90 Cute Female Dog Names and Meanings

Photo taken by: Vivian Tan
Photo taken by: Vivian Tan | Source

Our furry companions deserve the best we can provide for them. That includes cute names that fit their personality and appearance. The following list of 90 cute female dog names is a great place to start looking for your pet's name. At the bottom of this list we will outline some tips that can help the search.

Ally - Pure heart

Anna, Annie - Gracious

Ariel - Heavenly singer
Film FYI: The main star of Disney’s The Little Mermaid.

Bianca - White

Biscuit - A saltine or cracker

Bree - Upbeat

Buttercup - A yellow flower plant

Camille, Cami - Fast; great innocence

Cleo - Short for “Cleopatra” meaning “glory” and “father”

Cupcake - a little cake with frosting

Daffodil - A yellow spring flower.

Dodie - Short name for ‘Dorothy’ meaning adored woman

Dot, Dotty - Short name for “Dorothy”

Elsa - My God is a promise; cheerful

Fleur - Flower

Flora - Flowering

Ginny - Maiden

Harper - Musician

Holly - A plant with red berries
Fun FYI: Holly is typically thought of with Christmas.

Iota - A small quantity

Isis - Egyptian goddess

Izzy - Nickname for names with “iz” sound

Jinx, Jinxy - Magic appeal or charm

Joy - Jubilation; euphoria

Kalani - The sky; the boss

Kali - Fierce

Koko - A short form for a large variety of Japanese names

Kori - God’s peace

Lady - A female with grace
Film FYI: Name of pup in Disney’s film, Lady and the Tramp.

Leona - Lion

Lola, Lolita - Sorrows

Lolly - A bit of candy

Maggie - Pearl (originally from ‘Margaret’)

Maxine - feminine form of the name ‘Max’

Melody - Musical arrangement

Mitzi - A nickname for ‘Maria’

Mugsy - ‘Mug’ is a slang word alluding to the face

Noel - Born on Christmas

Noodle - A thin strip of dried dough

Nyla - Champion

Olive - A type of tree bearing fruit
Fun FYI: Also the name of Popeye the Sailor’s girl – Olive Oyl.

Pasha - An individual of high rank

Peaches - fruit

Pearl - Jewel from the Sea

Penny - Spunky; currency

Petal - Leaf

Piper - Player of a flute

Pixie - Fairy

Primrose - Smells like a rose; Fragrant

Queenie - Royal and stately

Rafiki - Friend

Rasha - Young gazelle

Raven - Blackbird

Reiko - Courteous Child

Romy - Person from Rome

Roz, Rozz, Rozzie - (from ‘Rosalind’) delicate or delicate steed

Ruby - Red jewel

Sadie - Princess

Sammy - Listener

Sandy - Short form of Alexandra

Sari - Noble

Shiloh - Gifted by God

Sophie, Sofie - Wise; Intelligent

Tabitha - Gazelle

Tandy - Strong

Tillie, Tilly - Powerful in fight

Tinkerbell - A character from Peter Pan books and movies

Trixie - Bringer of euphoria; Happiness

Ulani - Cheerful

Ummi - My mother

Valentina - Health

Vasha - Ruler

Velvet - Soft Material

Vika - From the Creek

Waffles - A batter cake created in a waffle iron

Whisper - Quiet Voice

Widget - Small gadget

Willow - Type of Tree
TV FYI: Also a Character in Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Winnie - Friend
Fun FYI: Winnie-the-Pooh is a children’s character from TV and books.

Xia - Glow of daylight

Yasmin, Yasmine - Jasmine flower

Yoko - Child
FYI: Wife of John Lennon is named Yoko Ono

Yoshi - Respectful

Zanna - Lily

Zazu - Movement

Zelda - Warrior
Fun FYI: Name derived from The Legend of Zelda Nintendo game.

Ziggy - Form of Sigmund

Zigzag - To go from side to side

Zipper/Zippy - to move fast

Zola - Earth

Special thanks to Dog Names Place for inspiration! I also have a book about dog training on my website, packed with information for new dog owners.

Photo taken by: Sarah-Rose
Photo taken by: Sarah-Rose | Source
Photo taken by: Vivian Tan
Photo taken by: Vivian Tan | Source

Which name is the cutest for a female pup?

  • Cookie
  • Princess
  • Butterball
  • Regina
  • Pooka
  • Cupcake
  • None of the above
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Tips on Naming Your Pup!

When naming a cute female dog, there are a number of considerations to make. Unlike male dogs names that center on strength and toughness, female dogs can be named with more whimsical names. Here are four tips when naming a female pup:

Avoid Brand Names

While there may be temptation to name a young doggy Chanel or Gucci, these types of names may be best avoided. Not only do popular brands change, but naming your dog after these brands may appear tacky.

Avoid Human Names

Calling your dog a human name may create some odd situations. For example, if you meet a new person and they have the same name as your dog. While you didn’t mean to insult them, they may take offense automatically.

Possibility of Nickname

Finding a longer name may serve well, as longer names can easily be shortened to cute nicknames. Having the possibility of shorter names allows for the pups name to change throughout their life (or to have better rhyming schemes, if you're into that)

Sweets are Cute

While male dogs focus on being tough, like Spike, female dog names can easily focus on sweet treats. There are many sweet treats that can be converted to cute dog names with ease.

Hopefully these tips have helped figure out some cute female dog names. If there any you want to recommend, feel free to share in the comments below!

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