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Care & Feeding


Pet Care at Home: Nail Trims

There are many things that pet owners can do at home to improve the health and well-being of their pets. Understanding how to properly trim nails can save money, allow owners to notice changes in health sooner, and desensitizes their pets to having their feet cared for.


Review of the Cat Care Pet Water Fountain

I was searching for a way to provide my cat with a constant supply of fresh water. The DF02 Pet Water Fountain from Cat Care appeared to be a good option.


The Best Food Puzzles for Cats (And Why They're Important)

Interactive food puzzles and hidden treat-toys can help reduce your cat's anxiety and help them stay healthy. Here are my cat's favorites.


Seven Tips to Keeping Your Cat Happy

There are many things you can do to make your cat happy and satisfied. Some of these will also help you bring the outdoors indoors. With this in mind, here are 7 tips for keeping your cat happy.


18 Dangerous and Toxic Human Foods That Cats Can't Eat

Learn about 18 human foods that are dangerous for cats; some of the food items on this list might surprise you.


30+ Human Foods That Cats Can Eat

Did you that there are foods that both humans and cats can safely eat? Here are over 30 foods that are fit for feline consumption in moderation.


Review of the Vinsic Cat Water Fountain

I was searching for a water fountain suitable for a cat or a small-to-medium-sized dog. Vinsic’s DR008 appeared to be a capable device and was well-priced.


How to Make Homemade Cat Trees and Cat Houses

Not everyone can afford a store-bought cat tree or cat house. Here are a few ideas that can be made with scrap materials (and a little bit of elbow grease).


What to Look for When Buying a Cat Tower

Do your cats use your furniture for their own personal needs and destroyed them in the process? If so, then a cat tower is the answer. Here is what you need to know about cat towers so you can select the one that fits you and your cat's needs.


Pros and Cons of a Wire Frame Cat Carrier

While they are extremely popular, here are some reasons why wire frame cat carriers are not for every cat. Find out why these types of carriers work for some cat owners and why they don't work for others.


What Type of Kitty Litter and Box Should I Use?

Do I get the clay one, the scoopable one, or do I go by brands? Here are the pros and cons for each type along with my recommendations.


How to Grow Wheatgrass for Your Cat

Grow fresh wheatgrass to benefit your cat's health and the health and well-being of your houseplants.


Cats and the Cold Weather

Did you know that seasonal changes affect not just humans, but also cats? Here are some ways to prepare your feline companion to prepare for the cold weather before it arrives.


Am I Becoming a Cat Hoarder? Questions to Ask Yourself (or a Friend)

Any of us involved in fostering animals in our home could become a hoarder. What are the warning signs? How can we continue to help and not become part of a problem?


Six Types of Natural Cat Litters for Anderson Pooper

Cleaning up litter boxes is officially the worst part of owning a cat. This article will take a closer look at six different types of natural cat litter to provide the best experience for your feline friends.


10 Reasons Why Your Cat Should Be an Indoor-Only Cat

Cats live longer and are happier and healthier when allowed to be indoor-only cats. Here are 10 reasons why cats belong inside.


Best Natural Cat Litter Reviews

As a cat owner, you know you're not supposed to change up cat litter on your kitty. My kitten was always pretty adaptable based on her life history, so I had to work through several cat litters to find one that satisfied her, was good for the environment, and that I approved of. Here's the verdict.


How to Keep Your Indoor Cat Happy

Cats need to stay indoors for various reasons. Whether permanent or temporary, felines can develop cabin fever. Here are some great ways to make your pet happy again.


How to Improve a Feral Cat's Life

Wild felines and the people who take care of them are a controversial topic. Ferals are viewed as a nuisance, disease carriers and kitten machines, but the truth is that they need certain elements of human care as much as house pets do.


The Best Cat-Approved Toys for Independent Play

Read about the cat toys that my cats love. These toys keep them playing like they’re still kittens. Just like cats, some of these will surprise you.


How to Successfully Prepare Your Foster Kittens for Adoption

The two main areas you need to worry about when fostering kittens before adoption are diet and socialization/behavior.


How to Keep a Cat From Eating Too Fast

Learn about my silly, but useful tactics for helping cats that eat too quickly slow down their food intake so that they can get more meows out of life.


Can My Cat Eat Tuna?

Can my cat eat tuna? Should I limit the amount of tuna I give her? Many questions arise when it comes to feeding our furry felines a food so commonly associated with them!


How to Care for Stray Kittens: A Guide to Raising Feral Kittens

Found a kitten and don't know what to do? Here's everything you need to know.


"Slide" Cat Litter Review: Is It Worth the Hype?

Arm and Hammer introduced a litter called "Slide" that claims to prevent clumping. But does it work?


