The 16 Smartest Dogs Breeds

Browse our list of dog breeds to find the perfect dog breed for you, and then find adoptable dogs and dog shelters close to you.


How to Stop a Dog From Jumping When Greeting Someone

To stop a dog from jumping when greeting someone, you will need to take a multi-pronged approach. A good plan entails managing the environment, limiting certain types of exposures and gradually introducing distractions. It also helps to train the dog how to better control his impulses.


200+ German Dog Names (With Meanings)

So many different dog breeds have their roots in Germany. Why not honor that lineage with a Germanic name? This list includes hundreds of potential dog names along with their origins. The hope is that this list will give you an excellent resource for your new canine.


Should You Leave Food Out for Dogs All Day? Free-Feeding Versus Scheduled Meals

Many dog owners wonder whether or not they should leave food out for their puppies and dogs; therefore, it's important to know about the pros and cons of this feeding method.


Help, My Puppy Misbehaves When My Husband Comes Home!

If your puppy misbehaves when your husband comes home, you have one main advantage: predictability. Predictability of a behavior offers you the advantage of preparing a plan and having it in place so that you can work on decreasing the chances of problematic behavior.


A Labradoodle Guide by a Labradoodle Owner

A guide to labradoodle facts, temperament and behaviour by a labradoodle dog owner.


Should I Spay/Neuter My Dog?

Having your dog spayed or neutered is probably one of the biggest decisions you will ever have to make for them. Spaying/neutering has many advantages, including reducing the number of unwanted puppies, but it can have disadvantages too. Understanding the pros and cons will help with the decision


Why Does My Dog Have Bad Breath? (Possible Causes and Solutions)

From benign and easily fixable causes like plaque buildup to more serious issues like cancer or dental disease, there are many reasons your dog might have stinky breath.


What Are the Different Types of Spaniel Breeds, and Which Is Best for Me?

When someone says spaniel, what’s your first thought? Cocker? Cavalier? Welsh Springer? Whatever it may be, I’m sure you couldn’t guess just how many different dogs are in the ‘spaniel group’. There are quite a few, and we are going to break down this breed group for you in this article. Let’s go!


175+ Irish Dog Names (With Meanings)

Lucky and beautiful are two words you may feel when visiting Ireland. It is no wonder then that so many dog owners feel that same way when staring into the eyes of their canine companion. In that spirit, here are a lot of Irish dog names that can fit your new companion.


What Are The Different Types Of Shepherd Breeds, And Which Is Best For Me?

When someone says "shepherd”, most people will immediately think of a German shepherd or maybe even an Australian shepherd, but very few will think of one of the other ten shepherds in this breed class. There were even one or two that suprised me.


Help, My Dog Won't Eat Food in the Morning

A dog who won't eat food in the morning can be a frustrating ordeal. Let's face it: Watching our dogs not wanting to eat can make us worried. Is the dog sick? Is the dog eating their full caloric intake of the day? These are all important questions.


Top 5 Tips for Adopting a New Dog

The prospect of adopting a new dog is exciting. Here are five things to think about before and during the adoption process.


How to Train Your Small Dog With Treats Without Spoiling Their Appetite

Many owners of small dogs struggle to train with treats because their small dogs get easily filled up. On top of this, some small dogs may start refusing their normal meals because their appetites are spoiled. Here are some strategies to train small dogs without overfilling them.


300+ Husky Dog Names (With Meanings)

Husky dogs are most well known for pulling sleds. However, these wonderful canines can make great additions to your family. Take a look at this list of names and find the husky dog name that fits your new canine friend.


7 Tips on How to Walk Two Dogs Together

Walking two dogs together at once may seem like an easy task, but there is more than meets the eye. Putting two dogs together often means that they will both feed off each others' emotions, leading to pulling that can easily get out of control.


Easy Homemade Healthy Dog Food With Healing Spices

This is the perfect recipe to keep your dog healthy, happy and full of life. It's easy to alter to suit the needs of your dog, and is sure to please them with every bite they take! If you remove a few ingredients, the recipe can be used for sick dogs.


