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Top 5 Best Dog Breeds for Kids

Hassan is a medical student. He loves to research and write about pets.


Looking for a dog that is good with kids? Dogs can teach your kids companionship and a sense of responsibility. But you will also have to take a few things into consideration before bringing home a new family friend. They can sometimes prove dangerous and can harm your kids.

If you choose the right dog breed that fits into your family’s lifestyle, you won't have to worry. You should match the personality and age of a child with the traits of a dog’s breed. There are a few characteristics that you should have to look for in the dog both as a breed and individually according to your lifestyle and needs.

Here we have selected top breeds for families.


Characteristics You Should Look For


This is basically the dog’s personality. A calm and patient dog is preferential because they can form wonderful connections and bear the excitable cuddles of kids. Some dogs love cuddles whereas others are not fond of them. Some are easily excitable whereas others are calm. Some are outgoing. Temperament is the most important characteristic when considering a dog for a family.

Energy Level

The higher the energy levels of a dog, the more physical activity they need. For high energy dogs, you need to offer near-constant physical and mental activity. Otherwise, they will become mischievous and dangerously spend that energy.

If your family is busy or not physically active, then low-energy breeds would be the best bet for you.

Physical Build

Sturdy dogs can withstand the excitable cuddling and playing. For instance, kids can pull the dog’s hair or cuddle them with force. Small fragile dogs have a lower tolerance and will become excitable.

Level of Care

Care includes exercise, baths, grooming, vet visits, etc. Some dogs require less care whereas others need a lot of your time. For example, an old dog would require more veterinary visits. Similarly, high-energy dogs require a lot of physical activity.

Now we will see the top favourable family breeds along with their characteristics so you can choose one friendly dog for your kids according to your family’s lifestyle.

1. Newfoundland

They are also known as “nature’s babysitter”. They are usually protective of kids and are gentle and patient towards them.

They are kind and can share their toys and other possessions with kids—they are also called the “Mother Teresa of Dogs”. They are one of the most intelligent dogs in the world, so you can easily train them.

This breed is also a wonderful swimmer and is known for saving lives in emergencies. Since it has long hair, its fur needs extra care. These dogs have a strong, sturdy build. They need daily exercise but are also happy resting. If you have a large open space, then this dog is a definite go-to for your kids.

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2. Boxer

Don't be intimidated by their name. They are named this because of their athletic build and high stamina. They are patient and very playful, so they are good for your active, playful child. They are also protective.

If you have other pets in your house, then this might be good for you as they usually do well with other pets. They like to run, so they can be your wonderful running partner. Their short hair needs less grooming, so if you are lazy, they will be a perfect fit for your family.


3. Bulldog

Bulldogs were previously used to drive cattle to the market and were involved in a bloody sport called bullbaiting. But today they make friendly companions for kids. They are docile, friendly and loyal.

If you don’t have time or are too lazy to take a dog for walks, then this is a good breed for you as they like a lot of snooze time.

They also get along with other pets. If you have a social family and have a lot of guests, this breed can become friends with anyone. They also require little care as they have short coats, but their teeth and facial wrinkles need extra cleaning. They are comfortable living in both small apartments and sizeable houses.


4. Vizsla

These dogs are loyal and affectionate and make suitable companions if you have kids. If you are energetic and have an active family lifestyle, then these a Vizsla is good for you.

Because of their hunting history, they have high energy levels and require an ample amount of physical activity. They are intelligent and learn quickly, so you can train them easily according to your family needs. They need a colossal amount of interaction with humans. They hate to be left alone. They are adventure-seeking. Due to their short coat, they require minimal grooming effort.


5. Alaskan Malamute

These are big powerful dogs. If you see them for the first time, their size, beauty and strength will impress you. Their appearance might frighten you, and you may label them as aggressive and dangerous.

However, people who own these dogs say the opposite. They agree that Alaskan Malamutes make obedient family dogs. They like to spend time with people and hate being alone. They have high energy levels and require a good amount of physical activity. They are very patient dogs. They love to play with children and due to their high stamina and power, they can withstand various games with kids.

Their coats require brushing at least twice weekly and their teeth also require extra attention. So if you have an active lifestyle and free time, then the Alaskan Malamute is good option.



Hopefully, you know a thing or two about dogs for kids and their characteristics. This should help narrow down your choices.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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