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Why My Giant Yorkie Is Better Than Your Teacup Yorkie

Updated on October 11, 2015

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First Thing's First

Just a little disclaimer here. I am not actually saying that other yorkies are not as good as mine, or that there is something wrong with having a small dog. The point I'm trying to get across in this article is simply this: Not all good things fit in a purse or the palm of your hand, and I love my dog despite her abnormally large size! So please, relax, read, and enjoy!

That spunky dog!
That spunky dog!
She's great with children!
She's great with children!

A Yorkie? Really?

I am a proud "mommy" to a Yorkshire Terrier named Ginger. Ginger, however, is no ordinary Yorkshire Terrier. This adorable, floppy eared pooch weighs a whopping 16lbs! Nowadays, a high demand for "teacup" yorkies, coupled with a high selling price, has led to the unscrupulous breeding of these precious little dogs. The runt from one litter is often bred with the runt from another in an effort to produce the smallest yorkie possible. These itty bitty dogs, which are often plagued by the most health problems, also fetch the highest price.

Nevertheless, petite pups aren't the only ones who get noticed. Our outgoing, oversized yorkie loves attention, and boy does she get it too! Whenever we go out, I often find myself being bombarded by questions from people we meet. The exchange usually goes something like this:

Admirer: What an adorable little dog!

Me: Thank you!

Admirer: What breed is she?

Me: She's a yorkie.

Admirer: She's awfully big for a yorkie, don't you think? How much does she weigh?

Me: Yep, she's my giant yorkie. She weighs 16 lbs.

Admirer: My friend, family member, etc. has a [insert random hybrid name here] that looks a lot like her.

Me: Yeah... she's just a big yorkie.

I always get a little chuckle out of those people who seem to suggest that Ginger might not actually be a yorkie at all, because of her size. Although I don't know all of the details about her background, I do know that she has two yorkie parents, making her a true yorkie! I adopted her as a puppy from someone who didn't want her because she grew to be so large. She was not the designer dog that they had hoped for. Don't ask me how someone could think that this is a good reason to get rid of their dog, but I happen to love this precocious pup. Their loss is undoubtedly my gain.

Ginger and Santa
Ginger and Santa

More To Love

I love Ginger for many reasons. She is loving, loyal, and sociable. She's a tenacious terrier who loves her family, loves to play, and just everything life has to offer. Beyond those things, her size offers certain advantages that a smaller yorkie might not enjoy.

  1. She's a sturdy little dog. I have a one year old son who, despite my best efforts, likes to manhandle our dogs. I also have a very playful lab/shepherd mix, that weighs nearly 90lbs. Ginger loves to play with both of them, and because of her size she's not as fragile as, say a two or three pound dog.
  2. My husband loves her too! My husband was a little leery when I mentioned getting a little dog, and understandably so. He just couldn't see himself walking down the street with a tiny three pound dog on a dainty pink leash. But with our super-yorkie he can take walks with her without feeling as though his masculinity has been compromised.
  3. She attracts attention, and despite how it may have seemed at the beginning of this article, I like that. I mean, who wouldn't like hearing people say how cute their dog is over and over?

In my eyes Ginger is perfect, even if the AKC doesn't agree with me!
In my eyes Ginger is perfect, even if the AKC doesn't agree with me!
My husband with Ginger at 1 year old
My husband with Ginger at 1 year old

In The End

What I would like people to take away from this article is that all dogs deserve love, and a good home. A dog of any size can be a wonderful companion, despite not fitting into that perfect, cookie cutter mold that you may have wanted to begin with. To me, Ginger happens to be a perfect example of just that!


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    • Tirzah Laughs profile image

      Tirzah Laughs 6 years ago from USA

      She is adorable.

      I have a large end Papillion and people always ask what she's mixed with. :))

    • Cecil V 6 years ago

      If only they came in extra large!!

    • Ari Lamstein profile image

      Ari Lamstein 6 years ago from San Francisco, CA

      My friend has 2 small Yorkies and I like them very much.

    • Kim 6 years ago

      I have a Yorkie that we call a "Tea Pot" Yorkie. He looks JUST like Ginger (floppy ears and the beautiful blonde coloring), he's not fat in the least, just really big and long. Everyone suggests that he's a mix, but I know he's not, we met his parents when we bought him. I wouldn't trade him for the world, he's the most loving and smart dog I've ever had!! Kudos to you rescuing Ginger from being looked down upon for her size and thanks for the post. :')

    • Kim G 5 years ago

      I can totally relate. We have a GIANT yorkie as well. He is 20 lbs, but otherwise looks like any other yorkie. I am constantly defending his bloodline. When I got him (12 years ago) I was living in an apartment and needed a small dog. Needless to say, I was shocked when he just kept growing. Now, I wouldn't have him any other way!! He's sturdy and he doesn't have a yappy bark. At times, I think he's a hound dog trapped in a yorkie's body, albeit big body. Glad to hear we're not the only ones. I would love to have another yorkie one day, but I would be devastated if it turned out to be tiny :)

    • Krista 5 years ago

      I have a giant Yorkie, too! Despite his 12-pounds, I've got the papers to prove it, but I still get disbelieving looks when I tell people his breed. This always makes me feel as if I need to explain that I know both his parents and - surprise, surprise - he's bigger than both of them.

    • desiree 5 years ago

      I have a yorkie name 'SPIKE'and he weights 16 lbs the vet said he is 6 lbs over weight but I love him the way he is its just more to love

    • Teak 5 years ago

      I have a yorkie a shes 16 pounds but she very big bigger than yours

    • Sandy Jay 5 years ago

      I do not yet have a yorkie but want I want one dearly!

      Your dog is soooo cute!

    • Lucy 5 years ago

      my lucy has floppy ears, and weighs 12 pounds I have to defend my yorkie because of her size, I just smile and say " Lucy is just big boned " I love her dearly and she is healthy.

    • VickiGene profile image

      VickiGene 5 years ago from Northeast Georgia

      And I was having doubts about Chloe's heritage! The people who gave her to us (after she had 3 litters) told us we could have her "papers" but who needs them for a FREE fixed dog? She's 18.6 lbs. but not fat. She built like a tank -- really solid. Her coat is blue and blond but we don't groom her like an AKC Yorkie. Her back is blue and very wavy. Her coat is soft and the blond is fine as a frog's hair. She jumps like she has springs in her feet and is very tenacious. We never take her outdoors without a leash. Chloe's a one-man dog. Extremely loyal and loving with my husband. (I try not to get involved in her life unless she needs a bath.) She's cute but does as she pleases before she thinks of obeying anyone.

    • Ray Austin 5 years ago

      My Yorkie is 18 lbs the Vet says his weight is just fine.What a joy he is.This is coming from a jock,that guys say,never in life would I think ,you would have a lap the little guy,what a dog!!!!!!

    • Carol 5 years ago

      Where do you find Giant Yorkie's?

    • Clara 5 years ago

      We own two Yorkies, Father and son. Dad is 7.4 lbs and son is now 6 months old and weights 9.4lbs. The mom is tiny, she weights 6.5lbs. Yes, we love our big furry Yorkie very much!!! As the vet said, "He got the good genes".

    • Angela 5 years ago

      Loved your article! I have three yorkies and they were all rescued. They all weigh 13 to 16 pounds and I love them all!

