Why My Giant Yorkie Is Better Than Your Teacup Yorkie

Updated on October 11, 2015

First Thing's First

Just a little disclaimer here. I am not actually saying that other yorkies are not as good as mine, or that there is something wrong with having a small dog. The point I'm trying to get across in this article is simply this: Not all good things fit in a purse or the palm of your hand, and I love my dog despite her abnormally large size! So please, relax, read, and enjoy!

That spunky dog!
That spunky dog!
She's great with children!
She's great with children!

A Yorkie? Really?

I am a proud "mommy" to a Yorkshire Terrier named Ginger. Ginger, however, is no ordinary Yorkshire Terrier. This adorable, floppy eared pooch weighs a whopping 16lbs! Nowadays, a high demand for "teacup" yorkies, coupled with a high selling price, has led to the unscrupulous breeding of these precious little dogs. The runt from one litter is often bred with the runt from another in an effort to produce the smallest yorkie possible. These itty bitty dogs, which are often plagued by the most health problems, also fetch the highest price.

Nevertheless, petite pups aren't the only ones who get noticed. Our outgoing, oversized yorkie loves attention, and boy does she get it too! Whenever we go out, I often find myself being bombarded by questions from people we meet. The exchange usually goes something like this:

Admirer: What an adorable little dog!

Me: Thank you!

Admirer: What breed is she?

Me: She's a yorkie.

Admirer: She's awfully big for a yorkie, don't you think? How much does she weigh?

Me: Yep, she's my giant yorkie. She weighs 16 lbs.

Admirer: My friend, family member, etc. has a [insert random hybrid name here] that looks a lot like her.

Me: Yeah... she's just a big yorkie.

I always get a little chuckle out of those people who seem to suggest that Ginger might not actually be a yorkie at all, because of her size. Although I don't know all of the details about her background, I do know that she has two yorkie parents, making her a true yorkie! I adopted her as a puppy from someone who didn't want her because she grew to be so large. She was not the designer dog that they had hoped for. Don't ask me how someone could think that this is a good reason to get rid of their dog, but I happen to love this precocious pup. Their loss is undoubtedly my gain.

Ginger and Santa
Ginger and Santa

More To Love

I love Ginger for many reasons. She is loving, loyal, and sociable. She's a tenacious terrier who loves her family, loves to play, and just everything life has to offer. Beyond those things, her size offers certain advantages that a smaller yorkie might not enjoy.

  1. She's a sturdy little dog. I have a one year old son who, despite my best efforts, likes to manhandle our dogs. I also have a very playful lab/shepherd mix, that weighs nearly 90lbs. Ginger loves to play with both of them, and because of her size she's not as fragile as, say a two or three pound dog.
  2. My husband loves her too! My husband was a little leery when I mentioned getting a little dog, and understandably so. He just couldn't see himself walking down the street with a tiny three pound dog on a dainty pink leash. But with our super-yorkie he can take walks with her without feeling as though his masculinity has been compromised.
  3. She attracts attention, and despite how it may have seemed at the beginning of this article, I like that. I mean, who wouldn't like hearing people say how cute their dog is over and over?

In my eyes Ginger is perfect, even if the AKC doesn't agree with me!
In my eyes Ginger is perfect, even if the AKC doesn't agree with me!
My husband with Ginger at 1 year old
My husband with Ginger at 1 year old

In The End

What I would like people to take away from this article is that all dogs deserve love, and a good home. A dog of any size can be a wonderful companion, despite not fitting into that perfect, cookie cutter mold that you may have wanted to begin with. To me, Ginger happens to be a perfect example of just that!


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    • Djacobs54 profile image

      Djacobs54 33 hours ago

      My Yorkie is 24 lbs his name is Chewie short for (Chewbacca).

      He was rescued several years ago. My wife and I love him dearly!

    • profile image

      Janet 3 weeks ago

      Ginger looks exactly like my Yorkie. Beau has the same characteristics as your Yorkie. He was supposed to weigh 5-7 pounds but weighs 16 pounds also. We could not love him and his brother, Scooter Pie.

    • profile image

      BAILEY'S mommy 4 weeks ago

      My bailey turned 1 on September 21, she's my absolute joy. She weighs a big ol 11.7 pounds where I don't feel she's big at all I get the same comments, " she's big for a Yorker isn't she"

      Or she's not a real Yorkie because her ears don't stand up. She's the first small breed dog I've ever owned but I wouldn't take nothin for her. Her dr seems to think she's over weight and I should cut back on her food and treats,but she's very active and spends a lot of her time huntin lizards. I'm proud to be her mommy!

    • profile image

      CLARY 2 months ago

      I adopted a big Yorkie with pedigree papers, but I wonder whether he actually is purebred since at 5 yrs old he weighs 15 pounds, he is bigger than my previous one, not a teacup but much smaller than this one.

    • profile image

      erin w. 2 months ago

      omg I have dog that looks very similar to a yorkie but is 20-22 pounds. He is a rescue and I have no idea what he might be a mix of, but maybe he's just a large yorkie???? could this be possible?

