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How to Find a Missing Cat

Updated on October 14, 2014

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Tips and advice to help find a lost cat

It's a desperate time when your cat goes missing. My cat Freddie has gone missing three times, firstly for five days, secondly for 14 days and the last time for ten days. He is normally a cat that will come back home every one to two hours and never wanders far so I was extremely worried each time he went missing. However, I learned a lot about how to get a cat back each time he went missing so if your cat is not with you at the moment please take advantage of what I have learned and click through to some other websites with more excellent advice.

Start looking early

Start your search as soon as you realise your cat has gone missing. If your cat has got lost, the quicker you get started the less time he has to wander. However, if you haven't done this don't despair there's plenty more you can learn and do that will help you get your cat returned to you. Keep reading for more advice.

Start close by

Cats are territorial and many will rarely leave their territory unless something has scared them. Therefore most cats that go missing are found within a five house radius from where they live. Make sure you check your back garden and those of your neighbors thoroughly. Is there anywhere your cat could be trapped or hiding? As you know cats can be curious and get trapped in all kinds of places they venture into.

The first time Freddie went missing was for five days and we searched everywhere, near and far. It wasn't until our neighbor told us he had seen Freddie in our garden on day four that we concentrated our search nearby. We put out some salmon for him in the garden at 11pm at night on day five and spent about an hour calling for him. When we went back inside our house, he creeped out to eat the fish about five minutes later. I couldn't believe it. He had been hiding just by our house. When we took him to our vet, he noticed Freddie had a bite mark on his leg and said he had probably been in a fight with another cat. My theory is the fight scared him so much he went into survival mode and into hiding where he felt safe. He only ventured out when it was dark and he was hungry enough.

If you think your cat is hiding nearby a good tip is to put out some strong smelling fish when it gets dark. Do it at the same time every night. Then try to keep watch from a distance to see if your cat will venture out to eat it. When he is hungry enough he will venture out when he feels safe which is normally under the cover of night.

Update - Since writing this article, I've read advice not to put out strong smelling fish at night in case it attracts predators and other big cats and therefore scares your cat from coming back. This is definitely something to bear in mind. It did work in Freddie's case though. We put it in an area where it was light enough to see who or what was eating it and watched the food. We only left it out for a short amount of time before he was back.

Also talk to your neighbors and ask them if they've seen your cat. Local children are also good to ask as they often notice animals and will often help you with your search.

Think like your cat

Each cat is different and the scenario that has happened to them may depend on several factors such as their personality, whether they are an indoor or outdoor cat or whether something has scared them.

For example, research has shown that indoor cats that have escaped are very likely to be hiding near your house. They have panicked and gone into survival mode, so are probably hiding within a three house radius. They are too scared to move and will probably not respond to your calls. They are hiding in silence so as not to attract any predators, they are following their survival instinct.

In fact when any cat is hurt or scared they are very likely to go into hiding and not respond to your calls. You have to remember that the cat doesn't think like a human. Even though they may recognise your voice, they may not respond to it because their ancestor instincts tell them its safer to remain quiet so as not to attract any attention.

There are lots of other factors that may influence what has happened to your cat.

Think about factors such as : Does your cat wander far? Some cats do wander a lot further than others and may have simply got lost? Could something have scared him/her? Could they have been feeling sick? Are they a curious cat? Could they have ventured into nextdoor's shed? Would they have jumped into a car/van? Have you recently moved? Could they have gone back to your old property? Is your cat neutered? Cats which aren't neutered will often wander a lot further in search of a mate. Answers to these and other questions could help give clues about what may have happened to your cat and help you with your search.

The subsequent times Freddie went missing he had left his territory and one time was found a few streets away and the next time was even further away. Some cats seem to have a natural instinct to return to their homes but I don't think Freddie was one of them. He just got hopelessly lost. We have learned that Freddie only goes missing if he is let out after dark. I think this is because it is darker, quieter and he feels safer exploring at this time. We have a cat flap and both times he went missing, he went out at about 11pm at night and never came back. Now, we close the cat flap when it gets dark and he is no longer let out a night. He hasn't been missing since. He never wanders far in the day. Your cat may be like Freddie and goes wandering. Did your cat go missing at night? Could he have got lost? Or his personality may be totally different which suggests a different scenario.

More information on lost cat behaviour

To help you understand how your cat might behave when it is lost, please look at the link below.

Don't give up

As soon as you give up looking for your cat, your cat is more likely to stay lost. Cats are driven by strong survival instincts and can survive a long time without access to food and water.

Cat owners often give up looking for their cats due to what is known as grief avoidance. They can't bear to think that their cat is out there hungry and on their own so they conclude that he is dead and try to move on. Try not to think like this. Remember your cat doesn't think like a human, they aren't thinking I miss home and having emotional feelings. It is likely that they are just trying to survive and are probably doing a good job of it.

The second time Freddie was missing for 14 days. He was handed into a cat shelter and when he came back home it was obvious that nobody had fed him. He just ate and ate. I'm sure he managed to find titbits to keep him going but he got by. Cats have been known to be returned to their owners after weeks, months and years so don't give up looking. And remember if your cat has wandered and got lost he is more than likely doing a good job of getting by.

Put up posters

Once you have covered the ground nearby your own house and you have had no luck, start putting up posters. Leafleting the houses nearby can also be productive. We posted missing leaflets to about 100 houses near to where we live when Freddie was missing. When Freddie came back, a lot of people noticed him and phoned us to let us know they had seen him. So people do and will respond to leaflets and posters. It is definitely worth doing.

This link below takes you to a missing pet poster creator which can help you make a poster quickly and easily containing all the information you should include

Think Positively

Don't torture yourself with all the horrible scenarios that could have happened to your cat. Remember most people are generally nice and will not harm your cat. Cases of cats being stolen or displaced by other humans are rare. On the occasions that Freddie went missing for 10 and 14 days two different people put Freddie in a cat carrier and in their own time took him to a cat rescue centre as they had noticed he seemed lost.

Of course bad things do happen and it is possible your cat may have died or been taken but it is most likely they are lost, hiding or trapped so think as positively as possible, keep looking and try not to give up hope.

Some people do feed cats they think may be stray or lost and if this happens your cat will probably hang around where he/she is getting fed instead of trying to get home. Families and children do adopt cats they think are stray. Although this may not be a favoured outcome for you this kind of scenario is just as likely (probably more likely) as all the horrible things you imagine happening to your cat.

Look when it's dark and quiet.

You could also walk around the neighbourhood looking or calling for your cat.

If your cat is lost or hiding it may be waiting until it's dark to come out and search for food. It is therefore best to try and wait until late at night when the roads are quiet. At this time your cat is more likely to hear your calls and to respond. Remember to stop from time to time and listen for your cat. If you do go out at night make sure you take somebody with you, don't put your own safety at risk. Our cat has gone wandering on a couple of occasions and we have walked the streets calling his name when he hasn't come back as expected. We found him and got a response. Our cat doesn't have much sense of direction and I have no doubt that if we hadn't gone out on these occasions, called his name and found him we would have lost him again. You do feel a bit of an idiot calling out for a cat but its definitely worth it especially if you find them.

Having said this, calling for your cat may not work if your cat has gone into hiding and is scared. Even if they hear their name, if they're scared for any reason they won't come out as they don't want to attract any attention from predators. Freddie didn't respond to our calls the first time he was missing even though he was nearby as I think he was too scared. If your cat is hiding and you go out and look for him after dark, take a flashlight. You can then use it to look in bushes, under cars and other places where he or she may be hiding. This is useful if your cat is not responding to your voice.

Baby Monitors and Missing Cats

Since writing this article I have had some more tips on finding lost cats given by readers and people who've lost their cat in the comments box below. One tip which helped an owner get their cat back was using a baby monitor. They put a baby monitor outside (next to some food they had also put there) so if their cat came back in the night they would be able to hear him. In the words of Wesley who put forward this tip:

"A concerned neighbour (who seen my flyer) contacted me and suggested using baby monitors. I had been worried sick that I would miss him if/when he showed up and this was such a simple solution - I loved the idea, so I set a monitor out on the porch with a bowl of his food and a bowl of tuna and sure enough within a couple of days I heard a faint mewing when he came back in the middle of the night. (3am) He was smelly, hungry and had lost a bit of weight, but he's home now and is really, really happy."

Thoughts to keep your spirits up....

Cats who are in nearby surrounding territory will often come out of hiding and back home when they are hungry and thirsty enough and when they feel safer. This quite often happens 5 to 10 days after they have gone missing.

Cats are blessed with incredible instincts to survive and it has been known for cats to return months, even years after they first went missing.

Most people are generally nice and there is quite often somebody who will look out for a cat who they think is stray. Many people will respond to posters and are often willing to help so this can only help in your search.

Many cats do come back on their own too. My neighbor's cat just went missing for two weeks. They'd looked everywhere. He just turned up one morning outside their house and was warm and well fed. Must have been somebody close by looking after him. We're not sure why he came back, but he's been hanging around ever since.

Use Facebook

If you're on facebook and are in contact with friends and family who live very close to you, consider posting on facebook to see if anybody has seen your cat. You may even get offers of help to look for your cat, spread the word, put up posters etc. At the very least you should get some well needed emotional and moral support.

Another thing you can do is set up a facebook page for your missing cat. This can contain detailed information including photos, more information about their personality, the noises they make and their habits. You could advertise the page on your missing cat posters so people can comment on your page and add any information they may have. They can also like your page and put a link to it in their status so friends and family who live near them may hear the news too. Making a facebook page is as easy as making a facebook profile page for a person. You can start here.

Some people have set up missing pet pages for the area that they live in. This could be really helpful. If people in the area that you live like the page on facebook, it can get sent to lots of people living in your area. This article gives an idea of how a facebook page for missing pets can help reunite missing cats with their owners

Inspirational Stories

To keep your spirits up, it may help to read some stories about cats coming back home after being missing for a while. Check out some links below.

Please add any tips or advice for finding a lost cat below. I really appreciate any feedback and will update my article to include any good websites/tips/advice to hopefully help other people find their missing cats. Thanks so much in advance.


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    • Lee Hansen profile image

      Lee Hansen 7 years ago from Vermont

      We lost a cat when she escaped at the vet's office. It was miles away from home. We searched for hours, knocked on doors, posted signs and called the animal shelter but she never turned up. We never found her aside the road so we hope and believe she found a new home with another family in the area where she disappeared. I sounds like your Freddie is a bit of an independent sort, with a wandering spirit. Lensrolled to Little Black Cat - Ebony. Your advice is spot on - nice job on this lens. 5*

    • aneb 7 years ago

      My Cat went missing 4 days ago! He has never been gone for more than a day so i delivered posters and a neighbour said she she saw him yesterday so im feeling positive now. He may have just lost his way, hope he finds his way back soon...miss him so much!

    • RuthCoffee profile image

      RuthCoffee 7 years ago

      The advice about staying positive was advice I needed when one of my kitties went missing. I envisioned all sorts of terrible mishaps.

    • CharlieCAT 7 years ago

      My cat has been missing for 3 days we moved about a year ago (really far away so I know she hasn't gone back) and the neighbours are really strange sometimes my other cat will come home smelling of old lady perfume. Treacle enjoys exploring and will often dissappear for up to 2 days. However, Charlie never goes missing for more than an hour. She is sooo sweet and gentle, she has a collar but I am almost positive that she has been abducted or injured. I miss her so much but I live in a big city in a rough crowded part of town and if she's been abducted posters won't help.What should I do????

    • Louise0711 profile image

      Louise0711 7 years ago

      3 days feels like forever but it is a short time. Start closeby. Gather the courage to talk to neighbours and ask to search their gardens, they may not be that strange. If they are really strange, put a lost cat poster through their letterbox, (do this for all the houses in your street). If they have seen your cat they should respond. Think about what your cat normally does when he goes outside (how far does he go - search this area thoroughly). Think about the circumstances of when your cat went missing. Eg.cats are likely to get lost late at night because they feel safer to wander further when it's quiet. A thunderstorm or a fight with another cat may mean your cat is now hiding. Search and call in places where he could be trapped. Then, expand your search. Leaflets through letterboxes everywhere are good - people are more likely to look at these. Stay positive, be proactive, it's unlikely your cat has been abducted. I live in crowded London and Freddie came back 3 times. Good luck.

    • prodigious1 7 years ago

      My 3 year old black male (neutered) just went missing late last night. I should point out that I just moved him from my parent's place in a rural surrounding to an urban neighbourhood (an hour drive, so I don't think he would try to go back) just 3 days ago. He's an inside/outside cat. At my parents he would go out all night but always came back in the morning. I've been letting him out, but he's stayed on the property. I checked on him many times last night and then he was suddenly gone, so I started a search, but found nothing. I've been reading lots of advice on the matter, so I'm going to go out again late tonight with his little friend and a can of tuna (fav treat) to try and find him. Please send me your positive energy and/or and advice of a hypothesis on what most likely happened to him. This is killing me.

    • Louise0711 profile image

      Louise0711 7 years ago

      [in reply to prodigious1] I really, really sympathise. I'm no expert but my personal opinion would be as your cat hasn't been at this house very long he has probably got lost and is not sure how to find his way home. I would start by putting strong smelling fish in your garden and call him from the garden just in case he is lost nearby. Also do what your going to do and walk around the local streets calling for him, listen for a reply. Keep safe while doing this (go with somebody else). I would put up posters for him too and leaflet them through houses. I also read somewhere that tying a piece of clothing with your scent on it to a fence in the garden may help, if he smells it he knows that he is near his home (not sure how true this is though) It is possible your cat is looking for your old house and has just got completely lost so he may have wandered a little bit. The real best of luck. I hope you find him.

    • prodigious1 7 years ago

      Great news!Joseph came back at about1:30 AM last night. I was down in the dumps thinking he got lost, but he came in like nothing ever happened and I couldn't be happier. Looking back, I was pretty emotional about the whole thing considering he hadn't been gone for 24 hours, but with the new surroundings...I should have known better. He's a prowler. I'm sure he was just getting a handle on the neighbourhood. Now that he has come back, I'm not at all worried about him roaming around. He knows what he is doing.Anyway, I just wanted to say thnks for the info and the support. It really helped.

    • squeezycat 7 years ago

      My cat has now been missing for 4 days now, the big worry is that he has been injured either by a car or someone has kicked him!! his tail is hanging and his back end is slightly swollen! I have done everything i can, searched day and night,put posters up,leaflets in letter boxes etc. He is my baby and i love him so much!! he was my boy. I will NOT give up hope........ but what else can i do? i rang vets too. my heart is broken!!

    • Louise0711 profile image

      Louise0711 7 years ago

      [in reply to squeezycat] It sounds like you're doing everything you can. Keep going with your searches. I have to say I'm no expert but it sounds like he wouldn't wander too far if he has a swollen back end and his tail is hanging. Does he normally wander far? Is there anywhere he could be hiding or got trapped nearby? If you think he is nearby this is good as there is less places to look. Have you asked your neighbours and people in your street? I've said it already but try strong smelling fish in the garden (it worked when my cat was missing and nearby). The main thing is that you're doing all the you can. Try and stay as positive as possible. Somebody may reply to a leaflet - you have got people's attention. I would contact the local vets every couple of days as you have done. Good luck. I'll think of you and I really hope he comes back or you find him. Four/five days isn't a long time - there's still plenty of hope he'll come back.