    • Ola 5 years ago

      I just lost my big yorkie yesterday, he was hit by a car and I'm devastated. He was 17 lbs and he looks like your dog exactly. I'm trying to find a breeder that has big yorkies like this but it's impossible. I live in Ontario Canada, so if you know anyone up here please let me know

    • Lady 5 years ago

      I have a large "Lovable" Terrier Yorkie also. Looks just like yours. She is 17 pounds and my daughter and I hear the same comments as you have mentioned. "What is she?"-"that's not a Yorkie", "Shes mixed with something else." I confirmed it with my Vet and he assured me that she is a full bred Terrier Yorkie. We love her sooo much - she is our baby.

    • Samantha 5 years ago

      I have two yorkies that would be considered to be "Large" yorkies, they both weight 11.2 pounds each. I have had people ask what breed of dog they were and they were very shocked to find out they were yorkies. My family is very proud of our amazing dogs! Our male yorkie Romeo, jumps into my moms car window, my dads truck bed, he also has a habit of running and jumping up you, and into your arms if you have been away from him for too long.(or 5 minutes) My mom and I say we would never trade our yorkies for anything!

    • leanne 5 years ago

      your yorkie is so cute , i have a large yorkie too , and he is all blonde and beautiful

    • Dino's Mom 4 years ago

      Dino, our "yorkasaurus" is 15 lbs and looks so much like your dog. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that dog - he is so gregarious and happy all the time. His older sister is a 4 lb. Yorkie and looks the part. Their parents are 5 lbs Yorkies, it's so interesting our big guy is from such small parents.

    • laura 4 years ago

      my yorkie guaton is 18 pounds!where are you located? maybe they could become the best of friends!

    • Sylvia Kowalczyk 4 years ago

      I just wnted to say I really appreciated your article. I have a 15 lb yorkie. He was my sister in laws ex-boyfriends mother's dog. So we took him in when he tried to face the German Shepherd in his home over a piece of sausage and almost lost. He's been my loyal guardian and shadow for the last 6 years.He is very large but a true terrier.I love him.

    • Maria 4 years ago

      I have a 12 lb Yorkie who is my baby! His name is Chui short for Chewbakka! He walks around like he's Great Dane. He jumps like he's a Gazelle, and since he's still a puppy he is very rambunctious. I had promised my husband that he would only grow to about 7-8 lbs. His coat has remained black and tan not like most who turn blonde or blue gray. In any case I would not trade him for the world! Thank you for your article, I thought he was odd, not that it really matters. &=).

    • Jennifer 4 years ago

      I loved this article!! I am also an owner to a large Yorkie. He is 6 months and weighs in at 10lbs... His name is Han Solo. I get the " he is large for a Yorkie" and always have to explain how mom and dad are both tiny and his brother is very small ( 4lbs) but he just happens to be different. My husband loves that he is big and our vet tells us all the time. "be happy that he will be larger then others, you will have a lot less health issues" I love my large Yorkie. He is the best! I just need to find him a large girlfriend now :)

    • Tracy Kase 4 years ago

      I have a giant yorkie that looks JUST LIKE your Ginger and I love him so much! I actually wanted a small yorkie, but was not able to pay for one! I got Toby for a whopping $250 and I am so happy I found him! He has the best personality and I love his size..."teacup" yorkies are SO overrated! :)

    • Jake's Mom 4 years ago

      I have had to explain to people over and over again that our 16lb Yorkie, Jake, is in fact a Yorkie. I even explain that Yorkies were originally around 20-25lbs and have been inbred repeatedly to make them the small designer breed most people recognize, and they still don't believe me! Our Jake looks a lot like your Ginger, floppy ears and all! Except he is the "blue steel" colour with tan around his head and feet. We just love him, and would never trade him for anything!!

    • Brutal's poppa` 4 years ago

      Great article. My wife found it and sent me a link. We have a pure bread, papered Yorkie who's name is "Brutal" (the big prison guard in The Green Mile).

      He's right around 12 lb's and we occasionally refer to him as a "Morkie" (mutant yorkie).

      He's a fabulous dog. He's active, funny, wicked smart and just an all around great friend and companion and he needs to be bigger than 7 lb's or our Pug or French Bulldog would squash him.

    • Cdwither 4 years ago

      Hi everyone!!

      My husband and I are proud parents of two large Yorkies!! Remington weighs in at 21lbs and Sig weighs in at 20lbs. They are not over weight boys in amy way...all muscle!! When we purchased Remy they gave us a deal because he was so large and undesirable...can you believe that? They love to swim, jumping in the pool just like a lab.

      There has been several occasions to which their bloodline has been questioned. One person even suggested they were part Airedale. My husband and I get very defensive bc they are our rough and tumble little boys! We have their AKC certificates and I should probably save a pic to my phone to show these naysayers. Lol

      I wish Yorkies were breed bigger, we would love to add another to our family. Btw our Remy is not fixed and is a sturdy if anyone is interested in started the large yorkie revolution please email me!! :)

    • Alyssa 4 years ago

      I have a big Yorkie, too. c: My Pixel is black and tan with a little gold and that blue/silver color here and there. She's a year old and the best thing ever. And she's 12 pounds. c:

      It bugs me when I take her out and people start to judge when I tell them she's a Yorkie. I know my dog breeds very well, and my dog displays everything a Yorkie should have. Just a little bit bigger. Just because she doesn't meet the AKC show dog standards doesn't make her any less of a Yorkshire Terrier. c:

    • Sakura 4 years ago

      My Yorkie 13.5 lbs. I love him so, so much! Yours looks like a little lover too! God bless your lovely Yorkie!

    • Linda 4 years ago

      I have a female yorkie that is 3years old. I had her to the vet today for her yearly shots. She weights 13.7 lbs. Perfect health. She is a a sweet dog. I have seen a lot of large ones, some larger than mine. I love her just as she is.

    • Shirly 4 years ago

      I know exactly what you mean! I have a Yorkie and he is 3 years old and 12 lbs. We did pay extra for our yorkie because it was supposed to be a teacup, but here is no such thing as a teacup yorkie though. I dont care if i payed extra for him or not because if he is big or small...i love him either way! The way i put it is the bigger....the more to love!

    • Ann 4 years ago

      I have a 19 lb Yorkie named Lilly. She is 6 yrs old and she and my young daughter are BFF's. I've had many people tell me that she HAS to be a mixed breed. But, she's not. She has papers. I think because she's big is the reason she does so well with kids. I can't see a 4lb dog putting up with playing dress up with my daughter!

    • Kevin 4 years ago

      We got our yorkie 6 years ago and when he was a pup I "wished him big." I'd give him pep talks about how big he could get if he tried. I guess he took my advice because he grew to about 16 lbs.

      It's odd that our society is so in love with teacup dogs that a larger variety can be seen as undesirable. The obvious solution is to coin a term for the larger breed to make it distinct and therefore exclusive.

      I like the title "Morkie" (mutant yorkie) that a previous poster is using but it is a little tongue-in-cheek to really gain traction. I think the name should have something to do with being an outcast, or underestimated, or the product of economy. I guess I'm still brainstorming what to call this underrated breed, but they need a classification. FOR SOLIDARITY!

    • Angela 4 years ago

      When our Yorkie was just 12 weeks old, we took her to see the vet for her initial puppy exam (got her from the breeder at 11 weeks). The vet told my husband and I, that when he heard he was examining another Yorkie puppy, he cringed at the idea of informing another family of all the health problems their puppy had...but when he saw Forrest, he couldn't believe how large and how healthy she was, and that she was probably one of the best Yorkies he had ever examined (health-wise).

