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12 Names From Swiss Culture and Folklore for Bernese Mountain Dogs

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There is a whole world of places to get dog names from. So, how do you narrow it down and find the perfect name for your pooch? One way is to look for what a name means. Since Bernese Mountain Dogs are of Swiss origin, these 12 names found in Swiss folklore, culture, history, and mythology are a great place to look for name ideas.

Finding a name for your dog with meaning can make the link between you and your pet even more special. You'll always remember that link when you call your dog. See if one of these Swiss names might be right for your Bernese Mountain Dog.

This Bernese Mountain Dog puppy is looking for a name.

This Bernese Mountain Dog puppy is looking for a name.

1. Bärli

This term of endearment compares your partner to a giant bear. What a perfect name for a Bernese Mountain Dog! Referring to such a loveable, big animal, this name works particularly well for your dog or puppy.

2. Brenner

The Brenner Pass was an important pass through the Western and Central Alps and accessible only to pack animals. Bernese Mountain Dogs have been used as cart and pack animals and this name would be a good choice to pay homage to the breed's history.

3. Cervin

Cervin was a giant who was such a massive creature, he caused the ground beneath him to collapse so that barely a vee of air showed between his front legs. Along with the giant rock called Valai created by another giant, the two helped to form the huge Swiss mountain, the Matterhorn.

This name could be good for a particularly large male dog who inadvertently smushes those he loves with his lap hugs.

Bernese Mountain Dog dashing in the snow

Bernese Mountain Dog dashing in the snow

4. Hannibal

Hannibal was the Carthaginian general who rode a pack of elephants through the Alps. This unheard of feat was one of many things that left Hannibal’s mark on history. This name might make a good one for a male dog that is either very strong, enjoys pulling or carrying weights, or who never gives up.

5. Häsli

Häsli is a term of endearment in Swiss culture. It means a hare. Since hares are swift and love to run, this name could be good for a Bernese Mountain Dog who likes to run and chase things a lot.

6. Heidi

Heidi is a quintessential Swiss story about a girl who lives on the Alps with her gruff grandfather. In the book, no matter what happens in Heidi’s life, she maintains a positive attitude, pushing through all the difficulties she encounters in life.

This name could work beautifully for a kind, upbeat female Bernese Mountain Dog.

7. Jack 'o the Bowl

The Jack o’ the Bowl is a Swiss house spirit that is generally good-natured. Swiss housewives used to leave a bowl of cream out for the spirit each night and every morning the cream would be entirely lapped up.

It’s certain any Bernese Mountain Dog would do his best to keep up on the tradition of cleaning the bowl and being a good house “spirit,” so this name would work well for most males, particularly those that are extra fond of their treats.

8. Müsli

Müsli is a pet name some Swiss people call each other. It is a term of endearment. The word actually means mouse, but it conveys a sense of sweetness and caring. Müsli could be a good name for any Bernese Mountain Dog considering what sweet temperaments they have.

Bernese Mountain Puppy waiting for a name

Bernese Mountain Puppy waiting for a name

9. Schatzi

This word is another term of endearment. It means little treasure, a special cache more precious than jewels. What a perfect name for any Bernese Mountain Dog that you welcome into your family.

10. Valai

Valai is a place on the mountain called the Matterhorn. In mythology, it is a place of giants and mysterious creatures—a real land of mystery. Valai is supposedly a giant sack that one of the giants dropped on its travels. Along with Cervin, Valai made the Matterhorn.

This name would be great for either a male or female who is very strong and can stand up to anything.

Handsome Bernese Mountain Dog in the snow

Handsome Bernese Mountain Dog in the snow

11. Wilhelm/William (Tell)

Wilhelm or William is the name of a famous Swiss hero who was known as an expert shot with a crossbow. When the emperors of Austria were seeking to get everyone to bow before them, Tell and his son refused to do so. They were condemned to death, however, the emperor said they could have a reprieve if William could shoot an apple off his son’s head with a crossbow. William made the shot.

This name could work very well for a brave male family guardian, a Bernese Mountain Dog who will do anything for his family. So, it would work well for most male Berners.

12. Znüni

Znüni is short for a 9:00 a.m. mid-morning snack that the Swiss tend to eat. People eat all different kinds of foods during this time, and your dog no doubt loves the idea of snacktime, as well. This name might make a good choice for either a female or male dog who just loves their snacks.

Bernese Mountain Dog playing in the water

Bernese Mountain Dog playing in the water


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