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15 Unique Russian Names for Borzois or Russian Wolfhounds From Slavic Mythology

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Zorya sister Borzoi girls.

Zorya sister Borzoi girls.

Borzoi Names

Slavic and Russian mythology can be a great place to find unique male and female names for your Borzoi or Russian Wolfhound. These noble canines are brave enough to fight wolves and calm enough to relax at home with their owners.

Borzois were bred to hunt wolves. They are powerful, speedy animals that deserve a name that’s more than just pretty or cute. So, think about naming your dog something from Slavic (Russian) mythology. These names hold meaning, which can enhance the connection between you and your precious dog.

The following 15 names are some good Slavic and Russian names that might be a great fit for your beloved Borzoi companion.

1. Azovka

Azkova is the name of a girl who went to live in the Ural Mountains of Russia. Azkova had a lot of hidden treasures in her cave. In some stories, Azkova was forced to guard this treasure for years. This name could work well for a dog that likes to guard her family or who sighs and acts put upon a lot.

2. Bannik

The Bannik was the spirit of the bathhouse. It lurked around the bathhouses and places where divination occurred and where women also gave birth to babies. Some say the Bannik could also predict the future and would gently rub the back of someone whose future question ended well, while scratching the back of someone who could expect a poorer ending to their question. Many Borzois could fit this description, particularly one that has a slightly otherworldly aura about him or herself.

3. Copper

This Mistress of the Copper Mountain, also called the Malachite Maid, lives in the mountains. She is a beautiful woman with green eyes and brown and copper hair. She protects underground riches and controls mining operations. This name might be good for a calmer girl with a red, red brindle, gold, or gold brindle coat.

White Borzoi

White Borzoi

4. Domovoi

Domovoi is a protective spirit of house and home. Domovoi are smaller, often covered in hair, and bearded. Domovoi like to be heard rather than seen, and their raspy calls are legendary. Domovoi take their roles as protectors of their houses very seriously. Some people say Domovoi start to look like their owners over time.

This name could work well for a slightly smaller, scruffier male Borzoi or for one that is very determined to protect his home. It could also work for a Borzoi that bears some sort of resemblance to his owner or enjoys making extra noises around the house.

5. Firebird

The Firebird is a famous, magical bird that can actually turn into flame. If it is captured, it can bring bad luck upon its owner, however, a free bird can bring good luck to those it wishes. Some rumors say the Firebird can see the future.

The Firebird itself is a massive bird with glowing feathers made of orange, red, and yellow light. It is a beautiful creature. This name could work well for a protective dog who wants to bring good to his or her adopted family. The name could fit particularly well for a dog with red or orange-red coloring.

6. Indrik

The Indrik is the Russian king of all beasts. It is a giant creature that lives on the Holy Mountain where no other living being may walk. The original Indrik monster was said to have the legs of a deer, the body of a bull, the head of a horse, and a gigantic horn like a rhinoceros. This gigantic protector of the mountain could work well as a name for a Borzoi that is either already on the larger side or a puppy expected to grow into a large dog.

7. Mavka

This name comes from the spirits of young girls who died too young and came back to haunt others, particularly young men. However, they were also said to help farmers in the field. The Mavka are beautiful and dark. They are dangerous, but can also help people who are good to them. This name might be good for a female Borzoi who is one of the darker colors and perhaps likes to flirt a lot.

Black Borzoi who could be named Vodyonoy

Black Borzoi who could be named Vodyonoy

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8. Rusalka

A Rusalka is a water nymph in Russian lore. Young women who died in or near the water may become Rusalka. Many of these creatures have long red hair, although other myths say they can change their appearance at will.

Some Rusalka will lure young men to their death in the water, but others don’t seem to show any sign of violence. In general, Rusalka are seen as symbols of beauty in Slavic society. A beautiful female Borzoi would be a great fit for this name, perhaps one that has a haughty side to her personality.

9. Samodiva

A Samodiva is a gorgeous woman with flowing, blonde hair, and sometimes even wings. The gowns the Samodiva wear are ethereal and flowing, and some even have the wings that allow the Samodiva to fly. The women have beautiful skin and sparkling eyes.

Samodiva are drawn to fire. They can bring about fires among crops and kill cattle, but will only do so if angered. This name could be good for a white or cream female Borzoi with a generally wonderful disposition, but who might get annoyed under certain circumstances.

10. Silver Hoof

This name refers to a Russian fairy tale character we will call “Silver.” That is the name I think may work best for your Borzoi, although obviously, the choice is entirely yours. Silver is a mythical silver deer who is generally helpful, although can be harmful if people turn on him. Silver Deer will stamp his silver hoof and leave gems for people who please him. Silver could be a good name for any Borzoi of a cream or silver color. This name particularly suits dogs with a giving personality (but don't all have a giving personality?).

11. Ved

A Ved is a monster from Bilogora in North Croatia. Ved were giant, human-like creatures who grew as big and wide as a peasant’s house. The Ved were so strong they could uproot trees by themselves. The creatures were covered in long, shaggy hair. A Ved’s chest was so big and strong, that he could make a giant wind just by blowing.

Most Vedi were good beings, although there were a few bad apples. The good Vedi would help people with work and problems. This name would work for a male Borzoi that is, or is going to be, a particularly large or strong member of the breed.

12. Vodyonoy

This creature is a male water spirit that is supposed to appear as a naked old man with a frog’s face, green beard, long hair, and a body covered with dark fish scales, algae, and muck. If anyone angers Vodyonoy, it will break mills and dams and drown people, although if left alone he won’t do harm.

This name might be good for a male black or other dark-colored Borzoi, perhaps one that has a more dour disposition.

Borzoi waiting to be called by name.

Borzoi waiting to be called by name.

13. Werewolf

A werewolf is a creature that somehow is either born or cursed to turn back and forth between a human and a great wolf. Some myths also have the werewolf being able to turn into a middle stage, halfway between human and wolf.

Werewolves never “hunted” people or bothered them, although supposed werewolves were caught up in the witch hunts of the 1600s. Werewolf could make a great name for any big shaggy Borzoi, particularly one of a medium to darker color.

14. Zmei

The Zmei is a Russian dragon or serpent. It can appear in different colors and shapes. Most notably, the Zmei can change its shape, even turning into a human, so it certainly seems possible a Zmei could turn into a Borzoi dog! Because of this creature’s versatility, this name seems like it would work for any Borzoi.

15. Zorya

The Zorya are a pair of sisters who guard the Aurora. They also are the guards for the doomsday dog, Simargl, who is chained up in the Ursa Minor constellation to the star Polaris. It is their responsibility to keep him chained up. If he ever escapes, the universe will end.

The two Zorya sisters represent the morning and evening stars. This name would make a good one for a brave, steady, female Borzoi. The name could work for either pale, reddish, or dark-colored dogs since the two Zorya sisters represent both the morning and evening stars. For a simpler version of this name, you could just go with Star.

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Alexander James Guckenberger from Maryland, United States of America on April 09, 2018:

I love the Russian cultural history.

Larry W Fish from Raleigh on April 09, 2018:

I have some Russian friends on facebook and I have heard of a couple of those names. I like the names, they have such comforting sound. Oh, the photos are fantastic. I can fall in love with everyone of those dogs. Thanks for the article, I enjoyed it.

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