Help, My Puppy Can't Hold Their Bladder Overnight!

A puppy who can't hold his bladder overnight is something that requires some troubleshooting. Most young puppies cannot hold their pee overnight, but as they mature, they should start to attain better bladder control. Here are some reasons why and what you can do about it.


Best Front-Attaching Harnesses for Dogs in 2021

There are so many different types of front-attaching harnesses for dogs on the market nowadays that your head may be spinning. Which one will work best for you and your dog? The answer will vary based on several variables, but here are a few harnesses that consistently receive positive reviews.


Do Puppies Get Cranky When Tired?

Whether puppies get cranky when tired is something puppy owners may wonder about. Just like children, it is possible for puppies to get moody when tired, but what causes them to get like this in the first place, and what are the signs? And most of all, what can be done to help them out?


Help, My Dog Is Suddenly Attacking My Cats!

If your dog is suddenly attacking your cats, you are surely upset about this behavior. What has caused such a change of heart? Why are good friends now suddenly enemies? This is surely a heartbreaking situation, but in such cases, keeping your cats safe is your top priority.


Help, My Puppy Keeps Biting Me Aggressively!

If your puppy keeps biting you aggressively, you are likely very concerned about the behavior. Those small teeth are like needles that pierce your skin, and obviously, you are worried about dealing with a major problem, especially once your pup grows up to his full potential.


How Do I Know If My Dog Is in Season?

Female dogs go through a season or heat cycle approximately every six months. It is a natural part of life if they have not been spayed, and it is the time when they can become pregnant. Knowing when your dog is coming into season is very important to prevent unplanned pregnancies.


Is Raw Food Safe for German Shepherd Dogs?

Serving your dog raw food can be beneficial, but you have to take some precautions. We mostly give kibble but cooked meat and sometimes a little raw food is also on the menu.


350+ One-Syllable Dog Names (With Meanings)

There are many advantages to one-syllable dog names. From helping with retrieval commands to building custom doggie swag, the advantages are numerous. This article has over 350 unique one-syllable dog names, with meanings, to help you choose the best name possible.


Prescription Dog Food for German Shepherds

When your German Shepherd suffers from allergies, urinary stones, or other dog-food-related health problems, chances are prescription dog food will come up. In this article, we cover some of the things to keep in mind.


How to Stop Dogs From Pawing and Scratching People

Dogs pawing and scratching at people may look cute but when done roughly, a dog's nails can easily cause scratches and injuries. Therefore, it's important to stop this behavior.


The Problems With Training Your Dog to Ask to Go Out

Many dog owners are eager to train their dogs to ask to go out to go potty, but this behavior can get out of hand and sometimes backfires. Dog owners are often stuck with dogs who are always by the door because they want to go out to sniff and explore more than a true need to going potty.


A Guide to Sighthound Breeds

Sighthounds are the speed-merchants of the dog-world. They are bred to be fast, courageous, and efficient hunters, yet their appearance exhumes an air of elegance and refinement. Here's an exploration of more than twenty of these incredibly adapted dog breeds.


The Reason Why Dogs Won't Share With Other Dogs

Many dogs won't share with other dogs, and this can be upsetting to dog owners. Is sharing something possible in the world of dogs? Would it be asking too much to have two dogs eat together, and possibly, even munch on a bone together?


Blood in My Dog's Urine: Should I Be Worried?

Spotting blood in your dog's urine can be scary. It is not something that normally happens without a cause and often requires a vet visit. This article explores the varied conditions that can cause your dog to pass blood when they urinate.


Why Is My Dog Sensitive to Touch? Tips for Dogs Who Hate Being Touched

A dog that is sensitive to touch may be particularly problematic considering that dogs need to be touched for various reasons, such as during veterinary examinations or when putting on a collar or harness. Dealing with a dog sensitive to touch is a delicate issue.


