Tuxedo Cat Names

Updated on February 6, 2016

Pick a Purrfect Name for Your Tuxedo Cat

Tuxedo cats or black & white cats are very majestic cats. They are one of the most popular cats and one of the most beautiful. Picking a name for such an elegant cat can be tough. Here is a list of very nice names.

Image by: LSEagle


A-D Tuxedo Cat Names





Black and White

*Blanco y Negro



Cafe au Lait

Caped One




Chilly Willy


Coco Channel


Coffee and Milk

Day and Night


Double Trouble



My Favorite Tuxedo Cat Name

My favorite tuxedo cat name is Mask. You can pick your name by matching the name with their characteristics,personality,and actions.

(Loadmaster (David R. Tribble))
(Loadmaster (David R. Tribble))

E-H Tuxedo Cat Names

Ebony and Ivory





Fancy Girl

Fancy Jacket

Fancy Pants


Fred Astaire

Half and Half

Half Moon


(Original uploader was TimVickers at en.wikipedia)
(Original uploader was TimVickers at en.wikipedia)

I-P Tuxedo Cat Names


James Bond




Jellicle Cat




Mr. Mistoffelees






Party Boy

Party Girl





Puss in Boots


Q-Z Tuxedo Cat Names

Salt and Pepper







Top Cat




White Gloves

White Pants

Ying and Yang


Questions & Answers

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      • profile image

        Buster 5 months ago

        His name fits him!

      • profile image

        Madi 6 months ago

        I like the name midnight or navy those would be cool

      • profile image

        dustypooch 7 months ago

        I've had a few tuxedo cats...my little girl Shasta just went over the bridge in August due to mouth cancer and her brother Mow (they both were backyard kitties who called my house home. Mow would always talk to me as he walked over to come greet me), he passed in Sept from congestive heart failure. Shasta came in the house to stay 11 years ago, Mow finally decided to come in this past winter. And I still have my big boy tux Patches. I now have a new tux backyard kitty who comes to eat...need to find a name for him.

      • profile image

        Cutest Kittens 8 months ago

        Tux is an adorable name for one of these black and white kitties!

      • profile image

        Monica 8 months ago

        Lost my 16 yr old companion Sparkee yesterday to kidney failure. How I miss him. Went to the Humane Society today because the house is so quiet it's deafening. First time in 28 yrs without a cat. Found a lil tuxedo kitten that I adore. I can see why you call them Velcro cats. He literally sat on my shoulder as I filled out the application to adopt him. Haven't settled on a name yet, but "Velcro" may be a winner. Describes him to a tee (LOL). Other kitties I've had and loved....Derf, Annie and Curtis. May they all find that big patch of catnip in the sky.

      • profile image

        Tay 8 months ago

        I think Coal would be an awesome name too

      • profile image

        Jouaireya 14 months ago

        We still can not name her she is so weird

      • profile image

        mike 22 months ago

        Ricky was a good kitty for 22 years, Buddy is 1 year old

      • profile image

        Jill 24 months ago

        My tuxedo cat is Charlie.

      • profile image

        Marni Holt 2 years ago

        My boys are charcoal grey tux brothers. Named Sid Vicious and Monty Python

      • profile image

        Tascha 2 years ago

        Mines name is Frosty Beast, don't be boring!

      • profile image

        Kathleen 2 years ago

        My little girl was abandened by her mother. I named her Sweet Pea. She was always Sweet to me but she did not play well with others. Meaning humans. haha Her best friend was a red nose pit. They would play hide and seek, sleep together. In 2014 our red nose went to the rainbow bridge, she had breast cancer. I am so sad to say my Sweet Pea joined her 1 year later, in July with the same cancer. How I truly miss my tuxedo, Sweet Pea.

      • profile image

        Karla 2 years ago

        We got a stray baby tuxedo cat and named it Koshka.

        Koshka means cat in Russian.

      • profile image

        Jennifer 2 years ago

        Cowboy (RIP)

      • profile image

        Kate 3 years ago


      • profile image

        JayPya 3 years ago

        Mia O'Reo (Mia)

      • profile image

        anonymous 4 years ago


      • profile image

        anonymous 4 years ago

        @anonymous: Barbara, so cool. I have a tuxedo and a Bombay I got together at 8 weeks. Waited 2weeks to name them to see their personality. Needless to say, my tux is Sassy too!! She is VERY sassy. My Bombay is Luvie. After I named her I read they call them "lap fungus" or "Velcro cats." Perfect!!