    • profile image

      Anne 2 months ago

      Our Yorkie looks like yours and ours is about 16lbs too. At 6 months he was already 7lbs. He is very sturdy and although he is turning 8 this Dec 23rd he still acts like a puppy. Very playful but protective of his family.

    • profile image

      Jeanelle 2 months ago

      So glad I came across this post. My Yorkie, Kujo, is 11 pounds and even though I got him from a breeder with papers saying he is 100% yorkie I was beginning to wonder if maybe he was mixed with something. I love my Kujo who despite being 11 pounds thinks he is the big dog of the neighborhood and wouldn't change him for the world. Guess God knew he had to be more sturdy to survive three boys :). Great seeing so many other people with big Yorkies as well.

    • profile image

      Kylie 2 months ago

      Yorkies are like aussies, they have a very wide size range. However, AKC has a standard for show yorkies and it’s what many people go by. Yorkies were originally bred for hunting...not shows...and over the years have become purse dogs so many of the large yorkies aren’t popular. Large yorkies are still pure bred!! I have a 15 lb, feisty girl and have been struggling to find another breeds for large yorkies. I love all dogs but it’s sad that this breed has dwindled to the teacups.

    • profile image

      Cynthia 3 months ago

      I rescued my jolly giant the same day his first family surrendered him. He is a handful for sure and always glad to spend time with me . He’s a funny boy. Lol

    • profile image

      Sarah 3 months ago

      So pleased to read this, my Yorkie is a rescue so I have no evidence of his breeding and at 16lb (not overweight at all though, very fit and lean looking, just big!) I was wondering if he was more of a mix but maybe not. He looks a lot like Ginger

      Doesn’t matter either way to us of course, we adore him!

    • profile image

      richard 3 months ago

      I also have a yorkie 20.9 Lbs. looks just like ginger and a great little dog. found him wandering the streets about six years ago and never found his owner. I have named him mutley

    • profile image

      Gilbert 4 months ago

      I loved this article! We have a gold and blue yorkie who fluctuates between 6-7 pounds. We adopted a small puppy yorkie.... now she's 9 months and pushing 10 pounds! She's longer and taller than our other yorkie. For a while I thought she might be mixed but the vet said she's just a large yorkie. She THINKS she is a teacup but nope!

    • profile image

      Melissa 4 months ago

      I adopted my gentle giant Yorkie 3 months ago, and he is by far the most amazing, chill, sweet, loving dog!! He definitely rescued me... He's a whopping 14 lbs., looks very similar to Ginger (Ginger Baker was the name of my dog growing up, who was a Westie & lived for 18 years), and his name is Wiggins aka Wiggy Woo!!

    • profile image

      Patti 4 months ago

      I have a large Yorkie also but mine is 32lbs. He is not overweight and yes he is a pure breed with papers.

      He is the greatest dog I have ever had and I wouldn't trade him in for anything.

    • profile image

      Kim 4 months ago

      I have Two yorkie brothers one weighs 12 pounds. The other weighs 10?pounds. They are 2 weeks from being 7months old. There parents were 5 pounds (father) and 6 pounds (mother). Ideally I was hoping for that size but it didn't happen. But I feel in love with them both. And I know I probably fed them to much. But I could never get rid of them or seperate these 2. Just because the size of them. They are the most loving dogs I have ever owned.these 2 boys are my babies. And they are partners in crime , lol. And I love it and I don't care how big they get. They are part of my family.

    • profile image

      Brittany 4 months ago

      Does anyone have information on purchasing a large yorkie??

    • profile image

      Manrique M 5 months ago

      I thought I was alone! My yorkie is 12lbs at 1 year 3months of age. His mother is big also but his father and brother are more skinny. All of them with papers . We love them and I don't care about that AKC nonsense.

    • profile image

      Karen carbonaro 5 months ago

      So glad to find this great story. I have a three year old boy named Jimmy. Everyone that sees him says the same thing. That's not a yorkie. Yes he is. I have the papers to prove it. He's 18 pounds and everyone loves him. He is very friendly and loveable. He is the greatest dog that we have ever had. We call him john Wayne sometimes. Lol. He has a swagger to his walk. Wouldn't trade him for anything.

    • profile image

      Briana 5 months ago

      I get what you're saying I have my now Yorkie he's almost 5 months and is already 10 pounds!!! Totally massive and my mom got his sister and she's only 3 pounds. It's super weird o got the beast and some how she got the teacup and there parents were normal size yorkies lol

    • profile image

      Amy and Buster 5 months ago

      My baby, Buster, is a Yorkie and weighs 17 lbs and I love hims so much. Thank YOU for this post! I love it. Buster says hello to Ginger.

