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60 Sassy Siamese Cat Names (From Aryis to Vega)

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Every companion, especially one who talks a lot, should be referred to by name.

Every companion, especially one who talks a lot, should be referred to by name.

Siamese cats: everyone knows their general appearance due to their very distinct features. They're the cats with the tan bodies, and dark brown tails, paws, face and ears. Oh, and how can you forget those beautiful, bright-blue eyes just begging for attention?

Their appearance is rather sophisticated and mysterious, as if they are beautiful, little, furry creatures dressed up with masks. Their name is derived from their origination in Siam, today known as Thailand.

Siamese cats deserve names that are unique to the breed because of their distinctive appearance and personalities!

Siamese cats deserve names that are unique to the breed because of their distinctive appearance and personalities!

Siamese Cat Name Ideas

Every companion, especially one who talks a lot, should be referred to by name. This breed has a distinctive appearance and a whole lot of personality! But what exactly is in a Siamese cat’s name?

Here is a list of Siamese cat names for you to pick through. Most of these names are from Thai words or names! Suitable, eh?

Male Names
















Female Names
















Cute Names





Sweet Paws









Baby Blue


Unique Names
















Suda? Malee? What name do you think is perfect for this sweet kitten?

Suda? Malee? What name do you think is perfect for this sweet kitten?

Choosing the Purrfect Name

Whether you choose a unique name, a Thai name, or a little bit of both, you are bound to name your cat something that is very suitable.

Pay close attention to your individual cat’s personality as every cat is different, just like every person. Using their personality characteristics can help you to find inspiration for some names.

Need some more naming tips? Try these:

  • Let your cat help: If you know of a few names that you like, leave it up to your cat to decide! You can try calling out the names to see if any capture the cat’s attention. If that doesn’t work, write down names on pieces of paper and place a treat on each paper. The first paper the cat consumes the treat from is the name they chose.
  • Flip a coin: Sometimes it can boil down to just two great names, so why not flip a coin to make the decision? Heads is name A and tails is name B.
  • Get input: If you will not be the only cat owner, ask others in the house for their opinions on your name ideas, or to give their own ideas.

Just look into those sky blue eyes and you will find some inspiration for the perfect name for your Siamese kitty. Your cat is in no hurry, so take your time to find the best one!

Siamese Kitten Scared of Toy Kitten

More About Siamese Cats

Siamese cats make great companions and pets due to their outgoing personalities and vocal nature. With cute, raspy voices, they are not afraid to try to tell you what’s on their mind (and follow you about the house doing so). This is not a cat breed for someone who prefers a quiet house.

The Siamese cat breed loves human interaction and will stay by your side so long as you allow them to. If you’re watching TV, they will sit on your lap. When you’re asleep, you can rest assured that you will never sleep alone. They will act as a true and loyal companion for the duration of their 11-15 year lifespan.

Another reason why Siamese cats are a great breed to have is because their short, fine coat does not shed as much as that of a typical cat, and they are very easy to groom. You might even be able to leave the grooming up to your child or family dog because Siamese cats get along very well with children and other pets!

Speaking of having children, having a Siamese cat in the home with children will likely make for one happy cat, as long as the children treat it nicely. Siamese cats thrive in homes when given a lot of attention, and are known to give back the attention they receive. Love your Siamese and it will love you right back! Sounds like the perfect family cat, right?

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angela on July 28, 2020:

can some one help me find a name i need help i'm trying to find a name for my Siamese.

Bunty on May 07, 2020:

Bunty is a 16 year old cat who is very mischevious and funny

Eva Sinclair on March 07, 2020:

I have two beautiful Siamese oriental cats. I have named them Sia and Mese. I bought them to help me cope with my husband being diagnosed and hospitalised with altzhiemers they have been so wonderful for my state of health. I feel that they are so sensitive to my mood swings. My heart is broken because of my darling husband. I do not know how I could have coped without Sia and Mese this past year.

Dawn on December 05, 2019:

I have a seal point and a lynx point . So I named them Seal and Lynx . They will be one on February 14. Best cats ever ! I love them so much !

Michael on November 24, 2019:

My first was named Roo.. I miss him so much. My current is Sai pronounced “sigh”. Fitting cause short for Siamese and he “sighs” a lot when frustrated.

Jenna on November 10, 2019:

I think you should add Storm and also peekaboo

Jenna Bauman on November 10, 2019:

I think they should add the name Storm because that’s my baby girl cats name

clara on August 10, 2019:

i love all of those names.

Shane on June 11, 2019:


animal lover 5000 on October 08, 2018:

you should add the name candace

Lisa on September 17, 2018:

Being from a theatrical family my first female kitten was TupTim from The King and I. One of her male kittens became TupSon. Have a new little male and am searching for just the right name for him now.

jared on April 10, 2018:

We named ours Cleopatra, Cleo for short, she also answers to Cleo Nardo DaVinci ,Cletus Maximus,& Khaleesi. She is the funniest cat ever I've always been a dog person but she Blends right in with the dogs actually she puts them in their place she's also quite aggressive toward other cats she plays fetch, the perfect cat

Lu on March 25, 2018:

My female is Ching and my male is Chang . My grandaughter named hers Lee Ling .

Sheri on February 11, 2018:

Suki and Karma are my babies names, yes Karma can be good but sometimes she is a ...

Kitti on October 23, 2017:

Astro and Infiniti were the 2 cat names I chose

Tony on October 13, 2017:

Yoshi and Fuji are good names for Siamese cats. They are wonderful animals.

Phyllis Bull on August 13, 2017:

I love Siamese cats! Years ago I had a Pepper and Cinnamon. Now I have Cayenne and Sugar. We named these two girls sight unseen and their names fit them to "T"! They are 3 years old and happy, healthy and loving.

Mary Stephenson from California on August 29, 2016:

Have had Siamese cats since 1980. They started out with Freckles and Rascal. Learning how interactive they are and part of the family, the next were all given people names. Andy, Sammy, Holly, Minnie (breeder named her), Maggie and now my last one is Molly. Molly has been an only cat for about a year and a half. Surprisingly she is loving it. She was a scared nobody when we got her from the breeder at 2 1/2 years old. With much patience and love she has come around to be a super cat. She has a trick that totally cracks us up. She lays on her back with feet curled up in the air, whenever you say "Are you cute?" Of course it has to be in the correct tone and on the bed or sofa. Used to have cats that fetched, but this one doesn't, but the trick makes up for it.