      Today, Forrest is two and weighs about 11 lbs.....and my husband can believe how tough and tenacious she is!

    • Amber 4 years ago

      I have a giant yorkie he is 23 lbs. I love him so much. His name is hunter! The vet said we saved a lot of money bc the ones that are smaller have a lot of health problems! The vet said bigger yorkie live longer and happier lives. I live my bigger yorkie

    • Jeny Tang 4 years ago

      I love it! I'm glad there are people out there that has a bigger Yorkie too. My Yorkie is probably 15lbs now, and everytime I take him out people tend to not believe what kind of dog he is. And they wonder why in hell is he so big. They always give me the questionable look, it's quite funny. But I'm glad he is so big, I knew he was the bigger breeds ever since I saw his parents.

    • sophie 4 years ago

      i also have a big Yorkie he's 1 years old and is as long as a pillow. he is very lowed and lovable

    • Vicki 4 years ago

      I also have a big Yorkie his name is Foster and we got him from an Amish breeder in PA. Fosters mom and dad were 4 and 5 pounds and he was the cheepest of the liter because he was already 4 pounds. Foster had very large floppy ears for such a long time and the vet said his ears would probably not go up because his head was too big and that he was so big because he took most of the food from the liter. I always joke that his brothers and sisters were probably glad he was getting bought so they could eat. I often wonder if they are as large as him. Today Foster is 3 years old and weighs about 15 pounds and is solid. He has such a great personality and loves to swim and play with his 2 year old brother. I enjoyed this article so much and am very pleased he isn't the only one!!! He has brought such joy and many laughs to our family!! Btw those big floppy ears they did stand up they look like big radars it is so funny!! Here's to all you big Yorkies you are awesome!!

    • Sonceree' 4 years ago

      I have a 19 pound Yorkie as well and I would not trade him for the world. he is my little mighty man. I also get tired of the questions about whether he is a pure breed. I know the breeder, yes I have papers....he is not fat, just strong and muscular. He is my momma's baby boy and very loved where ever I take him. Thanks for this article. I am glad to know that I'm not the only one

    • Taryn 4 years ago

      I love that you wrote this, I as well have a giant yorkie. And i get the same reaction from people " isn't she rather large?" and No shes not over weight... Mines 14 lbs! But I love her! :)

    • kikkod 4 years ago

      I like you have heard over and over again "That's a Yorkie???" And we explain just like you that he is just a large size one. His name is Mojo and is 11 years old, and boy does he fits his name. He weighs now 16 lbs, but had gotten up to 18 at some point. He is the most loving and crazy dog I have ever had. He is AKC registered, so yes I know he is full Yorkie. And yes Mojo has the big Radar Ears as well. Our Vet says that all the Yorkies are Jeleous of those ears. I wouldn't trade him for anything. Thank y0u for writing this cause now I can go tell my Mega Mo that he is not alone in the world. And he is not fat either very muscular and he is fast like the wind. He tries to talk as well, and almost does, in fact sometimes he won't shut up. WE are the lucky ones I believe.

    • Kate 4 years ago

      I have a giant yorkie, too! Benji is 22 pounds and he looks just like Ginger.

    • pollobowl profile image

      pollobowl 4 years ago from North Carolina

      22lbs? I think that's the biggest yet! That is awesome!

    • DrMark1961 profile image

      DrMark1961 4 years ago from The Beach of Brazil

      Really cute dog! (over and over!!!) As you already know, the really tiny ones have more health problems, so you really have a special little dog.

    • pollobowl profile image

      pollobowl 4 years ago from North Carolina

      So true, plus I don't know how a tiny dog would fare with our two little boys!

    • Lu 4 years ago

      I have a two year old Yorkie named Teddy that weighs about 8 pounds. He has long legs and extremely big standup ears! He gets along very well with his 70 pound pit bull sister. He was suppose to be teacup too, but he is still adorable and runs the house.........

    • Paul47 4 years ago

      We lost our large yorkie two weeks and are interested in getting a new large yorkie pup. Baxter was only 6 years old and was 19 pounds in great shape. He was the best dog you could have. He died in an accident. The lost has been devastating to us. He looked just like ginger, only silver in color. We have a regular size yorkie also and he is also missing his life long buddy. If any one knows ware we could find a large yorkie pup.Please let us know. Thank you!

    • Melissa 4 years ago

      I have 2 yorkies. Liam is 12 pounds with floppy ears and looks just like Ginger. I also have Khloe who has perky ears and weighs in just under5 pounds. I met both sets of parents and both my dogs are yorkies. Like humans they come super sized and mini. However it is true that Khloe's Heath is not as good as my big boy Liam, she has a sensitive stomach. So the best food and some fiber and we are all good. I love my furbabes, I have always wanted this breed and they are better than I hoped for.

    • aviannovice profile image

      Deb Hirt 4 years ago from Stillwater, OK

      You are correct in saying that the "breed standard" isn't always the best dog. Thanks for taking in a dog that wasn't up to the breeder's standards.

    • June Ramsay 4 years ago

      I have a 21 pound AKC Yorkshire Terrier male. I want to find a big girl Yorkie for him to breed with. Then I will get him fixed. His Dad is 5 1/2 pounds and Mom 9 pounds. Contact June at

    • Tracy 4 years ago

      I also have a super sized yorkie, and love her to pieces. My husband likes the fact that she is not a teeny tiny pup in pink. No one believes Lexi is a yorkie, asking me if I'm sure. Only thing I am sure is I live my super sized girl just the way she is!

    • evelyn033 4 years ago

      I have a 12 lb yorkie. He's always going on hikes and jogs with me and is able to keep up just fine, I'm so glad he's not dainty! I too always have people question if my dog is actually a yorkie. Yep, he's pure!

      Anyway loved the article. Great looking dog, and husband! :D

    • nasmart 4 years ago

      I cant believe I found this page, I got my puppy when he was 4 months old from a family friend who told me that he was a yorkie. I was like now way, he's too big! and swore he was mixed with something else. I run into the same things most of you all get, when they try to tell me what he is mixed with. Nyko looks alot like Ginger with the floppy ears and all. He is now 6 months and 13.5 lbs. I fell instantly in love with him, and now feel better knowing there are "large yorkies" Love your article, glad I found it!

    • larry 4 years ago

      Hello, I had a giant yorkie. She was 20lb and the best dog in the world. She ended up have complications with her kidneys and after spending thousands to try to keep her alive, the vets decided to put her down. My family and I are looking to find the same breed but it seems to be impossible (when we bought Snickers, we thought she would be a regular smaller yorkier but now, we only want a giant yorkie). What is the proper term for a giant yorkie (i cant find anything about giant yorkie) and where could i buy one. I have looked everywhere but seems the only thing people sell is teacup yorkies. Where would I be able to find a giant yorkie?

