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11 Dogs That Look Like a Fox


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Looking for a Fox-Like Dog?

Dogs (Canis familiaris) are the descendants of wolves and are classified as a subspecies of the grey wolf (Canis lupus). Foxes are omnivorous mammals belonging to several genera of the Canidae family. Because of their close genetic similarity, dogs and foxes share many physical traits.

Domesticated dogs are reliable pets and companions. Foxes are not reliable as pets., but if you long to run with the foxes, I'd suggest getting a dog that looks like a fox instead. You can use this article to help decide which one would be the best fit for you.

Finnish Spitz

Finnish Spitz

1. The Finnish Spitz

The Finnish Spitz is a medium-sized dog of a non-sporting group originating in Finland. Finnish Spitz are the national dogs of Finland. They were bred to hunt, and are known as "bark pointers." Barking is a major part of its hunting activity, as it is a way to signal the hunter that the dog has located prey in the forest. A Spitz has a square build, red coat, and small, ascendant ears that give it a fox-like look.

Finnish Spitz is an intelligent, active, alert, and lively dog that tends to be protective of its owners and aloof with strangers.

Fox (L) vs. Finnish Spitz (R)

Fox (L) vs. Finnish Spitz (R)

A Dhole, or Indian Wild dog, in Kabini Park, India.

A Dhole, or Indian Wild dog, in Kabini Park, India.

2. Dhole

The Dhole, or Indian wild dog, is also known as a red dog or red fox dog. This dog is not a canid from the family of “Canis familiaris.” It’s a canid of Cuon alpinus.” It is native to Central, South, and Southeast Asia. Dhole has a look like the Indian and Arabian fox.

Dholes are very similar to African wild dogs. They can kill a prey up to ten times their own size. They have high running speed of about 34 miles per hour. This species can jump seven feet straight up into the air, and skilled swimmers. Dhole dogs are highly social animals and live in packs of between 8-12 dogs. They are classed as endangered dogs.

Korean Jindo

Korean Jindo

A Korean Jindo Dog.

A Korean Jindo Dog.

3. Korean Jindo Dogs

Jindo dogs originated from Jingo Island, Korea. These medium-sized, athletic, and sturdy dogs are available in almost any colour: white, yellow, red, red and white, tan, tan and white, black, black and tan, and brindle coats. Red and white with tan coloured Jindos look like Asian Red Foxes.

Usually, a Jindo is a stubborn dog with a mind of its own, but they like being with the family and owner. They are territorial dogs and do not like other pets in their territory. Jindos need regular walks or exercise. A minimum of 30-minute, brisk walks are necessary for this dog. If they are not getting sufficiently exercised they may become stubborn.

A Jindo dog on the left and a fox on the right.

A Jindo dog on the left and a fox on the right.

Indian Spitz

Indian Spitz

4. Indian Spitz

Indian Spitz are one among the most intelligent dog breeds. They are small- or medium-sized Indian home dogs. These dogs are very active, alert, and naturally healthy dogs that are very suitable for extreme weather, like that of the Indian subcontinent.

Indian Spitz are very similar to the German Spitz in appearance, and look like a small fox. They are very bright dogs that love to be around family and kids, but do not welcome other pets. Indian Spitz are still not recognized by any major kennel club, but they are identified as a separate Indian breed by the Kennel Club of India.

Indian Spitz vs. Fox: An Indian Spitz on the left and a fox on the right.

Indian Spitz vs. Fox: An Indian Spitz on the left and a fox on the right.

Alaskan Klee Kai

Alaskan Klee Kai

5. Alaskan Klee Kai

Alaskan Klee Kai were developed in the 1970s to create a lap-sized versions of the Huskie. In 1988 they got recognition by most of kennel clubs. They are energetic, intelligent, playful, and very energetic dogs that love to be around their family. They are commonly friendly, but can be aloof and cautious around strangers. Alaskan Klee Kai don’t welcome outsiders openly like Siberian Huskies do.

These dogs are available in many colors, including black and white, grey and white, red and white, and all-white. A red and white Alaskan Klee Kai is rare and looks very similar to a red fox.

Red Alaskan Klee Kai vs. Fox: Red Alaskan Klee Kai above and a fox below.

Red Alaskan Klee Kai vs. Fox: Red Alaskan Klee Kai above and a fox below.

Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu

6. Japanese Shiba Inu

The Shiba Inu is the smallest Spitz breed from Japan. They look very similar to other Japanese dog breeds, like Akita Inu. Shiba Inu were originally bred for hunting and are one of the few ancient dog breeds still in existence in the world today.

Shiba dogs are alert, confident, courageous, and bold. They are loving, kind, easily trainable, and brave dogs. These dogs are good with children and other pets and are not hostile with guests or strangers.

Fox vs. Shiba Inu: A fox on the left and Shiba Inu pair on the right.

Fox vs. Shiba Inu: A fox on the left and Shiba Inu pair on the right.

A Volpino Italiano

A Volpino Italiano

7. Volpino Italiano

Volpino Italiano are small Spitz-type dogs originally from Italy. In spite of its small size, this dog was originally kept as a guard dog. It is very energetic and lively. Volpino's job was to alert the large mastiffs to an intruder.

For some unfortunate reason, Volpino Italiano were about to die out around 1965. Only five dogs from this breed were left. But efforts to protect them were quite successful, and in 2006 approximately 2,000 dogs of this breed were counted. Most are in Italy, but they are also bred in Scandinavia, the U.K., and the U.S. In 2006 this dog was recognized by the UK Kennel Club and is now registered with most renowned kennel clubs.

Volpino Italiano look very much like white Arctic Fox.

A Volpino Italiano on the left and an Arctic Fox on the right.

A Volpino Italiano on the left and an Arctic Fox on the right.

An American Eskimo Dog.

An American Eskimo Dog.

8. American Eskimo Dog

The American Eskimo is a small dog from the Spitz family. Originating in Germany and bought to America in the 1930s, these were circus dogs. American Eskimo Dog is an Intelligent, friendly, alert, and protective breed.

With their straight, wedge-shaped ears and distinctive black points (lips, nose, and eye rims) these dogs have a look like the white Arctic Fox. They are also among the most trustworthy dogs to keep around children, and are considered a most reliable and loving companion dog.

American Eskimo Dog vs. Arctic Fox: An American Eskimo Dog on the left and an Arctic Fox on the right.

American Eskimo Dog vs. Arctic Fox: An American Eskimo Dog on the left and an Arctic Fox on the right.

Long-Haired Chihuahua

Long-Haired Chihuahua

9. Long-Haired Chihuahua

The Chihuahua is smallest dog in the world. Originating in Mexico in 1850, these dogs are eccentric it their disposition. This dog is best-suited for warm climates. Chihuahuas require minimal grooming and exercise, making them a good choice for older owners.

Chihuahua is an intelligent dog breed. These dogst enjoy playing with toys and being around family members. The KC in the United Kingdom and the AKC in the United States recognize two varieties of Chihuahua: The long-coat and the short-haired or short-coated. These dog is available almost in all colors, but the long-haired red Chihuahua looks very similar to a small red fox.

Longcoat Chihuahua vs. Fox: Longcoat Chihuahua on the left and a fox on the right.

Longcoat Chihuahua vs. Fox: Longcoat Chihuahua on the left and a fox on the right.

An Icelandic Sheepdog.

An Icelandic Sheepdog.

10. Icelandic Sheepdog

Icelandic Sheepdog is a very healthy dog breed of Spitz type. As its name suggests, this dog originated from Iceland and is an ancestor of the Shetland Sheepdog and the Welsh Corgi.

This is a very active breed that needs daily exercised and walking. These dogs don’t like to be left alone, as they have "home-alone anxiety" concerns. Icelandic Sheepdogs are friendly with other pets and outsiders, but need to be socialized at an early age. Their upward-facing, triangular ears and red fur with white and tan patches make them look a lot like a fox.

Icekandic Sheepdog vs. Fox: Icekandic Sheepdog on the left and a fox on the right.

Icekandic Sheepdog vs. Fox: Icekandic Sheepdog on the left and a fox on the right.

A Khugsa Dog.

A Khugsa Dog.

11. Khugsa Dog

Kugsha, or Amerindian Malamutes, are native to the United States and are wolf hybrids. These dogs are very alert, quick, and intelligent. They learn exceptionally quickly.