    • profile image

      Debbieann614 5 months ago

      Our yorkie Riley was 21 pounds and the love of our life. We recently had to say goodbye to him because he was suffering with a brain tumor. It was the hardest day of our lives. He looked so much like your Ginger ... and yes he was a full- bread Yorkshire. He was the best dog one could ask for. We were looking for a larger yorkie because I had 3 kids and wanted them to be able to play with the dog without fearful of hurting him. When we found Riley through a breeder she said no one wanted him because he was too larger ... at 4 months old he was already 10 lbs. all his brothers and sisters were small. Wish I could post a picture. He gave us 10 years of unconditional love and joy and miss him so

    • profile image

      Anthony 5 months ago

      I have giant Morkie puppy... people always suggest he is not a Morkie but I also have his litter mate, she is half his size, absolutely a Morkie, and still dominates him! He is a great dog, incredibly intelligent, and I wouldn't care in the least if he wasn't a Morkie, even though I am positive he is. I got him from a reputable breeder (I could have got papers for them but it was pointless since they are a mixed breed) and kind of chuckle when people say that as well. Every vet, trainer, or dog lover I encounter says he is the biggest Morkie they have ever seen and I love that about him! His little sister is a sweet dog too.

    • profile image

      Krista 6 months ago

      I too have a super size yorkie!

    • profile image

      Aaron 6 months ago

      How big were all your guys 13+lb yorkie a around 3 months? My little guy is already 7lbs. I wonder if he will be a large yorkie! I'd love that! :)

    • profile image

      Brandy Robnett 7 months ago

      I too have a large Yorkie, and she too is all yorkie! At the age of 16 she is 14lbs and we have worked to get her down to that! I loved reading about your dog and hearing about another perfect baby out there! I can not understand how anyone could think otherwise!

    • profile image

      Greg 7 months ago

      I have a 7mo old yorkipoo that I think they lost the poo somewhere he is a large yorkipoo blond and smart, look more like a yorkipoo than a lot of York is do , I saw his pic on line and I knew that instant that he was mine , thanks for sharing your story,your ginger could be my Olivers twin brother ,G

    • profile image

      Gabby H. 7 months ago

      I just adore her! I have a giant Yorkie too! He looks a lot like her! His name is Ace. He typically weighs around 16 pounds. I get the same comments and looks when people ask me what his breed is. Then I get comments and questions as to if I really know that he is a Yorkie, etc. I have his papers and the breeder I got him from is one I had worked with on her business development. That is when I met Ace and fell in love with him. I tell everyone that he picked me! I couldn't be happier! My husband loves the fact that he is bigger. Everyone who meets Ace just loves him! He is a heart thief!

    • profile image

      Nina 7 months ago

      I know this is old, but you and all the people commenting about your giant Yorkies.. that isn't a Yorkie that is a Silky Terrier, and some of you may even have an Australian Terrier. People confuse them, but they are not the same. Since they almost look alike, a lot of people sell them as Yorkies whether intentionally manipulating them, or because they also don't know better. I have an australian Terrier and she is just great, people think she is a giant Yorkie too.

    • profile image

      Stephanie 8 months ago

      I have a 25 pond yorky

    • profile image

      Debbie P 8 months ago

      My Yorkie Rex is 15 pounds and i get asked if he is a long haired doxie

    • profile image

      steve rucker 8 months ago

      I agree I had my yorkie for almost 16 yr's, had to put him down

      about 3 years , I am looking for another one right now, my yorkie weighted around 20 lb's , but now every one that I find

      for sale weights 4 to 5 lb's, I know he was a mix, but he looked

      just like a yorkie, the only thing his ear's didn't stick up, every thing else about him was identical to all the other yorkies. thanks

    • profile image

      January 8 months ago

      I have a 10 pound male and I agree with everything you said! He has papers, but I still get the "isn't he kind of big for a Yorkie" questions. Thanks for the article! I love my little man and wouldn't change anything about him!

    • profile image

      Natalie 9 months ago

      I really liked your post. I too have a large floppy eared yorkie and people have a hard time believing he's a pure breed yorkie even though he papers to prove it. He draws a lot of attention as everyone thinks he so cute which is what starts the conversation about what kind of dog he is. Like you I bought mine from someone who didn't expect him to get so big, therefore he was 11 months old when we become the best of buddies. I am glad that because of his size he's much sturdier than a smaller one would be as I have a 2 year old grandson and he can be rather rough with him, not mean just not as gentle as you would need to be with a smaller one. I had a 6lb yorkie previously and he wouldn't of been able to play with him until he was older for this reason. He's every bit a much of a lap dog as my other one was, he just needs a little more room to accommodate his need to be with me at all times. I wouldn't take anything for my sweet baby. The people who didn't want him because of his size at least named him appropriately- my big baby's name is Hoss!

    • profile image

      Kathy 10 months ago

      I envisioned a yorkie that would be small and dainty, what we ended up with is an 11 1/2 pound dog! She is fiestie chases squirrels, chipmunks, and rabbits as well as anything that moves. We would not trade her for anything in the world. SuzyQ is our second yorkie our first weighed in at a hefty 8 1/2 pounds. Love my baby girl.

