cat

11. The Neighbour's Cat

Neighbours of ours adopted a cat that simply 'moved in with them'. The reason being that the children of the former owners used to chase the cat unmercifully and even cut off her whiskers on one occasion (which as you know is an essential tool for a cat if it isn't to get trapped in tight spaces).

Having had enough, she found the people who lived opposite of them far more 'cat-friendly', and even the new children were good with animals. She now lives with them full-time and runs a mile if she sees her former owners, even though they have tried putting food out to tempt her back.

This same cat turned up on our doorstep one night even before she 'moved house'. She had an empty can of cat food wedged on her head and was soaking wet from the downpour of rain we had experienced that evening. I quickly brought her indoors and removed the offending can, and then gently dried her off with a towel. She quickly left and we saw her around for some weeks before she changed owners.

The former owners really didn't seem too bothered about her at all, and even when we told them that we had heard a cat similar to theirs had been run over on the nearby road . . . the woman simply shrugged her shoulders and said, 'Well I haven't seen her today'. We were quite shocked and really couldn't get our heads around the lack of concern she showed.

It was no surprise to find out a few weeks later the cat had moved to the neighbour's house, and we quickly ended up adopting one from her next litter of kittens (Squish). Being responsible owners, they then got her spayed, and she is still happily living around the corner from us today.

Following my advice, the new owners got her microchipped to avoid the former owners laying claim to her, which would have been terrible for the cat's future. Clearly, she knew where to go once outside of her original home!

The Mangy Tortoiseshell

The Mangy Tortoiseshell

12. The Mangy Tortoiseshell

Some months back, we found a very mangy looking tortoiseshell cat up at our fishing lake. Feeling sorry for this bedraggled, weak, little kitty, we brought her home and placed her on a blanket in front of our heater along with food and water. Our other cats didn't bat an eyelid and immediately accepted her.

I sent my husband, Richard, on a tour of the neighbourhood asking if anyone had lost a cat. I even phoned up local rescue centres to see if one had been reported missing. It turned out that the cat did live locally and had hunted around our lake for years, often going missing for weeks at a time. She was now over 16 years old and a bit senile, hence she got lost up at the lake. We quickly returned her to her owners who were clearly great animal lovers, and they said she often does this, but usually turns up on her own. Apparently, some habits do die hard!

Share Your Story

Our cats clearly live amazing lives full of adventure and mysteries we can only guess at for the most part, but truth be told, we love them to death and would not be without them.

I would love to hear where you think your cats go when they are out playing, or if you have found out their secret, please share below.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


Joan Macdonald on June 23, 2020:

I have a beautiful rescue I got when a kitten she is spayed and needled and is now 5 years ...The last few winters she had crystals and her bladder.I fixed that but changing her food to wet and she is a happy cat .I let her out in summer only summer .I just bought her BRAVECTO and we have ticks and fleas so want to put it on her it was 76 dollars taxes in but am scared to use it but I will ...Another question where does my cat go when she is gone for hours...My cat is very well treated and loved ...where does is go and comes back . Haha anyone know.

Ashtin on May 23, 2020:

My cat Schlik left her kittens for 72 hours now!We live in town so I'm worried she'll get pregnant again.

Mary Norman Latus on May 04, 2020:

I went to England from Arizona to vist my mum. The second week Lovey went missing. She has 4 brothers and a step sister. When I came home two feral fighting cats had taken over part of the back yard. They injured two of Loveys brothers. Eventually they move on. Lovey has not come home for almost 6 months. I pray everyday for her and ride my bike around. I have done the usual things to find her. She is 8 years old now and sat on the couch next to me. We are very bonded. I love her and pray one day we will be reunited.

