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How to Get Your Dog to Stop Peeing All Over the House?

Updated on September 22, 2014

How to Get Your Dog to Stop Peeing All Over the House!

Dog pee on the carpet. Dog pee on the floor. Dog pee everywhere it's not supposed to be.

This is probably the most common problem dog owners face when they bring their dog home. It is inevitable that a puppy will pee almost anywhere in your house because a puppy is still young and doesn't know better. But if your dog is grown and still hasn't figured out what the rules are, finding random puddles of pee in your home means that your dog is not properly trained. You need to learn how and take steps to train you dog right away.

Communicating with your dog.
Communicating with your dog.

Step 1: Establishing Roles

The very first step in training your dog is to make sure your dog recognizes both its name and your role as leader. Classroom teachers know that in order to teach a child, they must establish a relationship of mutual recognition: the kid knows the teacher is boss, and the teacher knows who the kid is. This makes it easier for the teacher to explain to the child directly when and what he might do wrong. The same idea applies when you are training your dog. You have to make sure your dog knows you're talking to it and that you are someone it needs to listen to.

How do you establish these roles? When he listens to you, give him treats and toys, pet him, play with him, and keep repeating his name. When he ignores you or does something wrong, talk to him in a firm, teacher-ish voice and indicate your displeasure. Soon, your dog will be able to figure out if he did something wrong by your tone of voice and they way you say his name.

Step 2: Communication

When your dog knows her name and knows you're boss, she will listen to you when you speak to her. So if your dog pees inside, carry (or pull, if she's a large dog) her over to that spot, using your tone of voice to convey your displeasure, and tell her she is not supposed to pee there. Then bring her to the place where she should pee, change your tone to reflect your different feelings, and tell her this is the right spot.

You might think this is ridiculous, speaking to a dog that doesn't understand human language, but this method does work.

I used it on my three dogs, and they are now trained. However, I did an additional step with one of my dogs, one that may be controversial: I gave my dog a firm tap when lecturing him. Many people do not believe in physically punishing their dogs, but for me it worked; just a light tap on my dog's mouth or backside to emphasize my displeasure. (And when they pee in the right place, giving them physical communication of pets and hugs works well, too.)

How to talk to your dog.
How to talk to your dog.

How to Talk to Your Dog

When the dog needs correction, you have to be loud, firm, and strict. There's no need to scream or shout as this will just put everyone on edge, but you should be clear. This is not the time to suffer quietly or be a strong and silent type. This is also not the time to gush about how cute your dog looks when he's guilty or find humor in the puddle of pee on the floor. Make sure your tone of voice expresses your unhappiness and offers no room for interpretation. The dog may not understand your words but will know what you're saying if you say it like you mean it.

When the dog deserves praise, make sure your tone really emphasizes that feeling—let your good feelings come through loud and clear in your voice. If you keep your happiness a secret, your dog will only be confused.

What your dog hears.
What your dog hears.

How Your Dog Communicates with You

Learning the signs. Just as your dog needs to learn to understand you, you will also need to learn how to listen to your dog. Accidents sometimes happen when an incompletely trained dog simply doesn’t know how to communicate that she needs to go outside. Or maybe she's communicating what she needs loud and clear, only you're either not there or not paying attention.

Sometimes, the pee itself is a communication. Instead of words, the dog is using other ways to get your attention. Sometimes, the puddle of pee is no accident at all; it is an eloquent way to tell you that something is wrong. Perhaps it's a sign that your dog is bored, jealous, or lonely. If so, you'll need to address the true cause of the "accident" to get it to stop.

Listening to your dog.
Listening to your dog.

Dog Caught in the Act of Peeing in the House

If you catch your dog in the act of peeing where he shouldn't, make a big noise to catch his attention: clap loudly, stomp your foot, or call his name. He should stop mid-stream to see what you want and when he does, immediately take him to the proper peeing place and let him finish there. At this point, a lecture would be confusing, so instead offer praise for peeing in the right place.

If instead of catching your dog in the act you find a puddle later, it will be harder to communicate your displeasure, since the dog may not be able to understand the connection between that wet stuff on the floor and your unhappiness. While you're cleaning up the mess, go ahead and tell him you're mad about it, but don't dwell on it too long or else your stern voice will begin to lose its meaning and impact.