    • profile image

      Jess 10 months ago

      I have a full yorkie who is even bigger than yours

    • profile image

      Andrea House 10 months ago

      My kai is about between 15-18 pounds he looks just like yours! Always wondered if he was mixed breed because of his size. He was given to me at 3 (he was previously abused) so I'm not sure his exact breed. Anyway I love him to pieces and so does everyone who meets him! His hair changes colors it sometimes looks silver and tan lol I'm often confused when buying harness if he's considered small or medium lol

    • profile image

      Gabi 10 months ago

      So cute. I also have a big yorkie. She's a bit overweight so I need to feed her less. But she's not ur standard yorkie so when feeding her should I follow the guidelines of a yorkie? So confused. I also adopted her was told she's a yorkie. I was like ok cool but then I was like she doesn't look like other yorkies maybe she's a morkie. But she probably is a giant yorkie hope u can give me some advice thanks for writing this post I really enjoyed reading it! :)

    • profile image

      Cynthia 10 months ago

      I just rescued a very large Yorkie who I named Archie. He is about a year and a half . He has the best personality and listens very well. I can't believe his other family dropped him at a high kill shelter . No one wanted him because he is bigger than a regular yorkie and they thought he was mixed. He's in a happy home now and we just adore him.

    • profile image

      Linda 10 months ago

      I too have a 16 pound Yorkie & hear the same comments as you. Her name is Jenna & she is awesome - love her to bits!

    • profile image

      Big Yorkie Mom 10 months ago

      I am SO glad to find this! I was attacked by multiple Yorkie owners at a Christmas dinner, scolding me because my dog was "fat"!!!!!! (He's 11 pounds.)

      Fortunately, we all use the same vet, so I said, "Dr. So-and-so always says he's a good weight .. Oh, wait, once, 3 years ago, he did say he could use 1/3 of a pound!!!"

      It didn't shut them up, but it SHOULD have! :-))

      Even though it happened two years ago, it still bugged me, so I kept searching until I find an article that warned people who want the show-dog standard size Yorkie that not ALL Yorkie's are that small; and then I found this article. :-D

      Yeah for the "big" Yorkies, and those of us who lucked into one! :-))

    • profile image

      Jayne 11 months ago

      My Yorkie weighs 7.5 and is only 6 months old. He will be at least 12lbs

    • profile image

      Melissa George 11 months ago

      She's Beautiful my Yorkie was suppose to be 4lb full grown but she's 6 months old and last weighted she was 7lb 4 oz and she has a lot more growing to do and I think she's prefect I LOVE my baby

    • profile image

      John from Austria 11 months ago

      Nice story. I also have a not so little, floppy eard Yorkie. His name is Eddie (after Eddie Lawson), 9 month old and 13.22 lbs. Not necessarily a giant, but also not a real dwarf anymore. I love em more than I can say.

      My Trixi (Yorkie/Lhasa Apso mix) was blond like your Ginger, big as Eddie and 18 Years/2 Month old when she died last August.

    • profile image

      Kristy 11 months ago

      My Bishop, he'll be 3 next month, weighs almost 19 lbs. I get the same questions on what he is.....like you I just smile and said he's my big boy yorkie

    • KH10 profile image

      KH10 12 months ago

      Our Hobo is 15 lbs. He originally came from Ireland - papers and all. He's 13 1/2 now and I'd love to find another his size. No luck so far. Any suggestions anyone?

    • profile image

      Lisa Futrell 12 months ago

      I also have a Giant Yorkie. She weighs 16.5 lbs.Her name is Sadie and she is the most precious part of our family. People ask me lots of questions too. But we think she is perfect!

    • profile image

      penny 12 months ago

      i was so excited to see the gorgeous super size yorkshire terrier ginger. i have a rescue yorkie boy who is three and is goegeous. he has put on one and a half kilos as he was like a rake when we got him and now weighs 14 pounds. i have had him for five months and everyone asks what breed he is. hes naughty, wont come back when off the lead and if the gate is left open hes off! he has a ten metre lead and wants to kills every dog he sees when on this lead. off it he loves all animals, but wont return. in spite of all this we love him and wouldnt swap him but oh my - he is a challenge... hes another giant yorkie!

