Hematoma: Swollen Dog Ear Flap and How to Treat it

Swollen ear flap, or hematoma, in a dog.
Swollen ear flap, or hematoma, in a dog.

One of the most common ear problems for dogs is swollen ear flaps, also called ear or aural hematomas.

Ear hematomas can be a very painful. They cause the ear flap to swell with blood and, if untreated, can lead to permanent deformation of the ear.

  • What is ear hematoma? What causes it and how is it treated?

We will answer all of these questions below.

What Is a Hematoma?

A hematoma develops after a blood vessel breaks. The blood oozes out of the broken vessel and pools in the ear, leading to swelling.

The swelling always occurs in the pinna, or the floppy part of the dog’s ear. The accumulation of blood can resemble a large blood blister.

Itchiness, redness, and swelling in a dog's ear.
Itchiness, redness, and swelling in a dog's ear.

There are several signs that your dog is suffering from an aural hematoma.

  • Swollen and puffy ear. The swelling will always occur in the dog’s ear flap. It may look like a small balloon.
  • Warm and soft. The swollen area will normally be warm and soft because it contains blood.
  • Shaking. Your dog will frequently shake its head.
  • Rubbing. Your dog will rub its ear because it is in pain.
  • Red color. The ear flap will be reddish.
  • Tilting. Your dog will start obsessively tilting its head to one side.
  • Aggression. Your dog may act aggressively when you touch the swollen ear flap.

What Causes It?

Hematoma May Develop When:

When dogs fight or play, a blood vessel in the ear can break.
Excessive shaking
A dog that shakes its head vigorously could cause a hematoma.
Itchiness that leads a dog to scratch often could lead to a broken blood vessel.
Ear mites
Ear mite bites can become infected and itchy, which may lead a dog to scratch their ear and break a blood vessel.
Draining, surgery, or incision may be necessary.
Draining, surgery, or incision may be necessary.

There is no home remedy for an ear hematoma. Once you suspect that your dog is suffering from one, take them to a veterinarian. He or she is going to treating it in one or several of the following ways:

  • Incise the skin. They will make an incision and drain the blood that has accumulated in the ear. After draining of the blood, the veterinarian will stitch the ear. This procedure is very simple and takes just minutes to complete.
  • Surgery. The veterinarian may perform surgery on the affected ear. During the surgery, the veterinarian will cut open the ear and drain out all of the blood. After this, the ear will be bandaged and allowed to heal.
  • Draw out the fluid. A simple syringe can also be used to draw out all the fluid and blood from the hematoma. Veterinarians commonly use this treatment option for hematomas that are very old and small.

NOTE: If an ear hematoma is not treated properly, it may reoccur and permanently disfigure the dog's ear.

Your vet may use a syringe to drain the blood from the ear flap.
Your vet may use a syringe to drain the blood from the ear flap.


You can prevent hematoma from developing by following these tips:

  • Monitor your dog. One of the major causes of ear hematoma is fighting or violent play. If you can prevent your dog from engaging in these things, then you can save it from injury.
  • Watch for infection. Prevent your dog from shaking or scratching its head by watching for signs of infection or mites. Once you see your dog shaking its head, seek diagnosis and treatment.

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Easiest 2 months ago

Cheapest easiest way to treat is to monitor the dog, if he's not scratching and shaking his head, they are usually fine in a couple days. Before I spend over $2000 on a surgery, he would mysteriously get lead poisoning, 22 caliber, just saying.

Christine 2 months ago

I wish I had read these comments before I have just spent $200.00 for consultation and $1200.00 for surgery I could not afford this so had to get Vetpay who allow you to pay it off fortnightly. It is 3 days later and My doggy is in alot of pain and still shaking and crying all the time, I thought I was dog the right thing as he is my fur baby and did not want to have him deformed our in pain. I am disappointed I have put him through this if there was another remedy. Money is bad enough but seeing him crying all the time breaks my heart.

Jammie 2 months ago

Help!!!! my poor dog just got a Aural Hematoma infection ( Blood swelling in the flap of her ear) the vet drained her ear today and gave me some drugs. I really want to prevent surgery because of her age. I need tips ???? Please help!!! Thank you. I heard to use some kind of honey and cover it, also I heard to keep heat pad and pressure on her ear to help seal the blood vessels. I also need to know how long should I do this for??

Regina 3 months ago

Just recently my dog developed what I feel now after researching a aural hematoma. We have aspirated with a needle and syringe and that helps for a while but the ear fills with more fluid. I guess I can say we've done this everyday for four days now. My question is, when does this thing ever go away?

Bep 3 months ago

If I drain it myself with a needle, should I numb it somehow and with what?

Caryl 3 months ago

Can I do anything to ease the pain of the swollen flap at home

Scott 3 months ago

I used a needle off of a syringe pushed it into the swollen ear flap and drained it twice. After that it went away. Thanks

anhelica 3 months ago

To tammi, I was wondering what vet you went to?

