5 Celebrity Great Danes From Television and Film

Updated on July 25, 2019
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From the 1973 TV show Diana with her roommate Gulliver
From the 1973 TV show Diana with her roommate Gulliver

Great Danes: The Gentle Giant Movie Stars

When we think of Great Danes, our minds usually go to the clumsy big dog in cartoons. While they entertained us as cartoon characters, they were also entertaining us on the screen. Some of them just had cameo appearances and others made it to be co stars. Great Danes have even made it into literature. Author Kristan Higgins portrayed a Great Dane in her book Until There Was You.

Whether they just have a small part or they are one of the main characters, there is no doubt that they will make you laugh. Just the alarming size and gentle-giant disposition alone will be sure to tickle your funny bone.

5 Famous Great Danes From TV and Movies

  1. Scooby-Doo
  2. Unnamed Dane from Little Rascals
  3. Marmaduke
  4. Astro from The Jetsons
  5. Landru from The Burbs

Scooby-Doo is perhaps the best-known big-screen Great Dane.
Scooby-Doo is perhaps the best-known big-screen Great Dane.

1. Scooby-Doo

Scooby Doo is a famous cartoon which first aired in 1969 and still airs today. Scooby solved supernatural mysteries along with four teenagers, Fred, Daphne, Velma and Shaggy. Scooby is a brown Great Dane and made the phrase "rrrrrruttt rouhhhhh" famous.

2. Unnamed Great Dane from The Little Rascals "Dog Heaven"

Although Pete the Pit Bull is always the dog star in The Little Rascals movies, A Great Dane makes a cameo appearance in this 1927 movie. A Great Dane plays the bad dog and pushes Clarbelle (Joe's new girl) into the lake.

3. Marmaduke

A Sunday comic strip drawn by Brad Anderson starting in 1954. The comic is about the Winslow family and the antics of a Great Dane named Marmaduke. Anderson received an award from the National Cartoonist Society in 1978 for his Marmaduke character. There have been several movies made based off of the comic strip keeping our most loved Great Dane on the charts.

3. Astro from The Jetsons

Astro is the blue Great Dane in the cartoon "The Jetsons". The Jetson family Jane, George, Elroy, Judy, Rosie and of course Astro their dog exist in space in the future. Astro is George's best friend and keeps Elroy out of trouble. The Jetsons first aird in 1962 as a prime time show.

4. Chin-Up from Blondie in Society

The movie "Blondie in Society" 1941 revolves around a Great Dane. Dagwood brings home a champion Great Dane named Chin Up that promptly causes chaos for the Bumpstead family. Blondie gets upset when Chin Up eats everything in sight and causes the neighborhood to be mad and Baby Dumpling thinks that he has to return his bike because of Chin Up.

5. Landru From The Burbs

A 1989 horror comedy starring Tom Hanks. Landru is the Klopek's Great Dane that is named after the French serial killer named Henri Landu. The creepy Klopeks move into Ray Peterson's suburban neighborhood and cause his neighbors to become paranoid. A quick witted fun movie with a gorgeous fawn Great Dane that's size overwhelms everybody .

That's All Folks!

There are so many more movies out there with Great Danes being the star or just a pop-in actor but these are some of my favorites. I hope that you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed researching and writing it. Here's to having a Great Dane day!

Written in loving memory of my best friend's blue Great Danes Sterling, Blue, and Sadie; and my blue Great Dane Levi Strauss who were always the stars of our show.


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