What Is Hip Dysplasia and How Do I Know If My Dog Has It?

Hip dysplasia is, unfortunately, a common condition found in dogs that can be life-limiting. Dogs with hip dysplasia suffer chronic pain and in severe cases, they may need an operation. Understanding what hip dysplasia is will help you to find the right treatment plan for your pet.


The Proven Way to Prevent Your Dog From Pulling at the Leash

Does your dog have a habit of pulling or tugging at the leash? This article shows you how to take control of the situation and curb the behavior permanently.


5 Things to Do to Protect Your Dog From Attacks

Many a dog owner has been confronted by an attack against their pet and has had to deal with the distressing aftermath. This article provides useful advice on how to protect your dog from an unforeseen attack.


How to Stop a Dog From Sleeping on Your Bed

To stop a dog from sleeping on your bed, you may need to get creative. You'll need to take some baby steps to gradually wean him off your bed, while also offering some amenities to make his new bed look wonderful in comparison. This two-tiered approach can help you succeed.


Is Turmeric Good for My Dog?

You may have heard how the Indian spice turmeric has health benefits which could aid your dog, but is this true and is turmeric safe to feed to our pets? This article reveals the benefits and also the potential side-effects of turmeric and includes easy recipes for making tasty turmeric treats.


200+ Best Girl Dog Names

A comprehensive list of the best female dog names that are unique, cute, and strong, along with their meanings.


250+ Fun Bulldog Name Ideas

A list of cool, interesting, and unique name ideas for your new bulldog pet.


6 Practical Ways to Stop Your Dog From Whining

Here are some helpful tips on how to curb your dog's habit of whining.


Does Your Dog Have What It Takes to Be a Mentor?

Relationships between dogs may be more complex and supportive than we realize.


How to Stop a Dog From Destroying Plants

To stop a dog from destroying plants, it may help to understand why they are so interested in your plants in the first place. While dogs don't have a green thumb in the same way humans do, they can surely find plants entertaining in their own ways.


How to Introduce a Dog to Your Rabbit

To introduce a dog to your rabbit or vice-versa, safety needs to be your top priority. Not all dogs are created equally, and whether a successful introduction is possible depends on a variety of factors such as your dog's breed and his level of training and responsiveness to you.


The Affenpinscher: A Guide for Owners

This article examines the lovable and courageous Affenpinscher. It provides a direct analysis of the dog's behavioral patterns, personality traits, and general characteristics. This includes a discussion of the Affenpinscher's health concerns, grooming requirements, and nutritional needs.


Why Does My Dog Pull Their Ears Back?

When dogs move their ears back, they are communicating something, and of course, it would be helpful to know exactly what they are trying to say. So what do ears back really mean? To better understand this behavior, it helps to take a look at the context and the accompanying body language.


Why Do My Dog's Front Paws Turn Out?

You may have noticed that your dog's front paws are turning out and are wondering whether this is something to be concerned about. Standing 'toe-out' can indicate a range of potential problems, but many can be easily treated, and most dogs will live a healthy life even if their feet are wonky.


Why Do Dogs Smell Everything?

Find out why dogs sniff everything and how you can prevent them from taking interest in stinky things you wish they would avoid.


Why Do Dogs Smell Bad?

Find out why your dog stinks and what you can do to get rid of the odor once and for all.


Why Do Dogs Hump?

Dogs hump for a variety of reasons, some of which are pretty benign but others may indicate deeper problems. Find out how you can get the embarrassing behavior to stop.


Help, My Puppy Barks at Dogs or People on Walks

If your puppy barks at dogs or people on walks, you are most likely very frustrated and wondering what you can do to stop this behavior. In general, puppies who bark at everything on walks do so as a way to manifest their internal emotions. Identifying such emotions and tackling them is important.


How to Train Your Dog to Sit at Your Command

This article covers the steps involved in training your dog to obey the command to sit and the important issues to consider during this training process in order to make it effective.


Why Do Dogs Lick so Much?

If your dog likes to lick you or other objects, find out why. Dogs do like to lick many different things, but there are various reasons for doing so.


What Causes Dog-to-Dog Aggression and How to Stop It

Find out what causes a dog to act aggressively towards another dog and how to get this behavior to stop. Here are 12 reasons why your dog is acting out.


What to Know About Fatty Tumors (Lipomas) in Dogs

Lumps on dogs can be worrisome, but fatty tumors or lipomas are fairly common. Find out what causes them, if they are dangerous, and what to do.


500 Perfect Puppy Names

Here are 500 perfect puppy names to choose from for your new best friend.


A Guide to Owning an Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherds are amazing companions and will become a priceless part of your life! But new owners should be aware of what they are “signing up for” when they bring an Aussie into their home so they can give them the care, exercise, and training that they need.


How to Stop a Dog From Chasing Cows

Stopping a dog from chasing cows isn't an easy task: You are battling strong ingrained instincts that are likely part of your dog's genetic makeup. Cow chasing is also not without risks—dogs can be seriously injured or even killed.


How to Know If Your Senior Dog Has Sundowners Syndrome

Find out how to know if your senior dog has Sundowners Syndrome (also known as Canine Cognitive Dysfunction) which is a common degenerative and progressive dementia experienced by aging dogs that impairs a pup’s awareness and responsiveness to their once-normal setting.


