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100+ Punny and Funny Dog Names With Steps to Create More

James Livingood has been a dog sitter for several years. He has written numerous articles and a book about the topic because he loves dogs.

Funny dog ready to ride!

Funny dog ready to ride!

Sometimes the best way to name your dog is to find the perfect joke. A light-hearted, funny dog name can help be the best introduction of your canine friend to others. In addition, this method can pay homage to your favorite TV show, movie, song, or more! Lastly, naming your hound a punny name can help towards building a future nickname that suits your doggie companion. Below are 100+ funny dog names, steps to build more, and a video.

Funny Dog Names A-F


A-fleas Ansari

Anderson Pooper

Andy War-Howl

Bark Griswold

Bark Obama

Bark Twain

Bark Wahlberg

Barkevious Dingo


Bilbo Fleabaggins

Bilbo Waggins

Bill Furry

Billie Howliday

Bob Scratchit

Boba Fetch

Bone, James Bone

Brad Sit

C3 Pee-O

Chalupa Batman


Chuck Norris

Darth Maul

Deputy Dawg

Diggie Smalls

Diggy Azalea

Doc McDoggins

Dog Johnson


Droolius Caesar


Fleasy E

Franz Fur-dinand


Fuzz Alrdrin


Fyodor Dogstoevsky

Dogs chasing balloons

Dogs chasing balloons

Funny Dog Names G-O


George Bernard Paw

Groucho Barks

Hairy Pawter


Heck-tor Salamanca

Heel Armstrong

Howl Jackman

Indiana Bones

J.K. Growling

Jabba the Mutt

Jack London

Jake Gyllenpaw

James Earl Bones

Jennifer Pawrence

Jim Barksons

Jimmy Chew

Johnny Rottenweiler

Jon Bone Jovi

Jude Paw

Julio Diglesias

Kareem Abdul Ja-Bark

Karl Barx

Katy Pawry

L.L. Drool J

Lady Lump

Luke Skybarker

Ma Barker

Maria Sha-ruff-pova

Mary Puppins

McGruff the Crime Dog

Mr. McGiblet


Muttley Crew

Nerf Herder


Orville Redenbarker

Ozzy Pawsborne

Dog with glasses and laptop

Dog with glasses and laptop

Funny Dog Names P-Z


Pablo Escobark


Pawtrick Stewart

Piss Hardwick

Prince of Barkness

Princess Pee

Queen Elizabark


Ron Fleasly

Rosa Barks

Ruth Bader Ginsbark

Ryan Fleacrest

Salacious B. Crumb

Salvador Dogi

Santa Paws

Sarah Jessica Barker

Sasha Fierce

Scarlet O'Hairy

Sherlock Bones

Sin'ad O'Collar

Sir Arthur Canine Doyle

Sir Francis Bacon

Snarls Barkley

Sophia Vergrrra

Taylor Pawtner

The Notorious D.O.G.

Tina Spay

Turtle O'Power



Vera Fang

Virginia Woof

Weeny Cooper


William Shakespaw

Winnie the Poodle

Winston Furchill

Woofgang Puck

Xena Waggly Princess

Steps to Building a Pun Dog Name

Sometimes the best way to name your dog is to both pay homage to a particular name while also keeping things fun. This can be accomplished by taking your favorite tv show or movie and contorting it toward a funny name. This may not always work and develop great names, but when it does, the results can be well worth the effort. Here are four steps to building your own punny dog name.

Step 1: Prepare a List of Names

So, what is your favorite TV show or movie? Once you have that, who are the main characters or villains in that show? After that, you can go one level deeper and see which ones are especially funny names. These can be heroes or villains who aren’t normally thought of as cuddly or cute. By making a pun of their name, that adds an extra element of humor.

An example of this could be the Avenger’s movie. In that movie, a scientist turns into a large green monster known as the Hulk. That hero isn’t thought of as cute and cuddly, but rather large and mean. That makes the name perfect for a small and cute dog; because it’s just the opposite. Let’s transform this name into a more punny/funny dog name.

Step 2: Prepare a List of Potential Components

One of the best ways to build a pun is to take components from each element and smash them together. We have a name to use from a favorite show, now we need to look for the other half. What kinds of things do dog do? They bark, drool, yip, wag their tails, shed, fetch and more. What kind of items do they normally like? They like bones, dog food, and chew toys. You can continue to add to this second half of the list by asking things like: components of a dog (paw, ears, etc.), famous dogs, dog tricks (heel, sit, play dead, etc.) and many more.

Step 3: Look at Insertion Points

Now that we’ve built two lists, let’s look for insertion points. The longer the hero/villain name, the better. If the word is only two or four characters, it because much harder to build a pun out of. This is because there are not enough sounds to insert the pun. The name we picked originally, Hulk, only has four characters. That makes it difficult to build a pun. However, the character’s other side “Bruce Banner” is much longer and may work to build something.

On our second list, we look for words that start with the first few letters of the character’s name. In this example, Bruce Banner starts with either Br or Ba. What parts of our second list also start with those letters? The answer is Bark. The next step is to combine the words, sound it out, and determine if it is funny.

Step 4: Sound It Out

Let’s combine the first and second name list at that insertion point: Bruce Barker. That doesn’t sound super funny, until you combine it with the alter ego. Bruce Barker and the Hulk. This could be a great name because it shows a small dog getting angry and then believing they are bigger/badder than they really are.

In addition, if you no longer want to use the full name, you could just say “Bruce” and the dog would respond. This can also be a great name if you get additional dogs as the pack could be the “Avengers” or the “Squirrel Avengers.” The best names are ones that grow with your canine and can change over time.

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