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200+ Unique Names for Blue, Gray, and Silver Dogs

Barbara Fitzgerald is an AKC Breeder of Merit and author of the column "Conversations with Champions" for the BCSA magazine, "Borderlines."

Blue dog coats can be silver to dark gray.

Blue dog coats can be silver to dark gray.

This comprehensive list explores over 200 clever and unique names for silver, gray, blue, and merle dogs. These names are inspired by the arts, mythology, metallurgy and history. We even offer up some unusual names for names for dogs with blue or gray eyes.

Dog Names That Mean Gray

  • Ash or Ashley: The charcoal remains of a fire
  • Brand: A mark or to burn in insignia
  • Cinder: Residue of combustion
  • Coal: Glowing, burned, or charred wood
  • Coke: Used to distill metal oxides into metals. Cokie is a cute name for a gray female dog.
  • Dove: Pale shade of gray.
  • Dusky: Shadowy.
  • Ember: Glowing combustible.
  • Fade: To lose brightness or vividness, Kanye West tune.
  • Foggy: Vague, bewildered, misty
  • Fuzzy: Hazy, blurry, or furry
  • Gandalf: For much of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, the wizard is known as Gandalf the Grey
  • Grigio: Italian for "gray."
  • Gris: French for "gray."
  • Grizzly: Silvery.
  • Haiiro: Japanese pronunciation of "gray."
  • Haze or Hazel: Mist
  • Luster: Gentle sheen or soft glow.
  • Murk: Dimly lit, heavily clouded.
  • Myst: Ancient spelling of mist
  • Reardon: Hank Reardon, protagonist of Atlas Shrugged, invents a new form of steel that is blue-green and far superior to stainless steel in strength
  • Slate: Gray shale.
  • Smazy: Foggy.
  • Smokey: Having the qualities of smoke.
  • Soupy: Foggy, and first name of comedian, Soupy Sales.
  • Stoke or Stoker: To tend to a fire
  • Sully: To stain or tarnish
Silver dog with blue eyes (Weimaraner).

Silver dog with blue eyes (Weimaraner).

Ghostly Names for Silver or Gray Dogs

  • Banshee: A female apparition and harbinger of death. The banshee wails or screeches in the night to foretell of a family member's imminent demise. Also, an alternative band of note, Siouxsie and the Banshees.
  • Casper: The friendly ghost.
  • Mogwai: Chinese ghost that seeks to harm human beings.
  • Moroi: Romanian vampire or ghost.
  • Phantom: An apparition or trick of the imagination. 1940s radio show, The Phantom, opened with the tagline, "Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Phantom knows."
  • Shade: A ghost or being of the underworld. Also, to "throw shade" is to subtly display contempt.
  • Shadow: Specter of a ghost.
  • Shroud: Pall, mask or mantle.
  • Specter: A terrifying apparition or ghost. It is also inspired by Phil Spector, record producer and sound engineer who developed the Wall of Sound, which he described as Wagnerian. Spector is considered to have been one of the most influential recording artists of the later half of the twentieth century, having engendered the idea of the studio as an instrument unto itself.
  • Umbra: Phantom or shadowy image
  • Vapor: Cloudy or nebulous image.
  • Wraith: The ghost of a once living person. The Ringwraiths from The Lord of The Rings scour the Earth in search of the one Ring.

Dog Names That Mean Blue

  • Agate: Blue agate stones are believed to have great healing abilities.
  • Azure: Sky Blue; the color of the Blue Grotto at midday.
  • Beryl: A green or blue mineral used in magic for its healing properties.
  • Blueberry: Blue fruit.
  • Cadet: Shade of blue.
  • Cobalt: Blue associated with the evil eye and protection.
  • Harriman: Shade of blue.
  • Lapis: Lapis Lazuli, blue gem stone.
  • Man Ray: Named for the black and white photographer, Man Ray who was William Wegman's breakthrough subject. Photographs of Man Ray and his other housemates catapulted Wegman to fame.
  • Sapphire: Name your girl Sapphire, and you can call her Fire for short.
  • Teal: A deep-green blue and a girl's name.
  • Navy: Dark shade of blue.
  • Periwinkle: Blue flower.
  • Powder: Shade of blue.
  • Royal: Shade of blue.
  • Union: Shade of blue for Civil War uniforms.
  • Yale: A deep shade of blue associated with Yale's colors.
  • Wegman: Photographer who focuses on dressing his Weimaraners in human clothing and then placing them in whimsical situations.
Blue coat on a Weimaraner.

