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60 Badass Names for Red or Orange Cats (From Tang to Twizzler)

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There are so many great names for orange cats. This list will help you decide.

There are so many great names for orange cats. This list will help you decide.

Orange tabby cats are the redheads of the feline kingdom! Orange and red-coated cats make great pets. Although the term “tabby” is often confused for a breed, it is not a breed in itself. That would be like trying to call human redheads a race into themselves.

Famous Redheads to Name Your Cat After


Willie Nelson

Lucille Ball

Thomas Jefferson

Julianne Moore

Danny Kaye


Donald Trump

Ginger Spice

Conan O'Brien

Emma Stone

Prince Harry

Lindsay Lohan

Did you know that 80 percent of orange tabby cats are male? So the odds are good that if you adopted an orange tabby, you need a manly sounding cat name! Or at least a name that suits your male cat's personality.

Names for Male Orange Cats












Tony the Tiger



Big Red





Cartoon Character Names for Orange Cats




Wilma Flinstone



Puss in Boots

Yosemite Sam


Princess Fiona

Princess Ariel

Kyle Broflovski

Raggedy Ann


Pippi Longstocking


Peter Pan


Jessica Rabbit

Wendy (from the restaurant)


It might suit your new kitty to name them after a fictional character. There are so many great redheads from books and children's stories. Does your kitten display magical mischief, like one of the Weasley children?

Cat Names From Famous Fictional Redheads

Anne of Green Gables

Ginny Weasley

Fred and George Weasley

Pippi Longstocking

Ron Weasley

Molly and Arthur Weasley (the parents)

Eleanor Douglas

Paige Turner

Fancy Nancy

There are many different breeds that have tabby cats, and they come in a whole spectrum of red/orange/yellow hues and fur patterns.

Common Orange Cat Breeds

  • Somali
  • American Shorthair
  • Abyssinian
  • Havana
  • Persian

Orange cats not only appear in a gorgeous range of colors, but they also have some amazing fur patterns. You have probably seen the most common ones: the striped pattern. Less common, but no less beautiful, are the spots that resemble a cheetah pattern and solid orange. Nature is astounding, isn’t it?

Most orange cats happen to be male, but that doesn't mean there aren't still female orange tabbies out there! For girl cats, stick with cute, flower-themed names!

Names for Female Orange Cats
















Naming That Tabby!

Breed won’t typically determine a “good” personality as much like people—to each his own! Any cat can make a purrfect family addition if given a chance.

Sure, each breed does have certain personality characteristics that are associated with it, just be sure to play with your potential kitty before deciding to adopt so you can assess a good fit.

Get Ideas From Your Kitty

Well, the cat’s out of the bag and it appears to be orange! If you have chosen to adopt a ginger cat, don’t be afraid to take pride in the color! There is a multitude of names that are very suitable for these beautiful cats but that you wouldn’t typically give to a cat of a different color.

Something that might help is assessing your new friend’s catitude. Yes, catitude. Your cat’s unique personality can play a major role in helping you to decide on a name. Having a hard time making a pawsitive selection? Don’t let it be a catastrophe!

If the cat's got your tongue and fog got your brain, no purrrries. We’ve got your back! (And we’ll keep scratching and scratching until we hit the right spot!)


Cute Food-Themed Names for Orange Cats



Sweet Potato













More Bad Cat Puns!

When we said there was a load of orange cat names, we weren’t lion! With all the pawsibilities, we could write a list as high as a meowtain!

Just sit down and play with your cat while thinking of name ideas. Maybe eat an orange creamsicle in the paces. If you absolutely cannot come up with anything right meow, it’s okay. Not feline up to anymore cat puns? That’s okay, too.

Take a catnap to clear the brain fog and think more later. You’ll come up with something, and we’re not kitten!

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Anne Carstens on September 06, 2020:

My Tabby Cats Name Is Tigger

Dan Stephensen on June 27, 2020:

My tabby is called Oliver, didn’t want to focus to much on the red name of things

Olivia on May 02, 2020:


My cat is named Sprinkles

Rylie on November 24, 2019:

My cats name isnt on hear

Dave on October 25, 2019:

My precious boy was named Butterscotch

We called him Butters for short .

Cassandra, middle school student on June 24, 2019:

So I am getting a orange tabby and I thank this website so much because I was originally going to name the cat summer, ginger, or aslan and on this website I found the perfect name and I am going to name him

Jaylee, Middle School Student, on March 11, 2019:

I read a book about cats and you should put 'Marmalade' as a name for an orange cat.

Jaelynn on August 26, 2018:

I have 2 cats lily and molly were planning on getting a orange kitten and I'm trying to find a name for him my favorites right now are Enzo and Cheetos

Marmalade on August 16, 2018:

I likeit

Gracie on June 18, 2018:

I have four cats. Mila,Luna,Quin,and Bella

Harms on May 18, 2018:

My kitty's name is Skylaa trickster

Kittenlover on May 12, 2018:

What about nala for a girl name?

bookpaw on April 24, 2018:

my cat's name is mylo

Tatiana (author) from Florida on April 15, 2018:

Colby Jack is a great name. I'm sure you'll come up with the perfect name for the new addition :-)

Charlee on April 03, 2018:

We named our orange male Colby Jack like the cheese. Just took in a beautiful red brick long hair female still deciding her name.

CouragousKat on March 15, 2018:

i named my kitten Dash. He loves going outside and taking naps. He is getting more and more active every day!

Kat on October 22, 2017:

I had a beautiful orange cat

He was called Jaffa - because he was an orange cat

Bryon on October 14, 2017:

My girlfriends son's new female orange kitty is named Tang.

Harley on September 18, 2017:

What about Mars for a male cat?

Donna on August 06, 2017:

My orange boy was Chester after Chester Cheeto. Miss him. RIP my sweet boy.

Anett on May 29, 2017:

My ginger cat is named Tora :) (It means tiger in Japanese)

Mel on January 12, 2017:

My orange kitty is named Sunny.

Ann on January 06, 2017:

I want an orange cat and call it Chucky.

Juz on December 26, 2016:

Love the name pumpkin... we have a dog called spud!

Thanks :)

PATRICIA MEYER on December 03, 2016:

I have a red kitten named Penny.

katie brown on November 24, 2016:

i loved the name rosie!

Libby on March 07, 2016:

I love the name ginger

Brenda Thornlow from New York on February 13, 2014:

Love this! I'm a big cat lover...I have two cats plus a dog. My favorite food name is Waffles. Love the pics you included!