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15 Great Names for Your Newfoundland Dog

Teeuwynn has owned dogs her whole life. She has enjoyed the companionship of everything from Pugs to Newfoundlands.

Sometimes inspiration for names can be hard to come by. Read on to find your inspiration or find the right name for your new webbed-footed friend.

Sometimes inspiration for names can be hard to come by. Read on to find your inspiration or find the right name for your new webbed-footed friend.

There is a whole world of ideas for dog names—so how do you narrow it down and find the perfect one for your pooch? One technique is to look at what a name means. For Newfoundlands, turning to water—the lakes, rivers, oceans, and rain—is a great place to find real inspiration.

Newfoundland dogs were bred as working dogs who specialize in water-related tasks—they even have webbed feet. Unlike most dogs that swim with the traditional doggie paddle, Newfs swim with a powerful stroke that moves those webbed feet down and out through the water. The combination of webbing, stroke, and sheer strength allows them to pull a rowboat filled with people to shore using only her teeth, muscles, and will.

Choosing a water-related name will honor a Newfoundland’s heritage and his joy in the water. It will also connect you and your dog to one of the greatest elemental forces in the universe. Discover 15 great names for your Newfoundland dog.

Brown Newfoundland

Brown Newfoundland

1. Bay

A bay is a large, recessed body of water connected openly to the coast of a larger body of water like an ocean or a sound. Bay could make a good name for most Newfoundland boys, although it strikes me as a name that might work best for a brown-colored dog since bay-colored horses are a type of brown.

2. Calder

This traditional English name means “rocky water.” It’s a strong-sounding name for a strong dog. This name would work well for a big male dog (or a puppy who you believe will fill out well) who will provide steady guardianship and companionship for the family.

3. Caspian

This name has a couple of connotations, one real-world and one literary. In the real world, we have the Caspian sea, sitting between Europe and Asia. In the realms of fantasy, we find Prince Caspian, a character out of C.S. Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia. Prince Caspian was a great sailor.

A good dog to name after the prince might be an adventurous male, ready to go out and explore the world and get to know everyone and everything in it. A male named after the sea might be more solid and stoic since the Caspian sea has a higher salt content and is correspondingly more “solid.”

4. Cove

Meaning a small coastal inlet or bay, cove is a simple, but attractive word. This name could work for either a male or female Newfoundland. This name might do better for a Newf who’s on the smaller side or one who likes to make herself look smaller than she really is, maybe by hiding herself in your lap?

A hilly Newfoundland Coast

A hilly Newfoundland Coast

5. Lake

This name comes from the obvious—a landlocked body of water. Lakes are beautiful, like our dogs. Many a Newfoundland has enjoyed playing with her human family or practicing water rescues in a lake. A lot of people see lakes as calming places. This name might be best for a calmer or more serene Newfoundland girl.

6. Marilla

Marilla means “shining sea” in Latin. Picture the sun sparkling off every peak of ocean on the clear waters of the Mediterranean sea. It’s a gorgeous sight. A Newf with this name might like the ocean a lot or she might be particularly beautiful. Of course, aren't all Newfs beautiful?

7. Marlowe

This word means “the hill by the lake.” It is a name that could be used for either a male or female Newfoundland. The hill could refer to a taller Newfoundland, but it also sounds like a regal place for a regal dog. Alternately, it could be a good name for a watchful home companion who is always alert for intruders.

8. Nixie

A nixie is a type of water child or water spirit. She is related to the pixies and dryads and other types of nymphs of the world of fairies. Nixies can be dangerous but are generally playful so long as no one threatens the people she loves. She enjoys games and fun. This name could be good for a Newf that likes to play a lot, but one that will never let anything bad happen to her family.

9. Oceania

This name is based on the Greek god Oceanus, god of the Earth’s fresh waters, or some of his children, the Oceanids, nymphs of springs and fountains. Oceanus was later considered god of the Atlantic and Indian oceans.

With Oceanus’ connection to oceans, a Newf with this name could be a more tempestuous girl. This name could also work for a very social Newfoundland if you think of the Oceanids and how much the nymphs enjoyed being with each other.

10. Rain

This name is pretty self-explanatory. Rain falls across almost all of the earth. It nourishes us physically and spiritually. Rain keeps us whole. Rain brings life into this world. Rain is like a goddess nurturing and nourishing us throughout our days. So, perhaps this name would work well for a female Newfoundland with a mothering temperament. Alternately, this could just be a fun name for a dog that loves to play in the rain!

11. Rio

This name is Spanish or Portuguese for “river.” The famous city, Rio de Janeiro, overlooks the Atlantic ocean. This name could be good for a dog with Spanish or Portuguese heritage or for any dog of either gender that likes to play in the water.

Newfoundland in the river

Newfoundland in the river

12. River

Like the name Rio above, river has a pretty basic but beautiful meaning. Rivers flow throughout the world bringing water with them as well as boats, people, and packages. River would be a great name for a water rescue dog or a dog you plan on training in water rescue. This name could also work for a dog of either gender who enjoys splashing around in a river.

13. Tahoe

This name means “edge of the water” in one of the Native American languages. The name also refers to a gorgeous, wild mountain and lake-filled region of the United States of America called Tahoe that lies roughly where northern California meets Nevada.

The Tahoe area, when you can get away into the wilderness, is pure serenity. This name could work for a male or female Newfoundland who appreciates long hikes in the wild or who has a very serene nature.

A Newf puppy in the Tahoe snow

A Newf puppy in the Tahoe snow

14. Talise

This is another name of Native American origins. This name for a female Newfoundland means “lovely water.” So, this name could work well for a particularly pretty Newf, but this sentiment doesn’t have to be taken literally. The name could work just as well for a Newf with a lovely soul or sweetheart temperament.

15. Zale

In Greek, Zale means “strong sea,” and “power of the sea,” so you know it’s not a name to mess with. A male dog with this name might be a leader or protector. Zale could also be a good name for a particularly big or powerful Newfoundland.

Am I your Zale?

Am I your Zale?

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