8 Most Ferocious Dogs You Should Be Aware Of

Dogs are some of the most adorable pets a person can have. There are very few other pets that can even come close to a dog. Not even a cat can beat a dog in being a man's best friend. Having said that, there are certain breeds of dogs which can be quite ferocious and can make you wet your pants if you treat them wrong. Here is a list of 8 world's most ferocious dogs. These can be quite gentle companions if you bring them up the right way, but mess with them and you may have to pay dearly.

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1) Pit Bulls

Talk about ferocious dogs and pit bulls are one of the top breeds that come to mind. Of course, much hype has been created by the media and Hollywood about their ferociousness The pit bulls have their origins in the United States and weigh between 30-55 lbs.`This breed is the result of interbreeding between a breed of bulldogs and terriers. The result is a pit bull terrier that has the athleticism and strength of the bulldog and gameness of a terrier. Though the locking of their jaws has been proven a myth, it still has one of the most ferocious bites. Most times these dogs were bred for dog fighting. Though these dogs are bred as normal pets nowadays, they are still a breed you need to watch out for.

2) Rottweilers

This breed of dogs comes from Germany and weigh between 85-110 lbs. They have strong and powerful jaws. The breed is bred primarily for guarding purposes. And you can expect a guard dog to be aggressive than a normal dog. Though these dogs are good-natured and obedient, they usually hate strangers and other dogs as they are highly territorial. This nature makes them quite aggressive and ferocious.

3) Doberman Pinschers

This is one tough, loyal and aggressive breed of dogs. These dogs can be gentle and wonderful family pets if they are trained properly. However, if you provoke them, they can be quite aggressive and dangerous. These intelligent and alert dogs serve well as guard dogs. No person can trespass a property guarded by a doberman pinscher due to its tough and aggressive nature. These dogs can attack without second thoughts if they perceive any danger to their owner or property. This is what makes them some of the world's most ferocious dogs.

4) German Shepherds

As the name suggests, this breed comes from Germany. A dog weighs an average between 70-100 lbs. They were originally bred as guard dogs for sheep against the attacks of wild animals such as wolves. Now these are bred both by home owners as well as the police. Their reliable and obedient temper as well as intelligent, agile and fearless nature make them excellent canine units. These are probably the most popular dogs among the law enforcement authorities. The can be reliably deployed in airports for tasks such as sniffing out bombs, drugs and illegal paraphernalia. They are highly active dogs and need constant physical activity.

5) Boerboels

Boerboels come from South Africa where they are bred for guarding the homestead. The word boerboel translates into “farmer's dog” in Afrikaans. The general belief is that these dogs came from the interbreeding of certain African breeds and the breeds brought by the Dutch, British and the French settlers. They were also used as the first line of defense against predators. These dogs are known to be calm and stable, at the same time being agile, strong and courageous. They are also known to have strong territorial instincts which makes them the popular choice among farmers as guard dogs.

6) Boxer

The boxer originated in Germany. These dogs are very strong and agile, and can weigh between 50-70 lbs. Their energetic and playful behavior gives them a label of being headstrong and difficult to train. Though they are highly energetic, they are not aggressive or violent by nature. They can also appear aloof and unfriendly to strangers. However, do not make the mistake of messing around with them as it may land you in serious trouble. The dog may attack you anytime and anywhere, but only in certain circumstances. One of the reasons that makes the dog dangerous is lack of socializing. One must be extremely cautious when breeding a boxer.

7) Presa Canario

These dogs come from the Canary islands. They are known to be dominant and have strong character. These were known to be bred as hunting and killing machines and were normally used in fighting rings. They can bring certain death to their prey if they attack. They require regular training and early socializing to keep them obedient. They can be aggressive towards strangers and other dogs in some situations. If properly trained, they can be very gentle and noble to their families and being great guard dogs.

8) Alaskan Malamute

This breed is known to be fierce due to its strong facade and energetic body. They are usually quiet and loyal, at the same time being independent which makes them quite hard to train. They are known to have great survival instincts. They are feared due to their capabilities and versatility of doing things beyond that of a typical dog, such as pulling a sled, herding reindeer and serving as a watchdog. They tend to become aggressive if they are bored. Hence, they need proper care, exercise, and control to avoid aggression.

So, these are some of the world's most ferocious dogs you can find. If properly trained and bred, they can be the best friends you can get and if crossed, they can be quite dangerous and you may pay dearly.

Disclaimer: 1) This hub comes as a mixture of my opinion, my research based on some of the people who have shared their experiences with me and my own personal experience. Just because I have mentioned that these dogs are fierce doesn't mean that they are bad.

2) Please understand that while your comment may be important for the article, foul language will not be tolerated and the comment will be deleted, however valuable it is. Any comments that may not add value to the blog will be removed.

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Clark 4 weeks ago

Stop being so dog racist. Pit bulls are some of the sweetest dogs and rank above average on temperament tests. The sad part about any dog, is when people don't raise their dogs properly. This means socializing them with EVERTHING and getting them used to different situations. I have seen a pit bull be dog aggressive and turn right around within a few weeks. (This was at a rehab home for dogs.)

Instead write an article about helping dog owners of these breeds train their dogs to be good around other dogs and people. England has banned pit bulls (dumb mistake) and their dog bites per year has not gone down. EDUCATION is was people need, not fear.

Jerry5210 7 weeks ago

These replies are by people that are blinded by love for their dogs. And anyone saying a pit bull/Rott is are non-aggressive dogs are out of their freaking minds!! Same for German Shepherds

I live on a farm and we currently have 18 dogs living here (Between 3 families). We have Labs (2),White-Englishes (3), Beagles (2), Chahuahua (1), Cocker Spaniel (1), pit bulls (2), Rottweiller/Mix of something else (1), and some mutts!!

None of our mutts/Labs/Beagles/Cocker Spaniel gave us any problems. The only problems we have are when the Rottwieller mix (Big boy) I call him and one of the Bulldogs get together. Only myself (age: 17), my uncle, and my stepdad can pull these beasts apart. I literally have to grab one of them and yank him back, then pick the other one up and put him in the back of my truck, and they are both still barking and growling at each other like fools, neither side willing to quit (Very ferocious animals). My little cousins nor my little brother are even allowed to intervene. These 5 dogs are so aggressive that when they just see each other in our different yards, they start pacing back and forth ready to fight, unless one of us goes out there and forces them to stop their posturing. And you can't say, "Well y'all just don't know how to raise dogs...... Lol we live on a farm with donkeys (The most aggressive animal I've ever been around btw) and we keep them in line pretty well, also why is it that we have problems with these dogs rather than our mutts, labs, spaniel, etc? It's stupid and ignorant to say, "Rottweiller's are only aggressive in certain situations, well that doesn't excuse the fact that they do tend to aggressive.

My point is: That is like saying, "lions are only aggressive when someone walks into their territory, they aren't agressive when it is just them sitting around with the lionesses and Cubs"!! How foolish is that?? Of course Rotties and Pits are agressive, let a small animal that your Rott has never seen before walk onto your lawn, he'll rip it to shreds, my mom had a Rott when she was growing up and she said it would kill their cats, baby pigs, etc. none of the other dogs did but their rottie, they had many dogs back then too, so why didn't the other dogs do it?? Also, why is it that pit-Bulls account for 27+ human killings every year yet beagles/labs/mastiffs all put together don't even account for 1?? The answer is obvious, because pit bulls are ferocious and agressive dogs!! Same with Rottweillers. It pains me to see how many "suffered fools" get on here to try and say that even though Pitts and Rotties alone account for over 75% of fatal dog attacks!! Some people are just stupid and ignorant of FACTS!!

Steve 4 months ago

There's no dog that comes out of there Mother Aggresive !! I've owned Pitbull's for over 30 year's and have never had a problem !! I'm also a Fireman/Paramedic for over 20 years and have never seen a Pitbull Attack !! It's a Shame to see people write this CRAP about a breed you obvious no nothing about !!

Coma 4 months ago

It's really sad when your slumlord landlord accuses a Boxer bullmastiff mixed with old English bulldog of being part pitbull when the dog doesn't have pit in him at all and tells you have 30 days to get rid of a most loving gentle dog that loves to be around people and children.

