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Dog Websites With Entertaining Photos and Interesting Facts

Linda Crampton is a former biology teacher, a writer, and a long-time pet owner. She has or has had dogs, cats, and birds in her family.

Scala the Leonberger as a puppy; she's sitting next to my golden retriever

Scala the Leonberger as a puppy; she's sitting next to my golden retriever

Daily Photo Websites for Dog Lovers

There are some very useful websites for dog lovers on the Internet. Most of these sites describe the different types of dogs and tell people how to take care of their pets. The primary purpose of the websites is to educate dog owners, although they often try to entertain people as well.

I enjoy visiting the informational dog websites and learning new things, but there is another type of dog site that I also like to visit—the daily photo site. The main purpose of daily photo sites is often to entertain visitors with funny or cute dog photos, some of which are submitted by visitors. New photos (or photographs that are new for a particular visitor) are available every day. Clever or interesting captions, comments, or descriptions are often added to the photos. Some sites have added value in the form of useful information for dog lovers.

I visit two dog photo websites frequently. I've reviewed both of these sites below. One of the sites includes dog photos, a description of the pet, and a forum. The forum contains links to sites about other pets created by the same people. The other site contains puppy photos and dog care facts. I also describe a third type of dog site that has new and entertaining photos and comments on a regular basis.

Misha, my Labrador retriever

Misha, my Labrador retriever

Dog of the Day

Dog of the Day is a site that allows users to showcase their pet with multiple photos and written information about the pet. As the name of the site suggests, one dog is chosen each day (or almost every day). Visitors submit photos and information about their dog in the hope that he or she will be highlighted on the home page of the website. Sometimes multiple photos of the pet are shown. There’s a link on the photo display that goes to a forum and enables visitors to discuss the dog, which they often do.

The left margin of the home page has a link to "Yesterday's Dog of the Day". Once this page is visited, a Back button is activated, which allows the visitor to go backwards one day at a time.

Unfortunately, not all of the controls on the website work. The site reportedly has an archive of daily dog photos going back to 1998. It would be nice to quickly access them. The site does have a search function, but it wasn't working when this article was last updated. There is a way round this problem, however. The search box on the Pet of the Day website (a companion site) works well at the moment, and it displays records from the Dog of the Day website.

Entering a term such as "golden retriever dog of the day" in the Pet of the Day search box sends the visitor into the Dog of the Day archive. If "dog of the day" isn't included in the search term, forum posts about golden retrievers will appear as well as posts from Dog of the Day.

Interesting Forums

One advantage of the Dog of the Day website compared to the other one described in this article is that it has a forum called Pet Talk. Forums can be enjoyable and useful because they enable people to communicate with each other about specific topics. The Pet Talk forum is fairly active, which is the main reason why I prefer this site to the other one that I review. A visitor will discover that there are multiple links that can be clicked in the forum, and there is something new to look at every day.

The people that run Dog of the Day also run the Cat of the Day and the Pet of the Day website. Pet of the Day covers horses, rabbits, rodents, birds, reptiles, and other animals. The Pet Talk link on the dog website gives people access to the dog, cat, and pet forums. All three sites have a Twitter and Pinterest page.

Scala as an adult: she's upside down and in a playful mood!

Scala as an adult: she's upside down and in a playful mood!

Daily Puppy

Daily puppy is a useful site that is worth visiting, but it’s not as interesting or attractive as it used to be.

The Historical Site

Historically, Daily Puppy was the most comprehensive of the websites that I mention in this article. It was a hybrid site that was a combination of a daily photo site and an information site. The home page looked like the front page of a newspaper. Different dog photos appeared every day (or at least every weekday). One photo showed a puppy. Despite the site's name, the photo in another section of the site showed a "grown up" dog. Information about each dog was shown under the photo.

Visitors to the site could create a profile and then upload photos and/or videos of their dog to create an album. People registered with the site could see each other's profiles, add another person and their dog as "friends" (as on social media sites), and send messages to each other. They could also sign up for a newsletter.

