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Updated on November 26, 2016
Dog pregnancy test.
Dog pregnancy test. | Source

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Determining if your dog is pregnant or not can be somehow challenging, especially for the new owner or the inexperienced breeder. Many things need to be considered when trying to count the odds. Most likely, if your dog was at her most fertile time of her heat (the estrus) and if a tie with the male was witnessed it is very likely she is pregnant. However, it's also true many things can go wrong and what looks like pregnancy may be a false pregnancy.

The estrus phase is the crucial phase when the dog must be mated to up the chances of pregnancy. It usually occurs between the 7th and 10th day after the bleeding has started. This is the time you will be looking for if you are hoping your dog is pregnant.

Early pregnancy signs in dogs may be hard to detect especially by an inexperienced owner. Some dogs may become slightly inappetent in the first weeks just as women get morning sickness. A slight decrease of activity may also be seen as the dog goes through all the hormonal changes. Nipple growth as well is an early sign, the nipples will appear slightly larger.

Your vet may palpate your dog's abdomen as early as 28 days post breeding. However, an ultrasound may be a more accurate test, actually this test may even help determine how many puppies your bitch is expecting. However, a relaxin pregnancy test can be available nowadays to those owners eager to find out if the dog is pregnant or not. This test can be done as early as 20-21 days after the luteininzing hormonal surge. This means that you should wait at least 3 weeks after the dog stops the heat cycle before trying to use this test if you want to have more reliable results and not waste your money.

Relaxin dog pregancy test

How to Use a Pregnancy Test for Dogs

The test requires a blood sample from your dog and this can be challenging for some owners. You must have a centrifuge to single out the plasma because the plasma needs to be tested. If this is not an option, you can have the vet take care of this part for you for a small fee as he will have the right equipment to have the spun the blood for you. He can both draw the blood and have it spun for you if you wish. Once the plasma is obtained you can finish up the test yourself.

This kit is especially good for breeders since there are 5 tests in the kit. This test is also great for distinguishing real pregnancy from pseudo pregnancy or false pregnancy. Results are fast, it only takes about 10 minutes.

The kit is available online for those who would like to test at home, but if you do not have the equipment then you can have the test done totally at the vet's office. Unfortunately, a urine test to detect pregnancy in dogs has yet to be invented and using a pregnancy test meant for humans won't work.

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      • profile image

        Dr k Ramkrishnan BVSc 4 months ago

        Very nice

      • profile image

        terry 6 years ago

        my dog was given the test at 34 days showed negitive but had sign of forming a mucus plug in the beginning of the breeding

      • profile image

        Julie 6 years ago

        Have you ever seen a dog have a positive and a week later negative when/if they abort a litter?

      • profile image

        Peggy 6 years ago

        I have used these preg. test numerous time (20 or so) and they have been 100% accurate. I like this test because it gives me time to plan my life around my dog's pregnancy. I show dogs so I usually stop and concentrate on my new moms.

      • tectonic profile image

        tectonic 7 years ago from Singapore

        Insightful hubpage that you have presented.

        Can’t wait to see your new hubs

      • profile image

        anne 7 years ago

        none of these talk about a bulging belly. looks like milk under those nipples and he belly is not flat but defined.

      • profile image

        Caroline 7 years ago

        My dog may or may

        not be pregnant it's very likely she is not but there has been the following signs; she is wanting more attention, she is not as playful she chews things even though she stopped months ago (almost a year) and she went to our cousins while we were away the she was likely in heat and they own her father who has gotten about 3 dogs pregnant. so is my dog pregnant or not?

      • profile image

        Rebecca 7 years ago

        My dog was 29 days from the last breeding when tested - bulldog. the test was negative. the vet suggested testing again. Can the test give a negative reading and then a positive reading? AI done with extender at 11.0 ng

      • profile image

        Rachael Revell 8 years ago

        this was very helpful! and all the signs are correct! thank you for all of your help.

      • profile image

        Stu Robertson 8 years ago

        Because the hormones present in a dogs urine are identical during heat, regardless of whether the dog is pregnant or not. Same applies to progesterone.

        This tests for relaxin, a hormone that is only present in pregnant bitches.

      • profile image

        Joe Kleinsmith 8 years ago

        Why can't the dogs urine be used on a stick like women.