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 7 months ago from India Author

ajd: Thanks a lot :) Will add it to the updated list.

ajd 7 months ago

Wow. Who wrote this post. I see no caucasian shepard here. My two year old caucasian is d most ferocious thing. He would rip a pittbull or rottweiler into shreds. Those dogs in the no 1 spot. Pure aggression runs through them. They are overprotective of their family members and weary of strangers. My dog loves his family, but nwould murder anything outside us

Robyn 19 months ago

APBT's were originally bred to hunt rats. They are quite strong, but they are one of the least aggressive. Rottweiler's are VERY sociable. Dobie's are protective and loyal, and very strong, but they also are hell-bent on pleasing their owners. This article is just crap opinion and discriminates. Any dog can be aggressive under the right (or in this case, wrong) circumstances. I've met more aggressive toy and terrier breeds than anything. If you want to discriminate against a breed, why not toss cocker spaniels, beagles, Chowchow's, and Dalmatians into the mix? You probably just should avoid all dogs and get a cat instead. I'm sure they will share your ignorant views.

Moo 19 months ago

it's sad that although the dog is considered man's best friend, man is often the ever faithful, loving dog's worst nightmare

James 22 months ago

Did no one read the disclaimer? He never said they were bad dogs and he did not stereotype them. Honestly people. You people think it's bad when a dog gets stereotyped as a dog that would bite when that's what they're meant to do. For instance, the doberman was bred with the sole purpose of being the best protection dog on the planet. Nowadays you would have to look long and hard (and pay an arm and a leg) to find a doberman with the nerves for protection work. People want the look of working dogs but not the temperament so the dogs have been watered down. If you can't own a working breed, then don't buy one.

Seth 2 years ago

Oh cool! more bullshit that furthers incorrect stereotypes regarding dog breeds. Is there any way that I can just get a weekly newsletter of this kind of stuff?

jami 2 years ago

Judge the deed, not the breed. Perhaps, before you call all of these dogs ferocious you spend some real time with them....just because they can hurt you doesn't mean they have any desire to do anything but bed for treats. Seriously, hands on research dude. Get it done.

Samantha 2 years ago

My bosses Labrador Retriever ripped off his moms Labrador Retriever's ear for absolutely no reason. This is all false information given by prejudiced/ uneducated people.

nagaraju 2 years ago

The "top 8 ferocious dogs" what does it mean no breed is ferocious above all are lovely companions even a lab can be ferocious with an irresponsible owner this all breeds will be wonderful companions if people understand their behaviour according to situation and little bit of reserch must be done before selecting a puppy for EX if a family living in an apartment with busy schedule considered buying huskey will it make sense! the dog behaviour is completely dependent on his packleader this type of blogs will mislead the people and mispopular the dog breeds no dog is ferocious

Sebastian 2 years ago

No specific dog is vicious I have four pits and none of them have bitten anyone it is not the dog it is the owner and how he/she treats him/her

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 2 years ago from India Author

Thanks a lot for both the negative and positive comments guys.

ME 2 years ago

Hate to be one of those people who just comments to complain some more , but I will make an exception in this case. What dogs are "dangerous" is more a product of societal hype than anything else. The current consensus that pits are an overly aggressive/ bad breed only proves this point because that was not always the case. Thirty years ago it was the German Shepherd, twenty years ago the rottie. Just because those breeds have been put on the back burner does not mean that they have become less dangerous and that pits have become more dangerous. The danger is in horrible people who neglect dogs or train them to be dangerous. I have worked at vets offices and currently work at an obedience kennel and I can tell you I have been bitten by more 15 lb dogs than any breed on your list. While I do not think that this blog post contains inherent hatred of these breeds, the inflammatory title misrepresents the nature of domestic dogs in general. Few, if any, have natural tendencies to be "ferocious". It is a biproduct of what genes were unconsciously selected for as the domestic dog evolved with the early humans. The ancestors of dogs that were primarily scavengers that followed early human tribes around and picked off of leftovers. The ones that had less aggressive natures were not seen as a threat an continued to coexist in that symbiotic relationship. As a result, this less aggressive quality was disproportionately selected for in the gene pool because those dogs were allowed to the scraps and were better fed, giving a better chance at survival. A separate study has also shown that genes corresponding with subservience and good-natured personalities are linked to physical characteristics of the domestic dog. A several generation breeding trial of foxes that were selected and bred based on subservient personalities, and more aggressive ones as a control trial, show that after several generations the foxes selected fore based solely on less aggressive traits developed unexpected physical characteristics that made them look more like dogs. In conclusion, there is no such thing as a naturally "ferocious dog". There is only bad ownership, overly-influential stereotypes, and the physical capability of harm. Then again, with the right motivation human beings are much more dangerous than any dog could ever be.

angiepalmer 2 years ago

I only read the pit bull section and decided I wasn't going to read the rest. I've done extensive research and written at least three research papers on different occasions about this exact topic. I have a pit bull Rottweiler mix. He is animal aggressive, I'll admit that but as far as people go he is overly friendly and gentle. No, not all pit bulls are people friendly vut that has nothing to do with the breed and has everything to do with socialization. I wouldn't never put a stamp on an entire breed of dog as one "you should be aware of." People should be cautious of all dogs because you don't know how they've been raised, what they've been taught or their temperament. The difference between an aggressive chihuahua and an aggressive pit bull is that the pit bull is much larger and much stronger and nothing else.

Here's food for thought, although pit bulls are viewed as killing machines and breed for fighting ( which they weren't, someone else mentioned the true reason for the breed) you have never heard of a pit bull who was trained to fight attack their handler. Pit bulls who are trained to fight are trained to be animal aggressive, not human aggressive. They fight because they are loyal and aim to please even if it means being killed in the process. If you've ever heard of pit bulls being called a "nanny dog" that's because in the early years of our country they were brought over and used as working dogs and sadly in most cases fighting dogs. When they were done doing their job (or fighting) they had to be able to be around the children.

You are entitled to your opinion however more research is highly recommended to give you a more educated opinion.

lilcupcake profile image

lilcupcake 2 years ago

Um, excuse me, pitbulls were not bred to fight. they were to PROTECT THEIR OWNERS WHEN A BULL GOT OUT OF HAND. which is how they go their name, and the tradition of clipping ears. clipping their ears was to protect the dog. do you know what the most common aggressive breeds really are? those tiny little ankle biters. no one thinks to train them and they get all crazy. a dog is made aggressive by training or lack there of. NEVER by blood.

Me 2 years ago

My doberman almost bit some ones neck of he jumped and then almost bit him and her

surfgatinho profile image

surfgatinho 2 years ago from Cornwall UK

I love posts like this. All those 'dog lovers' who post about how its all wrong and their dog wouldn't hurt a fly.

Maybe, but many of these dogs are the favoured breeds of criminals and a certain type of person. As a result they are often bred by unscrupulous 'breeders' and owned by clueless idiots. So yes, they are often dangerous.

On top of that, if I want to walk down the street with a machete, I'm probably going to be arrested. If I walk down the street with a dog bred to intimidate nothing happens. Go figure...

Me 2 years ago

Doberman are really ferocious and dangerous I think that because my dog almost made two pit bulls almost die with smashing against nail

jojo 2 years ago

i hhad i boerboel and she was the most loving dog i have ever had and im 10 and i haved a husky a boerboel crossed with a boxer and my mom gave my 2 dogs away that ment my life one lives now on a farm i can't see her because my sister is not in touch with my knew owner of my dog and she was the boerboel and then there is the boxer crossed with a boerboel she was also a great dog but she is dead i have had more than 25 dogs and all of them was loveable cuddly cute so if i were yyou who opend this website il shut it down because if you train your dog right an play with him or she they wont be dagerous im furios and sad with who ever opend this website

Taylor Hobbs 2 years ago

I disagree with this, i have had a few pits and everyone of them were and are big babies unless they are trained to fight in a pen with other dogs.

Kate 2 years ago

I've just been reading some of the replies to comments and I had to reply to them!!

You compare your calling these breeds ferocious to calling a lion a carnivore. A lion IS a lion, it IS carnivore and ALL lions eat meat. Not all pit bulls or Rotties etc are aggressive or ferocious so there is no logic to your argument.

Furthermore, although you are able to converse very well in English, you definitely do not speak English better than most Americans or British people, your writing does not flow as smoothly and so it's obvious English is not your first language. I don't even know if you truly understand the word ferocious? A ferocious dog is one that is overtly aggressive, out of control and violent - so applies to an individual dog, certainly not a breed as a whole (if it was, then logic says all dogs in that particular breed would be overtly aggressive which obviously isn't true going by the comments from owners on this page)

My other issue is that you do not class Chihuahuas as territorial, well I actually have had worse experiences from small dogs than any large breed. I know many people who've been bitten by and snarled at by Jack Russells and terriers than dobermans etc

My friend has a Chihuahua which nips the postman, snarls and tries to bite if you go anywhere near it. My other friend has a Jack which is so overprotective over its owner (my friend's partner), it took her 6 months before the dog would allow her to sit on the same sofa as her partner because it would snarl and go for her. I also know someone with a Westie which barks and growls none stop at you until you leave their house. My other friend has a Bull Mastiff which just sleeps at your feet, another has a German Shepherd which just wants her ears scratched none-stop. My boxer greets people with kisses and brings them his toy chicken to throw for him and tends to dry his face on your leg, his farting is the only aggressive part of him. He also greets other dogs well, has never growled at any person or dog no matter what happens and just looks at me confused when another dog growls at him. Hardly ferocious. And he is not a one off, I've had Boxers all my life and am yet to meet a bad natured one.

