Causes of Blood in Dog Stool

What's Causing Blood in My Dog's Stools?

Why is my dog pooping blood?
Why is my dog pooping blood? | Source

Understanding Bloody Stools in Dogs

Seeing blood in your dog's stool can be a quite frightening event, perhaps because we often associate blood in stool with cancer.. Luckily, in dogs the causes are often a lot less dramatic. Of course, as a responsible pet owner, it is always savvy to have the potential causes investigated by a veterinarian in order to rule out the more serious conditions.

Blood in stool is medically known as hematochezia or melena depending on whether the blood comes from the dog's lower or upper digestive system, respectively. It's important to recognize the differences between the two as they can mean a difference in your dog's diagnosis. Following are some ways to tell them apart.

In hematochezia, the blood in the dog's stool is bright red, meaning it is fresh and most likely deriving from the lower intestines, typically the colon or the rectum. It can be mixed in the dog's stools, or you can see a few droplets of blood as your dog defecates.

In melena, the blood in the stools causes feces to appear tarry and asphalt black, suggesting the blood is digested and possibly coming from the upper intestinal tract. Usually, but not always, melena is more worrisome than an occasional case of hematochezia. Melena is often not readily recognizable as hematochezia because dogs may often have dark stools and that doesn't necessarily mean they have blood in them.

So how can you tell whether dark stools contain blood? Michael D. Willard, a board-certified veterinarian specializing in internal medicine, suggests placing the feces on absorbent white paper, such as a paper towel. Observe to see whether a reddish tint diffuses from the feces—if it does, that's proof that you're likely dealing with melena.

The causes for blood in stools can be various and range from minor issues, such as dietary changes, to more severe causes, such as cancer or parvo. Below are some common causes of blood in dog stool that you may want to have investigated by your veterinarian.

Dog Hematochezia Versus Melena

Bright red blood in stool
Tarry black stool
Fresh blood
Digested blood
Derives from colon or rectum
Derives from esophagus, stomach, or upper small intestine

Common Causes of Fresh Bright Red Blood in Stool

Mucus and blood in a dog's stool due to a case of colitis.
Mucus and blood in a dog's stool due to a case of colitis. | Source

As mentioned, hematochezia is fresh, bright red blood in, or mixed with, your dog's stool. Unlike in humans, in dogs fresh blood is not indicative of hemorrhoids. The streaks of bright red blood in stool most likely come from the dog's rectum or colon. It’s best to have hematochezia investigated promptly by a vet, because some possible causes of the condition can be serious. Here are a few of the causes of hematochezia in dogs.


This is a serious disease often found in puppies. Black-and-tan breeds, such as rottweilers, German shepherds, and Dobermans, are more prone to parvo. Typically, a puppy with parvo will exhibit vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, loss of appetite, and blood in stools. Because this disease can be deadly, puppies suspected of having parvo should be seen by a vet promptly.


Parasites are one of the most frequent causes of blood in the stool. The most common parasites that cause blood in the stool are hookworms, whipworms, and roundworms. Protozoans such as coccidia may also cause bloody stools. A veterinarian can identify the offending parasites and prescribe specific dewormers to help get rid of these annoying beings.

Dietary Indiscretions

Overeating or dietary indiscretion may irritate a dog's colon, causing diarrhea and bloody stools, which can also have mucus.

Changes in the dog's diet can have similar effects. If you are switching your dog's food, do so gradually over the course of several days. If a diet change is done too suddenly, vomiting and diarrhea may take place. Even giving your dog a new treat or feeding him people food may cause an inflamed colon.

Other dietary causes of blood in the stool include eating spoiled foods and food intolerances or allergies.

Mild cases of stomach upset can be treated with these simple dog upset stomach remedies.

Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis

Hemorrhagic gastroenteritis involves copious blood in stools along with vomiting and diarrhea. Often the cause cannot be found, but your dog may need intravenous fluids and proper medications to let this condition subside.

Rectal Injuries

If a dog ingests a stick, bone, or other sharp object, it may eventually scrape the lower intestinal lining or rectum as it makes its way out through the feces. Often, you might spot the object visibly protruding from the feces once it has worked its way through your dog's system. In such cases, the blood is bright red and will eventually stop. Avoid giving your pet sticks or cooked bones to play with.

Also, check for any rectal injuries, especially any involving the anal glands. Look for any localized swelling, injuries, or protrusions.

If the dog's stools are well-formed and have fresh blood on the surface, this can be indicative of the presence of a rectal polyp, which is an abnormal growth. When the stools pass over the polyp, which is highly vascularized, it will bleed. Sometimes you can see polyps protruding externally, but they can also be internal, in which case an endoscopy may be necessary in order to see it. According to Merck Veterinary Manual, "The polyp can be felt by a veterinarian during a rectal examination, and its surface tends to bleed easily. Periodically, the polyp may protrude from the anus." All polyps should be checked out by a vet as sometimes they can be cancerous.


In some cases, blood in the stools may be caused by stress. Stressful life events for a dog include changes such as a move, the addition of a new dog or family member to the household, and being boarded in a kennel. These events may cause a case of colitis with bloody diarrhea with mucus. For more on this, read Can Blood in a Dog's Stool Be Caused by Stress?

Causes for Melena, Dark Tar-Like Stools in Dogs

Causes of Black Tarry Blood in Stool

As mentioned, melena is the medical term for digested blood in the dog's stools, which causes them to appear black and tarry. Some dog owners describe such stool as looking like "coffee grounds." The blood may be originating from the dog's lungs, pharynx, esophagus, stomach, or upper small intestine. Because melena can be caused by serious conditions, including acute bleeding, it should also be investigated by a vet.


If your dog is on aspirin or some type of Non Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory drug like Rimadyl or aspirin, he may develop ulcers from its use. Dogs with bleeding ulcers will typically have black tarry stools meaning digested blood is coming from the stomach. Inform your vet promptly if your dog is on such medications, and always keep a watchful eye on his stools.

Blood Clotting Disorders

There are several canine conditions that may cause blood clotting disorders and bleeding. Affected dogs may also exhibit symptoms other than black tarry stools, such as purple-tinted skin, suggesting bleeding underneath the surface. Rat poison may also cause blood clotting disorders and bleeding, which may manifest as dark tarry stools. If you think your dog may have eaten rat poison, have him seen by the vet ASAP.

Post-Surgery Complication

If your dog has undergone some type of surgery recently and has black stools, call your vet immediately. There may be internal bleeding somewhere. This complication may appear up to 72 hours after the surgery.


Anytime your dog presents dark, blackish stools, have your dog seen. You want to rule out the possibility of bleeding tumors such as polyps or cancer, which can be quite common in elderly dogs.


On a lighter note, if you have recently given Pepto-Bismol to your dog, the medication may temporarily turn stools black. This potential side effect is actually written on the bottle if you read it. When you stop giving it, the stools should soon shortly turn back to normal.

Ingestion of Blood

A dog's stool may also appear black and tarry from ingesting blood. For instance, your dog may have licked a bloody wound, or he may have had a mouth injury or nose bleed causing him to swallow blood. Because the blood may also come from a bleeding ulcer, it's important to see your vet if you see dark stools and cannot find an explanation.

More Causes

As seen, there are many possible causes of blood in stool. The ones listed above are not the only possibilities. Others include:

  • Intestinal blockages
  • Fissures
  • Trauma
  • Cancerous masses
  • Bacterial infections, such as those caused by campylobacter or clostridium perfringens

GastroElm Plus
GastroElm Plus

GastroElm Plus is made with 80% slippery elm bark powder, which works well for many health issues with dogs, including diarrhea causing hematochezia (bloody stools), which can happen with colitis. I have a dog who comes for boarding that gets stress colitis with bloody stools, and we use this during his stay.

GastroElm Plus is intended for use with pancreatitis in dogs, ulcers in horses, as well as vomiting, diarrhea, and other gastrointestinal problems in cats, dogs, or horses. It is formulated and manufactured in the U.S. using the finest human-grade herbs available.


What to Do If Your Dog Has Blood in His Stool

• See your vet if your dog is pooping blood. If your dog has pale gums, becomes lethargic, vomits, or has diarrhea, see the emergency vet at once.

• Bring along a fecal sample so your vet can immediately start ruling out parasites and protozoans. The stool sample needs to be no more than 12 hours old to grant testing accuracy.

• If you're dealing with colitis, you can try a brief fast followed by a bland diet, as a vet explains in the video below.

DVM Greg Martinez Discusses Mucus and Red Blood in Stool

Disclaimer: This article is not to be used as a substitute for professional veterinary advice. If your dog is pooping blood, see your vet to rule out serious medical conditions. By reading this article, you accept this disclaimer.

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What Did Your Dog's Bloody Stools Turn Out to Be? 467 comments

trisha 6 weeks ago

my dog just pooped blood earlier ,he dont want to eat and his not in his ussual playful attitude. we went to see the vet but his not around , im just going to ask if there's any other way to atleast lessen the pain that my dog have . or any remedy i could do at home

alexadry profile image

alexadry 3 months ago from USA Author

Start with getting a fecal test done to check for parasites and see if your finds anything or needs more tests.

Heidi 3 months ago

I have a 9month British bull terrier and occasionally has blood at the end of pooing , she eating like a horse ,very lively puppy ,and naughty lol, so I know it can't be too serious but still panicking

Jennifer Charles 6 months ago

Sorry to use this forum for this, but does anyone know how to get a hold of Elaine Gray who previously posted in this string? We want another Rottweiler from her, but her number is disconnected and email is no longer working. :(

alexadry profile image

alexadry 7 months ago from USA Author

It sounds weird for it to be a bug "because of the weather," anyhow, I would bring a stool sample to vet to start with or get a second opinion. it could be a case of colitis, but best to make sure.

Alicia 7 months ago

I have a poodle and she is about 6 years old and she doesn't pee or poop in the house but the other night she woke me up pooping and at first I thought she was pooting but she had liquid poop like nothing solid about it then on through the day she would do that same thing and so I put her in my bathroom and when I went to check on her she had blood in her stool and drops of it on my floor she has never had something like this before she's not vomiting she's eating fine but I called my vet and he said that there is a bug out cause of the weather but when I read this article the med she is on was the one that was stated so it makes me wonder what is going on

alexadry profile image

alexadry 18 months ago from USA Author

So many people report improvement for many dog medical conditions with coconut oil, I am not surprised it may have helped your dog having bloody stools. Thanks for sharing your experience. Using coconut oil warrants a discussion with your veterinarian as it may worsen conditions like abnormal fat metabolism or pancreatitis.

Rosewolf S 18 months ago

Posting this for anyone searching for help. My dog had bloody diarrhea and vomiting. The vet diagnosed her with colitis and gave a course of antibiotics. Then it happened again a month later, same treatment prescribed again. We tried everything - bland foods, probiotics, you name it. She would get a little better, then bloody stool again. Finally, I got some good quality virgin coconut oil and started her on a small amount (1/4 teaspoon) and Presto, the very next day she had her first solid, normal bowel movement in weeks. I just wanted to pass this along because I know how worrisome this condition is and how I searched so many message boards for advice. Definitely take your baby to the vet, but do consider adding coconut oil to their diet.

Slavon Smartmil profile image

Slavon Smartmil 19 months ago from USA

Thanks for useful links!

alexadry profile image

alexadry 19 months ago from USA Author

Has your dog seen the vet for this? It could be many things and it sounds like more diagnostic tests are needed. Coccidia, parvo, stress, food intolerance, EPI, expocrine pancreati insufficiency, SIBO Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth and more. Here are some helpful hubs, but only helpful if it's a mild digestive upset and after your vet ruled out serious conditions:

Slavon Smartmil profile image

Slavon Smartmil 19 months ago from USA

My dog has been having blood and mucis in his stool, Ive tried everything, worm meds, changing foods, treats everything and its continuous I just dont know what to do, hes only 24 months old. I need help please, I dont want to lose my baby, hes the only thing I have left. :(

AF 22 months ago

Banfield and VCA Animal hospitals sometimes offer free first visits to clients, but then they will charge for tests and medications. If this is due to dietary indiscretion, sometimes a bland diet for a few days may help, but really a vet exam will be needed to see what's causing this especially if this persists and your dog develops other symptoms other than the blood in stool. If there is stress, sometimes this will cause bloody stools in dogs and generally this subsides as the dog calms down. A fecal test can be done, often for under $20 to rule our parasites and protozoans, but again, there may be other causes and since your dog is older the vet will be the best thing.

william stroble 22 months ago

my dog a pikanese eleven years old just had her first bloody stool with a mucus like soft stool and patchs of red blood.what should i do am disabled do not have money

alexadry profile image

alexadry 24 months ago from USA Author

Bright red blood in dog stool is called hematochezia. Please see your vet for proper diagnosis and treatment.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 2 years ago from USA Author

If there is bright blood in dog stool look under "hemotochezia".

alexadry profile image

alexadry 2 years ago from USA Author

I don't like it when dogs aren't active and sleep a lot when they have diarrhea or vomiting. There are home remedies for dogs with upset stomach and I have several hubs on them, but they are for mild cases only and since your dog is lethargic I would see a vet. VCA or Banfield vet hospitals offer free vet visit with your first visit but you will have to pay for meds or diagnostic tests.

Sabrina 2 years ago

I forgot to mention there was bright red blood in his poop.

sabrina 2 years ago

My dog has been pooping inside all day he potty trained and usually always let's us know when he needs to go out. At first it was hard and normal but the more he pooped the more it turned into diarrhea. From time to time he'll throw up and I not sure if its because he eat some of his poop because he knows he's going to get in trouble or for another reason. He hasn't been to active and has been sleeping most of the time. He's diet hasn't really changed but for time to time does eat table food. He did find a little chocolate that he ate early this morning... We started giving him some diarrhea medicine when I first noticed his poop had changed but no signs of it getting better yet. Please help! I really can't afford a visit to the vet. I just want to be sure if he'll really need to go to the vet or this will just pass.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 2 years ago from USA Author

Your dog should see the vet to rule out a possible blockage. When a blockage takes place, the dog cannot keep food down, has trouble eliminating and loses its appetite. This happens when large pieces are swallowed and block the passage. There is nothing that can be done at home if that's the case. Is this the first time he is given a beef bone? New foods may cause digestive upset, but better be safe and see the vet given the symptoms you are seeing. Best wishes!

Jeff 2 years ago

Hi, my names jeff. Currently my dog is not feeling good at all. We went to the market and got him a beef bone (the ones dog can eat). However, since he has had the bone, he has thrown up once, and has diarrhea, and he is passing blood in his stools. He has also tried pooping, and all that came out was little drops of blood.

Can someone please help me?

alexadry profile image

alexadry 2 years ago from USA Author

The symptoms you describe are worrisome, gastro-enteritis and even parvo come to mind. Look up Banfield or VCA free vet visit to save some money on the vet visit if you have one near you. You will still though have to pay tests and medications though, which can be costly in the long run.

lovemydodson 2 years ago

My female dachshunds statted bleeding lastnight I took her to the vet first thing theey did a pancreatitis test fecal parvo test and thryroid because she was overweight her theyroid was out of whack so they put her on meds and perscription food they also cleaned her anal glands because she scoots her bloody stool was caused by strrss we recently added a new pup and the vet said most dodsons dont do well with change and recommend that we dont keepbthe pup we kept the pup one night before buying so we could see how theyd act so we couldnt get pup vet said he gave abntibiotics for her inflamed anal glands and told us to hive 1/4 tsp of peptop since shes 12 lb it was nothing major causing her to bleed but better safe than sorry take your furbaby tobthe vet if u caby afford it try and find lowcost or one to set up payments or apply for care credit we use banfield animal hosoital very low cost and grrat sorry for typos phones freezing

alexadry profile image

alexadry 2 years ago from USA Author

Sorry to hear about that Elaine, at times, bloody stools can be indicative of serious problems, HGE comes to mind since you mention she was hospitalized. I hope they find out what is wrong with her so she could come back home. She's young, so chances are good she will recover nicely. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

olivia 2 years ago

but elaine, Jessie doesnt eat anything. :( I just came back from the vet and she has to stay there, for at least 2 days. Now I wont be able to sleep without her.

Elaine Gray 2 years ago

Olivia have you started her on new food or have you given her new treats? I have a schnauzer spitz mix and when I bought her some new treats she got diarrhea and it was filled with bright red blood.. I took her to the vet right away and they asked me those very questions. She had been eating grass as well. They said it was probably just an irritated tummy. They said to only give her water for the rest of the day and stop the new treats. Then give her the food she is used to and see how she does. The next day she was fine. Always remember that in most cases bright red blood in the stool is mainly a sign of an irritated tummy, but dark red blood means there is something that should be addressed immediately.

olivia 2 years ago

I have a 2 year old mini schnauzer, her name is Jessie. A few weeks ago she got diarrhea. My dad and mom thought it was just normal, but she stopped eating. Then a day later, she started pooping out blood just a little bit. My dad called our vet, he said it may be parasites he gave us pills "clavamox". A week had passed and she been fine. This moday it started happening all over again. Now she is pooping alot of blood. We are taking her to the vet again,but they are closed. What should I do.?

brandon kim 2 years ago

Recently my dog (bebe) has been acting shes constantly following me and girlfriend (but more so her) around especially when my other family members are not around and when my girlfriend and i sit in our room bebe has recently taken up sitting outside the door and whimpering until we let her in, and just now she was sitting in the perfectly fine and all of sudden s gets up and goes to the bathroom inside the room and when i looked at her stool i it wasnt completely diarrhea but there was still some blood in it not much enough you could tell.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 2 years ago from USA Author

So sorry to hear that Elaine Gray. As much as we would love to have them with us longer, it just seems that at a certain point some illness must take them away from us. My deepest condolences.

Elaine Gray 2 years ago

I took my precious baby girl Winnie to the vet this morning and the diagnosis was grim. She had cancer all throughout her poor little body. Her eyes were glazed over and no spark at all. The vet said it was my choice of course but his recommendation was euthanasia. I am crying so hard as I type this. I had to say good-bye to her after 15 amazing years with her.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 2 years ago from USA Author

There are really many causes of blood in stool that an exact cause is difficult to pinpoint. Vets may run various tests to eliminate some causes (bring in a fecal sample) and then will run some more if the results are inconclusive. You also mention she is losing weight despite her eating,, so that's something that needs investigated further. Since you mention her activity levels have decreased since falling, it could be she's still achy somewhere. I would bring her to the vet to get checked out. I know you worry about something bad going on, but there also times where things are treatable, and actually can help your dog feel better and even prolong their lives. If money is an issue google VCA free vet visit. You may get a free vet visit but you'll have to pay for any diagnostic tests. Sending best wishes for your baby girl.

Elaine Gray 2 years ago

I also wanted to add that even though she is 15 she has still been very active. My parents came for a visit about 2 weeks ago and she was so excited that when I opened the door, she darted out and took a tumble down the porch stairs. She has not been as active since that tumble.

Elaine Gray 2 years ago

My baby girl is 15 years old. She has had issues with piddling on herself all her life (week bladder due to having her fixed at too early an age, is what my vet told me). Treated with estrogen for a very short time years ago. She has also suffered from seizures throughout her life but has not had one in years. She has been loosing weight even though I have hand feed her for over a month with a blan can food. Now for the past 2 days if she is not sleeping then she is in the position to go poo and when she does poo it is bloody and runny. Do you have any suggestions on what could be wrong with her? Is this something I can treat without a costly vet bill? I am so worried about it being time to say good-bye. Please help

alexadry profile image

alexadry 2 years ago from USA Author

With a young pup like that, you want to see the vet 1) because pups get dehydrated quicker, 2)because bloody stools can be a sign of parvo which has better treatment options when caught early. 3) because it seems like he also has abdominal pain.

Shanil 2 years ago

My 3 months German pup had loose motions with lill blood but no vomit.

She was active and playful. But now her ears are lowers down and very lazy. And is crying if moving (like every after 5,is)

alexadry profile image

alexadry 2 years ago from USA Author

It's always best to see the vet if this continues.

Angela 2 years ago

My 9 month old miniature dachshund has had runny green stool with a slight amount of bright red blood. No vomiting though and he's acting and playing normal. Should I be concerned? It's only been twice in one day that I've noticed and one time was in the morning then late in the evening.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 2 years ago from USA Author

I would consult with your vet as this does not sound normal.

Carrie 2 years ago

My puppy was dewormed on 1/2 and had bloody diarrhea that night and next day. His stool firmed up a bit over the next couple days. Now, 1/6, he seems not interested in his food. He still drinks a lot of water and will eat a treat but won't eat much food. I took him outside earlier and he had more bloody diarrhea. Is it normal to still have bloody diarrhea 4 days after being dewormed?

alexadry profile image

alexadry 2 years ago from USA Author

Best solution: go to a VCA or Banfield animal hospital, and see if they can offer you a free exam,. This would make you pay mostly for tests and meds, and save you on the exam fee. Here is how to get an almost free vet visit:

coda 2 years ago

@alexandry first off I enjoyed your enthusiasm and genuine interest in helping your readers. My 6 year old pom mix has been pooping with bright red blood for 2 days now and with little bit of mucusy poop. Ive seen him coughed up a poopy looking vomit which didnt look alarming. I checked under his tail and found a little tiny tear by the anal area where he passes his poop. Im currently financially under and was hoping you could direct me in a more practical approach and solution. Help please.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 3 years ago from USA Author

If you read through the article you can see that there can be various causes. I would have her checked out by a vet to play it safe.

precious 3 years ago

My dog precious has been vomiting up fomy froth and has liquid blood in her stool she is active and alert what could this be

alexadry profile image

alexadry 3 years ago from USA Author

Jerry, this still should warrant a vet visit since blood in stool in dogs is not normal. play it safe and have your pup seen, best wishes!

Jerry 3 years ago

My dog had blood in his stool just the other day, but it was short lived. I monitored his stool these days and they have been fine. Today though I saw a little droplet of blood again. I can't think for a reason as he is always indoors with me and know what he eats. Should I still see the vet if the amount is minimal and just shows up occasionally?

alexadry profile image

alexadry 3 years ago from USA Author

Being 3 days now and a small size dog which is prone to getting dehydrated fast, your best bet is to see a vet quick. See if VCA still offers that free vet visit deal, here is a resource, best wishes~!

Kristen 3 years ago

My 2 yr old yorkie hasn't been feeling well for 3 days now. She didn't eat on Monday. I bought a new bag of royal canine (which is what she eats) and she ate on Tuesday, but at night she threw up. Then today she had dark diarrhea on my carpet and I saw like 2 or 3 drops of blood a few inches away from her poo. I am worried now. I don't have a lot of income and I'm worried about the vet bill.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 3 years ago from USA Author

So he had brown on the paper as if he defecated and then you saw a pinkish tint? This can be from blood in stools, a wound, anal gland problems, parasites or it could be simply he sat on something with that color. Since he licks it several times, the area can be painful so I would check with the vet to play it safe and keep an eye on the area. best wishes!

Sheila 3 years ago

I have a German Shepard he will be 3 years old in Dec..My husband gave his a bath Sat and noticed around his retum was brown,later he wiped it and the paper had like a pink but was dry he licks like 3 times a day he is eating and acts fine..what could be the problem

alexadry profile image

alexadry 3 years ago from USA Author

Hello, thanks for stopping by. I hope your dog's bloody stool issues resolves with the prescription diet. It seems quite a common problem that owners face at least once in their dog's lifetime.

Better Yourself profile image

Better Yourself 3 years ago from North Carolina

Very informative hub! We have a dog who is now on a special prescription diet to manage all of his digestive issues including bloody stool. Hopefully this hub will help a lot of pet owners, and agree that getting vet advice is always a must!

alexadry profile image

alexadry 3 years ago from USA Author

Mandcy, I have listed several possible causes in the body of this article. It's hard to say what may be causing this and only your vet can pinpoint the cause through your dog's history and diagnostics. Since you mention he went outside, it could be he ate all sorts of things that didn't agree with his stomach, it could be he ate something sharp that scraped the rectal lining. Since the blood is red, it's not coming from the upper gi tract. it's hard to say if your dog should see the vet or not tonight, it depends on how much blood you are seeing, the size of your dog, if this continues, and if your dog is exhibiting other symptoms such as getting lethargic, losing his appetite and his gums are getting pale which is a sign of too much blood loss. I always recommend a same-day visit to be on the safe side...

