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Understanding Your Cat's "Bad" Behaviors and How to Stop Them

Trying to stop your cat's bad habits? Here are a few of the most common unwanted cat behaviors and what you can do about them.


Cat Body Language Chart and Pictures

The body language of cats almost perfectly describes their moods and emotions. Visual signals from the face for example with ears, eyes, tongue and whiskers are best read together with body posture and tail position.


The Truth Behind Cat Hunting and Hiding Behaviors

A common question among cat owners is why their furry friends continue to hunt for prey when they are perfectly well-fed at home! So, just what drives this kitty behavior?


Understanding Cat Language: Meow and 9 Other Sounds Explained

Cats can communicate their emotional state, immediate intentions, needs, wants, and sexual status. Do you know what they're trying to tell you?


10 Signs Your Cat Hates You

If a cat hates you, you will know. Here are 10 clear signs of a cat's displeasure.


Why Do Cats Like to Knead?

Find out why your cat kneads and what it says about their happiness. Is kneading instinct? Is it comforting? Let's talk about the possible reasons for this behavior.


Why Do Cats Meow?

Find out why cats meow and what your cat is trying to tell you.


Why Do Cats Lick?

Find out why your cat licks you so much and/or random objects in the house. There are common causes for this behavior and other health-related issues that should be addressed.


How to Keep Your Cat out of the Christmas Tree

Are you having trouble keeping your cat out of your Christmas tree? This article will offer tips on how to keep your cat from destroying your tree.


10 Reasons Why Cats Poop Outside the Litter Box

Is your cat pooping outside of the litter box? Are you wondering why you are finding cat poop on the floor, in your bed, or somewhere else? Find out what is causing this behavior and get your cat to stop.


Why Does My Cat Bite?

Does your kitten or adult cat bite you for no reason? Cat bites big and small can be pretty nasty depending on the severity, but sometimes our feline friends are just trying to tell us something with a little love nip. Find out why they do it.


Why Does My Cat Do This?

Cats do unusual things, and sometimes that makes us wonder why. Find out more about cat behavior and why cats do the things they do.


How to Speak to Your Cat

Ever spoken to a cat and been surprised by their reaction? Cats can hear you when you speak to them, but they don't understand your words necessarily. Learn how to help them understand.


Why Do Cats Sleep so Much?

Why do cats sleep so much? If you have an adult cat—2 years or older—you may notice that they nap a lot during the day. Although this is no cause for alarm, sometimes over-sleeping can be due to underlying illness. Know what's normal and what's not normal.


Why Do Cats Eat Things That Aren't Food?

Find out what other feline behaviors are normal or abnormal when it comes to eating things that aren't food.


How to Cat-Proof Your Christmas

Cats and Christmas decorations can be a disaster. It's important to protect your tree, ornaments, food, and above all, your cat, during December.


Why Does My Kitten Bite Me?

Kittens bite and scratch while playing, purring, and cuddling, but how do you know if this behavior is normal, and how do you make your kitten stop?


How to Prevent Litter Box Problems in Cats

This article helps owners to prevent litter box problems in cats and answers frequently asked questions.


What Is Catnip and Does It Get Cats High?

If you're a cat owner, you probably know all about catnip. It's that herbal magic that gets your cat all kinds of funky and funny. Cats are said to get "high" on catnip—interpret that as you like. Let's discuss the biology and chemistry behind catnip.


How to Discipline Your Cat With Time Outs and Training

What can you do when your beloved kitty starts to act out and be naughty? Here are some excellent tips and tricks to help you train your cat and discipline them the right way.


Why Do Cats Run Away and Leave Home or Not Come Back?

Did your cat run away? Maybe your cat disappears for a few days at a time but returns home shortly after. You may be wondering what causes this behavior. Get the answers you're looking for in this article.


Why Do Cats Hiss for No Reason?

Is your cat hissing at you? Is your cat hissing at other cats? Sometimes this behavior is totally warranted, but other times it's a cause for concern. If your cat is constantly stressed out, you will want to find out why.


Why in the World Do Cats Drink From Toilets?

Cats are mysterious creatures. One of the most mysterious things about them is their habit of sipping from the porcelain goblet—the toilet. Gross? Disgusting? Baffling? Check out why cats like to party in the potty.


Top 5 Reasons Why Cats Pee in the House

Many cat owners find themselves frustrated when their perfectly trained feline suddenly decides they don't want to use the litter box. Learn the five most common causes of this behavior and you how can prevent it.


