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40+ Great Names for English Bulldogs

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What should you name your English Bulldog?

What should you name your English Bulldog?

English Bulldog Puppies: Name Ideas and Inspiration

The English Bulldog is something of a conundrum. Here is a breed of dog originally bred to be ferocious so as to bait bulls, yet which is known as a great family pet. The answer lies in the outlawing of bull baiting. Once the "sport" was outlawed, breeders worked hard to breed out aggression. Nowadays, bulldogs are gentle, docile and great with kids. Intelligence isn't one of their great qualities; they are not easy to train and can be stubborn.

If you've fallen for the friendly yet courageous bulldog and need a name to suit, try some of these suggestions for bulldog names inspired by:

  • British Bulldog Spirit
  • Bulldog Characteristics, whether yours is calm or stubborn
  • Tough Guys and Girls

Winston Churchill and British Bulldog Spirit

Winston Churchill is popularly linked with Bulldogs. In fact, he didn't own a Bulldog, he kept Poodles. However, his jowly face and resolute demeanour during World War II have ensured that he is associated with the Bulldog. British Bulldog spirit is the stubborn attitude displayed by the British in the face of seemingly overwhelming odds.

Take some inspiration from the war for your dog's name!

World War II Names for English Bulldog Girls

  • Clementine—Winston Churchill's wife
  • Gracie—Gracie Fields was a favourite singer of the forces during World War II
  • Rosie—for the famous US World War II icon, Rosie the Riveter
  • Vera—singer Vera Lynn was immensely popular during World War II
  • Winnie—the female version of Winston

British Bulldog Spirit Names for Boys

  • Blitz—great Bulldog spirit shown in the cities of Britain during the Blitz
  • Cliff—for the popular song "There'll Be Blue Birds Over the White Cliffs of Dover"
  • Monty—for Field Marshall "Monty" Montgomery
  • Spencer—one of Churchill's family names
  • Winston—for the great man himself

Bulldog Mascots

As well as representing Britain, the Bulldog is a popular mascot. The United States Marine Corps has a Bulldog mascot, as does Yale University. Countless rugby, soccer and football teams across the world, as well as universities, colleges and schools, have chosen to represent themselves with a Bulldog.

7 week old Bruno, aka Beans

7 week old Bruno, aka Beans

Character Names for English Bulldogs

Although Bulldogs are gentle, they are also strong and have a "tough guy" appearance. They tend to be slow, with a rolling gait, but they can occasionally put on a spurt of speed (for a short distance!). Think about the characteristics of your dog and see if you can come up with a suitable name. Here are a few suggestions.

Kind and Gentle Names for Bulldog Girls

  • Aggie—short for "Agnes", meaning gentle or pure
  • Alma—kind
  • Leala—loyal, faithful
  • Millie—short for "Mildred," meaning gentle strength

Calm and Peaceful Names for Bulldog Boys

  • Ellis—kind
  • Frank—for St Francis, the kindly patron saint of animals
  • Fred—short for "Frederick," peaceful ruler
  • Humphrey—peaceful warrior
  • Noah—peaceful
  • Rei—short for "Reizo"—calm and well-groomed

Strong and Courageous Names for Bulldog Girls

  • Bo—for Boadicea/Boudicca, heroic British queen
  • Ebba—strong as a boar
  • Gertie—short for Gertrude, strong spear
  • Riley—courageous
  • Tilly—pet form of Matilda, mighty in battle
  • Ronni—strong counsel

Stubborn and Strong Names for Male Bulldogs

  • Borg—the invincible species from Star Trek
  • Conall—strong wolf
  • Farris—strong as iron
  • Hector—means steadfast
  • Keegan—ardent
  • Will—short for William, meaning determined

Tough Girl Names

  • Lara—Lara Croft, Tomb Raider
  • Leia—Princess Leia, Star Wars
  • Purdey—from the TV series The New Avengers
  • Ripley—for Ellen Ripley, Sigourney Weaver's character in Alien
  • Trinity—from The Matrix
  • Ziva—Ziva David from NCIS

Tough Guy Names

  • Al—for Al Capone
  • Arnie—Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Bogart—for Humphrey Bogart
  • Buster
  • Mac—John Maclean from Diehard movies
  • Rambo
  • Rocky
  • Sly—for Sylvester Stallone
  • Spike

English Bulldog Rescue

Looking After a Bulldog

Like any breed of dog, the Bulldog is prone to certain ailments. Hip dysplasia afflicts many Bulldogs, and they indeed have the worst record of all the breeds. Another well-known problem affects females giving birth; due to the puppies' large heads, most pregnancies end with a caesarian section. "Cherry eye" is a problem that some Bulldogs face; the inner eyelid protrudes (this can be treated by a veterinarian).

On a daily basis, Bulldogs need skin care. The hanging folds of skin on their faces need to be cleaned carefully to prevent infections. Bulldogs and heat don't mix either; they require adequate hydration and ventilation.


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I just got a British bulldog puppy and her name is lady Ethel

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Thanks again for your kind comments, much appreciated.

Susan McLeish from Rindge, NH on April 07, 2013:

When my last pug passed away, I was aiming for a British bulldog. But then 2 sisters needing some rescuing so Pugs it is! I tend to name a dog after I have seen its personality.

I really enjoyed the article. Will refer people to this name list.

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Kelly from New England on March 10, 2013:

When I'm ready to add another pup to our repertoire, I'd love to get an English Bulldog. My husband laughs at me as I have a name for every dog I see... my Bulldog name is going to be "Pawly Carbone". Just love that one!! Thanks for a great article, you really give some excellent name choices and the reasons behind them.

Judi Brown (author) from UK on January 14, 2013:

Hi nuffsaidstan - you can't beat Spike, the classic bulldog name - love T&J!

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nuffsaidstan on January 14, 2013:

I like Spike out of Tom ans Jerry.

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Hi Glimmer Twin Fan - the puppies are very, very cute! Butch is just about perfect, but there are definitely a few others I would consider. Just so sad that these dogs don't live very long :(

Once again, thanks for your comments, great to hear from you.

Claudia Porter on December 12, 2012:

Bulldogs are so cute...I think I would go with Butch if I had a bulldog, but I also love Fred and Tilly. Love these name hubs.