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Updated on December 3, 2016
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Shadow Snuggled in his Winter Bed

Shadow curled up in his new warm bed.
Shadow curled up in his new warm bed. | Source

California Winters & Backyard Chiweenies

Heat Waves & Chilly Weather

Living in Southern California is not always about sunshine and great weather- -. we get our share of cold weather.

We got through summer with its 106 degree F heat waves, and now we are suddenly faced with low temperatures that we are not accustomed to. The drastic change in temperature is uncomfortable, and your backyard Chiweenie will need your help to keep warm in the cooler months ahead.

Sensitive to the Cold

Shadow is our 11 year-old male Chiweenie. He has always lived outside in the backyard; but I often worry about him during the cold weather. Since Chihuahuas get cold easily, it makes sense that your Chiweenie will also be sensitive to the cold.

During the day the temperature is pleasant enough: about 75 degrees F. But by the middle of the night the temperature drops down to about 40 degrees F, and I know Shadow is probably shivering or burrowed in a hole in the backyard.

You would think he would sleep in the garage in the little bed I bought him, but the garage gets colder than it does outside!

Is Your Chiweenie Cold?

Chiweenie experts and owners agree: if you are cold, so is your Chiweenie. You can use this as a guide if you are female; but men tend to be warmer than us so this "rule" may not work in your dog's favor if that is the case.

For instance, when I think Shadow is cold I tell Jerry (my husband). He always says, "It's not hot, it feels good. It's cool." But I know better. I always have a hooded sweatshirt on when I go outside to see Shadow and if I am still cold -- then Shadow needs his sweater.

Temperature Gauge: Ear Folding

So, how do I know that Shadow is cold? If he is not shivering, I check his ears, and if they are cold, so is Shadow.

Shadow likes to fold his ears so the cold air does not get in them. He closes them by folding them over like an envelope; it reminds me of "origami".

I will have to post a pic of his ear-folding so you can see what I mean. For all I know, all Chiweenie’s fold their ears like this! All I know is that when he starts folding his ears like this -- he is cold.

Please Remember

Older dogs, disabled dogs, puppies, dogs with short fur, and specific breeds (Chihuahua, Dachshund, Greyhound, and so forth) have a tougher time retaining warmth than other dogs.

Please read the following tips so you can learn how to keep your Chiweenie warm this winter () --yes, even in Southern California.

Shadow rests on an exercise mat.
Shadow rests on an exercise mat. | Source

Keep Chiweenie Indoors for Longer Lifespan

Outdoor Chiweenie Shorter Lifespan

Veteranarians and dog experts all agree: Dogs that live outdoors do not live as long as dogs that live indoors. This is because they must brave the elements of cold, wind, sun, and so forth. Plus, there are predators to worry about in mountanous areas, unforeseen dangers in the yard (thorns, holes in the yard) and who knows what else. Backyard living is not as easy as it seems.

Raised a Backyard Dog

Although Shadow was raised an outdoor dog all his life (11 years), a few days ago I started bringing him indoors so he could sleep inside and avoid the icy-cold temperature he has been struggling with.

Here in Southern California it is only fall, yet the air at night feels unusually cold and crisp. To me, it feels like mountain air. The newsman may say it is 60 degrees F, but to me it feels more like 40 degrees!

My husband made a gate yesterday that blocks the kitchen off from the rest of the house. So, last night was his first time sleeping inside. He was an angel. He did not bark or make a mess.

After I picked up my daughter from work, we went out to the backyard and called Shadow. He came trotting up from out in the yard somewhere, shivering really hard!

Shadow: Indoors at Night

I felt bad seeing him shake hard like that, so I brought his old bed that usually sits on the mat next to the back door. I placed his bed under the table, near my chair by my computer-- this is where I usually sit.

Right after I let him in the house he started wagging his tail, and then he found his bed, curled up in a ball, and went right to sleep. He is so cute.

Best Advice

If you can, bring your Chiweenie in the house when it is too cold for him/her. But if you are unable to bring him/her inside, then be sure to find warm bedding to help your pet stay warm through the cold winter nights.

Please do not leave your dog outside for the night if he/she is shivering. Bring your Chiweenie inside for a little while. Let him/her warm up, and then put a sweater and some little boots on him/her before putting him/her outside again.


Ideas for Warmer Winters

You can use old clothes, towels, and blankets to make your Chiweenie's bed softer and warmer. Plus, Chiweenies like to burrow in piles of bedding.

Here are some tips you may want to try on your outside Chiweenie.

  1. Warm bedding made from old clothes is ideal; plus, your pet will love them because your scent is on them. Please remember: wash bedding once a week to keep them clean and fresh.
  2. Buy or make a jacket for your dog. Use dog clothes such as sweaters, boots, coats, and hoodies -- unless your dog refuses to wear them or keeps taking them off. .
  3. Be sure that your dog always has clean, unfrozen water available. Heated bowls can be purchased for outside dogs that live in snowy regions.
  4. Bathe your dog indoors during cold weather! If you can't bathe your Chiweenie inside, then maybe you should wait for a warm day. Do not bathe your pet outside in cold weather; it is just mean.
  5. No haircuts in the winter. Your dog needs all the fur he can get during these cold months. Long fur helps insulate your pet by holding the heat in, and works the same as wearing a sweater or jacket.

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Tips 4 Selecting Your Dog's Sweater

If you have never shopped for a dog sweater, you may need help selecting one that fits properly.

Before you purchase or make your dog a sweater, you should take the following measurements using a cloth measuring tape; and then bring this info with you:

  • The dog's width: Measure the widest area - usually around the rib cage.
  • His/her length: Do this by measuring from the back of your dog's neck to the end of his back/rear end.
  • Neck measurement: Start the neck measurement at the base of your dog's neck, then wrap it around lightly to where the tape meets.
  • Weight: Normal weight for Chiweenies is between 8 - 20 pounds (lbs.) depending on the type you have (some only reach 10 lbs. others can reach about 20 and not be fat).

Remember: Chiweenies and Dachshunds have longer bodies than other dogs. If you get a standard dog sweater, it may fit poorly and be uncomfortable.

Shadow's Bad-Fitting Sweater

Getting ready for a nap in his un-snapped ill-fitting sweater; the arm holes are too far back and the collar fits low on the back of his neck.
Getting ready for a nap in his un-snapped ill-fitting sweater; the arm holes are too far back and the collar fits low on the back of his neck. | Source

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