    • fletch96 7 years ago

      Our cat Pepper has been missing for about 4 days now. She disappeared at about 10pm one night. We let her stay outside during the day if we're at home and try to keep her in after dark. This time it slipped our mind and when we realized it and called to her she didn't respond. We're especially worried because she is young (9 months) and very small (6 lbs). She is very adventurous and was rescued from a rural area as a kitten. We've passed out flyers and talked to neighbors, all who are very nice, but to no avail. We were about to give up until we found this article and now are motivated to search more than ever. We're recently married and she was a surprise "wedding gift" and is like a first child. Thanks a lot for the advice, we're staying positive!

    • Paul-Reading 7 years ago

      We have four cats, two sisters, and two brothers, all from a rescue centre. Bagpuss, one of the brothers went missing ten days ago (approx). We went on holiday, our neighbour was feeding them, when we returned, he wasn't in, but he out of the four, is the biggest wanderer, so at first I wasn't shocked.But next morning, still no sign of him, so I wandered the woods near us, calling for him. I heard we had a major thunderstorm the day before we returned off holiday, coupled with the fact a neighbour close by is having a lot of work, noisy work on their house.So far I have put flyers through doors, asked people to check sheds etc, put posters up, called the council, as refuse men are obliged to report dead animals they see, called all vets locally.I go out every morning, and every night looking for him, but its so soul destroying seeing nothing every time I am out.It's a horrible situation to be in, but the info offered saying stay positive are helping.. sort of.

    • Paul-Reading 7 years ago

      [in reply to squeezycat] Did your "little boy" return safe and sound in the end.As stated, I am in that position right now with a missing cat, been over a week and its horrible. I go out twice every day, but feel helpless as not matter where I look or try, I find nothing.

    • Louise0711 profile image

      Louise0711 7 years ago

      [in reply to Paul-Reading] The fact that your cat is normally a bit of a wanderer is a good thing. It means that he is probably more used to being out and about by himself and is hopefully doing a good job of getting by. Could it be that he sometimes gets fed elsewhere and because you were away he is camping out at another place where he is getting fed? I recently found out my cat gets fed at a house right at the other end of the street sometimes and I never thought he'd be one to go in other people's houses. It is really awful when your cat goes missing. My husband used to go out every night looking for Freddie with no luck and it is soul destroying. I really hope you find him soon. Good luck.

    • Louise0711 profile image

      Louise0711 7 years ago

      [in reply to fletch96] Sorry, I haven't replied to your comment before but have you had any more signs of Pepper? The fact that she's a kitten,and small probably means that people are more likely to notice her and feed her. Your description of Pepper reminds me of Freddie as he always wandered when he was left out late at night. Also like Freddie, if she's adventurous she's probably more likely to approach people when she's hungry and get fed. If she hasn't come back it could be that she is getting fed elsewhere but I hope that you have found her.

    • luvmyludwig lm profile image

      luvmyludwig lm 7 years ago

      great job! :)

    • Paul-Reading 7 years ago

      [in reply to Lou1842] I live in hope he is safe, well and OK, but its the not knowing.All I keep thinking is, what can I do, where can I go, as his life might depend on my actions, but having a 3 month old baby, means its so hard to be out 24/7.If he is being fed locally, I just hope a flyer through their door might at least show he has a home, but you just don't know how some people react.What advice can you offer, we have knocked doors, put flyers everywhere, & I mean everywhere, called vets (he his tagged & M/chipped), searched as much land as possible.I

    • Louise0711 profile image

      Louise0711 7 years ago

      [in reply to Paul-Reading] The fact he is microchipped is really positive. Our cat was microchipped and when he was handed in at a cat shelter they called us straight away. So, even if you don't get him back soon there is still a chance you may have him back in the future. I think you are doing everything you possibly can and you have to comfort yourself with this fact. If he doesn't come back you know you have done everything possible. Put strong smelling fish in your garden, just in case he is hiding nearby. This may attract him back into your garden. It is possible your cat may have gone quite far. The last time Freddie went missing he was found 1km away and had crossed a busy road. However, he must have approached a house to get food as he was being fed by the couple who handed him in. Freddie is not a people friendly cat but when his survival depended on it he knew how to manipulate humans. Think positively. Its just as likely your cat is okay than something bad had happened.

    • empa 7 years ago

      I would like to say THANK YOU for the wonderful advice - we followed all of it! I was encouraged by the comment 'feeling like an idiot calling out for my cat', and in our case pi**ing the neighbours off (no they were NOT very helpful!! in fact I was concerned one family were going to harm him). In addition to the advice on here we also flung our cat's poo onto the neighbours land and tied a shoe he'd pee'd on in the corner of the garden below. This worked because he picked up his scent and realised he was near home. (we are in a 1st floor flat so he couldn't just walk back in) When he finally appeared below our balcony looking for a way up,,I lowered food & water for him to keep him in the area (he doesn't let us pick him up and would not be tricked into a trap) so we fixed a plank of wood from the garden below up to our balcony and placed his food bowl halfway along...which he ate. I also left cat munchies on the balcony and 2 nights later at 5am he'd climbed up the plank home!

    • Strat29 7 years ago

      My cat Static has been gone now for 4 days. She usually goes outside while I'm at work and will frequently spend the night outside. I moved to this neighborhood a month ago, so I do not know how familiar she is with it. The night she went missing, there was a very loud thunderstorm, and whenever is storms I do not see her all day (when she's inside). She never stays or goes outside when it is below 60 degrees (F) out, so she doesn't like the cold. Since that thunderstorm it has been cold every day as Autumn is setting in for the first time. I don't know where she could, or if the thunderstorm scared her off or disoriented her. I've been taking walks at night. She's quite a smart cat, I hope she is only scared from it. I will continue looking, thank you for your advice.

    • findfrankie 7 years ago

      Hi everyone,I hope I had known you all and your stories at a happier time. Yet I found you have helped me so much during my current ordeal with a lost cat.My cat Frnkie went missing more than 4 days ago, and I still am killing myself by ytying t ofigure out what had happened to her. The day she was missing looked just like any normal day, a peaceful and sunny day in FL. We have been living in this very nice gated community over year and half, Frankie usually goes out a few times on a daily base, hunting lizards in the nearby gardens and bushes, and I always check her in less than 30minutes. Most of the time she reponds with my call and will come back inside the house, there were a few times she didn't in the first time, then couple of minutes later she would apprear from nowhere. If she wants to come home, she would meow loudly so Iwill open the door for her. That day (Oct-25-2009) she went out twice, first time around 9am, then she meowed to be let in around 9:30am.

    • findfrankie 7 years ago

      (Continuous of my first part due to the 1000 words limit.)I fed her and she wanted to go out again, at that time, I never thought this would be the last time I saw my dear beloved cat, a stray that came to me when I was in Texas four years ago. After about 40 or 50 minutes, I went out to check on her. I called her name and didn't hear a response. Even if it happened before, however, I kind of having a very bad feeling when she didn't appear. I went out again after 5 minutes and still no response. I started to get really worried and I told my husband that I am afraid the cat was lost, he didn't take it seriously and brushed it off saying she was fine, since the same thing happened many times in the past, and she would chek herself in after a while. However, I couldn't be comforted. I just had an ominous feeling something was terribly wrong. Also I recalled there was a small incidence ,maybe totally irrelevant. I rememer seeing a car briefly stopped in front of my house on the other

    • findfrankie 7 years ago

      (continued from last blog) side of the road. I didn't know why I felt uneasy about that, I just didn't like it at all. I looked out from my window blinds ( this is the part I have been blaming myself over and over: that I should have gone out and check the moment I felt bad) and Isaw a guy was looking around, he didn't get off the car. After less than 2 minutes, he drove on and parked brifely in front of my naighbor's house again, I could not see from my viewing angle whether he got off the car there. After about 2 minutes I saw his car drove off our block. In less than 20 minutes after that incident, we started to really look for our cat. You have got to know this cat a little more to help me solving this terrible puzzle (mystery). She is an exceptionally intelligent cat, not just smart. She is always cautious about the environment, from our observation, she has never wandered around except to our nearest two neighbor's gardens and on the paveroad on our side, she has never ventured

    • cooper77 7 years ago

      Yesterday, my cat Cooper, who had been missing for 35 days, was found! I put fliers up over my whole neighborhood right after he went missing. After about 4 weeks (and a one 2ft snowstorm, and another of about a foot, I took down all my fliers because the ink had run so badly you couldn't even see his picture anymore. I just told myself he was dead, because I really loved him and it was easier to think that he was dead than that he was out there in the cold, hungry, and wondering why I wasn't there to rescue him. It was absolutely crushing me, I was completely heartbroken. Apparently I missed a few of my fliers because yesterday--35 days after he went missing--a lady called me and said that, although she couldn't see the picture on my flier, she had just seen a cat go under a cement patio of a townhome across from her house. I almost didn't even want to go look, because I had been on so many false alarms before that I thought that it would be a million-to-one chance that it would actually be him. I had actually started to heal a little and was starting to get past the immediate, soul crushing part--and I almost didn't want to go because I didn't want to dredge up all those feelings again. But I went to the patio she pointed to and started calling his name, and sure enough, he started meowing back to me. Sounds funny, but I thought that it sounded like his voice, so by that time I started thinking that my odds may have improved to about 100 to 1 that it was him. I was still sure that some strange looking cat would poke his head out and crush me all over again, but lo-and-behold who sticks his head out but my Cooper! He's not an approachable cat if he doesn't know you, so I honestly think he was outside in the cold and snow for the whole time. He had a tiny scratch on his nose and really needed a brushing--but otherwise, he appears totally fine!So if your cat is missing, don't give up. I read things like that while he was gone and was absolutely certain that my story was not going to be one of those that had a happy ending. I was SURE that I was never going to see him again. I had given up hope and I had stopped looking. Cats are survivors. I think he could have survived indefinitely, years possibly, on his own. They are incredibly resilient and resourceful. I had a miracle happen to me yesterday, long after I gave up hope of even a miracle happening. I know it rips your heart out, but keep looking, my cat was gone for over a month in Colorado during snow storms, and all the sudden yesterday he was found, so you never know.

    • anonymous 7 years ago

      Cooper, your story made me cry! I am so glad that you found your precious kitty. Mine went missing this past Monday night and I have been so devastated, especially since it was my fault. I was going to run to the store when I noticed that I left my keys in the house. When I went in to get my keys, my cat jumped in my car. I saw him in there and thought, "Hey, he can come to the store with me!". Big mistake. As soon as I got to the store (about a half a mile away) he darted out when I opened my car door. He crossed a busy street and ran off into the woods. The woods run parallel to my subdivision, but he is still a half a mile from my house. And if he went across the street again he could be in a different subdivision. It's so frustrating feeling like I have no idea where he went. Your story has definitely inspired hope.

    • aebleskivers 7 years ago

      This article was really helpful and gave me hope that despite the cold and snow flurries that perhaps my cat may be alive. I found a website that generated many leads- more leads than my posters are getting. It is called which is kind of like an amber alert for many kind people are looking out for my cat now. I hope he returns.

    • LuckyStripe 7 years ago

      My cat is currently lost. We moved 3 wks.ago, had a serious of breakins (ppl thought the place was vacant), and a sewage leak (main line) in our TUB. it was stressful so we went to the beach for the christmays things for 3 days. three days later our 2 fab.cats that we've had since they were both kittens, almost 8 yrs now, were cuddling...2 humans, 2 cats and life seemed good. angel seemed well abjusted n gave me lots of attention as usual. we've done most this article said. the words of hope made me feel a bit btter and i will NOT give up. my mom n others wanna get me another cat for xmas (it's been a wk now n i cry non stop.n i MIGHT get another cat for xmas, for myself... BUT...)- we've been out there for hours every night. had a live trap out for four days. (she's been gone a wk, always was afraid to go outside n like i may have said, we put out hundreds (or at least 100)flyers. we got a call today ...about a block away is a mansion owned by these own hippies. french. huge french sculpture. then there are huge wood piles. an acre. and then an abondoned horse farm, with cat beds, hay...can get in by open windows.. then woods n a stream. the hubby thought he saw our cat a week later (yesterday morning), laying in their wood pile. sooo.. we looked a bit. we're gonna take the live trap there. and i will not get up, because i believe, knowing angel's personality (SMART, scared, wants quiet), i think she's there. i've mourned for her. i had to for myself cause it's possible but whether i rescue a cat in need or not, i will be out there looking for angel for hours out of every day. thanks for this site.

    • sarah1234 7 years ago

      i am absolutely terrified! my cat, tia, has went missing! she only went missing this afternoon but it is late now and she never goes out long. it is snowy and terrible icey weather. she is a young cat and this is her first time she has ever seen snow and ice! i am really scared that something bad has happened to her :(! if it has- i will hate winter forever! i really hope shes alrite. i have tried standing outside and shouting her name (to which she normally responds!), but sadly there has however been no good luck! maybe she has just gone into survival mode and is scared? if something bad has happened i will be extremely upset! i am only nineteen and this is definitely the most worried i have been in my life! :( please let her be ok xx

    • creativegirl90 7 years ago

      Today my cat *coco* went missing 12:00pm he has been missing for about 9-10 hours and hes never been that late. Me and ma parents have been calling his names like dozens of times near the neighbourhood but he's still not responding. we put out food and walked down couple of streets but there was no luck. He's a boy about 8 months old. we maybe thinking about putting up posters, he is very cute and he is my first ever pet which my parents bought me on my birthday. He was about 3 weeks nd i m missing him a lot :(

    • AtHomeSource LM profile image

      AtHomeSource LM 7 years ago

      My cat has decided to take up residence at anothers house. He comes home for a day or two then he's gone again for a couple days. He always comes back smelling like perfume. I pretty sure someone's feeding him. I tried putting a collar (breakaway collar) on him with a tag with his name, phone # & a note that said "DO NOT FEED ME" - it was the fast $12 I ever lost, he came back the next day without it. My cat hates staying inside so I can't lock him up. I tried, but he got too depressed. His sister on the other hand is a good girl who stays home like she should and prefers staying indoors.

    • helpfindjack 6 years ago

      My cat has been missing now for 48hrs. We have been searching for her for most of that time. She never stays out at night and i am completely heartbroken. She moved to our house in September but only started going outside about a month ago. She's happily been going in and out though for a few hours at a time. Last week we had to call for an hour to get her in but we did eventually. But since Saturday evening there's been no sign. I've leafletted our road and the road behind. I've had quite a few responses but the problem is every cat in our road is a black and white cat just like mine so i think these may all be false leads. The only ray of hope is a phone call i got this afternoon from a lady who was convinced she had seen my cat last night in the evening. The description she gave was identical to mine and as a cat owner herself she was very familiar with all the cats in the area. She noticed my cat because she had never seen it before. I've been up to her house which is on the same road as mine and on the same side but quite a long way up (I would it is about 250m from my house) and called for my cat but with no response. I'm leaving a can of Tuna outside the back door tonight. I've also emptied the contents of her litter tray at the end of the garden. The stories below seem quite mixed and like these I veer from optimism one minute to pessimism the next.

