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25 Australian Slang Names for Your Australian Shepherd

Teeuwynn has owned dogs her whole life. She has enjoyed the companionship of everything from Pugs to Newfoundlands.

There is a whole world of places to get dog names from. So how do you narrow it down and find the perfect name for your pooch? One way is to look for what a name means or where it comes from. These 25 names are all based on Australian slang and phrases.

Names with an Australian origin are great for Australian Shepherds. Having a name with a connection to a dog’s heritage can make the link between you and your pet even more special. Look below to see if one of these very Aussie names might be right for your Australian Shepherd.

Australian Shepherd searching for a name

Australian Shepherd searching for a name

1. Ace

This name means "excellent," "very good," and "amazing!" As such, it makes a great name for any good dog, particularly one who gets excited easily or who is very responsive to learning tricks and commands.

2. Ambo

This slang is short for ambulance or ambulance driver. This name could be good for a male dog that loves to protect his or her people or has a penchant for attempting to rescue (real or imagined) people or other animals.

3. Barrack

This name means to cheer on a team, so it would be great for a dog that gets excited during games or playtime and likes to “root” for his or her teammates. A dog with this name would also make a fantastic team mascot.

4. Bikkie

Bikkie can mean either a biscuit or, in the plural form, something that costs a lot of money. If thinking of the first meaning, this name would work well for a mostly tan or brown dog. If thinking of the second version, the name could work well for an expensive female dog or one that has expensive tastes in food, toys, etc.

An Australian Shepherd puppy

An Australian Shepherd puppy

5. Billabong

A billabong is a place where an oxbow lake gets cut off by a change in course and one course peters out into mud. Usually, these are formed when a river changes course. This name could be used for a curious dog that likes to try out different directions and never backs down in the face of a challenge.

6. Bludger

A bludger is a lazy person who relies on other people to do things for them. This name could be good for a lazier male dog who likes to relax more than the average Australian Shepherd.

7. Bogan

A bogan is someone who doesn’t care about his or her appearance very much. This name could be great for a male dog who loves to splash in the mud and the river and get as dirty as possible before heading home.

8. Bonzer

This name means "great" and "terrific." This is more of a male name, but there are few Aussies that this name wouldn’t make a great fit for. Bonzer is a name fit for a dog who loves to go for fun walks and playtime in the park. It's a joyful name for a happy dog.

A happy Australian Shepherd

A happy Australian Shepherd

9. Bunyip

A Bunyip is one of the strange mythological creatures that lives in the Australian Outback. The Bunyip were evil or malicious spirits connected to the water. This name could be good for a dog with a bit of a naughty temperament (in the most loveable way!), especially one that likes water.

10. Chewie

Chewie simply means chewing gum. It’s a cute name that could fit most any Aussie, although if your dog is particularly fond of chomping on chew toys, than it might be particularly appropriate.

11. Cobber

This is one of the most simple but beautiful names of all. Cobber simply means friend. This name would be wonderful for any male Australian Shepherd because he is surely one of your best friends.

12. Corker

This is when something really good happens. If you were using Aussie slang in a baseball game, you would say a really good hit was a “corker.” This is another name that fits a wide variety of male Aussies, but might be particularly suited to one who enjoys sports.

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13. Dux

This word means "top of the class," so it would be great for an Aussie of either sex that is particularly smart and capable of learning tricks and directions. It could also be a nifty name for a dog that does dog shows or other competitive events.

14. Jackaroo

A Jackaroo is a male trainee station manager or hand at a big farm. This name could be good for a male dog that likes to roam about large areas of land or lives on a farm.

15. Jillaroo

A Jillaroo is a female trainee station manager or hand at a big farm. This name could be good for a female dog that likes to roam about large areas of land or lives on a farm.

16. Kelpie

A Kelpie is an Australian sheepdog bred from a Scottish collie. In European lore, a Kelpie is a water spirit. Due to this name’s direct calling to the Aussie’s roots, it would be good for any dog. For those who want to lean towards the European roots, the name might be better for a dog that loves water.

17. Kindie

This word means "kindergarten." This name could be good for a dog that is a puppy at heart. It's also a nice name for a dog who loves to play with children or considers him or herself a child's protector.


18. Larrikin

A larrikin is a guy who loves to enjoy himself and is a harmless prankster. This name could work particularly well for a male dog who loves to play and play tricks on other dogs and his human.

19. Lollie

This is a yummy one. A lollie is a sweet or candy. This name would work perfectly for a female dog with a particularly sweet temper. It would also work great for a dog who likes to steal candy whenever she can get ahold of it.

20. Roo

This is simply the short form of kangaroo. A male dog with this name would probably be bouncy and strong and love running about a lot. This name is also associated with the beloved A. A. Milne character from the Winnie the Pooh novels. Roo is a curious young kangaroo who often gets into a bit of trouble. Naming a mischievous dog after this Roo might be a lot of fun.

21. Tallie

A Tallie is a 750ml bottle of beer. Tallie could make a good name for a female Aussie who likes to hang out at home or accompany her human to restaurants, bars, and other outdoor, social locations.

Australian Shephard playing in the water

Australian Shephard playing in the water

22. Togs

Togs are a swimsuit. So, this name would definitely work well for a dog that loves the water. It could also work for a dog who does some sort of water work or who wears a lifejacket or other items when swimming in the water.

23. Tucker

Tucker simply means food. This name would work great for a male dog who loves his breakfast, dinner, snacks, and treats! The name would also be great for a dog who likes to sneak food from tables, countertops, plates—you name it!

24. Woop Woop

This quirky name means any small, unimportant town. This could be a good name for a dog that lives in a small town or for one that comes from a small town. Because of the cheerful, fun nature of this name, it could also be a good one for a dog who enjoys making unusual or funny noises or for one who likes to go on raging tears through open fields.

25. Yabber

If you yabber, you talk a lot. So Yabber could work for a dog who is very vocal in his or her opinions about things. Any dog named Yabber is likely to be friendly and outgoing, trying to communicate with the humans around him or her.

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Lisa on November 26, 2018:

Blue heeler

Dr Mark from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil on March 05, 2018:

I agree with that! Fun article, and lots of good ideas here.

Teeuwynn Woodruff (author) from Washington State on March 05, 2018:

Yes, but it's one fun way to approach naming this great breed of dogs!

Dr Mark from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil on February 28, 2018:

Great list--I think Corker would be appropriate for any fun dog. You do know that Australian Shepherds are not from Australia though, right? If you give an Australian slang name it is just fun, and has nothing to do with his heritage.

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