Blue coat on a Weimaraner.

Blue Dog Names From Blues Artists

Blue dogs will enjoy a bluesy name. Consider naming your dog after one of these blues greats.

  • Bailey: Pearl Bailey
  • B.B: B.B. King
  • Billie: Billie Holiday a.k.a Lady Day
  • Bland: Bobby Bland
  • Bo: Bo Diddley
  • Buddy: Buddy Guy
  • Diddley: Bo Diddley
  • Ella: Ella Fitzgerald
  • Etta: Etta James
  • Hooker: John Lee Hooker
  • Joplin: Janis Joplin and Scott Joplin (Ragtime composer)
  • Keb' Mo': Kevin Moore
  • Lead Belly: Blues and folk musician
  • Memphis: Memphis Minnie
  • Muddy: Muddy Waters
  • Rainey: Ma Rainey
  • Sippie: Sippie Wallace
  • Steely: Steely Dan
  • T-Bone: T-Bone Walker
  • Winter: Johnny Winter
Blue Mastiff named Lucy certainly looks blue in this photo.

Blue Mastiff named Lucy certainly looks blue in this photo.

Tough Blue Pitbull Names

  • Ajax: Greek hero of the Trojan War; Ajax was the only hero to not suffer a debilitating injury during the war. Ajax is also the blue cleanser billed as "stronger than dirt."
  • Blade: The cutting piece of a sword or a knife.
  • Bullet: Only the silver bullet will stop a werewolf.
  • Buster: Canine actor who co-stars with Keanu Reeves in the second John Wick film.
  • Cutlass: A slashing sword, the cutlass was popular in the age of sail as its relatively short length was preferred in the close combat required when boarding ships. The names is also inspired by America's most popular muscle car of the 1960s the Oldsmobile Cutlass, which boasted affordable luxury.
  • Glasebach: The Glasebach Pit in Germany is now a museum. The silver mine dates back to the 1400s.
  • Greystoke: Tarzan, Lord of the Apes, has a noble birthright, Viscounte of Greystoke. Raised by a congress of apes, Lord Greystoke returns to his noble beginnings, only to reject civilization and return to the jungle as an adventurer.
  • Han: Blue pigment in Chinese imperial pottery. Also the name of Star Wars hero, Han Solo.
  • Ice or Icy: Arctic blue ice occurs when snowfall is compacted into ice causing it to refract bright blue hues.
  • Ryder: The toughest of the blue jeans made by Lee jeans.
  • Saber: Heavy one-edged sword favored by cavalry.
  • Samson: The Samson Pit in Germany was one of the deepest silver mines in its working day in 1922.
  • Shank: A short, sharp metal object used for jabbing or slashing.
  • Spike: Tough metal projection on a weapon or athletic shoe.
Merle coat on an Australian shepherd with blue eyes.

Merle coat on an Australian shepherd with blue eyes.

Blue-Eyed Dog Names













To find more names for dogs with blue eyes, check out "50 Unique Names for Dogs With Blue Eyes."

Silver dog coat

Silver dog coat

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Names for Silver Dogs

These dog names, based on the precious metal silver, celebrate the luster of a shining blue or silver dog coat. Consider slang names such as Jack, or more esoteric names, such as Ansel, for his silver gelatin prints.

