14 Game-Changing Products That Will Transform Your Dog Walk

Updated on July 22, 2019
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When I worked as a professional full-time dog walker, these were the products I used.

Learn how to improve the quality of your dog walking experience!
Learn how to improve the quality of your dog walking experience! | Source

Hacking Those Dog Walking Challenges

When walking dogs is a regular part of your life, you become aware of the many small challenges that arise regularly. While bee stings and leash problems might not initially seem like a big deal, over time they accumulate, and these small annoyances gradually become the bane of your existence.

Here are the 14 products I used as a professional full-time dog walker to combat some of these problems. Dog owners and dog walkers alike can benefit from these responsible, creative, and time-saving products.

Note: I am not an affiliate marketer—I will not receive any revenue from your purchasing these items. I merely compiled this list to be helpful to others.

1. The TUBE Wearable Waistband

When you're walking three dogs (or even one, very feisty dog) while trying to navigate on your phone and get a treat out of your pocket all at the same time, a fanny pack seems less like a dorky relic of the 1990s and more like a miraculous gem that you wish you had access to right this very second. Thankfully, with the TUBE Wearable Waistband, you get all of the fanny pack without any of the fanny. (Not that there's anything wrong with the fanny necessarily—the 90s are making a comeback, right?) Regardless, this is a comfortable, stylish way to keep all of your necessities—phone, keys, treats, waste bags, etc., right at your waist in a discrete way.

Poop bag
Poop bag | Source

2. Glove-Shaped Biodegradable Poop Bags

With the amount of doodoo that needs to be picked up by our canine friends every day, it's 100% imperative that we invest in biodegradable poop bags. Wag Bags make it even easier to do this dirty business by making the pick-up bag glove-shaped. Your hand fits right in so you can scoop and dispose of as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Buildable, no-tangle leash system
Buildable, no-tangle leash system | Source

3. WagSafely Buildable Leash System

If you're a dog walker, a lot of owners provide their own leash for you to use—but much of the time the leashes are low quality, retractable (don't ever use one of these), or just easily tangle while walking multiple dogs. The coolest thing about this buildable leash system (besides the fact that it's customizable for however many dogs you need) is it's reflective and tangle-free design, to ensure your dogs' safety and comfort, no matter what size they are.

4. Leanlix Treats

Collapsible travel cup
Collapsible travel cup | Source

5. Collapsible Travel Cup With Bottle Holder and Carabiner

Staying hydrated is essential not only for you as a walker, but for all pups involved, as well. Before the summer comes along, invest in this expandable travel food/water bowl to ensure nobody ever gets too thirsty.

This collar features an LED light
This collar features an LED light | Source

6. LED Safety Collar Light

For when it gets dark outside, but your pup friend still needs to let out some energy, this collar will make both you and your buddy feel safe.

Portable first aid kit for dogs
Portable first aid kit for dogs | Source

7. Portable Pet First Aid Kit

When your pup friend has an unfortunate incident, whether with another dog, or an upset bumblebee in a field, it's always good to have some basic medical supplies ready to go and accessible in case of an emergency. This one is comprehensive, lightweight, reflective, and easily attaches to the leash or your backpack.

Hands-free leash
Hands-free leash | Source

8. Hands-Free Leash

For those days when you feel more like a jog or a hike than a leisurely stroll, this leash will come in handy. Be warned: This should be used with dogs that are well trained and that won't take advantage of the freedom this leash provides.

9. The Ruffit Backpack

Zipline for the car
Zipline for the car | Source

10. Doggy Car Zipline

When you're transporting dogs from one location to another, they often have a tendency to get over-excited and lunge into the front seen to join you. While this is adorable, it's also very dangerous. With this car zipline, your pup can enjoy the thrill of the ride, while staying firmly in his lane.

Pet waste pickup tool
Pet waste pickup tool | Source

11. Pet Waste Pickup Tool

Compact and complete with dispensers, this is perfect for anyone who can't stand the idea of picking up their pup's number twos with only a thin layer of plastic to protect their fingers. This was the most transportable and cleanly pooper scooper I could find on the market!

Quick Bath Wipes for Dirty Dogs
Quick Bath Wipes for Dirty Dogs | Source

12. Quick Bath Wipes

Some days it's going to be really wet and/or muddy outside, but our dogs still need exercise. Use these handy wipes to give the dogs a quick rub down before going back inside, and you'll be loved by both the pet and its owner (if you're the owner, yes, you will love yourself).

13. Protective Booties for Days It Is too Hot/Cold

Car organizer for dog gear
Car organizer for dog gear | Source

14. Doggy Car Organizer

If you're transporting your pups to doggy daycare or taking them on a hike, odds are you're going to want a designated space to keep everything you'll need for them handy.

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