    • Nicole 4 years ago

      I have a teapot yorkie too! I love him to pieces! He is so smart ad has such a great personality. I always get people saying "oh what's he mixed with?" "Or is it a morkie?" It's so annoying. :) When I thought about getting a yorkie I wanted a little one but having him when he was only 2 lbs was very scary. If you accidentally step on them or shut the door that's it. They are too fragile! I love that my boy is solid and sturdy. :)

    • Lynn 4 years ago

      Your article was great...I felt like I could have written it...especially the part about even my husband loving the dog! I just weighed my 2 1/2 year old Yorkie, Harley, and he was exactly 20 lbs. He too has the floppy ears but he is more black & tan. When I bought him, they said he would be 4-7 lbs. I think they tell everyone that. He just kept getting bigger & bigger. I even started to doubt he was a full breed Yorkie so I had his DNA tested, and sure enough - 100% Yorkie! Best dog ever, amazing personality, friendly, loveable and even likes the mailman. He has a best friend who is a mixed breed several years older and I have never seen two dogs play like they do! I love my freakishly large Yorkie :)

    • pam 4 years ago

      Everyone is always surprised the yorkie can get so big. I saw a tiny yorkie puppy in the store and asked the lady ooh! how big is he supposed to get? Not knowing if he was bred t-cup...She said they don't get much bigger than that. I told her my yorkie is 15pounds. She was shocked! She said oh I hope not! And of course my thought was I love my yorkie and I wouldn't want him any smaller. He is perfect!

    • Adriana 3 years ago

      We have a 20 lbs yorkie and we love him. Our Jay is adorable, he can play with the kids without restrictions because he is not fragile at all. A lady asked me once if I was sure he was a yorkie and I explained to her that the tiny yorkies are the real "out of reality dogs" due to the things that breeders have to do in order to manipulate their genes and make them that small.

      Who cares about weight? He is just perfect for us and I'll love hime even if he gets bigger! :)

    • J&K 3 years ago

      We have 3 dogs. Two are over 60 lbs. but our yorkie is the show stopper. He is 18lbs and plays/ controls the other 2. Most people laugh when we say he is a full yorkie. Our vet looked him over and states that he is just a very big yorkie and that could come from the perants. We actually laugh at the smaller ones as they do not jump, do back flips, dig holes for their bones, chase cats, squirals and our guy does all that and some. We LOVE him.

    • TashaLarae profile image

      TashaLarae 3 years ago

      I was just browsing the internet and ran across this article. Very interesting. I have a 20lb make yorkie and even the vet assured me that he is a true yorkie. He isn't overweight, very muscular and healthy, just big. I had attributed it to me getting him from Germany when I was stationed there in the army. I was never into the small teacup breeds, but wanted a yorkie so bad! When I brought him back, I realized that nearly all I have seen are the small, tiny ones. A lot of people say he looks like a yorkie, but I don't think they believe he is a purebred. Doesn't really matter to me, since I know he is and have no plans on breeding him anyways. It would be awesome to start more people into a "big" yorkie fad :-) Yours looks just like mine!!

    • barneysmom 3 years ago

      We had a larger yorkie also. He was 15 pounds the last time we weighed him. He also looked very similar to the yorkie in your picture. When we bought him, we thought he would be a traditional small yorkie, but he kept growing and growing. I called him my porky dorky yorkie because he had a slight overbite. He was an amazing pet. We knew we had to have another yorkie when he died. I called a breeder and asked for her largest puppy. She was at a loss for words. She said nobody ever requests the large ones. What a shame! This breed is so amazing but I can't imagine having a small one. Our Charlie could jump on and off the furniture without having to be handled with care. He was incredibly smart. Teapot yorkies are great.

    • Mark 3 years ago

      Until I saw this post, and the pictures, I honestly thought that maybe my yorkie wasn't normal, or maybe wasn't even a yorkie.

      my yorkie, Roxy, looks exactly like Ginger, with the floppy ears, and exact colour! She weighs roughly 14 pounds. Honestly, the sweetest girl ever! love her. but glad that I have now seen pictures that resemble my dog. great to see that there are yorkies that don't look like traditional yorkies!!!!

    • Mary 3 years ago

      Wow!! I'm reading the comments and I see people say that their yorkie s weigh 16-20lb. I have a "giant" yorkie he's only 11lb. He's the cutest thing and I would rather have my giant yorkie than a tiny one. He's not so fragile so I can play with him without having to worry if I'm gonna injure him.

    • Janet MacKenzie 3 years ago

      My yorkie Maggie weighs 13 lbs and her brother weighs 24lbs, Maggie is floppy ears Romeo has up ears, she is yorkie colors he is all silver. A dna was given to the male 87percent yorkie. We love our big sweet yorkies and they are YORKIES...

    • Jenn 3 years ago

      I love my Giant Yorkies! Boy weighs 12LBS at 1yr and Girl is 5months at 7LBS . I had to go back to the same breeder to MAKE sure I was getting a larger YORKIE. I love them!!!

    • Maya 3 years ago

      Thank you for this article!! I like the rest of you have a 14lb Yorkie. He's a beast. Very protective. He will be 2 next week. Kudos to you for standing up for the LARGER Yorkie owners!

    • Rachel 3 years ago

      Just googled "18 lb Yorkie" and this article came up. Glad I read it and the comments. Happy to hear others have a larger Yorkie too. Ours is a male named Bronco who is 18 lbs and only 10 months. He's not chunky at all - he's very tall and has a long body, very muscular. Our breeder told us he would be larger and estimated 9 lbs. We are also very happy that he's larger for the same reasons everyone mentions. We can take him on walks with no problems and don't have to worry about him jumping off furniture.

    • Foucek Barbara profile image

      Foucek Barbara 3 years ago

      Hi! I see you wrote this awhile ago, hope you and your beautiful dogs are well! I have a 22 lb Yorkie that I rescued and at 1 she was 8 lbs, ill, full of worms, scabs, torn paws, the vet said she was prob kept in a cage and bred. Anyway she said she was a beautiful dog and a Yorkie, silky hair red/grey and Yorkie personality.She is 6 now and has some health problems, gets infections (ear and bladder)and may be starting cushings...but I have her on a special diet lots of walks, and bathe her, keep her ears and bottom clean...I also have an AKC Bichon Frise that is 28 pounds and solid muscle! So maybe I have steroids in their water I don't know about? But the Yorkie is the boss of us all, and I get the wow your dogs are huge comment all the time!

    • Susi 3 years ago

      I love ur story, I feel the same way, I'm also a parent to a huge yorkie, which I love to death, I wouldn't have him any other way, he is 20lbs and always gets compliments and weird faces when I tell them he's a huge yorkie and all the time im ask are u sure he's not mixed or a silky, and i say I'm sure, he's just big, the way I think he should be, and no he's not overweight, he's beautiful just like your ginger.

    • jessica 3 years ago

      Thank you so much for sharing your story! I too am a parent of a large Yorkie and love him to death.. Buddy is 4years old and weights 13lbs.

      I think Ginger is just perfect!!

    • Amanda 3 years ago

      I am so pleased to find someone else with a larger Yorkie!

      I have a 6 month old male blonde Yorkie with floppy ears, I always get what kind of dog is he?

      A Yorkie, oh he doesn't look like a Yorkie.

      Well he is all Yorkie I saw the Momma and the Pappa he is a Yorkie.

      I love him beyond, spoiled is an understatement, we don't have children so he is our baby! I think he is about 8 pounds, and I hope he stays on the smaller side, but what ever the Lord gives me I will take, he is just a part of the family!

    • Valerie 3 years ago

      Our big yorkie, Dino, is 18 lbs and a beautiful silver and blond with floppy ears. He is the cutest dog ever! His parents are both average in size (5 - 6 lbs) and his sister is 4.5 lbs. Dino has such a sweet, goofy demeanor and only wants to be petted. What luck in getting the big boy of the bunch...