Dee H 4 months ago

Arnica gel is also recommended.

Andrea 4 months ago

Our vet charged us $200 for the consultation, some medicine for the itchiness and a screen to go around his head. He said hopefully the body will absorb it and it looks like it is but i can feel something broken in there and his ear is totally bent now. Surgery would be 1,200 but I dont want to put him through that. Im just afraid he will keep scratching and it will fill up again

mellie 5 months ago

Actually, most hemtaomas resolve by themselves.

Val 5 months ago

Tami, the yunnan Baiyo capsules that you gave your dog- did you give them to your dog by mouth or apply the powder to the swollen earflap?

PythonPrincess 6 months ago

2100 for treatment of a dog ear hematoma is insane! Most vets where I live charge about $500 which is still insane!

My dog is a 100 pound hound who is now on his 2nd hematoma. The first was in his other ear. The surgery is very traumatic. I'm hopeful about a non surgical option. Really, they can be drained? Hmm...I'll look into that.

Tami 6 months ago

Yes there is another alternative that will not cost you an arm and a leg!! My boxer collie had one on her left ear. The first thing is to get the bleeding inside the ear stopped. Second is just like humans and a blood blister the body will break down the dry blood and reabsorb it into the body. My vet prescribed 2 Yunnan Baiyao Capsules- this completely stopped the bleeding. Then prescribed 5 Prednisone 10mg Tabs-which is a steroid to help healing and stop itching. Then after approx. 1 month it was back to normal. Her body did reabsorb the dead blood cells and the ear was not disfigured at all. By having surgery on a dogs ear you take the risk of infections and cutting into the dogs cartilage causes scar tissue to develope leaving a lumpy ear. Cost of the meds and vet visit was $ 40.00

Gloria 6 months ago

My vet is charging $2000 for surgery ! I don't have this kind of money but I feel so terrible. There must be other alternatives or even homeopathic remedies .... Can anyone please give some suggestions ....

Alex A 7 months ago

I don't find this particularly helpful. Especially the very first line that there are no home remedies... I haven't tried any yet, but that's contrary to quite a few pages and blogs I've read (I'm going to a lot of pages so I can cross reference)... Rather than addressing those by saying why they might not work, this page dismisses them by saying there aren't any........ Furthermore, it doesn't mention what I've read on virtually every page has said that incisions and draining, the cheaper two vet options, still leave a fairly high chance of the hematoma returning in a few weeks (the expensive option, surgery, works better but can take a while to heal)..... I'm not a vet and I haven't tried all options. But this page seems rather incomplete and doesn't really acknowledge anything I've read virtually everywhere else.... It also doesn't talk about other things that can cause the behaviors that can cause this problem, such as yeast infection, it only mentions ear mites..... It's almost like some sort of advertising for expensive procedures.....

Glynda 7 months ago


I have 2 questions for you: 1- Where can I purchase garlic oil?

2- How much garlic oil do I feed her & how often?

Sorry, that was 3 questions.

cam8510 profile image

cam8510 10 months ago from Columbus, Georgia until the end of November 2016.

I found your article on a site called Here is the URL for your article.

myvenn profile image

myvenn 12 months ago from Ghana Author

That's good to hear. Will conduct some more research on how effective garlic oil is in treating a swollen dog ear. Thanks for the information.

Auralsplint 14 months ago

The first line of action once you notice your dog has an aural hematoma: Perform a needle aspiration to remove the fresh fluids before a clot is formed. Second: Use an Auralsplint to correct the broken artery causing the hematoma and keep the ear from shriveling. Do not have the archaic and gruesome surgery which does not attempt to correct the broken artery, but instead allows the continued blood flow into the cavity and out either a drain or an open wound. The cost of surgery is mostly prohibitive and rather not needed now that the Auralsplint is in use. Until you are able to perform the auralsplint treatment, make sure to aspirate on a four to five day schedule to keep a clot from forming.

sanjukumar 15 months ago

A simple syringe can also be used to draw all the fluid and blood from the hematoma. Veterinarians use this treatment option normally for hematomas that are very old and small. Can it be done at home to treat streat dog. Or it has to be done through doctor treat animal special do suggest on my email

sanjumar 15 months ago

Article is very helpful indeed.

Marta 15 months ago

I successfully treated a dog's ear hematoma by feeding her garlic oil. The vet suggested it.

mallory 18 months ago

Maggie-find another vet. Mine does it for 400

Missk 18 months ago

My belgian have the same condition with this hes head is tilting and i pity him for that ill rush him to vet this weekday thankyou for the post

Maggie sewade 19 months ago

Why is my vet charging 2100 dollars for the surhery. Should i find a different vet.

sunny 19 months ago

Hi my Dog ears suddenly got swollen he is shakeing his head continuesly I'm scared for my pet will it become normal

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