The Current Site

Unfortunately, the situation has changed. The Daily Puppy website has been taken over by another company, and the home page is now much more basic. It contains rows of photos that act as links to other areas of the site, which contain some valuable information. The home page has lost its uniqueness and no longer looks like a newspaper, however.

The top of the page has an interesting photograph that holds a surprise. At first, the picture appears to be a grainy photo of a dog. If a person repeatedly clicks on the plus sign shown on the photo, they’ll discover that it’s actually made of many smaller photos of different dogs. Visitors are invited to use a photo of their own dog in the mosaic. I’ve never tried this myself.

I’ve discovered one glitch related to the picture. If I click on it with my iPad in the horizontal position, the mosaic fills the screen and I can’t scroll down. I have to change the iPad to the vertical position in order to see the rest of the home page.

Daily Puppy Articles

The first three rows under the photo mosaic of the Daily Puppy site are titled “Meet Some Pups”. Each photo links to more photographs of the puppy. The next two rows are titled “New in Dog Care”. The posts that I've seen in this section are actually two to three years old, which can't be classified as "new". They do contain some useful information, though. All of the articles that I've seen on the site have attractive dog photos.

Visitors can explore the article topics on the site by clicking on the menu bar at the top left of the page. The search bar at the top of the page works well. Searching for "puppy images" results in more photos being displayed. Each item on the site has links to other ones at the end. Scrolling down the page will reveal additional photos and articles. A visitor could spend a lot of time on the site as they go from one link to another. The articles have references, which supply more information.

Some Precautions When Using the Site

Some of the articles on the Daily Puppy site aren’t dated. I suggest that people read these articles with caution. Information about dog care and safety can change over time as our knowledge increases. The articles on the current version of the Daily Puppy site appear to deal mainly with training and behaviour instead of health problems. The Dog Care section includes information related to health, however.

Another point to consider is that some of the article contributors are writers but (based on their bio) not pet experts or pet professionals. This doesn't mean that their information is wrong or not worth reading, but it's something to keep in mind if a reader is investigating something important.

A veterinarian should be contacted about dog health information. This is important even if an article is written or approved by a vet. A vet who is visited in person will be aware of the latest medical advances and will know about special conditions that apply to a specific pet. Online articles can be helpful in providing introductory or general information and in helping us decide on the questions that we want to ask our vet, however.

Sam, my golden retriever

Sam, my golden retriever

Dog Shaming Websites

The first edition of this article reviewed a dog shaming website, which was once very popular. There was a new photo to see every day. People showed a photograph of their dog with a written description in front of the pet describing what the animal had recently done wrong. The description was a joke, not a punishment. Websites come and go, however, and this one has gone. Other websites have dog shaming photos for people who are interested in seeing them, but I am not familiar enough with these sites to review them. In addition, YouTube has videos of dogs being shamed. A search for "dog shaming" should bring up some interesting results.

As long as the pet is not upset, I think the dog-shaming technique is harmless. If a dog has done something that is potentially harmful for them, however, such as eating something that could be dangerous, they should be helped instead of photographed. I've seen some "crime" descriptions that have made me wonder why the human didn't phone a vet to see if medical treatment was required or why they didn't add a disclaimer saying that they had done this. In addition, I've seen some dog-shaming photographs in which the pets look uncomfortable, such as when the description of their crime is hung around their neck instead of placed beside or in front of them.

Sites for Entertainment and Education

I like the first site that I've reviewed because it contains entertaining and updated photos, interesting information, and forums that deal with multiple types of animals. I like the second site because of the detailed and educational articles that it contains, though I don't like the fact that the articles haven't been updated recently. Dog-shaming photo sites are often amusing to visit and may occasionally be educational as well via the information on the announcement of the pet's crime.

Any information related to a pet's health or another important topic that is discovered on the Internet should be confirmed by an expert. I've found that it's always interesting to learn new things and to be entertained by visiting a dog photo site, however, even when some of the information that's discovered has to be checked.

Website Resources

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. It is not meant to substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, or formal and individualized advice from a veterinary medical professional. Animals exhibiting signs and symptoms of distress should be seen by a veterinarian immediately.

© 2012 Linda Crampton


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