    • Carrie 3 years ago

      I have a 10.5 pound yorkie and I love him so much. I love that I can have him interact with larger dogs and not worry that he will get stepped on or can't hold his own with them. And yes in the long run they should have less health problems being a bit larger.

    • Chris Yap 3 years ago

      Phew.Nice to know that there is so many bigger sized Yorkies out there.We all know what it is like having to defend their breed and size.Mine is probably around 10 to 12pounds.I call him Snuggles Doo aka Baby Doo.He is 2yrs 4mths and has

      certified paper.I am sure all of

      us love our Yorkies regardless of whatever others think or say.Mine gets called fatty but he is just sturdy and adorable.

    • Angie 3 years ago

      I have 2 yorkies. One weighs 16 pounds and the other 21 pounds! I'm so glad I came across this site as I've been putting them on diet thinking they were overweight. It states on every other website that a yorkie should weigh up to 7 ibs and if it's heavier it's likely to be mixed. I know my breeds and there both 100% yorkie. The one that weighs 21 pounds has an enlarged liver therefore heavier. The problem is he's hungry all the time! He has boiled chicken, carrots, broccoli and sweet potatoe. Any advice on a food that will full him up?

    • omgg 3 years ago

      Omg u have no idea... My yorkie looks just like urs too, 17 pounds light tan coat, and floppy ears

    • Shevoney 3 years ago

      I'm so happy to see so many folks with Big Baby's I have a big yorkie as well he is a whopping 19 pounds! And he's not done growing I think... I just got him today and I'm in Love! I have a 9 pound yorkie also whom I've already had for 7 years & I'm 8 months pregnant with my first baby! Wish us luck!

    • BEI 3 years ago

      Don't worry my yorkie weighs around 5 kgs that I think it's around 11-12 lbs, while my friend's yorkie weighs around 7-7.5 kgs

      What many people still don't know is that yorkie terrier breed used to be a lot larger than today's, around 30 lbs. So, the amazingly "big" yorkie may still inherit the DNA of its ancestor. well 16 lbs is still much smaller than the original one

    • Judy 3 years ago

      I have a 18 lb male yorkie that I rescued from the street. My grandsons love him and he loves them. He has been a blessing to our family People look at me like I am crazy when I say he is a yorkie, because of his size. He is a bit hardheaded, but a very loving dog. I feel we are very lucky to have Ozzie.

    • Gail 3 years ago

      I have a 16 year old Shihtzu that weighs 22 lbs. AKC standards state no more than 10 lbs are acceptable. She is also a pure bred but somehow she kept growing and growing. People have always been skeptical when I said she was purebred but she has been the best dog and I am proud to have known and loved my Maggie.

    • Amy 3 years ago

      My Yorkie is 21 lbs. He is 10 months old!! He is an amazing dog, though my Yorki-poo does NOT agree with me! I am so glad he is as large as he is. He is healthy, happy and filled with love, devotion and ENERGY! And, though stubborn, he IS learning! What more could I ask for?

    • Loobyliz 2 years ago

      Your giant Yorkie is IDENTICAL to mine! I copied the photo and sent it to a few people who asked who it was holding my dog. Rambo is 18lbs and just fabulous. He's a Yorkie with the papers to prove it- we actually went for one who we thought would be a bit bigger (his mum is) as I didn't want a tiny, delicate dog. He's just awesome. Healthy, kind natured, clever, humorous and convinced he's the biggest dog in the world- let alone just big for a Yorkie.

    • Kimberly Scott 2 years ago

      Hi, I had a large (13lb) Yorkie named Lucy for nearly 13 years and she was the best thing that ever happened to me, next to meeting my husband. We had to put her down in Jan '14 and my heart is absolutely broken. While I could never carry her in my purse, she was on my hip like a 3 year old for as long as I can remember. My sweet friend's mother's dog had puppies and that's how I came by my baby girl. Now, I'm not sure how to find another one. I would love to find another, large Yorkie, because she's no where near as fragile a the tea cup variety.

    • Jennifer 2 years ago

      My 7 lb female had 5 purebred yorkie pups. The runt we called Littleman and we ended up keeping him because his ears never popped up. His siblings as adults all weighed between 7-10 lbs. but Little man after he was neutered grew to be 17 lbs., he is the best dog ever. I love his sturdy body and playful nature. He holds his own when playing with our boxer. Yet he jumps up on the couch and rolls over in your arms for belly rubs. His big dark eyes always look like he is sad, like pouty. But he is the happiest dog I've ever met. Just an absolute joy. Everyone loves him.

    • Teresa 2 years ago

      You have such a beautiful dog! I just lost my tiny Morkie, whom I had and loved for four years. She was the most beautiful creature I'd ever seen (I guess that's how all mothers feel about their babies!), and tears pour down my face every time I let myself think of her. She was a tiny dog - only 6.5 pounds. I grew so used to having a dog after never having a pet when I was growing up, and I bought a Yorkie pup this year. The pet store employee told me that she would be so tiny; only four pounds. Then I took her to the vet - he said she would probably be 8-10 pounds fully grown, so much bigger than my little Morkie. I felt cheated and lied to, and since I live in a tiny Manhattan studio, I just kept thinking how HUGE my dog would be in our little home! So I looked online to see if anyone else felt the way I did - I love her still but worried about how big she would become, since the larger size wasn't what I had bargained for. I'm happy to have read your post, and now I'm back to appreciating all the other things about my puppy that I love regardless of her size - her lovely face, almond shaped brown eyes, energy, excitement and willingness to challenge me every chance she gets! Thanks for reminding us all of what truly matters in our relationships with our pets.

    • Leo 2 years ago

      NO,KatZ haven't read the history on Yorkies,18th - 19 Century Yorkshire Terriers weigh in 20 to 25 lbs thats a Standard size. My yorkie weighs in 18. Lbs he is a true Lion, long hair,Yup looks like mini Lion walking

    • Nancy Walton 2 years ago

      My yorkie Zoyie weighs 12lb and came from 2 registered yorkie parents that were both about 4lb! I don't mind that she's bigger bcuz she is so healthy, she's not fat at all! I've had 2 tiny yorkies that were so sickly and didn't live very long so I say go big yorkies!

    • Carl 2 years ago

      I have a 12 lbs pure bred girlie named Brody. He is gold and blue I have his family history record and he comes from a line of champions. I get that all the time of how he isn't possible purebred constantly defending even to my Wife his momma. I love Brody to death and he is no 3 years of age. I was concerned of his weight but, now after coming on here my mind is at ease. Thank you everyone for your input here

    • Mj 2 years ago

      I purchased a yorkie puppy yesterday and even thougb she is 6 weeks old, she weighs 3 lbs!!!.

      Im pretty sure she will be a giant yorkie.

    • Sandy 2 years ago

      We receive the same comments about our Eddie who is 16 lbs.

    • Jim 2 years ago

      My boy, Reggie is 18.5 lbs right now. He had been over 20. He is full blooded yorkie. I have papers. He has seizures so he take phenobarbital, thus the weight gain. We love him no matte what. When we got him he was 12 lbs. Tiny or large it doesn't matter.

