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5 Reasons Why Beagles Are Perfect

My Beagle, Bailey, loves me unconditionally. She is the reason I think Beagles make the best canine companions.

What is the most popular dog breed?

What is the most popular dog breed?

Beagles: Friendly, Curious, and Lively

While writing this article, I enjoyed the company of my adorable dog: a chubby, three-year-old Beagle with anxiety problems. She simply curled up by my side and stared at me with her wide Beagle eyes as I typed away on my computer. Simply put, her loveliness and cuddle-ability motivated me to outline what it is about this breed that makes them the very best dogs in my oh-so-humble opinion.

So, what's so great about the Beagle? Read on to find out.

My sister's dog, Beasley.

My sister's dog, Beasley.

5 Reasons Why Beagles Are so Lovable

Keep in mind that comments are welcome. If you believe there's a better breed, feel free to share your opinion (although I doubt you'll convince me). I personally am of the belief that all of God's precious creatures have souls and thus are all different from one another . . . but I can personally speak about my beautiful dog, Bailey, who inspired these five reasons why this breed is simply the best.

1. They Need You

My dog Bailey needs me. I don't know if it's the breed's devotion or Bailey's anxiety problem, but she's certainly a pooch that needs her owner. I also know for a fact that Beagles are one of the most vocal breeds—they are famous for their howling bark, and believe me, if you leave them alone for a while, they'll go nuts! Don't worry, it's cute, but also very loud. This can be either a good thing or a bad thing for you. For me, it's a good thing—it makes me feel loved.

2. They Are the Perfect Size

To me, the Beagle is the perfect medium-sized dog. Between a yipping small dog and a monster-sized large breed, having a Beagle is perfect—you don't look like a pushover owning one, but they also don't have the ability to knock you to the ground! Perfect, right?

According to AKC breed statistics, Beagles tend to reach 13 inches in height and will weigh around or below 20 pounds. Males may reach 13–15 inches in height and will weigh 20–30 pounds.

3. They Are Undeniably Cute

They are simply CUTE. So cute. Beagles are one of the lucky breeds that remains cute for their entire lives. In my opinion, they make the cutest puppies, and they carry this cuteness with them into adulthood. Is it their large eyes? Their floppy ears? They're simply adorable.

4. They Make Great Family Dogs

This breed is perfect for families. Not knocking the Chihuahua, but before my family got Bailey, we had a Chihuahua named Tequila. My father purchased her when I was a one-year-old and I grew up with her until she died. I have to say, a Chihuahua is an example of a dog that does not (always) do well with children.

Chihuahuas are infamous for only attaching themselves to one family member. All of my years spent with Tequila were unfulfilling and I never really knew the deep companionship you could have with a dog until we got Bailey. In contrast, Beagles are extremely loving and bond with every family member. And did I mention they're really cute?

5. They Are Gentle

Beagles are not known for being aggressive, so don't consider them if you want a guard dog for your family or your property. Yes, they have been historically used for hunting and flushing, but they are very "focused," so focused that they are likely to wander off following a scent rather than notice a trespassing human or animal.

Is This the Right Breed for You?

All in all, if you're looking to get a new dog, my advice is to look no further than this iconic, lovable breed. I'm no dog expert, but I do have a Beagle, and she is absolutely amazing. And simply look at the picture (above) of her sister, Beasley! Isn't she precious?

Are you a fan of this breed? Don't forget to share your story below.

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What Is Your Favorite Dog Breed?

Jo Anne on August 13, 2020:

I agree. Love beagles. Right now I have a rescue who is part beagle and part basenji. He definitely has the personality of a beagle. Bob is his name and he is the happiest puppy in the world. Everybody who meets him loves him. Maybe he will be getting a beagle sister some day.

Skip on July 26, 2020:

Beagles rule. Over the years we have had 6. Three with us now ages 10, 4, 2. Love them so much that while in the military i shipped my beagle to and from England. Great with kids. These three play with the grand kids. I would say though merry in temperment i would want to try in grab one of the kids they have bonded and have a sence to guard whats theirs. But they surely will let you know when someone is around. Age doesnt make them grumpy the love the attention of little one. They are snuggle bugs. A pack of three or is great. They talk but once they have told you about their day they move on unless you engage them. They crate train will if starting from a pup. They can be trained to be quiet when leaving the house. Tgey honest do better in a setting of two or more remember they are pack hounds. My vote has always been for beagles. Compact, travel great, friendly. I take one at a time to work just something to watch everyones disposition change rather stress, anger, sad its those floppy ears, big eyes and that beagle stride walking that says i'm here to make you smile. Gods perfect companion the beagle.