    • profile image

      lauradean 12 months ago

      I showed my husband your Giant Yorkie's picture and he thought it was ours! They look like twins in the face!! Big brown loving eyes, the hair, the teeth, and curled up tongue! All the same! The only difference is that mine has slightly curly, silky, black hair on her body with underlying silver. What really makes mine stand out is her long, long, legs which are 9 1/2 inches long! Her body is 15 inches long, and she weighs 13 lbs. She looks like she would weigh more but I think that is because of her her and length. She runs like a race horse! I never saw a dog run so fast! She loves to run and when she puts those long legs in running gear she is like lightening! (Fenced yard of course!) She has the most loving personality! She is good with kids and never made a sound when my little 6 month old grandson grabbed the hair on her lip and wouldn't let go! She is a little jealous of our 8 yr. old Yorkie and wants to get between us when we try to pet her. Lexi is just 2 and has a lot of puppy in her attitude! She lays beside me on the couch when I am on my laptop and constantly reaches over with her paw and pulls my hand off the keys and against her chest to remind me to pet her! She is the most lovable, funny, and outgoing dog I have ever seen! I had a tiny little 5 lb. Yorkie who passed away on her 15th birthday. She was my baby and so sweet. She was a one woman dog and was my constant companion for all those years. After she passed my husband came home with Lexi as a surprise for me. At first I couldn't believe she was a Yorkie!! I did a search and found out there were other giant Yorkies in the world! My vet said his sister has one bigger than Lexi is! I have had her 2 months now and am so happy my husband saved her (she was a rescue) and brought her home to me. I actually did a dna test because I felt like I needed to defend her to people who said she couldn't be a Yorkie and must have something else mixed with her, even though the family who couldn't keep her told him she was full blooded Yorkie. I actually thought she might not be full Yorkie as well. According to her dna test she is just a Giant Yorkie! Not that it matters, she is a fantastic dog, but she deserves to be known as what she really is! A full blooded Yorkie who happens to be big! Just more to love. I still miss my tiny, loyal, loving Yorkie, but Lexi is more sturdy, and much easier to take care of. Their personalities are so similar, but Lexi is just more of everything!

    • profile image

      Fran Love 12 months ago

      So happy to find this article. My Chico looks like an identical twin to your Ginger. He has also been accused of not being a Yorkie. He weighs 16 lb and is my happy , loving baby. People had me second guessing his breed even though I saw his mom and dad who both weighed less than 10 lb. Thanks again

    • profile image

      Emily 12 months ago

      My yorkie's name is Bella and is 14 pounds and like 18 inches long. We thought she was only going to be between 6-8 pounds, but I'm actually really glad she ended up being bigger! I love my little Bella boo.

    • profile image

      shirley 12 months ago

      I have a giant Yorkie, 2 years old, weighs 18 pounds. We all love her :)

    • profile image

      Miltonsmom 12 months ago

      I lost my Milton who weighted 12lbs at 14. He was the best dog ever. Does any one know of any larger Yorkie pups? I don't want a tiny Yorkie.

    • profile image

      shawna malick 12 months ago

      Hi there! Im actually loving your giant yorkie and looking for one myself to get my 3 year old daughter. Was there anything different or was your ginger just bigger from the beginning? Any help would be great on how to get my hands on a giabt yorkie.

    • profile image

      Yorkie Momma 12 months ago


      I too have a larger Yorkie. My Rosie Claire is about 2 1/2 years old and weighs about 12 pounds. She's absolutely darling! Her parents are both AKC registered and weigh under 7 pounds. My second one, Maximus, is about 7 months old and from the same set of parents. He's staying true to the under 7 rule. The two get along very well and I can't be more pleased with my Yorkie babies!

    • profile image

      Supitcha 13 months ago

      I have a giant yorkie too!! He is 8.5 kg (about 19 lbs) and he is now 8 years old and I love him so much!

    • profile image

      Kara 13 months ago

      We have a 6.5lb Yorkie girl who is almost 1 year old, not a teacup, but a nice, sturdy, healthy dog. We just adopted a sweet little Yorkie boy who weighed in at 3lbs at 7 weeks. He's going to be a Venti Yorkie for certain. He's going to get lots of stares for his size, but his personality is going to be the best part of the attention. Big Yorkies are awesome!

    • profile image

      Sandra hand 13 months ago

      My elvis, is a morkie, and he is 13.2 pounds!!and he is one year old. He was supossed to be only 9 pounds, lol!! I am glad i read your article also, i love him so much!! And is the perfect size to play with my granddaughter, who is 2,

    • profile image

      Catherine Mullen 13 months ago

      YAY! Another Giant yorkie family out there. I have adopted a little (not so little) boy who is about 16lbs - I get the same questions as you. Funny thing is that I actually have his AKC papers. He's a FULL BLOODED guy- not that it matters, we would love him regardless. He's amazing and so beautiful. Speaking of beauty- that's the other question I get. He's almost 100% blonde so people tell me he's not a yorkie.

      Anyway- he's WONDERFUL AND HUGE. If you want to see a pic email me, I would love to share. Catherineamullen@gmail.com

      Have a wonderful holiday and take care of your wonderful fur baby :)

    • profile image

      Patricia lopez 13 months ago

      Hello I had a yorkie names Bruiser that die from liver cancer and after Bruiser my family rescued Diva she is a Yorkie and weighs 13 pounds and she is a long Yorkie. My family rescue her and she is our baby girls she plays with my two kids We love the way God made Diva and she is not fat she is just big

    • profile image

      Holly 13 months ago

      I have 2 purebred girl yorkies and they are both 10 pounds. I have now problem saying they are all Yorkies. Not all of them are tiny.