Mendcy 3 years ago

Hi my pet was lost recently. She was gone for 3 days. Once found she was ok for the first 2days but last night she got up in the middle of the night and she left stool all over the house. In some places there was hard stool with drops of red blood next to it. In other places the stool was like diarrhea mixed in with blood but there were more drops of red blood around than actual diarrhea or solid stool. What does this mean? And can I wait since she has a vet appt tomorrow at 8a?

alexadry profile image

alexadry 3 years ago from USA Author

Dark, bad smelling feces may be a sign of blood in the stool (melena) This should warrant a prompt vet visit, especially since your dog has a medical condition to start with. Please read below for more and see your vet promprtly. Best wishes!

N A Tufani 3 years ago

I have a 2 years old dog having ascites and passes very offensive dark coloured large amount of watery faeces. what will be the cause and line of treatment

alexadry profile image

alexadry 3 years ago from USA Author

I had my Rotteilwer at the hospital once and almost fainted when they told me that 2 nights in the hospital amounted to $1,200! After that I got pet insurance. Have you considered that? I pay about $25 per dog and if something happens, they cover 80% of the costs. I wish I could get health insurance so cheap, it's weird, my dogs have it while I don't! Here is something you can do. Look for a VCA hospital near you and see if they're still offering that free first vet exam. I took advantage of it and it was really free-- only had to pay for meds.

norberto calaf 3 years ago

im having the same things with my dogs,like every day my dog is shiting blood or and others things but thats not the mean problem ,its THE VET they charge you so much money to take care of your dogs and to tell u the true i dont like it that i cant go and get my dog the better he needs, i want to cry for the fact that i have to set here and hope that my dog while be ok,what will help us more is ,they should put the prise down so more .......PLEASE PLEASE obama your the only one who can change this its for the animals.

anna 3 years ago

I think my dog is allergic to chicken. Take your dog off all human food. My dog can eat turkey lunchmeat on top of canned Science Diet ID (for gastro help) dog food, but chicken seems to cause bleeding. He had HGE about three months ago and nearly died, so I watch him closely. He was eating chicken then. I tried it again and he has blood in his poop. the vet should give you Flagyl to clear any infection and should rule out parasites.

Your dog can take quarter to half Pepcid AC to settle its stomach.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 4 years ago from USA Author

See my hub on dog upset stomach:

However, if she is so sick and has blood in stool, I would look for an emergency center that should be open 24/7 365 days a year. Most large towns and cities have one, best wishes!

alexadry profile image

alexadry 4 years ago from USA Author

Stop feeding people food and try a bland diet for a few day as the article below explains, also consider deworming.

douglas 4 years ago

hav a 9 month old staffy beautiful fun loving dog and always full of life and very mischievious at times,he does get punished for tho,but just recently he hasnt been eating much,some meals he scoffs down other meals he dont go near,ive got him on a diet of human food and also dog food but there is only certain flavours and such he eats, anyway just recently he has gone of eating sometimes he threw up 2-3 days ago and now just tonight my partner took him for a walk, when she came home she told me he was pooping blood, like a dark browny red type and also looked like there was blood clot,not sure whether it might be some type of worm,parasite or knows what,im really hoping its nothing much at all because we all know how dear the vets are, its bloody ridiculous and highway robbery what they charge but any advice before i take him to get checked would be very grateful. last thing i want is to have him put down or anything for that matter or have to fork out some huge bill but we dont want to lose him, we love so dearly, he is like our own little boy.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 4 years ago from USA Author

The nose is not really an ideal indicator of the dog's health status as it is like our lips. They tend to dry if there is low humidity and many other factors. I would recommend a vet check to see what may be causing this as you can see from the article the causes are many.

SamEgirl1 4 years ago

My dog a 2 1/2 yr old Great Dane/ Lab Mix had a gooey bloody stool secrete from her anus and her nose was warm and dry. For the past two weeks her stomach has been upset and making weird noises.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 4 years ago from USA Author

Could he have eaten something that may have colored the stool that way. If not, did you read the article? It covers a great amount of causes of dog bloody stools. It is difficult to pinpoint an exact cause as it needs diagnostic tests so the list of causes are just assumptions until a vet can make a determination. Please see your vet, best wishes!

TIA 4 years ago

I have a black Pit puppy He is seven month old and it seen like he is passing blood in his stool. his stool look dark pink.he is very playful and he eat real good but i am so worried about him please tell me whats wrong with my dog

dicaslotofacil profile image

dicaslotofacil 4 years ago

I was looking for something similar on another blog, very good article about your hub

alexadry profile image

alexadry 4 years ago from USA Author

Well the possibilities as you see are quite many. I wrote an entire article on dog bloody stools indeed! It could be at times due to dietary intolerances but also parasites, stress, diet changes and so much more! You really need a vet to run some tests, I really wished I could help more!

Lilly 4 years ago

My dog is 14 months old, she is an Australian shepherd and pit mix very cute and happy but lately she seems sad. Her name is grace and she has been having large mucus poops, vie also seen some bright blood in her poop. She is allergic to something but I do not know what it is sometimes her lips and ears get red and itchy but sometimes it goes away. Grace is 54 lbs. and her diet has not changed also she has an overall sour smell to her I’m going to give her a nice warm bath today to try to make her feel better, Do you know what’s wrong with her?

I also looked at her stool to see if there are any shards of anything like plastic or bone, I didn’t find any.

Nana 4 years ago

Hi, we have a almost 7years shih tze. He started to have diarrhea 3days ago but still active. This morning we woke up and found out he had alot of blood in his stools and later on its like pooping mainly blood only. We sent him to vet , apparently where we live doesn't have advance equipment to do all the tests. The vet said it seems abnormal, but he still gave us medicine for internal bleeding etc.

My concern is, one of the medicine he gave us, which is in liquid form and he said its for stopping the internal bleeding, we accidentally gave too much for our dog (the vet said 2 drops each time and 3 times a ay). But it's midnight here and we can't call the vet to ask if it will bring any site effects to the dog. So may I know if anyone have any idea what this medicine is and what's the site effects???

alexadry profile image

alexadry 4 years ago from USA Author

If this continues, see your vet, blood in stools is not normal. What color is the blood, my article describes potential causes, best wishes.

Help my Bella 4 years ago

I have a Schwinnie and she has blood and a mucous look to her stool. She is playful and not acting sick. What should I do. She was wormed yesterday.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 4 years ago from USA Author

Was the puppy ever de-wormed? puppies are notorious for having worms. One concern in puppies is Parvo which is why I am so concerned about not seeking veterinarian advice. If the puppy has diarrhea, you can try some home remedies for that in this link:

But as you can see, bloody stools may also be something serious at times, so please borrow some money to see a vet if this continues.

Kylesisson7991 4 years ago

I am worried... she just went in the house. i cant even be mad at her. she went from the door and she went scootin around in the stoolin position and made a trail... Its a somewhat descent amount of blood... Someone get back to me please. Let me know what to do, im completely broke and need some home remedy to keep her good until we can see a vet. Thank You in advance.

Kylesisson7991 4 years ago

Great forum, VERY VERY HELPFUL! My girlfriend was looking up on yahoo answers not one person said a thing about the causes, this was very helpful... Our puppies about 10 weeks old... shes has bloody stools diarrhea, however her gums are normal and pink if I can get to em and she doesnt snip at me. Shes been very playful and active so Im thinking its just one of the minor causes up there... dietary change, a piece of somethin scraping her intestine. Dont have money to pay for a vet so this was astronomically helpful! Thank you so so so so much alexadry. Will update if anything gets worse and I feel I need help.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 4 years ago from USA Author

Puppies are notorious for having parasites, and they should not be ruled out only because one puppy has bloody stools and the other does not. I would recommend a fecal test even in puppies that do not have symptoms. As you can see in the article, there are really many causes for blood in the stool and it is almost impossible to self-diagnose it without running tests.

Being pups, I recommend a vet visit to figure out what is causing this and find the most appropriate treatment.

OwnerOfTwo 4 years ago

I have 2 puppies. Worms isn't an ideal choice because one had a little blood and the other doesn't, they go to the same areas and eat the same things. It's not parvo because parvo looses energy, throws up clear foamy liquid that ends with blood in it and craps blood, the stench of both is absolutely horrible! But, my one pup has had a super runny poop with red blood and nothing sharp in that batch, but has had a more solid stool with poop before. I've been trying to watch but they poop at the same time and i'm not always watching. Could it have been scratched previously and still irritated, or do you think they are reacting differently to the same food maybe?

Elphaba1685 4 years ago

Rimadyl is a NSAID correct? As someone who has had rheumatoid arthritis for 22 years I can tell you there isn't a NSAID out there that won't tear up your stomach, human or canine. Your vet should have warned you. That is why we let our dalmation go this last Feb. The drugs let her get up and walk but the cost to her was getting to be too much.

bill 4 years ago

I was reading through the comments and just wanted to add that I am sorry for the sad outcome. I am not sure if your vet ever suspected Rimadyl at all as to being a cause, but just in case, and for other readers with dogs on Rimadyl and being ill, I am attaching a link on reporting Rimadyl side effects in dogs. These forms help the manufacturing company keep tract of cases where the drug may suspected. I filled one not too long ago when my golden started getting ill after using Rimadyl for pain after surgery.

JeffsBeagle 4 years ago

Thanks again for all your support. I'm glad I found this website and was able to put my thoughts down. It's been a rough few months and especially a rough few past days. Mali was suffering so I'm glad it ended quickly for her, since it had to happen at all.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 4 years ago from USA Author

What a pretty girl Mali was, I am terribly sorry; I hate when things take a turn for the worse like that:( My deepest condolences.

Elphaba1685 4 years ago

So sorry to hear that Mali is not doing better. Carlos is back to his old overbearing self. He must have gotten hold of something he shouldn't have in our backyard.

Good luck, my thoughts are with you.

JeffsBeagle 4 years ago

I'm sorry to have to say that my dog died this afternoon. She was at the vet getting fluid and antibiotics and she basically just died within a matter of a couple of minutes. The vet thinks she was bleeding internally. Her gums turned yellow. We're not following through with an autopsy or even with the biopsy, so we'll never really know what killed her.

We'll miss our little girl. Here's a picture of her from a couple of years ago.

Thanks for your support. It's been a tough couple of weeks (it will continue to be tough, but in a different way, unfortunately).

alexadry profile image

alexadry 4 years ago from USA Author

Sorry to hear that, I was hoping for something less serious. Let's hope he is wrong and he misdiagnosed again. Hoping for the best..

JeffsBeagle 4 years ago

Quick update.

Brought Mali to the vet for the endoscopy. The vet palpated her and said her belly felt tighter than it had two weeks ago. He did a quick ultrasound and saw that her spleen has gotten very large. It was enlarged two weeks ago (and a month before that), but it was noticeably larger today. Due to this change he's more concerned that it could be some sort of lymphoma (apparently there are different kinds).

Instead of an endoscopy, he did a needle biopsy of the spleen, using the ultrasound. The sample has been sent to the pathologist and we should know the results of that by tomorrow or the next day. After the procedure I asked him if he had any new thoughts about things, and he told me he looked at one of the samples in the microscope. With all sorts of disclaimers thrown in about not being a pathologist himself, and not qualified to make a diagnosis, he said he thought it could be lymphoma. But he has misdiagnosed before, disclaimer, disclaimer.

Sadly, it looks like it's probably lymphoma. We'll know more in a few days.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 4 years ago from USA Author

Thanks for the update, I am happy to hear the fever is going down and she is getting better. It may likely be an ulcer due to the tarry stools and now that you mention Rimadyl, it sounds even more. Read this link when you have some time:

JeffsBeagle 4 years ago

Thanks Alexandry, for your response. One day after my first post, I have a bit more information.

Mali has been getting IV Metronidozole and Cefazolin every 8 hours, and has been loaded up on the fluids. A couple of hours after her going to the vet her temperature went down from 105 to 103.5 degrees. Today it's down to 102.5. Mali is now getting "maintenance doses" of subcutaneous fluids, which means she's been pretty well hydrated back. She is also drinking water.

If she's on some sort of painkiller, I wasn't told about it. Yesterday they were saying she could go on IV rimadyl or something else. But I don't know if that happened.

The vet palpated her belly and has picked her up several times, and she's not screaming in pain like she did yesterday, so that's a good sign. She also went outside for a walk, apparently, something she had no interest whatsoever doing yesterday.

She hasn't been given food yet.

The vet wants me to bring her to an internal medicine vet, and I could do that, but it's on the other side of the state (90 minutes). I prefer bringing her back to the ultrasound doc first- he's closer and he said last week that he could do an endoscopy on her and do some biopsies. He said that before Mali's episode yesterday, so I don't know if it's still a good idea to do that kind of procedure right now at this point. Anyway, we have an appt with him tomorrow, so I'll find out. If the endoscopy is a no-go, my vet said he could still do an ultrasound and look for a perforated ulcer. Then if we still don't know what's going on, I could shlep her to the internal medicine vet.

I'm no doc, and I have no right to say this, but I'm hoping that the whole problem is due to an ulcer. My dog has been on rimadyl for the seven years we've had her, to help with pain from hip dysplasia. Maybe it's taken a toll on her little belly over the years.

My vet wanted me to bring Mali back after whatever procedure we have, so she can go back on the IV antibiotics.

That's all I know. I'm feeling less gloom and doom than yesterday, but still wish we knew what was going on with our doggie, and hopefully fix it.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 4 years ago from USA Author

Vets are usually sort of pessimistic, so I see the fact that he did not seem too concerned as a good sign. Sounds like they are working on giving her supportive care (lowering fever, keeping her hydrated, taking care of pain) but looks like they really don't know what to treat her for, so they really cannot tell you the outcome because they do not what she is dealing with. It could be there may be something systemic (not from the gastro-intestinal tract alone) and more tests will be needed to identify the underlying cause. They may at some point decide to do an exploratory surgery if she does not get better. The tarry stools sound like there was some bleeding somewhere high in the gastro-intestinal tract. I really hope they find a cause so they can address it properly. It can be frustrating not knowing what is the problem. Sending best wishes your way, keep me updated if you wish.

Elphaba1685 4 years ago

Jeff, I hope Mali gets better. You made cry. Our little Carlos, a chihuahua of course, has had bloody diarrhea all day which is how I found this site. I'm going out to get some Pepto and get the rice cooker out. If he is not better by tomorrow we will be seeing the vet.

I'll keep you posted.

JeffsBeagle 4 years ago

My beagle, Mali, has been having bloody (red), mucousy diarrhea for several months. With our vet's guidance, we have tried bland diets which didn't do anything. Then after an x ray and ultrasound they found evidence of "inflammation" of her liver, a few lymph nodes and her spleen. But no other masses were seen. Nobody knows what is causing both the inflammation and the diarreah. They both don't seem to correlate, at least according to the ultrasound doc.

What he is saying is that it's some kind of inflammation. Could be IBD, could be something like that. Could be something much worse, like lymphoma. The plan is (still is at this point) to do an endoscopy in a few weeks if this didn't clear up with drug therapy.

She was put on Metronidazole for a few days but it made her stop eating and she was vomiting (we don't know if that's what made her stop eating but she stopped eating). However, after just a few doses of the Metronidazole her poops started looking normal- no blood, no mucus, normal consistency. But after a week or so they blood and mucus came back. It was a promising outcome, but still not a fix.

Next we tried Tylan which is supposed to be better tolerated, and have a similar effect to Metronidazole. But my girl didn't seem to tolerate that either.

Over the past couple of months she has lost 5 pounds, including 2 pounds in the past week. She now weighs 26 pounds so 5 lbs is a big change.

She hasn't been eating much at all or drinking much, so the vet has given her a couple of shots of diazepam (valium) for appetite stimulation and injected fluid into her back, for her dehydration.

The last time that happened was yesterday. Even with the diazepam she didn't eat anything last night and also vomited (clear).

This morning when I woke up she had vomited again twice, this time yellow, and pooped, this time black and tarry (first time for that). I picked her up and she cried out in pain. She went outside but had difficulty moving. Outside she laid in the shade although she always prefers the sunny spots (except for today). She went back inside but had difficulty climbing the two very shallow stairs that she usually bounds up, even as recently as two days ago.

Thinking the worst now, I called the local vet and they told me to bring her in. I stopped by some good friends' house on the way because they care deeply about this dog, and wanted them to see her if it turns out to be for the last time. I've also been in constant phone contact with my wife who is on the other side of the country for work right now. She feels horrible she can't be here right now, but I accept that's the reality.

Since bringing her to the vet, all we know at this point is that she has a high fever (105 degF), she's dehyrated, and she has a heart murmur that was never there before (probably due to dehydration).

The vet is keeping her for the weekend. Her goal is to lower the fever and keep Mali hydrated. Also she will administer IV painkillers (possibly rimadyl but maybe something else that's better tolerated), and will give her IV Metronidazole. When I walked into the vet's office I was fearing a worst case scenario, but my vet didn't react in a doom and gloom way. Maybe it's justified to not be all doom and gloom yet, or maybe that's just professionalism on the vet's part.

That's where we stand right now. I'm not necessarily looking for advice, although if you want to give some please do. I just needed to get this down because I'm thinking about my dog so much right now (obviously). I never thought it could be possible to be so attached to an animal, but I am very attached to her. She was a rescue dog that came from some sort of horrible background. Even though we saved her, I feel like she has been a significant and important part of my wife's and my life. So we're just as grateful for her as she is for us.

I'll hold out hope until I'm given reason not to.

One thing that has changed in my thinking just over the past few days. While I really want Mali to recover from this and start feeling better again, I now just want whatever is best for her. Even if that means it's time to go. I have never seen a dog in such pain. I don't want her to be in pain like that.

Thanks for your time. I'll try to send an update when I have one.

Missy 4 years ago

I am thankful of finding this article. My boxer woke up and got bloody stools, I am taking her in and bringing a stool sample to rule out parasites.

Elviana 4 years ago

Hi, I have a 9 year old min pin, she has had diarrhea for 2 days now and yesterday she had one that was black and tarry and smelled horrible. I know this may be a sign of blood but besides that she is acting normal, is begging for food like usual and her energy level is still quite up there. I was wondering if it could be something else and if I can do something about it at home.

Lesley 4 years ago

My bedlington terrier has lived with copper toxicosis for seven years; treated with penicillamin. He has been lethargic for the past few days and his poo darker than normal. He goes in for an x ray tomorrow to investigate a 'mass' in his abdomen. Any more clues as to what this could amount to, apart from the worst scenarios we are of course dreading?

alexadry profile image

alexadry 4 years ago from USA Author

Parvo can affect also adult dogs but it is uncommon, especially if your dog was vaccinated for it. It could really be so many things, parasites, giardia, gastro-enteritis, etc. you can try a bland diet as outlined in the article below:

maxsmommy 4 years ago

My 1.5 year old Chihuahua Terrier mix, Max, was completely fine yesterday, but today he is not doing well at all. He seemed perfectly fine this morning aside from throwing up a little water, which didn't really concern me because every dog I've owned has done this from time to time, and he was jumping around.

I put him in his kennel for a few hours while I was out and when I came home I smelled a horrible smell. Max had apparently thrown up and and gone diarrhea in his kennel and when he came out, he went potty on his pad and it was very runny diarrhea with a little blood at the end. His rectum also had blood on it.

He wouldn't eat his dinner, he drank a bunch of water and threw all of that back up. He doesn't have a fever, his nose is moist and cold, but I think it might be a little too cold which also is no good (but maybe also because it's a little chilly?).

He's not acting extremely sick, but he's not acting normal either. He's naturally a very slender dog, so I'm extra concerned about him. I'm on disability right now and just cannot afford to take him to the vet.

There's no way he'd gotten into rat poison, we don't have any and he's an indoor dog.

I worry about Parvo, is Parvo just in puppies or can young adult dogs get it too???

Max is my baby and the love of my life, so I'm very upset and probably won't sleep tonight so any help/advice is very much appreciated!

alexadry profile image

alexadry 4 years ago from USA Author

Because you describe it as very bloody and because of your dog's age, I would see if any emergency vets are opened just to be on the safe side. Check her gums, they should be bubble gum pink. I have a hub on how to treat diarrhea,

however as mentioned I would see the vets today, just be safe. best wishes.

Chara 4 years ago

Our 13 yr old dachshund just developed diarrhea today and this evening (at 9pm) it was very bloody, liquidy and smells horrible! No change in diet or people food, nothing sharp that I know of has been ingested and no major changes in her life... Any suggestions? Vet won't be open until Monday.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 4 years ago from USA Author

If you cannot find an explanation for it (no abrupt diet changes, odd foods) I would recommend a vet visit. Bring in a fecal sample so they can check for worms/protozoans, best wishes!

louromano profile image

louromano 4 years ago

His diet has changed over the last week from a couple bites each time we ate to NO human food and today I saw blood in stool with runny stool starting last night.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 4 years ago from USA Author

You can try some upset stomach home remedies:

but being a dog of such a small size I recommend seeing the vet for this, ask around for prices. A fecal test is usually under $20. For the skin read:

consider though that if your dog has worms that may contribute to the dull coat.

maya 4 years ago

Hi I have a 5 year old chihuahua and she's had mucousy bloody diarrhea when we woke up this morning. Her skin is also flaky and she is shedding a lot. My mom doesn't want to send her to the vet because just to see one around here is almost $200 and that money is not available at the moment. Please help.

Stephanie 4 years ago

Hi. My GSD just had mucusy diarrhea at an obedience trial (outside, thankfully, and he normally gets softer stools at these sorts of things). There was a few drops of bright red blood at the end, and I'm rather worried about him. We started giving him vitamen C supplements a few weeks ago, and he's been having soft (but still formed) stools since then... as well as 500mg glucosomine because he has weak hocks. His stools are light colored, and he's not producing a lot of poop, but the diarhea was freuent (three times between 10:00 and 5:00). He was also given freeze dried beef liver as a treat, which he's never had before.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 4 years ago from USA Author

The long spaghetti like things you saw were likely roundworms, here is a hub with picture of how they look like:

However, it could also be parvo since parvo causes bloody stools, vomiting and can be deadly. Keep an eye on the other pups for signs of parvo (or best have them see the vet and tested now to be safe) which is very contagious. If you notice anything out of the norm have them see the vet immediately. Best wishes.

Concerned 4 years ago

My brother was being an ass and took my two 4 and a half month old pups to the animal shelter and had them quaratined for biting, and they did not bite. They were there 10 days. I got them back and they seemed fine. On the 29th of Feb., my female puked upa little bit of white foam, then clear stuff. She went to her bed and went to sleep, when I woke up, there was blood everywhere, and long stringy things that looked like spaghetti. I was told she had worms and to give her wormer and she would be fine. I wormed her on March 1st. She ate a little and drank. I went to work and when I got home, she was dead. My other dog has been in close contact with her a lot. Can anyone tell me if this was worms or parvo? He acts fine, eating a lot, playing, drinking, just all around happy! What should I do?

alexadry profile image

alexadry 4 years ago from USA Author

I would have her checked out just to be safe.

debbie 4 years ago

I have no rat posioning in my house

debbie 4 years ago

Hello my pomerian female is 4 months old.She was always playful and running around.I gave her bones and she is always chewing on them.I saw blood in her bowels mixed in like a burgundy color.She really wasnt playing or eating.The next day she was playing jumping around like nothing and her bowels were ok,the next day she throw up clear liquid and that was it with the throwing up but more blood in her stool but she is drinking and eating and playing now? I am confused what is going on

alexadry profile image

alexadry 4 years ago from USA Author

If the blood was just a little bit and your dog is doing fine there is no need to panic; but it would be a good idea to see the vet to have an idea of what may be causing it. Read my article above for possible causes, if you have rat poison in your home, that is something to be worried about.

brittany 4 years ago

i woke up to a very strong oder and figured my dog just had diaria i didnt see anything in the stool but i was tired and i flushed it idk if there was or wasent but when i went to pick him up to see if he had anything on his butt he had blood in his hair and i freaked out im so scared what should i do hes a pomeranin almost 3

alexadry profile image

alexadry 4 years ago from USA Author

Have a fecal test run on both of them to rule out pesky parasites and protozoans. Any recent diet changes? Stress? Exposure to rat poison? there are many causes, see your vet as it is not normal best wishes!