Ash on July 11, 2020:

Beagle...I have one and she is just adorable!!!

Jay on July 03, 2020:

I rescued my beagle 1 year ago. she is only about 1 and 1/2 now. she was tough to train, but now she is my little girl. i have had many other breeds before, but she is the most loyal and loving dog ever. she loves everyone in the family equally, perfect girl for my 12 yo daughter.

Dean on June 06, 2020:

I have a 3 yr old lemon beagle n she is so beautiful her beautiful brown eyes n lite tan n white coat n so lovable she follows me everywhere.i cant imagine not havin her!

Lorenzo Posarelli on May 29, 2020:

Looking to own a beagle . Puppy & female

Doug on May 15, 2020:

Have had 2 beagles that spanned 34 years. Levi was 18 when I lost him. Was always happy to see them and they me. Sad to say, can't say that for most humans. Brown eyes and floppy ears rule. on May 12, 2020:

I have owned two mine does bark unless someone knocks at the door both were

Humane society

Carol on May 12, 2020:

I have a beagle she is 3 months old and she bites my hands till they bleed! Itell her no but she doesn't listen

Nicole lauw on May 11, 2020:

Hello we have a dog 1 we love she so much and if we always bring foods Audi hug wE in our feet then we give she but one day there a people who ask how cute beagles is? But then i give the answer you know beagles is 100% cuter than everydog

Marco Phillips on February 21, 2020:

We live in the country, in Costa Rica and we own six dogs, two huge labrador retrievers, two pretty mixed breed rescued beautiful dolls and two adorable beagles. One of the beagles, Tsuki, was a gift from our duaghter, who owns her mother ans she has the most incredible "cute puppy" face in the world. The other beagle, Bailey (yes, that's her name) is a little smaller and she was given for adoption by her previous owner, who live in a department in our capital city, the reason?, they just couldn't stand the noise. She barks and howls all day long, when the run she resembles an ambulance, and she's also incredibly loud… and thas't why she's so funny to us, we really love our fire truck siren

Melanie Wilhite on December 22, 2019:

I have to agree with you 100%! I was raised with a bunch of different breeds of dogs, and I loved each and every single one of them! But, I never felt the kind of love for them that I share with my beagle! I know that sounds terrible to say but before him I always felt like I loved my dog's dearly which I did it's just different for Simba ... And I think it's because he is so affectionate he needs to show you his love and he needs to feel that love and affection from you . He is honestly like my third child LOL. He has to be close to me (or anyone in the family, he loves us all!), most of the time he needs to be touching someone.... he is a superb cuddle buddy! Sometimes it feels strange to love a dog so much but, at the end of the day it feels pretty great to be needed and wanted by my beautiful boy! I can admit that before he came into my life something was missing, truth be told I needed him more than he will ever know. Sorry for rambling about my boy, long story short, Beagles truly are the world's best dog!

Tim on November 13, 2019:

I have owned a number of different breeds, but as you say Beagles simply NEED YOU. They are also like many breeds very schedule driven and heaven help you should you be even a few minutes late with their precious meals. They do not like their food they absolutely LOVE IT. In between meals life is constantly spent looking for other edible goodies to eat and pass the time consuming. We own a pair of the breed a male and female which we rescued over time. They really do tug on your heartstrings and never ever grow up forever remaining in that state of puppyhood where they are continually happy and filled with joy. I love them as a breed and would own another easily.

margaret on October 16, 2019:

I had a beagle named lucky and she was the best dog I ever owned I had dogs all my life and she topped them all always so lovable and she loved to cuddle if you ask me a beagle is one of the top breed great with family or with one person they always want to please you

Josee on January 23, 2019:

I had to put my beagle down we had him since he was 9 weeks old and died at 13 years old, broke my heart I still get tears in my eyes when I think of him. Rip yogi bear, you’ll always have a special place in my heart.