    • Shawnee 2 years ago

      I'm to see all these lovely comments my akc yorkie is around 9/10lbs we breed her to a 5lb male and she had a litter of6 , 5 females/1male they are5 weeks and one of the males and one female are almost 2x the size of the others the vet said there is nothing to worry about that the breed originally was 10-15lb but It seems everyone is wanting the teacups I want them to go to a loving home that's not going to discriminate their size;)

    • Melissa 2 years ago

      I have an 8 lb yorkie named Tyrion. I have trained him to be my service/alert dog. He travels with us everywhere. . Between July and September he was on 46 flights and never a complant. Most people never knew he was on the plane till we disembarked. He has a natural tail and floppy ears and beautiful soft fine blue and tan hair. I got him from the pound i think we are both very lucky to have each other .

    • Carrie Lynn 2 years ago

      Your Yorkie is adorable. I have a 14 pound Yorkie and I too am always defending his bloodline as well. When you say that your dog plays with bigger dogs and you don't get scared I feel the same way. I don't have to worry about him getting stepped on or worried that a big dog or child might play to rough. I am happy to see all these dogs in loving homes on here :)

    • Poli's Memom 2 years ago

      Ran across this article and enjoyed it so much. We named our Yorkie puppy Napoleon Bonaparte III, because he was a little puppy who had big ideas. But, Poli kept growing to a giant 18 pounds. My vet says it happens and is just a genetic throwback to the rat terrier origins of the breed. (I think that was what he was saying, it's my interpretation of his medical observation.) Maybe the throwback increases longevity. Poli lived a very, very active happy life for 15 1/2 years. He was our granddog and was a treasured part of our family circle. Always sensing a camera and happily inserting himself somewhere in the focus group. He adopted my parents and during his prime helped my dad farm. Always knowing when it was time to show up for a ride beside him on his tractor (cabbed and totally enclosed). Even after 3 years we miss him daily. I so enjoyed seeing your pictures and reading about other blessed humans who were graced by being owned by a REAL Yorkie.

    • prater 2 years ago

      My Yorkie is 16lbs he is blue steel color and blonde he is such a loving little dog people are always asking why he is so big but he has true yorkie bloodline he is triple rest. he is just big but he is very pretty with his long hair and so loving would not take anything for him,don't think I would want smaller yorkie ,,my daughter has one that weighs 7 lbs and I like mine much better ,,, he is beautiful

    • Clay Freinwald 2 years ago

      We just lost our 12 year old Taylor due to kidney failure. Taylor normally weighed 18 pounds We have her niece, Molly, who weighs 14. I can send pictures if you'd like. We would love to find another big-Yorkie....Please tell me how. Live in Auburn, Wa

    • FitzRoyTucker 2 years ago

      Hi, I just adopted a large 15 pound yorkie. I would love advise on training methods.

      -Do your large yorkies "overtake" or overpower smaller dogs? If so, how did you address that?

      -Airplane Travel, can he even fit as carryon on an airplane? How have your yorkies done on airplanes?

      - Activity and Play, my little guy is just under 2 years old and he's sweet, lovable and full of energy! He could chase tennis balls for 4 hours (which he did on Sat). Any activities you recommend to get my energetic yorkie tired?

    • Jane Kenney 2 years ago

      Enjoyed your article very much. My Tucker is 3 1/2 and weighs 14lbs. I also have people telling me that he can't be a yorkie. We took him to the vet the day after we got him at the age of 8 weeks & the vet told us then that he would weigh around 10 lbs. I love his floppy ears and his size. He is a very loving, loyal, healthy, happy guy and I wouldn't trade him for anything!

    • pollobowl profile image

      pollobowl 2 years ago from North Carolina

      Hello! I'm not sure I can offer too much advice, as I've never brought mine on a plane. I do love that as a larger small dog, she is still very portable and easy to travel with, at least in a car or in hotels. She loves to go on trips with us!

      Also, I do not think there would be an issue with a large Yorkie overpowering smaller dogs. I think dogs determine their hierarchies in a different way than size. We have another dog who weighs almost 100lbs, and our Ginger is the dominant dog. I think because she is older and she was here first, it's just how it worked out with them. Size does not equal dominance.

      Ginger loves to chase our big dog while she plays fetch. It wears her out pretty good, although she doesn't like fetch herself.

    • Donna 2 years ago

      we recently were given a 20 lb. Tureen Yorkie. Our previous Yorkie was 14 lbs. I love Yorkzillas, so less crazy than the minis.

    • Elie 2 years ago

      Thank you for the article, I also have a 16 pounds Yorkie who could actually be the brother of Ginger. I also get a lot of attention and people ask me all the time if it's a pure bread. Your dog is really cute. Take care

    • Deborah Patron 2 years ago

      Love this article! Our (not-so) little guy is about 16 pounds at 17 months and like everyone else, I get tired of restating that yes he is a Yorkie. I have resorted to telling them that he is like the Shaquille O'Neal of Yorkies. We wanted a larger Yorkie, were told he would max out at around 10 pounds, but he kept going! In retrospect, we should have suspected something when we picked him up and the shadow behind him was his little brother. I suggested the name Titan and it was unanimously accepted. He is the friendliest dog, unless you make noise outside after dark. LOL! So glad to know that there is a community of large Yorkie lovers! And my whole family LOVES the term Yorkasaurus!

    • LizLense 21 months ago

      Our Jackson is almost 19 pounds at 6 yrs old. He was 11 pounds when we adopted him and we suspect his prior owner gave him up due to his larger-than-purse size. He is frankly cuter than a tiny yorkie and very happy, shiny and healthy ... albeit yappy. We were told he is all yorkie but have believed he must be part something else-perhaps silky terrier-due to his size. He really appears to be all yorkie except that he towers over the "real" yorkies at the park. It matters not at all, but it is nice to read here that it is possible he is one breed only so we don't have to keep wondering what could be the other part in what we have been calling our "part" yorkie ... often shortened to "porkie"!

    • JJD 21 months ago

      I think we might have the biggest yorkie, weighing at 25 pounds, his name is Chewbacca. I wish i could post a photo to show you!

    • Psychrev 18 months ago

      We just got a 4 year old Yorkie who is 20 lbs. He has all the Yorkie characteristics and coloring our little Yorkie had except he bounds across the yard like a Giselle and leaps into your lap like he only weighs 5 lbs. Ooof! Despite being in several homes (ours is his last) he is friendly, patient, good-natured and a joy. We, too have wondered if he is a mix since he is so tall, about 18" Anyone else have a Yorkie that is tall?

    • Catherine 17 months ago

      My pure bred yorkie looks just like Ginger and he weighs about the same too! I always have people asking me if he's full yorkie.

    • Sherry 17 months ago

      Ginger sounds alot like Bond. My boy weighs 15 pounds and I thought I was swindled when he got so big. I thank god every day for him. I am glad he is a tea pot not a tea cup. He is 2.5 years old has not had any health issues and is the happiest boy around. I am certain he doesnt know he is a dog. In a store, at the beach, or park people always stop me and ask what kind breed he is. Then comes the gasp.....i have his puppy picture on hand and then their like wow. I truly am blessed to have such a loving dog to love.