    • Welsey 6 years ago

      My cat Wesley (neutered and microchipped) recently escaped from our home. I did everything flyers, posters, emails and searching morning, noon and night. A concerned neighbour (who seen my flyer) contacted me and suggested using baby monitors. I had been worried sick that I would miss him if/when he showed up and this was such a simple solution - I loved the idea, so I set a monitor out on the porch with a bowl of his food and a bowl of tuna and sure enough within a couple of days I heard a faint mewing when he came back in the middle of the night. (3am) He was smelly, hungry and had lost a bit of weight, but hes home now and is really, really happy. I had contacted our local shelters and had searched the internet high and low for any helpful information about finding a lost cat. Not one of the numerous sites I visited suggested baby monitors it seems like such an obvious solution but not one you think about when you're in a panic over your lost little buddy. I mentioned it to other people after the fact, and they also said Oh yeah, what a great idea, I never thought of that. I know wouldn't have heard him in the middle of the night without the baby monitor. I want to pass on my good fortune and this valuable tip. It just breaks my heart to know there are so many lost cats (and dogs) out there. Hoping this helps give all of them another fighting chance at finding their way home.

    • Louise0711 profile image

      Louise0711 6 years ago

      Hi Welsey, I'm so glad you got your cat back. Thanks so much for your tip. I will add it to the article above so hopefully it can help other people too. Thanks again.

    • tklark profile image

      tklark 6 years ago

      Thanks for the tips. We lost a cat recently, and I'm just sick about it. Our daughter helped make the poster and talked about how much she loves her "kitty". Glad you had a happy ending!

    • PromptWriter profile image

      Moe Wood 6 years ago from Eastern Ontario

      I dread losing my cats or dog and am constantly paranoid about gates and doors etc.Blessed

    • clouda9 lm profile image

      clouda9 lm 6 years ago

      I about crumble to bits when my cat Carmel goes missing. She loves me cooing her back into the house the best. Great advice to help people find their lost kitty.Congrats on your purpleness ;)

    • WindyWintersHubs profile image

      WindyWintersHubs 6 years ago from Vancouver Island, BC

      Congratulations on your Purple Star. It's sad when a pet goes missing.

    • jennyharry 6 years ago

      HELP my cat was stolen on the 24th April by a woman in a car (my neighbour told me).I have searched the area calling him and got in touch with cat rescue centres. I would really appreciate some advice. Missing him so much.

    • AuthorNormaBudden profile image

      AuthorNormaBudden 6 years ago

      Congrats on your purple star. You've been featured at feel free to let me know about any other purple stars you've received. Thanks!

    • lasertek lm profile image

      lasertek lm 6 years ago

      I have never lost a cat and never wish it would happen. I would be desperate for sure. This is very helpful. 5*

    • BobZau profile image

      Bob Zau 6 years ago

      Very informative and well written. This sound like a good approach to....

    • jennyharry 6 years ago

      I put my my stolen cat in the paper and received a couple of calls, one looks promising i went to have a look but did not see him.The lady said if she saw the cat again she would call back, here hopeing.

    • cyndebo 6 years ago

      Thank you so much for your advise and encouragement. "Peanut" was missing for 3-days so last night I tried the barefoot walk along with leaving out his favorite blanket..........he showed up this morning! Thank you-thank you :0)

    • mustang_hks 6 years ago

      I lost my cat 3 days ago and I wasn't able to search for him because I live in another city the cat was with my grandmother but it escaped 2 days after we moved her and tomorrow i will go search for my cat.I'm afraid that someone might have killed it because the cat had no hair on her back I hope thet we will find thw cat.

    • MisseThankGod 6 years ago

      I lost my sweetheart 5 days ago that felt like months. I didn't give up hope until today..but as soon as i read this page i ran out the door.I called some friends and family the search went on for hours.When everyone hade gone home there i was sitting on the park bench crying to mself(reminder i am 10) i got up and god know what there she is sitting in front of my eyes i didn't even have to call her name she just ran up and sat on my lap.To bad i think she is pregant after all she was escorted by a male. I took her home bathe her and her she is sitting on my lap as i write this.THANK YOU if i hadent read this i would have gone out in the first place and the search party would have been planed..and god knows what horrible things could have happened to my sweetheart. If believe now that there is a god.

    • PromptWriter profile image

      Moe Wood 6 years ago from Eastern Ontario

      I always fear one of my furry buds will go missing. Your lens made an impression so I left behind a blessing. Best wishes!

    • ridley88 profile image

      ridley88 6 years ago

      Lost our cat 5 days ago and have been agonizing since. I've done most of the obvious steps, but I did learn some useful tips here, thanks. When we find him, I think I'm going to make a squidoo lens to describe it.

    • jamiewalker 6 years ago

      We put up a big fluorescent sign at a four way stop in our neighborhood. After several calls, we got our cat baxer after 12 days. He was fine. People with cats themselves (or other pets) will go the extra mile to look and call. PUT UP A SIGN-You don't need a photo. Just say, ie., LOST GRAY CAT BAXTER phone number. Don't give up.

    • jennyharry 6 years ago

      I found my cat yesterday! Can't believe it, eight weeks after being stolen.I put posters up,put it the local paper and on the local missing pets website,a woman saw my cat on the website and rang me, so the message here is DON'T give up hope of finding yours and thank you for all your replies.

    • MisseThankGod 6 years ago

      I read this page every time i lose faith in finding my cat.She has been missing for 14 days i can't stand it i keep looking but there is no sign of her i ask many neighbors and many said that they had seen her the folowing days..but she hadent come to me. This isent the first time i lost her but never this long has she been missing.She is a really nice cat and thank god this area is a woods and trees no car in sight.I but a bowl of food out for her and the next morning the bowl was ememty either it was her or any other cat in the neighborhood.

    • KerryFlaherty 6 years ago

      when our cat got out the local shelter let us borrow the cages they use to catch feral cats. the first night we put the cages out she was caught.

    • Minnah 6 years ago

      thank you so much for this lens! our cat's just gone missing last night and what you wrote here gives us hope that we'll either somehow find him or that he'll maybe just show up when he gets hungry like you said.

    • seegreen 6 years ago

      I get so sad when I see flyers for missing cats. I always hope that they will turn up on my doorstep so that I can take care of them and call their owners. I just hate the thought of a missing pet.

    • Merlimax 6 years ago

      our baby girl Mannicat has been missing for 7 days now. Iv read lots and lots about missing cats and fear the worst. She was feeling under the weather 2 weeks before she went missing but seemed to pick up just before we let her out in the morning. I have read that sometimes when a cat is nearing the end, they will find places to hide away. Mannicat was sleeping in the most strangest places before she went missing and i now feel that she has gone away to die. I really hope i am wrong and i wish she would come back to have her treats and her cuddles. She is 10 years old and she is loved and will always be loved. If she has passed away i would like to thank her for many happy years of friedship and i feel honoured to have been allowed in her life

    • VarietyWriter2 profile image

      VarietyWriter2 6 years ago

      Blessed by a SquidAngel :)

    • sunnysuzan1 6 years ago

      Young cats are always adventurous and when Jinglebell went missing we luckily found her in the fork of a tree where she had slid down the trunk and became tightly wedged.

    • RinchenChodron 6 years ago

      Very nice, but some more photos would improve your article.

    • anonymous 6 years ago

      Great Lens! Cats are lovely!

    • catbehaviors profile image

      catbehaviors 6 years ago

      Once my cat went missing for four days. He was meowing on our porch on the fifth morning.

    • KarenCookieJar 6 years ago

      I won't let people use my front door because I'm terrified my cat will run out because there's no screen. This article almost gave me a panic attack! But it's good to be prepared in case the worst would happen. I hope your cat never gets lost again.

    • kt_glasses 6 years ago

      Helpful information, though I wish I would never need to use it.My cat is such a coward that he doesn't have the guts to play outside. Since it's a dangerous world out there, we are happy to keep him inside.

    • wegieluv 6 years ago

      My indoor cat slipped out and was missing for 10 days and was best advice to anyone who is in this situation is to act fast....... make sure to give flyers with a photo to your neighbors and go talk to them and ask them to keep an eye out for your cat. The neighbor that found my cat did lawns in our neighborhood and saw a cat dart under a shed in a yard that he was working on a couple of streets away and came by our house to let us know and that is how we got our baby back. He was lost and would not have found his way home...... PLEASE don't give up on your lost cat as he wants to be back home with you as much as you want him home. Talk to your neighbors.....spread the word...make flyers and hand them out to anyone you see walking lost cat notices ....there are a lot of people out there who do care and will help you...and also.....please microchip your cats and keep the information up to date......if you cannot find your cat and someone else does this may be the only way that you will get you cat cat was microchipped and that did give me some hope that I may get my cat back one day if someone were to take him to a vet or a shelter. I know that without my intervention that I would not have my baby back home.....please take my advice if you are ever in this awful situation....get out on foot...spread the word..

    • wooten3955 6 years ago

      Thank you so much for this article! It really helped me stay positive through an entire month when my own cat was missing. I was just reunited with her tonight! I want to share what worked for me with other people who may be going through this same kind of ordeal!My cat is strictly indoors only but slipped out one day almost exactly a month ago. After calling for her in the middle of the night and getting no response, I posted flyers with her picture all over the apartment complex. There is a bike path that runs behind my apartment building, and I got several calls from folks who saw her hanging around there. Once I had a general idea of where she was, I rented a humane trap from the humane society and placed it in the vicinity. I put a can of tuna in it and set it out when it was dark. I checked back a few hours later and there she was!! I couldn't believe it. She had lost a lot of weight after her 4 week outdoor adventure, but overall she looked good.The flyers were essential in helping me narrow the search, and without the trap, I truly feel I never would've gotten her back. Even though I often went to the area where others had seen her and called her name, she never came out to me...I think she was just scared to death.So if you are missing your indoor cat, I can't say enough good things about the traps. They are very easy to use and really work!!

    • dreameater 6 years ago

      My cat doesn't have the balls to go out for any expedition, but I did help a friend finding hers. Thank you for all these tips.

    • anonymous 6 years ago

      I have a better idea-don't let your cat wander outside. Did you know the average lifespan of an outside cat is 4 years,and the average lifespan of an inside cat is 15,because of all the dangers outside like: cars,poison,mean people,other animals,and severe weather(hot or cold)I don't mean to be rude,I just love my cats-no hard feelings,you did a nice job on the lens.

    • Louise0711 profile image

      Louise0711 6 years ago

      @anonymous: In response to Mcochs. I understand in the US, there are a lot of indoor cats. In the UK most people let their cat go outside so there is a real need for this article. I did keep my cat indoors for a year (most people in the UK thought I was a bit crazy for doing this) for exactly the reasons you say but he was so unhappy. He just meowed all day to go out by the door, scratching at it and trying to get out. Despite playing with him lots, toys and cat scratchers, he was so bored. He has been so happy outside, basking in the Sun, catching flies, chasing leaves, meeting other cats, running up and down, climbing fences, experiencing snow, rain and the air against his whiskas on his face. That is what life is about for him. I know its a risk, as this article proves, but as humans we do take risks everyday - life would be miserable without taking risks - going outside, driving or travelling in a car are things we do everyday without any risks. Its part of life. For many cats too life would be miserable living life in an indoor space. Having said this I'm sure many cats are very happy as indoor cats and if it works for you and your cat I think its brilliant. If they are happy its better to keep them safe and do this. lf all cats were suited to life as indoor cats, I think it would be the best thing to do. But weighing up all the options and risks, in my opinion, for my cat and for many other cats due to his personality, 15 years lived inside would be an unhappy, miserable life for him

    • javr profile image

      javr 6 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

      My cat, Buster, wanted me to bless your lens. Done!

    • rlm1234 6 years ago

      My baby-kitty has been missing for 6 weeks and no sign of him. I've done everything I can think of - posters in the pet shop and on trees and in the vet, flyers in letter-boxes, shouting his name in the park, shouting in streets and on my roof. He's chipped but I still keep checking in the shelter anyway and the animal ambulance keeps telling me not to call them as they will call me. I live in an area where dead animals get picked up off the street and taken to the animal people and scanned for chips. But no-one has seen a whisker of him since the day he vanished. He's a neutered male cat used to going out for maybe 20 mins a day late at night and not wandering far. If there was a pet detective here, he would have made money from me by now. So any amazing tips anyone?

    • webtoys 6 years ago

      useful article....

    • JeffreyTymczak LM profile image

      JeffreyTymczak LM 6 years ago

      Clever Lens...very clever. ;DJeff

    • MartinShaw 6 years ago

      A very useful article - well done!

    • AnneVis profile image

      AnneVis 5 years ago

      What a great lens!

    • IlanaMoore LM profile image

      IlanaMoore LM 5 years ago

      My cat used to run out whenever she got a chance. She never went far, but there were a few times when it took us awhile to find her again. After a few times, we had a liquid computer chip (don't ask me how it works!) injected so that if anyone finds her, they can scan her and get all her info. Kind of like at a supermarket! It's hard losing someone you love, even for a few hours. Thank you for this informative and thorough lens.

    • gabisoo 5 years ago

      Thanks to this page i found my cat!! He had 1 day lost and i was so confused and with a nerveous crisis, because he never left home! night came, and i decided to surf net to learn about habits of missing cats, although since it was his 1rt time he got lost i was imagining the worst scenario... i came up with this page and really cheered me up! i practiced all the tips and was so ready to keep searching for him outside my house once it was morning.. but for my BIGGEST surprise my cat suddently jumped in my bed in the middle of the night! i was so amazed, happy, nerveous!! happens to be that my cat was hidden INSIDE my house!!! i don't know why, cats really have misterious attitudes... but he spent whole day hidden!! even we seached like 30 times EACH corner of the house :S!! the good news is that all these time he was inside home and i had a good spirit thanks to this page! :) thank you thank you so much one more time! this page is awesome! and helps A lot!! good day...! :)

    • VarietyWriter2 profile image

      VarietyWriter2 5 years ago


    • evitaa profile image

      evitaa 5 years ago

      Thank you for awesome tips. No I know what to do if my cat don't show up. Thumbs up & fav' d.

    • grannyann lm profile image

      Ann Scaling Tucker 5 years ago from Enid, OK

      Really liked your information. I added you to my link list on my cat name site:( Have a great day.

    • kootball6 5 years ago

      This has been so helpful/inspiring, My cat has been missing for 2 weeks and I am grief stricken, but I'm not going to give up because of this! Thank you!!

    • kootball6 5 years ago

      @Louise0711: Hi, I love this article, I lost my cat Turtle due to what I think is a "band of local wild cats" that get fed by my neighbors and ahem my brother. I think this is why she didn't come back within the hour. She has been missing for 2 weeks.I walk around the neighborhood at night with my friend and I have went to every shelter and posted signs. I would leave food out, or do a humane trap, but I feel like I would catch racoons and wild!

    • kealia 5 years ago

      I would definitely recommend the baby monitor , I placed it by some food and tuna, and just after dusk, 25 hour since I last saw my 12 yr old cat, I heard him drinking. He was normally a chatty cat so initially I thought this would be excessive but it turns out the info you have here is more than correct - cos he wasn't in the mood to tell me what was happening. If it wasn't for the monitor I am sure he would have eaten and left.Thanks

    • Tootschch 5 years ago

      Our Cat Tom always stayed close to home for the 6 years we've had him, until earlier this week when he didn't return for breakfast. He went missing all day, so we began to think the worse, only because he has never strayed before .. so we knew something must have happened.We searched neighbouring sheds, garages and streets off and on all day, then, thanks to the very helpful TIP above about going out in the evening, we found him about 7 houses away, looking lost and bewildered. We walked, calling his name, then, stopped to listen for his meow. The process did attract other cats as well, but eventually we heard him, up on a fence, on the other side of the street. He didn't come running to us, so we just spoke to him softly to give him time to recognise our voice and wander out in his own time .. to sniff our hands before we picked him up. Be sure to listen very carefully for the meow, which was obviously his response to hearing his name and our voice. We were very relieved, and grateful for all the advice and stories listed on this page.