Khugsa is born travellers. Their long legs and strong bodies are well-suited to carrying heavy loads across long distances. Because they're only recently domesticated, they are very independent with lots of spirit. Though Kugsha is loyal and protective to owners, is not a good dog for families with small children due to a predatory nature.

The coat colour, erect ears, and lean body give them the look of tan arctic fox, but they also resemble wolves.

Khugsa Dog vs. Arctic Fox: Khugsa Dog on the left and an Arctic Fox on the right.

Khugsa Dog vs. Arctic Fox: Khugsa Dog on the left and an Arctic Fox on the right.

More Picture of Dogs That Look Like Foxes


eeveelove on August 09, 2020:

i want a finnsh so badly

Foxygirl on November 24, 2019:

My little girl I got she looks just like a fox in the face and I seen some of these dogs on there and somebody said she was long hair Chihuahua but I don't see it I look at the other dog she looks more like it's the white one I don't know it's just she looks a little bit like all of them she's fascinating

Kelsie on July 08, 2019:

I LOVE foxes

ARADHYA (author) on February 01, 2019:

Actually they are reserved, and need early socialization.

Gee on January 28, 2019:

Chihuahuas are hideous

Sky on December 23, 2018:

What about Pomeranians! “Throwback” poms even more so! My white Pom looks just like a fluffy white fox!

fin on November 06, 2018:

the arctic fox next to the american eskimo dog isnt an arctic fox, its a form of red fox, looks like a platinum to me, you can tell by the face shape.

The Logician from now on on October 05, 2018:

I don’t know who grat is but I can tell you tons of stories about keeping foxes as pets. They were legal in NY when I had them. Because NY used to have a lot of Fox fur farms they were still classified as farm animals.

I got mine as pups from breeders in NY. I have had red, silver, Arctic and gray foxes and I must say the grays were the most besutiful and nicest as pets.

They all can be little trained but even so their urine is pungent, the arctic’s smells like a skunk.

I used to take my two grays to the mall on leash and to elenentary schools for show and tell. The grays were fascinated with children and would sit on a table and just stare at them for the whole time checking every child out. They spend a lot of time in trees in the wild and mine would sit on my shoulders as I walked around outside the mall or parks.

To keep them behaving like a pet you have to get them very young preferably a week before they wean and be hands on with them everyday. Leaving them in a cage for long periods without contact eventually leads to them becoming less tame when taken out. I found the best thing to do is have them outside in a 10x20 roofed kennel and spend time in there with them everyday- they love to play, and raising them with an equal sized puppy dog helps keep them happy, they love to play.

ARADHYA (author) on October 05, 2018:

Grat, how's your experience to keep foxes as pets?

Coco on October 04, 2018:

I hate foxes

Kim on September 30, 2018:

You should have the Pomeranian on your list.

Cadet on July 17, 2018:

I have a couple of problems with this article. Firstly, as I'm pretty sure that the article is advertising the dogs as pets, dholes should not be on the list as they are not pets. Second, there is no such thing as an Indian red fox, and the picture you have for the fox is in fact a dhole. Finally... I don't believe that the fox compared to the Klee Kai is an actual red fox. It looks like a silver morph that's been tinted red, and I've never seen a red fox or any fox for that matter with markings and colors that are even similar to that one.

Anan on June 23, 2018:

I find that pomerainian dogs also looks like foxes, I definitely feel that you should add that in your next website etc.

Linda Johnson on May 09, 2018:

I have a rescue dog that I have learned is a "Carolina Dog"...also called a "Dixie Dingo". It has fox like coloring and body type though longer legged. It is reputed to be the breed that traveled into North America from the Asiatic Pass centuries ago with early man. You frequently see similar dogs in movies about Native Americans domesticated and helping to move tents and supplies.

ARADHYA (author) on May 01, 2018:

Dear Husky,

All the dogs are descendants of wolves and somehow resemble to wolf and fox. I just attempted to find the dogs that look very similar like fox. I agree some other dogs also can be in the list.

husky on May 01, 2018:

i think you forgot pomeranian , papillon , foxy dog and mini husky.

but first dogs were really like fox

Romy2915 on May 01, 2018:

Mi perra si que parece un zorro ,es una chihuahua de pelo largo cabeza de ciervo ,más bien es cabeza de zorro ,todo el mundo que la ve me dice lo mismo ,que parece un zorro

Romy2915 on May 01, 2018:


Amy Chen on April 21, 2018:

corgis should be in the list.

bailey wilson on April 03, 2018:

You used a picture of a Finnish spitz for the Indian spitz. Neither dogs in those pictures are Indian spitz you use some monger or mixed breed for the first one, then an entirely other breed for the second one m please change it.

