Dog Websites With Daily Photo Updates and Interesting Facts

Updated on August 15, 2019
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Linda Crampton is a biology teacher, writer, and long-time pet owner. She currently has dogs, cats, and birds in her family.

Scala the Leonberger as a puppy; she's sitting next to my golden retriever
Scala the Leonberger as a puppy; she's sitting next to my golden retriever | Source

Daily Photo Websites for Dog Lovers

There are some very useful websites for dog lovers on the Internet. Most of these sites describe the different types of dogs and tell people how to take care of their pets. The primary purpose of the websites is to educate dog owners, although they often try to entertain people as well.

I enjoy visiting the informational dog websites and learning new things, but there is another type of dog site that I also like to visit—the daily photo site. The main purpose of daily photo sites is very often to entertain visitors with funny or cute dog photos submitted by visitors. New photos are generally added every day or on a frequent basis. Clever or interesting captions, comments, or descriptions are often added to the photos. Some sites have added value in the form of useful information for dog lovers.

I visit two dog photo websites frequently and another two occasionally. I've reviewed each of these sites below. Two of the sites feature photos following a specific theme and include visitor comments. One contains puppy photos and dog care facts but has limitations, as described below. The most comprehensive site includes dog photos, a description of the pet, and a forum.

The websites in this article publish user-submitted photos. Before you submit photos of your dog to a site, it's a good idea to find out what rights you keep or give up if the photos are submitted or published. Look at the Terms of Use, the FAQ, and the About Us sections of the website. Contact the site if you have unanswered questions. The links to the sites are shown in the "References and Resources" section below.

The Dog Shaming Website

At this site people submit photos of their dog taken after he or she has been naughty. The idea behind the site is to "shame" the dog by publishing their photo and describing their crime on the Internet for the whole world to see. The shame description is hand written on a sheet of paper and placed beside or on the pet. Of course, in this case the shaming is meant to be a joke, but visitors to the site get to see amusing and cute photos. I'm sure that many of them are reminded of similar incidents in their own dog's past.

Visitors can upload photos of their dogs being shamed once they've read the rules and submitted some personal information. Each photo that's published has a short, explanatory comment, which adds value to the photo. A new photo is posted on most days. Images from previous months and years can be explored via the Archives menu or via the search box.

The website sometimes holds special events, such as competitions and polls. The photos can be shared on social media accounts. The site shares the photos itself on its Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr pages, allowing visitors to comment on and/or share the image.

Dog of the Day

Dog of the Day is a site that allows users to showcase their pet with multiple photos and written information. As the name of the site suggests, one dog is chosen each day. Visitors submit photos and information about their dog in the hope that he or she will be highlighted on the website. The site generally publishes several photos of the dog and more information about the pet than is supplied on the previous site. By clicking on the "Previous Dogs" link on the home page, people can explore an archive of daily pet photos going back to 1998. The site also has a search function.

One advantage of this website compared to the other ones described in this article is that it has a forum called Pet Talk. Forums can be enjoyable and useful because they enable people to communicate with each other about specific topics. The website also contains a link to a pet poll. On my latest visit, the poll asked people to vote on the question "Does your pet lie?" The yes vote was winning. Unfortunately, either this has been the poll question for a long time or the poll coincidentally cycles to this question every time I look at it. Visitors can submit ideas for new questions. It seems like they’re needed.

The people that run Dog of the Day also run a Cat of the Day and a Pet of the Day website. Pet of the Day covers horses, rabbits, rodents, birds, reptiles, and other animals. The Pet Talk link on the dog website gives people access to the dog, cat, and pet forums. All three sites have a Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google Plus page.

Forums can be very useful for pet owners as well as interesting. It's important to check any health information that's obtained from a forum with a veterinarian before using it in relation to a pet, however.

Misha, my Labrador retriever
Misha, my Labrador retriever | Source

Upside Down Dogs

The idea behind Upside Down Dogs is to display close-up photos of dogs taken while they were upside down. The effects of gravity on a dog's appearance are often funny. Some people photograph their pet while he or she is upside down and then flip the photo around so the dog appears to be the right way up. This produces a very strange effect. There is a description of each pet under their photo.