    • pawpaw911 5 years ago

      Just did a lens about our cat that died at 20 years old. Thought I would check out some other cat lenses. Nice topic.

    • tinamcmillan 5 years ago

      my cat went missing two weeks ago and we are distraught. This has given me hope...I just cannot give up.

    • vermontmom profile image

      vermontmom 5 years ago

      Love the baby monitor idea! We've sat by the door for hours because we didn't want to miss her coming back (though she's only been gone for about 4 hours once -- that's was more than enough).

    • vermontmom profile image

      vermontmom 5 years ago

      I apologize - I was so excited about the baby monitor idea. We tap the can every time we feed our cat and when she leave the yard (we try to keep her entertained in our yard, but...) we tap the can again. She's fairly well conditioned by this. My sister uses a bell which is probably a better idea.

    • jolou profile image

      jolou 5 years ago

      Several years back a cat I had at the time ran out when I was coming home, and I couldn't find her for hours. Since she was an indoor cat, I was really worried about her. She came back around noon the next day. I know from experience how difficult it is to not know where a much loved cat is. Thanks for this great information.

    • phoenix arizona f profile image

      phoenix arizona f 5 years ago

      I appreciate the depth that you went in this lens to provide quality information. I'm going to bookmark this page and send it to several of my fellow animal lovers.

    • thegogreenpeople profile image

      thegogreenpeople 5 years ago

      My cat went missing months ago :( I had 2, one went missing in september and one in January and it is very difficult for me still. I feel like a bad owner, all though i know i am not. But thanks to you i still have some hope left :) Maybe they are out there at some other house? Who knows...

    • annamari 5 years ago

      Your lens is very thoughtful and very helpful. I feel for people who lose their pets and have even found a few to return.I know it is different from losing a house cat, but our feral cat of 6 years of consistent coming around, stopped coming. We were heartbroken. He did come back after several months! We think he has a home now. I am so glad that you found Freddie.

    • benzwm021 lm profile image

      benzwm021 lm 5 years ago

      Thanks for the lens. Losing a cat can be hard for anyone and so many people just put up a poster and give up. I hope more people see this and I will share it on my Cat Trees That Look Like Trees site. Thanks!

    • alfey4 5 years ago

      My indoor cat Alfey escaped without notice one night before I went to bed. I did not realize he was missing until 4:30am the next morning. I immediately started looking and calling for him in their neighborhood to no avail. I posted over 250 posters, hand outs, and paid for a pet amber alert (highly recommended). I also spoke to everyone I saw around my neighborhood to get the word out. I looked for him constantly and at all hours of day and through the night, except the hours I went to work each day. I was completely devastated. At exactly 4 weeks, I got a call from a man that said he thought the cat from the posters was living under his shed for the last week or so. After many false alarms, I was afraid I would again be disappointed, but it was him this time! I couldn't believe it! After 4 weeks, I thought I had lost him forever and was so happy. He lost about 35% of his body weight was very dehydrated and had a low fever. After bringing him to the vet immediately, he was put on medication and got better. I never gave up looking, no matter how tired and sad I was. Don't give up! Even when people tell you should! Also, place posters in plastic sheeting to protect from the weather or you will have to put them all up again.

    • mibellami 5 years ago

      My cat has been lost for 21 days in the heat of the summer. We recently moved and he slipped out of the house. I have been so anxious, losing sleep over this and have tried everything. I am so sick to my stomach please help me with any advice. My cat and I were extremely close that people were shocked by it. He never left my side.

    • profilesincolor profile image

      profilesincolor 5 years ago

      Good advice for tough situations. Thank you! :-)

    • MamaBelle profile image

      Francis Luxford 5 years ago from United Kingdom

      Very good advice. It must be awful to lose your cat.

    • okamnesiac 5 years ago

      @Paul-Reading: I know this may be a long shot since you wrote this post about 2 years ago, but I was wondering if you ever found your cat? I'm in the same scenario now. My cat's been gone for two weeks.. he was a big wanderer and curious. He usually comes in and goes out as he wants, but always comes home for food and sleeps with us at night. Then one night he just didn't come home. We've tried just about everything possible... fliers everywhere in the neighborhood, in mailboxes, called all vets around, posted over and over to craigslist, check the shelter everyday, gone calling for him at night, in the morning, in the afternoon, threw out pieces of my clothes around the area... just about everything. I miss him terribly, and I keep thinking he's okay, but it really is the not knowing that's so hard to deal with. So I was just wondering if you ever found your cat or if he found you? Thanks

    • SureFlap profile image

      SureFlap 5 years ago

      How distressing that your cat has gone missing three times! That's great that you manage to find him again. It's a good idea to get cats microchipped so that if they do get lost they are carrying a permanent form of identification that can't get lost.

    • evangelinalisbeth 5 years ago

      We found our Snowball after 5 days!!! This website helped us find our baby. He is an indoor/outdoor cat (outdoor mostly during summer time.) We posted signs and always went out during the day shaking his food bowl or the bag of his favorite treat. Just 30 minutes ago I went out at night. He loves tuna and knows the sound of the can, so I went out tapping the tuna can with a fork and called his name. At first, I went down the block (about 7 houses down) then I stayed across the street at my neighbors house because he likes to hide in a huge evergreen tree there and in her garden. I started walking back to the house when I heard him cry!!! He is in great shape, not a scratch on him. We plan to take him to the vet tomorrow for a check-up. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this awesome advice.

    • Kyannalee 5 years ago

      Hello,My cat, Baby has been gone for 5-6 months. I am from Ca and the longest he would be gone for is 2 months.We moved from CA to Mississippi, we live in apartments and there is a little forest behind us. We see all the other stray cats all the time. But not him.I even left food for him, but the other cats got to it first. There's been a lot of tornadoes and storms. We put posters for him, but haven't got any responses.I wake up in anxiety sometimes because I feel hopeless and I don't know what to do. Do you think any of these tips would work for me? Thank You - Lost and Confused.

    • dara60 lm profile image

      dara60 lm 5 years ago

      Thanks for RSPCA for providing us with collar and tags

    • Lindas9 5 years ago

      I have recently lost my house cat. She has been missing for a week. She has been seen in dense bushes at the back of the row of houses where I live but unfortunately at the far end from my house. I have placed a human trap in the bushes and check it regularly. I have done some cat rescuing with cats protection and feline helpline so I have some experience. I sent out fliers to the neighbours asking them not to feed or approach her but to notify me. The neighbour whose house backs on to where the trap is (separated by a pathway) has been moving the items around the trap and cutting back the bushes and spending time brushing the pathway etc near to the trap. I have begged her not to and she took offence at this. When I went out at 4am this morning to call for my cat the neighbour had put a bowl of cat biscuits out near to the trap. I am heart broken as this will have set back the recovery a lot longer. I know how to trap the cat but how do I stop the neighbour from doing what she is doing to sabatage my rescue? This neighbour is a cat lover. I have shoved the bowl and a note through her door but she is still sleeping saving her energy to interfer in someones elses life no doubt. ANY advice would be greatfully received. I want my cat back....

    • mathesonkid1 5 years ago

      @Lindas9: Bless her heart! She believes she is helping to bring your kitty back! You have to be very careful with folks like this as their feelings will be hurt. Gently explain to her that, while you so appreciate her concern, you must do it your way. Again, thank her for wanting to help, but tell her that you want to do it your way! Good luck!

    • Paul Ward profile image

      Paul 5 years ago from Liverpool, England

      Look under the floorboards. Look up the three storey high ladder ,,, Yep, been there :)Angel Blessed.

    • termit_bronx 5 years ago

      ye, my family found many lost cats and the problem was, they were abandoned. So we kept them and today we have 5 cats. Once they were homeless, but now they have a sweet, nice home :)

    • Missing_cat2011 5 years ago

      Hi, my female cat went missing 2 days ago. I've tried leaving food for her but the stray cats get it first. I've took my other cat out with me and we found her buy she ran off with one Of the strays... What can I do to get her back? Please any info will be great!!

    • Missing_cat2011 5 years ago

      Hi, my female cat got out 2 days ago, we have been out looking for her we put out food but other cats got it first. We also took our other cat with us to help find her, we did spot her but she ran off with another cat. My other cat sits at the door meowing nonstop. What can indent get my cat back? Any info will be great!

    • DJH1000 5 years ago

      I followed this article to the letter, and after 7 days, our cat came back... Must admit i wasn't looking forward to go out under the under the blanket of darkness shaking a Whiskers box and calling out in lonely territory... I recommend this step by step guide.. You have to do everything you can. Google 'psi trailing' its a 6th sense that cats use to find their way home. Scientifically proven!!

    • DJH1000 5 years ago

      Also, i believe out cat took refuge at the local horse livery yard.. If theres a farm nearby or stables, i suggest going up there and having a look!

    • Lught3rGurl 5 years ago

      Hi this article was very helpful in pointing me in the direction on how to go through with searching, my cat went missing this afternoon near evening and my dad and I drove around alot in the near by neighborhood but still nothing, also i called a nearby vet to be on the look out as well as the police vehicle patrolling nearby. What do you think I should do because tomorrow I will try and follow your advice but is there anything extra you could add because my cat is slightly blind and has difficult seeing so I am extra worried about him...

    • DJH1000 5 years ago

      @Lught3rGurl if your cat is particially blind, i suggest going out at night..(on foot) (cars are noisy) i wouldn't advise going out alone though.

    • cecilinternational 5 years ago

      Hi, I just wanted to thank you for sharing your advise and experiences of cats going missing. It helped us going, whilst looking for our cat who went missing for 5 days and then decided to turn up again. It's so easy to feel despair, when your cat goes missing in a busy area of London. We tried the fish trail advise, which seemed to work, as he turned up a few hours later.

    • David Dove profile image

      David Dove 5 years ago

      Excellent advice thank you. I ensure that my cats have been "chipped" by the vet so that if found by a stranger any vet can read the chip and return puss home. The procedure is cheap, easy and painfree, a quick injection in the scruff of the neck does it.

    • slotowngal 5 years ago

      Yes, our 14 yr old cat went missing for half a day. Not long to many, but forever to us! He was an inside cat, not used to being out alone. We took his picture around from door to door and someone in the neighborhood a couple of streets down had seen him hiding under a bush across from their house. We were SO relieved to find him quickly!

    • VladimirCat profile image

      Vladimir 5 years ago from Australia

      Never give up!

    • sushilkin lm profile image

      sushilkin lm 5 years ago

      thanks for sharing your ideas !

    • JoshK47 5 years ago

      This is a wonderful guide for what can be an extremely stressful time. Great work.

    • anonymous 5 years ago

      insightful indeed, thanks for the article read.

    • coolgrey profile image

      coolgrey 5 years ago

      My daughter had lost her cat 'Squeaky-Dee'. Squeak stayed small the size of a half grown kitten so it would be easy to recognize her. She was never found although we searched the neighborhood and put out flyers. My daughter moved from that location about a year later. A few years after that she spotted Squeaky-Dee very close to where she had lived. Someone nearby had taken her in and kept her. Knowing that by then Squeaky thought of that as her home my daughter did not interfere. I commend you on writing such an informative story. Cudos.

    • BabyBear23 5 years ago

      Hello there, my cat Baby has been missing since friday the 28th of October, I wasn't here at my house(i returned Friday night and found out, been searching ever since for her), But my dad was heading to work in the morning and she was chased by a dog(my next door neighbors dog), my dad did nothing, he thought she would climb a tree and get away, but she still has not returned, and it has been since friday morning...I am keeping my spirits high that she will return to us, if she doesn't well I don't know what I will do, I love that cat more than anything, she is nicest, sweetest, kindest cat I have ever known, thank you for these tips. She also had kittens, and we have three of them. I have also made two flyers, one I put on the door for Halloween, and the other at the beginning of the neighborhood on a stop sign.

    • MidgeLav 5 years ago

      My cat went missing on Friday 4th November but not because of the fireworks. The information above is great and I'm pretty sure I know why he went missing now. Every morning when we get in the car to go to school the cat jumps in too! Normally we put him back in the house even though he can get straight back out through the cat flap! It gives us enough time to get going without him trying to follow us. Which he has been known to do in the past. I didn't realise how important this ritual was because on Friday we didn't do that we just put him out the car on to the drive and drove off. We haven't seen him since. The last time he went missing was for the same reason and he did wander across the main road 'following' us! Luckily a kind lady took him to our local vet and he was returned to us. I hope we'll be lucky again this time too. I hope I learn my lesson this time.

    • Missy Zane profile image

      Missy Zane 5 years ago

      Another animal can help you find a cat, if the cat wants to be found. Several times, my cats have led me to a missing housemate.

    • StoveM profile image

      StoveM 5 years ago

      Good advice. Never would have thought of it.

    • SteveKaye 4 years ago

      Yes, our cat was hiding under a bush in our front yard. We were very happy to have her back.

    • JEMArtistry profile image

      JEMArtistry 4 years ago

      A while back we lost a cat that had gotten out in the wintertime. As you mentioned about the indoor cats staying close to home but in survival mode so they will not respond is exactly what happened in this case. We found her under the lawn mower on the covered patio but it was too late. :(It was such a sad experience knowing she was right there all along. I think every cat owner should take a look at this lens. Thank you for sharing all this great information! :)

    • LizMac60 profile image

      Liz Mackay 4 years ago from United Kingdom

      What a very useful lens. It's so worrying to lose your cat. Blessed.

    • vickifraser82 4 years ago

      3 days ago my cat went missing. We've done the flyers, posters, small searches ect ect and I've been reading lots of different articles online but this article is by far the best I've read so far. It is so insightful and I'm feeling so much more positive now. I've been a blubbering mess the past few days but I certainly will be trying all the ideas mentioned and the useful links too :-) fingers crossed we will be reunited soon

    • janelanelafleur 4 years ago

      @vickifraser82: Vicki, my cat went missing 51 hours ago (i've been counting) and this article has helped me feel a lot better too. I have been crying and crying and doing all the things this article said I shouldn't do. I'm going to go put some tuna outside and search later with my boyfriend.

    • vickifraser82 4 years ago

      @janelanelafleur: Hi Jane! Has your cat turned up yet? It's been six days now :-( it's the feeling that a part of you is lost out there and it's so frustrating not being able to do anything. I'd rather know the worst than nothing at all. You feel like you should be out there leaving no stone unturned but it's heartbreaking shouting for it everywhere you go nearby and all the time it might be miles away or even worse dead. People keep telling me stories of their cats coming back months after but when I think of my cat amd the way he was, his personality I can't imagine he will. He was always so fragile and followed me around like a little sheep. Maybe he will but it's hard to stay positive isn't it?

    • anna-davies 4 years ago

      Hi my cat has been missing for 2 days now going out of my head looking for him as he is an indoor cat,but he got out.Ive just come across this site and is the best i have gone on.I will be trying out the ideas you have mentioned and hope that they work.