ARADHYA (author) on June 05, 2017:


I think, the blue-purple dark spots in his mouth and gums and brown eyes indicate more to a wolf hybrid rather Husky.

Jean-louise on June 05, 2017:

Hi i think i have a tamaskan wolf dog but cant find something that kan help me my dog have blue purple dark spots in his mouth and gums is it posibel or can it be a husky he have light brown eyes i dont know

Anonymous on April 02, 2017:

Corgis look x2 more like a fox more than all of these!

ARADHYA (author) on March 16, 2017:


Send breed details and picture of your dog.

Scooter on February 10, 2017:

The last one does not look like a fox, it looks like a wolf.

ARADHYA (author) on September 23, 2016:

Yes Agree, I have seen some Mutts that looks like Fox. Also I have some pictures of them.

Ileana on September 11, 2016:

Has anyone noticed that there is a recurring mutt type of dog that looks kind of like a fox-coyote type. We owned one and we've seen other nearly identical looking dogs all around the country. The snout is fine somewhat like a cross between a collie and a shepherd. The ears are pointed and upright. The fur reddish on the top with buff on the belly & undersides. The tail has a slight curve to it and is very bushy, a little wiry, ends in a point. Sometimes there are darker, almost black, which suggest some German shepherd in the lineage.

There are other recurring mutt types - the small to medium size long haired black dog. The fur looks kind of like that of the flat coated retriever but the snout is narrower. The ears are also somewhat pointed, but folded over.

Just someone on August 22, 2016:

I went to look up the Indian Spitz and it looks nothing like the dogs in the pictures. The pictures supposed to be of Indian Spitzes are actually of Finnish Spitzes. A simple google pictures search will show you the pictures of "indian spitzes" under the name Finnish Spitz.

ARADHYA (author) on August 04, 2016:

Hello Patty, Anne and Colton

Thanks for your suggestions.

I will add these dogs in extended list.

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever.



To add Pomeranian/Husky, I need some pictures , It could be great if I can get them. As thats not the common.

Patty on July 18, 2016:

I have a Pinsky. Pomeranian/Husky a Nd she looks very much like a fox.

anne on July 14, 2016:

You forgot the papillon!

Colton on June 30, 2016:

You forgot the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. Purposely bred to look and act similar to foxes to entice waterfowl.

Aroosa Hermosa on May 31, 2016:

Very informative article.

ARADHYA (author) on May 30, 2016:

Hi Hailey,

There are many small fox breed which are little bigger than a chihuahua and have similar look (Like Hairy chihuahua).

I agree most of foxes are much bigger and doesn't resemble with chihuhua.

ARADHYA (author) on May 30, 2016:

Hi Yue,

I had taken those pictures from google search, for Indian Spitz i have some more pictures so I will replace that.

Thanks for letting me know.

Hailey Newsome on May 23, 2016:

I am not quite sure how the Chihuahua looks like a fox!!!!!!!!!!!

Yue on May 16, 2016:

I must point out that at least some of the pictures here are wrong. The second picture listed under the breed Finnish spitz is in fact not a Finnish spitz. Also the second picture under the breed Indian spitz is actually a picture of a Finnish spitz.

Pinner on September 14, 2015:

Nice collection: Like to pin it .


Newstaker on August 24, 2015:

Excellent collection, never thought to compare these dogs with fox.

ARADHYA (author) on August 24, 2015:

Thanks truthfornow!

There are lot of post "Dogs alike Wolf". Just thought collecting details about "Dogs like Fox".

Marie Hurt from New Orleans, LA on August 22, 2015:

I didn't realize that there were so many dogs that looked like foxes. But, I see what you are talking about. Nice pictures to illustrate your points.

ARADHYA (author) on August 22, 2015:

Thanks Mark :).

Dr Mark from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil on August 22, 2015:

Interesting article! I like all of your pictures and you made some great choices here.

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