Ally 4 years ago

What is weird to me is both of my dogs have bloody stools at the same time? What do you think i should do?

alexadry profile image

alexadry 4 years ago from USA Author

Sticks and toys particles may scrape as they pass through and may cause small bleeding, try to avoid sticks and choose safer toys that he cannot chew (ir Kongs, Doughnuts, joyy balls) but if this continues definitely see the vet.

Here is a link to more durable toys:

alexadry profile image

alexadry 4 years ago from USA Author

Can you try to wipe the vaginal area so to see if the blood is actually coming from there and not the rectal area? After giving birth it is normal for mother dogs to have a rusty colored discharge after giving birth. Here is a link of what is normal or abnormal after giving birth:

If it still looks like the discharge is from the rectum and in the stool and if the discharge seems abnormal or excessive please see your vet to determine what may be wrong, best wishes.

liz 4 years ago

Just took my dog to the park and noticed.some slimy Poo with a chewed up toy and blood in it. Hes always chewing on sticks and tennis balls and sometimes polls little pieces of the out. First time I've seen blood though. It wasn't dark and it wasn't super bright. He is happy and full of energy. Any tips?

janet 4 years ago

my shar pei gave birth 3 days ago to 7 puppies,today she is bleeding from her bowel when she poops and not just a few drops...very visable,not sure what to do.

Sandy 4 years ago

Blood in the stool means foreign body in gut, parvo, ruptured spleen, parasites or poisoning. All are potentially fatal Get to a vet the second you see it.Time is of the essence.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 4 years ago from USA Author

Definitively see your vet, there could be a bowel obstructions, here is a helpful hub:

Johan 4 years ago


My German Shepherd is vomiting the water she drinks all the time. Don't wanna eat and she have red darkish blood in her stools. My dad visited and gave her medium BBQ T-bone steak without me knowing. Will she get better with probiotics or must I rather take her to the vet?

alexadry profile image

alexadry 4 years ago from USA Author

With puppies there are always risks for parvo, please have the puppy seen by a vet. It could also be parasites or stress, a bloated look may also suggest a belly full of parasites Is the puppy with its mom? puppies also get slightly bloated after eating. best wishes

christina 4 years ago

i have 4wk old puppy hes very active but recently his stool has been a lil bright red or redish brown and hes been getting bloated lately. What does this mean?

alexadry profile image

alexadry 4 years ago from USA Author

Thanks for the update, if it continues don't hesitate to have him seen. best wishes!

Smasher 4 years ago

Thanks Alex, I think it was just bleeding because of the fact he had diarrhea hes back to solid feces and has a little but of blood but it's from the rectal area

alexadry profile image

alexadry 4 years ago from USA Author

My article lists a handful of possible causes. Your best bet is to discuss it with your vet and run a fecal to rule out parasites which are a common cause. If there was only blood and no poop you need to find out if the blood is coming from the rectal area or not. Try to wipe the rectal area with a clean tissue and see if there are traces of blood right after the episode.

Smasher 4 years ago

I have a 4 year old border stack, I have kept in on his regular food, but he has gotten blood in his diarrhea sometimes it's been half a day but what really worries me is that once there was hardly any poop and watery blood. Any thoughts? It's middle of the night currently and he's been acting normal.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 4 years ago from USA Author

Anything different can cause problems in dogs with a sensitive tummy, however, because bloody stools may be triggered by so many things, I would proceed to the vet and run a fecal just in case. Fecal tests should be done at least once a year, anyhow, best wishes!

sara 4 years ago

can dogs have bloody stools from cheese? we buy the bacon and cheese beggin strips and she seems to have bloody stools, she does steal cheese off my plate mostly when im not looking, we are getting her into the vets but i was wondering if it is cheese causeing it, she is utd i rolled my truck a few weeks ago and she was in the truck with me she seems normal her gums are pink the color they should be, she is a 1 1/2 year old pure chihuahua, im just wondering should i stop feeding her the treats or?

santos88 profile image

santos88 4 years ago from Austin, Texas

Go to the vet or emergency vet immediately! He could be severely dehydrated. If your vet turned away a vomiting dog with bloody stool that won't eat and is lethargic you need to find a new vet.

Audrey 4 years ago

I have a 17 month old Doberman and the past week he has been vomiting and bloody stool. Has no appetite, lethargic, and this morning when I woke up there was a complete mess in my living room of diarrhea. Most of it was all bloody mucus. I have taken him to the vet and his bloodwork was normal. I read the symptoms of Parvo and he seems to have every single symptom. He is UTD on his shots but is it possible for him to get Parvo even though he's been vaccinated? Idk what to do.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 4 years ago from USA Author

Did the vet test his stools?? The dewormer may take a day or two to take effect in ridding the body of worms. I would follow up with your vet. If no sample was provided bring one in. Any recent diet changes? Stress?

johnny 4 years ago

Hi i have a 2 month old yorki and he has been pooping mucus and red blood took him to the vet but vet only gave him dewormer and his 7 way shot he said that would get rid of it but it hasnt so what could it be?

blazermom 4 years ago

Hi Im new here i just lost my 11 year old rotti sunday morning. it started sat he had a little blood in his stool then it got worse.he would not eat he would drink water and threw up every time.i call my vet but they where closed but they had a doctor on call.but i dont have the money cause im not working so i was hoping he hold out till monday and i could make arrangements to pay.the blood was coming out like water his gums were pale i was there for him everytime he got sick to clean let him know how much i loved him my heart is so torn he still and will always be my titan. sharon

alexadry profile image

alexadry 4 years ago from USA Author

Are you sure the blood is coming from her rectum and not from her private area? When dogs are in heat they tend to bleed in a similar fashion as in women when they have a period. If so, this is normal, some owners invest in diapers to keep their females from soiling the house. However, you mention she was also found to have roundworms which is also a cause for bloody stools. I would check the exact source of the bleeding so you can determine if what you are seeing is the normal heat cycle. At times, urinary tract infections also cause vaginal bleeding.Also,how do you know she is in week 3 of her cycle? Here is a hub about a dog's heat cycle:

I would give your vet a call if this blood is actually rectal and continues. Best wishes.

monta 4 years ago

My 8mos old Eskimo dog is having diarrhea (x2 days) with bright red blood present today. I took her to the vet this am. She has round worms and is 3 weeks in-season. Meds prescribed include Flagyl and Sentinel Green (for worms). Vet believes she has ingested something inappropriate. Tonight, she is leaving a trail of bright red blood droplets as she runs through the house. Just blood, no fecal material. Having been to the vet already today, I have to wonder if something was missed and should I be worried?

babygirl 4 years ago

i have a 8 week old puppy i got him 3 dayz ago ever since i got him he been having diarrhea and the diarrhea is bright red i think is blood but im not sure. What should i do?

anonymous 4 years ago

My seven week old chihuahua has been passing blood and mucus at the end of every poo for the last two days. She has not lost her appetite and is still very playful. Any ideas what is wrong? we are waiting for the vet to get back to us with an emergrncy appointment. I would appreciate it if anyone could help as we are very worried. Thanks

Rachel 4 years ago

my 8 year old dog started passing mucus like black poop what could the issue be

Hillary 4 years ago

my dog scooter pooped in the house the other day and when I went to clean it up I noticed it was bloosy and was runny and kinda like mucus so idk what is wrong with him.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 4 years ago from USA Author

It is impossible to know what may have exactly caused your dog's death without doing an autopsy. Parvo is more common in puppies, but it is not unheard of in older dogs. There are a plethora of things that may have caused the symptoms you have seen. My article explains a handful of potential causes for bloody stools. My deepest condolences.

heyhi 4 years ago

no reply people:( btw i forgot to add that i found his fallen teeth.his teeth had fallen down a day before his death day. please read and reply.

heyhi 4 years ago

my dog was 9 years old .

heyhi 4 years ago

my dog passed away those past days(3-4) before his death,he was not acting like himself(running around,barking)and had no appetite(maybe ate a little but he used to drink more water than he used to).then from yesterday he passed blood in his stool and was vomiting watery vomit.the blood in the stool was red and watery,just like a normal blood but it was dry after a min or so.and i fed him perinorm(as it was the immediate medicine i could find) for the vomiting as i thought he was only vomiting and the blood in the stool was normal as i'd researched in the internet.I should have taken him to the vet at that time than to wait and see what happens and decide to go to the vet the next day.He would just sleep or would just used to limp around(his hind legs had no power)and sit on his legs or just limp around to drink water.then the next morning i went to look at him and he was sleeping but he had blood in his blankets,watery blood.When i touched him,he was still warm but his life was no more:(.i felt that he used his last energy to keep himself alive until the morning to see me but...:( i buried him and i missed him so bad.i just wanted to know if parvo virus can be found in my dog's symptoms which i explained.plz reply people??

alexadry profile image

alexadry 4 years ago from USA Author

Since you are pet sitting him, I would suggest letting the pet owners know (if you did not already, it sounds like you did since you are planning to have him see the vet). A lot of stuff may have been causing his stomach upset, the change in diet may also be a big trigger, generally dogs should be switched to a new diet over the course of a week to prevent stomach upset.

It is a good sign that he is still acting normal and his energy levels are ok. But you need to try to stop the diarrhea and vomiting, fasting is ok but you may also need to feed a bland diet for the rest of his stay, here is a helful hub:

The bloody stools warrant a vet visit so to rule out parasites or serious conditions such as hemorrhagic gastro-enteritis/parvo. I would also let the owners decide about when he should see the vet just so you are on the same page.

PetSitter 4 years ago

I'm pet sitting a boxer mix (11.5 months old) for the holidays. I've had the dog 5 days. The boxers' food is Science Diet Puppy. I own a Great Dane that is on Taste Of The Wild (TOTW), Wetlands Formula.

Well pretty much since day 1 the boxer has repeatedly eaten the TOTW and has not eaten much of his own food. Also, we had lots of company for Thanksgiving and again yesterday. I am certain he was slipped a hot dog, as well as other people food yesterday as well as stuff on Thanksgiving. On top of that, I live in the country and he got a hold of and killed an armadillo day before yesterday - though I think I got it from him before he could eat any.

This morning there was a small pile of vomit in the room where he slept and he had several bouts of diarrhea on a one mile walk - the last two were followed by a few drops of bright red blood. He's had no change in personality or energy level - he runs on high speed all the time.

I plan on having him fast for a day or so and keeping an eye on him to see what happens before seeking vet care. His dietary indiscretion is what I suspect is the problem. Is there anything else you can suggest?

alexadry profile image

alexadry 4 years ago from USA Author

Viccky, time to see your vet, she sounds dehydrated and perhaps even anemic. Any time a dog appears weak a vet visit is warranted.

Vickky97 4 years ago

Can you please help me my female dog keeps throwing up and i just found blood in her poop. She seems tired all the time she doesnt like to get out of her bed. What should i do?

Tanya 4 years ago

Hi alexadry, I took her to the vet last night as i could not see how my dog pooped blood anymore, he did tests for cat flue, leukemia, parasites, worms and intestine infection, all came back negative. He gave us a syrup that she needs to drink for 3 days and she still has to eat the eukanuba dog food. She also had a slight fever. but nothing to bad. If it does not clear up befor saturday she will have to go on a drip and more intence tests will have to be done. I hope it clears up before then.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 4 years ago from USA Author

Tanya, did your vet do a fecal test? it could be due to parasites

Tanya 4 years ago

My Boxer pup is almost 4 months old.

Since we got her she has always had poor stools, Except when we gave her caned food. But for the past week now she has bloody runny stools. Other than that there is nothing wrong with her except a little bit of loss of apitite. She has Not vomited and she drinks lot of water so she is not dehidrating. Up until now she has had all her shots and worm pills. We went to the Vet on Tuesday and he gave us food that we should give her to see if it clears up and if not we should take her back tomorrow. This is really stressing me out as it is not clearing up so i will have to take her. But until then do you perhaps know what it could be?

alexadry profile image

alexadry 4 years ago from USA Author

I listed all possible causes in my article above. Unfortunately, only a vet can tell what may be causing this, and often they cannot, so they ultimately try treating it and see if it works. Bring a fecal sample to your vet to rule out parasites.

kim m. 4 years ago

I have a jack russel, and he is having diarrhea thats coming out white and slimy with blood..what could this possibly be from?

Jessica 4 years ago

We got a Scottish terrier puppy three weeks ago. He is now 11 weeks old. Current on all shots etc. Wormed with last shots. Noticed bright blood in his stool and when it didn't go away took him to the vet last Tuesday. They put him on a sulfer drug I believe for isospora. Sent tests off to confirm-that is what the vet saw in the slide. He finished his last dose last night but his stool still looks marbled with red this morning and there is a drop of blood at the last. What is going on? Could this be Von Willebrand's? Sending in stool sample again tomorrow a.m. for vet to check. Muzzy acts like a terriblely spoiled rotten Scottie should. So not affecting his attitude.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 4 years ago from USA Author

Sorry, but it sounds like your dog should see the vet at this point. This is a young puppy and parvo is a risk but so are other conditions. You said the poop was ''watery black'' which can be digested blood. Please have your baby see the vet for proper diagnosis and treatment, best wishes!

Emily 4 years ago

My 16 week old bugg has been sick all day he ate roast beef out of the trash can yesterday and started pooing all through his box early this morning it was brown and he just pooed and it is a watery black. I really am not to sure if it is parvo, over eating, or worms please help my baybay is sick

Charlinex 5 years ago

My dog was having diarrhea and refresh pink blood so a vet friend sent me this link. Fortunately the third vet is competent and my dog is much better now. I am glad you wrote an informative hub and will bookmark it for future reference. Thank you!

angry 5 years ago

To John:

What a condescending thing to say...Have you ever considered that responsible people who own dogs and want to care for them have things like job loss or illness that cause them to have financial problems? With your thinking, they should just give up their dogs as soon as they encounter a rough patch in their finances. I hope you never have to choose between a vet trip or clothing/food for your kids.

Why don't you consider the misfortune of others before you jump on your high horse?

John 5 years ago

Wish I could delete the comment above... My dog just went to the toilet again for the big one (Second time in 3 hours, I assume I gave him too much of pumpkin and kumara). It was similar to last one, but he farted loudly before going to the toilet and nothing was really watery but long and skinny stool. It wasn't black either but light brown. To check for any blood I actually went through the stool with toilet paper and there were bright red clots of blood and also the lining of stool was like skin. There wansn't that much blood and I'm assuming it was from chicken neck treats which the shop stated would be fine for my 4.5kg dog. Rectal bleeding has happened before and my mom did take him to vets but I'm not sure what they did. For the diarrhoea I think it's from him catching flies and eating them or I gave him leftover chicken which was a day old that could have been slightly off. What do vets actually do for rectal bleeding? Like you said it will heal over time but what do vets do for this condition?

John 5 years ago

To Sai Praveen Mantha. Are you feeding him cow milk from shelves from supermarkets? Dogs shouldn't be fed those it can cause diarrhoea and if you go into stores, they have special milk formulated just for dogs.

To Gaby and everyone else who says they can't afford to get to the vet. Not trying to be offensive but if you can't or are unable to take responsibility of your dog, please don't own one. Dogs aren't just pets, for most they're a family; like a baby, if you can't take care of it, don't have it in the first place. Leaving dogs in pain to death without doing anything about it is animal cruelty and in some countries, people do get arrested for those. If you can't afford to get to the vet, ask the vet if he could take the dog and cure him then adopt him to someone else.

Anyone else with dogs that are lethargic, should take the dog to vet immediately whether it is not followed by diarrhoea. Also please read what the author has wrote as it has most of information required and if a lot of blood is visible in stool, take him to vet immediately in any cases.

John 5 years ago

I have 5 year black toy poodle and his stool has been watery for 2 days now. I did some searching and it says black watery stool is a bad sign but as far as I remember he has had blackish (dark) stool since he was born. I did change the diet just today to pumpkin and kumaras and took him for a walk; his stool was less watery so I thought it was his diet or loose stool. Then for dinner I fed him pumpkin and kumara again and only after 2 hours he pooped again and this time most of the faeces were in big 2 bulks but had 2-3 small watery stool along with drip of water. He has been very playful like always even when I took him for a walk he wanted to run instead of walking and is running around the house. I did check his gums but since him being a black dog I couldn't tell difference to when he was normal. If this doesn't get sorted, I will go into vet Monday but I would really appreciate your help or anyone elses help. Thanks in advance.

Adele 5 years ago

I have a 9 week old frenchie and the past couple of days he has had problems with his poo. It starts off solid then goes runny then there is mucus and blood. He seems to have a hard time pushing too.

He has had no loss of appetite and is still super playful.

Could this just be teething symptoms?

Gaby 5 years ago

I thought my 5month old lab/retriver mix pup isn't eating, drinks water, vomits,& just had bloody diarrhea. At forst i thought he was teething but i now think he has parvo&dont have money to take him to the vet.

Sai Praveen Mantha 5 years ago

Mine is a small lab puppy of 40 days only...

I feed it with milk and cerelac..

Its reall is playful and active and often bites me and my family members..

But only today morning in his stool I found some blood..

I am really worried about this..

What may be the problem..??

jo 5 years ago

My. Neighbor had a red pit she is about 6 months old she has not eaten

Kayla 5 years ago

Hi, I just Got A Pitpull Puppy Yesterday, she is about 4 omnths old, and she hasn't been very active at all, and after the ride home she threw up a unusually large amount and when she "farts" (excuse my language) It smells reallllly bad, and today when i took her for a walk, she pooped and it was hard(normal) and dark with a slight red tint too it... the lady i got her from said she had all her shots except her rabies shot, She SAYS she is a Vet Tech... what do you think it could be?

sydney 5 years ago

Hi, I just got a 11 week old boxer shepard mix and he has a little blood in his diarrhea. He has his first set of puppy shot and gets the second in a week. I'm afraid it might be parvo bc we had a 9 month old pit who does 4 months ago from parvo.. the vet told us if we get a puppy just make sure he has started his shots . Should I be this worried

Tony 5 years ago

Got an 8 month old Rottweiler who has the runs, gave him bland food, chicken rice etc and was fine until this morning, his stool was a mixture of solid and very watery mixed with blood. Off to the vets for him today :(

Michael 5 years ago

I have a chihuaha mixed with poodle and just today he pooped diarrhea and blood. He also vomitted. I tried playing with him like any other day but today he was just so down and sad. I teared seeing my dog this sad for the first time in all my 3 years of owning him! Please help! I'm really worried and I've too became sad and really want to help him! :'/

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

Mike, it is hard to say, worms may cause bloody stools and diarrhea, but there are so many other reasons. It could well be the medicine too. If he is still eating, playful and acting normally and if the blood was just a bit, then perhaps you can see if it gets better.

Pipeslars, calling the vet is great, but tarry blood warrants a vet visit especially at this age. It could be a stomach ulcer or something easily curable, not necessarily something major but worth checking out, best wishes.

pipeslara 5 years ago

my senior dog has had diarehha for the past few days, I just posted it up to me having surgery and not getting up and feeding her more of my food than her own. but... this morning I noticed that she pooped on the carpet and it is black tarry and has lots of mucus and blood in it. she also vomited last night. she is a dashound about 13 or 14 years old. I am calling the vet tomorrow but I just wanted to know if this was 'it' for her. she is acting very normal. i just don't want her to be in pain.

mike 5 years ago


i am living in Italy right now and we recently bought a 4 month old Dauchhound(sorry if thats not spelled right) we found out that he had worms and the vet gave him medicin. he got a lot of the worms out and today we noteiced some blood and mucus in really wattery poop. is this part of the medicine or is it a sign of parvo. he has some coughing issues but they seem to have lessened after the vet and he eats normaly and is playfull. your advice will be helpfull due to the fact that there are a lot of sick dogs here and not enough vets!!! again thank you Alexdry

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

Ray, take a stool sample to your vet and have it checked for parasites, let your vet, stools should normally not contain blood!

Karl thank you, that's so nice of you:O)

karl 5 years ago


I just want to say that your efforts here over the last 2 years (!) continuously helping pet after pet deal with their problems is heartwarming. I can see here that you must have had such a positive impact on the lives of so many dogs and their owners. So thank you for the good work, thank you from all of us

Ray 5 years ago

my dog's stool have blood sometimes. not always but it makes me worry . . what should i do? but my dog is healthy because he doesn't look like he is sick and we run regularly . his stool is only my problem right now

Melissa 5 years ago

Ohh and I forgot to put that he's still eating & drinking normal and he's also his normal playful self. Always hopping around all happy and such.

Melissa 5 years ago

I have a 3 year old Yorkie, he was given to me about a year ago from a lady who just didn't really want to deal with animals anymore as she was getting up in age. Well anyway I just noticed TODAY that he had diarrhea but then after he went potty a ctimes of times I noticed he had red blood in his poop as it was still all diarrhea. I did switch his food a few days ago to Diamond brand. Nd I also bought him a bone nd it was a cooked knee bone. I will admit that he usually prefers cat food over any dog food. But I'm kind of worried about him with the blood and diarrhea he is everything to me I love him a lot. I know it could just be the bone but please if anyone has any ideas let me know its greatly appreciated.

Pua 5 years ago

My 16 week puppy has been havin Diarrhea for the past week or so. I switched her meals from puppy chow to rice and such. Her stools slowed down but when she passed her stools were solid then slimy like with mucu. I was going to wait it out till the next Monday cause she has her appt. On that day and this Friday morning she had dark red blood in her stool when she got up. I'm not sure what to do cause she plays runs and drinks water like normal, only difference is her stool.

chrissy 5 years ago

I took my Frenchie to a new vet yesterday and he has giardia, the vet even showed me on the microscope. I just can't beleive our previous vet missed it, makes me wonder if they even looked!! I'm just glad it was caught and he's fine now, he's already having healthy poops without any blood...Thanks!!!

Luka 5 years ago

Hello, I have a 13 year old labrador and recently she has been doing blackish poop. The feces are really hard and compact, I have not found any blood residues. Her normal feces were a little lighter and sometimes moshie. I changed her diet to a new organic elder dog food, but I did it gradually. So I do not know if it was the change in her diet. It almost does not have any grains. She has been eating grass and ground when we do not see her. She is acting normal, no vomit or pain anywhere. I am thinking it could be there any medicine I can buy in the pet store for worms? She has a lipoma in her belly that has been growing, but is not malignant, I had it analysed. Can't operate it so diet is the only way I am trying to control it. Thank you.

Amanda 5 years ago

When is it to late to treat a dog with Parvo?

liz 5 years ago

My pup has started popping but it still has a little blood in it and now her pee does too her gums are starting to lose color :( she is eating and drinking though... What should I do??? I'm worried Nd i luv my pup to death

walkinaz 5 years ago

I have a 1 yr old female Chihuahua. Just in the last 36 hours, she hasn't eaten, has gone from dark tarry stools to red runny stools, and has yellow foamy vomit. She has vomited about 5 times in the last 24 hours. Her gums are pink. She is drinking water though. I gave her a few cheerios this morning and she ate those. She is lethargic.

liz 5 years ago

I have a pup that I just got two days ago she is 4 mnths old and she had worms so I gave her the pill for it then she wouldn't poop now she has popped once but it had a little blood in it, it was a brighter red color, what should I do, and is this normal after worming them??? I feel so helpless and so bad for my puppy :(

Danielle 5 years ago

My friend's Great Dane is pooping and peeing blood, it is throwing up blood, and it's eyes are bloodshot. She doesn't know what is wrong and it might die. What is wrong with it? And it might be the biggest dog in the world. When it's sitting it is almost as tall as you.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

My article outlines all possibilities and lists what could be causing such symptoms. I really cannot know exactly what may be going on. Worms and protozoans like giardia and coccidia are always a possibility and the only way to rule those out is by having a vet examine a fresh stool sample. Chrissy, I find it odd to be ''nerves'' I would have another vet take a look to rule out other conditions.