What's the Best Brand of Cat Litter? A Comparison of Eight Brands

What is the best cat litter for your feline companion? Eight brands are compared with their advantages and disadvantages listed to help you decide.


Common Cat Food Related Health Issues

Guide to common health issues related to your cat's diet. We cover differences between raw and dry cat food. Is organic better than normal, and what are unhealthy ingredients?


How to Make a Simple Multipurpose Doorstep for Your Cat Flap From Decking

This guide will help you craft an external doorstep for your cat flap that is made from decking. It is a simple, quick, and inexpensive multifunctional design. It also hides drain pipes with a platform for plant pots.


The Necessity of Keeping Your Cat’s Teeth Clean

Your feline may need more dental care than you think. Cleaning your cat's teeth regularly can prevent serious health issues.


Cheapest Litter Options for Cats

If you are a cat owner, especially if you have multiple cats, the cost of litter can be high. Here are some ways to save money, including with the Breeze cat litter system.


How Do You Control Fleas on Kittens?

Kittens should not be given any flea prevention until they weigh two pounds. However, there are other ways to stop fleas.


How to Re-Carpet Your Cat Tower

10 years ago—without a plan—I made a tower for my cat. Recently, I took it apart and remade it. Find out how you can recover your cat tower or make a new one with these simple instructions.


How to Choose the Best Food for Your Cat

Finding the right cat food for your feline friend can be quite the task, especially if you have a cat with a picky palate. This list is based off of personal experience and feedback from friends.


Build a DIY Top-Entry Cat Litter Box for Cheap

Use these instructions to build your very own DIY top-entry kitty litter box—it will barely cost a thing, is extremely easy to make, and your cats will love it!


Moving Your Cat to a New Home

Moving to a new house is stressful for all involved, including your beloved kitty. If you have an outdoor cat, you need to take extra care to make sure they don't try and go back to their old house.


Caring for Your Aging Cat (Plus How to Guess Its Age)

Caring for “senior” cats can sometimes be a challenge, but your furry family member is depending on you. Love your kitty!


Best Ways to Groom Long-Haired Cats and Remove Tangles

If your long-haired cat gets tangles that you can't comb out, try these ideas to minimize the problem.


10 Reasons to Have an Indoor-Only Cat

Should you let your cat outside? Here are ten important reasons to keep your cat inside.


How to Give Your Cat High-Calorie Supplement Gel

Sometimes sick cats don't eat as much as they need to. It may be necessary to give them a high-calorie gel to ensure they're getting their vitamins.


What to Bathe a Cat With and Best Methods

In order to make the bathing experience for you and your cat more pleasant, it is important to choose the right products and create the right environment for bathing.


How to Make a Cake for a Cat: Healthy Coconut Flour Recipe

This is a quick and easy recipe! Learn how to make a birthday celebration cake for your pet cat with healthy coconut flour.


How to Choose Cat-Friendly Plants for Your House

Do you know if any of the plants or flowers in your home might be toxic to cats? Learn how important it is to choose cat-friendly plants in order to keep your cats safe and healthy.


How to Choose the Best Cat Food for Your Cat

The right cat food can make a big difference in your cat’s health and quality of life. Learn the five most important things to consider when choosing the best cat food for your cat.


How to Stop Cats From Scratching Furniture

Is your cat scratching your furniture? Here are some solutions to make your kitty happy and save your furniture from damage.


The Best Clippers for Cat Nails (How to Trim Your Cat's Claws)

Did you know that there is a proper way to clip your cat's claws? Find out why it's important to trim your cat's nails along with what to look for in cat clippers.


All About Cross-Breed Cats: Our Maine-Coon Ragdoll

The gentle giant of all domestic cats, the Maine Coon, makes a lovable and endearing pet, as portrayed in my showcase of our adorable half-breed moggies (also part Ragdoll, another adorable cat breed).


Great Ways to Make Your Cat Healthy and Happy

Cats are finicky pets, and it takes a lot to make them happy. This article provides a variety of ways to try and please your feline friend.


What Kind of Cat Food Is Best: Wet or Dry?

Take some time to think about the kind of food you will feed your cat. Making careful choices can help your cat lead a longer and healthier life.


10 Tips to Succesfully Bathe Your Cat (Without Dying in the Process)

Bathing a cat is the bane of most cat owners' existence, and the animals don't enjoy it much either. These tips and tricks can allow cat owners to successfully complete the process without putting their life, limb, or health of their animal in jeopardy.


How to Make a Cat Hammock (With Step-by-Step Photos)

People love watching cats hanging out in hammocks, and cats just love being in a hammock. They are so easy to make, so why not make several hammocks to donate to a local animal rescue or shelter?