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135 Unique Names for Cats With Orange, Gold or Amber Eyes

Here are some unique cat names that celebrate their luxurious, golden coats and fiercely glittering amber eyes.


400+ Cute Food Names for Cats

Here is a list of 400+ food-inspired cat names ranging from Gizmo to unique names like Haggis and funny names like Eggnog.


111 Survivor Names for Cats

111 names for lucky cats who have survived all odds to be your new best companion. The article includes unique names from myth, history, and literature.


500 Cute Kitten Names

Find the perfect name for your adorable kitten. There are 500 names on this list.


110 Unique Names for Cats With Green Eyes

Find the perfect name for your kitty from over 100 unique names for cats with green eyes. A cleverly curated list, designed to celebrate your green-eyed cat's best attributes, from gems to comics and literature to celebrities.


150 Mysterious Names for Cats

Over 150 mysterious names for cats. From the cryptic to the occult, these cute and curious cat names are inspired by mysteries great and small.


100+ Unique Names for Cats With Blue Eyes

Here are over 100 unique names for cats from artists, film, and literature for your cute blue-eyed kitty cat.


100+ Cute Japanese Cat Names for Your Pet

Are you looking for a cute or clever Japanese name for your feline companion? Choose from these adorable cat names.


18 Funny Cat Names for Females (Inspired by Movies)

Do you need some ideas for naming your cat? Read through this complete list of funny cat names for females inspired by popular movies and TV series.


101 Tiger Names for Striped Cats

Here are some unique names for gray and orange striped cats that celebrate their connection to their bigger cousins of the tiger family, as well as cute names from history, literature, and striped items.


250+ Best Grey Cat Names

Looking for the perfect name for your gray cat? Gray cats are absolutely beautiful—they're intelligent, social, and easy-going. Find the perfect name for your feline companion.


400+ Cat Names: Ideas for Male and Female Cats

Cats make loving, playful, and fascinating pets. Here is a list of more than 400 cat names for male and female cats. One of these ideas might be perfect for your adorable feline friend.


77 Unique Names for Gray, Blue, Silver and Lilac Cats

From silver tabbies and lilac Siamese to Russian blues and Tonkinese, these unique cat naming ideas will have your kitty running your way at the sound of his or her name!


150+ Names for Cats With Different Colored Eyes (Heterochromia)

Cats with two different-colored eyes (heterochromia) are absolutely stunning. From gold eyes to green eyes to blue eyes, they're literally one of a kind. Looking for a perfect name for your special friend? Here are 150+ creative names to choose from.


10 Most Popular Unisex Cat Names in America

Learn more about 10 of the most popular unisex cat names in the USA today! For cat lovers only!


150 Pokémon Cat Names

Looking for a fun name for your cat? Are you a Pokémon fan? Well, you're in luck. Here are the names of all 150 original Pokémon, their species, and cute nicknames to follow!


120+ Best Tuxedo Cat Names for Male and Female Cats

Are you the lucky parent of an adorable tuxedo cat? Perhaps you are looking for a special name for your tuxedo cat or kitten. There are so many options to choose from. Find the perfect name with this list.


130+ Cute and Clever Tortoiseshell Cat Names

Need a name for a tortoiseshell cat? Here is the list for you. With over 130 names to choose from, you're sure to find one that is just right for your furry friend. You'll find names based on fur color and personality. Even some sweet names are included here.


250+ Best Ginger Cat Names

Congratulations on your new feline friend! There are many traditional and fun orange cat names to choose from and even more that are worth exploring. Discover the perfect name for your cat or kitten.


25 Mythological Native American Names for Your Cat

Read on for Native American mythology-inspired names for your cat or kitten. There are names here to suit cats of all varieties and colors.


150+ Cool and Unique Cat Names Inspired by Rock Music Songs

Coming up with a great name for your cat isn't always easy, but if you are into rock music and are thinking about a musical name for your new feline friend, this list has you covered. You'll find over 150 ideas from classic, hard, Southern, punk, and folk-rock.


20 Awesome Cat Names From Africa

Look here to find awesome African cat names from mythology, history, and day-to-day life to give your cat or kitten a name with real meaning.


15 Astronomical Names for Maine Coon Cats (From Apollo to Vulcan)

Maine Coon cats are wonderful pets who deserve great names. These astronomical names work great for cats and kittens of all colors, ranging from blue to red to white to brown to blue, or any other color Maine Coons come in.


110 Unique Witch Names for Cats From History and Literature

This article is bubbling to the brim with witchy name ideas for cats. These names are sourced from historical and fictional witches, warlocks, wizards, and particulars. Explore the lists in this article and select the perfect magical name for your feline familiar.


20 Great Names for Your British Shorthair Cat From Literature, Mythology, and Folklore

These awesome names for British Shorthair cats come from British mythology, literature, and folklore. All of these name ideas work for British Shorthair kittens and cats alike—whether blue, lilac, cream, or silver tabby.