    • geo.fisher 17 months ago

      I also have a 23 lb. yorkie, was to be 7 lb. is pure breed blk,brn. and steel blue. Love him very much

    • Jen 16 months ago

      I also have a giant yorkie he was a rescue but came with all of his vet records since birth and a certificate showing breed. All the time people tell me he is mixed. I love him the way he is other than his size he looks just like a yorkie

    • D K 14 months ago

      Thanks for the awesome article. I loved reading about your giant Yorkie as well as so many comments. Our Teddy is 17 lbs and I have had so many people correct me on his breed. Why does it really matter...if he was a mixed breed would he be more or less acceptable ? I love him and he loves me. We're good! Peace and love to all you Yorkie lovers out there!

    • Giant Yorkie 11 months ago

      Loved your article! We too also have a "Giant Yorkie". People think he must be a mixed breed. He has his papers and he's all Yorkie, even though he weighs in at 14.1 lbs. He's a rough and tumble kind of guy our Riley and we have never worried about him because he's so big.. We love him to bits!

    • Smith 11 months ago

      I have a big yorkie too! She's blonde with floppy "blue" ear tips. At 15 lbs, she's long, lean, and very fast. No one believes us but everyone loves her and want's one just like her. "Giant" yorkies for the win!

    • Tara Brodersen 9 months ago

      I have a Yorkie. He is 14 lbs plus. Have been told he is a throwback Yorkie. He loves family, toys, squirrels, and much more. He looks like Ginger, but Cheech has the pointed ears. What great dogs they are.!! Love him to pieces!

    • jenna 9 months ago

      I would have your yorkie checked for heart problems. my Yorkie Nico was 20 pounds and recently died of a heart attack at 7.5 years old. Although he had a vet exam once a year, we were in shock when he passed from heart failure.

    • G.scott 9 months ago

      My yorkie is 11lbs at 9 months old, she's a little chunk but not an ounce of fat on her. She was a rehoming when she was 4 months old ( how could you). I think of her as a 'standard' yorkie. I had a male yorkie about 30 years ago with similar build and even the same floppy ears. I think the 'teacup' yorkie has arrived in the last 20 Years in larger numbers so people think this is the norm.

    • Jess 9 months ago

      I'm SO happy I stumbled on this blog. I have a 16 lb yorkie who looks very similar to Ginger and it gets tiring having to explain to people that he IS indeed a yorkie--and the best kind in fact! He's never been sick or had any problems and I love how much energy he has. He is the right size for me. Not too big and not too small!

    • Jessica 8 months ago

      I have a Yorkie named Ted that is 21 pounds. Everyone wants to know why he is so big too.

    • Cindy 8 months ago

      I think a lot of 'breeders' are selling Yorkies that are really Silky Terriers. Your dog is adorable, and looks just like my silky. I've met several people with big Yorkies that I'm sure are Silky Terriers. Silkies are great dogs, but don't command the same high dollar amount as a Yorkie. I think there are just a lot of unscrupulous breeders out there. My Silky is considered big at 22 lbs. Yorkies over 10 lbs are quite possibly NOT Yorkies. Just sayin'...

    • Gianni Gloria Bunawan 7 months ago

      I have a pure yorkie that looks almost exactly like yours but bigger! He is 22 lbs :))


    • TashaLarae profile image

      TashaLarae 7 months ago

      @Cindy, perhaps there are unscrupulous breeders, but truly, there are big Yorkies out there. Mine came with papers and registered. I even had him checked by two different vets, not because I ever thought of breeding him, I just wanted to know. I LOVE Yorkies, but specifically did not want a miniature due to the health complications that are common in the miniature ones. I had a teacup chihuahua who didn't even make it to 5 and I was heartbroken. After research (back before everyone had computers), I found that it is common with miniatures and did not want to go that route the second time. I bought my Yorkie in Germany, however. I couldn't be more in love with my "giant" Yorkie, my faithful friend for 10+ years :-)

    • Carol Castle 7 months ago

      I have a yorkie that weights 26 pounds...his mother and father weight 3 1/2 lbs......i would have not believed it unless i seen it myself .... and knew the owner very well....I until now have never seen another Yorkie like mine...He came with papers and all... but after having him 4 years the akc took his papers away because they said he was to big to be a pure Yorkie...We love him so much....

    • millie 7 months ago

      my yorkie 6yrs old weighs 25 lbs love him so much

    • Brownie's mom 6 months ago

      I have an 8 month old Yorkie. Mom and dad are yorkies. Brownie weighs 10lbs. He was sold for a very low price because the breeders daughter (previous owner) was pregnant and couldn't have pets. It's been seven months and no baby bump. Their loss and my victory. Brownie is an adorable big Yorkie with a temperament but is totally loved by everyone who meets him.

    • Sandra 5 months ago

      Got our Yorkie girl at 8 yrs old, a rescue dog. She weighs in at 18.5 lbs of pure love. Siggy stole our hearts & pretty much runs the house!

    • Gina 5 months ago

      My Yorkie Jack is a clone of Ginger. He's akc registered. He's 17 lbs and everyone says the same thing "He's too big to be a yorkie." Even according to the standard he's "too big". I did not want a toy breed because of the health complications and nervous issues. I had a babysitter that had what she called "standard yorkies" and he was the last of the litter. Her sogs were great! Quiet and sweet natured and affwctionate. So we got him when he was 10 weeks old. He is He is an amazing guy. Healthy and playful and oh so loving. I loved your article. Thanks so much for sharing Ginger with us too!

    • Kevin 4 months ago

      I loved your article!!! My Yorkie Sadie passed away! She looked just like yours. I want to get another one and having very hard time finding a bigger Yorkie like my Sadie and your ginger any suggestions???? Have a number for larger Yorkies

    • Sheena 4 months ago

      Hi, I have a 18 month old Yorkie named Milo. We wanted a small Yorkie but now at 16 pounds we wouldn't trade him for the world! He has floppy ears and is almost entirely grey. He loves people and playing with other animals of all sizes. The perfect people dog!

    • Sammi 3 months ago

      Our Yorkie is 14.2lb and every bit rambunctious. We rescued her 2 years ago as her owners could no longer look after her. The best thing we ever did. She follows me everywhere, learnt to open doors, tried to chase cows (stopped that by building the wall higher). She's tan with a black back, floppy ears and when she cocks her head to the right looking at me with those big, soft, brown eyesI just melt.When we go for walks she is made a fuss of by others and loves it - becomes a little prima donna. We never get questioned about her size, nor are we disbelieved. Perhaps the UK has more 'Morkies' and less teacups. She gets on well with the farm cat (cat can be mean!), with the cat coming for a morning walk with us. She's now 5 and I would be lost without her. Morkie- big dog with a big heart

    • Cathy Cresswell 2 months ago

      I have a Morkie "Maltese & Yorkie" and he is 6 yrs old and weighs 22 lbs and he is not fat he has long legs and grey slightly wavy soft silky hair ... he is a rescue and I love him ... he has that tear thing on his eyes so I keep the hair real short and have him goomed regularly ... he is my little boy and I love him so very much.

    • Alaina Hendricks 2 months ago

      Thank you so much for your article! We are about to bring home our rescue yorkie, who we met yesterday. She's much bigger than we expected upon hearing the breed, and weighs 18 lbs. With her size and floppy ears (seems to be a trend with "teapot" (what a cute term!) yorkies, which is fascinating to learn), my wife was sure she must be mixed with something. Even if she is, we would still love her, but I feel so much more confident about her size and weight- and what a treat that she will likely have less health issues!

