Clever Names for Pets With Spots

Updated on January 5, 2018
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Barbara Fitzgerald is an AKC Breeder of Merit and the author of a column, "Conversations with Champions," for the BCSA magazine,Borderlines.

Inspiration for spotted pet names can come from all walks of life. From the cosmos to the art gallery, to children's games and haute couture fashion, these meaningful naming ideas will make your pet proud to come when called.

Meaningful Spotted Names

Atari: The first video game, which was made by Atari, consisted of a white dot being hit back and forth across the screen by two players. The name of this exciting new game was “Pong.”

Boggle: A wordplay game with white dice and black lettering, boggle is also a verb meaning to confound or overwhelm.

Dice: Small square white objects spotted with one to six marks, tossed in pairs to generate random numbers, often used in gambling or casting lots.

Domino: Dominos are used in a variety of games that match the rectangular white tiles with their spots (also called pips, nibs or spots) to corresponding tiles, depending on the tactics of the particular game.

Genet: A small spotted mammal with a ringed tail, they are distantly related to felines and mongoose. Genet is also the name of a French playwright, Jean Genet, associated with the genre of the Theatre of the Absurd.

Jot: Jot the Dot was an odd yet beloved children’s cartoon in the 1960s. Jot was, in fact, a white spot that bounced from location to location. Once he arrived at his destination, two feet popped out and the action of the cartoon began.

Lynx: A medium-sized big cat, noted for its spotted coat, oversize paws and long ear tufts. Lynx is a good name for a puppy with large paws, ears and spots.

Merle: Coat pattern seen on many breeds of dogs that mixes white with the predominant coat color to form spots throughout the body of the dog. Also the name of beloved country music legend Merle Haggard.

Orca: The killer whale, Orcas are black and white; they are actually the largest member of the dolphin family. As powerful predators, they can prey on great white sharks and moose migrating between ice flows.

Oreo: A beloved chocolate cookie with a white, sugary crème center.

Skunk: The spotted skunk has a charming pointed face and bold zigzag pattern of white spots on a glossy black coat.

Smudge: A smeared mark on an otherwise pristine surface. A good name for a pet with just a few dark spots.

Splash: A charming name for any of the water dogs and retrievers.

Yin-Yang: A Chinese philosophy illustrated by two interconnected black and white images that represent the concept of opposite forces that may actually be interconnected and complementary.

Black and White Spotted Pet Names: Male

Ansel: Ansel Adams is famed for his black and white photography of the American Western landscape.

Bengal: A spotted domestic cat breed, coat patterns range from orange and black to silver cloud and black. Name your boy Bengal and you can call him the ever popular dog name “Ben” for short.

Brand: A mark, trademark or spot.

Chess: Cerebral game of strategy with opposing sides of black and white on a black and whiteboard.

Checkers: A less cerebral game of strategy comprised of red and black game pieces played on a red and blackboard. Checkers was also the name of Richard Nixon’s pet cocker spaniel, for which his famous campaign resurrection speech was named.

Damien: Artist Damien Hirst, long revered and reviled for his spot paintings; the spots in his painting range from millimeters in size to sixty feet in diameter.

Felix: Felix the Cat was an early cartoon character revolving around the comical adventures of an upright black and white cat.

Jag: Short for jaguar, the spotted big cat, sleek race car and US Navy legal eagle.

Lichtenstein: Roy Lichtenstein was a Pop artist whose work simulated the style of newspaper comic strips, composed of halftone dots.

Macchiato: Macchiato is Italian for “spotted.” Name your pet Macchiato, and you can call him Macho Macchiato.

Mark: To draw or paint upon an object, verb. A sign or symbol that differentiates the bearer, noun.

Messier: Messier 31 is also known as the Andromeda Galaxy, which can be seen as a band of spots in the sky without the aid of a telescope.

Nimbus: A ring, orb or halo usually appearing above the divine’s head.

Panda: China’s national symbol, these gentle giants feast on bamboo fronds.

Damien Hirst, whose work is revered and reviled.
Damien Hirst, whose work is revered and reviled.