Above all else, you should avoid overreacting. If you freak out, the dog may decide that peeing in your presence is a bad idea and start to develop anxiety or begin sneaking off to try to hide the pee in some tucked-away corner of your home.

When Training Is a Problem

Some dogs grow up without getting properly trained. If your dog is over six months old, has lived with you for more than six months, and has had six months to understand your clear communication but still hasn't figured out where to pee, it may be time to take a new tactic or a different tact. But first, you need to figure out why it's happening. The following questions may help you sleuth the culprit.

  1. Is there any chance there is a medical cause for your dog's apparent disobedience? Perhaps it's a good time to take her to the vet to rule out any conditions that may cause her incontinence.
  2. Is your dog getting old? If so, perhaps this is the reason why he can no longer control himself. Maybe you'll need to devise other ways to help him take care of business.
  3. Is your dog taking any kind of medication? Many drugs can disrupt a dog's system and cause frequent or uncontrollable urination.
  4. Does you dog favor a certain location when she pees in the house? The site of the puddle may indicate the cause. For example, does your dog display a preference for a certain kind of surface (paper or towels or a concrete floor, for instance) or for a specific piece of furniture? This may suggest that the dog was previously trained to pee on a specific surface material and needs retraining, or perhaps she is choosing a place that smells strongly of something she associates with peeing.
  5. Is there a psychological reason for the problem? Some dogs might pee during greetings, while getting petted, or when they're being scolded. In these cases, it might be a sign of overexcitement, fear, or shame. Does the peeing seem personal, i.e. does it seem to be aimed at a specific member of the household? A dog may use their pee as an attention-seeking act or as a form of aggression. Does the random peeing only happen when you leave, even though you've taken the dog out already? If so, separation anxiety may be the cause.
  6. Lastly, are you sure you are being completely consistent? If there is any chance your own actions have contributed to your dog's confusion, you should take this into consideration. Have you been walking your dog consistently and for enough time? Do you follow a regular schedule or have you been somewhat lax or erratic? Have there been any other changes or additions to the household (a guest, a trip, a newborn baby, a recent move) that may have disrupted the routine?

Any of these circumstances may cause a dog's training to falter, so before you jump to conclusions that your dog is bad or incapable of being trained, make sure you have considered every possible cause.

Additional Tricks to Stop Your Dog from Peeing Everywhere

For stopping your dog from peeing all over the house, you might purchase a liquid from the pet shop that smells like pee. Drip it on the place you want your dog to go (on newspaper for example, if you're training your dog to urinate in the house, as some people do). The smell of the liquid will invite your dog to pee on it.

What works for you in toilet training your dog?

In addition to consistency, what seems to be working with you and your dog?

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    • Whitney05 profile image

      Whitney 9 years ago from Georgia

      Dog's don't necessarily need to know their name to house train them. You shouldn't get ugly with a dog that has peed in an area that you don't want unless you see the dog doing it, otherwise it serves absolutely no purpose. If you train the dog to potty on puppy pads or newspaper, you're basically telling the dog that it's ok to potty in the house.

      There are a number of methods that work better. No offense, as these have seemed to work for you. They're just not the best methods to use.

    • weeky profile image

      weeky 9 years ago

      Thanks for your comments. I think my methods might be unusual, but I was just hoping to share what I know. Anyway, training the dog to potty on puppy pads/newspaper is also another way to make sure your dog does not pee anywhere in the house - Paper Train as you've described in your hub about this topic. Thanks anyway for your comments.

    • JHwebsites profile image

      JHwebsites 9 years ago from UK

      When training your dog you need patience and consistency. The dog directory in the Ayrshire Kennels website has many links to dog websites for dog training, dog tips and tricks, top 100 dog websites, dog books and many more doggie things.

    • profile image

      Hayley 8 years ago

      I have two dogs they are un nuetered, they fight and pee all over the house. Please please help me. I am giving one away tomorrow morning if i cant find a solution!