    • Christina Dixon 2 months ago

      Hello! We love your article! I also have a large yorkie, he demands attention from everyone we meet. His name is Jackson, Jax for short, he weighs 23 pounds, i was told he is bigger because he is a male, and that not all yorkies fit into handbags. Jax has changed my life so much. I have begun school to become a veterinarian. One time i took him to be groomed. when i retuned several hours later to pick him up ( it takes 6 hrs) for him to be at the groomer. The woman who grooms him said they were all fighting over who was going to take him home if i did not come back for him, this was only ten minutes after i dropped him off! He is such a cuddle bug, loves to wear clothes, hates the camera but i have many pics of him. I love my large yorke and he has so much love to give. He is loyal and full of character. So to large yorkies i say...they are the best!!!!

    • Lauren 2 months ago

      Yes I have a big Yorkie too, he's 15lbs x

    • RRhealy 2 months ago

      My giant yorkie is 25 pounds and could probably lose a few pounds. His mom and dad are purebred and dad is 8 lbs mom is 7lbs. I don't know what I would do without him and yes I defend his bloodline daily!

    • Aubri 7 weeks ago

      I have a 17lb yorkie, and I get the same questions. "What is he mixed with?" He is pure yorkie. His parents were 6lbs. We call him our mutant yorkie because thats the only way we can explain his size. He is literally the best dog ever though - very chill, never barks and when he does bark, its not yappy. He loves people - has never bitten, scratched, growled, or anything. We love him so much. He is 10 years old now and doesn't show any signs of aging!

    • Holly 7 weeks ago

      I have 2 purebred girl yorkies and they are both 10 pounds. I have now problem saying they are all Yorkies. Not all of them are tiny.

    • Patricia lopez 7 weeks ago

      Hello I had a yorkie names Bruiser that die from liver cancer and after Bruiser my family rescued Diva she is a Yorkie and weighs 13 pounds and she is a long Yorkie. My family rescue her and she is our baby girls she plays with my two kids We love the way God made Diva and she is not fat she is just big

    • Catherine Mullen 7 weeks ago

      YAY! Another Giant yorkie family out there. I have adopted a little (not so little) boy who is about 16lbs - I get the same questions as you. Funny thing is that I actually have his AKC papers. He's a FULL BLOODED guy- not that it matters, we would love him regardless. He's amazing and so beautiful. Speaking of beauty- that's the other question I get. He's almost 100% blonde so people tell me he's not a yorkie.

      Anyway- he's WONDERFUL AND HUGE. If you want to see a pic email me, I would love to share.

      Have a wonderful holiday and take care of your wonderful fur baby :)

    • Sandra hand 6 weeks ago

      My elvis, is a morkie, and he is 13.2 pounds!!and he is one year old. He was supossed to be only 9 pounds, lol!! I am glad i read your article also, i love him so much!! And is the perfect size to play with my granddaughter, who is 2,

    • Kara 4 weeks ago

      We have a 6.5lb Yorkie girl who is almost 1 year old, not a teacup, but a nice, sturdy, healthy dog. We just adopted a sweet little Yorkie boy who weighed in at 3lbs at 7 weeks. He's going to be a Venti Yorkie for certain. He's going to get lots of stares for his size, but his personality is going to be the best part of the attention. Big Yorkies are awesome!

    • Supitcha 4 weeks ago

      I have a giant yorkie too!! He is 8.5 kg (about 19 lbs) and he is now 8 years old and I love him so much!

    • Yorkie Momma 2 weeks ago


      I too have a larger Yorkie. My Rosie Claire is about 2 1/2 years old and weighs about 12 pounds. She's absolutely darling! Her parents are both AKC registered and weigh under 7 pounds. My second one, Maximus, is about 7 months old and from the same set of parents. He's staying true to the under 7 rule. The two get along very well and I can't be more pleased with my Yorkie babies!

    • shawna malick 2 weeks ago

      Hi there! Im actually loving your giant yorkie and looking for one myself to get my 3 year old daughter. Was there anything different or was your ginger just bigger from the beginning? Any help would be great on how to get my hands on a giabt yorkie.

    • Miltonsmom 13 days ago

      I lost my Milton who weighted 12lbs at 14. He was the best dog ever. Does any one know of any larger Yorkie pups? I don't want a tiny Yorkie.

    • shirley 13 days ago

      I have a giant Yorkie, 2 years old, weighs 18 pounds. We all love her :)

    • Emily 12 days ago

      My yorkie's name is Bella and is 14 pounds and like 18 inches long. We thought she was only going to be between 6-8 pounds, but I'm actually really glad she ended up being bigger! I love my little Bella boo.

    • Fran Love 10 days ago

      So happy to find this article. My Chico looks like an identical twin to your Ginger. He has also been accused of not being a Yorkie. He weighs 16 lb and is my happy , loving baby. People had me second guessing his breed even though I saw his mom and dad who both weighed less than 10 lb. Thanks again

    • lauradean 3 days ago

      I showed my husband your Giant Yorkie's picture and he thought it was ours! They look like twins in the face!! Big brown loving eyes, the hair, the teeth, and curled up tongue! All the same! The only difference is that mine has slightly curly, silky, black hair on her body with underlying silver. What really makes mine stand out is her long, long, legs which are 9 1/2 inches long! Her body is 15 inches long, and she weighs 13 lbs. She looks like she would weigh more but I think that is because of her her and length. She runs like a race horse! I never saw a dog run so fast! She loves to run and when she puts those long legs in running gear she is like lightening! (Fenced yard of course!) She has the most loving personality! She is good with kids and never made a sound when my little 6 month old grandson grabbed the hair on her lip and wouldn't let go! She is a little jealous of our 8 yr. old Yorkie and wants to get between us when we try to pet her. Lexi is just 2 and has a lot of puppy in her attitude! She lays beside me on the couch when I am on my laptop and constantly reaches over with her paw and pulls my hand off the keys and against her chest to remind me to pet her! She is the most lovable, funny, and outgoing dog I have ever seen! I had a tiny little 5 lb. Yorkie who passed away on her 15th birthday. She was my baby and so sweet. She was a one woman dog and was my constant companion for all those years. After she passed my husband came home with Lexi as a surprise for me. At first I couldn't believe she was a Yorkie!! I did a search and found out there were other giant Yorkies in the world! My vet said his sister has one bigger than Lexi is! I have had her 2 months now and am so happy my husband saved her (she was a rescue) and brought her home to me. I actually did a dna test because I felt like I needed to defend her to people who said she couldn't be a Yorkie and must have something else mixed with her, even though the family who couldn't keep her told him she was full blooded Yorkie. I actually thought she might not be full Yorkie as well. According to her dna test she is just a Giant Yorkie! Not that it matters, she is a fantastic dog, but she deserves to be known as what she really is! A full blooded Yorkie who happens to be big! Just more to love. I still miss my tiny, loyal, loving Yorkie, but Lexi is more sturdy, and much easier to take care of. Their personalities are so similar, but Lexi is just more of everything!

    • penny 3 days ago

      i was so excited to see the gorgeous super size yorkshire terrier ginger. i have a rescue yorkie boy who is three and is goegeous. he has put on one and a half kilos as he was like a rake when we got him and now weighs 14 pounds. i have had him for five months and everyone asks what breed he is. hes naughty, wont come back when off the lead and if the gate is left open hes off! he has a ten metre lead and wants to kills every dog he sees when on this lead. off it he loves all animals, but wont return. in spite of all this we love him and wouldnt swap him but oh my - he is a challenge... hes another giant yorkie!

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