Reading between the lines, it sounds as though your own dog was out of control in certain circumstances so you've taken your own experience and the odd tale and rumour and have declared them to be traits of a breed - if you really are a writer I would suggest researching topics properly before posting because you make yourself sound like a very insular writer. ANY breed can turn out ferocious if they are poorly trained or have bad experiences, it's not right to post this article and make such claims, because they're simply not true. Interestingly, I recently saw a TV program about dogs and they said that more people in the UK are treated for bites from Labradors than Staffordshire Bull Terriers, it shows not to make assumptions based on breeds and myths!

Kate 2 years ago

I hate blogs/articles such as this, badly researched and based on opinion or myth which serves no purpose other than scaremongering or trying to convince yourself you're knowledgeable. Ferocious is the last word that should be used to describe Boxers and they are most definitely not inherently aggressive. They are loyal, loveable, intelligent, fun loving dogs but because they're strong and boisterous with the bulldog type face, misguided people such as yourself make assumptions that the breed is dangerous, giving one of the most affectionate, playful and friendly breed of dogs a bad label. Shame on you!!!

AvineshP profile image

AvineshP 2 years ago from Chandigarh

I used to have a German Shepherd, according to me they are the best watchdogs. Without a doubt, Rottweilers and Pitbulls can also be quite dangerous.

B.S.BANSAL 3 years ago

I like this dogs names

rohin ktnoria 3 years ago

this dogs name are very best

Pitlover 3 years ago

I have read this, twice, and I disagree with it ALMOST 100%. Yes these breeds can be aggressive IF trained to be. I alone have had experiences with "the worst dogs out there".

A few examples: One of my uncles had two pit bulls, some of the most loving, sweetest, most loyal dogs I've ever met. Never once bit a person, stranger or not.

Another uncle has a German shepherd and he is equally as loving, sweet, and loyal. Never has bit anyone either, former police dog may I add.

My grandfather has two huskies, amazing dogs.

And me, I have a pit and boxer mix. Both on your "8most dangerous list" or whatever. He's amazing also, I've never met a dog who loved to give kisses as much as he does. He never bites and loves to cuddle. Stating these, I'd also like to say that this upset me, please oh please next time look farther into your research. No disrespect intended.

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 3 years ago from India Author

Odudu Kennel: Thanks a lot :)

Odudu Kennel 3 years ago

Nice one

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 3 years ago from India Author

didliscot: I agree that they are sweet. One of my neighbours had a German Shepherd. It was a very sweet dog. However, you just don't mess with a German Shepherd, because if it attacks, the next stop for you will be the hospital :)

didliscot 3 years ago

german shepherds are sweet good dogs they are very intelligent and i haven't heard of them attacking anyone

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 3 years ago from India Author

Thanks a lot for the update Cherri. I didn't know that. I will definitely look into it.

Mountain_Rose 3 years ago


But that is what I'm trying to explain. Pit Bulls are not naturally ferocious. They are made to be that way. They were Nanny Dogs, which meant that they were meant to look after children.

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 3 years ago from India Author

Mountain_Rose: Thanks a lot for that piece of information Cherri. I agree that when a dog is treated bad, it does become quite ferocious. The point here is that, there are some breeds which are naturally more ferocious inherently :) Those are the ones I have tried to list here.

Mountain_Rose 3 years ago


Considering the amount of comments you got, I read a few of them and while not disrespectful, I can admire and share their passion regarding this subject. With that said, I'll only point out one flaw regarding Pit Bulls. I don't know about the other breeds, I've never owned one...but with regards to the Pit Bulls, they were not bred to fight. They were bred to catch cows and hogs, to herd livestock and they were also known as the Nanny Dogs due to their disposition with children. It's because of their high pain tolerance, athleticism and strength that they were the unfortunate breed to be most chosen for dog fights. Any breed of dog from small to large would be ferocious after being starved, beaten within an inch of their life (more often killed than not), mutilated for fun and mistreated in every way before being thrown into a ring with a dog that was equally abused.

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 3 years ago from India Author

lesliebyers: Thanks a lot for sharing Leslie :) They are indeed sweet pets.

lesliebyars profile image

lesliebyars 3 years ago from Alabama

I have a Rottweiler named Laila sheis sweet but she will guard her home from strangers for sure.

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 3 years ago from India Author

Jess: I agree with you. While a dog's aggressive nature cannot be controlled, how it behaves can be controlled by the way it is brought up.

Jess 3 years ago

My family owns a Staffordshire terrier. She has grown up with us, we got her when she was a puppy. She is not aggressive or dangerous at all. It all depends on how they are brought up. She is very obedient and a lovely dog to have. If her breed was banned, I would be heartbroken. Any breed can be dangerous. Like I said, it depends on how they are brought up.

Dogsareequal 3 years ago

I am one of the few people younger the 18 who fight to help misunderstood breeds, who also take time to do their research so that they post facts, not myths or rumors. Please, help them not destroy them.

Please listen to a song called Pit Bull Blues.

I am not trying to promote the song it is just one I think you should listen to.

Dogsareequal 3 years ago

The breeds you listed..can be dangerous if not trained properly..or...if they are trained to hurt other animals or people. They are only trying to please their owner. Next time, before you post, please make sure what you post is the truth. Because if you don't people in the government could use it to put bans on the breed.

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 3 years ago from India Author

Kaskama: Thank you for your comment. I will do my research on the Chihuahua and include it accordingly. On a side note, my research is based on some of the dogs I have witnessed personally, some of them from top organization websites and based on number of dog bites recorded. There may be some minor inaccuracies and the contents of the blog too will change with time.

Thanks for your comment again.

kaskama 3 years ago

I'm 35 years old and have been all my life around dogs including all the breeds you mentioned there and the only dog that ever bit me was a chihuahua... Why are not them in this list? I'm sure this list is based on how the media portrays them except the malamute ( never heard of anyone attacking people, plus they are so similar to huskies that it could be one of them attacking but then I suspect your research is at best ill conceived), but as you said it's your blog and you can write whatever you want, true or false and in this case it's completely fiction... You are misleading a people that will try to research for a particular breed and your information is one sided and completely inaccurate...

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 3 years ago from India Author

A rescue worker: Thanks a lot for the input. Point noted :) As you said, it is a very sensitive topic. In fact, I found out how sensitive it was only after I published it. The idea is definitely not a mass generalization. I have definitely revised the hub quite a few times since I have received some really good inputs. I will continue to revise my hub to make it better :)

A rescue worker 3 years ago

Hi Karthik! It is needless to say you have chosen a topic close to many hearts and one that is frequently tossed around in the world of animal rescue. If I may however, request that you try to not generalize entire breeds? You are right in saying many countries have rules against certain breeds. But there are also people here, fighting those rules because they are unfair and tainted, in that they generalize, classify and rule often wrong and harsh judgements leading to unwarranted euthanisation of harmless individual animals. For instance this sentence "Here is a list of 8 world's most ferocious dogs. These can be quite gentle companions if you bring them up the right way, but mess with them and you may have to pay dearly. ". Although you have correctly alluded to the fact that it's all in the hands of the human handler, the sentence seems to convey that even then, there may come a day when that well trained, ordinarily harmless "bully breed" may turn it's back on you and shred you to pieces. That, I believe, is untrue. In the unfortunate event that it has happened, there has most likely been the presence of an enabler, or provoker. Similarly, to rule that an untamed Chiuwawa is harmless, is wrong. They are feisty, energetic dogs and can cause sufficient harm too! In countries that have these rules too, the general opinion is that the little ones are as harmful as these perceived aggressive breeds you have enumerated. Further, the good stories about pits or rotties almost never make as much of a media success as the bad ones, so they rarely ever air. You have brought up a great topic in your post, but a highly educated person who deems that anything that brings curiosity is his hobby, is surely intelligent, and can make a case well without generalizing like this. We are a bunch of rescue workers working hard to end this blind faith that all pits are horrible animals who will kill you, so please don't put out general judgements.

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 3 years ago from India Author

Kelly: I do agree with your point of view. I will see how I can improve the title. Thanks for commenting.

