The Ultimate List of Harry Potter Dog Names

Updated on June 23, 2018

Popular Pet Names From the Harry Potter World

  1. Fluffy: Hagrid's three-headed dog
  2. Padfoot: Sirius' marauder name
  3. Sirius: Harry's godfather who can turn into a dog
  4. Norbert: Hagrid's pet dragon
  5. Fang: Hagrid's bloodhound
  6. Dobby: Heroically loyal house elf
  7. Fawkes: Dumbledore's highly-intelligent phoenix
  8. Lupin: Remus Lupin is Harry's former teacher, Harry's dad's friend, and a werewolf
  9. Ravenclaw: A House of Hogwarts that values cleverness
  10. Pixie: A tiny magical troublemaker


Funny Harry Potter Dog Names

These hilarious names are puns inspired by characters and themes from the book.

  • Gryffindog
  • Hufflepug
  • Roverclaw
  • Sloberin
  • Dogwarts
  • Hairy Pupper
  • Hufflepup
  • Ruffnydor
  • Pansy Barkison
  • Barktemius
  • Ravenpaw

Comprehensive List

  1. Aberforth: Albus Dumbledore's brother and member of the original Order of the Phoenix. His patronus is a goat. Perfect for a goat-like dog, like the Bedlington Terrier.
  2. Alastor: Also known as Mad Eye or Professor Moody, Alastor taught defense against the dark arts at Hogwarts and was a pivotal member of the original Order of the Phoenix.
  3. Albus: Also known as Professor Dumbledore. Perfect for a wise and tranquil puppy.
  4. Alecto: A Death Eater and professor of Muggle Studies.
  5. Alohomora: A spell that unlocks and opens doors and windows that are not protected by magic. Suitable name for a dog who likes to sneak out the house.
  6. Amelia Bones: Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, she cleared Harry Potter of all charges.
  7. Amos: A wizard who worked for the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. His son was killed by Lord Voldemort.
  8. Angelina: Angelina Johnson was the captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team in her seventh year. She is also married to George Weasley.
  9. Animagus: This is the term for a witch or wizard who can morph him or herself into an animal.
  10. Antonin: Antonin Dolohov was one Voldemort's original death eaters.
  11. Arabella: She was a Squib, a dealer of cross-bred cats and kneazles. She used to babysit Harry Potter.
  12. Aragog: He was Hagrid's Acromantula, a species of flesh-eating spiders.
  13. Dumbledore: Inspired by Professor Albus Dumbledore.
  14. Arithmancy: A discipline that studies numerology for the purpose of predicting the future.
  15. Azkaban: A fortress on an island in the middle of the North Sea. Is the site of the Prison of Azkaban.
  16. Augusta: Neville Longbottom's grandmother.
  17. Auror: An elite group of witches and wizards who are part of the Ministry of Magic and fight against the Dark Arts.
  18. Bartemius/Barty: A Ministry of Magic official who was known to be ruthless. Also the antagonist in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.
  19. Bagshot: Professor Bathilda Bagshot was a magical historian who wrote A History of Magic, which was taught at Hogwarts.
  20. Beedle: A collection of children's fairytales written by wizards and witches.
  21. Bellatrix: A witch and death eater loyal to Lord Voldemort.
  22. Black/Blackie: For Sirius Black.
  23. Bloody Baron: A ghost of Slytherin House who continues to haunt Hogwarts.
  24. Boggart: A shape-shifter who takes on the form of the viewer's worst fear.
  25. Bones: For Amelia Bones who was Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement.
  26. Buckbeak: Hagrid's hippogriff.
  27. Crookshanks: Hermione Granger's pet cat.
  28. Death Eater: A follower of Lord Voldemort.
  29. Diagon: For Diagon Alley
  30. Diggle: A member of the Order of the Phoenix who fought against Lord Voldemort.
  31. Diggory: Cedric Diggory was a Hufflepuff student who was killed by Voldemort.
  32. Dobby: A house elf who served the Malfoy family but was later freed by Harry Potter.
  33. Draco: For Draco Malfoy, Harry's arch-nemisis.
  34. Dudley: Harry's obese cousin. A great name for a portly dog.
  35. Fang: Hagrid's boarhound who accompanied him in the Second Wizarding War.
  36. Fawkes: Dumbledore's highly intelligent phoenix.
  37. Figg: Inspired by Arabella Fig, a dealer of cross-bred cats and kneazles and a member of the Order of the Phoenix.
  38. Filch: A Squib and the caretaker of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He wandered the halls of Hogwarts with his cat Mrs. Norris.
  39. Fleur: A French witch who was a champion in the Triwizard Tournament.
  40. Flitwick: Filius Flitwick was part-goblin and part-wizard. He was the Charms Master at Hogwarts and Head of Ravenclaw House.