Jenny on October 29, 2018:

I am 26 and on my 4th beagle in my lifetime. I got my first beagle when I was 8 and he was almost 2 and oh so very hyper but LOVING! I then got my first beagle puppy when I was 12 as a present. Our first beagle loved her and I loved both of them so much! We then took in a family friends beagle who could no longer care for her and was extremely overweight. This now had us at 3 beagles in our household. People may say we were the loudest house on the street because of their howling but when we had people over we never had to worry about how our dogs would behave because well beagles are lovers. They all lived to be 12-14 years old, I went three years once the last one passed without a dog because life became busy but I reached a point where I needed a fur friend again. We had beagles, labs, and boxers before. When I was looking for my puppy my boyfriend didn't want a beagle well surprise I came home with an 8 week old beagle pup who is now barely over a year. He has completely fallen in love with the breed like I first did and thanks me for getting a beagle. The puppy was also raised with the help of my 4 year old nephew and comes to work with me occasionally. I work with kids and my beagle and I both have a love for kids. When kids ask me if they can pet him I say "be careful he will lick you to death" They are an amazing breed with a GREAT temperament.

Lisa on October 14, 2018:

I agree. This is my second beagle in my life, this one is a lemon beagle and the most adorable. Anxiety riddened, best guard dog and best cuddling partner on the planet. Oh so needs your love and gives back his love 10-fold.

KathyB on October 12, 2018:

I also have a beagle named Bailey. She is 12 years old and still has some anxiety. Doesn't like it when I leave. But she is sweet and loveable. I love beagles, there is none better.

Only1randa on May 22, 2018:

I recently adopted a 7 year old beagle. I LOVE this dog. I always had large dogs in the past, and was not sure a beagle, was a big enough dog. Where she lacks in size, she makes up for in personality. The only worry I have though, is the separation anxiety. I live in an apartment and when left alone she barks, until I get back. Truth be told my neighbors aren't my favorite people, so thier annoyance is irrelevant. I do worry about McKenzie hurting herself barking so much. Any ideas on what i can do to help her feel safe when left alone? I already quit my job, to be home with her...

tim on January 09, 2018:

Bernie & I, love him to death, had two others, 1st one, out of a pet store (bad idea), but he was pretty good, always came back when you whisled for him. 2nd one was a deer chasing beagle, really hard to get back. Present one, Bernie, purbreed with papers, is totally Cadillac, knows every move I make, love him very much, now 13.5 years old, peeing a bit, although still love him, Bernie & Tim.

Denise on October 10, 2017:

I have a 5 yr old boy beagle. He also has anxiety and loves to cuddle. He is my first boy beagle I had 2 females in the past. He loves sucking on plush blanets. He will actually sit and nurse and need the blanket. Everyone thinks it is the cutest thing. He loves to greet guest and family with a blanket in his mouth. He is by far the sweetest dog I have ever had.

Sue Currier on August 21, 2017:

My companion is a precious 9 month old Beagle, Arlo. He is happy,healthy, sweet, full of love, and best of all doesn't need a haircut that costs more than my own!!! ♡

BONNIE on June 30, 2017:

I agree this the second beagle in our home we the first one 12 and half years he got and had to be put down I looked on line and it took me 2 months to our new beagle puppy he was 12 week s old when we got him he is very smart. I did the crate training myself and broke both beagle s I will I was 12 years younger on first beagle puppy this is now 1 year old and very good in the house he's sleep s in his crate at night and dose very well. My granddaughter name him Shadow and it fits he's goes every where we do the too cats haven't warmed up to him yet because he's to active we got him last August I will have more beagle if I was to have more he cares a toy outside and I tell him to bring it back in and he I LOVE BEAGLES

Yvonne on June 21, 2017:

Our beagle was the sweatest dog ever. We miss him so much.

Barb on September 20, 2016:

My beagle owns me

Anita on July 24, 2016:

We are on beagle no 2. Jessie was a beutiful girl coming home from work after getting news of my mum passing away I went outside crying and Jessie put a pose on each shoulder and was licking my tears away. Jessie got vertigo she lived to 15. We now have scooby 3 years. He bring us so much joy. Beagles are the best

BeagleGirl on July 10, 2016:

I have a beagle, and he NEVER bites. H eonly scartches you when he is playing, and its am accident. He is the nicest dog EVER. His name is Bagel (bagel the beagle :P

Margaret Kinne on May 22, 2016:

We are on beagle number four! Absolutely love the breed!! Our first Thor lived to be 16. A sweetheart but definitely headstrong. Number two was Boone. Not the brightest one in the litter. Unfortunately he developed cancer at ten and had to be put down as it was very aggressive. Our third was Bocephus. He was an absolute loving,funny, playful smart.....everything you would want in your beagle. He lived until he was 15. Such a loss for our whole family. My husband said no more dogs! Well eight years pass......we have two grandchildren who live eight houses away from us. Their Mom (our daughter-in-law) was never brought up with any pets, totally against pets. My husband and I discussed this and decided we really didn't want our grandchildren brought up so biased so.....we got beagle number four! That was three years ago. Hannah and Alec (ages 10 & 8) can't wait to get to our house after school to play with Chase and he eats up the attention! He is quite a "talker" when someone comes to the door which I don't discourage as I have lost my hearing so he is my build-in alarm system! Can't help it! Love, love, love our beagles!!