Chris81 5 years ago

i have 3 dogs pip is 12 and has diabetes and cushing's disease, Dylan is 2yrs old and nip is 7 months old, Dylan has been unwell for about 3 months now, it started with vomiting, but then blood in the stool I've seen it all i think black, diarrhea, blood with mucous normal poo with blood and so on, the vets have given him antibiotics, prebiotic paste and a change of diet, he still has problems but not every day and it doesn't look as bad but i have been back and fore to the vets, today tho my other dog pip also had diarrhea and blood and its got me wondering could they have worms? i haven't wormed in 6 months or parvo? she was also sick 5 times and was going hypo but when in the past she was hypo she's never had blood in her stools

kristof 5 years ago

we just got about a 7 month old spaniel mix. a couple days ago he had a little bit of diarrhea but has now become harder but still soft. we threw up white foam once that I saw and has been having bright red liquid blood at the very end of his stool but not mixed in with it. it also has a smell to it Much worse than it should be. we got him from a shelter about a week ago so he has had a bit of a dietary change as in what brand of food. still very playfully too and his gums are also nice and pink. anything I should worry about?

chrissy 5 years ago

I have a 13 week old french bulldog puppy that we got two weeks ago. He recently started to have a bit of blood in his poop, this morning my husband took him to the vet who said he didn't have parasites or anything like that and it was most likely nerves since he is still adjusting. The puppy is very active and gobbles his food right up but he just pooped on the floor and it seemed to have even more blood in it. Is it possible that it really is nerves? Just seeking another opinion...appreciate any advice...

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

This does not sound normal, I would call another vet and have her seen sooner.

Joe 5 years ago

I have a black lab that had a litter of puppies about 5 weeks ago. She doesnt want to eat her food anymore and she is getting sick whenever she does eat. She also has been peeing and pooping in the house and she never does that. She also has blood in her stool. We have an appointment in about a week to see her and the puppies but what if she doesnt eat before then?

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

Please read the article, it outlines all the possible causes, but your dog should really see a vet. Bring in a stool sample so he can test it for parasites, best wishes.

Lacey-Kee 5 years ago

I just came home and my dog is laying on the couch and he is always tired & I looked over and he had pooped on the floor so i go to clean it and theres Blood in all of his Poop . & I dont know what to do . I told my dad and he doesnt know what it means either ?): & I am really afarid at this point and i dont know !

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

A vet should be seen for such serious symptoms. Here are some home remedies for upset tummies:

Jasmine 5 years ago

Hi, this mOrning i let my dogs out and my chihuahua was fine i let them in and he didnt want to come in and was not moving just staring at me. I finally got him in and he started throwing up some foamy white stuff. I let him outside and he pooped bloody stuff. He only gets up when he has to puke and i dont know what to do. I already lost two dogs from parvo and will lose my self if i lose him. So any help would be great.

Emmy 5 years ago

What can any of us do with this economy......... Will Vet

's in general help?

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

I would mention to your vet your other dog is also dealing with similar problems. One big suspect may be giardia, it causes bloody stools and at times goes undetected leading to negative fecal tests. Here is a link:

Coccidia can also be a culprit:

Of course it could be a multitude of other things, but if you let your vet know he may narrow down the possibilities now and possibly pinpoint the cause and treat it accordingly. Best wishes!

concerned 5 years ago

I have chihuahua (6-year-old male & 4-year-old female). The male is normally very dependable about only doing his business outside but he recently had uncontrollable diarrha with blood in his stools for 2 days. He also did vomit but only once that I know of. However he didn't show signs that he felt bad (we normally can tell when he is feeling ill). I took him to the vet, they tested his stool for parasites and nothing. They cleaned out his anal glands & he is on chicken & rice for awhile. He seems to be doing much better since then. Now 3-4 days after he was ill the female is dealing with the same thing. Hers started with more solid stools that she couldn't seem to hold them progressed to runny with some blood in her stool. She did vomit once today also.

I changed their diet over 2 months ago; we have not had any changes in the household that would lead to stress; we don't have rat poison anywhere in the house and they do not eat 'people food'. We try to keep them from eating anything outside but do not always catch them in time. They are not in the same kennel but do use the same little bed to lounge in. Is there an illness of that nature that can be contagious amoungst dogs and can it cause problems for out 2 cats also? Seems to be a rash of pet problems this week as I took 1 of our cats to the vet & he has crytsals. Not sure what to do about the dogs and am very concerned.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

If you read the article you can see there are many causes and not necessarily cancer. It could be worms, diet changes, injuries etc. A vet check is in order to find out the potential underlying cause and correct it. Best wishes!

Gemma 5 years ago

Hi I have a 7yr old westie, yesterday he had diarhea and a lot of red blood, my heart went out to him. He is on medication for years like steoroids, anyone who has a westie knows that they suffer badly with their skin, but its freightened me to see how blood he has lost.Im sorry that I went online for answers because all I can see is cancer, can anyone help?

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

I would have this dog seen by a vet just to be on the safe side, best wishes.

Kayla 5 years ago

My dad just recently got a new puppy from a man that was giving them away and due to the hot weather we keep him in our house along with our 1 year old schnoodle a few days ago the puppy started vomiting so we put him outside we didnt think it was anything serious but a few days later he was dead and my dad suspected it was parvo. Know our year old schnoodle has started having what looks like dark bloody diarrhea. According to the breeder we got him from she gave us a paper that said he had his series of vaccinations for parvo. He is still playful and eating well but the dark bloody looking stool is still scary especially after the puppy had died a short time ago of what my dad though was parvo. My mom called the vet and they said just to keep him hydrated since he was vaccinated, we have also treated him for worms with worming medication. What is wrong with our dog i'm really worried even though the only symptom he has is diarrhea?


mike  5 years ago

I have a 6 month old pitbull that has bright red blood in her poop but its not all the time she will have it one day then be fine for 3 or 4 day she eats drinks and runs and play tryin to figure out help

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

Well, the possible causes are all listed in the article, unfortunately there is no way to diagnose over the internet and I am not a vet. Please take a fecal sample and your dog to your vet for proper diagnosis, best wishes!

rochele b 5 years ago

I have a 2 month old puggle. And he has diarrhea. Its foul smelling and I noticed it has some blood in his stool. I switch his food 3/4 old and 1/4 new, just recently becaz the recent owner had him on garbage food. He's had his first 2 shots. And has been dewormed 3 times, he's only been around my moms pug, and he's had all his shots. Should I worry? Does my dog have worms. Btw his stool has beem watery for about a week.

jo jones 5 years ago

hi i have a new cocker spaniel he is 7 weeks old i had him yesterday i know that they de flea and wormed him on saturday before i picked him up, he had a blood in his poo yesterday a couple of times none in it most of the day but the last 2 or 3 he has had some more blood he seems happy and playfull any ideas?? please help as i am new to all this many thanks

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

Start with a fecal test, done by your vet. If they get into anything they very likely have worms. Try to limit their access to eating what they like, dietary indiscretions are also a cause for bloody stools.

Kait 5 years ago

I have a 4 month old pit and a 7 week old pit/lab mix. I changed there food about a week and a half ago which they both reacted fine to. Yesterday I noticed a little blood in the older pits poop but it was still solid. Then today she had runny poop with still a little bit of blood she also has started scooting her bum on the ground after her poops. The two of them tend to get into anything they can. The youngest pup's poop is fine though. They both are eating drinking and playing like usual. So I'm not sure what it might be?

Skye 5 years ago

I found a puppy and he is so shy but recently this afternoon he ate and drank but threw it all up and it Was not digested at all! Than later her stool was a regular Lightish color but had a little blood? Can anyone help me with these problems!

aprell 5 years ago

i have a 1 year Chinese crested and i seeing blood drops in his stool but its not all the time. he is still playing and eating fine no diarrhea no vomiting what should i do

Tammy 5 years ago

I'm aware what white gums mean, he was dying. That's why I was giving him iron, still am. This morning he is eating on his own which is more than he has done in 3 days. Stools are becoming more normal as well. I am working with the group I foster kittens for, and they are paying to have him vetted Monday morning until I can get paid and pay them back.

I agree these people were irresponsible and obviously wanted to make a quick buck. They will be hearing from me. They almost killed this baby.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

White gums are a medical emergency, please seek care ASAP. Whoever sold you this puppy is irresponsible, a puppy should not leave its mother and litter mates before 8 weeks of age.

Tammy 5 years ago

I'm having an issue with the black tar-like stool in my puppy. We bought him thinking he had been dewormed. Obviously he wasn't. I also don't think he was old enough to leave his mother. We have dewormed him but his gums are turning white. No money for a vet until a week from now. I'm giving him goats milk for protein and iron for the anemia from hookworms. Is there anything else I can do to help him?

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

Visit the link I provided in my previous post above about home remedies for upset tummies, a bland diet may be helpful, but I would not feel comfortable giving home remedies for a puppy with such symptoms, as pups can dehydrate quickly and there is always that risk with Rotts that it may be parvo, best wishes.

monica 5 years ago

my 15 week old rott is throwin up and pooping blood i dont have the money for a vet til fri any ideas to help now

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

Yes, diet changes may cause bloody stools. A bland diet may help a dog with an upset stomach, vomiting and diarrhea, but if the dog is acting sick, if the bloody stools continue, or if the blood is more than a drop or two, I highly recommend a vet visit. Here is the recipe for bland diet:

Brenda Loran 5 years ago


I gave my dog Purina Chow, I had bought this dog food from the CVS stores. My dog Dash started to eat this food and developed a bloody stool. I took him to the vet. and the vet gave me an antibiotic. The doctor told me to make my dog boiled rice and chicken without any seasoning. I kept Dash on this diet for about 2 months. I noticed that one day I saw 2 drops of blood on my kitchen floor from my dog. I immediately started back on the antibiotic. I thought my dog was going to get better but, Dash died on Monday, July 11, 2011. I am so hurt and I miss him so very much.

I love You Dashie may you RIP.

So to however is reading this comment be careful when you switch your dogs food. Make sure you are giving your dog vitamins and get your dog checked for worms. Do not walk your dog in wooded areas and on grass where deers walk because they could get lime diease and then they really get sick.

Dash was a beautiful all white Bichon and he had a beautiful face with big dark eyes and a button nose. He was just like a human and protective and a real guard dog. I loved him so much. My husband buried Dash by a tree stomp, where I put an angel on the stomp so I can always remember Dash. RIP IN PEACE DASH Your Family loves you and miss you.

Mrs. Brenda Loran

Ressa 5 years ago

We recently got a 1 year old beagle terrier mix named Sis. My husband got her off a guy at work. We have had her for over a week and I can not get her to eat her food that they gave us. Also today she was outside eating grass and started having diarrhea which looks like blood and scooting her butt on the ground. Are there any home remedies to help her out.

FLirty 5 years ago

hello all,

i have a 5 month old pit bull rescue who seems to live off off my shoes and slippers.

i have had her for 2 months now and for some reason her stool goes back and forth. one moment its bloody and loose and the next its solid.

the mobile vet in my area said it might be a intestinal puncture and didnt see the need for a stool sample, but i dont think the sight of fresh blood would have lasted this long.

she eats, drinks & plays normally but it does not seem like shes putting on weight.

any suggestions anyone??

Heidi  5 years ago

This morning my puppy woke up puking and now she has diarrhea and I just saw blood in her stool. I made the mistake of buying her a different brand of puppy food and she woke up sick. Is this the reason for her illness?

Stacey 5 years ago

Thanks so much for your help.

I did find your page on limber tail and put 2 and 2 together from there.

And his stool is back to normal after a couple days of hamberg and rice, but I will continue to keep an eye on him!

Thanks again!

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

About the tail, seems like he suffered from a bout of limber tail, a condition occurring often in dogs swimming in can read about it here:

About the blood in the stool it may be due to all the dietary indiscretions, but a stool check may help if it persists to rule out parasites and protozoans which at times can be picked up at wishes!

Stacey 5 years ago

Last week was my neighbour's son's birthday. They had a party and there was lot's of food. We share the backyard and were all enjoying in the festivities. My dog got into the food, hamburgers and hotdogs and possibly some pasta salad, who knows what else was dropped on the ground that he found.

The next day he vomited stomach acid, the day after that he vomited a large clump of grass along with his food. He is a very nervous dog and with the fireworks all weekend he was a wreck. He didn't eat his dog food so I made him brown rice and hamburg, which he has been eating. Water seems to be fine.

Today I noticed his stool was very runny and bloody. His stool had been runny and normal all week. He is fine otherwise. we've been to the park and hiking at the lake. When at home, he is usually very lazy anyway and now summer has made an appearience and it's quite hot in our place so he is acting the way he usually does in the summer, so it's hard to tell if his energy is less because it's so hot or if he isn't feeling well. He has been drooping his tail which is usually a tail of doom-knocking everything over and whacking it hard enough to draw blood. He has hurt it before and drooped it for a few days so I thought that's what happened this time, now blood in the stool. Just noticed his tail is back to normal.

He is almost 5 years, beagle/lab mix and has never been sick before.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

There is really no way around the issue of bloody stools other than seeing the vet. The best I can do is refer to my hub on upset stomach home remedies to sooth the tummy but if the stools are tarry and black he should see a vet, here is the hub with dog upset stomach home remedies:

Andrew 5 years ago

Hi all, I've read through the forum and I wanted to put my exact problem out here. I have a pure bred American pit bull terrier, Odin, who turned 3, 8 days ago. We have had many problems growing up from mange, to hip/muscle problems, to worms of different sorts. He has had his parvo shoots plus boosters, rabies plus boosters, and the vaccination for the desiese from stagnant water. I forget what its called. Recently I've lost my job and can't afford the vet. We've been doing some moving between homes and he's had a few table scraps now and then over the last week or so. He's never really had any human food before other than chicken and rice. But all he's had now is a few French fries, piece of meatloaf, nothing is think would bother him. He is 95 lbs and just barely over wait. He is a monster stature for a pit. Now my problem for a few days now he's been vomiting slimy yellow mucous just a couple times a day not excessively. And he's had soft serve bowel movements. I noticed today it was more diariah and black. Looks like blood is in his stool. It worries me to death my dog is like my child. But I can't afford vet what do I do.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

There is really not much that can be done if your dog ingested this a while ago. If this was something recent, feeding some bread or mashed potatoes made with water instead of milk, may help wrap up around the chicken bone and make it less likely to puncture if it is sharp, but again, if this happened a while ago, it may not be of much help, even though trying may not hurt. If he has diarrhea you can try these home remedies

Wished I could offer more, but if you are sure you are dealing with an obstruction, only surgery will get the item wishes...

kaine 5 years ago

I have a 7 month old pit who had gotten into the trash last week. I have also changed his diet abot 3 wks ago. Last week he had little bit of blood. Which I'm guessing is b/c he was in the trash. But the other day and today he has had a little bit of blood. After the dog food switch he had alittle diarrhea but was good. After the trash he has had diarrhea. He did also eat a chicken bone that I did try and get. Unsuccessful however I am concerned. He's still active hyper eating well. I don't have the money to get him checked so is there any possible remedies I could try at home? Please help I have young children and don't want to have them come one day n he not be here.

ira 5 years ago

thanks alexadry!

ira 5 years ago

thank you, my dog's a lot better now, no blood, no loose stool anymore. Also, i didn't have to take her to the vet. Her appetite is great and still is very playful. Thanks again.

cathylynn99 profile image

cathylynn99 5 years ago from northeastern US

tapeworms can also cause blood in stool.

Lee 5 years ago

Sorry *grateful*. Should have also said that she is drinking water, but she does seem quite miserable and lethargic. She doesn't appear to be in any pain though.

Lee 5 years ago

I would be greatful if anyone could offer me any advice. I was on holiday for 10 days and my parent-in-laws, who love my 10 year old cross bitch to bits, looked after her. I got back monday and she hasn't eaten since monday morning (it is now wednesday evening). She has just passed a stool in the garden and I checked it; it was quite loose and it looked as though there was very dark blood in it. Could this be stress from missing us or should I seek immediate medical attention?

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

It could very possibly be the recent diet change, even though lamb is pretty mild, and often used for diets for with sensitive tummies, but there are so many ingredients in dogs food that any of the ingredients may bother a sensitive stomach. Ideally, diet changes should take place over a 7 day period with gradual introductions of the new food. You may have gone too fast. But bloody stools may be cause by parasites too, so have your vet run a fecal test just to be safe..

ira 5 years ago

I have a 3month old cocker spaniel, she's very active and playful, pretty normal growing dog. Until we noticed something different with her skin assuming she might have a problem, fungal infection highly, so the vet suggested that we gradually change her dog food to lamb based dog food. Initially we put small portions of these lamb based dog food combining with the old one, she just ate maybe 2 - 3 meals with it and eventually didn't eat at all. That's when she started to have watery to semi formed stool every after meal. We stopped giving her the lamb based dogwood and switched to rice combined with her old dog food. But despite all these she remained active and playful just like before. Her appetite went back when we removed the lamb from her food. She still has semi formed stool but we just kept on giving her rice and hydrate her for maybe3-4 days. But today, there was blood in her stool and we're surprised and quite fearful. Yet she seems fine to me, playing around with our other dogs. We want to observe her first before going back to the vet, cause we're afraid they may order series of expensive tests that are not necessary. I just wanna ask your opinion on what may cause this blood in her stool?is it the diet change?or she may have ingested something? because she loves to eat stuff at home

Thank you very much!

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

Could be.. it may also be the de-wormer is starting to work, pesky parasites are notorious for causing bloody stools..

Dave 5 years ago

Hi, thanks for the advice really appreciate it!!!!

We took the sample to the vets but they did not examine it. His stools seem much better recently. He did pass a stick a few weeks ago....maybe it had done some damage? But seems much better though. thanks again!!!

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

It could be a culprit if such items scrape a bit as they exit, so I would assume you would see it more when eating sticks, bones that splinter or other sharp items. I would not typically expect to see bloody stool from eating cotton or other soft items, even though foreign items may always irritate the intestinal tract. Has your vet done a fecal test? Any recent diet changes?

Dave 5 years ago

We have a 9 month old King Charles Spaniel. A couple of weeks ago we took him to the vets after noticing small bright red spec of blood in his stools. They treated for parasites and gave something to firm the stools up. However occasionally he still has the blood in his stool. Perfectly fine otherwise, eating well playful etc. He does however eat ANYTHING! stones, hair stuffing f and cotton from dog toys etc. Could this be te reason? any hel appreciated! thanks

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

Your dog should really see the vet at this point, I can offer home remedies for minor vomiting, but when a dog is weak and not eating, and the stool is pure blood as you say, I think a vet visit is in order, please read my hub for possible causes best wishes.

Gail 5 years ago

Hi, my dog is currently giving bloody stool. What I mean is that his stool was pure blood, vomits mucous and weak.

He's not yet eating since this morning up until now.

Please I need some advice about this. Thanks..

Valerie  5 years ago

Hi, my husband and I rescued 4 full blooded pit bull puppies on Memorial day. I found them in a small cage, and inside that small cage, there was a smaller cage with a baby who can't been more than 3 months old. I've named her Marley. These dogs were left without food, water (for the puppy), and they were laying in their own feces. I took them in bathed them, feed them, gave them sugar water, de-wormed them and all of them (except my Marley) have good homes now, where I can visit them. Marley, was in a cage where she couldn't even walk or stretch. No water in her cage, etc. Her backbone and ribs are all sticking out, she doesn't even have fat on her butt to sit all the way down. The first day, you could see blood veins and the outline of her organs.Now since she's been eating and drinking water, she's no where near as skinny as she was. Marley has had horrible diarrhea with blood in it (it's a lighter color). Now her poop is actually turning into logs, but she still has blood, and more of it. I'm THINKING that since I just wormed her (and she's full of worms) that's her problem. None of the other dogs were this bad, so that's why I'm thinking it's just the worms, dehydration (I live in Alabama with all this 100 degree heat and humidity), hunger, etc. Also, when we got her, it was like she had never left that cage because she couldn't walk, she had no muscles in her legs to hold her up. Now she is eating, drinking and playing. Also, the pads of her feet were messed up so neosporin helped her. The whites in her eyes were blood shot, and now the blue is coming back. She's honestly made a 300% improvement but I'm still concerned with the blood in the stools. Can someone please give me some good advice?

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

Kelsy, so sorry to hear that, you tried your very best to save your Sassie, my deepest condolences..

Kelsy 5 years ago

Update on my previous post:

Sassie did not make it - she woke up and pooped straight blood and had a seizure. We tried to rush her to a specialist an hour away and she died with her head in my lap. Please do not take the symptoms I listed lightly... I would do anything to go back and take her to the vet just a couple days earlier... anything.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

I would have her seen first thing in the morning but would keep a watchful eye on her tonight to make sure she is fine and does not go downhill if you feel this is not an emergency. Offer her water to replace the lost fluids. If it was just a drop of blood it should not cause anything major to grant an emergency visit for now, but you must try to figure out where that blood came from. Her spitting up and hacking make me think she may have kennel cough, and her diarrhea is worth inspecting by the vet. If you can collect a stool sample from her get her tested for parasites, she may have coccidia, roundworms or giardia, to just name a few. Do not hesitate to have her seen right away if she gets worse or starts acting lethargic. Best wishes!

Josh 5 years ago

I just had a question we have a shepard lab mix thats almost 2. For the past few days shes been hacking up what looks like spit. Then tonight she used the bathroom and her stool was slimy and watery. She seemed to be having a liitle peoblem going byt it was like water comming out. We then noticed that she had some bright blood on her once we got inside. Im just wondering what we should do and if we should take her to the vet right away or see how she does because shes acting like her normal self. Thanks for your time

kelsy 5 years ago

Hi! I have an 8 year old yellow lab. She started having the black loose stool 2 days ago. This is also the day she stopped eating and started being very lethargic. She began vomiting, pooping, and peeing in the house which is abnormal. We took her to the vet today finally realizing it wasn't going away. Her gums, ears, and eyes were turning yellow. The vet did blood work and xrays. They said her red blood count is concerningly low. She is now staying the night at the vet on fluids while they send her blood work off to a specialist. So I am very nervous, and was wondering if anyone had any ideas as to what this could be? Many have mentioned parvo and parasites but seeing as she has been tested for these things.... I was just hoping someone else had a dog whose illness or problem did not show up right away...

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

The dark colored poop sounds like digested blood, did it look black and tarry? I would have him see the vet and have some tests run to see if there is any bleeding somewhere if this is the case. Is he acting normally? Keep an eye on the gums, they tend to get pale if there is a lot of blood loss.

Uicki 5 years ago

hello there i have a 8 month old mini dachund....and just recently he has not been feeling good.....his stomach has been rumbling....the day we went to the seconde night he was getting sick and has had direaha..ever since going on 5 days now...he seems to act as he always does....I have called my vet...cus she just seen him about a week ago...she says to feed him chicken and rice and see how he feels after that... but, i just took him for a walk and he pooped a dark blook color. I dont know what to do..... is my dog gonna die????

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

I would give your vet a call and ask his opinion. I do not see diarrhea as a common side effect from the tramadol. Chances for an upset stomach is listed, but constipation is also listed. You may need to perhaps switch pain medication if this continues, best wishes!

Alexandria 5 years ago

My 9 month old maltizu has a broken leg that is rig repaired by using a pin! We have a week left until he gets the pin out, and he jumped and hurt his leg, so we rush him to the emergency vet and they tell us everything is ok! They prescribed us tramadol and I gave him a dose as soon as we got home! That next night he diarrheas in his cage, which is somewhere he has never used the bathroom?! He didn't poop for the next two days and then he started pooping again and it's runny with mucus, I don't think there is any blood though! We go Monday to get the pin out should I wait to take him to the vet or take him in the morning! He acts just fine and eats and drinks the same! I love my little boy and am worried about him this is the first time he has ever had diarrhea!

bigkidf 5 years ago

To the person that commented about you should not have a pet if you can not take them to the vet. With the economy the way it is when we got our pets we had no problem taking them to the vet. Then you both get laid off and start bringing in just a 7th of what you were and that is not enough to pay for yourself to go to the Dr. I truly hope you do not have to experience the things some of have. It does not mean we do not love our pets, it just means we do not have the $500 or so dollars that the vets demand up front or they will not see your animal. We are all doing our best

khauler profile image

khauler 5 years ago

very useful

Skidget 5 years ago

yep--yellow spittle in morning, which my other dog had as well--Thanks. Today good, no vomitting and farily normal stools. Still doing hamburger and rice mixed with food and absolutely no people food of any kind. Thanks so much!

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

Skidget, another possibility is that she may be on an empty stomach for too long and this is why the vomiting happens in the mornings. If she vomits mostly yellowish bile here is a helpful link:

Yes, definitely keep the hostas away,sounds like you have Hoover dog! best wishes!

