11 Unrecognized Hunting Dogs From Asian Countries

Updated on December 16, 2017
A Xiasi Quan, or Bai Long Quan dog, hunting boar.
A Xiasi Quan, or Bai Long Quan dog, hunting boar. | Source

Are you looking for a hound or hunting-category dog? If you would like to have a dog that has good hunting skills and distinctive looks, then include these dogs in your search. Read on to learn about some excellent, unrecognized hounds and hunting dogs.

1. Formosan Mountain Dog

A Formosan Mountain Dog.
A Formosan Mountain Dog. | Source

The Formosan Mountain Dog is a landrace, or domesticated dog, of medium size in the working category. It is indigenous to Taiwan and is also known as Taiwanese Dog/Canis, Taiwanese Native Dog, and Takasago Dog. This is a naturally healthy, hardy, and athletic dog that learns quickly and makes a good companion. These days, Formosan Mountain Dogs are used mainly for hunting, guarding, rescuing, and to do stunts. Its origins in hilly, forested areas have developed toughness and wildness in this breed. These dogs need early training and firm owners, as they has a pack leader's tendency and to grow dominant and stubborn.

Physical Traits

  • Country of origin: Taiwan, Republic of China.
  • Weight: Male 14–18 kg (31–41 lb); Female 12–16 kg (26–36 lb).
  • Height: Male 48–52 cm (18–21 in); Female 43–47 cm (16–19 in).
  • Coat: Smooth and oily.
  • Life span: 10-13 years.

2. Dingo Indochina

A Dingo Indochina.
A Dingo Indochina. | Source

Dingo Indochina is a less-known hunting breed from Vietnam. These dogs were bred as watchdogs. Though this breed's history isn't clear, but it commonly believed that it is a mix between primitive Asian dogs and the native wild dogs of Vietnam.

Physical Traits

  • Country of origin: Vietnam
  • Weight : Average, 12 to 20 kg.
  • Height: Approximately 15 to 20 inches.
  • Coat: Smooth and dry.
  • Life span: Average, 10-14 years.

3. Xiasi Quan or Bai Long Quan

A Xiasi Quan or Bai Long Quan dog.
A Xiasi Quan or Bai Long Quan dog. | Source

Xiasi Quan dogs are medium-sized hunting dogs. They originate from Guizhou Province in China. Xiasi Quan have distinctive characteristics and traits that make them ideal hunting dogs. They take their name from the town of Xiasi, Majiang City, where they are from. They are healthy, sturdy, and intelligent dogs with good hunting and guarding instincts. They have an excellent sense of smell and impressive speed and stamina. This is a respected dog and is traditionally believed to bring wealth to a family.

Physical Traits

  • Country of origin: Guizhou Province, China.
  • Weight : Between 22 to 66 pounds.
  • Height: Average, 17 to 20 inches.
  • Coat: Thick, double-coated, medium to long.
  • Life span: 11- 15 years.

4. Bone-Mouth

A Bone-Mouth dog.
A Bone-Mouth dog. | Source

Originally from Namhoi City in the Guangdong Province of China, these dogs take their name from their loose skin and meaty mouths. These dogs have two blood lines. One has fewer wrinkles, a pointed tail, and a short, thick, straight coat. The other has heavier wrinkles, a straight, hanging tail, and a comparatively longer coat. This is cool, calm, and affectionate dog that loves his family and is usually friendly with strangers and other pets. They are known for their fighting and hunting skills. They also make good watch dogs.

Physical Traits

  • Country of origin: China.
  • Weight: Between 40-65 lbs.
  • Height: Average between 19 and 23 inches.
  • Coat: Short, hard, bristly, and as straight as possible.
  • Life span: 7-15 years.

5. Blue Thai Ridgeback

A Blue Thai Ridgeback dog.
A Blue Thai Ridgeback dog. | Source

The Thai Ridgeback is an ancient breed from Thailand. These dogs have recently become popular outside of Thailand and recognized by major kennel clubs, but they are not recognized by the AKC. They are also known as TRD, Mah Thai, Thai Dog, and Mah Thai Lung Arn. This dog is available in three different colors: red, black, and blue. They are ridged along the back, a feature shared by a few dogs including Rhodesian Ridgebacks and Phu Quoc Ridgebacks. These are strong, brave, healthy, and calm dogs that have been used for generations as hunting companions. They make a good watch dogs and family pets.

Physical Traits

  • Country of origin: Thailand.
  • Weight: Average between, 51 - 75 pounds (23 - 34 kg).
  • Height: Males 22 - 24 inches (56 - 60 cm), Females 20 - 22 inches (51 - 56 cm).
  • Coat: Short, thick, and straight.
  • Life span: About 12-13 years.