Recognizing the Signs of Depression in Cats: How to Know If Your Cat Is Depressed

Cats can develop depression, just like humans. It is important for cat owners to recognize these 10 signs and symptoms of depression in their cats so that they can get the veterinary care they need.


12 Signs Your Cat Really Loves You

Though cats are often described as being aloof and unaffectionate, they can be just as loving as dogs. It might seem difficult to know if your cat really loves you, but there are actually many signs if you know what to look for.


Five Signs That Your Cat Adores You

When it comes to our cats, there's no clear way for them to tell us how much they love us; however, just because they can't speak our language doesn't mean they don't show us in other ways. Here are five great ways that our cats show us that they love us every day.


How to Stop a Cat From Constantly Meowing

I love cats, but nothing is more irritating than a cat that constantly meows. It is a sound that can grate almost as much as someone dragging their fingernails across a blackboard. What can you do?


The Flehmen Response in Domestic Cats

The flehmen response, characterized by a "grimacing" expression, is actually a biological mechanism cats use to investigate scents.


Why Are Cats Aggressive?

Understand why your cat is behaving in such an aggressive manner.


Feline Body Language: What Is Your Cat Trying to Tell You?

Cats are notoriously hard to read, but their body language can be an excellent indicator of what they're thinking.


Why Does My Cat Meow So Much?

Some cats have seemingly always loved to meow, while some suddenly become vocal superstars overnight. Here we discuss a few of the main reasons that some cats meow so much.


The Function of Self-Grooming in Cats

Personal grooming is an essential feline routine, but in excess it can lead to health issues.


Why Does My Cat Pee on My Bed?

Cat owners whose cats urinate on the bed instead of the litter box are often upset and confused. Here are a few reasons why a cat may be urinating in your bed!


Are My Cats Fighting or Playing?

It can be difficult to tell whether cats are fighting or playing; especially because their interactions involve a lot of wrestling, batting at each other, growling, and biting! Here's how to tell!


Reasons Cats Bite and How to Prevent Your Cat From Biting

Cat bites can be dangerous. Learn why cats bite and what you can do to correct their behavior.


Why Does My Cat Bite Me?

When a cat bites us, it can seem to come out of nowhere. It's not a pleasant surprise! Here is an explanation of common types of cat bites and some ideas as to why your cat might be biting you.


Cats: Five Common Myths

A humorous look at some things people believe about cats. Written by the owner of seven cats: one who knows the truth!


How to Stop Dogs From Fighting Over an Owner for Attention

Tackling a dog fight over owner attention requires a systematic approach and the help of a professional.


Top 10 Things Your Cat Wishes You Knew

Cats provide inside information about what they're thinking so you no longer have to guess. Here are 10 things your cat wants you to know.


5 Ways to Stop a Cat From Spraying in the House

Learn the number one way to stop spraying! Spraying is typically on a vertical surface and is a normal, although undesirable, behavior in cats. Cats use spraying as a method of communication.


The Healing Power of a Cat's Purr

Why do cats purr? Do purrs mean something more than happiness? What do purrs do for the cat and for us?


5 Myths About Your Angry Cat and How You Can Help

Do cats really get angry? Can they be vengeful and spiteful? Or might there be another reason for their less-than-friendly behavior? Read on to find out!


Why Do Pet Cats Attack Their Owners?

How dangerous or severe can the attacks of domesticated cats become? Do cats attack unprovoked?


How to Decode Your Cat's Behavior

Have you ever wondered how your cat communicates with you? Their body language says a lot about how they feel and what their needs are. Learn to decode the secret of their behavior.


The Best Ways to Stop a Cat From Being a Bully

Are you dealing with a bully cat? If your cat is attacking another cat or dog within your household, here are some ways to stop the behavior. Let's start by understanding behavioral triggers and move on to proactive ways to remedy or lessen the problem.


5 Reasons Why Cats Lick Their Owners

Why does your cat lick you? Is it because it loves you? Is it because you taste good? Find out here!


Sentry Calming Collar Review: Does It Stop Cat Spraying and Scratching?

If you have a cat who is spraying due to stress, will the pheromone collar help him to calm down? Read my real-life review.


Why Does My Cat Purr So Much?

Have you ever wondered why cats purr and why they do it so much? Read on to find the answers!


Why Is My Neutered Male Cat Humping and How Do I Stop It?

Humping cats are a major nuisance, but there is hope. Find out why your cat may be behaving this way and how to stop it.