50+ Scientist Dog Names for Smart, Nerdy Pups With Descriptions and Tips

Updated on February 17, 2020
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James Livingood has been a dog sitter for several years. He has written numerous articles and a book about the topic because he loves dogs.

Dog wearing glasses using laptop
Dog wearing glasses using laptop | Source

Dogs are wonderful companions, not just because they are always happy to see us, but because they reflect their owner. The same is true for how we name our furry family members. Their names should reflect their traits along with the things we love.

That way, we not only gain a companion, but a constant friend who also happens to reflect what we love in the world. To that end, here are 50+ dog names based off of scientists. This list will be a delight for any dog owner with an aptitude for all things scientific. After the names are a number of tips that will help enhance the scientific properties of your name selection.

A-L Scientist Dog Names

He was a Greek mathematician, engineer, physician, and an astronomer. He was one of the leading scientists in history.
He was a Greek scientist and philosopher, who inspired many.
Billy Nye
He is an all-in-one, a mechanical engineer, a science guy, and a television presenter.
Bohr (Niels Bohr)
He was a Danish scientist who made huge contributions to the theory of atoms.
Cerf (Vincent Gray Cerf)
He is an American who is known as the father of internet.
He is an astronomer and a mathematician of the Renaissance era.
Da Vinci
He is more popularly known as Leonardo, and is an inventor and drawer of the Renaissance age.
He was a biologist who is popular because of his contributions to the revolution of science.
He was an American scientist and businessman, who is still very popular among Americans.
Edith Clarke
She was the first ever electrical engineer in the history of science!
Einstein (A name that is perfect for a dog that is energetic!)
Albert Einstein is the one who developed the theory of relativity; one of the two most popular pillars of science.
Erwin or Chargaff was a biochemist who used to teach at the Columbia University.
Freud (or Sigmund)
He is known as the father of psychoanalysis and was famous for his controversial work.
He is popularly described as a polymath, as he specialized in physics, astronomy, and engineering as well.
Gates (Bill Gates)
This one doesn't need an explanation, does it? He is an American business tycoon, philanthropist, and humanitarian who is known to the world.
Goddard (Robert Hutchings Goddard)
An American engineer and inventor who invented the very first rocket that was liquid fueled.
He was a famous physicist and cosmologist, who lead research at Cambridge University before he passed away.
He was a German physicist who contributed majorly to the theory of quantum physics.
Higgs (maybe for a shy dog that you have?)
He was a businessman and a philanthropist who became very popular due to his success.
Hopper (Grace Hopper)
She was a professor of mathematics and a programmer also. She became well-known due to achievements related to programming.
Jobs (Steve Jobs)
He was a business giant who was the CEO of Apple and member of the Walt Disney Company.
Kepler (Johannes Kepler)
He was a German mathematician and astrologer who played a major role in the scientific revolution during the 17th century.
Khan (Bob Khan)
A popular scientist very well known for his contributions to the field of science.
He was not a scientist, but the first ever animal in space. Name your dog after him!
Lovelace (Ada Lovelace)
She was a mathematician and known for her contribution to mechanical computer programming.
Dog with glasses on reading book
Dog with glasses on reading book | Source

M-Z Scientist Dog Names

Marie Curie
She was the very first woman to win a Nobel price and is known for her contributions to the field of radioactivity.
Neil deGrasse Tyson
He is an American science communicator and astrophysicist and is a researcher at Princeton University.
Newton (or Isaac)
The dog would be honored to be named after Sir Isaac, as he is known to be one of the most influential scientists of all times.
He was a French mathematician and physicist who contributed to the field of fluids and pressure.
Pasteur (Louis Pasteur)
He is a French biologist and a chemist who discovered a lot related to vaccinations and pasteurization.
Pavlov (for dogs)
Pavlov made the dog drool! He conducted a famous study on the theory of classical conditioning.
Pelton (Lester Allan Pelton)
He was an inventor from America, who contributed a lot to the field of hydroelectricity and hydropower.
Rosalind (Rosalind Franklin)
He was an English chemist who made many contributions to the study of DNA.
Sagan (Carl Sagan)
You can go with the first or the last name. He was an astronomer and astrobiologist, who belonged to America.
Tesla (or Nikola)
He was an engineer and inventor. He is known for the work for the electrical supply system.
Tycho (Tycho Brahe)
He was a nobleman who belonged to the Danish origin. He made very accurate planetary observations.
Woz (Steve Wozniak)
He was an American inventor and engineer, who was the co-founder of Apple, along with Steve Jobs.
He was German chemist who developed very famous models for gas-analytics.
John Dalton was a chemist who introduced atomic theory in the field of chemistry.
He was a British scientist who contributed to electromagnetism and electrolysis.
Ernest (Rutherford)
He was born in New Zealand and became popular due to his contribution to the field of nuclear physics.
James (Chadwick)
He was a physicist who was awarded the Nobel price due to his discovery of the neutron.
J.J. Thompson
He discovered the electron and was awarded the Nobel Prize for his achievements as well.
Bell (Alexander Graham Bell)
He was a scientist and inventor who founded the first phone in history.
Crick (Francis Crick)
He was a molecular biologist who proposed the structure of the DNA molecule.
Max (Max Planck)
He was a Nobel Prize winner due to his contribution towards energy quanta.
Hubble (Edwin Hubble)
An American astronomer who played a crucial role in observational cosmology.
Boyle (Robert Boyle)
He was Anglo-Irish by origin. He was a philosopher, chemist, and inventor, who was one of the very first modern chemists.
Volta (Alexandro Volta)
He was an Italian, who was one of the pioneers of power and electricity.
Tim (Tim Berners Lee)
He is very well known as the inventor of the World Wide Web.

What branch of science contains the best dog names?

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Nerdy dog with glasses on using Mac computer
Nerdy dog with glasses on using Mac computer | Source

5 Tips to Help Name Your Dog

There are many ideas that can be used to determine the best fit between science and your canine's name. Beyond staying power, you want a name that has a story or feeling behind it. Here are five ideas to help you evaluate towards that end:

Tip 1: Decide on a Branch of Science

Each science branch has not only its unique flavor, but unique heroes. Once you identify your ideal branch of science, you can begin to narrow it down from there. Think carefully on this, as others may quantify your expertise by which branch you choose.

Tip 2: Sub-Topic

After you've found a branch you want to pull a dog name from, you can then narrow your focus with a specific topic. For example, if you've picked chemistry, you can narrow it down to famous chemists or even puns.

Tip 3: Lean Toward Classic vs. Current

Current science is extremely fast paced and can become illegitimate quickly. If you name your dog this, a theory can be discredited and leave you frustrated. It's best to choose a name that will stand the test of time.

Tip 4: Look for Clever Combinations

Sometimes the best dog names are those that are combinations. Perhaps two of your favorite heroes or two of your favorite theories can be meshed together.

Tip 5: Layering Names

One of the best dog names is one that can be layered together. Perhaps you name your dog not a simple math formula, but a derivative of that formula. That helps not only imply the original formula but the change you've specified as well. This can be extremely tricky to name when thinking of dogs, as it can make your mind wonder while you work through the problem.

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        Marie Durr 

        3 months ago

        Rosalind Franklin is a pioneer female scientist that is best known for her use of X-ray crystallography to discover the structure of DNA. Rosalind Franklin is not a male and the description of her should reflect as such.


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