    • profile image

      wk 8 years ago

      oh no.. sounds bad. i don't know how to solve dog fighting problems.. hehe

    • profile image

      Anonymus 8 years ago

      My little 2 year old dog pees all over the house...i was almost ready to give him away but i cant its too hard. I used some of this advice and it helped a lil...but yu shouldn't put pads or newspapers in yur house i mean its only teaching the dog that you can pee in the house.. don't put pads or w.e. else just scold your dog for doing that and for now on keep walking the dog

    • profile image

      Lil Star 7 years ago

      You Slap Your Dogs...?? Really, I Was Interested On Your Methods Because I Have A Shi Tzu And she's Peeing All Over my House, But When You Suggested To Slap (Punish) Your Dog As A Lecturing I Most Definetly Lost The Interest and Immediately Stopped Reading.

      *Pardon Any Gramatical Errors, I'm Hispanic.

    • profile image

      lala land 7 years ago

      i do not and never will slap my dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Erin 7 years ago

      Ok she is not saying to hit your dog...she was just saying a light tap..dogs have a short attention span so when your lecturing them they will more worried about where they put their bone than what your talking about.. so a little tap gets there attention again.

    • profile image

      No Slapping Needed 7 years ago

      If slapping ("light tapping") your dog is the only way you can hold their attention then you have bigger issues, seriously.

      Do you slap your child for having an bathroom accident? I doubt it. What do they learn? That when you're mad you may hit them, PERIOD.

      Get a clicker or snap your fingers if the dog is losing interest in your lecture. Take the dog to the scene of the accident, Say, "NO" like you mean it, then take them where you want them to use the bathroom, give the bathroom command you train them with ("Go Potty", "GO Pee-Pee", "Go Poop" or whatever) and praise them and give them a treat when they do it on command. Do this repeatedly (2-3 times a day) and consistently until it sticks. Be patient, loving but firm. Remember, your dog WANTS to please you but may not know how all of the time.

    • profile image

      asdfg 7 years ago

      This may sound TERRIBLY BAD but my dog (chhuahua) is about 1 and she pees everywhere if you don't put her out often, what i did is i rubbed her nose it it and told her NO! She did it again and so i rubbed her nose in it and slapped her butt. I no it sounds TERRIBLE but i didn't hurt her...after i did that aboout 2 different times and put her out frequently, she hasn't done it in months!

    • profile image

      Blaise 7 years ago

      that's what they say! but my dog still does that. grr...

    • profile image

      A Vet Sci Student 7 years ago

      For those of you who believe that dogs don't understand the english language minus their own name and a few select words have been mistaken. Dogs can understand as much as a 2 year old child can understand. Never train your dog to use newspaper or "peewee pads" if you plan on training them to go outside. it just confuses them if later on you train them to go outside and they use the same spot the paper was and you scold them. yes, you can lightly tap them when your scolding them but more so often just saying NO in a firm voice does the trick and do not "lecture" them because they, like 2 year olds, will not listen and you are just wasting your breath. train them early to go outside to go to the bathroom and if problems still occur call a behaviorist or trainer to get help.

      - A Vet Sci Student.

    • profile image

      Tracy 7 years ago

      I have a dog we tryed treat. take her out all the time. She will go out side come in the house then do her pooping or peeing. We tryed tapping he with a newspaper. Putting her nose up to it, telling her no. We ended up finding this dog. Taking her in as no owner around...May be will try the pottie paties. She does have some behavor problems with food also. Overall that she is still a good loving dog.

    • profile image

      Dog lover who wont put up with dog urine. 7 years ago

      before i say this.. because i see some of you are against physical punishment.. i'll say this. my dog [who is now 8 years old and wonderful] is now potty trained and i never hit her. ever. for any reason. she is perfectly behaved. we love eachother and couldn't be happier. BUT..

      when it comes to something like my house.. where i live and have guests.. i wont stand for dog piss anywhere in my home. so when she was younger.. and although i was also 8 years younger then, i would drag her [yes, drag] to the place she urinated, scold her and slap the hell out of her backside a couple times. she was trained in a matter of weeks. she only used the bathroom in the floor a few times that i can even remember.

    • profile image

      Dog lover who wont put up with dog urine 7 years ago

      also i'd like to add that she now walks directly to the back door, then stands and waits when she needs to go outside. she's been doing this for years and years.