Skidget 5 years ago

Well I could not find this page again when I signed in but I am back to say my dog has been eating my HOSTA plants which I just found out are poisonous and cause all the symptoms she has and is why she was fine all winter when the plants were dormant so because my dog can not keep her stupid mouth off my plants, my other dog was never like this, I had to pull out $200 worth of hostas. But at least I know she is not dying unless I kill her first for this awful behaviour LOL Just kidding. But that is the problem and now I know that I cna not have anything nice in my yard. What else is new? LOL Glad to know though and all of you should think about anything before you plant it because Home Depot won;t tell you it is poison. I could not believe a hosta is deadly for cats and dogs.

Skidget 5 years ago

Our 9 month old pit/boxer mix has had gastro problems from day 1--We thought it was grain allergy so changed to a salmon and sweet potato food. it seems whenever she plays in dog park for several days in a row, she has issues either with diahrea or vomitting. This past week she threw up 4 mornings--just spittle, not solids and has had mucusy bloddy diahrea. Problem is if I feed her hamburger and rice her bowels are fine but she did throw up again this morning--she is active and plays and runs around and eats good. It seems nothing is wrong except for the two issues I mentioned. She has a bit of a pin rash on ehr belly but we add that to heat as it goes away when it is cooler outside. I don;t have a car during the week but I can get a ride if need be. We took her to the vet once and they charged over $100 and after one hamburger and rice meal she was fine on her own. I don;t care abou the money if she is really sick, but I don;t want to throw it away either. Help please.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

Don, have you already tried a raw or homemade diet?

Christen, foods need to be changed over gradually and over the course of at least 7 days ideally. The only thing I can think of is fasting and then trying a bland diet and then introducing to this bland diet the food you have decided to feed him very sloowly over 7-10 days... however, is hot body concerns me which can be a sign of infection I think a vet visit is in order however here is a helpful article for upset tummies:

christen 5 years ago

Hi, I have a 5 year old boston terrier and he has been sick for the past 3 days now and its killing me to see him like this. His whole body feels very hot, i have switched his food between 2 different brands recently, pedigree and this new chef type food, but i always switch his food and he has never been sick like this before. Yesterday morning when i woke up, i found puddles of wattery stool in one of the rooms, and noticed that he was bleeding on his bottom. Nothing more that i noticed had happened but then this morning when i woke up, there were 6 different puddles of very wattery and blody stool in the kitchen and a few drops of solid blood. Im very worried about him and i have no money or way to take him to the vet, WHAT SHOULD I DO?!

Don 5 years ago

We adopted a female boxer (3months) and have had issues with her ever since. I am now into the dog for $3200.00 in the past 11 months. She is undersized for her age (32lbs) and cannot keep food in. She has been on over a dozen different diets to date all of which did nothing. She has bright red diarrhea seconds after eating and goes every 10-15 minutes for an hour or so after eating each time. When we adopted her our vet said she had coccidia, kennel cough, and gardia. We treated her for all of this and still nothing. She has had tracheal flushes sent off to the university for testing, stool sample to test and the list goes on.

We are now on the third parasite medication that our vet is trying. We just don't know what to do anymore. It is not her fault and we know it but with these issues we have ruined our entire upstairs carpets with stains. Please share any ideas we can try or your suggestions on what you think this may be?

Please help

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

I wish I could predict the future, it is difficult for me to tell you if this fellow is going to be o.k. Being very small, you have to be careful about dehydration. A little bit of honey on the gums may perk him up if he starts to act lethargic. You can try to put him on a bland diet, look for my hub ''home remedies for dog upset stomach''. It could be you changed his food abruptly? If you are feeding a different food from what he was being fed before you got him, you must change over gradually. It could be parasites, look for an over the counter dewormer to give once he feels better. Safeguard is one of the best broad spectrum parasite control products. It also though could be unfortunately parvo or gastro-enteritis, both conditions that really require a vet's visit. Only time can tell how your pup will do, being that small though I cannot see much you can do though at home if vet assistance is required. Any way you can contact the breeder or previous owner and ask what food it was fed or other details as to what may be causing these symptoms?

Jenny Bob 5 years ago

I have a 7-week-old chihuahua puppy. Last night I left him alone for the first time so I could spend the night at the hospital with a family member. When I got home this morning, he had pooped a lot in his den & some of it was bloody.

As the morning has gone on, he has vomited twice & he has had some mucous & bright red blood in his stool.

He's eating but isn't drinking, & the vomiting stopped. He's as active & alert as he usually is, but trying to poop a lot & only coming out with small, unfirm stools & a few drops of bright bloody fluid.

I gave him 1cc Pedialyte & 2cc water in a sterile syringe & he took it well.

What does this sound like? I just got him, he's not been wormed or had any shots yet.

I am desperately poor & I still owe my vet $100 from my cat's $3,000 hospital bill from when his urethra got blocked, so taking him to the vet is not possible at this time.

Is my baby going to be all right?

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

Food should be always switched over gradually over the course of a week, so this could be a culprit. Has she ever been de-wormed? parasites are a common cause of bloody stools. If she is still bright and alert you can try a bland diet, here is the link:

However, I recommend a vet visit to rule out serious diseases such as Parvo. Best wishes!

lizzypattinson 5 years ago

my dog is only 10 weeks old she has been to the vet or her first jab, but since that she has had diarrhea for a couple of days however now there is some blood in her stool. I have just changed her diet from wet food to dry could this be the reason? She is still eating and drinking loads of water and running around chewing everything, just sleeping a little bit more.what you guys think?

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

I would have her checked out. The hacking may be kennel cough, but some dogs with heart problems may also cough. As for pooping blood send in a fresh fecal sample for your vet to rule out parasites. best wishes!

Amanda  5 years ago

my dog is 10 yrs old tha past week she has been hacking or popping blood wat could it b?

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

Tiff and Katie, both your dogs need a vet visit, there is really nothing that can be done at home at this point. Tiff, all I can do is refer you to a my hub for financial help,

Katie 5 years ago

my dog has all of a sudden started passing bloody bowels as well as black tar. she also has become lethargic, she is drooling and vomiting black tar like liquids. I am so worried somebody has poisoned her or that she has gotten into my father in laws oil pan.

tiff 5 years ago

I take that back he just started throwing up again I'm in tears for my dog wat do I do?

tiff 5 years ago

My dog has been sick for 3 days now the first day he was throwing up foam but still eating and drinking. The second day he stopped eating and was just drinking like 2 times out of the hole day,while throwing up yellow foam and gouie stuffand also has diarrhea it was coming out like water. And the third day he was still throwing up but this time it was clear like water almost but gouie and I had to forse him to drink water . He hasn't thrown up since he's drank water but he has pooped diarrhea all watery dark brown with some dark dry blood. I don't have money to take him in to be seen at this time and am going in for a industed laber tomarrow. I know my dog is in pain case he crys every low. Wat can I do to help him and wat can be the cause.

christine 5 years ago

and btw his gums are still pink, he has vomited a few times with no blood, and he does not seem to be in pain...

christine 5 years ago

our jack russell is 6 years old. we just got a new puppy about a week ago (3 mos old - her stools have been normal along with her mood). but anyway just today we've been noticing the dark blood in the jack's stool. it is not fresh blood and is dark. he's still very friendly, not lethargic and ready to greet anyone and everyone he sees. but he is not eating. im going to give him rice and chicken tonight. what do u guys think? i watch him so he doesn't eat the puppy's food.

alicia 5 years ago

i have a 8 week old black lab/collie. i feed him puppy food twice a day. dry mixed with a bit of water so its not to hard. but when i go to work my boyfriend feeds him hot dogs and cesar for small dogs. i keep telling him its not good for him. his stool has been really soft a dark, with white and red in it and sometimes he heaves or throws up. He is still very active and happy. is this because of the food or is something wrong?

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

You should be concerned if his stool had red blood on it or if it appeared as dark black (dark black stools contain digested blood).. you would also notice pale gums if there was considerable blood loss. If there were to be a perforation your dog would be extremely ill and in pain. He may develop a fever and even vomit with traces if blood in it..

You can read more about this here:

JayR 5 years ago

Hi...i have a 3yr old shitzu that vomitted 2days ago around 3am..after vomitting few times with orangy brown emesisvand some saliva,i noticed a stick with his i checked it,i

found out that it was morethan half of the bamboo skewer.i then remembered dat i was looking for the missing 1of d 4 pork bbq on stick that i bought d other day...i couldn't believe that my dog was able to ear and swallow the whole stick with the meat in it..he never did dat before..So,i was so scared n worried bec.part of the stick is still missing n thats the sharp end of it. My dog stopped vomitting after the stick came out but still,i brought him to his vet as soon as it openned.they injcted a valium as sedative before d xray.D xray film he had didn't show any stck in his stomach and was we thought he might have chewed it well enough n was possibly grinded already with his emesis n stool...But from dat ngt until the next day..his behavior is diffrnt,hes quiet,always on the couch or bed and lied down on his stomach all the time..seems weak and walks slightly unsteady.i called his vet and asked on how long b4the valium ware out n told him bout my dog's odd behavior,he said its probly from d sedative wch will ware out after 72hrs.I was a little relieved after but still checking on my baby dog.I went out dat afternoon and back by dinner.i saw a dark brown soft poop on his pad wth something in between it.It was the missing part of the stck...covered by poop.My welcomed me more active like his usual..until today.But i was a little worried if the thing had punctured his intestine,colon or stomach .so far i haven't seen any blood on his stool ...n im thinking why it didn't show in the xray....howsdat possible? so far,he hasn't poop since,n im still waiting..Pls ,i wanna knw if theres any possibility dat he has injury inside his Gastrointestinal system dat i haven't noticed n he hasn't showed any signs of it...

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

Are you continuing the bland diet? You should keep him on it for some time and then gradually introduce him to the kibble you are planning to feed.. I would send a stool sample to the vet to rule out roundworms or other parasites or protozoans as coccidia...a stool test usually costs less than 20 dollars and you can just drop it off without taking your dog..

jessika 5 years ago

i have a 3 month old american staffordshire terrier i have only had him for about a week n a half an when i first got him he was fine for about two days then he wouldn't eat or drink n was eating a lot of grass an vomiting the vet suggested chicken and rice and it worked but now he has kennal cough and i took him to the vet today and got him on meds but right when we got home from the vet he went potty and he had diarrhea and there were a few drops of blood and all day he has had bad diarrhea but there is only blood every other time he goes potty i dnt knw what todo i jus took him to the vet today an cant afford to go back right now do u have any suggestions anything will help im so worried about him

GSD Lovers 5 years ago

This is all so scary. We have a 15 month male German Shepherd, got him in august of 2010. He was perfectly fine except for Giardia and round worm, which was cleared up. He, first week

of January 2011 ate a grain free treat called C C Barks. This sat on his stomach and never dissolved, and vomited it up weeks later. then

he, being an aggressive chewer, ate a little too much Nylabone.

After that he was never the same. Many issues with his bowels, and we've done

numerous x-rays JUST to be sure he had no obstructions. Free and clear except

for a lot of gas seen in the films. He started to show black tarry stools recently, so I demanded a Barium study, it was clear. I put him back on Bravo, and he simply could no longer eat it. he also cannot handle kibble or thermally processed foods. I then tried to cook for him, and that has been unsuccessful. I have had specialists look at him and have done nothing for

him. today I tried a new vet and insisted on an endoscopy. he said the dog did not need it. In fact all vets said it was an unneccessary procedure.

He does have a Level 1 heart murmur which

they feel he is fine with, but his digestive system is a mess.

All blood work is normal. he's been tested for clotting disorders, His trypsin is 13.1 non fasting, so I am repeating it again with the 12 hour required fast.

There are no parasites, he is only on

Carafate and a low Residue formula which is making him worse

our boy also has allergies to beef corn kelp barley but this dog was a VERY healthy dog. He is also a working police dog and competition dog and in my opinion, I feel ALL these vets are missing something. I still feel endoscopy should be done but none of the vets feel it's necessary but he just does not have the energy a working dog should

I need some GOOD advice as to what to

do. I don't think we've missed any blood work.

I did demand an ultrasound and it just showed a lot of bile and two tiny 1/4 slightly enlarged lymph nodes. I'm worried as my last GSD just passed away

from a myriad of genetic defects at the age of 2 1/2, and i'm not about to lose another.

Serious queries I would love to hear from doctors, vet techs, breeders that know the GSD

Thank you!

danny 5 years ago

hi i have a jack russel terrier and he is 2 months old he is bleeding in the stole,vomiting,diarrhea,i dont no wats happening and dont no wat to do someone plzz help

Tiago Marcelo 5 years ago

Very informative Hub. Thanks!

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

What is the problem with Pepper?

Paul 5 years ago

Thanks for the quick reply. I live in the "country" and our vet comes to town 2 days a week. I will call them tomorrow... once again, many thanks!

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

It is hard to say if this blood is coming from the intestinal tract or if it may be coming from the anal glands (the glands found at about 4 o' clock and 8 o'clock position around the rectum) Since you mention he has been scooting, it could very likely be this blood is originating from the anal glands.

It may help to add some canned pumpkin (not the pie filling with spices added, just plain pumpkin) to the diet so to firm up the stool enough and help the glands discharge on their own. However, there is really no way to tell if the anal glands are the ones causing the bleeding or if the bleeding may be sourcing from the intestinal tract without a vet inspecting the area. Here you can read more about this problem which seems to be common in Pomeranians, best wishes!

Paul 5 years ago

Hi. I have a 5 year old Pom who's been eating grass lately (which he often does) It's usually accompanied with loud stomach growls. I've never worried about it until I noticed blood in his stool this afternoon. He's been dragging himself around on his butt outside today, so I hope it's related to that. The partial stool left on the puppy pad just now was gel-like and clear, mixed with blood. He did poop outside earlier but I wasn't able to locate it. The stool left on the pad was basically 2 drops.

Chris 5 years ago

My 7.5 year old beagle has been having diarrhea for a few days, paired with some vomiting and some spitting up of a mucusy stuff. This morning for the first time I found what appeared to be blood in her stool. Not black/tarry, though. She'll eat some, but only very pickily and very little. Took her to the vet the other day, had to choose financially which of the like 5 tests they suggested, so now either it's Pancreatitis or we're back to the drawing board.

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alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

Yes, pepto bismol is safe to give, as long as you give the right dosage.

for dosage instructions you can follow this link:

Airam 5 years ago

I just adopted a 12 wk old Shi-Tzu, has not had shots yet, was being "baby sat" and ate some cooked beef last night, she had some loose stool today (no blood, not liquid) she received a 1/2 tab of Pepto Bismol, is it okay to give Pepto Bismol to 12 wk puppy?

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crystolite 5 years ago from Houston TX

Thanks for this information. I will help me when my dog develop such problem.

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alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

Brandyce thanks for the update! Antibiotics for UTI'S work pretty quickly!

Amber; your dog really needs to see the vet at this point..I can only offer home remedies for the upset stomach :

but if he is not eating and acting ill he really needs to see a vet!

Brandyce 5 years ago

Just wanted to thank u for ur help. My little girl belle is doing great now. Turns out it was urinary track infection but she was given meds and is doing just great. Thank u so much!!!!!

Amber 5 years ago

My dog, a terrier mix of some sort, has been having major issues with his stool.. He has bad diarrhea with a lot of blood. He is also throwing up a lot of liquidy fluid, and he has lost his appetite.. I don't have any money to take him to the vet, for I don't have a job and am only in the tenth grade.. Please help me to find out what's wrong with my dog, I am extremely worried about him.. Any help will be appreciated..

Edward Dickinson profile image

Edward Dickinson 5 years ago from Dallas

As a pet and animal lover, I hate to see them suffer. Very useful hub. Thank you for sharing!

Tyler 5 years ago

I forgot to mention, I checked his gums and did that lifting of the skin test to see if he was dehydrated. Fortunately, his gums are pink and his skin goes down at a normal rate.

Thanks for your time!

Tyler 5 years ago

I have a 9 month old German Shepherd mix who hasn't been wanting to eat for 2 days now. He was still mobile and had energy to play up until this morning. That I've seen, he has gotten up drink water twice. A friend recommended that I give him Pedialyte, so I did. The thing is, he has thrown up twice and just a few minutes ago I went to go check on him and found dark red/black diarrhea.

Brandyce 5 years ago

Yes she was tested for parvo and she came out negative. And yes she was put on a different food from the dr. Hm self and she has a apt today to find out the fecal results thank you so much!!!!

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

Brandyce: if they were tested for Parvo (my main concern) and turned out ok, I assume it is ok to keep them together, if one has worms very likely the other has them too, so not much you can do at this time. Have you changed diet suddenly? Often puppies are on a special food from the breeder and are not changed diet gradually therefore getting an upset tummy. A bland diet as found in my article: home remedies for dog upset stomach may help, best wishes!

Justine: yes any abrupt Diet change if done too quickly can cause stomach upset and bloody stools, but best to check with the vet for other causes..

Justine 5 years ago

Will taking a dog off people food cause blood in stool?

I have read many times a change I diet and wonder if that is in ref to one DOG food to another.

His diet has changed over the last week from a couple bites each time we ate to NO human food and today I saw blood in stool with runny stool starting last night.


brandyce 5 years ago

She has an apt in two days but should I take her in sooner. They testd her for parvo and she came back negative soi was happy about that and I am going to drop off some stool tommorow for a fecile test. Should I be doing more?

brandyce 5 years ago

Hi I have two puppies I just got a few days ago and I took them to the vet to get shots and the dr said my male was perfect but the female wasn't. The put her on medicine and now she has blodd in her stool and is super watery. But then other times its fine she is on a special diet but is there anything else I can do. And should I. Separate the two?

Mbourne7 5 years ago

Like his last poop yeah it was diahreah but it dint have any blood in it what so ever

Mbourne7 5 years ago

Yeah he hasn't pooped blood in about 7 hrs and he's keeping all his food down and is back to normal

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

This sounds like something that needs seen right away. I wished I could help. You can try to see if the vet accepts payment plans, that is instead, of taking money right away they split them in monthly payments that are easier on the wallet. This link offers some solutions for pet owners in need,

Feeding bread or mashed potatoes made with water instead of milk, at times may help pass something swallowed, but if he is vomiting it will certainly not work and may make him further dehydrated. Has he been able to keep anything down at all or is he vomiting all his food up? My very Best wishes!

Miranda 5 years ago

My dog is a mini Aussie and the other day he had chewed up my Oakley sunglasses which was about Tuesday night I would say and Wednesday morning he is puking and then Friday morning he is pooping straight blood. And walking slowly not being his active playful self my mom wants me to wait it out for about a day or so to see if he gets better but I'm just scared that it'll get worse and I'm only 17 and idk what to do. Especially since we hardly have any money. But it's a foul smell and won't go away no matter how much inscrub on the carpet but his poop is runny bloody and kinda squirts put and has a slight brown in it he has hardly been eating as well

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

Was your dog prescribed Rimadyl? If you read through its side effects bloody stools is amongst them. This may be indeed due to the medication.

Same problems can be encountered with Previcox, another NSAID medication:

It would be best to try some other type of medication, maybe something like glucosamine. Best wishes!

Adam B 5 years ago

I have a King Charles /Cocker Spaniel mix that is 9 yrs old. Recently he started having trouble going up the stairs and coming in from outside. I took him to the vet and was given a 10 day supply of arthritis medication. We are to use the 10 day supply to see how good he gets then stop the medication to see how long before he goes back to having trouble again.

He received a shot at the vet to "jump start" the medication then started giving him the pills later that night.

about 36 hours after giving him the pills he started having diarrha all over the house. We immediately stopped feeding him and called the vet.

We were told to stop feeding him and see how it went but didn't necessarily think the diarrhea was from the arthritis medication.

This morning he had terrible bloody diarrhea all over the kitchen which concerns me. He hasn't eaten since Monday night yet he has been having diarrhea for days. We make sure he has plenty of water but I think there is an issue here with my pooch. Any thoughts? We are calling to make an appt at the Vet this morning.


Kerri 5 years ago

My dog had dark bloody runny poop was pretty serious took her to the vets was put on a drip straight away and was on 48 hour watch turns out she had an infection lucky we took her on straight away the vet said when we took her in an after they did tests that she wouldn't survive the night but she did and touch wood it's been a year since and she is happy and healthy:)

Peter 5 years ago

My dog went to the vet for his annual check up and shots, since then he started having mucous bloody stools. This went on for a day, now it seems to bee just pure blood. He has no appetite, and looks so sad. He has pooped 5 gilead in the house already all bloody. If this persists I'm taking him to the vet tomorow.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

I am concerned about your dog. Black stool is indicative of digested blood, and vomiting blood is not a good sign. Please have her seen ASAP. Here is another helpful article:

MrGarnett 5 years ago

I have a 14 month old female pitbull that hasn't came in heat. For the past two days her stool has been black and she's now vomiting bright red blood. She will not eat and she's just laying around.

Dez 5 years ago

Alrighty, will do. Thanks! & the more i thought about it, the vomit rly does look like her dry food.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

Dez, I recommend a vet visit. For dogs with black gums, you can still check by looking for the presence of a patch or patches of pink skin. Most dogs with black gums have some patches of pink skin somewhere in the mouth. Here is a picture of a dog with black gums with pale skin:

However, due to fair amount of blood lost and the reddish looking vomit ( needs investigated, if you never fed anything of that color), a prompt vet visit is in your dog's best interest.

Dez 5 years ago

My 9 yr old chihuahua seems to be pooping and LEAKING a fair amount of blood. Shes an inside dog that gets walked 2-3 times a day. Her gums are black, so theres no way to tell if shes lost a lot of blood. Its bright red. She seems fine, but this is the first day ive seen this with her. I also think she threw up ? Not sure though, because i was at work. The puke looks reddish, too. Not blood red, but def some sort of red tint. I just switched her diet frm canned food to dry food, but am still very worried obv at the sight of all the blood...

Sharon 5 years ago

Our dog has blood in his bowel movements. We took him to our vet and she didn't seemed concerned.

That was three weeks ago and he still has mucus blood with the bowel movement.

We don't know what to do!

He is a shetland Sheep dog!

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

Chopper, white gums are very bad, this pup needs immediate attention. He may be very anemic or in shock.. any chances there could be rat poison somewhere in the yard? the black stools are sign of digested blood and with his gums pale I am afraid he may have lost too much blood, see the vet ASAP

How To Learn 5 years ago

Passing trace amounts of blood in the stool is considered quite normal for dogs. But when you see a heavy discharge of red or fresh clots of blood in your dog's stool, it can be a serious cause of concern. Clinically, the condition is known as 'Hematochezia'. In such cases, the animal discharges bloody stool and sometimes, has to make a great effort while defecating. Generally, bloody stool in dogs is an important sign of gastrointestinal problems. But blood in the feces may sometimes be indicative of serious disorders in the body. Below we have detailed the causes and helpful remedies for curing bloody stool in dogs.

chopper1436 5 years ago

Okay I am nervous as can be for my dog. I just don't get it. Yesterday he seemed like a healthy nine month old puppy. He had normal looking stool, has for a while and then boom. Last night he took his third and final bathroom break of the day and it was dark black and I mean black as night. The other two times his stool was fine. Earlier in the day he was active and playing with my other puppy. When he got back into the house from his black stool incident he hasn't been the same. He has been lethargic to the point of not moving all day long, he isn't eating, he isn't drinking water, his gums are white and he can barely walk when he does (he is weak as hell). I have a veterinary appointment, thank god they are working with me because I don't get paid until next week, tomorrow. I just don't understand how it could happen this fast. I mean he went from his same active self to absolutely going down in a matter of an hour. Has anyone ever seen something like this happen so out of the blue. The absolute only thing I can think is that I caught him drinking out of my toilet when it had urine in it while I was walking my other puppy. He has had all of his shots by the way.


alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

Mike, despite feeling good, it is always best to have the stool sample checked to see if there are any parasites. If she is acting fine otherwise, you can try offering small amounts of bland food tonight (boiled hamburger and rice(with the fat skimmed off) OR boiled skinless and boneless chicken and rice) Give this a few days and then gradually re-introduce the regular diet. But again, I think your best bet is to have a vet assess the cause: of course, it is not normal and just as in humans it is something that should be investigated if it continues.. and of course, if she starts acting odd tonight see your vet wishes!