Visitors to the site can choose to view photos of specific dog breeds. They can also vote on each photo, leave a comment, and share the photo. Photos are posted regularly. Some of the photos have votes, but comments seem to be rare. The site has a Facebook page, which gets more responses.

Upside Down Dogs is really a "one trick pony", but it's an amusing site for an occasional and quick visit. From a personal viewpoint, I prefer to visit the Dog Shaming site because I find the photos more amusing and because I can identify with many of them. I often see things that my present or previous dogs have done, that they could do given their personality, or that I hope they never do. Life with dogs in the family is never boring.

Scala as an adult: she's upside down and in a playful mood!
Scala as an adult: she's upside down and in a playful mood! | Source

Daily Puppy

Historically, Daily Puppy was the most comprehensive of the four websites that I mention in this article. It was a hybrid site that was a combination of a daily photo site and an information site. As on the other websites, different dog photos appeared every day (or at least every weekday). One photo showed a puppy. Despite the site's name, the photo in another section of the site showed a "grown up" dog. Information about each dog was shown under the photo.

Visitors to the site could create a profile and then upload photos and/or videos of their dog to create an album. People registered with the site could see each other's profiles, add another person and their dog as "friends" (as on social media sites), and send messages to each other. They could also sign up for a newsletter.

Unfortunately, the situation has changed. The website has been taken over by another company and the homepage is now much more basic. It contains rows of photos that act as links to other areas of the site. The first two rows are titled “New in Dog Care” and the second three “Meet Some Pups”. There is no invitation to submit photos, no method of interacting with people, and no newsletter.

Visitors can explore the site by clicking on the ”More Puppies” box at the top of the page. This brings up a list of dog breeds that can be clicked in order to display photos. Clicking on the “Dog Care” box enables the visitor to choose a more specific topic to explore. The site contains some interesting items to view and read. It gives the impression that it’s mainly a storage site for old photos and articles, however, although it does have ads.

Age of Pet Care Articles

Despite the title “New in Dog Care”, the articles on Daily Puppy aren’t dated. I suggest that people read the articles with caution. Information about dog care and safety can change over time as our knowledge increases. The articles on the new version of the Daily Puppy site appear to deal mainly with training and behaviour instead of health problems. The Dog Care section includes information related to health in some of its food articles, though.

A veterinarian should be contacted about dog health information. I think this is important even if an article is written or approved by a vet. A vet who is visited in person should be aware of the latest medical advances and should know about special conditions that apply to our pet. Online articles can be very helpful in providing introductory or general information and in helping us decide on the questions that we want to ask our vet, though.

My Rating for Each Website

Rating (Out of 5.0)
Reason for the Rating
Dog of the Day
Entertaining photos, interesting information, and a forum
Dog Shaming
Entertaining photos and captions but limited activities for visitors
Upside Down Dogs
Amusing photos but limited activities for visitors
Daily Puppy
Limited activities for visitors and some missing features

Entertainment and Education

My ratings in the table above are subjective. Some people may rank the sites in a different order from me and give them a different score. The Dog Shaming site in particular has caught people's interest and is very popular. The "shaming" technique has spread to other dog photo sites on the Internet. I prefer sites that contain useful information for dog owners as well as funny or cute photos, however. The photos on all of the sites are certainly entertaining, though.

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      • AliciaC profile imageAUTHOR

        Linda Crampton 

        6 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

        Thank you very much for the votes and the share, Mary. The dogs in my family are too big to be picked up, but I have a cat who likes to be carried upside down. It must be fun to carry Baby that way!

      • mary615 profile image

        Mary Hyatt 

        6 years ago from Florida

        I never heard of these websites, but I'll check them out! Thanks for letting us know. I am a true dog lover as many of my Hubs reflect. My crazy dog, Baby, like to be carried upside down.

        I voted this Hub UP, etc. and will share.

      • AliciaC profile imageAUTHOR

        Linda Crampton 

        7 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

        Hi, glassvisage. Thanks for the visit. I have seen some funny cat pages on the Internet. I love cats as well as dogs, so it would be fun to explore these pages!

      • glassvisage profile image


        7 years ago from Northern California

        Please please please make a page like this but about cats! :D

      • AliciaC profile imageAUTHOR

        Linda Crampton 

        7 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

        Thank you very much for the visit and the comment, b. Malin. I'm glad that you enjoyed the hub!