Marty on March 31, 2016:

Mine is the sweetest, cutest thing I've ever seen and I would not take a million dollars for her. She has more personality than any dog I've ever had.

Judi on January 31, 2016:

We have a beagle named Hava Bean - she is the love of my life. We rescued her from a pound 7 years ago --- she is now 10 yrs old. Oddly she never barks (not sure if something happened before we got her ?) but I think she needs me as well -- truth be told I probably need her more. She gets along well with our Aussie -- and is a major cuddler with me and my husband.

Bill on January 21, 2016:

I love beagles, and Shiner has been a joy for almost 9 years. He's one of the few beagles I've met who doesn't bay, but he does bark at pretty much everything. My only gripe-- a mile walk takes 3 hours .. minimum. Every weed and stick must be sniffed and most must be peed on. Sniff on, Shiner!

Isabelle on January 19, 2016:

I agree, beagles are the best!!

Miguel on January 14, 2016:

I have a Beagle named Roxy I've had her since she was weeks old she is seven years old now. And love her with all my heart she is loving playful and shows me how much she misses me every night when I get home. We have great times together she loves to go for walks play in the yard and fetch the ball. My arm gets tired before she does. She loves to cuddle and acts just like a child she understands a lot. Really an amazing loving animal with her very own personality. Can't Wait to get her a playmate .

Bones Kelley-McCoy on January 02, 2016:

Only critique --maybe cuddle -ability? ? Sounds smoother.

I had a pedigree Show Dog but wiyh the strict codes for their breed, Muffin, you know Beagles 'gtow into ' their ears. She'd run and play and hit my large polished kitchen floor and slide circling into the low cupboards. For showings, Beagles were to have their whiskers trimmed off starting in puppyhood. We did, same thing happened except THIS TIME she went face first. I got to her and she was shaking her head, also when attempting to walk, was stumbling. Then I see her eye----swollen almost completely shut, black and blue and she was crying. Her AKC name is 5 names from her 2 finished champion parents. I picked her her up, turned to my husband and said, "Muffin is a pet." Now we have Rózsa (name Hungarian for Rose, but she acts Hungarian! !!?? lolol). , a milled dog, who was very small. She and her sister were put in the same kennel hutch as the boy litter. Okay----IF YOU MISSED IT---SEPARATE litters, girls bred in one state, boys in another. NOT TO BE PUT TOGETHER. Rózsa never got enough food, drink, or space....her sister and boys ran roughshod all over her. She lived for her short life pressed in a corner. We saved her from a horrible life. That video of the puppy mill farm being busted was part of this man's operations. He'd give the puppies to his daughter outside Akron /Medina to sell. She's a miniature as described. She has her bad moments---it goes back to the hutch. Next time, I am going on the website with adoption of a miniature in mind. Thanks for putting the updates up. Muffin slept with me when my marriage broke up, she never wanted to see the ex and I was her "owner" term used loosely. ....she was my daughter. She passed in 1996, same year as her Grandpa----metasticized cancer. Rózsa is destructive. ....but she IS LOVED AND WHEN SHE DOES PASS, SHE'LL GO IN OUR YARD AND BE MISSED. She listens and knows commands. What I do not like is you have a puppy especially as timid as Rózsa was and WITHOUT ASKING, COME UP AND SCARE HER MORE THAN EVER BY LAYING HANDS ON HER. I piched her up and we eventually set her on her new bed in the cart. Mom didn't want me to say anything. Finally I did. No. You should ALWAYS ask permission. You know nothing about the puppy or its parents. Give this advice to all. It could be breaking training or just harming the animal. Beagles are the very best and you CAN teach them NOT TO BARK AT ALL......Ihad to reteach Muffin to bark at the door or other danger. Rózsa can tell the difference between mail trucks and carriers, sounds, smells. She is so smart. Barks at the right mail truck, not the wrong. She's a wonder----like ALL BEAGLES---THAT'S WHY THEY'RE THE BEST AND ALWAYS PUPPIES!!!!!!