    • profile image

      Aubri 13 months ago

      I have a 17lb yorkie, and I get the same questions. "What is he mixed with?" He is pure yorkie. His parents were 6lbs. We call him our mutant yorkie because thats the only way we can explain his size. He is literally the best dog ever though - very chill, never barks and when he does bark, its not yappy. He loves people - has never bitten, scratched, growled, or anything. We love him so much. He is 10 years old now and doesn't show any signs of aging!

    • profile image

      RRhealy 14 months ago

      My giant yorkie is 25 pounds and could probably lose a few pounds. His mom and dad are purebred and dad is 8 lbs mom is 7lbs. I don't know what I would do without him and yes I defend his bloodline daily!

    • profile image

      Lauren 14 months ago

      Yes I have a big Yorkie too, he's 15lbs x

    • profile image

      Christina Dixon 14 months ago

      Hello! We love your article! I also have a large yorkie, he demands attention from everyone we meet. His name is Jackson, Jax for short, he weighs 23 pounds, i was told he is bigger because he is a male, and that not all yorkies fit into handbags. Jax has changed my life so much. I have begun school to become a veterinarian. One time i took him to be groomed. when i retuned several hours later to pick him up ( it takes 6 hrs) for him to be at the groomer. The woman who grooms him said they were all fighting over who was going to take him home if i did not come back for him, this was only ten minutes after i dropped him off! He is such a cuddle bug, loves to wear clothes, hates the camera but i have many pics of him. I love my large yorke and he has so much love to give. He is loyal and full of character. So to large yorkies i say...they are the best!!!!

    • profile image

      Alaina Hendricks 14 months ago

      Thank you so much for your article! We are about to bring home our rescue yorkie, who we met yesterday. She's much bigger than we expected upon hearing the breed, and weighs 18 lbs. With her size and floppy ears (seems to be a trend with "teapot" (what a cute term!) yorkies, which is fascinating to learn), my wife was sure she must be mixed with something. Even if she is, we would still love her, but I feel so much more confident about her size and weight- and what a treat that she will likely have less health issues!

    • profile image

      Cathy Cresswell 14 months ago

      I have a Morkie "Maltese & Yorkie" and he is 6 yrs old and weighs 22 lbs and he is not fat he has long legs and grey slightly wavy soft silky hair ... he is a rescue and I love him ... he has that tear thing on his eyes so I keep the hair real short and have him goomed regularly ... he is my little boy and I love him so very much.

    • profile image

      Sammi 16 months ago

      Our Yorkie is 14.2lb and every bit rambunctious. We rescued her 2 years ago as her owners could no longer look after her. The best thing we ever did. She follows me everywhere, learnt to open doors, tried to chase cows (stopped that by building the wall higher). She's tan with a black back, floppy ears and when she cocks her head to the right looking at me with those big, soft, brown eyesI just melt.When we go for walks she is made a fuss of by others and loves it - becomes a little prima donna. We never get questioned about her size, nor are we disbelieved. Perhaps the UK has more 'Morkies' and less teacups. She gets on well with the farm cat (cat can be mean!), with the cat coming for a morning walk with us. She's now 5 and I would be lost without her. Morkie- big dog with a big heart

    • profile image

      Sheena 16 months ago

      Hi, I have a 18 month old Yorkie named Milo. We wanted a small Yorkie but now at 16 pounds we wouldn't trade him for the world! He has floppy ears and is almost entirely grey. He loves people and playing with other animals of all sizes. The perfect people dog!

    • profile image

      Kevin 16 months ago

      I loved your article!!! My Yorkie Sadie passed away! She looked just like yours. I want to get another one and having very hard time finding a bigger Yorkie like my Sadie and your ginger any suggestions???? Have a number for larger Yorkies

    • profile image

      Gina 17 months ago

      My Yorkie Jack is a clone of Ginger. He's akc registered. He's 17 lbs and everyone says the same thing "He's too big to be a yorkie." Even according to the standard he's "too big". I did not want a toy breed because of the health complications and nervous issues. I had a babysitter that had what she called "standard yorkies" and he was the last of the litter. Her sogs were great! Quiet and sweet natured and affwctionate. So we got him when he was 10 weeks old. He is He is an amazing guy. Healthy and playful and oh so loving. I loved your article. Thanks so much for sharing Ginger with us too!

    • profile image

      Sandra 17 months ago

      Got our Yorkie girl at 8 yrs old, a rescue dog. She weighs in at 18.5 lbs of pure love. Siggy stole our hearts & pretty much runs the house!

    • profile image

      Brownie's mom 18 months ago

      I have an 8 month old Yorkie. Mom and dad are yorkies. Brownie weighs 10lbs. He was sold for a very low price because the breeders daughter (previous owner) was pregnant and couldn't have pets. It's been seven months and no baby bump. Their loss and my victory. Brownie is an adorable big Yorkie with a temperament but is totally loved by everyone who meets him.