Kelly 3 years ago

I'm a little disappointed that your article instills fear - in fact... ORDERS it "You Must Fear". In today's world, is it necessary to write an opinion piece directing others to fear something? Maybe something that reflects your opinion would be more suitable like "the 8 deadliest breeds I've come across" because your points are ALL generalizations, and I don't think it's necessary to persuade readers to be fearful, nor craft article titles simply for their shock value. What about "the 8 most feared breeds"...

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 3 years ago from India Author

mnmama: Thanks a lot for sharing. I definitely haven't heard of that breed before. I will certainly check it out. Thanks for sharing again :)

mnmama 3 years ago

Is it me or has this thread been highjacked. The use of English means nothing if the ability to discuss the given topic is ignored. OK Dangerous dogs......while many have aggresice traits, owners decided on how this dog ends up as a grown dog. I mentioned the Caucasian Mountain Dog outside of Russia. I'm surprised that are not on any list, but they are also rare in the US. We will be getting one and hope that they continue to be a rare breed.

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 3 years ago from India Author

Patty: The only difference between your research and my research is that, I can quote some of the top articles as well as my personal experience of being around dogs for 28 freaking years (does, "based on dog bite fatalities" ring a f**king bell)?

What I do is called blogging and what you do is called spilling shite in the name of commenting. Please do your research properly before you comment that I don't know about dogs. I may not be a vet or dog expert, but I do know what dogs I can cuddle up and what I can keep away.

Know the freaking difference between unbiased research and becoming an emotional lunatic.

I hope these links help you stabilize your brain a bit.

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 3 years ago from India Author

kelly: Thank you for the comment. I definitely agree that big necessarily doesn't mean they are dangerous. My friend has a Labrador. And that is the sweetest dog I have met till now.

kelly 3 years ago

can i just say just because a dog is big dosent mean it is dangerous i had a german sheppered for ages and he was so gentle. alaskan malamote are very gentle to but that is my oppinion

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 3 years ago from India Author

Stigmatizex: And by the way, I am not sure whether your English is far too superior to mine or your knowledge about dogs is too superior to mine that you couldn't understand an article written in simple English. Maybe you were focusing too much on English and "how wrong I am about dogs" that you forgot to read the entire article. Maybe, and just maybe.. You should lower your English standards a bit so that your head is on Earth and not on a spaceship so that you have enough courtesy to read the entire article before commenting.

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 3 years ago from India Author

Stigmatizex: A portion of one of my blogs was included in Cambridge University's course.. Now that can say only two things about the English standards you were mentioning. 1) Either the English standards of one of the top most universities in the world sucks or 2) My English is good enough to be considered by a top university. Of course, my English is bad enough for an English professor's circle (and I cannot beat your English knowledge if you want to be called an English professor). But having stayed in England and having spoken to the locals, I think I can spot quite a few grammatical mistakes in what they speak.

Secondly, I may not have all the knowledge in the world about dogs. But I think I am old enough and have seen enough dog breeds to say which ones to fear and which ones not to fear.

Moreover, my knowledge about the topics I write and my English standards are good enough to help me earn money. Does your superior knowledge of either of these help you?? I don't think so.

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 3 years ago from India Author

Stigmatizex: I still think you haven't got the point about the hub. As much as you would like to argue that I am tainting certain breeds of dogs here, the point of the hub is to just list down some of the dogs which are generally considered ferocious.. Ever wondered why I haven't included a chihuahua or Pomeranian in this list? For the simple reason that they are not inherently territorial or considered ferocious. You let an untamed chihuahua loose on someone. It won't cause harm. But a doberman or German shepherd will. That is why they are called ferocious. Is it wrong if I am saying that people should be careful of these breeds? Funny!! The last time I heard, people were warning others against playing with fire... How do you know whether a German Shepherd is tamed in a proper way or not. As an owner, my dog was definitely the most wonderful creature. But what about my poor neighbour who got bitten by it? Or the burglar who tried to jump into my territory and got bitten? For them, it is definitely a nightmare. That is the point of this hub.

Regarding my English, I think my English is far better than that of most Americans and British. I don't need a translator for that :)

Stigmatizex 3 years ago

It seems to me like you might be using a translator or making translations into English yourself... Maybe you just don't realise that the way you're wording things is very direct and absolute in terms the individual traits you claim each of these breeds to possess.

In regards to your comparison with lions being carniverous and the chance possibility of taming a wild cobra, one very important distinction you're failing to make is that domesticated dogs are NOT wild animals. They haven't been wild animals since we domesticated them from wild canids, and its arguable that we, as humans, were not too far from being "wild animals" ourselves at that point in our evolutionary history. Dogs have been artificially selected (and this is universal in almost every breed we've ever created) to have a strong affinity and affection for human beings. This is proven time and time again in studies of feral dogs in the wild; they don't form tightly knit packs with strict dominance heirarchies like their distant relatives, they usually split up, but regardless, they ALWAYS seek out humans. We bred that into them.

This is NOT bred into any wild cobra I'm aware of... a wild cobra is a solitary predator. It has no affinity for being "social" or "tame" whatsoever; it has a high affinity towards defending itself by spitting venom and/or injecting it into anything that moves too close to it. Good luck trying to tame it.

A lion is a lion. A lion is carniverous. These statements haven't been proven wrong in any documentation or clincal study that I'm aware of. But your hub's main point: that EVERY INDIVIDUAL DOG OF THE SPECIFIC BREEDS YOU LISTED IS A FEROCIOUS ANIMAL THAT PEOPLE MUST FEAR, is an absolute statement that HAS BEEN PROVEN WRONG, IN TEMPERMENT STUDIES, IN PRIVATE CLINICAL STUDIES, AND BY TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOG OWNERS ACROSS THE WORLD.

My pit bull is anything but a ferocious animal that human beings need to be afraid of. He's quite the opposite actually.

mnmama 3 years ago

My Rottie was the best. I had a 2 year old daughter, but invested in a quality dog and training. The fondess memories. However, I have been looking into getting a Caucasian Mountain Dog but am getting mixed messages. I never see them on any of these list, but hear some conflicts about the breed. Anyone familiar with the breed. They are common is Russia, Georgia, Albania.

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 3 years ago from India Author

Stigmatizex: Thanks a lot for commenting. I like your comment though I don't agree with one point you made. Unlike few other people's comments, your comment is not emotionally driven. You haven't labelled me an "idiot", a "nincompoop" and so on just because I named a few breeds as ferocious.

The one point I don't agree is this: I haven't tainted any dog breed here. Please tell me if it is wrong to call lion a carnivorous and a wild animal, even if you have bred it. I bet one can even tame a cobra or even the most ferocious animal. But it won't change the fact that, its natural instinct is to be wild and ferocious. I have just done the same thing, nothing more and nothing less. You can actually go through my article once more and point out where I have tainted these breeds in any way.

Stigmatizex 3 years ago

First thing I'm inclined to say in response to this hub is that the author needs to research "fear mongering" and decide whether or not the way he/she wrongfully taints the reputations of specific dog breeds by speaking in absolutes and paraphrasing unfounded popular propoganda is ethical, let alone helpful to anyone at all. The author should realise that many of these breeds encompass individual dogs that good, decent people own and view as members of their own families. We don't say things like "all 20 year old white males are child murders and must be feared by society" merely because a 20 year old white male committed such an unspeakable, yet widely publicized act, now do we? Misjudging specific dog breeds is just as unfair.

Dogs are a lot like children; they'll behave according to the way they are raised. I know this because I've raised both. A boy, a subborn alpha male just like his father (me), a male purebred pit bull (APBT), and a male Doberman/Black lab mix of the same age. My son continues to be a kind, sweet, and assertive kid at school. My pit bull would let a total stranger take his life before he'd bite a human being (I'm 99.9999% on this), and my dob/lab mix is excruciatingly discerning during times where he was forced to "defend himself" with other dogs. Hes been attacked before, doesn't want it to happen, doesn't instigate it, but he surely ends it every time. It doesn't surprise me as this is very characteristic of dobermans. And he merely dominates, he doesn't lose control and try to hurt the other dog (or dogs, yeah its happened, he's a tough dog). Point is, he's smart as hell; he knows right from wrong in a sense, and I could trust him to be completely harmless unless being victimized by another animal. I cannot see him being human aggressive, no way on a cold day in hell would he be so unprovoked. They weren't raised to see people as threats. My son wasn't raised to see people as theats or as a source of trauma and anxiety either. All three behave accordingly.

My pit bull won't even bite another dog; I've seen what happens when theres an altercation, he wags his tail or runs away and retreats, every single time. Not because he's submissive, its because he was socialized with other dogs from the time he was a puppy. He learned through dominance struggles growing up with my dob/lab mix that fighting back only makes it worse, he knows what's more important; human approval, not winning a dominance struggle with another dog. I was dilligent with him when it came to aggression, in reality more dilligence should have been directed at the lab mix as he posed a much greater risk of inflicted injury from his mere physical superiority compared to a pit bull. But its the stigma society places on pit bulls because of bullsh*t fear mongering propoganda like this hub here that I always felt it necessary to make d*mn sure my pit bull KNEW WITHOUT A DOUBT that I did not want him displaying aggression whatsoever.