    • profile image

      racahel 7 years ago

      Dog lover who wont put up with dog urine.---- you're a disgrace i shudder to read your comments

    • profile image

      Regan Edwards 7 years ago

      I think that slaping your dogs is fine but not to hard but my parents did it if i did something wrong and i never did it again.

    • ShyeShye profile image

      ShyeShye 7 years ago from Las Vegas, NV

      HELP!!! Ok I rescued a little pomeranian when he was 6 months old. We were told at the time that he was housebroken. NOT! He pisses literally in every single corner, the edge of the couch, the cat liter box, the parrot cages, the tv stand, dvd stand, etc. Even the kitchen table! We can't seem to catch him in the actual act of doing it. He seems to wait until we are either in the shower or in bed sleeping. We've been forced to leave him outside when we aren't home but even for Las Vegas, it's cold and he cries when we leave him there.

      We did currently buy a crate but he is terrified of it. When we brought him home he was in a crate that was too small for a puppy chihuahua and we barely were able to get him out of it initially. We mop and mop and we've tried the cleaners to remove the smell (we have tile floors, no carpet), but he still does it. The vet checked him out ok! He doesn't have any medical issues.

      I don't know what else to do. I don't want to give him up. But I may be forced to if I can't get this resolved, as I have a 7 yr old and I do not want to keep walking into a house or her and smelling the nasty piss smell because he did it again after we mopped and scrubbed the floors. He has also starting sneaking into the cat litter box and eating the cat poop (eww).

      He is very skittish (his name is Shye) and if you raise your voice at him he runs. I don't know what his past history was. He was just handed over to me by an OLD tenant that rented a house from me who said her friend gave her the dog and she was allergic so he had to sit in the crate day and night. (he couldn't even stand up in this crate or turn around). What do I do. HELP! I will try everything to house train him (except abuse him), otherwise I have to give him up. :(

    • profile image

      sweetie pie 7 years ago

      sometimes people yell at ther dogs for peeing in the house when they don't let them outside to pee. so please be sure before using these methods that that is not your problem.

    • profile image

      matthew anderson 7 years ago

      I have two border terriers which will not pee when theres some one around but in the evening they got the run of the house down stairs which has a dog flap to the garden but one or both will insist on peeing at least once a nite, i don't want to cut off their balls because there is a lot of interest in using them as studs, both dogs are over 2 yrs old. please help if you can

    • profile image

      Kelsey 7 years ago

      I take care of my parents dogs as they are both disabled and don't have the energy to take the dogs out themselves. I do take them out when I can but I have a 3 year old, I work and I go to school so I cant take them out as often as they should. The dogs themselves are getting old and are starting to loose their ability to hear ( either that or, like a child, have learned to pretend they didnt hear you, LOL). Seriously though, I don't want to tell my parents that if they cant take care of their dogs that they've had forever they need to give them up but its getting to the point everytime I come home from school or work Im cleaning up after the dogs. I swear I use the carpet cleaner almost everynight. I don't know what to do! Is there anyone with some good advice for me or should I just get the guts and confront my parents about giving them up? And, no, taking my time to train them is not an option, I take care of them morw than I want to already, I don't want that responsibilty on top of everything else I have going on. I don't have my own pets for the simple reason of not wanting to train and take care of something else. My son keeps me plenty busy. PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! HELP ME!

    • profile image

      Missy 7 years ago

      Our female dog peed in our house for 9 years, hardwood floors, carpet it didn't matter, she would soak the floor and lay in puddles of pee even though we have a dog door to the back yard for all of our dogs. She finally stopped doing it after 9 years! It was only after she stopped that we learned why she was doing it. We have 4 dogs and she was jealous of one of them (our other female dog). She was peeing everywhere to mark her territory. What got her to stop peeing is when we made her think the bedroom was the most special place in the house by no longer allowing her in there. We do allow our other female dog in there and since she is the object of her jealousy, this allowed her to think that the bedroom is the only thing worthy of marking. So she then decided the rest of the house wasn't worthy of marking. So in our case, the reason was jealousy and territorial marking. If you have only one dog, you are less likely to run into this problem I think. We still can't use dog pillows because she has decided they are "special and worthy of marking" so if we put them down on the floor she will pee on them but at least now she won't pee anywhere else. Now our new problem is a rescued cat who pees all over our house even though he has a cat door to go outside!!!