    • profile image

      millie 19 months ago

      my yorkie 6yrs old weighs 25 lbs love him so much

    • profile image

      Carol Castle 19 months ago

      I have a yorkie that weights 26 pounds...his mother and father weight 3 1/2 lbs......i would have not believed it unless i seen it myself .... and knew the owner very well....I until now have never seen another Yorkie like mine...He came with papers and all... but after having him 4 years the akc took his papers away because they said he was to big to be a pure Yorkie...We love him so much....

    • TashaLarae profile image

      TashaLarae 19 months ago

      @Cindy, perhaps there are unscrupulous breeders, but truly, there are big Yorkies out there. Mine came with papers and registered. I even had him checked by two different vets, not because I ever thought of breeding him, I just wanted to know. I LOVE Yorkies, but specifically did not want a miniature due to the health complications that are common in the miniature ones. I had a teacup chihuahua who didn't even make it to 5 and I was heartbroken. After research (back before everyone had computers), I found that it is common with miniatures and did not want to go that route the second time. I bought my Yorkie in Germany, however. I couldn't be more in love with my "giant" Yorkie, my faithful friend for 10+ years :-)

    • profile image

      Gianni Gloria Bunawan 19 months ago

      I have a pure yorkie that looks almost exactly like yours but bigger! He is 22 lbs :))


    • profile image

      Cindy 20 months ago

      I think a lot of 'breeders' are selling Yorkies that are really Silky Terriers. Your dog is adorable, and looks just like my silky. I've met several people with big Yorkies that I'm sure are Silky Terriers. Silkies are great dogs, but don't command the same high dollar amount as a Yorkie. I think there are just a lot of unscrupulous breeders out there. My Silky is considered big at 22 lbs. Yorkies over 10 lbs are quite possibly NOT Yorkies. Just sayin'...

    • profile image

      Jessica 20 months ago

      I have a Yorkie named Ted that is 21 pounds. Everyone wants to know why he is so big too.

    • profile image

      Jess 21 months ago

      I'm SO happy I stumbled on this blog. I have a 16 lb yorkie who looks very similar to Ginger and it gets tiring having to explain to people that he IS indeed a yorkie--and the best kind in fact! He's never been sick or had any problems and I love how much energy he has. He is the right size for me. Not too big and not too small!

    • profile image

      G.scott 21 months ago

      My yorkie is 11lbs at 9 months old, she's a little chunk but not an ounce of fat on her. She was a rehoming when she was 4 months old ( how could you). I think of her as a 'standard' yorkie. I had a male yorkie about 30 years ago with similar build and even the same floppy ears. I think the 'teacup' yorkie has arrived in the last 20 Years in larger numbers so people think this is the norm.

    • profile image

      jenna 21 months ago

      I would have your yorkie checked for heart problems. my Yorkie Nico was 20 pounds and recently died of a heart attack at 7.5 years old. Although he had a vet exam once a year, we were in shock when he passed from heart failure.

    • profile image

      Tara Brodersen 21 months ago

      I have a Yorkie. He is 14 lbs plus. Have been told he is a throwback Yorkie. He loves family, toys, squirrels, and much more. He looks like Ginger, but Cheech has the pointed ears. What great dogs they are.!! Love him to pieces!

    • profile image

      Smith 23 months ago

      I have a big yorkie too! She's blonde with floppy "blue" ear tips. At 15 lbs, she's long, lean, and very fast. No one believes us but everyone loves her and want's one just like her. "Giant" yorkies for the win!

    • profile image

      Giant Yorkie 24 months ago

      Loved your article! We too also have a "Giant Yorkie". People think he must be a mixed breed. He has his papers and he's all Yorkie, even though he weighs in at 14.1 lbs. He's a rough and tumble kind of guy our Riley and we have never worried about him because he's so big.. We love him to bits!

    • profile image

      D K 2 years ago

      Thanks for the awesome article. I loved reading about your giant Yorkie as well as so many comments. Our Teddy is 17 lbs and I have had so many people correct me on his breed. Why does it really matter...if he was a mixed breed would he be more or less acceptable ? I love him and he loves me. We're good! Peace and love to all you Yorkie lovers out there!

    • profile image

      Jen 2 years ago

      I also have a giant yorkie he was a rescue but came with all of his vet records since birth and a certificate showing breed. All the time people tell me he is mixed. I love him the way he is other than his size he looks just like a yorkie

    • profile image

      geo.fisher 2 years ago

      I also have a 23 lb. yorkie, was to be 7 lb. is pure breed blk,brn. and steel blue. Love him very much

    • profile image

      Sherry 2 years ago

      Ginger sounds alot like Bond. My boy weighs 15 pounds and I thought I was swindled when he got so big. I thank god every day for him. I am glad he is a tea pot not a tea cup. He is 2.5 years old has not had any health issues and is the happiest boy around. I am certain he doesnt know he is a dog. In a store, at the beach, or park people always stop me and ask what kind breed he is. Then comes the gasp.....i have his puppy picture on hand and then their like wow. I truly am blessed to have such a loving dog to love.