Its just proof that no matter what these dogs may have been bred for, what really matters is the way they are raised. You can take dog-on-dog aggression right out of pit bull if you care enough about your dog to put the minimal amount of effort into doing so. If you can't do that, you shouldn't own a dog period, let alone a working dog bred for gameness at one point in it's history. That's the real problem. People getting the dog for the wrong reasons. That's why authorities FAIL to do anything constructive when taking on and dealing with problematic dog attacks. BSL? Totally ineffective. They should be investigsting THE OWNER, because I guarentee 99/100 dog attacks are committed by dogs who were raised by pieces of sh*t and abused and neglected their entire lives. The guy who feels inferior in one way or another so he gets himself a "bad a$$" dog to show everyone how "tough" he (the owner, lmao) is. Make the OWNERS CRIMINALLY LIABLE in all cases; problem solved. People would be a little more mindful in raising their dogs right and a whole lot less likely to get themselves a "bada$$" dog and raise it to be vicious.

The only legitimate reason a person should seek out a pit bull in this day and age is for companionship. That's one thing they excel exceedingly well at. Snuggling too.

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 3 years ago from India Author

Doris: There is an inherent flaw in your comment. First of all, thanks for commenting.

I never said they appear" or "look" dangerous. Read the sentence again yourself. That is not what makes them ferocious. Not even the fact that they are hard to train. The fact that they are highly territorial is what makes them ferocious. I was an owner of a German Shepherd when I was young. Trust me, as much as I loved it, I myself was afraid a bit after it had attacked one of my neighbors as he tried to accidentally trespass our fence once.

Doris 3 years ago

"This breed is known to be fierce due to its strong facade and energetic body. They are usually quiet and loyal, at the same time being independent which makes them quite hard to train"

I pity your logic, it looks dangerous therefore it is and should be feared. This is what starts racism and equality wars, come on seriously? what happened to "don't judge a book by its cover".

if you have had German Shepherds in the past you would know that they can be extremely passive dogs and happy around other people. People judge these dogs based on their size, and looks. they create biases which an unfair and lead to stupid laws banning breads of dogs. at what point is that genocide? I own large dogs, and they are very friendly, people who meet them love them.

this is so janked up you should never ever fear pitbulls they are one of the most loved dogs tjeybsreo sweet 3 years ago

You should never fear pit bulls ever they are of the few dogs who get a bad wrap and they souldint who ever .made the list should be ashamed and you should no you are so wrong and I hate you.I have a pitbull and she is the most sweetest dog in the world.

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 3 years ago from India Author

cuteus51 and Lisa: Thanks a lot for sharing the information.

lisa g hancok 3 years ago

Having a German Shepherd for 21 yes growing up, yes he. Was our guard dog....loyal to us, but no stranger entered our drive(we had to get him) now as a pit/terrier owner, he's a freak in baby.....yet I do believe if I was or he that I was in danger, God help u.....a good thing! My MR.T has got my back. Also my 4yr old DACHSHUND........ MOOSE(LOL) this is who u need to fear......loyal, loving, dedicated, but too, territorial, the whole road belongs to him, he will BITE! u will not reach into my car window unless u want to bring back nubs! Yet to my family, he loves to b on laps, lay in arms like a lil baby, sleeps up on my back in our bed, loves to show his love by nuzzling, necking, rubbing his head to ours to flop over for u to give love......this breed IS a finicky breed......not good around babies or small children or noise! Yes he will bite my pit & pit runs behind the couch scared to death!

cuteus51 3 years ago

"If properly trained, they can be very gentle and noble to their families and being great guard dogs" you could have ended the whole article with this statement, not just the Presa Canario, but also the pitbulls, dobermans, etc can make this statement a reality. Laws banning breeds, people and the media perpetuating the "ferociusness" of dog attacks (label which seems to be reserved to pitbulls for the most part) it all adds to the ignorance and insanity of harassing all dog owners, not just the irresponsible ones. Do you people realize that most humans, be it lay people or so called "experts" including vets, police and shelter staff cannot identify a pitbull or PB mix accurately? It is this reality that perpetuates the myth that most fatal dog attacks are carried out by pitbulls. You take the challenge and see how well you can identify the breed and then tell me that maybe errors are not been continuously made in making these laws and in the writing of these dog attacks articles? Innocent dogs are euthanized based on "experts" identification of the "dangerous" breeds. We need common sense and sanity returned to this issue, not just emotions. and

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 3 years ago from India Author

Rick: Thanks for sharing. Hope your son is fine and hope you took him to the doctor.

Rick 3 years ago

I'm just curios how many pit bull owners are really responsible? Most of the people who own them are people who are trying to scare somebody and get the respect from others. Having one of this dogs is a serious business. My son was attacked by pit bull yesterday as we were leaving restaurant just because the owner of this highly aggressive dog left him outside the restaurant, tied up over a pole next to our car. As we were passing the dog jumped on my son without any warning and bit him in the belly. The owner came out and told me " chill man" and walked away with his dog.

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 3 years ago from India Author

mvillecat: I am surprised that you as a journalist has written a biased comment. Did you even bother reading the article? I assume most journalists would like to take a biased route than reading and understanding the entire article. It is interesting that I get a comment from you guys for calling a lion a lion. I bet you expect me to write how cuddly and soft natured and what a wonderful pet a lion or a tiger is just because people are willing to tame them.

Probably you should revisit the post again.

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 3 years ago from India Author

MajorRedEye: Your comment has been deleted for the reason that you haven't bothered to read the entire article and your comment is skewed.

About the Chow chow, thanks for that. I will see if I can add that.

mvillecat profile image

mvillecat 3 years ago from Milledgeville, Georgia

As a pit bull owner I disagree with this article. As a Journalist, I am disturbed by your lack of real facts and out-right lies stated in the "story." If you are looking to become a respected author you need to research facts and produce work that meets a standard of ethics.

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 3 years ago from India Author

KrysDwrites: Thanks a lot for the valuable input Krystal. I will definitely implement it. Thanks again :)

KrysDwrites profile image

KrysDwrites 3 years ago

I have to admit, I wish this article was a little more balanced in it's presentation and tone. I know you're not condemning these breeds, but I can also see how others may perceive it that way. Expressions like "do not mess with this dog" or "you will pay" easily overshadow any positive traits you may have highlighted. Try revising some of your phrases. :)

Also remember, there is always a reason behind what a dog does even if we can't see it. Canine communication and behavior are complex. As a result, they are easy to misjudge. What we think is harmless or inoffensive may be the very thing that sets a dog off. No matter how close one may be to their pet, they can't always understand their dog all of the time. The same goes for the pet! A dog doesn't always understand it's owner.

I currently own a 2-year old German Shepherd. She can be quite the handful and is immensely stubborn at times, but she's also a big sweetheart. I love the breed!

shondra 3 years ago

I appreciate your response and will most definitely cite your work properly.

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 3 years ago from India Author

shondra: I definitely agree that media has always created a hype about most things including the ferocious nature of certain dog breeds. Just because certain dog breeds are ferocious, it doesn't mean that they are as gory as it has been portrayed in movies or media. It also applies to individual animals of those breeds. Just because a few pit bulls were not brought up properly, it doesn't mean that all pit bulls are deadly killers.

You can definitely include my response in your essay. And if you plan to use a portion of my hub post, please make sure that you reference it in your essay.

shondra 3 years ago

I am writing an English essay On a similar topic. My topic is on how just because some of the dogs of certain breeds are violent either through breeding or training not every dog is that way. Do you agree or disagree that Hollywood and the mass media Put out the impression that all dogs of those breeds are violent rather than some of the dogs. And if possible I would like your permission to use your response in my essay.

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 3 years ago from India Author

Sarah: I agree with you. And thank you for taking the time to read the entire article before commenting. That makes your comment valuable. The most annoying thing for me is that most people who commented earlier didn't even bother reading the paragraph where I mentioned that how a dog behaves really depends on the kind of training it gets.

Having said that, there are dog breeds which are more territorial and aggressive by nature. For example, compare a Labrador with a Pit bull. A pit bull is more aggressive by nature. It is this what I call a ferocious nature. People just need to be extra careful about how they bring up these breeds.

