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100+ Nature Dog Names With Meaning

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Layne is an animal lover and grew up in a household full of rescued critters. She is a registered veterinary technician.

Names inspired by nature for dogs.

Names inspired by nature for dogs.

Earthy, Nature-Inspired Names for Male and Female Dogs

Are you looking for a beautiful nature-inspired name for your dog? Earthy names and their meanings are perfect for any dog. Name them after a mountain range, a river, a flower, or an herb. Names inspired by trees, plants, and planet Earth suit any breed. These names work wonderfully for boy or girl/male or female dogs, so take your time and choose a name with special meaning for your new best friend.

Is your female dog a "Fern?"

Is your female dog a "Fern?"

Letters A-B: Nature Names for Dogs

  • Aria: Italian for “air”
  • Achley: “Oak meadow”
  • Aput: Snow
  • Aspen: “One who is like mother earth.” A beautiful tree with soft-white multi-purpose wood particular to the Northern Hemisphere.
  • Aster: A plant of the daisy family
  • Autumn: The fall season
  • Aqua: Water
  • Barley: A tall, grassy plant
  • Basil: An aromatic herb
  • Bear: Burly animal
  • Birch: Thin-leaf tree
  • Blizzard: Wild storm
  • Blue: Nature-inspired color
  • Brier: A purple-colored flower; also French for "nature"
  • Brin: “Like a hill"; Welsh origins
  • Brook: A stream
  • Birdie: Bird-inspired

"Paco" the Fearless Rescued Base-Jumping Dog

Respect the Planet and Go Green

Letters C-H: Plant, Tree, and Geography Names for Dogs

  • Caden: Marsh land
  • Canyon: Gorge
  • Cephas: Greek for "rock" or "stone"
  • Cedar: The tree
  • Clay: A type of workable soil of beautiful color
  • Cricket: The insect
  • Coal: Charred wood
  • Copper: The element
  • Colorado: Colorful
  • Clover: Plant with three-lobed leaves
  • Cypress: Strong
  • Dale or Dael: Valley; "dwells in the valley"
  • Dakota: Friendly companion
  • Darya: "Ocean" in Persian
  • Denver: "One who belongs to the green valley"
  • Dove: The bird; symbol of peace
  • Dusty: Powdery
  • Echo: Sounds in open space
  • Elm: Deciduous tree
  • Everest: Courageous
  • Eco: Latin; “of the environment”
  • Farley: Woodland clearing
  • Fern: The plant
  • Felding: “Lives in the fields”
  • Fleur: Like a flower
  • Flint: Flint rock; rock used to create a spark
  • Forrest: Of the woods
  • Gaia: Greek; describes Earth as a living organism; from the earth
  • Goldie: Inspired by the precious metal
  • Grove: A gathering of trees
  • Green: Prominent color in nature
  • Hawk: Bird of prey
  • Honey: Of the bees
  • Hill: Geographic feature
Is your male dog a "Vale?"

Is your male dog a "Vale?"

Letters I-N: Beautiful Nature Names for Dogs

  • Iris: Colors of the rainbow
  • Ivy: The deep green climbing plant
  • Jasper: Spotted stone
  • Jet: Black and shiny gemstone
  • Jupiter: 5th planet from the sun
  • Juniper: Evergreen; the spirit of youth
  • Ka: Hawaiian for "ocean"
  • Kalani: “The sky”
  • Karma: Sanskrit; the law of the universe
  • Kodiak: The Kodiak Islands in the U.S.
  • Lana: “Little Rock” in Gaelic
  • Laurel: Evergreen tree
  • Lark: Songbird
  • Luna: The moon
  • Lupo: Italian for "wolf"
  • Marin: French; “one who loves the ocean”
  • Mammoth: Mountain/lava dome in California
  • Mango: The fruit
  • Maple: The tree
  • Mercury: Atomic element or planet
  • Montana: Mountain
  • Nickel: A metal
  • Niraj: Lotus flower
  • North: The cardinal direction; nobility

Adventure Dogs

Letters O-S: Earthy Names for Dogs

  • Oriel: Orange and black bird
  • Oakley: Wood clearing
  • Ocean: The sea
  • Orion: “Rising in the sky”
  • Onyx: Banded stone
  • Pluto: Formerly the 9th planet
  • Quest: Exploration
  • Quill: From the woods
  • Rain: Can also be modified as "Rainy"
  • Raven: Black bird
  • Reed: Also means nature
  • Rio: River
  • Ridge: Spine of a mountain
  • River: Flow of water
  • Sage: The herb
  • Sahara: Desert
  • Savannah: Grassland
  • Shenandoah: Spruce stream
  • Sequoia: One of the largest trees in the world
  • Shadow: A cast of light
  • Sienna: Earth used as a pigment in painting
  • Sierra: Mountain chain in California
  • Silver: Precious metal
  • Stone: Rock
  • Sky or Skye: Expanse above us
  • Storm: Tempest
  • Sol: "Sun" in Spanish

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Is your male dog a "Wolfe?"

Is your male dog a "Wolfe?"

Letters T-Z: Earth-Inspired Names

  • Tansy: Plant of the daisy family
  • Talon: Claw of a bird of prey
  • Tahoe: Large freshwater lake in Nevada and California
  • Talia: Morning dew
  • Teal: Blue-green
  • Terra: Name of the Greek goddess of Earth
  • Thorn: From Thorne
  • Topaz: Gemstone
  • Thistle: A prickly purple flower
  • Vale: “Lives in the valley”
  • Well: Spring or stream
  • West: Cardinal direction
  • Wind: The air that blows
  • Willow: Willow tree
  • Winter: The season
  • Wolfe: Variant of the spelling for "wolf"
  • Wren: “From the farm”
  • Zola: Also means Earth

The Word for "Earth" in Different Languages

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Rahul Sharma from Manchester, UK on April 08, 2020:

I recently adopted a cute puppy. Getting amazed to choose lovely name form this list. Thanks for wonderful list...

Kara on March 26, 2020:

Getting a German Malinios and naming her Sage!!!

Annette modugno on January 26, 2020:

My dogs are River and Meadow , and my cats are Cedar and Breeze.

River a black lab, Meadow a cattle dog heeler mix very petit and girly, Cedar my large orange tabby, and Breeze my long haired precious female kitty. We love them all so much, and they all get along and play together beautifully.

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