    • profile image

      Missy 7 years ago

      By the way - I do want to mention - DO NOT THINK YOUR PETS WILL BE FINE IF YOU BRING THEM TO A SHELTER, IT IS A DEATH SENTENCE !...they kill 6-7 million homeless pets in shelters due to extreme overpopulation and not enough homes. Our local shelter kill 8,000 cats EACH YEAR and 5,000 dogs EACH YEAR, yes even puppies and kittens are being killed. That's just one of six shelters in one county! They have no choice when they can't get them adopted.

      This is why we put up with our peeing cats and dogs, vomit, feces, hole digging, dirty house, pet hair, chewed furniture, barking, you name it...we know that we are the life boat they rest upon and so are you. MAKE SURE THEY ARE ALL SPAYED AND NEUTERED! IF YOU CAN - SPAY AND NEUTER ANY STRAY ANIMALS TOO!

    • profile image

      weeky 7 years ago

      shye shye you can purchase those liquid cleaners that takes away the urine smell on the floor

    • profile image

      Random Guy 7 years ago

      All the people who have suggested that slapping your dog a tiny bit are definitely white. "You can't hurt your kids. It's wrong." That's one of the reasons why kids in North America get away with a lot of things.

    • profile image

      wk 7 years ago

      lol random guy that's funny

    • profile image

      weaksauce 7 years ago

      ain't that the truth

    • profile image

      anon 7 years ago

      i agree with random guy. i wish that you could still punish kids in north America, then there would be less disobedience. As far as pets go i think that if it is a light slap on the rear then how is there anything wrong with it? they need to understand that what they did is bad. that is one way of telling them. same as rubbing there nose in it and scolding them. there is no difference you are still trying to make the same point.

    • profile image

      local zookeeper 7 years ago

      Funny random guy because when i read the first "shock and awe" statement of the author mentioning "tapping" the dog on the butt or mouth, I thought the same thing. If our kids today were punished like we were, there would not be the violence, gangs, robberies, and craziness we have today with our youth. The same goes with the dogs that are allowed to run a house. Please remember people that these are animals. If you do not show them you are the boss somehow you will pay for it later. I am in no way saying to beat your dogs...however, saying "no no poochie wooochie wooochie" is not going to work either. Start with stern loud talking, and if that doesn't work, yes, a tap on the behind might be necessary.

    • profile image

      Cutie 7 years ago

      I adopted a terrier from a shelter a little over a year ago. She was very timid when I first got her and I had so many problems house training her. When I brought her home she held it for nearly 14 hours because she was afraid to go around people. She would wait and quickly go when no one was around so I was very rarely able to catch her in the act. She's now 2 1/2 years old and after countless methods used (including positive re-enforcement and a crate) I finally resorted to taking her to the spot telling her no, a light spanking, and taking her outside. She hasn't gone in the house in months. I was afraid to traumatize her anymore after her shelter life but sometimes being firm is what it takes.

    • profile image

      blahh 7 years ago

      excuse me but why would u say that the people saying to hit your dogs are white. clearly a little tap is not going to hurt them some people are way to over sensitive

    • profile image

      donna 7 years ago

      i have 1 year old chuwowa and she pees were she lays i have had atrainer i have yelled i put her in time out on the wee wee pad i take her out she will go on wee wee pad so she nos that's were to go but she pees and lays in it ........ i have blankets on my couches and she will pee and sit rite next to it.. im at aloss

    • profile image

      alli 6 years ago

      i have a 2 year old collie x german shepherd i love her to bits but she will not stop peeing all over the house she seems nervous of my partner though she is not hit by us if you raise ur voice she pees, we r at a loss on what to do cause when u tell her off she will pee again