Sarah 3 years ago

As a pit bull owner it is difficult to read the title of this and not start to feel defensive, but I do appreciate that you took the time to mention that responsible ownership will turn out sweet, safe dogs and that many dogs deviate from the "breed standard." There are two things I would like to point out, however-

1. Just as socializing and training can lead to cuddly pitts or german shepherds, lack thereof can cause even the ever popular labs and goldens to be dangerous, and they are quite as capable of causing major damage. While different breeds certainly have different personalities, a dog is by and large the product of its owner and it isn't any safer to assume the stray down the road is harmless just because it looks like lassie.

2. In the beginning of the 20th century Pitt bulls were the most popular family dog for a reason, aggression towards humans is not in their breeding. Pitt bulls do have a tendency for dog-aggression but aggression towards people is caused by nurture, not nature.

Jefferson Faudan 3 years ago

all animals despite domestication like any other human being have a "defense mode" and "attack mode" that is why people have rules in society to follow.... so are dogs, they need to be trained and taken cared of... they bark because they are prejudice with situations they are not familiar of, it's the same as people being prejudice and yapping over situations in the society that is not normal in their life. i have been with dogs all my life, currently i have 6 with one having 6 litters and they roam thee entire house and i haven't encountered situations where the dogs are controllable - get educated on how to train dogs. my dogs will sure die in an attack with any stray dog because they weren't trained to fight in the streets as they are very much pampered. not that i am saying it is good, but what i'm saying is, a dogs behavior is a reflection of its masters

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 3 years ago from India Author

LA Elsen: thanks for the statistics :) As you said, however cuddly they are, there are certain dogs that are ferocious inherently. Utmost care must be taken when we are bringing up a dog.

LA Elsen profile image

LA Elsen 3 years ago from Chicago, IL

Nice hub! I am a lover of all dog breeds including 2 of the eight you listed, but even the sweetest animal can turn lethal. This is a quote from Please note these are only for dogbite fatalities occurring in the US.

"In the 8-year period from 2005 to 2012, pit bulls killed 151 Americans and accounted for 60% of the total recorded deaths (251). Combined, pit bulls and rottweilers accounted for 73% of these deaths."

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 3 years ago from India Author

idl3d3m0n: Your comment has been deleted for the following reasons.

1) I do not tolerate foul language on my hub. While I value your opinion, I have complete disrespect for foul language.

2) You do not have patience to go through the article. And hence, your comment cannot be valued. I have already described multiple times that it is ultimately the owner's responsibility to train a dog properly. Your comment has added no extra value to my hub. If you want to comment just for the sake of commenting and not have the patience to even go through the article, I don't know who I should call a moron.

dinesh 3 years ago

fella RAJAPALAYAM DOGS can smash the rottweilers,doberman and german shepard check it out

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 3 years ago from India Author

thanks a lot for the details Harish :)

Harish Majila 3 years ago

I think all above statements are true and we all agree,but this site for dogs specialty shows is totally wrong comments about dogs,they are well and good in nature,every dog is danger by his nature,well a unknowns human cannot defend unknown dog,but i would like to highlight here in this world the dangerous dogs i have seen they are real mountain dogs,they can defend tiger,puma,cheetah,because this dogs are found only in Uttaranchal place of india the names of dog called as Bhotia dogs,they are normally black with furry hairs with brown shades on there eyes,there weight size in 80 to 95 kg.

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 3 years ago from India Author

YOUR OMG: If you are so impatient not to read the article properly, that is your problem. May be, you should have read the first two paragraphs properly. Then you wouldn't have made this comment. I expect my readers to read the article properly before commenting and not being half-baked idiots who don't have the patience to read it completely.

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 3 years ago from India Author

kulasekar: Interesting. I don't know much about those breeds. Can you give me some more info about those breeds?

kulasekar 3 years ago

u missed some really , good guard dog, kanni , rajapalayam. boxer no match to this dogs.

Morgan's Boxers 3 years ago

Thank you Val Swabb for your rational and respectful comment. I couldn't have said it better myself. I work with my own boxers in my home and with rescue, and have never found a well socialized and well cared for boxer to be aggressive in the slightest. However, a neglected and abused and mistreated boxer- whom has no reason to trust humans- is rarely a picnic to be around.

Sasha 3 years ago

Most ignorant post ever...

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 3 years ago from India Author

Madiwilhiteisbeast : Dangerous really depends on how one brings up the pet. However, yes. They can be quite ferocious :)

Madiwilhiteisbeast 3 years ago

It is amazing to find out that the most dangerous dog in the world is a pit bull. I actually had a pit bull now I have a rottweiler and he is almost 9 months old and weighs over 110 lb.

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 3 years ago from India Author

Thanks a lot Rookwood :) Your comment is very much appreciated. As you said, people tend to get very attached to dogs. Dogs are animals that one can get easily attached to. Being a person who loves both cats and dogs, it is indeed difficult to write on a topic so sensitive.

CR Rookwood profile image

CR Rookwood 3 years ago from Moonlight Maine

Fascinating. I think you nail it in your intro though--It all depends on the owner and how the dog is trained. These are all powerful dogs that need a lot of attention and love, and a close relationship with their human. If they get that they are fine, if not, it can go south as you say.

My malamute died recently and I still miss him terribly. He was enormous but the sweetest dog you would ever want to meet. But then I walked him a LOT and trained him how to behave so he never was frustrated or mistreated.

Writing about dogs always gets people upset. I think you did a good job here and you made it clear what you meant. :)

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 3 years ago from India Author

Abhinav: If you are in India, do a google search for the nearest kennels you can find. Also, there are quite a few NGOs that take care of abandoned dogs. You can contact one of them (including PETA and CUPA). They can definitely help you adopt a dog.

abhinav chourasia 3 years ago

i had a germen shephard but she dead i want oone more please give me a rottwiller i have no money to buy but i want if any of you have give me to tell me on my number 9598715460

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 3 years ago from India Author

iyakise: Thanks a lot for the encouraging words :)

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 3 years ago from India Author

Midget: Thanks for commenting. I don't mind you disagreeing with me. And I don't mind you telling me that I don't have knowledge. I have never been bitten by a pit bull (I have been bitten by my own pet German Shepherd).

However, stupid writer... May be you should check out my other hubs. Then, you may come to know who is biased in researching. I understand your sentiments. However, I don't like abusive words on my page. You differing in your views doesn't make me a stupid writer. I will let your comment be this time and I won't delete it.

And I cannot take personal responsibility for hurting anyone's feelings here what-so-ever. What it is will be put here. It hurts someone and it holds true with someone. What you see is your viewpoint. However, I won't take any sort of abusive language on my hub.

Midget 3 years ago

I totally disagree with this title and the whole thing. I happen to own 2 pit bulls and recently lost 2 pit bulls, and i don't like the way you describe these "atrocious" beast at all. My 4 dogs total are loving and caring, and the most trust-worthy dogs ever. I disapprove on this completely especially the pit bull section. Of course Pit bulls are the most misunderstood dogs ever,you stupid writer with no knowledge ones-o-ever.Shakin' my head

Efficient Admin profile image

Efficient Admin 3 years ago from Charlotte, NC

Some dogs wear their emotions on their face. If this is true, then the Rottweiler pictured in this Hub looks like an extremely happy fellow who just wants to play!

a456789 3 years ago

Thank you for having the courage to write a truthful article and let the chips fall where they may. You must be commended for your fearlessness because you had to know the stupid haters would descend on you like a pack of pit bulls and rip you to shreds for telling the truth. I have seen these dogs you speak of and can never tell when a pit bull will turn and bite with intent to kill. I owned a German Shepherd when I was younger and although he was loving and loyal to me, he was positively the most VISCIOUS dog I have ever seen. He was convicted of being a vicious dog by the local court and I was told if he ever got loose he would be destroyed and I would do 1 year in jail by the judge. I loved this dog, but he nevertheless was vicious to the core.

I think this point is what the haters are overlooking. Although they love their vicious dogs, they are a public menace, are unpredictable, and will turn in a minute, even upon their owners. Thank you again for your honest appraisal, even in the face of these haters, who are descending upon you and ravaging you like the pack of aggressive, vicious, dogs that they own.

Val Swabb profile image

Val Swabb 3 years ago from South Carolina

So many people are bad mouthing you on this, instead of that, I am going to try to undo some of the hurtful things you have said...

First, Pit Bulls, these were not originally bred for fighting, they were bred as cattle dogs. It is only in quite recent years that they were chosen as the major fighters and bred and trained for it.

As for these dogs being 'bred' to fight, they are bred to be stronger, then trained to fight, raised in a normal environment, with proper training, Pit Bulls are extremely loyal and friendly. In fact, they were considered the ultimate in Nanny dogs for many years.