The Gordon Setter: A Guide for Owners

This article examines the lovable, confident, and affectionate Gordon Setter. It provides a direct analysis of the dog's temperament, personality, and unique traits. This includes a general discussion of the Gordon Setter's health concerns, grooming requirements, as well as nutritional needs.


What Is Source and the Inaccessible Hide in Nosework?

What is source in Nosework? What is the inaccessible hide?


Do Rottweilers Get Along With Other Dogs?

Whether Rottweilers get along with other dogs depends on a variety of factors. Genetic tendencies and the environment in which they are raised can play a role.


Veterinarian Shares How to Make a Dog Comfortable Before a Euthanasia Appointment

Making a dog comfortable before a euthanasia appointment is the last gift dog owners can provide to their beloved canine companions. Those last moments should be peaceful so to allow a calm setting for that final farewell. Dr. Ivana shares tips on how to make a dog comfortable before euthanasia.


The Airedale Terrier: A Guide for Owners

This article examines the lovable, courageous, and bold Airedale Terrier. It provides direct analysis of the dog's behavioral patterns, temperament, and characteristics. This includes a general discussion of the Airedale Terrier's grooming requirements, health concerns, and nutritional needs.


A Beginner's Guide to Nosework Organizations

This article explains some of the more well-known canine nosework organizations and offers a run-down of the types of training/trial environments.


The English Setter: A Guide for Owners

This article examines the lovable and intelligent English Setter. It provides a direct analysis of the dog's behavioral patterns, temperament, and general characteristics. This includes a discussion of the English Setter's health concerns, grooming requirements, and nutritional needs.


K9 Nosework: An Up and Coming Dog Sport

Read an overview of the up-and-coming dog sport, Canine Nosework.


The Best Drinking Bowls for German Shepherds

This article examines some excellent drinking fountains and water bowls for German Shepherds.


Why Does My Rottweiler Attack Other Dogs?

If your Rottweiler attacks other dogs, you're likely very upset about this and are wondering how to work on it so that they can enjoy the luxury of having several four-legged friends. Not so fast though: As Rottweilers mature, they may become more discriminative of who to befriend.


Natural Breeds of Dog Explored

This article explores natural dog breeds, including examining canines considered aboriginal, primitive, or ancient. They were initially developed through natural selection to thrive in their particular environments.


What Is Hip Dysplasia and How Do I Know If My Dog Has It?

Hip dysplasia is, unfortunately, a common condition found in dogs that can be life-limiting. Dogs with hip dysplasia suffer chronic pain and in severe cases, they may need an operation. Understanding what hip dysplasia is will help you to find the right treatment plan for your pet.


How to Stop a Dog From Sleeping on Your Bed

To stop a dog from sleeping on your bed, you may need to get creative. You'll need to take some baby steps to gradually wean him off your bed, while also offering some amenities to make his new bed look wonderful in comparison. This two-tiered approach can help you succeed.


Is Turmeric Good for My Dog?

You may have heard how the Indian spice turmeric has health benefits which could aid your dog, but is this true and is turmeric safe to feed to our pets? This article reveals the benefits and also the potential side-effects of turmeric and includes easy recipes for making tasty turmeric treats.


200+ Best Girl Dog Names

A comprehensive list of the best female dog names that are unique, cute, and strong, along with their meanings.


250+ Fun Bulldog Name Ideas

A list of cool, interesting, and unique name ideas for your new bulldog pet.


How to Stop a Dog From Destroying Plants

To stop a dog from destroying plants, it may help to understand why they are so interested in your plants in the first place. While dogs don't have a green thumb in the same way humans do, they can surely find plants entertaining in their own ways.


How to Introduce a Dog to Your Rabbit

To introduce a dog to your rabbit or vice-versa, safety needs to be your top priority. Not all dogs are created equally, and whether a successful introduction is possible depends on a variety of factors such as your dog's breed and his level of training and responsiveness to you.