    • stacey-hampton1 4 years ago

      My cat has been missing since yesterday morning, I've been making myself sick with worry and grief. Im trying the food and baby monitor thing and fingers crossed and saying prayers that she makes it home

    • calum-page 4 years ago

      My mum's cat went missing last night. He is not used to the outside and never spent a whole night outside. He missed breakfast which he always shares with his brother Tavish, and we were beginning to think the worst. Your webpage was a big help in staying relaxed and not panicking. At lunch time he popped back in the cat flap looking very tired and very dirty but also very happy.For this people who are feeling worried at the moment. Please try not to torture yourselves. Cats have a wild part that they never lose. If your cat has gone missing they are probably just testing their boundaries, and might be having a great time in a cat way. They are incredibly tough, adventurous and independent creatures. The chances of the worst having happened are so slim. Your cat might just be a bit lost, but is probably nowhere near as upset about the whole thing as you are. Best wishes for anyone reading this whose cat isn't home yet, and don't give up. They'll come back when they are ready!

    • vivienne-wilson3 4 years ago

      My white long haired cat went missing 6pm yesterday. His been out before but always returned within half an hour of calling him! Very worried and upset but I have since found out that if you leave toys with their scent on and something with your scent in the garden, then they follow this scent back. I have found comments useful, but am beside myself with worry as he is such a noticeable cat. His just 9months and I believe just before a year old they widen their boundaries and go further a field, I just hope he returns back to me

    • kamil-goreczny 4 years ago

      i'm 12 years old and my cat has been missing since monday night 19 of march we went to look for him every two days but nothing we put up some posters but our cat is nowhere to be seen my friends cheer me up but some of them say i should give up my cat is dead i tell them that i wont give up and i'lll keep on trying and i hope for the best i look everyday through my window to see if hes there im going to try that facebook page to see if this helps :'(

    • YazminA 4 years ago

      My cat has been missing for 12 hour now. And its breaking my heart to pieces. Hes my first true pet, and i love him to bits. To know hes out there, with a possibility of no food, water, confused. Hes exactly as you describe your cat, and to think that he would come back himself due to instinct, my cat is just hopeless. Ive posted flyers with enticement of a reward if found to me. This post has given me hope. The part that baffles me with my cat is that my mum let him out at about 6:45am and she called him back in at 7:15 for food, but he didn't respond, and we hav been looking since then, i don't understand how far he could have gotten in half an hour. I just feel so guilty when i come back home from another hopeless search, that my cat depends on me, and the more i sit at home crying cos i miss him so much, the more further he runs away. He was missing for three hours once, but that's because he deliberatly ignored us while he was sat in a neighbours garden. But now he hasn't even come back to eat. Im getting fed up of everyone saying have faith all cats come back eventually. but the amount of sites, forums, places ive gone to report him lost, the more i see distressed owners still torn about their cat, and i feel like because my cat isn't 'cat smart' he is never going to come back to me. I would give up all my expensive possesions just so i could find my cat, and as im lying in my bed worried i imagine hes going to just pop up on the bed and chirp in his usual way. But i think i will try the night thing. My neighbours both have dogs (one is rotweiler) so im assuming he might have gotten scared and is in survival mood under a bush until its dark, then im going to go out with my brother and his favourite and a box of cat food and try and find him.

    • lesly-marroquin 4 years ago

      My cat got lost two nights ago, and she is my first true pet. We love her so much it kills us to think that she had probably spent these past two nights frightened, cold, and hungry. I have school, but my parents and I have spent most of our time looking for her. Instead we have found other cats, but not our Nani. When she got out another cat was outside, Nani was so freaked out she disappeared from our yard and we lost sight of her at a corner. We have looked and looked and put up posters, and left her food bowl outside. She hasn't showed up and nobody has seen her. I get really upset with her being gone, and have no idea where to look, and we have looked everywhere. The house has gotten lonely without her and we really hope she has this cat instincts to come back home, because with her being gone it has gotten all of us upset.

    • YazminA 4 years ago

      My cat came back last night at half 12! im soo happy, i think he waited till dark because it was safer. He stank really badly, like he was stuck in a garage or a shed. But im so glad hes back, i was going to the garden to put out some smelly fish and preparing to sleep with the backdoor ajar, but my dad left the kitchen window open and he climbed back in, and was meowing his head off. Im determined to turn him into a house cat now, and possibly cat proofing my garden or getting a leash to allow him to roam my garden but not go further than that. Good luck to everyone whos cat is still missing xx

    • kim-rodgers 4 years ago

      My cat went missing March 17th. I have tried everything to find him. Posted on facebook, put up posters, called local vets and spca, looked/called for him around home, talked to neighbours and no such luck. I even talked to township to see if they picked up any dead animals(they never). He is male and not fixed. I keep trying to think positive that he is just out looking for a girlfriend and that he will be home soon. I hope he returns we all miss him.

    • natashahunter9 4 years ago

      My beloved 8 year old cat, Kaysar went missing on March 17th. He is an indoor cat that we adopted when he was a few months old. We have put up about 150 posters, I taped letters directly on the doors of 500 neighbours, I have put ads on Craigslist, Kijiji, OXL and the Humane Society, notified the local vets and animal hospitals and reported to animal shelters, stopping in every few days. Nothing has worked. We have put food out and kept his litter box on our front porch. There have been zero sightings of Kaysar. I don't know what else to do. Every night at round 4-5am, my husband and I search around our block with spotlights. I am trying to stay positive and I refuse to give up, but now that 2 weeks have passed, I feel devastated. I have read online about humane trapping, but am not sure about that. We have a LOT of possum, rabbits, skunks in our neighbourhood. Any thoughts on this?

    • debbie-moore 4 years ago

      I just wanted to share my story with you. My cat Benny went missing on the 16th March. He's only 1 year old and has never disappeared before. We were really worried, we posted over 400 flyers through neighbours doors, put up loads of posters and advertised in the local paper. We had a lot of false sightings, but eventually, last Wednesday, I got the phone call we'd all been waiting for. He had been found trapped underneath a mobile classroom in our local primary schools playground. He'd been there for 12 days without food or water, I don't know how he survived but he did and we're so pleased to have him back. I just want to say, don't give up hope, keep searching and hopefully you'll get that phone call you've been waiting for.

    • kim-rodgers 4 years ago

      Just an update, my cat is still missing and no sightings, it will be 21 days Sunday since we last seen our cat. We are still trying to be positive that he will return.

    • ISSA-CAT 4 years ago

      my cat went missing yesterday. my family is devastated. she is 5 years old and we love her very much. she is especially attached to my daughter. we left the house around noon to take my daughter to my parents so they can stay for spring break. when i got back at 2am my cat wasn't responding to my calls. she must have gotten out at noon when my daughters were packing the car. my heart is broken and i can't tell my kids their cat is missing. she is an indoor cat and has never done anything like this before. i feel too much time has passed before discovering she left. i can't stop crying worrying about her.

    • jconn429 4 years ago

      @ISSA-CAT: Hello, While I don't have the answers to finding your cat, I do feel the exact same way. My beloved, 2yr old, Felix got out 5days ago now and I am truly devastated, as I sit and type this I cry :-(. However, as you may have read there are a things that you can. Search at night, ask your neighbors, put food out at the same time of night and keep a watchful eye on it. But I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone in your feelings an I truly wish you the best of luck in your search. Please keep my Felix in your thoughts, as I will surly do the same. Keep me posted

    • jackie-hunt 4 years ago

      I am looking for help i;m afraid. Our cat who is 7 months old and very pretty has been missing for 2 days. She is one of 2 and her sister is desperately missing her as is our two children. I have leafleted the area and been out at night but nothing. No sightings. She has been with us from very young and has never ventured far. I feel so disappointed that she has left us or I suspect someone may have taken her. If someone does have her please give her back. You may feel you are doing the right thing but we love her and miss her terribly.

    • jconn429 4 years ago

      @jackie-hunt: Jackie, To be honest, I do not think anyone stole your cat. However, you know your neighborhood better than me. My cat got out last week, still hasn't returned, but my neighbors have been nothing but helpful in searching for Felix, my cat. But did you put up flyers? Make all your neighbors aware. I even put a few flyers in people's mailboxes were Felix was sighted. Does your cat have a chip, alert Homeagain. Put food out too. They say 2 days to 2weeks a cat could be out for. I wish you the best of luck. please keep me posted!

    • elizabeth-mccormack 4 years ago

      Another one here looking for help & advice...Is there ever any explanation for several cats going missing? We've just had no. 5 cat go missing in as many years and it's heart breaking, as not one of them has ever been found. We've done all the things suggested - contacted our few neighbours first of all (I think they're sick of me asking by now though, as it seems to be a yearly event...) contacted local vets, rescue homes, local councils, posted on lost & found boards & even contacted the police in case a spate of cat-napping was prevalent in the area. We've also done flyer runs with 3 of the 5 missing cats, but nothing.All these cats have been Norwegian Forest cats, all ~2 years old at the age of disappearance, all neutered & micro-chipped. And they've all just disappeared without a trace.Yet our British Short haired cross has been fine the whole time we've had him - he's now 13 - and likewise the few other cats that live with neighbours on the lane are all still accounted for and unharmed.I've questioned as to whether it's something I'm doing wrong but I've never been able to put my finger on anything. Apart from restricting their access to the outside world at night, they've always seemed happy & relaxed. They've simply just gone out in the morning after the overnight confinement & never returned.

    • yodasfinder 4 years ago

      Our youngest cat, Yoda - got out the screen door last Thursday and straight up into the woods.We immediately ran after her, but at 1 year old she was entirely too fast ! To our advantage she had not been spayed yet, let me explain. We searched the woods for hours and hours, then for the next three days continued and also called the animal shelters, talked to neighbors and checked the neighborhood. On Sunday night (the 4th nite missing) I got on the internet and looked on these sites, me and the wife were extremely worried due to the fact that the woods is our back yard and everyone we talked to kept bringing up the fact that there is coyotes up there. Then I found advice on here - it stated that - cats in heat will stay silent for most of the day, it stated we may have been really close to her when searching but since she was startled she wanted to be alone. The site suggested that she may be wanting to mate and whether in heat or not she would be calling out for a mate or simply for help since she may still be startled and confused. The site suggested to search in the nite hours between midnight and dawn and to take a box or bag of treats outside and shake them as we called for her. It said don't yell or run towards her as it will startle her further. I went to sleep Sunday night and set the alarm for 1 a.m. -- I went out with a bag of treats and was going to go down the street ( the site said the majority of lost cats stay within 5 houses ) when I walked onto my patio I HEARD HER CONSTANTLY YELLING OUT -IT WAS A CONSTANT MEOW - but didn't sound painful, I ran inside and got my wife and we both went over to my next door neighbors house, she was in the woods about 15 yards up the hill . It took us at least 2 hours to get closer and closer (very slowly) and she finally ran right up to my wife. THANK GOD for the internet (otherwise I would have never known to look in the middle of the night) And THANK YOU, whoever you are that put this information on here !!!!!!!!!! Yoda is getting spayed tomorrow so this nightmare / miracle NEVER happens again, I hope this info helps you all and remember --DONT EVER GIVE UP HOPE

    • ellev8 4 years ago

      My cat has been missing for three days, he clearly had a fight with another cat because when I went to the garage I could see a lot of his fur bits on the floor which is really concerning.Hes obviously scared to come back to the house. I don't want to leave food out as the other male cat will probably eat it, I'm not really sure what to do feeling a bit stressed out over it....

    • jconn429 4 years ago

      I am at a lost. My 1yr old cat got out over a month ago now and I simply do not know what to do anymore. I have tried everything, well at least I think so. Flyers, traps, searching at night, asking neighbors, calling aspca, everything! I just pray to God that he is not trap somewhere and slowly suffering. Please, if anyone has any other advise I would greatly appreciate it!

    • cassiebluex 4 years ago

      My cat has been missing since yesterday, although it is only one day.. we have had her nearly a year and every evening without fail we shake the treats call her and my other cats name and they both come home as we do not keep them out overnight as we do not have a cat flap. she has never been missing before they both are in and out all day. She is more of an indoor cat than my other one and absolutely LOVES affection! I am so frightened that she has been hurt by a fox as we have a woods at the bottom of our garden or she is trapped somewhere or has been hit by a car or someone may of even taken her. She does not have a collar (as my mum has issues with collars as saw a cat strangled and caught up on a fence when she was younger and has put her against them) but she IS micro chipped. we have not stopped calling her, shaking her treats (which she normally responds to) or looking for her. If she is not back by tomorrow we are putting leaflets up as this is not her normal behaviour. Please if anyone has any tips we just want to no if she is ok and not hurt.

    • mary-harmon 4 years ago

      I lost three cats when I lived in Emerson, Iowa. They were older and never left the yard so I know someone took them. I never found them.

    • mousey-mousey 4 years ago

      I was in the process of moving house. After taking one cat in, I returned to my car to find the (sturdy!!) cat carrier ripped and my other kitty gone :( I kept going back to the old place, calling, leaving food out in both locations, the whole nine yards. Who knows why, but one night (maybe a week later?) I went out with my remaining cat and a bag of treats at about 1am. I let him lead - as slow and weird as that was. After about 40 minutes I got fed up and called for him to follow me home. About 2 minutes later he RAN across the road - missing kitty was down a storm drain literally about 100 ft from my new place. As soon as she saw him she leapt out, and I grabbed her. So - if you have other kitties...maybe use their skills? :)

    • amy-sundin 4 years ago

      I moved to my new resident 3 years ago, bringing 2 cats along for a long trip. They made it into the house alright, but somehow the screen door didn't latch properly and my cat Riley got out. Needless to say, I freaked out when I realized he was gone. My boyfriend and I went out right away, splitting up to start walking around the house, I hadn't even made it into the backyard before he was yelling for me. Riley was under a bush, next to the house, not even 100ft away. He was beyond scared at being outside by himself, seeing as he's always been a house cat. He was also very fearful of my boyfriend. As soon as Riley seen me, he came flying from the bush and right into my legs.I don't know what I would have done, if he would have been lost to me forever. I'm going to bookmark this page, just in case.

    • rallo-smith profile image

      rallo-smith 4 years ago

      My cats are just that, cats. They go in and out as they please. When I moved I did everything I heard to do like keep them in the house for the first three weeks and then expose them to the outside but one went missing. I called to this cat nightly while walking the property for two months and people would tell me the coyotes most likely. Then one day as I was backing down the driveway, there he sat all skinny and dirty but it was him. Don't know for sure where he was but I think he was trapped in at a nearby construction site. Enjoyed your lens, thanks.

    • ellev8 4 years ago

      Update on my cat, he finally came back after 8 days however he couldn't put any weight on his right front paw, we took him to the vet he gave us some anti-biotics and after a week he was all good!!! :)

    • Aquablocks 4 years ago

      I once lost a cat but fortunately a neighbor found it in her house and brought it back.

    • TwilightSparkle 4 years ago

      i havnt seen my kitten in about a month but she has been seen often in the area but every time i go by to have a look around i can't find her

    • Fruitloop113 4 years ago

      My ginger cat, about 3 years old now, his name Basil. He has brown eyes and is a very people cat. Basil went missing just over 1 year ago. I miss him so bad. I will never give up on looking for my best friend.