Rottweilers, again, you are insulting these dogs, and their owners. Rotty's are very friendly, and have to be trained hard to become guard dogs. They are one of the most common family pets in Germany where they originate. They are often used as guard dogs because they are very smart, and can be taught to disable or hold an assailant without killing them. They were bred originally to be working dogs, pulling carts and herding cattle, so they are very strong. A well taken care of and trained Rottweiler would be a great companion for anyone.

Doberman Pincher;

They have a much lower rate of bite then other common dogs, such as Cocker Spaniels. It is important for any pet owner to know their dog well, as some do not like strangers, and a larger dog may often seem aggressive when it is simply scared, or in warning mode.

German Shepherds; Hey you got your description here right, except for the title of the whole article!!

I do not know the next breed, Boeroels; so I copied this text from Wikipedia; The protective character of the Boerboel is still evident and is much sought after, as is the calm, stable, and confident composure of the breed.

Boxers; wonderful dogs who require an active lifestyle and a lot of training and attention, these dogs only become problems when the owners are irresponsible.

The next; Presa Canario; is one I am unfamiliar with, but in the 10 seconds of research I did, I found that when trained young and properly, these dogs are almost never aggressive.

Alaskan Malamute; This dog was designed by breeding, to be tough, strong, intelligent, and to survive no matter what. Used to sled pulling in Alaska and N Canada, these dogs have saved more idiot peoples lives then is countable. When you have a dog that was bred to be strong, guess what, it will be strong, both in mind and body. These dogs are great for active families with a true 'Leader of the Pack' style human. A more easy-going human will not have good luck with these dogs. However, there are nearly no records of this dog being people aggressive. In fact, they are listed as 'NOT guard dogs' because they just love people too much. The only 'aggressive' part of them is their hunting instinct for smaller animals. Keep yours well-fed, and well exercised and your not going to have a problem.

My biggest problem with your article is your last statement;

"If properly trained and bred, they can be the best friends you can get and if crossed, they can be quite dangerous and you may pay dearly."

This is a strangely worded statement for one, and false for two. Try, "If properly trained and cared for, these dogs can be your best friend. When left untrained, or uncared for, these may cause significant problems due mostly to their size and strength."

There is one thing every dog on your little list has in common, they are strong, very strong. Therefore when a problem does occur, it is worse then when a smaller or less powerful dog attacks, making these uncommon instances stand out more and the media using scare tactics to bring up ratings.

Instead of writing an article damning some dog breeds, write an article damning those who mistreat and mistrain them!

S Marie Borges profile image

S Marie Borges 3 years ago from Swansea, MA

I'm disgusted with the misinformation printed here. I have worked closely with literally every dog you have listed here in training and through animal shelters, and yet I somehow still have my limbs intact. In fact, the only injury I've ever sustained from any of these breeds has been when they have knocked me over with their sheer size while trying to steal a kiss! These breeds aren't dangerous -- but posting information like this and pretending it's fact IS -- it's the reason these breeds are so often misunderstood, and moreover, why they're the most likely to be euthanized in shelters. Please do more unbiased research in the future before you spread such filth.

Poohgranma profile image

Poohgranma 3 years ago from On the edge

As unpopular and misinformed as this hub is, I decided to read more of your hubs to see if this is a common trait or just a poor choice of subjects, written in a way that would incite exactly the response you have received. I have to admit, when I read, "6 Most Misunderstood Animals on the Planet" I believe you topped this one one hundred fold by your claim the cock roaches are, in fact, not the spreaders of disease and that they keep themselves clean ... EWWWW. Please do some research on what they really do. And good luck on your writing in the future. I mean that sincerely. You have a talent for writing articles, just might need some fine tuning on topics that are based on opinion rather than fact.

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 3 years ago from India Author

ChrisStyles: True. Ultimately it does depend upon how a dog is brought up. Unfortunately, most of the people who wrote negative comments here miss the point. They just see the "vicious" part I have mentioned, but they completely ignore the fact that I have also mentioned about the "breeding" part.

Having said that, I would like to say that there are dogs that are naturally territorial or bred for certain purposes. Some dogs are bred for hunting. So, one may breed it with all love and care, but it still is a hunting dog. It has instincts of that of a hunter. Naturally, people tend to fear. I fear a doberman because all the breeds I have seen are used as guard dogs and I have seen how ferocious they can be.

I had my own German Shepherd which was a wonderful dog. But when it came to strangers jumping the fence, it would be ruthless unless we held it back. So, all these factors do matter.

Alex 3 years ago

And yes as one said pit bulls locking their jaws is totally incorrect. Yes they have very powerful jaws but they don't lock. They would not be considered a part of the canine breed if jaws actually locked.

Alex 3 years ago

What is the purpose of this then??? I really don't understand why you would put the title "dogs you must fear"if you own one. Most dogs that are not properly socialized are aggressive. I understand that they are very intimidating but so is a horse. I just think the title is horrible. The content in your hub is not exactly accurate. The pit bulls were orginaly bred to fight other dogs. The owner would automatically lose the fight if his dog bit the officials going in to end the fight. So that dog was ALWAYS put to sleep. The pit bull was bred to respect and love his/her human companion. The pit bull is the #1 dog stolen. Why??? Because they were breed not to bite humans. I'm actually not an owner of a pit bull but I own an African mastiff and yes he would put his life down for my wife and daughter but I just don't agree with your title... He is a gentle giant.

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 3 years ago from India Author

Alex: thanks a lot for your opinion as well. Just for the record, I did own a German Shepherd. And I have also seen one of my neighbor's Doberman quite close.

Alex 3 years ago

You obovisly have not owned any of these dogs because you would know that 90% of what you have said is ignorant and insulting. Yes they are all very strong breeds and very devoted to their owners. Thanks for your "opinion".

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 3 years ago from India Author

thanks for commenting A r F..

A r F profile image

A r F 3 years ago

This article is essentially equivalent to racial stereotyping but for dogs instead of people. Imagine if you wrote and article "8 World's Most Ferocious Races of Human Beings You Must Fear". That would not fly, this should not either. Articles like this are the reason that sweet and friendly dogs get put down by shelters every year based only on their breed.

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 3 years ago from India Author

Jack Stilts: I have seen 'n' numbers of comments on this hub. It includes people who say I am right as well as people who have accused me of spreading the wrong word. I am not here to satisfy one class. You may have a ferociously nice experience with your dogs. I am not denying it. However, if you read my hub, I have mentioned multiple times that it really depends on how you train your dog.

I would like to give you an analogy. Just because a you tame a lion does not mean it is not ferocious. It may be your pet, it may obey your command. It may sit, stand or roll over as you command. But a lion is a lion, tamed or not. It is an animal which hunts and a carnivore. You can't change the fact that it is ferocious.

Even when I talk about a ferocious dog, understand that all dogs are not ferocious. Take a chihuahua, a Pomeranian or a dachshund. I won't call them ferocious. I hope you are getting the point.

Coming to the title, I changed it from "Dangerous" to "ferocious" for a reason. Dangerous sent a wrong message, though I didn't intend to. This is the only best alternate way I could put it.

I sincerely urge the readers to read the entire hub before accusing me of spreading the wrong message.

Thanks for your contribution though :)

Jack Stilts 3 years ago


I have a German Shepherd & Pitbull mix (two of the most ferocious on your list) and I have to say - he is one of the most violent dogs I have ever met; he ATTACKS my face in the morning with his puppy breath, and then STORMS downstairs to run outside, where he CHARGES the grass to pee. He then MALICIOUSLY smells his toys, and ends his day by GNAWING ON MY 1-YEAR-OLD NEPHEW'S FACE with his tongue and kisses. He is definitely one to be feared. What's better, and to add to your list of misunderstood topics? He was rescued from an abandoned home in DETROIT, where he was living on the streets. Alone. You would think that a Shepherd & Pitbull mix, found on the streets of Detroit, would be the most aggressive, untrusting, horrible little mongrel, yet he, just like any other dog, just wants a warm bed and a full belly. I have to add that it's DANGEROUSLY adorable when he gets the hiccups in the middle of the night. My two cents is this: These may not be "facts" about dogs, but the title leads the reader to believe that what you're saying is true. In the era of "Well, I read it on the internet..." it becomes a trusted source. Thank you for your time.

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 3 years ago from India Author

andyglean: Yes, there are quite a few breeds everywhere.. In fact there are a few hunter dog breeds in India which are quite ferocious.

andyglean profile image

andyglean 3 years ago from Richardson, TX

First time I've heard of the Presa Canario. Seems formidable. I'm going to look further into this breed.

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 3 years ago from India Author

Eiddwen: thanks a lot.. I love both dogs and cats equally. But dogs are pets no other pet can beat :)

Eiddwen profile image

Eiddwen 4 years ago from Wales

Oh thank you so very much for this wonderful hub. I have had the pleasure of sharing my home with a


Bull Terrier



They were all beautiful dogs ;so faithful and also so gentle with my growing family.