Julia on December 29, 2015:

I have a beagle and he is 15 1/2 years old and is still as cute as a button! I would love another one!

Bailee on December 21, 2015:

I love Beagles. They are the best things in dog history!

Lisa on November 27, 2015:

We have 8 beagles!!! :-) The first two are now 16 1/2 & 16 years old. The oldest one we got when she was 3 1/2 months old. Her previous parents were both active duty. They were gone a lot & wanted her to be with a family. The second oldest, we got at 11 months. Her previous family couldn't take her to Korea. Then the now 9 year old, was going to get put to sleep by her previous family because they let her dig out & get pregnant by a Collie never the less! Anyway long story short, she was acting strange one day, so we had to take her to emergency vet. They had to take her to surgery...sadly, her puppies didn't make it. Our next two beagles, now 6 years old, were thrown in a trash can by their owner at 5 weeks old. Can you believe that? My husband's co-worker, knew we had beagles, so she asked if we wanted them. Of course, we took them! They both have had health issues. One has epilepsy, since she turned 2. Her sister had emergency spinal surgery...a bulging disk at age 3. That was scary!!!

Then a few years later, we adopted a beagle puppy from Triangle Beagle Rescue whose momma & 6 puppies were

rescued because they were going to be used as"dog bate" in dog fights in VA. As it turns out, her daddy must have been busy, she's a beagle & American Fox Hound. Her momma was a Beagle...we saw her. Never the less, we LOVE her just as much!! She such a sweetheart! Then my neighbor's daughter sent me a picture of a little beagle who had been found wandering. She was taken to our local animal shelter, which, puts animals to sleep. Now I couldn't have that, so I went and adopted her. She's 3-4 years old. She had teeth marks around her neck from being who knows where. She's SUCH a happy beagle considering whatever she's been through!! Our last Beagle which is 2 1/2 years old, was adopted through Triangle Beagle Rescue. They had had her for over a year. She was EXTREMELY skittish & scared of everything. Apparently, her mom, herself, & her siblings, were dumped in a fenced yard. She's the tiniest one. We think she's a Midget Beagle. It's taken a while and a lot of patience, but she's doing SO well now.

As you can see, we are passionate about saving animals & giving then a BLESSED home!

I would LOVE to have more, but with our oldest Beagles needing a lot of care due to age & our one Beagle with seizures, who takes medication, we can't.

Chickenlover on December 10, 2014:

I have two beagle chihuahua mutts. Twins. One looks like a 12 lb, teeny, tiny beagle and her giant eyes melts my heart. The other one has the personality and she's never short of ridiculous stories and unbelievable escapes. They're smart as heck and cute as can be.

Cody on November 13, 2013:

I have a beagle named Jasper; he does not bae very often; but he does love to cuddle. He's very insistant about it; he's gone so far as to try and push my laptop off my lap to take its place; but I loves him anyway.

Ben on February 28, 2013:

I have a Beagle and he is cute. He is very sweet and only bites when he is in a playful mood or when he needs to go to the restroom. That's when he is very playful actually. When he needs to go. lol

Jessica on December 28, 2012:

i have four beagles Winston, Yoshi, Kyra and Kato. all different in personality and sizes. My husband and i love them so very much.

Jewels on March 18, 2012:

You don't own a beagle --- it owns you. Have been owned by beagles since 1978.

Eiddwen from Wales on February 29, 2012:

A brilliant hub and thanks for sharing.


Laqueefa on October 03, 2011:

I have a beagle.... He's perfect!!!!

matrixmary from Colorado Springs on June 29, 2011:

As the owner of two beagles, I couldn't agree more. I think they are ideal. But, as my vet said, you have to be a beagle person to live with a beagle, because they are very vocal! I find it charming, others find it annoying! It's funny because my two are polar opposites. My girl is sweet tempered and independent, my boy is ill mannered and has separation anxiety. My boy would just as soon bite you as look at you, and my girl would let you take dinner out of her mouth with no protest. Yet oddly, she's the boss in this house! I think he's a bully because he's a chicken! But I do love beagles, and after having these two I am convinced that I will always have beagles.

ashley on August 05, 2009:

beagles are actully the sweetest dog/puppy u can get even though they are a little naughty sometimes