    • kakie1 4 years ago

      Hi there, Ive recently moved house a week ago, and whilst I have kept my cats indoors since I got here, my 3yr old ginger male has got out twice, the first time he was out all night and came back the next morning, but this time he hasn't come home all day... Ive been round the neighbourhood and shouted him and rattled his biscuits, looked all over, but no sign of him. He has been very nervous since the move and seems to be scared of his own shadow.. he was a bit of a top dog at the old house, but as this area seems to have a lot of cats, he has now gone to being the new cat on the block, and don't think he likes it... any suggestions as to what I should do now? really worried and want him home tonight?

    • swenniebob 4 years ago

      Hello and thanks for the advice, It Worked!! We followed your guide, didn't panic or give up and Nibbs is back home safe and sound. He pushed his way out through a basement screen and was outside for the 1st time in 100 degree weather on the 4th of July. We put out some food where we deducted he would most likely be hiding and when most of the tuna was gone the next morning we knew he was close, which gave us hope. We propped open the basemwnt window he went out through and he came right back in through the open window. One other hint place some flour on the ground around the food dish to look for paw prints. Thanks for this page and your advice.

    • GeniePark 4 years ago

      I don't know what I would do if our cat would escape. Well, after reading this lens, I do know.

    • redskins92 4 years ago

      Such good advice here. It really helped me get through my situation with our cat, Billie, who went missing on Saturday night--well, sort of. She slipped outside at 3am, and I couldn't get her back in. This had happened once or twice before, so I just let her go, thinking that I would just get her back inside the next morning. She never wandered far--more than a house or two away--and now that she is getting older, I was pretty sure she would just hang around in the bushes right out front. Well, on Sunday, she wasn't in the bushes. I called to her, tried the "crack the can" trick, walked the block, drove around the neighborhood, searched everywhere. Nothing. Then I started to do the easiest, and most unhelpful thing: beat myself up for not getting her back in the previous night. I made a flier and posted it on the stop sign at the end of the road, and at that point, was out of ideas, other than to knock on neighbor's doors, which I had planned on doing the next day. Then I came across this site, which made me have hope that she might still be okay, and gave me ideas for other things to try. Long story short, she came back Sunday night, well as could be. My girlfriend thinks that Billie went into a neighbor's garage and the homeowner shut the door not realizing she was in there. I think that is probably what happened, too. Just so glad to have her back. My heart goes out to anyone who is going through this now. Try not to give up hope. My girlfriend had one of her cats run off many years ago, and it was gone for three years before it returned. One of her neighbors had ended up adopting it, not realizing it already had a home (the little guy's collar had slipped off).

    • clriche 4 years ago

      Great advice here... You have encouraged me to continue the search for my lost cat.Mine is an unusual situation. I had been leaving out food for the cats in my neighborhood, and Sammy was one of the several cats that chose to dine at my establishment. He's much more friendly than most of the cats, and he and I bonded almost immediately. He was at my house in the morning when I first put the food out, and was one of the last to eat before I went to bed.Last week I noticed that he had a problem with his eyes. They were both swollen and he wasn't his usual chipper self. My vet's tech lives next door, and when she took a look at him, she suggested that we put him in a carrier and she'll bring him to the vet clinic the next morning.When she put the carrier down, he somehow escaped and ran under a neighboring house. We saw him there the same evening, but he was unwilling to emerge from there. We tried food (really smelly stuff), and have now resorted to setting up humane traps, so far with no success. The clinic is about seven miles from my house, so I can't just walk up and down the neighborhood calling for him. I've listed him on a number of sites, but have not yet posted fliers in the vicinity of the clinic. I'll try that now and see if that yields any results.My main concern at this time is his health. The tech seemed to think he had conjunctivitis, and I don't know how serious the condition may become if it is not treated.It's only been a week, so I won't give up yet. I'm very glad I found this column. It has given me renewed hope. Thanks!

    • 12Kara 4 years ago

      My cat that I've had since I was in Kindergarten, now have had for eight years. We have lived in this house for 3 years. He is an indoor cat that got out last night. He enjoys being outside but we never let him out because we feared he would get lost and not come back. This has happened before but he came back after an hour. Its been two days now though. I'm just very upset right now because he has been part of this family for a very long time. Please if anyone has any advice please tell me.

    • KittyWrites 4 years ago

      Very nice lens. I don't have a cat right now, but in the past have had several.

    • potovanja profile image

      potovanja 4 years ago

      Great lens and because i help homeless cats and dogs more then eight years from now, i must definitely agree with all your content. Super informative lens my cat friend:). Thankyou 4 visiting my lens...

    • CristianStan 4 years ago

      This looks like a true nightmare. I pray I will never lose my little cat :)

    • lester-crombie 4 years ago

      Hi LouMy cat "Rexie" went missing some days ago, so I have been searching the internet for information on what to do in this situtation.Fortunately, I came across your article and found it very helpful. In fact, it is, by far, the best information I have read so far, so thank you for the all the effort and thought you have put into writing and researching your article.I have made a "Missing" poster for Rexie. If you would like a copy of it to place with your article as a sample of a poster then email me on .... Lester

    • jason-green-54966 4 years ago

      my cat is lost or may have been taken she is a 2 year old calico and is a in door cat that has never wondered past the front porch and has vanished was in a very familiar invirement so would not be lost or scared if had just wondered a little to far

    • dream1983 4 years ago

      Nice and useful lens, nicely done! Squidlike

    • intakt 4 years ago

      wow very nice information

    • angelina-henderson-92 4 years ago

      I completley agree with the other posts, this is really great advice. My cat has been missing for nearly five days now-this whole emotion avoidance is very relevant. It's so hard trying to stay positive and not give up

    • dgreer 4 years ago

      Very good article and wish had found it a two weeks ago, when my cat first went missing. The first two days, looked everywhere. Continued to call and leave out food, but the dog and raccoons got to it first. Last night coming home, we saw her and followed her to a small drainage pipe a few feet away from our driveway that she crawled into. She would talk to us, but kept going deeper into the pipe, scared. After a several anxious minutes, and her only retreating deeper into the pipe, I went into the house and got my robe, that she has kneaded and nursed for 3 years, and placed the robe into the pipe. She knew that robe and within moments she was in my arms :)

    • TwistedWiseman profile image

      TwistedWiseman 4 years ago

      My kittie never leaves the room, the other cats in the yard run around and don't leave the house.

    • mike-margaret 4 years ago

      We have lost our 18mth. old black and white male cat named Panda from 285 Jarvis St. Oshawa Ont. Can.He went missing 14 days ago, after reading many of your tips " don't give up " and reading other cases , your web page has giving us hope. Thank you all for your stories and helpful tips. God bless you all. Mike and Marg 905-721-9905 ( if any one sees him )

    • TheBeautifulLife 4 years ago

      I found many many cats. For many cats we get great new homes and nice owners. I love your lens...Don't stop here...

    • ZairaMazlee 4 years ago

      Hello. My cat went missing for almost 3 days. My cat Mindy, was sent to my friends house because we had to go to Penang for raya which is very far from my home. I'm from Malaysia though. My mother sent Mindy to their house last year and she almost went missing. But she came back. This year, my mom decided to sent mindy to my friends house. My sister and I didn't agree with my mom. My friends house is quite far from my house so I'm afraid that my cat is in danger because she's new to the environment. And the area is big I'm afraid the residence there kidnap her or abuse her. I hope she is still alive. How do I find her?

    • ZairaMazlee 4 years ago

      And some of the residents at my friends house are crazy. I mean there are a lot of crazy people out there I'm scared that someone tries to hurt her. I hope right now she's doing ok and I don't want her to end up sleeping under a bridge, cold and hungry. I cried as soon as my friend called me saying that my cat went missing. I hope my cat knows that our whole family loves her so much. I don't want her to feel neglected. I'm scared that my cat will think we don't love her anymore and she'll think that oh why should I even go back to my friends house since my owner doesn't love me anymore ;'( I would really love to know your opinion ASAP. Thank you.

    • StewartClan profile image

      StewartClan 4 years ago

      I have a cat and he escaped, an indoor cat. He is a ragdoll cat and anyone who knows that breed - well they are a bit stupid. They are very friendly with humans and they don't like to fight. Well, after four weeks we got a call from the local vets. He had a micro chip, and someone took him to the vets and they scanned him. We got a call to pick him up. He was thinner, but he was fine.

    • Affstar767 4 years ago

      This is such and amazing and helpful lense. Keep doing awesome lenses like this and you will definitely become a Giant Squid. This lense is SUPER useful! :)

    • no-onee-33671 4 years ago

      @TheBeautifulLife: You give lost cats away to other people?

    • JuliaAnnPayne profile image

      JuliaAnnPayne 4 years ago

      yeah My kitty snuggles she was a little gray and white kitty and she loved to cuddle and snuggle close to you.. I miss her so.

    • Gwanda 4 years ago

      My inside cat, 5 year old male Bermin, got out and now it is almost week four. We hung posters, called local animal controls and vets, call him every night.No signs of him anywhere. He was very shy and timid in the house so I can only imagine how he is outside. What is a realistic time frame that he could still come home? I am sick about this and just don't know what else to do....

    • CatarinaAz 4 years ago

      Very useful tips! Thank you so much!

    • mlammy 4 years ago

      On day 3 of our missing cat. We have scoured the neighborhood and in backyards looking for him, we have posted fliers and will continue to look today, tonight. Very good tips here and will use them to help locate our little boy.

    • yahj-dejesus 4 years ago

      thank's for the advice,because our cat is missing for 1day 2nights,we hope the he is coming back to our house we love him so much,please pray for us to find him again,,

    • yahj-dejesus 4 years ago

      thank's for the advice as of now our cat is lost for 1day & 2nights we hope that we find him again or he will come back home as soon as possible,i search him to our roof but i can't see him,we hope 1day he will return inside our house,please give us more tips,thank you,,

    • spids1 profile image

      spids1 4 years ago

      Great lens very well written.

    • michelle-rodinocolocino 4 years ago

      @mlammy: how is it going with your cat search mlammy? Hang in there!!!

    • Paula7928 4 years ago

      My cat Sabrina routinely disappears for about 7 days at a time, she is somewhat of a wild cat. This time she has been gone 3 weeks so I fear that she will not return this time. She ran off after our new puppy chased her barking incessantly.

    • hayleyb3 4 years ago

      Third day my cat as been missing. He is not cat that goes out so really worried!

    • hayleyb3 4 years ago

      @yahj-dejesus: Hope you find your cat as much as I hope mine returns x

    • mlammy 4 years ago

      @mlammy: day 9 no sign of our little boy :( fearing the worst.

    • mlammy 4 years ago

      @michelle-rodinocolocino: nothing yet. had a pet amber alert put out to all the neighbors. hung flyers everywhere, a couple of sightings but no hard leads. keeping our fingers crossed !!

    • hayleyb3 4 years ago

      Putting dirty washing out and a tin of tuna worked for me. My cat came home at 6 this morning x

    • Kmillice 4 years ago

      My cat has been missing for 9 days. I went out tonight and called him incessantly. I feel like I heard him, so I stopped and softly called and called. Something me owed twice but stopped. Any recommendations? I was in an alley when I heard the meow and don't know where it came from. I'm a little worried for my safety to Ho knocking and asking if I can get let in these houses' back yards. Has anyone had any luck calling their missing cats? Any tips? Thank you do much.

    • grainger-jenny 4 years ago

      I adopted a cat last week and had her for 5 days. She has taken off and I think is somewhere in the vicinity of where we lost her still. It's been two days. It's not her territory and she's not familiar with it. We have seen her once since she ran off but she wouldn't approach us. We have been leaving out salmon for her but we're just attracting all the other cats in the neighbourhood. Any suggestions from anyone? I haven't had her long but I'd like to get her back.

    • anonymous 4 years ago

      Thank you for the helpful tips!

    • jad-husin 4 years ago

      I just lost my cat this morning. He's been with me for about one year and he's 13 months old. Maybe he's looking for a mating companion. I wish he's coming back. I love him so much :'(

    • recyclinrob 4 years ago

      It's terrible when your pet goes missing this is a great lens to help bring em back home!

    • Addy Bell profile image

      Addy Bell 4 years ago

      One of my cats went missing yesterday. He squeezed through a 3 or 4" space to escape into our busy urban neighborhood. I'm very concerned about him, but I'm implementing a lot of the tips you provide here, and I hope they come to fruition. Thanks for writing this.

    • emily-mae-121 4 years ago

      I just lost my cat, Rosie! I can't find her but it's only been about 12 hours! :( Come back!!!!!!!!

    • inette 4 years ago

      Our "baby" has gone missing. After reading your article I feel so much better and just put some fish out! I nearly gave up looking, thank you.

    • 4specialK 4 years ago

      Thank you for this. Does anyone have any tips for when you lose a cat in a mountainous area? Our house is quite remote and I'm concerned about predators (fox, coyote, owl, etc).

    • Mlydiac 4 years ago

      Thank you so much for this article. My 12 year old cat (I got him when I was 10!) has been missing for a week and I'm heartbroken. I thought that I had done very thing I could and was beginning to accept that something must have happened to him. Not only have you given me more hope, but I found more things to try! I can't thank you enough. :-)

    • amespt 4 years ago

      Thanks to your tips, we were able to find our missing kitty late last night. It was the third night since she had disappeared, and the temperature had been below freezing each night. You were right about not giving up looking for her! We weren't expecting a happy ending given the circumstances, but we are so thankful to have her safely home with us.

    • julie-denneny 4 years ago

      @Mlydiac: Did you find your cat eventually? Mine has been gone a week and has never gone far before.

    • kimberley-freeman-948 4 years ago

      Great article and advice! I am a professional Cat Detective in Austin (trained by Kat Albrecht) and would like to suggest the use of wildlife cameras with food as bait. You can find out if your cat is in the area, and also if there are coyotes around, too. They are a key piece of equipment in our lost cat searches lately. I've put together an ebook Guide on advice and steps to Find a Lost Cat which is available for instant download on my website:

    • kimberley-freeman-948 4 years ago

      @julie-denneny: Sorry to hear your cat's missing. The advice in the article above is excellent, but if you want more details on HOW to search and what you can be doing, you can get a Search Guide for How to find lost cats on my website

    • JackDavies1994 4 years ago

      Our cat had been missing since wedensdat 5th of decenber. Until tonight we didn't know were she was until we started putting posters through letters boxes. One of he people came to our house and told us that he had seen our cat fighting with another cat. So we think that this cat she has been fighting with has been marking its territory around were we live. But thanks to your advice at least we know that she is in the area.

    • shanthala-ga 4 years ago

      Thanks for the very nice and useful article. I had lost my kitten today, tried a lot searching for her around. But got too pessimistic and imagined so many bad things happening to her due to stray dogs.. Then I panicked and gave up, thinking that she is too young to survive so long in the cruel world outside. But later I read your article, buckled up and went on a search for her taking the help of a few neighbors.. I was so lucky! we found her hiding on the terrace of a neighbor, looking dehydrated and too scared. Thanks a millions to you and my search partners.. Our baby girl is back to home and sleeping sound and safely now! :)

    • hayley-guild 4 years ago

      Thank you for this article! My cat went missing four days ago. I thought the worst and did as much research as possible to help me find him. This article was the most helpful, especially the part about stay positive as they normally go for five to ten days..... He turned up half an hour ago, screaming his head off at the front door.

    • hannah-vincent-98 4 years ago

      Thank you so much for your advice. We were devastated when our cat went missing for 48 hours and part of the torture was witnessing our 15 year old in agony. It was he who found your website. The idea of a cat getting 'spooked' and going into hiding close to home made sense and felt encouraging. It turned out to be true, too - our cat was in hiding in a bush two streets away, presumably waiting for it to be safe to return - or for us to find her. Thanks again.