Karen B Lee on October 29, 2019:

I have had wonderful adventures with cats. I adopted a tuxedo cat abandoned at my apartment complex in Charlotte. Asha was a good indoor companion. She pawed my face to wake me up to feed her. We moved together to Pt. Arthur, Tx. My son lived nearby and pronounced her "needy". From there we moved to Phoenix AZ. I had to buyher a plastic underbed storage tub as she seemed too big for her litterbox. This worked well. We had to rip up the astroturf in the lanai when she peed on it. This led to purchasing an affordable washer/dryer set for the space. My roomate left so Asha and i moved into a den of a friend. One day Asha went missing. I tried to locate her her in vain. With coyotes in the area, i feared the worst. I sat down and decided to telepathically communicate so she knew she was loved, missed and wanted. I opened my my eyes and she appeared on the deck like a vision. What joy! Next i took a room in a house with several roomates in other bedrooms. By now Asha was well adjusted to changes. This is the biggest gift my rescue cat gave me, she rescued me. At this time i was emotionally too stressed to work. I could not hold a customer service job. I was unable to pay the rent. My girlfriend took me to a no kill shelter because i had no money to feed and care for Asha. After being read the riot act i was told i should live with her in a tent. My friend chimed in, "she can't afford a tent." There was a long pause. I was offered a place to sleep in exchange for chores at the shelter. I had been a corporate wife living the American dream before my divorce. Now i was a homeless cat concierge. Everything i owned fit in my suv. At first i slept outside in a screened in area. When the monsoon rains came i was allowed inside with my futon amid a room of 35 cats. The shelter was a mobile home with build outs and a large corner lot with dog kennels in the yard, as well as an exercise area. Litter rounds were every hour and a half. I have been in nursing homes that smelled way worse. It was humbling to bleach mop, vacuum, wash and put away laundry, clean the feeding stations and water fountains, feed the wet food and more. My favorite time was petting station when the cats came for socializing. Asha was not happy in the situation. She did not like sharing her food. We stayed for a few months until i qualified for SSI benefits. When we left, bound for coastal OR Asha's relirf was palpable. She put her arms around my neck and relaxed into me as we got into the car. We rented a room and that is where she died in my arms.

James on September 14, 2019:

I'M off down to the family, today and wont be back till late evening, ive left him wet and dry food, but the strays come in and eat it, i can't keep the flap shut because he's an iut door cat, i always feel bad when i leave him, and when i go to work, that's so bad ,but going out out, guilt,has set in already,maybe its because i love my cat to bits

Mary Burns on July 16, 2019:

I have exactly the same problem with my cat since the summer started. He goes away for days on end returns and isn't even hungry. I know he is seen by some neighbours who on request do not feed him so why doesn't he come home???????????????

Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on October 28, 2018:

I love the Guardian Angel idea Madge :)

Madge on October 27, 2018:

By the sound of it, and my own experience, cats are guardian angels. The stories of Richard going to the pub and the cats following seems to reinforce that notion. Tally Ho Kitteries!

Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on July 16, 2018:

What wonderful news Joe, I am so pleased your Lovie came home again. It just goes to show there is always hope even after many weeks of them going missing.

Joe on July 15, 2018:

I had a year old cat to be gone for 2 months then today when I came home from church he was in the driveway to greet me even though I didn’t recognize him because of the weight she had lost and the fact that I had written her off to being gone for good. We had figured probably a coyote or something like that had killed her, we are so thankful and in awe that she is here. She is eating and meowing so much that she has about lost her voice. She is so precious, her name is Lovie

Sharon Settino on April 24, 2018:

I'm missing of my jet black cat who looks identical to Reggiie who slipped out of his collar and ran through the bush at the back of my building on April 22nd 2018,and I am going crazy looking for him as I love him very much, and am doing everything you suggested, I even thought about going out in the early hours of the morning to look for him and mabee put my own life at risk, I am worried sick and cannot sleep, I've tried to put food out for him only to find other wild cats who eat it And I call his name and I never seem to find him I even came face to face with a skunk this morning, I don't know what else to do could you please email me and give me some more suggestions Thank You Sharon Settino My email is

Patrick Shawn Wilson on March 08, 2018:

My boy is streilised but goes missing for months at a time the last time was 4 months he looked fed as we have lots of rabbits. I just don't know why he lesves. He well loved and treated like a king. Can anyone give me some ideas thanks fellow cat lover. Ohh his name is SOX.

Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on April 01, 2017:

Thanks for telling me about your lovely cats Cat Person. Clearly you love them very dearly and it sounds like they live in a paradise for cuts to explore.

Cat Person on April 01, 2017:

My cat Brian leaves for one or two days at a time sometimes. It especially happens if he gets stuck outside in a rain storm. I'm dying to know what kitty kitty adventures he gets into. We live in a spread out suburban, yet somewhat rural area, complete with miles of woods, some houses, and a variety of wild life. Brian, and my other two cats Girlly and Malachi, bring home a plethora of " presents," including moles, birds, frogs, rats, and bats. My girl cat even brought me just the heart of a bird. As discussed as I was, I was still flattered. How thoughtful. Brian even jumped into a pond I had for my aquatic salamanders, which he subsequently hunted, took out, and played with for hours while I was out. Poor salamanders were all chewed up and then died. I'm certain Brian gets into scuffles with other wild life outside as well, including opossums, racoon's, other cats, and coyotes, since he sometimes comes home with scratches and such. The cats love going out at night, despite the fact that they could become prey items themselves. They, especially Brian, will sit by the door and whine like he's going to die if I don't let him out. As much as it kills me to think of the dangers out there for them at night, they seem to crave the thrill. I think an owl may have got my 2nd cat, Lois. I cried for weeks. I used to worry sick about the three cats I have now, but I must say, Brian, Girlly, and Malachi are tough and beautiful.

mark on December 25, 2016:

I have a black female cat that was a homeless kitten that I adopted. I kept her inside as a kitten. When she was old enough I let her leave my apartment. I have a very small apartment in Japan and didn't want to keep her locked inside. She would come back every night to be fed and sleep then go outside again the following morning. Earlier this year she went missing for 1 month and came home very thin and tired. She has just returned after being missing for 2 weeks. It's stressful when she leaves but she was wild when I found her, and at least now I know she isn't having lots of other homeless kittens. If she is eating birds or mice to survive she isn't eating many because she is always very thin when she comes home. Girls will be girls? Cats will be cats. I think it's better that she has a short and dangerous life living outside than a long and boring life locked indoors.

Melissa A Smith from New York on November 11, 2014:

Where do cats go? Easy, everywhere they don't belong, killing wildlife and fighting with other animals. They've already done studies that strap cameras on cats.

Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on August 17, 2013:

Hi Rove, I am so sorry your cat is still missing. I completely understand how you must be feeling right now. Can I suggest you might get some good ideas as to how to find your cat if you read my other article on the subject which is linked to at the end of the first paragraph of this article. I hope it helps, and I hope you are reunited with your much loved cat very soon.

Rove on August 14, 2013:


I am a Filipino. I am so depressed my beloved cat is still missing for 28 days now. I searched all over our village and to our neighbor village (since we are just a creek away into our neighbor village). The creek is at the back of our house and I'm sure that's where my cat heading (at our neighbor village) every time he goes outside the house. But he's at home by lunch or dinner. Only last July 19, 2013 when I allowed him to go outside after dinner he didn't returned home until now. We searched everywhere specially, in the neighbor village but we haven't found him yet. He wast lost for 3 days last May but he returned home. This time I am so worried because it's almost 1 month. It hurts me a lot cause I didn't know what happened to him why he didn't go home. I have other cats too but the one missing is so dear to me. He's the only cat we allow to stay inside the house. He's good, playful, sweet, and he can really remove my stress. He sleeps beside me. Sometimes he sleeps in our bathtub, in my used clothes. We really have a sweet bond that's why his lost is hurting me. I always cry, even at late night I cry I still search for him calling him at the back of our house hoping he's gonna hear me. I lost my appetite for food and anything, I am irritable since he's gone. I know he's stating looking for a female cat, but I'm worried if he can still remember me and go home. I don't have someone to talk to. People think I am insane already because I'm spending my time looking for just a cat. They don't understand me because they love dogs and they hate cats. Even if they have one still, they can't understand me because they didn't experience the relationship I had with my missing cat. I hope my cat will be home soon.

Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on June 28, 2013:

Cats do often 'go walkabout' for days or even weeks at a time. They are incredibly good at looking after themselves and are more than capable of hunting, scavenging or otherwise getting hold of food. They frequently find shelter under buildings, in sheds, under cars or even in well meaning people's homes. Right now I wouldn't worry too much. Do bear in mind that his urge to 'wander' could be based on his male hormones. Even though you have had him neutered it can take up to six months for those hormones to completely dissipate from his system. Two years old is the ideal age for him to be vanishing for days at a time, but remember, if you only moved a 5 minute walk away from where he lived before you are still well within the average 2 mile territory most cats have, therefore he knows exactly where he is, and where you are. I am sure he will come home when he is ready to, but if not check out my other article on how to find your missing cat (linked to within this article).

Good Luck.

nadine axon on June 27, 2013:

We adopted a cat of about a year old he was soo happy moving in. Then we moved !!!! we moved about 5 minutes walk away, we kept boots in for about 3 weeks, he was driving us mad with the meowwing so we let him out. he went back to our old house and we bought him home on several occasions. We then had him neutered, kept him in for 24 hours he went out for around 4 days we bought him home., fed him and he went out. Boots then came back slept ate and went back out. Boots has been gone now for 4 days is this normal for my 2 year old cat, scared that he is hungry and cold.

Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on April 04, 2013:

Congratulations Senka, that is fantastic news and I am very pleased for you.

Senka on April 04, 2013:


I got my cat Brandy back after 7 years. It is great to have her at home.

Thank you. Senka

Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on December 12, 2012:

There is a cat on our complex is like that. He visits at least three houses on the complex daily, and gets fed at all of them. As I am typing this he is sitting on the couch next to me, yet he isn't even our cat lol. At least his real owner knows he is always at one of two other houses if he isn't at hers.

BenCat on December 12, 2012:

Our cat always runs away- the longest was for 8 weeks being gone. We recently discovered that he goes to a house down the street where he gets fed and cared for.

Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on December 06, 2012:

I really hope she turns up on her own Jilly, and I also hope someone has taken her in so she is safe. It is worse not knowing what has happened I always think. Hopefully she will just casually stroll in one day soon.

Jilly on December 05, 2012:

I did try your recommendations, but I will look into them again. I suppose I am hoping someone has taken her in. There was one possible sighting, but that neighbor shooed that cat away, and she did fit the description of mine. I will not give up hope. I think she just had a major fright that is preventing her from wanting to come home right now. Thanks for your encouragement.

Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on December 05, 2012:

I am so sorry she has not yet come home Jilly. Did you try any of the stuff on my other article to track her down? Don't give up hope, she may well still turn up when you least expect it.

Jilly on December 05, 2012:

She has still not returned, but I still hope that she might come home. She must have had a fright. Don't know what to do anymore to find her. I can' t believe that she can't find her way back and keep reading stories where cats come back ages after they left...

Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on October 17, 2012:

Did you read my other hub on How to Find Your Missing Cat Jilly? It might give you a few ideas you hadn't thought of to try. The link to the article is in the first section of this hub. I really hope she comes home to you soon. Let me know if and when she does please.

Jilly on October 17, 2012:

Thanks for your support.

Jilly on October 17, 2012:

Still not back yet. Maybe she is still calming down? Hope she returns. Searched high and low.

Cindy Lawson (author) from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on September 30, 2012:

I am so sorry to hear about your cat Jilly, and of course your burglary. I really hope when she calms down she returns and that all will return to normal. Do let me know if or when this happens.