70 Hawaiian Dog Names

Updated on May 23, 2019
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My name is Tatiana, but my friends and family call me Tutta. I love writing articles that bring a little creativity to everyday life.

Dogs are man’s best friend all over the world! Dogs that get to live on tropical islands all their lives are pretty doggone lucky, if you ask me! This includes Hawaii. It’s like they are always on vacation in that nice, sunny paradise, right? Jealous.

Anyway, you are probably here because you have a dog that is a common breed of Hawaii, and are now on the search of Hawaiian dog names! Who wouldn’t want to give their dog a Hawaiian dog name?


Common Breeds

Just what dog breeds are most popular in Hawaii? Well, certainly, you can find any dog there as it depends on the preference of the individual person or family, but a few breeds that have become most popular for the area are the Chihuahua and the Labrador Retriever.

Other common breeds in Hawaii are:

  • Shetland Sheepdog
  • Pomeranian
  • Yorkshire Terrier
  • German Shepherd
  • Poodle
  • French Bulldog

You may be saying that these breeds seem less-than-exotic, but not everything in the tropics has to be exotic! Put a lei on any dog, and it blends in no problem. What dog breeds come to your mind when you think of Hawaii?


Hawaiian Dog Names

Whether you’re here looking for Hawaiian dog names because you’re from Hawaii, your dog is from Hawaii, or you just like the sound of the Hawaiian tongue, you have landed on a great page!

Not only will we give you lists of both male and female Hawaiian dog names, but we will also provide you the meanings behind them, where applicable!

Hekili: Thunder
Ula: Red
Alii: King
Malia: Calm
Haimi: Hunter
Okaoka: Tiny bit
Kikokiko: Spot
Kula: Goldy
Kekoa: Brave
Alamea: Precious
Hae: Growl
Wailua: Spirit
Polua: Stormy
Hula: Dance
Olulu: Fat
Meli: Honey
Ilio: Dog
Luana: Happy
Hanai: Lucky
Mahina: Moonlight
Pilikea: Trouble
Nahoa: Defiant
Amoka: Strong
Holoholona: Critter
Nohea: Handsome
Ala Muku: Rainbow
Lupo: Wolf
Lani: Sky
Kekipi: Fearless
Hoku: Star
Malo: Winner
Lalama: Daring
Mako: Rocky
Olina: Joyous
Keiki Kane: Boy
Akua: Spirit
Uliuli: Black
Kahili: Feather
Kai: The sea
Ipo: Sweetheart
Manu Iki: Little bird
Hoala: Rambunctious
Mano: Shark
Nalani: The heavens
Mana: Power
Keiki: Child
Puo: Howler
Awapuhi: Ginger
Makani: Wind
Kahua: Guardian
Nui: Large
Kailana: Adored
Kolohe: Rascal
Aliikai: Sea Queen
Mea Kolo: Creepy critter
Moana: Ocean
Weuweu: Fluffy
Nani: Beauty
Nalu: Ocean wave
Pepe: Baby
Moho: Champ
Piki: Peaches
Alemana: Warrior
Noe: Misty
Inoki: Devoted
Lanikai: Heavenly sea
Kio: Puddle
Kika: Tiger
Kiko: Trigger
Koa: Fearless

Choosing a Name for Your Dog

Reading through these names, it’s hard not to want to give one to your dog, regardless of where they are from or where you are from. Not only do they sound beautiful, but most of them have pleasant meanings, often centered around temperament and nature.

Keep in mind when naming your dog, that it is a name that you will be saying for many years to come, so you want to avoid a name picked for sheer novelty. We all know that novelty wears off!

Also, if it is a family dog, it’s best to get everyone’s input as it’s their dog, too! Here are some ways that you can involve not only the family in choosing the name but the dog, too!

  • Lei Toss: Have everyone in the family choose a name that they like, write it on an index card, and affix it to the dog. At the same time, everyone should toss their lei toward the dog, so as long as it’s not the timid type. Of course, if anyone lands the lei on the dog, that becomes the name. If there’s more than one lei that lands on the dog, the one closest to the neck is the winner. No leis landed on the dog? No problem! If the dog goes after a particular lei, that’s the name it chooses!

  • Draw from a hat: This is always an easy way to solve naming disputes. Everyone writes down a name or two they like on separate pieces of paper and then whatever name chosen from the hat wins!

  • Flip a coin: If it’s just you picking the name and you have two in mind, flip a coin on it!

Picking a dog’s name should be a fun and painless process. Take your time and choose wisely! Aloha!

Riding a Wave of Hope With Ricochet


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