    • mlammy 4 years ago

      @hayley-guild: so glad to hear your little boy came home, its a horrible feeling not knowing.

    • mlammy 4 years ago

      @mlammy: just an update, our little boy never did return after 2 1/2 months. I would ask all cat owners that if you don't need to let your cat outside, please try to make him or her an indoor cat. Our other outside cat has since passed away unfortunately by a car.

    • mlammy 4 years ago

      for anyone with a smartphone i.e Android, IPhone, Friskies makes an app that calls your cat based on different sounds. canned food opening, dry food bag shaking, treats bag shaking, cat meows, bird tweets, bell. walking the neighborhood late at night playing this app on your phone may get your kitty home. carrying a bag of food or tapping a can with a spoon may also work. Its better at night so there's not a lot of background noise. Hope this helps.

    • bushra-imtiaz-33 4 years ago

      My cat climbed up to our roof yesterday night and now there is no sign of her anywhere. she's about two years. I m extremely worried. last time she climbed to different house's roofs and loudly meowed and was trying to jump to our house and I went to our neighbors at 3 am and saved her. This time it's totally different, I don't see her any where and people here will leave no such chance and take her with them. Local children have no idea where she is. I don't know what to do!!! I m very worried and I have also cried for my little baby. What do i do??? She's not on the roof or any where in the streets!

    • Sandragoras 4 years ago

      Hello. I am writing from Mexico City.Yesterday morning, my cat Benito (a 5 year old neutered large size tomcat) went for a walk and he didn't comeback but 24 hours later. I stayed up all night, crying and looking in internet for some advices to get him back. Benito haven't done this before and I was very scared. Luckily i found this page and followed almost all the tips. My beloved Benito is back, ditry and hungry but well. Please, keep hope. Keep looking for your kitty! It's very likely that he'll return in a while. Thanks for all the good info, i know that it helped Benito to find his way back home.

    • tylor-makizuru 4 years ago

      Me and my girl friend lost our cat 2 days ago right before New Years. He must have slipped out while we weren't looking. We didn't realize he was missing till the next day I'm assuming he was gone for at least 12hrs since any one last saw him. We checked our whole apt looking through our closet drawers behind our washing machine everywhere inside any were a cat might hide. He was no were to be found from there on we started looking around our complex up and down under dumpsters,cars,bushes.tress, we must have made at least 5 full rounds around our complex that day. We hoped to have found him by nightfall for fear of the fireworks that were going to be set off from New Years fire works. We were afraid he might go further away from the loud noises. After the fire works noise stopped I personally looked around to listen if I could hear him meowing. I had no luck but I didn't give up hope I went online that night looking for tips if there was anything I could do that I wasn't doing to help find him find his way home. There were a lot of inspirational stories out there and people who felt as hopeless as I did but never gave up. It helped a lot. My advice "The way you lose hope is when you decide to give up." i then proceeded to use some of the tips I learned an put treats out at the door,patio,and by our window,an a couple of used shirts for scent jus in case he was close enough and couldn't find his home. We didn't have much luck. My girlfriend and I shredded a couple of tears together and brain stormed what we could. We drove a 1 mile radius around our neighborhood very slowly stopping at areas we thought he might be. My girlfriend was embarrassed she didn't want people thinking we were criminals walking around looking under cars an such. I told her as long as keep calling him an I have these bag of treat in hand"shaking it" we should be fine I didn't want to leave any stone unturned and thinking later if we never found him maybe I should have called louder or looked under that car for fear what other people might think. I say do it. at least you know you did the best of your abilities to find him. We then walked around our complex at least 5 times searching the same spots same bushes same cars over an over again.that we looked before with no sign of him. We then called it a night an my girl friend went inside I on the other hand took my dog out to use the bathroom an decide to walk jus down the street jus hoping to gets glimpse of something anything. I must have been 4 apartment buildings down from the corner of my eye I saw something bolt it looked like a hare we have a lot of them here. But decided to check it out any way. As I got. Closer i realized it was our cat he was frightened out of his mind an didn't respond to his name in fear of him running I didn't move fast to him even though my heart was racing an wanting me to run to him an grab him. I slowly reached my hand out so he could sniff me an once I was able to get a good grip on him I did. Took him home my girlfriend was ecstatic. My advice never give up hope even when all hope seems lost Look.Look,Look around even if its the same spots. Cats move around and are great hiders you might not have seen him the first time or the second or third time but he's out there some were. You jus need to find him. I hope this helps people out there who have lost there cats an are still looking. Don't give up we found our cat he is now sound asleep in his bed. It been 2hrs since we found him. Thank you all for posting your experiences an things you faced when looking for your cat. It gave me HOPE..

    • SharingGreatStuff 4 years ago

      Yes, I've lost one of cat some years back and it was really devastating. I've tried almost all the tips you have given above but I still could not find him in the end. It still hurt whenever I think of him and somehow could not imagine what could possibly have happen to him.

    • aboutkitchenrev profile image

      aboutkitchenrev 4 years ago

      Hi I have 2 indoor cats and a couple of times, Ginger just likes to do her own thing and can't find her for an hour plus. When all else fails, I grab the treat bag, shake it around and the next thing I know - she's right beside me. Our feline pets are special.

    • oxxiiikry 4 years ago

      My cat went missing on Monday the 31st of December. Yesterday I noticed that I haven't seen him in a couple days but I thought it was because I was on a trip away for new years for a few days and after that, maybe my mom and dad have been letting him in and out of the house... He is an indoor/outdoor cat, every time he would go outside he would always come home at least the next day... My dad doesn't like him inside the house so when my dad is home (which is not a lot because hes a truck driver) he only lets him inside to eat and then takes him out to the patio... well yesterday my dad left on his trip and today I woke up at 4 am and couldn't fall back asleep and randomly thought of the cat and got excited that he can be in the house as much as he wants again, so I went outside and called and called and called for him but he never came. An hour later I woke my little brother up and asked him if he has seen him lately and he said last time he seen him was NYE, I called my dad and he said he had seen him 5 days ago which is still a very long time and unlike him to be gone that long. I can't stop crying over him. He's the only pet I've ever had and I've had him since he was a few weeks old almost 5 years ago... (found him alone and helpless in our backyard) Its almost 2 am right now as I'm writing this and I have to be up for work in 4 hours... I don't know what to do.. my whole family is taking it to lightly too, its like no one wants to friends don't get it either, i try to vent and they just tell me to calm down because hes "just a cat"... I just want my baby back. : ' ((( I posted ads online... does it matter how long the cat may be gone for if he is an indoor/outdoor cat? hes outside a lot so he wandered all over the place already... and is there any other way besides leaving food outside to try to get him back? (i find my neighbors cats in my patio all the time... so leaving food might be pointless because they are just going to eat it all)

    • safa-saghir 4 years ago

      SIR my cat is lost from two days I am finding him from and following your tips please tell me more how can i find him

    • Redneck Lady Luck profile image

      Lorelei Cohen 4 years ago from Canada

      Losing your cat is indeed heart wrenching. We moved and my old cat disappeared. I was terrified that she had got away while we were bringing in the furniture. I walked the streets calling her for two days without a response. Then while doing laundry in the basement I heard a meow in the wall. She had found a hole and crawled into one of the basement walls. I almost cried with relief.

    • LisaNowatzki profile image

      LisaNowatzki 4 years ago

      I have, but I have a happy ending. We found him quickly. What a horrible experience.

    • ChuckDickens profile image

      ChuckDickens 3 years ago

      My cat Bob escaped out the front door last night without me knowing... he's black and it was dark out. I found him some hours later shivering and mewing. It's a horrid feeling when you tear the house apart and can't find them anywhere.Thanks for sharing these useful ways to try and get a cat friend back home safe :)

    • kimberley-freeman-948 3 years ago

      @ChuckDickens: How did you find Bob and where was he? Please share to help others in their search!

    • kimberley-freeman-948 3 years ago

      @LisaNowatzki: Please share how you found him and where!

    • missBorokwa profile image

      missBorokwa 3 years ago

      very good lens,cats often go missing for long periods of time (days,weeks) and its a terrible time for the owner. my cats often went missing but came back. neutering and spaying help to stop straying a bit. Thanks for sharing!:)

    • gerisly 3 years ago

      My cat went missing on tues 22/1/13 there was snow on the ground.I let all the 3 of my cats out on mon 21/1/13 and they all shot back in after 5mins.They`d been cooped up in the house cos of bad weather,so i did the same the next night but only 2 came in.They never go far.My cat is still missing shes a ginger and white tort,iv had her since she was a little kitten..shes 13yrs now.She never goes far so i thought it would be ok.Iv done every thing to find her but theres no news yet.She was seen 5mins away but when i got there she was no where to be seen.I know at the time the snow will have made it hard for her to smell her scent to come home.Iv done the same thing time and time again over the yrs...and i feel so guilty,i should have let her heart broke xx

    • gerisly 3 years ago

      @oxxiiikry: aww lv i know exactlly how you feel,im in the same position.iv had my cat for all the 13yrs she`s been alive.i too cant stop crying and ur right a lot of ppl dont understand..i wish with all my heart that he`s back with you and warm fluffy cuddles to you xxxx

    • RuthieDenise profile image

      RuthieDenise 3 years ago

      I haven't lost a cat thank goodness. But this is very good information.

    • wyzeguru profile image

      wyzeguru 3 years ago

      We lost our cat but it had climbed in the back of our car and got locked in. Poor little thing was really cold but we found the little guy in the end!

    • gerisly 3 years ago

      Hi all my cat came home at the early hrs of Sat morn on 2/2/13.She`s ok lost a bit of weight due to stress,I know someone was gonna keep her but then had second thoughts cos her coat was so clean and i got a txt on sat eve saying where she was but who sent the txt dint know she`d come home...what ever shes home now and is grounded til shes 100,thanks to all who helped look for her xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • paul-clark-9678 3 years ago

      Our cat is mainly an indoor cat, but will spend maybe an hour or two outside each day.. on Sunday (3rd Feb) he went out at about 7.00pm and when we went to let him back in as normal he wasn't there! Its now Wednesday 7th and still no sign of him. He never goes far normally, never more than 30 meters of our house.He is wearing his collar with out telephone number on, but nobody has called. Ive checked the roads around us and thankfully no roadkill! Ive put flyers through the doors of every house in our street. So far we had one text from someone who thought they saw him but when we visited the area they said we couldnt see him. Im hoping he is just lost and will eventually turn up. Hopefully nobody has taken him in as their own as he was wearing his collar! Im also hoping he hasnt ran away as we have just had a baby and I think he was feeling a bit put out as he hasnt had much attention the past couple of weeks (its our first child - its taken time to adjust!)Anyone got any tips?

    • mlammy 3 years ago

      @paul-clark-9678: there are so many tips out there, please read them and follow them. Don't worry about your cat, he will come home. Most likely hiding somewhere. go out at night and shake some treats or hit a can of food with a spoon. print flyers and post them on telephone poles. call vets in area and animal shelters. Hope you find your little boy !!

    • gerisly 3 years ago

      @gerisly: Hi my cat came home om 2/2/13,shes ok thank god.thanks to all for ur support.

    • mlammy 3 years ago

      @gerisly: Great News !!!

    • GeekGirl1 profile image

      GeekGirl1 3 years ago

      Very practical steps for finding a lost cat. Thank you.

    • suepogson profile image

      suepogson 3 years ago

      @gerisly: Hurrah! You must be so relieved!

    • suepogson profile image

      suepogson 3 years ago

      Thank you - these are really useful tips. If ever my Billy gets up the energy to leave the area I'll follow your advice- especially regarding the probably radius. Glad gerisly's cat came home!

    • agagata lm profile image

      agagata lm 3 years ago

      These are very useful tips. My cat slipped out not long ago during one of the coldest days this winter. I realised she was missing in the evening (my cats are hardly visible when the kids are up ;) I've printed out little posters and put them through the letterboxes in all the neighbouring houses (over a 100!) and then I walked around calling her name... and then... as it was freezing... I drove around the neighbourhood for an hour. I almost lost hope and thought she wouldn't survive (she's a tiny Burmese) but then, I decided to go through the back lanes one last time and I noticed her glaring eyes under one of the cars. I had to crawl underneath it to get her out she was so scared.. Fortunately, she has lost interest in the outside world now ;)

    • Dom_0505 3 years ago

      My cat went out yesterday morning and hasn't come back yet. He normally goes out for a couple of hours and comes back straight away. I didn't sleep all night trying to find him but no luck. I put up some posters and knock neraly every house in the nieghbourhood. I'm really scarred that something bad happened to him. He's never stayd out overnight :( I will try to put some food out for him tonight, maybe he'll come back. How do you cope with the stress? He's my little boy and I can't even imagine that he wouldn't come back.

    • WordChipper profile image

      WordChipper 3 years ago

      Losing a family member is always very sad. Great lens - thanks for sharing

    • Dom_0505 3 years ago

      Good news, my little boy is back home now :) He was trapped in somebody's green house not far away from our house. I put up some posters this morning and put little photos of him through letter box in all houses in our area. I wrote under the photo to check garages and sheds as he might be locked in. I then got a phone call this evening from a lady, who saw this photo and went to check her green house and he was there :) He was a bit scared but is ok now. He was missing "only" 36 hours but it was the worst feeling I've ever had. Remember, don't give up!

    • laila71456 3 years ago

      I got my daughter a cat..back in November 2011. He is an indoor-outdoor cat. We stay in a rural area and we are used to him coming in and out all day and even at night. He usually stays out all night and come home early in the morning like 5 or 6 am. Even when he stays in all night he wakes up someone with all the meowing. He isn't neutered and there are female cats around, so I know what he does. It is one girl cat that always hang around here and they kick it with one another. Maybe over a week and a half ago, he left and hasn't come back, no one has seen him at all. He has never stayed gone this long. Usually if I hadn't seen him in like 2 days or so, he WOULD come and get something to eat and leave again, but never this long. There are a lot of strays around here and he is the healthiest one with a home. Everyone knows my cat because he is the only "gray" cat around this area. I have asked some people and they tell me the same thing, that they haven't been seeing him either. I seen the little girl cat that he would be kicking it with, she was walking by my house and she meowed and ran up under my house and come out the other side and I went hurried up and went opened up the back door to see if my cat was around and she ran off from under my house fast and looked back. Like she was giving me a message or something. I have been thinking the worst...I really don't know what to do anymore.? Should I just give up?

    • cherchar profile image

      cherchar 3 years ago

      I lost a cat she never came home. It was the most devastating heartbreak I ever experienced.

    • alina nicoleta92 profile image

      alina nicoleta92 3 years ago

      Fortunately not because I don't own a pet but I would like to have a cute kitty.

    • AnimalHouse 3 years ago

      Yes, indeed! Thinking positively would really help! I like what you have done here. Great job.

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      The cat is cute, l like it, i would look for it if i lost it.

    • CyberPappy profile image

      CyberPappy 3 years ago

      One of our cats went missing for over a week. Turned out she'd wandered into a neighbor's garage before they left on vacation. Nice lens.

    • Nandini23 3 years ago

      My cat went missing last night. I have put up posters and even "walked" with his brother cat to find him. Thank you for this post, it gives me hope and I have used all of your strategies. I hope he comes home soon, this is the fist time her has gone missing for the entire night.