15 Great Names for Cornish Rex Cats From Cornish Mythology and Folklore

Cornish Rex cats make great pets. The personality of these cats deserves unique and interesting names. These names from Cornish and British mythology and folklore can work for Cornish Rexes of all colors.


15 Great Names for Your Russian Blue Cat From Russian and Slavic Mythology

The Russian Blue cat breed is a beautiful and wonderful cat that deserves just as great a name. The names here are all based on Russian and Slavic mythology. Picking a name with meaning can make your bond with your Russian Blue even more meaningful.


Great Cat Name Ideas

Choosing a name for a cat can be difficult, but this list of ideas for great cat names will hopefully make the process easier and lots of fun!


15 Astronomical Names for Your Cat (From Albedo to Umbra)

Looking for a great name for your new cat? These 15 astronomy and astrology-inspired names may be just what you are looking for when picking a name for your new pet.


15 Cat Names Based on Greek Mythology (From Aphrodite to Zeus)

When you're getting a new cat, you'll also want to find just the right name for them. Take a look at these names from Greek mythology—their meanings can make them extra special for your pet.


15 Names for Your Cat Based on Norse Mythology

Need a great name for your new cat? Here are 15 names from Norse mythology that might be a great fit for your new pet.


Cool Names for Black Cats

Choosing the perfect name for a new cat is always an adventure, but naming a black one is a little more interesting. Here are some tips and suggestions to help you decide.


How to Choose a Unique Cat Name

Finding a unique cat name for your new friend doesn't have to be difficult. Does your kitten have specific personality traits? Do you like history and movies? Here is a list of good cat names you can use.


Badass Names for Black Cats

Are you looking for black cat names? See our list of good names for black cats and follow these tips when choosing names for your black kitten.


Funny, Unique, and Cute Cat Names: From AC/DC to Terabyte

Compilation of adorable, one-of-a-kind, and hilarious cat names!


200 Magical, Mystical Names for Cats

Over 200 unique, magical cat name ideas from wiccan magick, film, TV, literature, history, and ancient mythology. Choose a mystical name for your cat, to bring good fortune and prosperity to your household!


Great Names for Your Norwegian Forest Cat

You're getting a new Norwegian Forest Cat or kitten and now you need some really good names to choose from. These cat names come from nature, Norse mythology, color, personality, and more.


60 Sassy Siamese Cat Names

Every companion, especially one who talks a lot, should be referred to by name. Siamese cats deserve names that are unique to the breed because of their distinctive appearance and personalities!


50 Funny Cat Names for Your Feline

Funny cat names are just not suitable for all cats; sweet cats should have cute names, lazy cats should have plain names, but silly cats need funny names!


60 Badass Names for Red or Orange Cats

Just adopted a furry little redhead into the family? Check out our list of 60 great orange cat names to help you name your new feline friend!


50 Disney Cat Names

Looking for a whimsical Disney cat name for your kitten? Here is a list of all 50 of the ever-so-famous Disney cats, along with which movies they appeared in!


80+ Fabulous and Majestic Female Cat Names

Here are 88 majestic names for cats from fabulous fashion, film, fiction and stage that celebrate cats’ beauty and style and the mystery of their enigmatic gaze.


50 Badass Cat Names for Stealthy Female Cats

If you would like to pay homage to your new kitty’s killer instincts, these whimsical cat names for females from film and mythology charmingly embrace the killer concept.


30+ Great Names for a Calico or Tortoiseshell Cat

Your calico (or tortoiseshell) cat has to have an original name to match her original orange, black and white splodge markings. What about Ta Miu, Marzipan, Loffa—or how about Maryland after the Baltimore Orioles who wear the colors of the calico cat?


What Are Some Good Names for Female Cats?

Naming a female cat is not easy; you should observe your cat for a few days to see her character and then pick a name that fits. This article gives you some guidance and a list of my top 100 female cat names.


What Are Some Good Male Cat Names?

When picking out a name for a male cat, you should always consider the character and actions of the cat. This article provides some ideas on how to choose the right name.


Top 100 Orange Cat Names

Picking a name for an orange cat isn't easy, but hopefully, this article will give you some good ideas.


Top 100 White Cat Names

If you have recently adopted a white cat, congratulations! This list of the top 100 white cat names will help you choose the perfect name to call your kitty.


100+ Unusual and Unique Names for White Cats and Kittens

Finding the right name for your pet can be difficult. This list contains over 100 unusual, uniquely suitable names for white, light-colored, and albino cats. You can choose a name from this list or just read over it to get inspired and come up with a name of your own!


250+ Cool, Unique, and Creative Names for Your Black Cat

Looking for a good name for your new black or dark-colored cat? You've come to the right place! You'll find hundreds of unique suggestions here.