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

Kim, if it was meant for dogs the main problem is usually that the bone is too big for a puppy or too hard to chew. Did your dog chew it well or are there chances she swallowed large pieces? However, as anything new added to a diet it could be a culprit for the bloody stools (and there can also be chances of particles of bone scraping against the rectum while passing) There are many causes for bloody stools and it is really hard to pin point the real cause. It could be parasites, parvo in puppies, and so much more.. your best bet is to have the stool sample checked and discuss it with your vet if it continues.. best wishes!

Mike 5 years ago

I just started a new job and I put my dog in her kennel during the day because she seems to get into trouble when I dont. I got home today and took her out, she peed and pooped and there was some blood in her poop. Her gums are bubble gum pink, she is not lethargic, she is eating and acting normal...should I be alarmed? Please someone answer this for me..Thanks

kim 5 years ago

i gave my 6 month old havanese puppy a bone to promote dental health and more pleasing breath...i later realized that the bone was meant for DOGS not PUPPIES...she only ate half the bone but for the next 3 days her stool became first loose and then finally much more frequent with blood...her stool is now starting to be more firm but there is still some blood in it...could this really be something to woory about?

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

Dogs are really not meant to eat foods meant for human consumption. Fatty foods may cause pancreatitis, a serious inflammation of the pancreas, not to mention allergies and intolerances to just about anything. Yes, dogs are scavengers and one may think dogs lived off left over foods in the past, but this was survival not the well being dogs deserve today.

If you read through this thread you can see how many people deal with problems when they feed their dogs people food or switch foods suddenly.

You can feed him a bland diet of boiled rice and plain boiled skineless and boneless chicken for a few days to help his stomach settle but please then gradually put your dog on a premium dog food so his stomach and intestines can rest and stick with it so your dog will stay healthy.

I would recommend a vet visit and a stool sample tested to rule out any other problems known to cause bloody stools such as parasites. But it sure sounds food may be the triggering factor here. Best wishes!

Chris 5 years ago

I have a 6 year old lab that has recently developed an issue. I feel it may be food related but thought I would post on here for an opinion. He is an outside dog and is rarely (maybe 2 or 3 times a year) fed anything other than his dog food. Last week we fed leftover food from the fridge 2 or 3 nights in a row. A couple of turkey sandwiches 1 night and several teriaki chicken nuggets the next. A couple of days later he ate less of his dog food and looked a to have lost some weight. One the 4th and 5th days he has suffered watery stools with red blood. He continues to drink and urinate and is not overly lethargic. He is not as energetic as usual but walked around for an hour while we were out with him today. Tonight he jumped at me when I went to him and he continues to wag his tail when I am with him. He has not shown interst in his dry food but I bought him a can of food and fed it to him in 2 servings. He ate it with no issue and is actually licking his bowl looking for more. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!!

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

Get a stool sample and have your vet check it, a big belly may be sign of roundworms in puppies. If there are worms a bland diet will not take care of the problem. I would take her to the vet. Best wishes!

mary 5 years ago

I have a 10 wk old pug mix. She has been with us for a week now. The first 2 days her poop was normal but now she has diarreah and I have seen blood in her stool. He belly looks awefully big for her size so I was wondering if that is a sign of worms or that pugs are normally chubby like that? I gave her boiled chicken today and the diarreah stop for awhile but as soon as she drinks water it starts all over again. She is playing, eating and drinking fine so I am not sure what to think of it. Any suggestions????

molly's mom 5 years ago

My 2 year old labradoodle came down with bad poops a month or two ago. The blood was bright red and I was scared to death. She has been interceptor for over a year. I brought a sample to the vet. They checked it and no obvious parasites. He gave me an antibiotic and Science Diet c/d. She was better almost immediately. Just as a note, I have friends who's dogs have drank from puddles or creeks and came down with giardia. The symptoms are similar with the bloody stools. Always a goog idea to check it out at the vet with a fresh sample. Some SPCAs have sliding scale or reduced rates so that's worth looking into. Always scary to see our babies sick...I would definitely get to the vet for a puppies exhibiting these symptoms.

AnkushKohli profile image

AnkushKohli 5 years ago from India


Thanks for sharing the knowledge about dogs. As they're our best friends so we need to take very good care of themselves. And after reading it, I know a lot about their problems.

michaelgervasi 5 years ago

Dear Alexadry'

I have an 11 yr old Belgian Shepard. Several nights ago while walking, and for a day afterwards, she had watery diarrhea. Since then I think I saw a dark stool. She has stopped eating, but she has never had a large appetite and I most often have to convince her to eat with a homecooked meal. About an hour ago she was dribbling some tiny watery stools. They were mostly mucus. I am color blind and cant tell if they were red or brown or what. Seh seems to be drinking her regular amount of water but will barely touch her food. She is eating a bit of flaxseed oil. I don't want to take her to the vet because I can't even afford my own medical needs, and because for 8 years now I have been having issues with her eating anyway. I probably throw as much of her food away as she eats and it is all good food. I give her 100 mg of Rimadyl a day too. She looks fine and is acting fine. Any advice is much needed. Thank you, Michael

peachesowner! 5 years ago

Hey alexadry!

has of today her stool is back to normal and not a trace of blood at all...we called the breeder and she reccomended that we give her a little pebto and call her if she gets worse and she would take her to the vet. We gave her the pebto and that afternoon she was better! thank you for your help!

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

Debi and Rhayine, I would recommend a vet visit for both. For the Weiner dog because of its mature age, and for the Rottie puppy because being young.. you can both try a bland diet to sooth the tummy since both cases may be due to food changes... here is the recipe:

but please do not hesitate to see the vet if your dog appears to be sick..there are serious illnesses (like parvo for the pup or kidney, liver issues for the mature dog) causing vomiting or bloody stools that need to be ruled out!

Rhayine 5 years ago

I just got a rottweiler x puppy about 2 weeks ago.... i noticed this morning there was a couple of drips of blood in his poop... he has a bit of diarrea, but not a lot, he has been eating well, with no bones or anything like that ingested.... he did get ahold of a chicked nugget that my son dropped on the floor, and i have no money for a vetrenarian right now... is there anything i can do?

Debi  5 years ago

I have a 14 y/o weiner dog...HR has lost his top 2 front teeth so I changed his diet to can food and soft packet foods..he used to eat all the time before he lost his teeth now he's eating every other day and now he has diarrhea with some blood in his stool along with vomiting....I don't have the money for a vet and I'm scared I'm going to loose him...his stool is not black light brwn

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

Amanda, your dog needs immediate vet attention, obviously is in pain and in need of help, if this was your child would you wait it out? This is part of owning dogs responsibly, if you cannot afford your dog's care borrow some money or see if this hub helps you out:

Peaches owner: stress, diet changes, parasites can all be cuases of bloody stools but in small pups parvo is always a threat, since she is so young I would recommend seeing the vet as well.

peachesowner! 5 years ago

Hi alexadry!

I have a 7 week old puppy and she is a toy poodle. Here recently she has been having normal stool and is happy go lucky and very playful. This Morning I took her out to potty and she had runny poo and a little blood. But we recently started leaving her in her kennel as we went to work and school and she has a fit! could this new stress cause this blood in her stool? i am very scared cause i'm so attached to her...can't afford to take her to the vet until i get my tax refund...please please help me....i cant stop crying over it...


amanda w 5 years ago

I have a13 week old black lab has ate the same food always had loose watery stools for three weeks thought it would go away. Nope. Has a bright red blood in stools for overa week almost two today it was only clots of.blood no fesces at all. Idk what afford a vet right now he barks.24/7 n not just barks like whining groaning barks a child.crying.hysterically all tge time i cant anymore

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

Roy Boy: I would have your dog checked out to be sure. If there were no symptoms I would say perhaps wait and check if a bobby pin was found in the stool, but since you state there are symptoms, I would be safe and get the dog checked. A bobby pin could cause damage as it passes through and if it stays in the stomach, it can eventually cause vomiting and a blockage. Your vet can take an x-ray to determine if the bobby pin is in your dog. Best wishes!

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

Tucker, rice and chicken is not meant to be given long term, a 5-7 day use should not cause problems and should be enough time to allow the stomach to heal in worst cases. You need to gradually add the regular diet to the rice diet so to give the stomach time to adjust back to the regular diet, (in other words don't switch over abruptly). You can ask your vet about commercial bland diets for sensitive tummies, best wishes!

Roy Boy 5 years ago

I have a two year old lab. when my daughters got home from school today they let her out of the kennel. She was excited to see them. She went into the kitchen ad threw up. Tonight I watched her have a BM and found a little blood in the snow ans in her stool. I have given her regular treatments of Sentential and not missed a dose. My labbie is not very energetic tonight. My daughter do have bobby pins and I am worried she might have eaten one. Any thoughts?

Maria 5 years ago

Hi again, my dog is in vets tomorrow :( good job for pet insurance. I will let you all know tomorrow with what the vet has said.

Maria 5 years ago

Hi, My poor dog which is a lab, has had dirrareah for about 4 days and a tiny bit of blood. TODAY coming b ack from my work I have found his stook thick tarry in the garden. I know he is due worming/may be slightly overdue. Their is no food touched except I did give him worming tablets abut 3o mins ago with some ham wrapped up as he spitts the tablets out. I hope this has done the trick. Will keep you updated :(

Tucker12 5 years ago

I have a 6 year old black lab mix. or the past couple of months and $1000 later we still don't know what's causing his vomiting and bloody stools. Sometimes the stools are extremely gooey and red. He won't eat any kind of regular dog food. I just started him on boiled chicken and rice. He loves that. I'm worried about him getting enough nutrition. We do have him on liquid metronidazole 500mg twice a day. We had to go to liquid because he absolutely would not take the pill. It takes 2 of us just to get this down him. How long can I give him this diet? Will this medication take care of whatever is wrong?

Jojo 5 years ago

I have a ten year old shih tsu who vomited and had bloody and dark diarhea last year. We spent almost $1,000.00 on tests and ultra sounds to no avail. The vets still could not figure what was causing our little girl to feel so bad. It seemed like she would get sick about 2-3 times a week. This lasted for about 6 months. Bonnie(our sweet girl) had her teeth cleaned and the vets found some bad teeth which they had to pull. Amazingling she hasn't been sick since last January. So Get your pets teeth cleaned at least once a year as we found out all that bacteria in her mouth was finding her way into her stomach and causing her all these problems.

mms 5 years ago

I have a 2lb pomeranian and last night I found runny poo w/spots of blood and then there were little drops of blood leading away from that area as well. I cleaned it all up and put her in my bathroom to keep a closer eye on her- nothing else showed last night but now my husband just found some again! She is sooo spoiled she refuses to eat dog food of any kind so it could be her diet but we didn't eat anything out of the ordinary in the past few day.I check her poo for worms on a regular basis and I have never seen anything. I have no funds to take her to the Vet and I am terrified that something might be wrong with her!! Please help..any advice would be appreciated

carolina 5 years ago

my dog is going to turn two next month and shes a Pomeranian mix who is always hyper and running around but yesterday she pooped just blood. it was pretty gross because she was dirty from her butt and she popped blood again but she hasn't lost her appetite and drinks plenty of water. I gave her some medicine for allergies because in the back of her neck she has a piece of hair missing and has dandruff. I have no idea what is wrong with her and i'm really worried. any advice?? anyone please?

craigmissuea profile image

craigmissuea 5 years ago from USA

People often ignore things like blood in dog's stool. But it is a very serious concern and should not be taken lightly. Your blog makes people aware of this fact.

:( 5 years ago

I Have a 4 year old doberman and we got him today and ever since we got him from the owner he has been laying down and pooping and peeing everywhere and blood in the stool..Depression or more serious?

Worried. 5 years ago

Hey, my 12 year old dog has blood in stool since this morn, throwing up and diarrhea. Lost in appetite and slight fever. We brought him to the vet recently for the same problems except blood in stool and we have been giving him the prescribed medication. What's wrong?! :(

Stephanie 5 years ago

I came home from work and my dog has been pooping blood all day therr is no poop its just all blood I took her to the vet and they said it was going to be over 1,000 I was wondering if she will be ok until in the morning I dont know what to do.

Kathy 5 years ago

I have a 10 yr old shih tzu, a few months ago he started voimting on and off yellow foamy liquid and loose poop. I took him to the vet, she did a blood test that showed his protein levels were bad,so the next day the vet did an ultrasound which show that he had an ulcer,we treated him for that the voimting stopped but the loose poop hasn't. The vet now wants to do a bowel biopsy,because of the old blood that is in bowel.The vet said that she doesn't feel any masses. Any ideas of what this could be, I don't want to put him through any surgery,if we can treat him successfully without surgery.

Lady Lea 5 years ago

Helpful tips!

1. If your dog throws up just yellow foamy bile, feed later than usual since this is due to empty stomach. You can also feed small meals couple of times a day.

2. If your dog throws up his meal, do not feed him/her for 24 hours and watch his behavior and fecal matter. You should also give them honey, salt & sugar or Gatorade mixed in water for hydration. If he/she does not drink, try to spoon-feed.

3. If your dog's fecal matter is with blood and mucous, he/she needs to see a vet.

4. If your dog throws up his meal and raw hide (great for chewing and maintaining his teeth) then he/she could have ingested too much and it may be in his digestive tract and start spreading bacteria. This could take up to 5 days for it to pass.

5. If this is the case for your dog(more than 3 days of vomiting and bloody stool), you should take him/her to a vet to get the shots for rehydration and to reduce nausea.

My son who is a 16 month old Maltichon, who had above symptoms and found out that he could have ingested too much of raw hide. We don't know for sure yet since it's his 5th day. He currently is on boiled chicken and rice diet for 4 days with medication. He did not throw up last night but had many spots of diarrhea without signs of blood. I shall see for couple more days. If he does not improve, he was recommended to get his blood work done by his vet.

I wish all of you with luck in taking care of your dogs! Ignoring symptoms for too long is also an abuse! Think about that....

Thank you for reading!

roseanne 5 years ago

my dog named raven w/c is a shih tzu keeps pooping with blood and mucus (but his apetite and energy hasn't changed) after he had his first deworming. is it ok for him to do that?I am so worried, but before he was pooping with blood having anti-inflammatory(non-steroidal)medications. can that be the cause?

deblipp profile image

deblipp 5 years ago

Informative Hub!!!!

No doubt the hub in incredibly valuable. It is very common that whoever look across the blood in stool, very normally going to be get terrified. The explanation of various causative agents like,Blood in stool is medically known as hematochezia or melena. Common causes of hematochezia are Parvo, Parasites, Dietary indiscretions, HGE, Rectal injuries and common causes of Melena such as Use of NSAIDS, Pepto-Bismol, Ingestion of blood, Blood clotting disorders, Post surgery complication, and Tumors/Cancers. Thanks a lot for sharing such a wonderful peace of text.

Love-My-Dog 5 years ago

Hi folks - to reiterate the fudamental message on this string of messages: Absolutely, if your dog is sick, behaving oddly, not eating properly...TAKE IT TO THE VET. For crying out loud, this is only a place to get guidance. Dustydd - best wishes for your terrier.

It turned out that the blood in Trooper's stool indicated Giardia. Maybe blood in association with Giardia is unusual, however, the parasites evedently irritated his intestinal track. Having started with the stool test (skipping a doctor visit - hey, he would have sent me there anyway), and then getting the medication prescribed was truly not that expensive all things considered. If you already have a vet, chances are you can go straight to the stool test. The sample needs to be collected within 12 hours and the results are typically availably by the next day. I'm sure if it were an emergency the results would probably be available immediately (I'm guessing).

For the sake of "newer" dog owners (like myself): There is a vaccination for Giardia (Trooper has his and it's up-to-date), however, they can still get Giardia which is a parasite. Also know that Giardia is common, even if your dog is past the stage of eating his own or other dog's stool, they can still acquire it by walking/running around a dog park and later licking their paws for example. Also know, Giardia CAN be transmitted to humans! Wash your hands; don't kiss their paws, etc. Keep a small bottle of anti-bacterial cleaner in whatever you usually take with you, a fanny pack, a backpack.

Good luck! Oh, did I mention: TAKE YOUR DOG TO THE VET!

patdmania profile image

patdmania 5 years ago from waterford, mi

Good hub! Blood in stool is never a good thing. Take them to the vet!

Whitey 5 years ago

Dustydd- Take him to the Vet!!!

Dustydd 5 years ago

My terrier mix 2 year old had a watery loose stool yesterday and was acting fine. Today around noon he had a bloody bottom and has been having bloody stools since. He is lethargic,haunched over and also feels like he has a caved in tummy. His stools look like watery cranberry sauce with coffee grinds. He has also vomitted a few times. Is there anything I could do for him? I think he may have ingested some milk about half a cup.

Dustydd 5 years ago

My terrier mix 2 year old had a watery loose stool yesterday and was acting fine. Today around noon he had a bloody bottom and has been having bloody stools since. He is lethargic,haunched over and also feels like he has a caved in tummy. His stools look like watery cranberry sauce with coffee grinds. He has also vomitted a few times. Is there anything I could do for him?

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

Best wishes for Trooper! Yes, the main goal of my article is to primarily inform dog owners on what to expect and some possible causes so they are better prepared. Feel free to provide updates on your pal, however consider that many times an actual culprit is not found. 5 years ago

This is really good site to start doing some research before taking your 4 legged friend to the vet, but I wouldn't avoid taking him solely based on what I read on the internet.

I was really surprised to read that some people wait so long before considering a visit to the vet - however, it's really sad that a resounding common thread here is the cost of vets.

Love-My-Dog 5 years ago

I noticed minimal fresh (red) blood in my dogs stool about 3 days ago and then again and then again, but today's also had a little mucous. It's such a small amount and I've only really noticed it once a day. While I already collected the stool and contacted the vet to stop by later, I thought I'd do a little reasearch and came upon this site. I'm really enjoying having the information so readily available, but agree that this isn't a substitute for a visit to the vet. This was a way for me to arm myself with additional information in case there's something I should mention that I hand't thought as important.

In the meantime, I'm reading through some of these posts and started to feel like I worry about my dog too much.

Really? Dogs are vomitting for days, have diarreah, even as puppies and you're not worried? I agree with Amber - while financial circumstances change, and trust me, I was unemployed for several months; I get it. If you choose to get a mini-this or a pure-that, or for that matter any one of our dogs, they're all important, then for crying out loud, take the dog to the vet to ensure that their doing okay. They can't tell us what hurts. I can't wait until my dog doesn't have an appetite, he's a Lab mix, he lives for food. Keep your fingers crossed for me that my little Trooper has nothing more than an infected anal gland or something like that. If I learn anything enlightening about blood in the stool, I'll try to remember to come back here to post the results.

By the way, the book "The Art of Racing in the Rain", narrarated by a dog, is AWESOME! Just thought I'd throw that out there.

razorbackfan09 5 years ago

Well on Monday i had found out my dog had parvo... he is doing great! i did home treatments and it saved us a lot of money! he is great and eating and drinking on his own.... but i still give pedilite every hour about 10mlx10 he is doing awesome! My sisters dog passed away today she was a shituz and she went to the vet today and they said it was something in her intestines well she passed away even after seeing her vet she had bloody stool and was puking a clear foamy liquid.. but she is in a better place now where she isn't going to be hurting anymore. my sister is mentally handicapped so her loosing this dog is the worst thing for her. hopefully if you can afford to own a very expensive dog you should be able to take them to the vet that is neglect on your part if you dont and it's just to be sure i wouldn't want anyone to have to go through what my sister has had to grow through... Hope everyones dog is doing better!!

Amber 5 years ago

I agree with the person who said you suck if your dog is obviously sick and you don't take him to the vet. If you can afford to buy a teacup this or a mini that, you should be able to figure out how to take care of them properly. If they need to be seen, make it happen or don't have a pet in the first place. Oh, and never have kids.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

Any recent diet changes? I am thinking that since you had him for just a few weeks the previous breeder or owner must have given perhaps a different food. Food changes must be done very gradually. also, I recommend a fecal test to rule out worms, best wishes!

Christie 5 years ago


i have had my gorgeous little male bigon frise for almost 2 weeks now but really recently i have noticed a small amount of blood in watery poo. I have wanted a dog for 12 years and was so excited to get him so obviously now i am really worried about him! i know this is like everybody elses comments but i just dont know what to do- but if it continues then i will obviously take little charlie to the vets. x

lw 5 years ago

My dog is 2 1/2, his appetite is down the past 2 days but he is eating some. Yesterday is stools were normal but some black. Today he has diarreha and maybe some blood. His behaviour is normal and he is very active

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

If it is more than few drops of blood I would have him seen by the vet. Any recent diet changes? Abrupt diet changes are often a cause. If he playful and acting fine you can perhaps wait but I would have a fecal run to exclude parasites.

If this is due to a diet change or some upset stomach a bland diet may help,

However, there is no way I can tell you if this is really serious or not. If he is acting fine and is energetic I would not worry too much about it,but you must watch him closely and may have to have him soon asap if he seems to act sick, there are serious disease like parvo or gastro-enterirtis that need immediate attention.

If the blood is more than a few drops you must keep an eye on the gums which should be bubble gum pink, if they are pale, white, greyish or bluish, he is loosing too much blood and needs a vet immediately.

Sorry I am not a vet and cannot give medical advice about when to take a pup or dog to the vet, but I can tell you that it is best to get it checked out especially if it continues.

Starrbar 5 years ago

My boxer puppy just turned 9 months old and last night my husband found blood in his stool. This morning when I was about to leave for work, I saw it. It is bright red and thick. More like just blood, than stool. I've repeatedly call our vet, but there has been no answer and the emergency vet charges astronomical prices, that we really just can't afford right now. Does this sound like a life or death situation? He was taken in and neutered 3 weeks ago and has recovered fine. Could this be something to do with it? I am terrified because he is my big baby. He is acting relatively normal. Energetic and playful and eating like a horse, as usual, with no change to his diet. Any suggestions? I'm coming to continue to try for the vet regardless, but if I don't need to take him in, I don't want to. He is very afraid of the vet and has anxiety issues when he goes.

LOVING 5 years ago

my pup is 3 months old and has been to the vet and had all its worms shots and parvo shots and for some reason he has started to have bright red blood in diarea.. im worried but idk if its bc he swallowed an acorn the other day or if its something serious. he is running and playing like normal and is very active like a healthy puppies should but i dont know what's going on. please help if you have some info

Linc 5 years ago

My dog linc has had bloody diarrhea for about 2 weeks now no change in appeitite, or in his energy, hes almost 3, it isn't parvo because my other dog would be affected, and there's been no change in his food, is it possible he ate something and hurt himself passing it?

he's an avid rock collector...maybe he ate a stick ...he was chewing on one before his stomache got upset...but the vet says he's fine...any advice?

