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Adoption & Purchasing


How to Introduce Another Cat Into Your Home

Cats are very intelligent and independent. This is why bringing a new one into a home can cause all kinds of problems, but it can be done with patience.


How to Choose a Cat: 8 Tips for Finding the Right One for You

Learn how to choose a cat with these eight helpful tips. Select a healthy, happy cat that will be a good fit with your personality, family, and life.


Introducing a New Kitten to Your Resident Cats

Getting your resident cats on board with the idea of a new kitten can be tricky. With these tips, however, your resident cat and new kitten can be best friends in no time.


Cats and Children: The Pros and Cons

Cats make entertaining and independent pets. They provide children with a sense of discipline and empathy, but may require some patience and time to bond with.


FIV-Positive Cat: Should I Adopt a Cat With FIV?

Adopting a cat with FIV is a rewarding experience. FIV-positive cats are not high-maintenance pets; they will be a wonderful addition to your home.


How to Help Your New Cat Feel at Home

Pet adoption is a big commitment. Learn what you need to do to make your new cat feel at home.


How to Choose the Right Cat to Adopt

Felines come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and personalities, but what kind of cat is best for your life?


Life With Siberian Cats: My Experience With Adoption

Are Siberian cats truly hypoallergenic? What is it like owning them? I walk you through the process of how we adopted two Siberians and how they are doing two years later!


The 9 Cat Personalities: Feline-ality and Meet Your Match

The ASPCA developed the Meet Your Match program. Shelters use the Feline-ality assessment to determine a cat's personality and match the cat to potential companions.


Adopting Adult Cats Instead of Kittens (Is It Right for You?)

Learn why it might be better to adopt an adult cat than a kitten in various circumstances.


Cats and Kittens: Love Them and They Will Love You Back

A special bond exists between cats and their “owners.” Check out these tips and “tails” on how to care for your feline friends.


The Top 4 Places to Adopt a New Cat

Whether you're looking for a cat or a kitten, you're sure to find the perfect pet for you and your family with this guide to cat adoption. Four possible avenues of adoption are discussed in depth.


Adopting Older Cats: Cat Adoption Tips for Adult Cats

Need tips on cat adoption? Consider adopting an older cat. The challenges and rewards of bringing home an older cat are worth it!


How to Tame a Wild Cat

Is it possible for a feral cat to become a beloved family pet? Yes, but only with a lot of time, patience, and maybe a few surprises along the way. Read one cat's story to learn how to socialize a cat in your area!


First-Time Cat Owner Tips: Supplies for Your New Kitty

If you've never had a cat before, here are the things you need to think about and the things you need to get.