  • Ansel: Inspired by Ansel Adams, a famous black and white photographer that chronicled the West.
  • Argent: French meaning "silver."
  • Bijou: A jewel or exquisitely wrought jewelry.
  • Bullet: The silver of a cold bullet
  • Bullion: Silver or gold in bulk, before coining.
  • Chips: Coinage.
  • Dinero: Spanish for money.
  • Gin: Japanese for "silver."
  • Gleam: Dim or subdued light; a light that pierces the darkness.
  • Glimmer: Gleam, faint twinkle, or glint of light.
  • Glitter: To sparkle and shine.
  • Jack: Legal tender.
  • Kesef: Hebrew meaning "silver."
  • Mint: Place where coins and currency are produced.
  • Nickel: Metal alloy with a silvery sheen.
  • Plata: Spanish meaning "silver."
  • Scratch: Slang for money or coinage.
  • Silber: German meaning "silver."
  • Sheen: Luster; gleaming attire.
  • Shimmer: Tremulous light or gleam; to quaver as with heat waves.
  • Shine: To glow brightly.
  • Steel: Of or pertaining to the metal alloy.
  • Sterling: Silver category; only the finest as in a "sterling reputation."
  • Tinsel: Silvery Christmas decoration.
  • Wampum: Native American money.
  • Wisp: Thin streak of smoke.
Merle dog

Merle dog

Blue Merle Dog Names
















Lunar-Inspired Names for Silvery Dogs From Mythology

The moon has an interesting effect on objects after the sun goes down. Her rays strip color from even the bright greens and turn the world into a silvery scape. These names are inspired by the gods and goddesses of the moon and night.

  • Anumati: Hindu deity of the moon. Her name means "divine favor."
  • Artemis: Greek goddess of hunting and associated with the moon. A lovely name for a female Weimaraner.
  • Bendis: Goddess of hunt and the moon in Thracian mythology.
  • Elatha: Irish god of the moon.
  • Jarilo: Slavic god associated with the moon, springtime, and fertility. A mischievous god, he has the ability of shapeshifting.
  • Kaskuh: Moon god in Hittite mythology.
  • Luna: Roman goddess of the moon; Selene is her Greek counterpart.
  • Meness: Moon god from Latvian mythology.
  • Moon: Blue moon.
  • Napir: Moon god in Elamite mythology.
  • Nyx: Greek goddess of the night.
  • Polaris: North Star
  • Rathi: Indonesian goddess of the moon.
  • Selene: Greek goddess of the moon.
  • Stellar: Star.
  • Trivia: Roman goddess who haunted graveyards and crossroads and is also known as "the Queen of the Ghosts." Her approach is told by the barking of dogs, although they are the only ones able to see her.
  • Wu Gang: This is a Chinese myth about a tale of divine punishment. Wu Gang is the Chinese version of Sisyphus and is depicted as endlessly cutting down the self-healing osmanthus tree on the moon. Today his name is associated with any endless toil. Other pronunciations include Wu Kang and Wu Zhi.


Famous Silver Mines and Towns, Plus Silver Rush-Inspired Names

  • Chico: Norte Chico was a famous silver rush in Chili in the 1830s-1840s.
  • Comstock: The Comstock Lode silver rush spanned Virginia City and Gold Hill, Nevada in 1859.
  • Hecla: Hecla Mining Company is one of America's oldest mining companies. They own some of Canada and the USA's best-producing silver and gold mines.
  • Kaslo: British Columbian silver rush of 1889.
  • Keeley: The Keeley is part of the Keeley-Frontier Mines of Silver Centre in Northeastern Ontario. Started in 1907, the Keeley and Frontier closed in 1965 having produced 19,000,000 ounces of silver.
  • Nasa: The Nasa mine is located on Nasa Mountain in Lappland, between Sweden and Norway. This old mine was mainly worked in the 1600s.
  • Pitarilla: The Pitarilla Mexican silver mine is ranked as the fourth largest in the world.
  • Potosi: Located in the Bolivian tin belt, the Potosi mine is believed to be the largest silver deposit in the world. It has been mined since the sixteenth century, producing over 60,000 tons of ore. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid are believed to have met their demise after robbing this silver mine.
  • Slocan: Known as Silvery Slocan, this British Columbian silver rush apexed in 1892.
  • Telluride: Telluride Colorado has one of the world's ten largest silver mines. Name your blue dog Telluride, and you can call him Telly, like tough cop Kojak actor, Telly Savalas.

Names for Male Dogs With Gray Eyes

In film and literature, the gray-eye trope frequently centers around one of these three themes:

  1. Grey eyes represent the seer or blind prophet.
  2. Grey eyes and golden hair are described as the ultimate expression of physical beauty.
  3. Greys eyes denote the expression of granite strength of character or a cold detachment from humanity, as in "ideas above humanity."