    • profile image

      Catherine 2 years ago

      My pure bred yorkie looks just like Ginger and he weighs about the same too! I always have people asking me if he's full yorkie.

    • profile image

      Psychrev 2 years ago

      We just got a 4 year old Yorkie who is 20 lbs. He has all the Yorkie characteristics and coloring our little Yorkie had except he bounds across the yard like a Giselle and leaps into your lap like he only weighs 5 lbs. Ooof! Despite being in several homes (ours is his last) he is friendly, patient, good-natured and a joy. We, too have wondered if he is a mix since he is so tall, about 18" Anyone else have a Yorkie that is tall?

    • profile image

      JJD 2 years ago

      I think we might have the biggest yorkie, weighing at 25 pounds, his name is Chewbacca. I wish i could post a photo to show you!

    • profile image

      LizLense 2 years ago

      Our Jackson is almost 19 pounds at 6 yrs old. He was 11 pounds when we adopted him and we suspect his prior owner gave him up due to his larger-than-purse size. He is frankly cuter than a tiny yorkie and very happy, shiny and healthy ... albeit yappy. We were told he is all yorkie but have believed he must be part something else-perhaps silky terrier-due to his size. He really appears to be all yorkie except that he towers over the "real" yorkies at the park. It matters not at all, but it is nice to read here that it is possible he is one breed only so we don't have to keep wondering what could be the other part in what we have been calling our "part" yorkie ... often shortened to "porkie"!

    • profile image

      Deborah Patron 3 years ago

      Love this article! Our (not-so) little guy is about 16 pounds at 17 months and like everyone else, I get tired of restating that yes he is a Yorkie. I have resorted to telling them that he is like the Shaquille O'Neal of Yorkies. We wanted a larger Yorkie, were told he would max out at around 10 pounds, but he kept going! In retrospect, we should have suspected something when we picked him up and the shadow behind him was his little brother. I suggested the name Titan and it was unanimously accepted. He is the friendliest dog, unless you make noise outside after dark. LOL! So glad to know that there is a community of large Yorkie lovers! And my whole family LOVES the term Yorkasaurus!

    • profile image

      Elie 3 years ago

      Thank you for the article, I also have a 16 pounds Yorkie who could actually be the brother of Ginger. I also get a lot of attention and people ask me all the time if it's a pure bread. Your dog is really cute. Take care

    • profile image

      Donna 3 years ago

      we recently were given a 20 lb. Tureen Yorkie. Our previous Yorkie was 14 lbs. I love Yorkzillas, so less crazy than the minis.

    • pollobowl profile image

      pollobowl 3 years ago from North Carolina

      Hello! I'm not sure I can offer too much advice, as I've never brought mine on a plane. I do love that as a larger small dog, she is still very portable and easy to travel with, at least in a car or in hotels. She loves to go on trips with us!

      Also, I do not think there would be an issue with a large Yorkie overpowering smaller dogs. I think dogs determine their hierarchies in a different way than size. We have another dog who weighs almost 100lbs, and our Ginger is the dominant dog. I think because she is older and she was here first, it's just how it worked out with them. Size does not equal dominance.

      Ginger loves to chase our big dog while she plays fetch. It wears her out pretty good, although she doesn't like fetch herself.

    • profile image

      Jane Kenney 3 years ago

      Enjoyed your article very much. My Tucker is 3 1/2 and weighs 14lbs. I also have people telling me that he can't be a yorkie. We took him to the vet the day after we got him at the age of 8 weeks & the vet told us then that he would weigh around 10 lbs. I love his floppy ears and his size. He is a very loving, loyal, healthy, happy guy and I wouldn't trade him for anything!

    • profile image

      FitzRoyTucker 3 years ago

      Hi, I just adopted a large 15 pound yorkie. I would love advise on training methods.

      -Do your large yorkies "overtake" or overpower smaller dogs? If so, how did you address that?

      -Airplane Travel, can he even fit as carryon on an airplane? How have your yorkies done on airplanes?

      - Activity and Play, my little guy is just under 2 years old and he's sweet, lovable and full of energy! He could chase tennis balls for 4 hours (which he did on Sat). Any activities you recommend to get my energetic yorkie tired?

    • profile image

      Clay Freinwald 3 years ago

      We just lost our 12 year old Taylor due to kidney failure. Taylor normally weighed 18 pounds We have her niece, Molly, who weighs 14. I can send pictures if you'd like. We would love to find another big-Yorkie....Please tell me how. Live in Auburn, Wa

    • profile image

      prater 3 years ago

      My Yorkie is 16lbs he is blue steel color and blonde he is such a loving little dog people are always asking why he is so big but he has true yorkie bloodline he is triple rest. he is just big but he is very pretty with his long hair and so loving would not take anything for him,don't think I would want smaller yorkie ,,my daughter has one that weighs 7 lbs and I like mine much better ,,, he is beautiful