  41. Fluffy: A giant three-headed dog that guarded the philosopher's stone.
  42. Gellert: A very dangerous wizard.
  43. Gideon: A member of the original Order of the Phoenix.
  44. Gilderoy: Chief villain in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.
  45. Ginny: Ron's sister, an important member in Dumbledore's Army. She's becomes a professional Quidditch player.
  46. Godric: Founder of Hogwarts.
  47. Gornuk: Goblic, formerly of Gringotts
  48. Grawp: Hagrid's enourmous half-brother.
  49. Grey Lady: Ravenclaw's resident ghost
  50. Gribbly-Plank: Substitute professor at Hogwarts
  51. Grimmauld: For Grimmauld Place
  52. Gringotts: Wizarding bank
  53. Griphook: Goblin, formerly of Gringotts
  54. Gryffindor: A Hogwarts house, named for founder Godric
  55. Hagrid: Gamekeeper at Hogwarts, and a loyal friend
  56. Hallow: For the Deathly Hallows
  57. Harry: Titular character, and likely an appropriate homonym
  58. Hedwig: Harry's loyal pet owl
  59. Hermione: The brighter of Harry's two best friends, and the series' main heroine
  60. Hoggy: Affectionate nickname for Hogwarts
  61. Hogsmeade: The only 100% magical town in Britain
  62. Hogwarts: Premier source of magical education in the world, and the setting for many adventures
  63. Horcrux: Object containing a piece of the maker's soul
  64. Hufflepuff: Hogwarts house, named for founder Helga
  65. Longbottom: Surname of loyal Neville, one of Harry's oldest, truest, and bravest friends
  66. Lovegood: Surname of loyal Luna, one of Harry's most peculiar friends whose father published the magazine The Quibbler
  67. Lucius: Father of Harry's teenaged arch-nemesis Draco Malfoy, and a known rich person and Death Eater
  68. Luna: First name of one of Harry's most peculiar friends
  69. Lupin: Surname of Remus, werewolf, professor, and original Marauder
  70. Mad-Eye Moody: One of the most successful aurors in history who at one point led the Order
  71. Malfoy: Surname of Harry's teenaged arch-nemesis, later a known Death Eater
  72. Minerva: First name of Professor McGonagall, portrayed in the films by Dame Maggie Smith
  73. Muggle: Term, occasionally affectionate, for those with no magical ability and little to no involvement with the magical world
  74. Mundungus Fletcher: Scumbag member of the Order who unwittingly played important roles in several of the Order's achievements
  75. Mungo: For the wizarding hospital in London
  76. Newt: For Newt Scamader
  77. Nimbus: Manufacturer of Harry's first broomstick
  78. Padfoot: Affectionate term for Sirius Black
  79. Peverell: Inspired by the Tale of the Three Brothers who bore the family name, Peverell. They were the original masters of the Deathly Hallows.
  80. Pixie: A magical creature
  81. Potter: An ancient wizarding family
  82. Prongs: Affectionate term for James Potter
  83. Puddlemere: For the professional Quidditch team, presumeably
  84. Quibbler: Magical publication run by Luna's Father, Xenophilius Lovegood.
  85. Quidditch: That most poopular magical sport, played on broomsticks. Currently available at the collegiate level.
  86. Ravenclaw: Hogwarts House, named for founder Rowena
  87. Remus: An original Marauder and Hogwarts professor
  88. Riddle: Before he was known as He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, they called him Tom Riddle
  89. Rufus Scimgeour: Minister of Magic, sometimes described as lion-like.
  90. Salazar: Founder of the Slytherin House of Hogwarts
  91. Scabbers: Affectionate nickname given to the Weasley family rat
  92. Scorpius: Draco's son
  93. Seamus: One of Harry's Gryffindor colleagues. Probably Harry's most Irish friend.
  94. Severus: First name of Harry's mother's former suitor and longtime Potions professor at Hogwarts
  95. Sirius: Harry's godfather, able to transform into a large black dog
  96. Slughorn: Previous Potions master at Hogwarts, convinced by Harry to come out of retirement
  97. Slytherin: Hogwarts House, named for founder Salazar
  98. Snape: Surname of Harry's first Potions professor, and a protagonist of later works
  99. Tiberius: Uncle of one of Hermione's well-connected romantic interests
  100. Tonks: Andromeda Tonks was a Hufflepuff witch and ally of the Order of the Phoenix.
  101. Viktor Krum: An acclaimed international Quidditch player and Hermione's most interesting romance
  102. Weasley: Surname of Harry's favorite wizard family
  103. Yaxley: A common Death Eater

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