Pinto: Pinto is Spanish and Portuguese for painted, tinted or mottled. In English, it is used to describe a coat pattern frequently found on wild mustangs, composed of large swaths of black and white or brown and white markings. Pinto was also the nickname of Animal House character Larry “Pinto” Kroger, freshman pledge to the notorious fraternity, Delta Tau Chi House, played by Tom Hulce.

Pongo: Father Dalmatian in Disney’s 101 Dalmatians animated film.

Ray: The sea creature, the spotted eagle ray, can weigh up to 500 pounds with a wingspan of four to seven feet. Ray makes a great name for a gentle giant with a white underbelly and predominantly black or dark gray top coat with white spots.

Seurat: George Seurat was an artist and draftsman and the father of the pointillist movement. His paintings were composed of tiny dots of color, that at a distance formed a color-rich composition, while, when viewed up close, his paintings appeared as a jumble of dots. Pronounced sir-Ought.

Sylvester: Famous black and white cartoon “puddy” cat, who perpetually stalks Tweety Bird. Name your pet Sylvester and you can call him Sly for short.

Woody: Wood Peckers have striking spotted patterns, frequently adorned with a red crest.


Vincent: Painter Vincent Van Gogh’s later work has been associated with the pointillist movement, although he worked with short brush strokes, rather than “points” of color.

Marimekko takes the spot to haute couture!
Marimekko takes the spot to haute couture!

Black and White Spotted Pet Names: Female

Andromeda: Properly called the Andromeda Galaxy Nebula, it is a bright pattern of stars against a dark background.

Cookie: Cookies and cream, an ice cream or milkshake made with vanilla and Oreo cookies.

Cruella: Villainess of Disney’s 101 Dalmatians, her life’s desire is to make a coat for herself composed of entirely of Dalmatian puppy skins.

Dapple: Dapple coat pattern of the horse mixes with and the predominant coat color to form spots, usually on the rump of the horse.

Doris: A species of sea creatures, related to the sea hare, noted for their spotted patterns. They are known to hide around rocks and coral.

Dot: Short for Dorothy, which means “Gift of God.”

Fawn: Young deer are spotted at birth to help camouflage them as they await their mother’s return from foraging. Fawns lose their spots between three and four months of age, as their winter coats begin to come in. Fawn is also the name of Lt. Col. Oliver North’s big-haired secretary, Fawn Hall, famed for helping him shred classified documents pertaining the Iran-Contra scandal. Name your spotted girl Fawn if she also enjoys shredding objects around the house.

Halo: A ring, orb or nimbus that appears above the sacred or divine.

Kusama: Yayoi Kusama was a prolific artist who predated the Pop Art movement. Her mediums included soft sculpture, installations, painting and collage. Her work is known for psychedelic colors repeated in bold patterns of spots and dots. Her works were exhibited alongside of Warhol, Segal, and Oldenburg. She was also renowned for her contributions to fashion design, poetry and performance art.

Linsang: A spotted, ferret-like creature, the linsang has spots that resemble the leopard pattern with a ringed tail. These tiny creatures weigh one pound, while their slender bodies average 14-15 inches from head to the tip of the tail.

Maharam: A small dot and line pattern designed by Charles and Ray Eames in 1947. This iconic pattern is still in production today.

Marimekko: Japanese design house that distinguished itself with bright bold spotted patterns in the mid-1960s.

Nebula: Derived from mist or cloud, it is composed of interstellar dust and gas. The Andromeda Galaxy Nebula is the next closest galaxy to ours, the Milky Way. You can call her Ula for short.

Perdita or Perdy: Mother Dalmatian in Disney’s 101 Dalmatians.

The Maharam pattern, spots out of this world.
The Maharam pattern, spots out of this world.


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    • Solaras profile image

      Solaras 24 hours ago

      Yes, Dalmatians are stunning dogs. I love black and white, but my preference is for the border collie. Their pattern is called Irish spotting.

    • Coffeequeeen profile image

      Louise Powles 25 hours ago from Norfolk, England

      There's some good names there for dogs with spots! I've never owned a spotty dog to be honest, but I'd love a dalmatian. They are adorable dogs.

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