      • profile image

        anonymous 5 years ago

        I have 2 Tuxedo cats which were strays. Named them Shy and Sassy. The names are a good fit for them.

      • profile image

        anonymous 5 years ago


      • profile image

        anonymous 5 years ago

        We had 2 tuxedo cats - Felix & Betty and I miss them so very much

      • profile image

        anonymous 5 years ago

        I named my tuxedo zeemoo.

      • profile image

        anonymous 5 years ago

        @anonymous: Named her*** not him.

      • profile image

        anonymous 5 years ago

        I am the proud owner of a very handsome tuxedo cat named Magical Mister Mistoffelees (Mister M. or Misti for short). I came up with the name due to a friend's mom being in a minor version of the musical Cats,

        Originally, however, I had considered calling him Houdini like the escape artist due to his personality as a kitten.

        Then I was told he was actually a girl, and wound up calling him Purr-sephone for a while before a vet corrected us.

        I thought of Purr-sephone because my cat's color is very much a half-and-half situation, and the fictional character in mention was torn between the world of light and the world of darkness.

        I have had many cats over the years,of varying colors and patterns with some favorite names being for:

        Mischief (Calico)

        Beauty (white with a few tiny gray spots -- RIP sweetie)

        Prince Charming (very handsome gray and black tabby with white tummy and emerald-y green eyes -- RIP buddy)

        Tiger (a classic Tabby name, RIP buddy)

        Peekaboo (another classic cat name, with this guy being very mischievous and sneaky -- RIP buddy)

        Spitfire (very protective yet dignified cat with a very bright fiery orangey-red tabby pattern -- RIP buddy)

        Star (classic tabby with very bright, alert eyes -- RIP sweetie)

        Jewel - a loving but spirited little gray tabby with bright alert green eyes

        Pocahontas (meaning "little playful one", mostly white with gray van patches)

        Orion (meaning "hunter" - another very handsome gray tabby)

        Thumbelina (another gray tabby -- RIP, little one)

        Tybalt (Shakespeare's "Prince of Cats" -- RIP buddy)

        Victor/Victory, Peace, Faith and Hope are the potential names I might have given Pocahontas' kittens, had their precious little lives not been snatched due to cruel circumstances - RIP little ones,

      • profile image

        anonymous 5 years ago

        The new kitty in our house has been named and our mum doesn't like it. My bro named him and I think it suits the little girl well! It's Queen Marceline Chips Ahoy Consuela Glass Jr. We call her chips or Marceline.

      • profile image

        anonymous 5 years ago

        Jumping jack flash

      • knitstricken profile image

        knitstricken 5 years ago

        Alas, no more cats for me; my husband is severely allergic. My childhood feline friend was "BC" (can you guess what color he was?) Then along came Nelson, just days old and abandoned with six other kittens. We nursed them to vigor and found homes for the others and Nelson lived to be twelve or thirteen. This lens caught my eye because we now have Portuguese Water Dogs, and in point of fact many of the puppies we've reared have had that "Tuxedo Splash" on their chest. I'll be sure to revisit this lens next time there's a need to find a name! Thanks much!

      • profile image

        anonymous 5 years ago


      • profile image

        webscan 5 years ago

        Bood Pat (Good cat deliberately mispronounced!)

      • profile image

        anonymous 5 years ago


      • profile image

        anonymous 5 years ago


      • profile image

        anonymous 5 years ago


      • profile image

        anonymous 5 years ago


      • profile image

        anonymous 5 years ago


      • profile image

        anonymous 5 years ago

        midnight for a male cat

      • profile image

        anonymous 5 years ago

        My Tuxedo Cats name is Rosie!

      • profile image

        anonymous 5 years ago


      • profile image

        anonymous 6 years ago

        Black Pearl

      • profile image

        termit_bronx 6 years ago

        I've got 5 cats! :) Fat-Cat, Cuf, Tac, Sivi and Murko

      • profile image

        Theano 7 years ago

        Lupita (Pita)

      • Virginia Allain profile image

        Virginia Allain 7 years ago from Central Florida

        Great Ideas for names. I'm going to feature this lens on my tribute to Nellie: My Sister's Tuxedo Cat.

      • FlynntheCat1 profile image

        FlynntheCat1 7 years ago

        Huh, I didn't know this colouring had a name :D We raised a stray black and white kitten for a while, we called it Minion.


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