At this point in my life I do not have dog and I am indeed missing them so much. However it doesn't stop me from reading.

Enjoy your day.


karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

Thank you for some of your inputs guys.. I do appreciate them, and I understand that there may be some wrong notions in the research as well.. I have taken note of that. Along with your inputs, I still believe that though these dogs may not be "dangerous" per se, they are nonetheless ferocious. Accordingly I have made amendments in the title and some of the material.

Thank you for your inputs and keep commenting.

Tee 4 years ago

Wow, what an ignorant article. If you're going to make things up, you should include a disclaimer instead of presenting your article as fact. For example, Pit bull's jaws do not "lock"- that is a myth that has already been debunked. Yes, they have strong jaws but they do not include a locking mechanism as many people believe. Then you go on to say that most pit bulls are bred for fighting but HSUS has already released research showing that less than 1% of pits are bred for fighting- how is less than 1% the same as most? It's not cool that people may read this and take everything you are saying as truth, when several of these statements are inaccurate. I'm not coming back to this hub.

SecondChancePup 4 years ago

Though I respect your opinion, I do have to say that it does come across as uneducated and based solely on stereotypical information. Unfortunately, second chance rescues and no kill shelters have to battle ridiculous opinions such as these everyday in order to give these breeds a fighting chance of finding a good home. Again, I respect your opinion, but I believe that you should have used factual information, such as information found on the AKC website to outline your opinion. To give you some food for thought, I would like for you to look at the American Temperament Test Society, Inc.,, and look at the pass/fail test of some of the breeds you have highlighted. Pitbulls, for instance, have a pass rate of almost 87% whereas a Golden Retriever has a pass rate of 85%. So by these standards of FACT, it could be argued that America's most popular dog, the Golden Retriever, is more dangerous than your number 1 most dangerous dog—the Pitbull. Being a long time owner of/having a commitment to second chance dogs that are of a “dangerous” breed, I would ask that in the future you please take a look at the facts before writing an opinion piece that plays into fears and stereotypes.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 4 years ago from USA

I own two "ferocious Rottweilers" they indeed have licked way to many people to death. "Hates strangers" is a bit harsh to describe this breed, which is more aloof in some cases, a far cry from being aggressive. Honestly, as a dog trainer, the most dangerous dog I met was a Chihuahua ankle biter that tried to nip me repeatedly with no mercy. I think a better title would be the 8 most misunderstood breeds. BTW, the locking jaws of pit bull is a myth hard to debunk.

april williams 4 years ago

Well i own 2 pit bulls and its all in how u raise them they r the best dog i have ever had and boxer dobbies ppl r dumb when the down dogs they have never owned i know ppl that own every one of these dogs and none of them are mean so get ur shit straight

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

thanks for adding your inputs Efficient Admin :) I will keep in mind about the Chow Chows..

Efficient Admin profile image

Efficient Admin 4 years ago from Charlotte, NC

I was surprised to see the Boxer on the list. I always heard and read Boxers are gentle breeds good for family and kids. Now the Presa Canario I hear and read is a pit bull on steroids. Also surprised Chow Chows were not listed, they tend to be aggressive dogs. I have friends who had 2 chows and I am not sure if they just didn't socialize them properly but I couldn't go near them without the growling.

hahaha 4 years ago

what a joke

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

I am sure I will include the Somethgblue Dawg next time :)

somethgblue profile image

somethgblue 4 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

You forgot to mention Somethgblue Dawg, a formidable and truly dangerous beast.

Known for their cunning and intelligence they roam the Earth, looking for any signs of intelligent life so that they may form a telepathic bond.

So far they remain a lonely Dawg!

jennzie profile image

jennzie 4 years ago from Lower Bucks County, PA

I agree with Paul that it is the owners who should be blamed. Personally, I have met few, if any, aggressive dogs that were of the breeds you mentioned (though I haven't really met any dogs that were of breeds 5, 7 and 8). But I don't think it's fair to judge a whole breed based on the actions of a few dogs. If a dog isn't properly trained and isn't raised in a good environment, it can certainly turn out aggressive- whether it is a pitbull or a Chihuahua.

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

thank you Blond Logic :) I completely agree with you.

Blond Logic profile image

Blond Logic 4 years ago from Brazil

You have put together an interesting collection of dogs. I live in Brazil and here, the Doberman, pit bull, German Shepard, Rottweiler and the Fila Brasilero (Brazilian Mastiff) are most feared by would be intruders. People have them here as a deterrent.

My neighbor has a pit bull and the neighborhood children play with it. I don't doubt however that it would attack to protect its family.

We have a Brazilian Mastiff that looks very similar to the photo you have Presa Canario without the cropped ears.

As you know, different people keep dogs for different reasons. Some have them as companions, and some for protection. I would expect any of my dogs to give their life to protect me and my family, that is why I have them.

I have read a report that stated the dog that has been recorded as biting the most is.......the Dachshund!

So in conclusion, yes these dogs can be fierce but that is what I expected when I selected the breed I did.

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

Jacob: Firstly, is that because you have never been bitten by one? I would probably hear otherwise from people who have messed with them. And do read 10 other websites on the net (I think you should have done that first before commenting).

Secondly, I wanted to delete your comment. I don't mind someone respectfully negating my comment. I don't know everything about dogs. I accept it (Please see my reply to DrMark1961). But I do not tolerate people calling me names on my hubpage. You want to earn respect? Learn to give it first.

- Thanks.

Paul william 4 years ago

You sure it's not mike Tyson you looking at lol

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

DrMark1961: I am not saying that a writer should believe in everything. All I am saying is that I cannot go on doing a detailed research all over the world on everything if I have to write an article. I am sure you know, how writing is done online. You can only research 10 other sources that seem credible and then write an article. Some things we already know upfront, somethings we need to rely on other sources.

Paul william: I have seen certain boxers being ferocious. Again, really depends on the upbringing.

Paul william 4 years ago

I can not understand where the boxer comes into I have been around boxers for many years, and find them a very gentle dog who are easy to train and eager to please.

DrMark1961 profile image

DrMark1961 4 years ago from The Beach of Brazil

Does this mean you would believe the KKK stereotypes when they had millions of members? Writers do not have to believe everything they are told.

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

DrMark1961: Calling a lion a lion is not stereotype. I have seen from my own eyes how ferocious a German Shepherd, A Doberman and a boxer can be. Yes, some of them I have written after checking out what most people had to say and I haven't seen them from my eyes (I don't own a kennel, you know) and I am not a researcher on dogs. I am a writer. If 10 people call a dog dangerous, then I tend to believe them. As I said, you can tame a lion or a tiger and still call it so harmless and everything. But the fact is that they are jungle cats and they can pretty much kill you.

Regarding dachshund, I would definitely love to add few more if I create another list.

DrMark1961 profile image

DrMark1961 4 years ago from The Beach of Brazil

Why not a dachshund, the most aggressive breed? This is sad, full of stereotypes.

Paul william 4 years ago

There is no bad dogs only bad owners,

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

thanks a lot TripleAMom :) I have had an experience being bitten by my own German Shepherd when I was young. It had also attacked the neighbor once when he jumped over our wall without any bad intentions. I love dogs and at the same time, I started being very cautious about certain breeds.

TripleAMom profile image

TripleAMom 4 years ago from Florida

Karthikkash, I think you did a nice job of presenting the problems that can occur if one is not careful when breeding and raising these dogs. I think ANY dog is capable of becoming vicious if trained to be or if abused, much like humans, but there are some breeds that are more known for this. Many of the ones you mentioned are used as attack dogs due to their nature. When I was little an uncle had three dobermans. He had to put them up in a cage whenever anyone came over because they were used as attack or guard dogs on his land. Now they treated them as family pets and the dogs loved the family, including the two boys, my cousins, but they would attack others. This family lived close to an interstate and often had transients come on their land off the interstate. I believe pit bulls can be gentle if trained to be so, but I'm not going to let my children go up to a pit bull and start to play with it unless we know the family and know the dog well.

YOu presented a couple of breeds here I didn't know.

Praveen 4 years ago

...and the Huskies too along with the Alaskan Malamutes!

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

misspeachesx: I think you need to read the introduction again :) Dogs are quite cuddly, but most of these are inherently aggressive. If you treat them wrong or if they do not undergo proper training, they can be quite dangerous. I had a German Shepherd and trust me, I know what I am talking.

misspeachesx profile image

misspeachesx 4 years ago from Northeast, Washington

Well, I have to completely disagree with this hub and am sad to see that so many people in this world could be so ignorant or want to spread hateful stereotypes about these dogs. I'm curious what the purpose of this hub even is.

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