      • b. Malin profile image

        b. Malin 

        7 years ago

        Even though today, I no longer own a Dog, I still Enjoyed this Hub...Made me Smile and Laugh. The Photos & Videos are Wonderful too. Some Excellent thoughts, and Advice. Thanks for Sharing Alicia.

      • AliciaC profile imageAUTHOR

        Linda Crampton 

        7 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

        Hi, Dianna. Thanks for the comment! My family has contained a combination of dogs and cats for quite a long time, and the two animals have always got on well together.

      • teaches12345 profile image

        Dianna Mendez 

        7 years ago

        Your photos are so adorable. I love that the cat gets along with the dog. I don't have pets right now, but these website will help those who do need the great advice.

      • AliciaC profile imageAUTHOR

        Linda Crampton 

        7 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

        Hi, Nell. I appreciate your comment and vote. Yes, I think that dogs are lovely animals and wonderful pets!

      • Nell Rose profile image

        Nell Rose 

        7 years ago from England

        Loved this Alicia! and your photos of your own pets were great too, it just goes to show how soppy and silly we are where dogs are concerned! haha! voted up! nell

      • AliciaC profile imageAUTHOR

        Linda Crampton 

        7 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

        Thank you for the visit and the comment, ignugent17!

      • profile image


        7 years ago

        Very beautiful and interesting site. I always enjoy the cute pictures of different animals.

        Thanks for sharing. :-)

      • AliciaC profile imageAUTHOR

        Linda Crampton 

        7 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

        Thank you very much for the kind comment, girishpuri!!

      • girishpuri profile image

        Girish puri 

        7 years ago from NCR , INDIA

        Awesome presentation, nice video and awesome pics.

      • AliciaC profile imageAUTHOR

        Linda Crampton 

        7 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

        Thanks, bac2basics. I enjoy looking at animal photos and videos too!

      • bac2basics profile image


        7 years ago from Spain

        Hi Alicia. I love funny / Cute animal video sites and really enjoyed this hub.

      • AliciaC profile imageAUTHOR

        Linda Crampton 

        7 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

        Thank you very much for the comment, drbj. Yes, all three dogs are much loved, although unfortunately Scala and Sam have passed on. All of my dogs (and my cats) are/were wonderful members of my family.

      • drbj profile image

        drbj and sherry 

        7 years ago from south Florida

        Awwwwwwwww! What a sweet tender cute doggy hub, Alicia. It would take a person with a heart of stone not to be captivated by your photos and videos. Your own dogs, Misha, Scala and Sam, have the look of well-loved pets.

      • AliciaC profile imageAUTHOR

        Linda Crampton 

        7 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

        Thank you so much for the comment, GoodLady! I appreciate your visit.

      • GoodLady profile image

        Penelope Hart 

        7 years ago from Rome, Italy

        Who could have imagined!!! It's just so unbelievable. Loved this original hub!!!

      • AliciaC profile imageAUTHOR

        Linda Crampton 

        7 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

        Thank you very much, Tom! I appreciate your comment and the votes.

      • kashmir56 profile image

        Thomas Silvia 

        7 years ago from Massachusetts

        Hi my friend, i was in doggy heaven when i was reading this hub. Loved all the beautiful photos of your beautiful pets to ! Well done !

        Vote up and more !!!

      • AliciaC profile imageAUTHOR

        Linda Crampton 

        7 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

        Thank you, bluebird.

      • bluebird profile image


        7 years ago


      • AliciaC profile imageAUTHOR

        Linda Crampton 

        7 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

        Thanks, Peg! The Shaming Dogs site is interesting, and the descriptions are often funny. It's a very successful site, too.

      • PegCole17 profile image

        Peg Cole 

        7 years ago from Northeast of Dallas, Texas

        Loved the Shaming Dogs video and the pictures were irresistible!

      • AliciaC profile imageAUTHOR

        Linda Crampton 

        7 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

        Thank you very much for the visit and the comment, Eddy! I appreciate the vote and the share, too.

      • Eiddwen profile image


        7 years ago from Wales

        A wonderful hub;I truly loved it and have to vote up plus share.



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