How to Tell If Your Dog Is a Pure, Full-Blooded Dachshund, Not a Chiweenie

Updated on July 25, 2019
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I am a proud dachshund owner and I love sharing knowledge about them.


Looking for the Perfect Dachshund

I grew up with my mom raising purebred registered dachshunds. A couple of years ago, I decided I wanted to get a few dachshunds for pets, as well as allow them to have a few litters. I began looking in the newspaper, Craigslist, Google, etc., and I found so many dachshund mixes out there. I had a very hard time even finding someone that would adopt out pure dachshunds. Most were mixed with chihuahua, some were mixed with poodle, yorkie, beagle, or Jack Russell terrier.

When I finally did find some that said they were dachshunds, the pictures would tell a quite different story. These "dachshunds" would look nothing like the long, weenie-style dog that I had grown up with. The pictures showed long-legged, long dogs, or curled-tail long dogs. The mixes had invaded the pure dachshunds. I kept looking, hoping that somewhere out there were some truly purebred dachshunds. I found one lady that had a piebald male and I met her to see the puppy. From the pictures on her listing, he looked like he had the right qualities of a dachshund. I met her and fell in love with that spotted weenie dog right away. I named him PJ (Pepper Junior) after the one my mom had when I was a kid.

This is how my search for true dachshunds began.

Black & Tan, Red, Black & White Piebald
Black & Tan, Red, Black & White Piebald

Registered or Not Registered

Many think that a dog that is registered is automatically a purebred dog. Wrong! Do not let registration fool you into taking a mixed dachshund thinking it is a purebred dachshund. You still have to look at the dachshund attributes to see if the dog really measures up to being a full blooded dachshund.

Registration is nice and usually will lend to purebred dogsā€”just do not automatically assume everyone is honest with this. Papers are good but appearance is very important as well. You must make sure that the dog looks like a dachshund. Do not think that because you are shown a picture of garnets and papers that the dog is purebred. You must look at the actual dog that you will be receiving.


What Is Better?

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Things to Look For in a Purebred Dachshund

  • Is the puppy looooong?
  • Does the puppy have short legs?
  • Are the ears long? At least to their jawbone, not wanting to stand up at all.
  • Is the forehead sort of wide and flat, not rounded like the Chihuahua?
  • Are both eyes the same color?

These are oh so important! If you can not answer yes to these questions, I would seriously consider looking elsewhere for a purebred dachshund.

What You Need in a Purebred Doxie

  1. Long
  2. Low
  3. Sturdy
  4. Long eared
  5. Straight Tail
  6. Long snout
  7. Just think loooong!

Common Misconceptions About Purebred Dachshunds

  • "My dachshunds are tiny!": Watch out for the oh so tiny dachshunds. Some are purebred, but many are mixed with the chihuahua to make for a smaller dachshund look. If you push for teeny, tiny dachshunds, chances are it will not be a true blue pure breed dog.
  • "Oh, he is a long legged dachshund": I actually had a lady tell me that her "dachshunds" were the long-legged kind. Nope! Can anyone say Chiweenie! Now don't get me wrong, I am not hating on the chihuahua, I just do not want it mixed in with my dachshunds and sold as pure.

Dachshund Must Haves and Have Nots

Must Haves
Long Body
Ears that won't lay down
Long Snout
Round bulbous forehead
Long Straight Tail
Long legs

Penny in her Pool

One of a Kind Dog

Dachshunds are a very unique breed. They are well-known as the weenie dog and well loved by anyone who is around them.

All the pictures on this page are either dachshunds that I have accepted into my family or adopted out. All are purebreds and all are dearly loved. I challenge you to look and see the fine physical attributes of these dachshunds to help you better choose a true blue dachshund to love.

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Red Piebald Dachshund playing outsideRed Dachshund with red nose that was adopted out to a GREAT home! Another one that I adopted out, a red piebald with frecklingHere is a cute litter only days old and already long!They do love toys!
Red Piebald Dachshund playing outside
Red Piebald Dachshund playing outside
Red Dachshund with red nose that was adopted out to a GREAT home!
Red Dachshund with red nose that was adopted out to a GREAT home!
Another one that I adopted out, a red piebald with freckling
Another one that I adopted out, a red piebald with freckling
Here is a cute litter only days old and already long!
Here is a cute litter only days old and already long!
They do love toys!
They do love toys!

Questions & Answers


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      • profile image

        6 weeks ago

        I have a purebred and that is not the way to go. More problems for my pups then anything

      • profile image


        10 months ago

        I love my rescue Chiweenie. He’s miles better than a pure Doxie.

      • profile image


        12 months ago

        Honestly I agree with most of what was said however if you look back to the Original Dachshund they were not Always Long and Low to the ground they actually were a little taller and little shorter than the ones being bred now. Because being long and low doesn’t make for good hunting and this breed is used for hunting and tracking game.

        But otherwise like I said I agree with most of what was said except that ALL Purebreds are ALWAYS Long and Low.

      • profile image


        15 months ago

        Thank you for your post . The last comment is made from a anti-purebred liberal who thinks everybody should look the same eventually . This person should stay away from Dog shows .

      • profile image

        Seriously Grossed Out 

        15 months ago

        The tone of this posting and the use of the word "pure" honestly made me feel so icky. I thought I stumbled upon a page for the Klan, when all I went looking for were answers about my dog's ears.

        Grow up, weirdos. All dogs are perfect, because they love us unconditionally despite how incredibly flawed WE are. It's kinda gross how you expect to have a 'perfect" dog and in reading this it really feels like you hope your dog will somehow be a reflection of your own perfection. Accept yourself for who you are, and pick a dog that speaks to your soul. Not one that checks all the boxes of what a purebred should be. Barf.

      • profile image


        20 months ago

        Do all dachshunds have long ears

      • profile image


        22 months ago

        How to tell if your 8 week old miniature dashound is cream and black not going to be tan and black

      • profile image


        2 years ago

        Purebred dogs are inbred. They are significantly less healthy, are prone to more diseases and early death, and dachshunds in particular suffer from spinal issues.

      • profile image


        2 years ago

        Was doubting my 3rd Dachshund was full dachshund as he has longer legs than my other 2 but he looks exactly like the red piebald in picture above.. build wise

      • profile image


        2 years ago

        Would love to find another weenie for our girl that we got 3 years ago but looking for a mini girl

      • profile image


        3 years ago

        We just adopted a black and white female dacshund puppy she is 6 weeks old she's cute and sweet as can be they showed us mom and dad but my husband isn't fully convinced she's full blooded how can i share a photo of her?

      • profile image

        Kimberly penn 

        3 years ago

        My doxie is all black. Is that part of that breed? All black. No brown at all. But she is long, short legged, long ears and a straight short tail. We were not REALLY looking but I fell in LOVE with her. Thanks!

      • profile image


        5 years ago

        Many people should keep a mental note of this when looking for a doxie, Soo many people breeding for "cute" but in the end, it's destroying the true breed when people get one and Don't know there's no such thing as a long legged dachshund, or the less honest breeders out there who don't care.

        All ours are AKC, and we made sure they met all the criteria and then some. they don't have a super-stretch long body but they are long like yours are, you have beautiful color choices in yours =) we have a black/tan male, and a dapple female and 2 tan females. love em to pieces!


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