    • Nandini23 3 years ago

      @Dom_0505: awesome, I hope my baby comes back too.

    • Nandini23 3 years ago

      Update, I found my baby. It was amazing a little stray cat that I had been feeding led me straight to him. She actually ran in front of me when I came out to look for him and kept running in-front to make sure that I was following and when she reached his hiding spot (he was hiding in the bushes) she stopped and meowed and then my cat meowed too. This little cat was simply amazing, I am going to try to adopt her. But the advice on here was awesome, I bought strong flashlights to look in the bushes and went out after 12am when everything was silent, kept calling out his name.

    • Vikk Simmons profile image

      'Vikk Simmons 3 years ago from Houston

      I had my Siamese cat for 21 years and I still remember when we couldn't find her for 3 days. I was sure I'd lost her but she was somewhere hiding i the house despite repeated efforts to find her. I finally found her in the closet. She must have been tucked in a jacket sleeve or something. :)_

    • TanoCalvenoa 3 years ago

      I've lost cats a few times, once we never saw him again and concluded he was taken by a dog or a coyote. Your tips here are excellent, a few I never thought of before.

    • Craftypicks profile image

      Lori Green 3 years ago from Las Vegas

      My cat is missing around 4 months now. We miss him so much. I never stop looking.

    • kimberley-freeman-948 3 years ago

      @Louise0711: I agree--cats are so much happier when they can go out--they get so BORED indoors--must feel like a prison to them after a week! How would we feel if we could never leave our house?

    • lingolux profile image

      lingolux 3 years ago

      great advice on how to get your cat back if its lost!i lost mine once but we found it living with an old lady down the road! We visited regularly but she had decided the old lady's house was her new home!

    • roseysheikh2 3 years ago

      my cat is missing and she is so friendly and has 4 kittens of 8-9 days she is missing for 30 hours and when i call her she did not reply me i am worried about her 4 kittens

    • pradip-chowdhury2 3 years ago

      I live in Kolkata, India. I have a pet female kitten. She wandered off for three days some time ago. When she returned at midnight she was ravenously hungry. What I did not know was that she was pregnant. After some time she delivered a single dead kitten. I nursed her back to health and subsequently she did not veture out at all. There are a dozen cats at home. The other cats, whether male or female, can't tolerate her because she keeps aloof and beat her up if they get an opportunity. Therefore I was all the more careful. She became her normal playful self. But very recently she was again in heat and began calling out for mates which attracted the other male cats at home. But she would run away from them. Then she began wandering off at night and returning in the early morning. She has now been gone for seven days now and I'm extremely worried. She has not responded to my calls.

    • star4soccer26 3 years ago

      hello i have recently had 2 female cats go missing with 6 kittens the kitten were born april 12th of this year and the two cats are about one - two years old they have been missing for about 2 1/2 weeks now i have looked for them around the town i live and near by towns also but there has been no signs of them anywhere i think the cats were going into heat so could they be going to find them a mate and would they have taken the kittens with them? please help me!

    • Shells12 3 years ago

      We lost our 10 year old female indoor cat she has never been outside and never been away from her brother cat for more then an hour. We moved almost one month ago and went away last weekend to come home and find out she was gone. We think she got out when furniture was being delivered with my mom home. Please help looked every where the pound neighbors posted signs put out cat food. Could an indoor cat ever make it outside? Please any advice would help we miss her so much and her brother kitty cries for her every night!

    • nikki1979 3 years ago

      We have only had are Cat for a few days.. We wanted to settle her in before we took her to Vets to have her checked out and Micro-chipped.. The previous owner was quick to get rid of her. So I can`t imagine the had her neutered.. She is a house cat, and we live on a busy road. I contacted our local council, and luckily she had not been picked up by the Highway control.. I have contacted my local newspaper, the Radio Station, all the vets in and out of my area, Cats protection, RSPCA. PDSA, and the Cats & Dogs homes near us.. If you live in Plymouth? and in the Devonport area and had see a petite long haired black cat with a green collar with a bell?? Could you contact Nikki on 07446498239.. I would be extremely grateful..

    • cas-lynn 3 years ago

      My cat ran away on the Fourth of July. This really helps me understand more as to why he is not home yet. We put up fliers the next day and sure enough we finally got a phone call from someone 6 days after he went missing. He told us they have seen him around and that they're trying to get him for us. Sure enough he has been a few streets down from our house. And the next morning we went to try to get him. We had his food out and we sat in the car waiting for him to go for the food. Once we saw him we called for him and instead of coming right to me , he ran away. And I was confused and scared what was wrong. But reading this have me a better understanding of how cats are. And I am confident we can get him. We are trying again tonight and will do the salmon thing... My advice is that determining on how your cat got out and why will most likely determine how far he has gone.

    • nikkie-coates 3 years ago

      My baby boy Benny has been missing since Thursday 13/6/13 from Harold Hill Essex.... He is a Micro chipped, neutered Bengal of 16 months. I have put up Posters, leafleted over 350 homes and got local Newsagents to put up posters....I have found parts of my area I didn't know existed while searching!! I last saw him at 6.30am that day - I have been told of a cat being hit by a car 2 hours later that same day, but the council assure me that wasn't him!! My 2 year old Burmese is missing him madly.... Please Help... Any info please call 07986861067.... Thanks!

    • icansurpriseu lm profile image

      icansurpriseu lm 3 years ago

      Great advice! my cat had been missing for almost 12 hours... i was desperate for a solution, i knew cats wander only 5 house radius and i took a flashlight in the night to look for him even called for him but i did not find. i found this lens as i was looking for a solution..Luckily my cat showed up from the open window i left open.. I am happy that he is back and i know what to do in the future if he is missing again, thanks to you!

    • 123enter 3 years ago

      My cat slipped out the door that my nephew left open while we were on a mini vacation at a resort yesterday morning. Unfortunately we had to come home and leave without her but we have a live trap set up and staff checking the area for her... We're also heading back tomorrow and Monday. Certainly not giving up hope but it's so hard to imagine a positive outcome from this. She's in an unfamiliar place, and she's probably terrified. My only hope is that she hasn't wandered and that she will stick close to the cabin we were in. I dumped out her kitty litter fairly close to it in the bushes and we have food and water set up for her so hopefully she'll follow that scent and stay close by... I'm absolutely beside myself with worry.

    • mathew31 3 years ago

      Nice idea for a lens!

    • MEDerby profile image

      MEDerby 3 years ago

      So sweet. I was on vacation when my son emailed that the cat was missing. I was heartbroken, I tried to book a flight home, but fortunately my son found out he was at the animal shelter. Nice lens,

    • anwar-udzir 3 years ago

      My 10 year old indoor female cat has gone missing for ten days now. Last month she didn't come for two days. Your article gives me hopes. Thank you.

    • carmensomersetbrock 3 years ago

      My cat has been missing for 9 days now, I am not giving up. This website gives me hope.I have also heard about scattering their used little tray in various directions to try and give them a scent to follow, if they are lost and confused.

    • ruoyun-zhang-3 3 years ago

      Hope and pray my a year old kitty for a safe returnT_T Dont give up!!!

    • horsemad544 3 years ago

      My cat has gone missing for the second time now. She is a skittish cat which makes me worry because if somebody tries to pick her up she might run away. The first time it seemed as if she couldn't find her way back because I found her just outside the complex. She ran away because I had just gotten a new kitten. This time she just disappeared but I'm keeping my hopes up its been 4 days now but thanks so much for the tips.

    • RuthieDenise profile image

      RuthieDenise 2 years ago

      No, I haven't lost a cat. I have had a couple of them that liked to wander off but always come back. Very good lens.

    • teryn0710 2 years ago

      I lost my cat for almost 20 days... HELP. I tried placing food outside my house, but nothing.... treats, cat food, catnips... no sight of her. I wanna be hopeful but the entire apartment is quiet and... have combed the block many times. She has always been a house cat will she still be able to find her way back? :(

    • kimberley-freeman-9482 2 years ago

      @teryn0710: I hope you found her by now, but for others--please know--You should not put food out when you have a lost cat! I do Lost Cat Search & Rescue every day and this is the number one mistake people make!Kim FreemanLost Cat

    • kimberley-freeman-9482 2 years ago

      @carmensomersetbrock: Scattering litter is a myth and can actually invite other cats into your territory who will fight with your cat or chase her further away. Anyone with a lost cat should Please! read my instant search guide so you have a better chance of searching the right way and finding your cat!Lost Cat

    • teryn0710 2 years ago

      YEAH^^ I found my cat on the 20th day. She has been hiding and a neighbour spotted her hideout and notified us. I was too worried that she'll die of thirst or hunger, she was dehydrated and lost much weight when we found her. Super happy to find her back. Yup, putting up notices is still the best way I guess.

    • Stephanie36 profile image

      Stephanie 2 years ago from Canada

      Thankfully we've never lost a cat for more than a half hour or so. Our cats are indoor cats but are aloud out in the backyard when we're home to keep an eye out. We've had a few who like to escape through cracks in the fence, though. We actually had a harder time with our dog (a little Yorkie) and had to search the neighborhood a few times for her! I feel for people who have had a missing cat. These are great tips! I'm not sure if you put this in here and I missed it, but it's also a good idea to call a local shelter in case your cat was turned in there. Most people probably do that, anyway. You can also call a shelter in nearby towns just in case they somehow wandered really far. We heard of a family who lived an hour away and somehow their dog made it to our local shelter. We're not sure if they were visiting town with their dog and he got lost or he just somehow got here...but you never know.

    • Charl1102 2 years ago

      My cat has been missing since Saturday 15th March. Every evening im out looking for him. Our neighbor hood is covered in posters and iv hand delivered about 200 flyers. Facebook has been a great tool as i have a group and there and many people in my area who I have never met have joined and are spreading the work. After reading this i feel alot more positive we may see him again. He is very loved and i know everyone thinks it but he is the best cat ever. Thanks for this article as I was starting to give up hope but im going to remain positive.

    • mcargv956 2 years ago

      My cat has been missing for two days. We live on a ranch and there arent any houses near by. Today I went out hiking in the woods to search for him as he tends to follow me sometimes, but always follows back. Hoping to see him tomorrow morning :)

    • maryprettygirl 2 years ago

      If you have lost your cat then every ten or even five minutes open the door and call for his or her name as soon as possible or else he will get lost and more far away and will not hear you. Yell loud and hard so your cat can hear you even if you or your cat is far away. When you are done yelling or shouting your cat's name go back to whatever you're doing and as I said come back at least ten or five minutes later. Comment me if this strategy works and you find your cat or kitten.-By Mary Shadbegian.

    • maryprettygirl 2 years ago

      @mcargv956: Nice

    • maryprettygirl 2 years ago

      @kimberley-freeman-9482: Hell

    • maryprettygirl 2 years ago

      @maryprettygirl: Sorry

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      @maryprettygirl: That

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      @maryprettygirl: Was

    • maryprettygirl 2 years ago

      @RuthieDenise: Hi

    • maryprettygirl 2 years ago

      @maryprettygirl: Someone

    • maryprettygirl 2 years ago

      @maryprettygirl: Else

    • WedgeAntilles profile image

      Wedge Antilles 2 years ago from Mount Vernon, WA

      Here in the US, there is an organization called HomeAgain - www,, 888.HOMEAGAIN (Always looking for your pet). When my roommate and I adopted our cats from the MSPCA, we received a complimentary one year subscription and it costs $17-19 USD/year. The subscription includes keeping your current address and phone number on file as well as each individual cat's microchip number thereby making it much easier for you cat to be returned home if he/she is found and turned into Animal Control, the SPCA, Human Society or a vet as all of these resources are required to scan every lost animal that they find or is brought into them for a microchip. The microchip is no bigger than a grain of rice and it is injected/placed just under the skin between the cat's shoulder blades.You also receive a tag with with your animal's name, whether they are spayed, neutered or intact, sex and your home address and contact number so that anyone who finds your missing pet can contact you. YOu also receive a card that you can keep in your wallet that contains the above information as well as their birthdate - if known or a rough approximation - breed and color(s)/coloring, their microchip number and their vet's info - name of the vet's practice, the vet's name, the address and phone number of the vet. Even if your pet is a strictly indoor animal, having them microchipped (chipped) is always a good idea because you never know if your cat might be separated from you in an accident, emergency or disaster. Also make sure that your cat has their most current vaccine tags on their collar as well as this will also help in getting you and your 'baby' reunited.

    • favored profile image

      Fay Favored 2 years ago from USA

      Have found several throughout the years. It's great when you can hook them up with their families again, but that doesn't always happen. Thanks to ColonelAntilles for the info below. BTW found this on Pinterest :)

    • williamslaw profile image

      williamslaw 2 years ago

      Thanks for sharing all the information. I needed this.

    • ctyson27 2 years ago

      Thank you for giving me hope. I was almost at the point of giving up like why bother searching anymore. Our family indoor cat got out 2 weeks ago . We grieved. We searched. We put up flyers and posted on Facebook and several animal rescue sites . This weekend we are getting a group together ad going searching asking door to door farther then we ever. Have .

    • Amanda 23 months ago

      I lost my cat 5 days ago. He is 7 months old and he is not neutered. I don't even know how he escaped, I suspect he jumped from our balcony that is at the first floor. I have been searching for him, calling his name, putting up posters in the neighbour and nothing yet. What worries me is that when i got him home he was 2 months old, a stray little kitten that was meowing for days outside my house for me to pet him, he even found a way to climb outside my window at 4am and meow like crazy so that i would go out! He has never left the house since and has only been to the front yard. I can't understand how a cat that meows all the time and wants hugs all the time escapes and stays away for almost a week :S I am so worried that something has happened to him but he is a very smart cat and i try not to lose hope..I hope he just wants to mate but I don't know if it's mating season as I haven't heard any other cats :S

    • Kitty 16 months ago

      I lost my cat (he's an indoor cat) a few days ago. He is an indoor cat and has bladder problems. I was worried sick. My stepdaughter send me a pin linking to this blog. Your post give me a lot of hope and last night I put out his little bowl with his food. This morning it was gone and when I called for him, he was calling back. 10 minutes later, he was back. He was hiding in our neighbour's garden and we haven't heard from or seen him for days until now. I am so happy and so grateful for this post! Thank you so much!

    • Caroline 15 months ago

      our cat has been missing for 7 days we're really worried. I'm going to try the cat food idea it sounds good. But not holding out too much hope, there are so many cats and foxes in our area that I'm sure one of them will get to it before he does I really hope he turns up, thx for the advice

    • Billie 49 7 months ago

      One thing you might try is similar to hunting AND familiar to your cat : when you go out looking and call you may be moving too fadt. A lot of cats will sit in hiding (that survival mode ) but if you call him a few times the sit down on the curb or edge of the yard and just be quiet. Wait at least 15 minutes before moving......if your cat is nearby, and you are sitting quiet he might use that time to shift out of his hiding place and use you to protect him. It's worked enough times for me.....remember though, if you're quiet enough a different lost cat may move up to you! (Happened once to me and I remembered the. Lost cat poster...called them and enjoyed watching them reunited. He was 6 streets over, lost for 3 weeks! The quiet concept decided I might be friendly) but back to my idea...since I use f the quiet posture I started going out at night , sitting still and my cats will come over for a scratching and some share time...... and get acclimated to coming to me in the process. As with anything on the web your milage may vary

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