Nura  5 years ago

Ok so I got 2 adult yorkies one of which is a toy. From the moment I got them they have been having a lot of digestive problems. The toy (Snoopy) had Giardia and had blood and mucus in his stool. He was treated with a systemic antifungal medication as will as IV fluids for dehydration and an antiemetic drug as well. The other one Mati was always vomiting, the vet gave hime panacur and the problem still persists. It is the night before that Mati got really bad and Snoopy had the blood in his stool again. I took them to the vet ASAP. Come to find out the previous owners never told me that these dogs were on a special diet. They have really sensitive stomachs and the vet put them on Prescription Diet I/D (intestinal diet). I have switched out the nutro I was giving them and will continue to monitor their progress with the food. They are both on amoxicillin, and flagyl, Doc also gave Mati shot of Reglan sub cut for vomiting as well as panacur to both. Blood in stools is frightening but it can be something minor as food that is not sitting well with your dog's stomach.

chris 5 years ago

i have a 12 yr old terrier and he is not very active sleeps a lot has a pump on hind back. he is eating and drinking water. now recently he has blood in his stool, now it is little watery stool with blood notice this morning. what could it be.

lola 5 years ago

We adopted our lab mix from a shelter when she was 9wks old. A week later she started having diarrhea, and bloody diarrhea. She went to the emergency vet, and then to the regular vet and was placed on flagyl and albon amongst a few other things. A few days later we couldn't get her to move she was so lethargic. She wouldn't eat or drink and we had to wring out washcloths in her mouth, just to keep her from getting dehydrated. They kept her at the vet overnight and said it was coccidia. She continued on the same medications (what she had already been taking for 5 days prior to her getting so sick) and a bland diet. I believe the bland diet is what helped because she is almost ten months now and I have had to put her on a bland diet at least 4 other times because of her diarrhea. She has always had soft stools with a very bad odor and unpleasant gas, which I think could be a flag. We did another fecal about a month and a half ago when she was having watery stools again (enough that we had to sleep downstairs with her because she was constantly whining to go release herself), the vet said they saw something but it wasn't serious, like maybe bunny poop. I understand I cant keep her out of everything, but we take her out on a leash, so we dont let her eat things. I was told to keep a better eye on her. At this point we were coming home to her covered in diarrhea after being in her crate for only an hour. I know this isn't normal. We slowly switched to Nutro's Natural Choice chicken, rice, and oatmeal for sensitive stomachs. This helped for about a month and then the diarrhea came back. We are in the process of switching vets but she is on albon now, and has been for 10 days and she is still having watery stools and about half of them have had red bloody mucus. The bloody mucus didn't start until about three days after taking the albon. does anyone have any ideas as to what is wrong with my poor dog? I feel so bad for her. I know coccidia can sometimes need more rounds of treatment, but with no change after 10 days on albon? She does seem to have a little separation anxiety, could that be causing such bad gas and diarrhea? what about colitis? Sorry this is so long, we are just so concerned about our little girl.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

I woulds take him to the vet now. Being so small, he can dehydrate quite fast and he may need fluids. You can try to put some pancake syrup on his gums to increase his energy level.But since he is already showing signs of not being himself, better get this taken care of now than being in the middle of the night worried with no vets open. and emergency centers can cost hundreds of dollars. Best wishes!

sora 5 years ago

My pup is papillon, will be 2 years old in December but he's been having diarrhea for a few nights, he tries and tries to hold it but seems to make it less and less over the hours. I let him out several times and compared to how little he is you'd think he wouldn't be able to go anymore cause he didn't eat as much as he's expelling..

On top of that its red color and there are drops of blood, he hasn't thrown up but he is acting tired, he still eats well. When i'm around he gets up and runs around and wants to play with me so he has energy but when I walk away he lays in a corner which isn't normal.

The only thing I could think of that's different is he licked off some grease from the side of the bbq 3-4 days ago, and he spends more time outside then he did when he was a pup.

Does he need a vet? How long do I have before I need to get him to a vet? I wouldn't be able to till after my meeting this morning and I'm worried he wont make it!

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

shakes, yes no more fish bones please...give him a high quality dog food to prevent potential problems.

Leigh, keep an eye on your pup, is the area in the rectum sore resembling a sausage like protusion? in this case be wary of rectal prolapse

However, to answer your question dogs rarely get hemmorhoids, if this is what you think it may be this link may be helpful:

This upset tummy can very likely be sue to the sudden diet change. You should have done it more gradually. Try to mix the new puppy food with rice and then gradually diminuish the rice and increment the puppy food over 4-5 days. Best wishes!

Kristine 5 years ago

Hi I have a 13 week old pug/jackrussel, we have had him for about 3 weeks we took him in for his first shots and checkup the vet said everything was fine but he has constant diarrhea and we have know noticed there is blood, but the blood is not in his stool, he goes to the bathroom and then when he goes to try again its a mucusy blood... Im not to sure what to do in this case or what to try... as i am a first time pet owner... thanks

Leigh 5 years ago

ALSO..just to add..I started the pup on deworming meds yesterday. Could this not also be why there is diarrhea? and the blood? I researched and found that this could be possible side effects from the tablet.

Thank you

Leigh 5 years ago

Hi..Ok so my pup of 8weeks has the same runny brown stool..does not smell too bad..But i was wondering, seeing as though this was not mentioned..if a pup has diarrhea & his rectum is swollen and looks raw, can the blood not just be from soreness as he is trying to push the stuff out? This is the second day he has had these movements. I think it is because the breeder had it on rice & I changed his diet to puppy formula type of food. Who knows. I live in SA and the prices here are R400 just for a consultation. so i will be monitoring it over 2days to see if there is a change. But back to my question, can it not just be from passing so much stool that bleeding occurs?? That makes sense to me. Pup eats and drinks normally.


shakes 5 years ago

hi my black labrador is having a blood in its stool. 4 month old puppy.. he always eat fish bones and maybe its the one that makes it ... i stop giving fish bones on his food now instead dog food and other meat that wont irritate his stomach.. is there are other things i should do more?

Lisa 5 years ago

List of possibilities 1. diet consider food trial. allergy or intolerance is common. Other causes include parasites, inflammatory bowel disease, foreign body, tumour.

At the end of the day, all speculation without veterinary examination. Take a stool sample to your vet.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 5 years ago from USA Author

Starry, have the vet run a fecal test to rule out parasites. It may be anything from intestinal parasites to diet changes or any of the other causes listed in my article.

mitesh 5 years ago

Hi, I have a female dog of 5 months.Today in her poop blood also came out. Which symptom is dat?

starry 5 years ago

Hi, I have a 7 year old male Bischon Frise. He threw up a couple days ago, followed by kind of runny and bloody stool. He is still very energetic and playful, and has good appetite. I switched plain porridge immediately that day and the vomiting stopped. The bloody stool situation improved with lesser amount. What could be wrong with him?

alexadry profile image

alexadry 6 years ago from USA Author

I would recommend a prompt vet visit with blood work to check your dog's BUN levels and see if he is possibly suffering from uremia. Diarrhea can be a sign of uremia. Please see your vet to rule this out.

BRI 6 years ago

Hi, I have an 12 year old Coker. He has been on dippers because he can't hold his pie for more than 4 hours. He has kidney failure and he is on dialysis. Last night he started to poop every 3 hours and each time the poop was surrounded with more and more blood. WHat could this be?

alexadry profile image

alexadry 6 years ago from USA Author

Thank you Cino's mom for the great advice!

Cino's Mom 6 years ago

Okay - so most of what I have been reading here alrms me. i am a veterinary technician. Bloody stools can be caused by a variety of things. Basics are - worms, coccidiosis, giardia, sudden diet change. More involved: Parvo, dietary intolerance, foreign body obstruction ect. "Garbage guts" as we fondly call it is also reffered to as pancreatitis. The dog usually gets into or is given something that doesn't agree with it, and this can be very painful to the dog. Yes we do need to run tests and xrays to rule out to rule out other things and yes these tests can be expensive. Sheps also have been known to need pancreatic enzymes added to their diet. I have also seen litters of pups that are on the RAW diet( god only knows why anyone would feed that!) and die from salmonella poisening. BTW - parasites, salmonella and giardia amongst other zoonotic diseases can be transferred to humans. We have also seen salmonella from smoky bones, pigs ears and rawhide products. Feeding bones can also be hazardous! So my suggestion would be: if you had profuse blood in your stolls and were vommitting - would you not seek medical treatment? Get your dogs on a quality diet - rule out dietary indescrestions, allergies ( small breeds), Pancreatic insufficiancy and go from there. Make sure all vaccinations are current and the animal has been treated for all intestional parasites. Gradually change diets over a 10 day period. The guts need time to adapt. And for gods sake to the person who thinks their dog may have ingested rodent poisen - You need to seek emerency treatment right away. A dog can be killed in as little as 12 hours by rat / slug poisen It contains warfarin!

alexadry profile image

alexadry 6 years ago from USA Author

Cat,how is your dog acting right now? Is he active, playful quite normal? Were the spice drops sugarless? I would be worried if they contained xylitol as in the sugar free versions. Xylitol is toxic to dogs. If your dog is acting normal, and the blood in the stool is limited to a drop or two then you can use a wait and see approach and use a bland diet as follows:

Have your dog seen ASAP though if he starts acting lethargic, appears dehydrated, if the diarrhea continues and if the blood in the stool is a lot. Best wishes!

jo enriquez 6 years ago

pls help me,i have a 2 month old puppy.last thursday she arrived here from my mother's house..the next day she had diahrrea and refuse to eat and drink in the afternoon..yesterday morning she ate i gave her mix boiled chicken and rice,and she drinks little with my help..i see her stool with dark red color.. today the diahrrea lessen but she is still looks lonely.. my mother told me that maybe before she ate fish bones in their house.. pls help me what to do.. i cant take her to the vet.. its too expensive.. pls help me what to do..thanks..

Cat 6 years ago

yesterday My dog 3 yr old lab/terrier mix got a hold of a whole bad of spice gum drops and ate them all. today when I got home he had very loose stool with bright blood in it and vomit which had some undigested gum drops . I didnt feed him hoping to settle his stomach but this evening, he had another accident on the carpet. diarriah and blood. He had never messed in the house before. Should I give him a day or two to see if hes back to normal or should I take him to the vet?

alexadry profile image

alexadry 6 years ago from USA Author

If your dog was vaccinated against Parvo it is highly unlikely he would get it even though no vaccine can be said to be 100% effective. Look in your dog's shot records: look for his distemper shot. You should see something like DHLPP or Dhpp. If there are two ''p'' then your dog is vaccinated against Parainfluenza and Parvovirus. Most distemper vaccines include parvo.

This sounds more like something due to the treats or the cough medicine. You can try a bland diet of rice and boiled skinless chicken for a few days to see if his tummy gets a bit better.

Here are details on the bland diet

If he is still active that's a good sign, keep an eye on him and report anything worrisome immediately to your vet. If you are really concerned call your vet and have a stool sample checked to rule out parasites, even though the heartworm meds should protect against some worms, there are some others it does not protect against. Make sure he has never been around mouse poison, toxins or trash in the past days if you suspect he has, a vet visit is in order.

kobes mom 6 years ago

hey alexadry i have a malamute mix and he doesn't eat people food or wet food he's had all his shots and heart worm meds i just took him out today and i noticed some blood in his poo, he's still very active and eating his regular food his gums are still pink and idk what it is and he's 1 so hes 2 old 4 parvo right? he is on meds thought because he had kennel cough and ive had 2 give him treats with his pills which results in @ least 2 extra treats a day with his regular food and dental sticks this is the first time i noticed this and idk what 2 do.

please help me out.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 6 years ago from USA Author

You know your dog best and yourself best. If this was just a one time occurrence it may be because of the trash eating. If your dog looks fine and is acting normally, it is up to you to decide if you feel better having her checked out or monitoring her closely to see if these episodes repeat. Unfortunately I cannot say for sure if this is something occasional or due to some other issue. The trash eating episode makes me think though this is more likely the cause. Keep her away from the trash and the people food and see if the bloody stools disappear if you wish. Best wishes!

mamaxt 6 years ago

Hi, my 8-yr.-old American Eskimo dog just produced stool with some bright, red blood on it. Normally, she'll go in the afternoon in one bowel movement, but today it took her four movements before she was done. The first two were perfectly normal (hard, well-formed and the usual color), but the last two, while still being the normal size, density and color, were accompanied by scant amounts of blood. She recently got into the garbage and ate some people food (we RARELY give her anything other than her usual dry food) and also vomited yesterday afternoon. Other than that, though, she seems fine. Her gums are a healthy pink, she's energetic and seems generally happy and healthy. Any thoughts? Should I be alarmed or just wait it out and continue to observe her BMs?

sarah 6 years ago

Hi, my little puppy just pooped a watery poop with red stains that looked like blood.. it wasn't very much.. but it worries me... he jst saw a vet like couple of day ago and everything was ok.. his poop was negative except for an eye infection. On his paper though the doctor circled abnormal in the digestive section.. reasons i dunt know why.. cuz my friend who took him didn't ask... what could this be.. its sucks cuz I JUST TOOK HIM TO THE VET...

alexadry profile image

alexadry 6 years ago from USA Author

Mimi's Mummy: take advantage tomorrow to mention it to the vet and have them run a fecal test (collect a teaspoon amount of fresh poop) it could be anything from parasites to diet changes. If you changed her food too quickly very likely this may be a cause, best wishes!

keely, all the most common potential causes are mentioned in the article, have your vet run a fecal. I recommend having your puppy seen since he is having both runny stools, vomiting and bloody episodes.

keely 6 years ago

i have a chi-weenie he is about 7-8months now and he the last few days he has had bright red blood in his stool it is mixture of solid and runny,vomiting once (yesterday) it was a yellowish foam...he is utd on idk what it could be...any1 have any ideas?

mimi's mummy 6 years ago

i am having a bit of a problem with my 11 week old kc spaniel, she was having some loose stools a few weeks ago so we changed her food to pedegree small bite mixer and winalot puppy cans, she is very lively and eating all her food, her stools in the day are fine with the odd spot of blood but in the early morning she gets very loose stools and more spots of blood. There is nothing for her to eat where she spends the night, i am not sure what it could be, she is due her second injections tomorrow but would just like a bit of an idea of what could be happening to make me understand a bit more.

Amber 6 years ago

I also wanted to add that she had her first vet visit last week and she was perfectly normal.

Amber 6 years ago

I have a 9 week old black lab and the last few days i noticed her stools to be more mush and not as solid, today i noticed mucus-type stuff and a little red color blood in her stool. She has been acting normal full of evergy and is eating and drinking normally. Could someone please tell me why her stool looks the way it does, thanks.

babybenzzzz 6 years ago


I have 2 4 1/2 month old Pits. We have had them for about a month and a half. We have been treating them for mange for the past 2 weeks now, as this was when it became apparent that that is what they have. Will mange cause blood in the stools and diarrhea?

They are eating, drinking, playing. Nothing seems wrong until they go poo. Sometimes at the end they will have a jelly like consistency with some bright blood.

I have not tried the whole bland diet with them yet as I am unsure about what to give them for this.

Do you have any idea's?

Thanks :/

Jay 6 years ago

Our dog last week had 15 puppies since then has become I'll so we are having to hand feed all the puppies with having little time on the mother the vets has gave her antibiotics and we have been told the puppies may get diarrhoea which they have what's worrying me is one puppy during the last feed pooped and it was a dark chocolate brown and we think there may have been blood mixed it was very watery mother has had all her shots puppies are 8 days old the puppy is still eating and there seem to be no change in him apart from the strange stool please help very worried.

Karen 6 years ago

My 3 1/2 month old pekepoo ate a chicken-bacon treat several times yesterday, different than his normal diet.

He had soft stool and then just now, very runny brown diarrhea. When I cleaned it up, I noticed some blood on the paper towel.

I am going to watch him, since he is still very active and playful, and if it continues or if his behavior changes, I will take him to the vet.

He has received all his puppy vaccinations except for his very last set.

Kim 6 years ago

My dog since this morning has had bright red blood in her stools. She has no other symptoms playing, eating, drinking water, and her gums are the buble gum pink. Yesterday morning she had cloth in her stool that got stuck while coming out and I had to pull it out, but she had pooped again that eveing but, there was no blood in the stool.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 6 years ago from USA Author

This sounds more like solving a mystery...the blood you see can just be anything, a urinary tract infection, a nose bleed, a wound, a female in heat, or it may be coming from the rectum. Parasites commonly cause bloody stools if this is what you are seeing, so more than the de-worming pills it may be from the parasites themselves. Have the stools re-cecked in three-four weeks but talk to your vet if you see these suspicious droppings. Best wishes!

6 years ago

Can you please advise this is the second time it has happened. I own 3 dogs and it is hard to tell which dog is doing what but yesterday we took two to the vet and they were dewormed and now there's this liquidy bloody type mixture on the lawn. The last time this happened we thought it was because one of them had eaten a rose bush - could the deworming tablets have anything to do with this

court court 6 years ago

Okay I have a one year old yorkie who started throwing up white foam and had a little blood in his stool...he also hasn't ate much today kind of need to know what I should do please...:)

Tristte 6 years ago

Currentli having a mini. Maltese. Why does my puppy keep on scratching the same area on the body even though when I specifically bathe that area.? There's no ticks no fleas.

Kristen 6 years ago

Hello, my 2 month old mini. Maltese didn't eat much, I tried canned food, but not just a week, the old problem started again not eating much. What should I do? And for the past two days, I noticed that there was a little drip of blood on the stools. What exactly is wrong with him?

alexadry profile image

alexadry 6 years ago from USA Author

Does this dog vomit bile in the middle of the night or when on an empty stomach? Do you feed a meal a day or two?

Elle 6 years ago

We left our 8 month old dog at the breeders for a week and brought him back home the first day he was fine but the second day back home he started to vomit yellow foam it looked like bile. He also isn't eating I'm not sure what to do

alexadry profile image

alexadry 6 years ago from USA Author

Jo, time to see the vet! This puppy worries me a lot... try to rub some pancake syrup on the gums and head to the closest vet...

alexadry profile image

alexadry 6 years ago from USA Author

Devotedowner: sorry to be late, I am undergoing classes and was out of town. Vets will take special precautions when dealing with senior dogs. The may use special anesthetics (such as isuflurane)and take extra care of the dog. I would go to a trusting vet if necessary who will do bloodwork to see if the dog's organs are working well before going under.Of course, there are always risks, on the higher side when the dog is senior, so the decision should be evaluate carefully. Discuss with the vet your fears and alternative options. Best wishes..

jo  6 years ago

hello can anyone help, my friends dog was sick yesterday then today she hasn't been herself no energy and very cold she wrapped her in a fleece to keep her warm and noticed when she took her out for toilet that it was runny and blood colour we manage to get a bit of water in her but she just isn't herself she has been a bit shakey too please can anyone tell me what might be wrong thankyou x

tiffany 6 years ago

My dog was taking a stool and it was perfectly fine and all of a sudden she started to bleed i dont know if its because shes constipated and pushing hard,or if she act something. shes acting normal playing running drinking water and eatting. she doesn't have diarrhea nor is she vomiting im very concern and worried because shes only 7weeks & 3days ...

alexadry profile image

alexadry 6 years ago from USA Author

When there are fleas you have to not only treat the dog but also treat the environment. It is useless to treat the dog when there are still flea eggs and larvae spread in the areas the dog frequents. Ask your vet for a good product that kills eggs and larvae with'' Insect Growth Regulator '' such as Ovitrol.

It is hard to say if the application of Advantix and the blood in the stool are correlated. I would recommend a fecal test to rule out parasites or protozoans to be on the safe side.

There have been many reports of Advantix causing problems, but I mainly see dermatological issues or neurological ones. here is a link of people reporting problems

Cmc 6 years ago

My dog was fine until I started him on Advantix. He threw up a lot and had diarreah with some bright red blood. This all happened within hours of being treated with it. I immediately bathed him with dawn dish liquid and gave him a dab of cannned pumpkin on his tongue. The vomiting stopped right away and within a few hours he was more active. I took him to the vet and tests were normal but he was put on antibiotcs. I just want people to be aware that advantix can kill your dog if he or she is sensitive to it. I started to use natural products but they didn't work the fleas were bad. So yesterday I tried Frontline. His poop was not normal. Mucousy and slightly runny. Today straining and barely pooping with some bright blood. I'm giving him the pumpkin again. (Please try that for vomiting, diarreah and constipation too. ) I don't know what to do about the fleas. These products are dangerous but nothing works at controlling fleas. He is a Pom and I bathe him once a week but we live in a wooded area. Any suggestions?

Erin 6 years ago

I have a three year old jack russell Terrior. About a week ago my step mother told me she saw some blood in his stool, I didn't think much about it because of his recent food change and a call to the vet said that could happen if you go too fast (which I did):( Since then it hasn't happened again until this morning. He pooped on his bed and it appeared to have bright red blood in it. I quickly jumped on the internet and started reading up on it (because it is Sunday). I started freaking out about poisions people were posting and parasites and recal injuries (where would he get this stuff?) He is up to date on all his shots and was in the vet's office for a neuter three months ago and everything was normal. I have a fenced in yard and usually just open the door and let him out and when he is ready to come back in he stands by the door. Today I watched him so that I could check his stool. Well, guess what!! Apparently there is a very tall tree in my back yard that produces what look like little berries and he went for them. I placed a call to my father to come right over and look at them. Well apparently they are poisionus!!! My father said that the berries could make parts of his runny stole red and would look like blood and as long as he is active, eating normally, nice looking gums and acting normal, he should be fine and under no circumstance should the dog eat those berries again. I had no idea this could happen. I am so glad I have a solution (crossing my fingers) and if he gets worse in any way for if the "blood" continues Mambo is going to the vet!!

brooke 6 years ago

My 9yr old Jack Russel has had loose stools the past two days and I just recently noticed that he had a lil bit of brite blood at the end of his stool. He has a normal appetite and appears to be acting normal. i am not sure what I should do...I would hate to take him to the vet for nothing....

devotedowner 6 years ago


I have a 12 year old English Setter that I have had since he was born because we raised dogs...he has had runny stool with blood and in the past he really strained and went frequently..

I have visited the vet three times. The first time we learned he dropped 10 pounds and I was devastated because he ate all the time and is an alert dog. He got put on medication for worms (just in case), upset tummy, and to clear up a bladder infection.

Second trip, he gained a pound (yay), and his stool seemed better, although i noticed there was a mix of light and dark coloration.

Now it is somewhat runny again, with mucus-like blood...again he is eating fine. I am trying so hard to figure out what is going on...he is 12 years old and my vet recommended doing surgery/biopsy on his intestines..

I was wondering what thoughts were, surgery on my old boy scares senior dogs do well with it?

meke 6 years ago

hi, if anyone can help me out i would greatly appreciate it. for the past 2 days we have had electric work done on our house and it has been terribly hot, so instead of leaving the dogs inside without a/c or a fan, ive left them both at my girlfriends mothers house, in an outside kennel. like i said it has been terribly hot and the mosquitoes have been really bad because its so humid. anyway, both dogs are totally inside dogs, they go out to go potty or for a quick jog and they go back in the house. i have a 13 month old olde english bulldogge and a 1 yr old cavachon. so today after work i went and picked them both up and brought them home, both are acting pretty normal. my bulldog is a bit lazy but he always is. hes up to date on all of his shots and eats eukanauba large breed puppy food with some canned food a few times a week. after i got him home he went potty and had diarrhea but i paid it little mind mainly because of the heat and he absolutely hates, i mean hates being outside and i figured the stress did it to him, i mean i cant say stress has never given me the bubble guts. later on though he went in the house which is pretty uncommon for him. this time tho it was the black tar looking stool and im a bit alarmed by it. i could tell he pooped when i walked into the room, but it didn't stink as bad as if he had regular diarrhea. he ate fine after, has played some and is layin down snoozing. i checked his gums which have some pink but he has fairly black gums(they have always been this way and the vets never said anything, he has been in a few times after eating a few pieces of KFC he stole from a bucket and had an infection in his neck when we got him and had surgery and etc. hes seen the vet a few times anyway)and when i pushed on them it went white, but as soon as i took my finger off they went back to pink. if i had not seen his stool black tar looking like that i wouldnt know anything was wrong with him. he just got done eating 2 cups of dry food and a half a can of wet food after he pooped. can stress alone do this to him? ive always had the $$ to take him in at the first sign of any problem but in 1 week were moving to a new house with a big fenced in yard that hes gonna love and i just cannot take him in unless its a life or death situation. can anyone let me know if this is? like i say 2 days in 90+ weather and humid as hell being left alone in a kennel must have been horrible and i know he was very stressed(lil separation anxiety in there too i think.) i know there was no rat poison or anything like that but i cant say for certain there wasn't any sticks or rocks. any input is definatley appreciated! as you can tell by my rant im very worried, hes my best friend and i feel so bad i cant just up and take him in now.

shannon 6 years ago

our dog started throwing up Monday night. I only seen 2 times, but it was mainly just slobber looking stuff. Then, tuesday, he did not eat his food at all, which has never happended before, and I noticed he was not himself. Kind of mopey, then tuesday night he threw up once again. Today, Wednesday, he is not himself and very mopey and drinking a lot of water with slobber hanging from his cheeks. Any ideas?

alexadry profile image

alexadry 6 years ago from USA Author

The metronidazole (flagyl)is a good product to use in these cases where a discernible cause has not been found. Read more about it here>

It is good against bacteria and parasites, so hopefully it will start working if your dog is infested with something.

DID the vet run a fecal test? This can be helpful. If he is still moping around I would check if he is dehydrated by lifting his skin over the shoulder blades and back and watching if it snaps quickly back into place. Stays up a while or remains lifted? Time to see the vet for fluids.