These names for male dogs come to us from main characters in literature and film who posses gray eyes demonstrating one of the characteristics above.

  • Arthur: King Arthur is said to have had gray eyes, and it becomes a trait of his line.
  • Bourne: Jason Bourne of the Bourne Identity possess gray eyes. Much commentary is made about them by a doctor, who tells him the shade of his eyes will vary according to the color of clothing he wears and his surroundings.
  • Cathoris: In Edgar Rice Burroughs' John Carter of Mars, the character Cathoris has gray eyes that are indicative of his unearthly origins.
  • Draco and Lucius Malfoy: The Malfoys of Harry Potter, Draco and father Lucius, have grey eyes that indicate cold and evil.
  • Gable: Anne of Green Gables is a resolute character described with gray eyes. She passes this trait on to one of her sons, whose dark hair and gray eyes are remarkable for their beautiful contrast.
  • Seven: Much comment is made about the gray eyes of the seventh Dr. Who.
  • Sherlock: Both Sherlock Holmes and his brother, Mycroft, have gray eyes, although Mycroft's are a watery gray.
  • Sirius and Regulus: The Black brothers, Sirius Black and Regulus Black, of Harry Potter share the gray eye trait.
  • Stannis: In Game of Thrones, Stannis Baratheon possesses cold gray eyes.
  • Tadzio: In Death in Venice, the stunning 14-year-old Tadzio is described as having "twilit gray eyes."
Weimaraner puppy

Weimaraner puppy

Names for Female Dogs With Gray Eyes

  • Athena: Athena is the Greek goddess of wisdom and war and patroness of the arts. She has gray eyes.
  • Belle: Beauty and the Beast heroine, Belle, has gray eyes to express her firmness in not bending to the Beast's wishes until he improves his behavior and character.
  • Callista-Ming: Character from Star Wars Expanded Universe, Callista Ming has gray eyes.
  • Gal Gadot: Actress, who plays Wonder Woman, whose eyes turn from blue to gray when Athena restores her sight.
  • Gothel: Rapunzel's "mother" who steals her from her parent's castle and raises Rapunzel as her own. She has gray eyes that denote coldness.
  • Imogene: Imogene Herondale of City of Ashes has unapproachable, strong gray eyes.
  • Ivy: Ivy Carson in The Changeling has dark gray eyes close to smokey black.
  • Jordan: Girlfriend of the narrator Nick in The Great Gatsby, Jordan Baker has gray eyes to compliment her cool character that lives above the morals that confine most of humanity.
  • Katie: Katie Welker, title character of The Girl With the Silver Eyes, has kinetic abilities.
  • Katniss: Hunger Games heroine and skilled archer who has steely gray eyes that indicate her singular survival skills.
  • Lolita: Child femme fatale, Lolita, title character of Nabokov's book, Lolita, has gray eyes.
  • March: Josephine or Jo March, in Little Women, has an independent streak and grays eyes to match her strength of character.
  • Pallas: Friend of Athena's whom she accidentally slew; Athena honors her by adding Pallas' name to her own as Pallas Athena.

Names of Famous Silversmiths for Dogs

Adler: Allan Adler, American

Barton: Reed and Barton, American

Bentley: Caleb Bentley, American

Birks: Henry Birks, Canada

Buccelatti: Maria Buccelatti, Italy

Chawner: Chawner & Co. England

Christofle: Paris

Dummer: Jeramiah Dummer

Galt: Galt and Brothers, "Who is John Galt."

Garrard: Crown jeweler and creator for the Premier League, Ascot and America's Cup Trophies.

Gorham: Gorham Manufacturing, Rhode Island.

Hennell: Robert Hennell and Sons

Hester: Hester Bateman.

Hunt: Hunt and Roskell

Lunt: American Silversmith formerly, Towle.

Mappin: Mappin Brothers LTD

Myer: Myer Meyers

Odiot: France

Puiforcat: Paris, France

Reed: Reed and Barton, American

Revere: Paul Revere

Storr: Paul Storr, American

Tiffany: Tiffany and Co.

Man Ray the Weimaraner's favorite name.

Man Ray the Weimaraner's favorite name.

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