The Best Leashes and Collars for German Shepherds

Here we focus on the best collars for German Shepherds depending on your needs. We'll also a look at some of the simple and better choices in dog leashes.


Easy Tips on Potty Training and Housebreaking Your Puppy

In this article, we examine the key elements involved in efficiently potty training your puppy.


Are Rottweilers Territorial Dogs?

In order to understand whether Rottweilers are territorial dogs, it helps to take a look at their breeding history. What specific tasks were Rottweilers used for? What were they selectively bred for? And what specific traits were looked for in this breed?


What Is the Natural Diet of a Dog in the Wild?

This is what your pet dog would eat if it were a free-living "wild" animal. The answer may not be what you think.


10 Dog Breeds With Webbed Feet (and Why)

There are many dog breeds with webbed feet, and dog owners may wonder what's up with these feet. Interestingly, some dogs have more webbing than others around their toes, and this is often based on their past histories. Learn what dog breeds have webbed feet and why.


Help, My Dog Destroys Things When Left Alone!

Many dogs destroy things when left alone, which leads to owners feeling angry, frustrated and helpless. Can this behavior be fixed, and is there a way to prevent them from destroying things in the first place?


Teaching Puppies to Tolerate Touch: 9 Body-Handling Exercises

Body-handling exercises for puppies are important so that your puppy won't object when he needs to be groomed or see the vet. You want to start with your puppy early so as to inoculate good habits and create positive associations with a human's touch.


Best 3 Flea Treatments for Pet Dogs

Flea infestations are one of the most challenging things that a dog owner has to deal with. This article lists the three treatments that I've found to be most effective in my own experience. I explain my reasoning and give some tips that I've picked up over the years.


White 'German' Shepherds: A Coat Color Variation or More?

Here's a look at the white German Shepherd dog. While it's a variety that mostly differs in coat color, you'll notice they were not really bred to be working dogs like some other breed variations.


The Best Toys for German Shepherds

Finding the best toys for German Shepherds can be difficult. Here we'll look at some great dog toys to keep your furry friend happy and active.


Yikes! My Dog Is Obsessed With Playing Fetch!

A dog obsessed with playing fetch is not a pretty sight: Most likely, your dog is demanding you toss the ball over and over and isn't happy until you do. So to make your dog happy, you toss the ball and before you notice, you're soon stuck in a vicious cycle.


A Guide to Sled Dogs

Sled dogs are a special breed of tail-waggers. They are smart, resilient, loyal, and love to run. Strong in body and mind, sled dogs have been around for thousands of years. This article will discuss dog sledding, mushing, the dogs themselves, and some ethical considerations regarding the activity.


The Real Reason Dogs Go Crazy for Squeaky Toys

Many dogs go crazy for squeaky toys, but what's really behind their obsession? In order to better understand why dogs go bonkers over toys that squeak, it helps to take a closer look at a dog's evolutionary history.


What to Do if Your Puppy Thinks He Is Alpha Dog

If your puppy thinks he is an alpha dog, you are likely imagining all sorts of scary scenarios and wondering what to do. Relax, your pup is not going to eat you. In most cases, what looks like an alpha puppy is simply a puppy who is anxious, confused or needs some gentle guidance.


Everything You Need to Know About Arthritis in Dogs

Arthritis is a common problem for older dogs. It can be a crippling condition, that detracts from a dog's quality of life and may even shorten it, but there are several things owners can do to manage arthritis and keep their pets happy and active.


Why Is My Dog Licking the Carpet? 10 Potential Causes

A dog licking the carpet may seem like a peculiar behavior, but as we take a closer look, we will see that this behavior makes sense. Understanding dog behavior sometimes requires digging deeper into the issue and knowing whether there may be underlying medical causes at play.


450+ Pitbull Dog Names (With Meanings)

Pitbulls are wonderful additions to families! They are not only wonderful deterrents from potential bad guys but they can also have gentle natures. Here are over 450+ names to use for your new canine!


Top 15 Least Aggressive Dog Breeds

If you are looking for a new canine companion to welcome into your home, consider these gentle dog breeds that have proven to be some of the sweetest family pets time and time again.


Common German Shepherd Diarrhea Issues

Diarrhea in German Shepherds is one of the more common and annoying health problems. Let's look at the causes and treatments.


Black German Shepherds: Dog Traits and Care

Here we cover the Black German Shepherd variation of the breed, which is growing in popularity and is overall a beautiful dog to behold.


Helping Dogs Cope With Fireworks

Every year, as the nights grow darker, dog owners are presented with the challenge of fireworks and how to help pets cope with the loud noises and flashes of light that accompany them. Many dogs are terrified of fireworks, but there are ways to help minimise their distress.


Complete the Family With These Top 10 Kid-Friendly Dogs

Here are 10 good kid-friendly dogs to introduce to the family.


How to Stop My Dog From Chasing Lights and Shadows?

A dog chasing lights and shadows may seem like a cute behavior initially, but it can easily get out of hand if not tackled early. The fact is, obsessive-compulsive behaviors in dogs are not unheard of, and they can be a pain to get rid of.


10 Exercises to Prevent Separation Anxiety in Puppies

It's important to prevent separation anxiety in puppies as this behavioral problem is very widespread and can be challenging to treat. There are several ways puppy owners can start their pups on the right paws by fostering their independence through simple exercises.