If he is bringing up the water after he is drinking then his stomach is not ready to deal with that much water. Give him ice cubes instead, he will lick them slowly and should be less damaging than water gulped up all at once.

Keep a watchful eye on him, if he is keeping the rice down this is a good sign, but if he is moping around too much contact your vet, best wishes!

Darlene 6 years ago

I made a mistake it is not Sulfatrate it is Sulcrate with the Metronidazole.

Darlene 6 years ago

Hello, like everyone I don't know if this will help or not. My Brutus, 8 year old German Shephard, starting vomitting Wednesday night (very suddenly) and continued until Thursday morning. Drinking lots of water but then bringing it up again, by this point there is no food left in his stomach. No dry heaves though. I took him to the vet and they gave him an antibiotic injection, took some blood, and put him on Baytril. The vomitting stopped after that, however he wouldn't eat and he starting the diarhea. I know that anti biotics can cause diarhea, this is like water only very dark. I eventually got him to start eating and he still continues to drink water, so no dehydration. The blood work came back with his WBC normal and most everything else was either normal or just slightly on the high end or low end. With it not looking like his body was fighting an infection the vet said we didn't need the Baytril anymore, this was earlier in the day. Then later I noticed that there was some geletin like substance with his diarhea and picked it up with a tissue which is when I realized it was blood. It smells really bad too. I called the vet and now he has him on Metronidazole and Sulfatrate. He is lethargic most of the time, with a good spirit, and still eating the ground beef and rice and drinking. I am not sure what steps to take next or if I should let these meds run there course for the next five days. BTW, he also has parianal fistulas and has had anal gland infections in the passed, so of course I am wondering if there is any relationship with the blood.

Concerned and confused.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 6 years ago from USA Author

Rennee, sorry i am later, hope your dog is fdoing better by now, have a vet check her nal galnds as these are the cause of the fishy smell....

Evan, my hub on home remedies for vomiting and diarrhea may help you out but have her seen by a vet if she is acting lethargic, best wishes

Evan 6 years ago

My dog, for about the past 30 hours, has been vomiting and has very liquid stool. Expectedly, she is rather lethargic and lacks an appetite. She's more active now, barking, chasing our other dog, but now I've noticed that she has the bright red blood in her stool. I also saw traces of blood on the rectum. I checked her gums, as mentioned in a previous post, and they seem pretty pink so I think that blood loss is minimal. She's 9 years old, so naturally I'm a little worried. Thanks for any help that you can give.

renee 6 years ago

I have a three year old mini schnauzer and for the past couple of weeks she has had a bad smelly loose stool, mostly dark blood, i take her outside to let her potty and i notice she will urinate but doesn't poop, she will come in the house and wait a while and find a quite place and do that, it has mostly no consistancey and like i said it is dark and foul, when wiped i can tell its blood but like i said its dark, also a few weeks ago i had a 8 mnth old snauzher to pass away with what i assuemd to be parvo, he was purchased at a pet store and we were told he had had his shots for that but he had all the symptons, so to be on the safe side we gave abby her parvo shot at least 3 weeks ago, she is very playful, eats (not quite as well as before) and drinks her water but having the past event I am scared..I also noticed a fishy smell, I hate to be blunt but I want to give you all of the symptons..what do you think it could be

alexadry profile image

alexadry 6 years ago from USA Author

If she has diarrhea I would suggest giving the bland diet as suggested in my hub:

How much blood was there? Usually, a few drops of blood are not a major concern. Checking a dog's gums is a good indicator of anemia and how the dog is doing. Pale, blueish or yellowish gums are a bad sign, whereas bubble pink gums are signs of a healthy dog. However, I do not like when I hear a dog is acting lethargic and refusing food. Any possibilities you can have her seen by a vet? You may be dealing with just an upset stomach, but acting lethargic may be a red flag. Some pancake syrup on the gums may perk her up a bit, but if she is not acting normally all I can suggest to be safe and not sorry is a vet visit. Best wishes!

Another helpful hub on intestinal blockages:

MEG 6 years ago

My 10 month old cocker ate a trim on a southwestern item on Sunday night (two days ago). We know she ate the feather and a couple of beads and some fur with leather-like backing. She has passed the two beads (one was broken) and hairy stuff (fur and feathers?). Her stools were normal yesterday morning but she did not want to eat. Afternoon she had a loose bloody stool and again this morning, with a string of feathery 'stuff' and bloody mucous. She will not eat and is finally drinking water. She is lethargic at home, but went on a mile walk both days and was quite frisky.

I've not pushed her dry food on her and am cooking rice instead to TRY to get her to eat.

Please--- any suggestions would be so helpful and welcomed. Thank you so much

alexadry profile image

alexadry 6 years ago from USA Author

Matt, sounds like your dog needs to see the vet if it was more than a few drops of blood. Especially being her age. Was the stool covered with bright red blood or more dark blackish stool?

Tina,since there are loose stools you can read my hub on treating diarrhea in dogs:

however, if she is acting lethargic see needs to see a vet especially because of her age... it could be just about anything food that did not agree with her, something toxic, parasites, if you need help financially read this hub:

Best wishes to both of you...

Tina 6 years ago

I have a 10yr old rat terrier, who has been passing blood and mucos in watery loose stools all day, for the past week when we take her to do her buisness she will not go, she has been going in the garage. I gave her her regular food after the first loose bloody stool but that did not help....what do you think is wrong? My husband and I have been laid off from our jobs and are barely able to take of ourselves and the kids, I do not want my dog to die...what should I do???

matt 6 years ago

my chocolate labs stool is the concistency of tar and its all blood what does this mean? she is 8 years old is she just getting old? pls hurry if u can

alexadry profile image

alexadry 6 years ago from USA Author

Manny it is hard to tell what can be going on, it may be parasites, stress, a dietary indiscretion, food changes and much more. Since you mention he is throwing up as well if it is food he is throwing up, I would recommend giving him tummy rest and a bland diet as suggested in my other hub below and taking him to the vet for a check up, best wishes!

alexadry profile image

alexadry 6 years ago from USA Author

Carrie, not sure why the vet did not test for giardia, anyhow there may be chances you are simply dealing with a case of gastro-enteritis. This is what happened to my two puppies the same night I got them at eight weeks old. The vet as well could not find the underlying cause but my dogs healed with antibiotics. It is frustrating because without an underlying issue one is concerned about this happening again. You can read more about this in my hub''''Best wishes!

manny 6 years ago

@alexadry.... i have a slightly older dog who has a bit of bright blood in his stool ....he is really active he still is his hyper-self and he has trown up once or twice....what would it be most likely?

Carrie 6 years ago

I don't know if anyone can help or not, but here goes. I have a nine week old pup, today is Wednesday, and we brought her home on Saturday. The breeder had her on a garbage food, so I immediately started to switch her over to Orijen (3/4 old, 1/4 new). She hasn't been much of an eater since we brought her home, but she pees lots. Her energy level has always been great. We had seen the vet the Monday and I was to bring in a stool sample to test for worms (I started her on Revolution that night, as well as a broad spectrum dewormer I got at PetSmart). Tuesday morning she has bloody, loose stool (bright red, mixed in, and a little pool at the end). We went straight to the vet with a stool sample. She is clear of worms. We tested for Parvo, and it was negative. She is currently on Metronidazole for suspected Giardia (started Tuesday morning). There was one less bloodly, runny poop yesterday afternoon (this time it looked almost like small pieces of ground meat), and one slightly more formed, blood free poop last night. No poops so far today.

I started giving her a Blue Buffalo canned puppy food mixed with her original crappy kibble yesterday AM, to encourage her to eat more. I'm also mixing Pedialite into her water.

The vet didn't test her for Giardia, specifically, though the meds do seem to be working. I haven't read that bloody stool is a symptom of Giardia, though, so I'm concerned that it may be something else. Can you please give me your thoughts?

Love My Boxer 6 years ago

I have a boxer who is 9 months old. He started having diarrhea about a week ago. I thought it was from eating some human food that my toddler son had given him. He doesn't get to eat human food so I thought he had an upset stomach. So I thought I would give it a couple days and see if it goes away. Well, a week later and he still has diarrhea and now it has some blood with it as well. Anyone have any ideas as to what this could be?

Sissy Brats Mom 6 years ago

My dog had an allergic reaction to Purnia One's new smart blend dog food. She was have hives and blood in stool. how long will she continue to have blood in stool. cleared up for a few days and is starting back now. very worried about my dog

ILoveLucy 6 years ago

Ok, so the past couple days my dog lucy (she is a brittany and is 14 months old) has been having extremely watery and recently bloody stools. now when i say recent, i mean like a couple poops ago recent. she goes poop like every thirty minutes or so. its not really poop though, its like a disgusting brown water she is trying to shoot out her butt. its terrible to watch. :( anyway, she isn't eating very much but we are making her drink water so she doesn't get dehydrated. she has been sleeping all day (when she isn't crapping) and is acting kinda lethargic, but not alarmingly so. on the fourth of july, someone gave her a half cooked hamburger so i was thinking maybe the parasite thing? but then the gastro whatever sounds like it too. I'm not sure what do to. I want to take her to the vet, the boy toy doesn't. I have heard that bloody stool in dogs is REALLY bad. If it doesn't get better by tomorrow, i am taking her to the vet. could it be anything else?

alexadry profile image

alexadry 6 years ago from USA Author

If the blood was bright red it means it comes from the lower part of the bowels or rectum, if the blood was black, like tarry stools it comes from the stomach or upper intestines. Keep in mind that Pepto may also cause black, tarry stools. I am assuming the blood you saw was bright red. If this is the case, a good place to start is to have your vet run a fecal test. Collect a fresh sample so the vet's can rule out parasites. If she is active, acting normally and the blood loss was minimal then perhaps this can wait but if this continues then there is an underlying cause that needs addressed. I am always for the better safe than sorry and have a pet seen especially if this is not an isolated case. If you want to start with s fecal test this usually does not cost more than 18-20 dollars. Some vets will not run these though if the pet has not be seen for a long time. If this is a puppy have her seen as it may be Parvo or gastro-enteritis. Make sure too that the blood is coming from the rectum and is mixed in the stools and is not coming from the bladder as in a urinary tract infection, Do a visual inspection also around the rectum in search of scrapes or anal gland issues. For financial help for pet owners visit this hub:

Best wishes!

bellasmom 6 years ago

ok so i keep my dog in the bathroom when im not home so she has room to move around. when i came home from the store yesterday she randomly had diarrhea. throughout the day it got a little worse. i read to give her pepto bismol and it helped turn her stool back to normal but today i noticed there was light blood in it. i haven't changed her food and its not often she gets table food but i did change her treats about a week ago. i really cant afford to take her to the vet right now so i want to make sure that im doing everything i can before i have to resort to a vet. any advice?

RE: Babel 6 years ago

You think your dog may have ingested rodent poisoning??? WTF, get him/her to the emergency vet!! If your animal has, he most certainly will perish. In that case please do not get another pet. Such a lackadaisical pet owner does not deserve the responsibility and priveledge of a dog or cat. Imagine the horrible pain as your dog's intestines slowly melt. Yes, do take your time pouring over non professional advice of animal owners to save a few bucks. I am sure in the long run your dog is probably better without you.

Sceptical 6 years ago

I think something is wrong with those of you that say they have no money for a vet visit. If you can't afford to maintain your animals, don't get animals! Be willing to give up a few of the things you might want or need to ensure your best animal friend is healthy and feels good. Consider cutting your cable, or ... your internet! This isn't a minor issue, like a sore ear, this is blood in stool and mucus. Life threatening. Treat your animal as you would want to be treated in this case.

babel 6 years ago

Wow...its crazy how many people are dealing with the same situation. My 15 months GSD has had bloody stools...I suspect he has eaten rodent poison. I have let him get an empty stomach and he started eating on his own yesterday. So now I am only feeding him white rice and cooked ground meat.

Kay Bowers 6 years ago

I have taken my dog to the vet and they tested him for parvo. They put him on antibiotics for the bloody stool and gave him a shot. However, about two weeks later, the bloody loose stools returned and he will throw up from time to time. He acts like he feels ok, but will act like he is having trouble going. He will squat and try and the move to a new spot and try again. Is it possible he has something stuck in his intestine? Has anyone had any experience with this sort of thing. The stool is very loose with bright red blood and there is lots of mucus. This last for several days and then his poop returns to normal. Please let me know if anyone has any thoughts as to what this might be. The test for parvo was neg.

kelsey  6 years ago

Our 2 year old lab weimaraner mix she was fine and happy yesterday morning I was gone almost all day and my fiancé came home and took her out for a little then he left to go over to my parents when I got home she had gone poop several times but she has quite a bit blood in her stool she hasn't been eating and drinking as much as normal these last couple days we had to let her lick ice cubes last night till she finally started eating them and drinking water

Naomi 6 years ago

My 9 week old min schnauzer is having diarrhea with blood. The poop is greenish brown and the blood comes at the end( it's red). Her personality hasn't changed niether has her apitite. She's already had her first two booster shots. I don't know what to do and I'm really worried about her!

CAB 6 years ago

Hello anonymous,

Oh no. All seven? I hope the little ones get better soon. Well, I am sure that you have researched multiple possibilities; Distemper, Coccidiosis, Giardiosis, etc. Here is what I have experienced...Puppies can contract parasites through their mother's milk which will irritate the intestinal wall, however, owners should always be wary of CPV, (Parvo). It is possible for one form of Parvo to pass through the placenta of the mother and infect a fetus before it is even born. Parvo is highly contagious. If Parvo symptoms in puppies are observed, (bloody, fowl smelling stool often yellow in color, vomiting, lethargy, etc.), the puppies need to see a vet immediately for treatment. Parvo is fatal among puppies if left untreated. The virus can be diagnosed by testing a sample of their stool...Of course, the diet change could be the culprit as well. The risk of diarrhea and vomiting is dehydration, which is also extremely dangerous. Since all of the puppies are sick, and their immune systems are still developing, I suspect that some sort of infectious disease and/or a parasitic infection is at hand. Good luck and keep us posted!

Anonymous 6 years ago

Hi, our four week old puppies are currently having bloody diahhera. We did change their diet from their mom's milk to watered down puppy chow, and instead of using bottled water we used the water from our sink, and Petco told us to use bottled water, so we have switched, now, from Puppy Chow to feeding them with bottles and formula for pups. And they have also been throwing up. There are seven puppies and most of them are sick! Any ideas?

Helen 6 years ago

Hi Sarah, yes you should take him to the vets. Surely the peace of mind in the very least is worth it. When it comes to blood in stools accompanied by symptoms of lethargy etc then you cannot rule out parvovirus, which is a particularly nasty virus that can often cause death of the dog. I lost a puppy to this virus a few years ago due to incompetant vets not considering it. So I do think you should take a trip to the vets. I really hope he gets better soon. H

Sarah 6 years ago

My mom has a 5-year-old silk terrier and for the past maybe 4 days, he's been having mucousy diarrhea with red blood, and today it seems, to me, to be getting worse. He hasn't come out of the bedroom a whole lot and he won't take his treats. I don't know how well he is eating, but I am worried about him. My mom doesn't have the spare money to take him to the vet, but she will if he really needs to be seen. Could you please suggest if he should be seen?

busted 6 years ago

i have taken him 2 another vet and blood tests have been done.low blood count and a 19 out of 250(250 being what they should have!!!) test on his blood condition is saying that he hs not got anything to stop him bleeding but for a blood tranfusion that builds up his defence/they said it may be due to a brown tick bite that has been brewing,lizards that have been digested or rats,they have put him on doxycillin and an injection that has been made for cows with 3 day fever.he is still pretty down and blood is still passing but said to give 4 days 4 improving.ill keep u guys posted.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 6 years ago from USA Author

I would have her checked out, black tarry stools may derive from digested blood and therefore can be due to gastro-intestinal bleeding. If she is also acting sad a vet visit is in order. Best wishes!.

getheather 6 years ago

I have a min pin thats 8 months old and she had blood in her stool with slimy mucusy stuff...and was throwing up foamy white stuff...and acted sad and wouldn't eat...then after about 3 days she acted all better again then yesterday I let her out before running errands and when i returned she was acting sick again and pooping black tar stuff...could this be from eating a dead animal...shes a toy and is only about 2 pounds...I have cats that are always catching birds and things...

ree ree 6 years ago

thank u a million Anita_Lumley... i didn't know that.

but it will be so hard doh to change their diet, cause they dont eat anything else other than keep telling me , i gave then to much of bad habbit.. i will surely look up on it.. my doggie is much much better now.. he pooping normal.. thank dog. cause when my pets are in pain, im in pain and i cant even sleep knowing that their uncomfortable.. thank u again Anita_Lumley .

Jessie 6 years ago

I have a 13 week old lab/German shepherd mix and she recently today just started to poop A lot and having it being loose like when you pick it up it leaves a mark on the floor and there is blood mixed in and she has had her first shots and she is on an interceptor so i don't know what to do

busted 6 years ago

my dog buster has been passing blood 4 about a week now.the first sign was uncontroled diarrhea,about 2 days later he had trouble getting up just for a short period of the day,2 more days he started 2 throw up and by morning he went off his food and was throwing up,before he went to the vet he had musterd coloured diarrhea,as the vet only did a check up and perscribed drugz it made him poo a lot more blood and darker poo.hes been in the vet for the past 2 nights and they still donot have a clue!!!we have recently lost 7 other dogs at this vet also as they seem 2 think it is poison or sumthing bacterial!r they doing everything they can!

Anita_Lumley profile image

Anita_Lumley 6 years ago from Springfield, MO

Ree Ree, please, please be careful about feeding your dog liver. Liver is high in vitamin A and can be toxic for your dog. Consuming large amounts of vitamin A for your dog is not healthy. Check out the book Home-Prepared Dog and Cat Diets by Patricia Schenck for more information.

I hope your dog is okay. Good Luck!

ree ree 6 years ago

hello, today my sweetheart doggie looks better, hes active and normal.. i didn't know what went wrong.. i saw some thing on his side, as doh someone had hit him.. and i was told my father had given him a huge bone to eat.. so far i didn't see him pooped.. but he looks ok for now..i keep praying for him to be go, the food i always feed him is boiled rice and boil chicken liver. if i do change his food.he dont eat it..he only eats the liver and rice.. i pray he's better.. cause it goin gto be very hard for me to carry him to the vet. cause my other dog had a broken foot 6months ago, and it taken really long to my money go their with him,, im praying he better. tomorro i have to take my other dog to get the steel off his foot, so ill take to the vet and maybe get som dewormed tablets for him, it been a while since he was dewormed.. takecare ..keeping in touch.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 6 years ago from USA Author

Any recent diet changes? Is he free of worms? Any signs of diarrhea, vomiting? Could he have gotten into rat poison? If he is active and alert and acting normally, perhaps you can feed a diet of boiled rice and skinless and boneless chicken. Make the rice the bulky part of the meal. Give it for a few days, in case this is due to stomach upset. Check his gums frequently, pale gums may be suggest there is too much blood loss and the dog is getting anemic. Normal gums are bubble gum pink. If the blood loss is little and he is still active, alert and playful, you can wait until tomorrow. If he appears lethargic, weak and not his normal self I would have him seen by an emergency clinic for peace of mind, they should be open 24/7. If this is a puppy it may be the first sign of Parvo or gastro-enteritis, serious conditions that need immediate attention.If he is an adult vaccinated dog, it could be many things, parasites, rat poison, bleeding disorders, gastro-enteritis or other. What ever you decide to do, collect a fresh stool sample and have it tested.

ree ree 6 years ago

i saw my doggie this morning and he was fine.. but when i arrived at home in the evening i was told that he was passing blood in his stool.. that evening to gave him a bath and took him for a walk.. and yes i saw the blood..he looks so sad.. i dont know what can i do, cause their isn't any open vet till monday.. its hurting me to see him like dat, wat do i do?

adorababy profile image

adorababy 6 years ago from Syracuse, NY

Usually, the culprit for this problem is caused by parasites and a problem in the intestinal tract which can be treated with de worming and dietary change respectively.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 6 years ago from USA Author

oh,my. I was away for dog training and missed this comment, how is your dog doing now? has your dog run any blood-work to rule out bleeding disorders? any chances your dog could have gotten into rat poison?

Amanda 6 years ago

I have a 5yr old Min. Schnauzer and she has had blood in her stool for a few weeks now. I have taken her to the vet two times now and $700 later but I just can't afford to take her again. She originally went in to get her shots and microchipped and then the vet said that she had a few hook worms and gave me some antibotics and this tube of stuff but that made her hurt so bad!! She wouldn't let anyone touch her or she would cry out in pain so we went back to the Vet and said that she had pancreatitus so we put her on chicken and rice can food and she did get better and now two or three weeks later she's better with her belly not hurting anymore but she has all this blood in her stool. She sleeps in the laundry room and every morning and evening when she's been in there for a few hours theres always little piles of poop and all of it has a bunch of blood in it. So now please please help me with this I beg of you!!!

christina 6 years ago

my teacup yorkie is 11 weeks old and when i got him the breeder was mixing dry food with baby food (chicken and broth. i started using same dry food, baby food then pedigree can. took him to the vet for initial appt. and she said get him off baby food. so i did. now i'm mixing iams dry,original dry and iams can. his stool isn't as watery but i do still see blood. all this has happened in a course of 5 days. as of today his stool is still very soft but not real watery and still see a little blood. is this going to be ok?

alexadry profile image

alexadry 6 years ago from USA Author

If he is still active, alert and playful and the amount of blood is not impressive, then it should be ok to wait. Keep an eye on his gums, they should be a nice bubble gum pink. If they are pale, whitish, gray then this may be indication he has lost too much blood. Also check his skin on the shoulder blades for hydration. Best wishes!

Alexandra in Montreal 6 years ago

Hi...I usually run to the vet with everything and anything but after reading the links about blood in stool he had a little diarrea twice,vomited as well this morning but other than that he is playing etc...he does not have an appetite but I'm sure it's normal since his stomach is not well. It is in the middle of the night and an emergency vet here is over 100 dollars just for a visit,that's not including all the tests they would probably want to do. I guess I will wait...he did over eat yesterday and it was some of my food(human food) so I'm assuming it's that. I will be taking him to his regular vet if it doesn't clear up by tomorrow.

Beverly 6 years ago

My Shih Tzu has blood and mucus in his stool. I took him to the vet, given antibotics and anti parasitic meds, but there is still spotting of blood and heavy mucus. I am afraid. I change his diet to a bland diet of chicken and rice, but my dog's diet is horrible. Now, he cannot have anything, other than his dry food. I don't know what to do. If he gets worst, I don't have the money to get him the medical attention needed.

amy 6 years ago

I love my dog but right now i am soo broke it's not even funny. However i love him and i still manage to get him top food brands and his necessities including a doctors visit once a year. It's true most doctors want you to run tens of tests on a dog even though it may be nothing..or anything serious. Thats why i like to read these articles. Don't get me wrong i act quickly if he is sick but i first try to rule out the simple stuff such as stress that can cause blood in diarrhea, change of food like this article states. My mother gave my dog some human food this tuesday he rarley gets human food if any and now he's sick. So it may be that and the fact that we just moved into new place. I'll see if it clears up.

buddy's mum 6 years ago

rehyna, i have exactly the same issue. what did you do about it? we took him to the vet but they want us to run heaps of tests on him..but he SEEMS fine to me :S

rehyna 6 years ago

Hi i have a 7 month old puppie and he's been eating urinating regular, but he's been having bloody diarrhea and throwing up clear foaming liquid. he plays and stuff I don't know what to do!?

alexadry profile image

alexadry 7 years ago from USA Author

Diarrhea is quite normal in a new mother dog because most mothers ingest the placentas which causes some upset stomach. They may continue having some diarrhea as they clean up the pups during the first weeks or so. The fact that it is bloody may indicate irritated bowels but it may also be attributed to the presence of worms, protozoans, a rectal injury and much more, so I would recommend a fecal check. If the blood is more than a few drops I would also recommend a vet visit. It is also a good idea to have mother and pups seen for a post-birth wellness exam.

Here is a hub for dog diarrhea:

Best wishes.

ina friesen 7 years ago

red bloody diarrhea from a new mother dog.

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