6. Telomian

A Telomian dog.
A Telomian dog. | Source

This is a medium-sized, average weight night watch dog. Originally from Malaysia, these dogs were bred by indigenous people to hunt vermin and small prey. The area of Malaysia where these dogs were developed, is located near rainforest where snakes, scorpions, poisonous insects, army ants, and hungry mammals used to roam. These dogs developed a rare ability to climb trees as a result.

It is commonly believed these dogs are the missing link between the African Basenji and the Australian Dingo. Telomian dogs have been recognized by the AKC since 1973. Today, very few original Telomians are available and the breed is identified as endangered.

Physical Traits

  • Country of origin: Malaysia (Telom).
  • Weight: Average 16 to 25 kg.
  • Coat: Short and smooth.
  • (Standards for this breed is not set, so clear records for physical traits are not available.)

7. Sarail Hound


The Sarail Hound is a sight hound breed. Originally from Bangladesh, some of these dogs are also West Bengal and Assam in India. This breed is endangered and at risk of extinction, with very few original serial hounds available. This dog was created to hunt deer and hare and to protect livestock from jackals and wolves. It is believed to be a further extension of Indian Rampur Hounds mixed with local primitive dogs, though the breed's history is not clear.

Physical Traits

  • Country of origin: Bangladesh.
  • Weight: Male 23- 27 kg, Female: 21 -24 kg
  • Height: Male 22 - 27 inches, Female: 21 -24 inches.
  • Coat: Short, thick, and straight.

8. Pashmi Hound

A Pashmi Hound dog.
A Pashmi Hound dog. | Source

Pashmi hounds are an Indian sight hound breed developed in the village of Paschmi. They are also known as Mudhole or Caravan hounds. This is athletic, strong hunting dog that was was bred to hunt bear, fox, gazelle, wildcat, and marmot. They do well in hunting and field games. Pashmi hounds are intelligent and affectionate dogs that love to be around family members. They are usually friendly with strangers and get along easily with other pets.

Physical Traits

  • Country of origin: India.
  • Weight: Male 16 -21 kg, Female 13 -16 kg.
  • Height: Male 22-25 inches, Female 21- 23 inches.
  • Coat: Short, thick, and single coated.
  • Life span: Between 9 -11 years.

9. Chippiparai Hound

A Chippiparai Hound dog.
A Chippiparai Hound dog. | Source

Chippiparai dogs are sight hounds originally from southern India. Developed in the district of Tamil Nadu to hunt bear, wild boar, deer, and hares, these dogs also do well as companion and guard dogs.

The ancient rulers of Tirunelveli and Madurai kept these dogs as symbols of royalty and dignity. Many breeders believe that they are related to Egyptian Saluki, which were brought to India by Arabian invaders and soldiers and later bred with local native dogs.

Physical Traits

  • Country of origin: India.
  • Weight: Male 15 -20 kg, Female 12 -16 kg.
  • Height: Male 23-26 inches, Female 21- 23 inches.
  • Coat: Short, thick, and single-coated.
  • Life span: 12 -15 years.

10. Sinhala Hound

A Sinhala Hound dog.
A Sinhala Hound dog. | Source

Sinhala Hounds are hunting and working dogs native to Sri Lanka and some parts of India. It is commonly believed that these dogs are a cross between Kadar dogs and primitive Indian dogs. Though they do not have clear breed history, others believe that this breed was created around 4500 BCE when people began keeping domestic dogs to drive game. They were used by Vedda people for hunting. This breed is identified as endangered and very few pure-bred dogs are available. Most are a mix of Sinhala and local stray dogs.

Physical Traits

  • Countries of origin: Sri Lanka and India.
  • Coat: Short and thick.

11. Nippon Terrier

Nippon Terrier
Nippon Terrier | Source

The Nippon Terrier is a rare Japanese dog, also known as the Japanese terrier. This is Native from Japan and commonly believed to have descended from fox-type terriers, pointers, and indigenous Japanese dogs. This dog is short, muscular, and athletic like English rat or fox terriers and has excellent hunting aptitude. Nippon Terriers are recognized by major kennel clubs and registered with the National Kennel Club in Japan in 1930. It is rarely available outside of Japan.

Physical Traits

  • Country of origin: Japan.
  • Weight: Between 6 and 9 pounds.
  • Height: Between 11 and 13 inches.
  • Coat: Short and double coated.
  • Life span: Between 12 and 13 years.

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