    • profile image

      SO MAD!  6 years ago

      My Italian Mastiff is 10 months old, and he has an excitement and submissive urination problem. He's extremely sensitive to everything....Yelling, excitement, whatever, drives me insane, and tonight he actually was laying on the couch when I got home, (WHICH IS SO NOT ALLOWED) and I told him to get off, and immediately started peeing all over the place...this is an ongoing consistent problem, we only yell at him saying no or bad dog, unless he actually does something involving his attention, then we put him on his back and and look him in the eyes telling him no, or tap him on the butt or mouth saying hey, no no,...but I am losing my wits. We ignore him, it seems to work...but now that he is out of his crate when we're not home, he does bad things, and he gets scolded...enforcing his submissive peeing! I feel like I'm not getting anywhere anymore...HELP! We've had him since he was 12 weeks old, and he has always been shy and submissive. :(

    • profile image

      gloria 6 years ago

      My 6 yr yorkie is house trained on paper in the bathroom and has been doing her business on it for the six years I have her. Lately she started pooping and peeing in the house, as well as the paper where I praise her. My concern is why has she started doing this now, when she knows where to do her business. This is a new thing that is just happening. Can anything be wrong with her? I have taken her to the spot and loudly scolded her and today I gave her slaps on her behind and shouted very loud at her and she has been hiding in one spot all day. What happened to her??? Please help

    • profile image

      gloria 6 years ago

      I just posted my comments on this site, however would like to give my email address so that someone can reply to me.

      It is Please help as I am totally confused by her behavior.

    • profile image

      rebecca 6 years ago

      I loved it.. your instructions worked.. thank you.. my dog stopped peeing on my carpet

    • profile image

      sarah 6 years ago

      what is the name of the spray that smells like urine??

    • profile image

      palvir 6 years ago

      i have a presa canario. its 1 month old and is not barking how does long does it take so it could bark

    • profile image

      ramsay 6 years ago

      Dog lover who wont put up with dog urine-

      You aren't a disgrace. you are normal and sound like a good pet owner. So many Americans have taken physical reprimands which are a natural part of the world and how a puppy would learn with the pack and twisted them into something akin to concentration camp torture. I wish people particularly in chat rooms would stop with the hyperbole.

      Anyway, thanks for the advice. I value it as I have tried only a reward based system (a click, a treat and praise for going outside), but this has only succeeded in teaching my dog that he will be rewarded for going outside. When the reward seems not worth it, he simply pees inside and all over the place. It's now time for punitive measures. People who only use a reward based system as many trainers (whom I admire) advocate, must have unlimited resources of time. No one likes showing there teeth, but if the end result is a happier dog/owner relationship, everyone wins.

    • profile image

      Dobolina 6 years ago

      My dog is house train to pee on the pee-pads. It was really hard to teach her that. she is a very small dog(4 pounds) and when is too cold she doesn't want to go outside:( . But in the summer I take her out 4 times a day and she doesn't do anything in the house..she holds it:))

    • profile image

      pekingesepuppy 6 years ago

      My two month old male pekingese is paper trained but when he is left alone, he pees on the kitchen tiles and poops on a brown mat that's by the sink. I have scolded and said No in a loud tone when he goes on the floor and praised him when he goes on the paper. He only messes when I am not looking and therefore can not catch him in the act! It is so frustrating! He will pee on the paper and make a poo but for some reason feels he HAS to mess the tiles and the mat! Help Please!!!!

    • profile image

      ari 6 years ago

      When my dog pee's on my roomates rug I pick her up by the scruff and get the towel or paper I used to clean the tinkle mess and I put it to her nose and I say loud and firm "NO! NO PEE" then I take her outside and place her on the ground and say "OUTSIDE" with the pee towel and if she pee's inside again I spank her and say loud NO! And that's when she gets outside time. Its not abuse. Animals are animals put on earth for human entertainment and I don't beat her and if I seem a little rough its because she's an animal and in the wild its rough

    • profile image

      Joelle 6 years ago

      Wow, for all of you saying stuff like, "You're a disgrace for slapping your dog." or "You should never hit your dog." WHATEVER! You people just did not have a stubborn dog. If you want to get a little physical with the dog to show they are being bad but not hit the dog, grab the inner thigh and squeeze like they're being bitten. That shows you are the master. (If you have a toy dog, be careful about the squeezing.)They will whine because they are scared, not in pain because they have a high tolerance to pain. While gripping their inner thigh, where the nerve is, scold them or do your usual lecture. If all else fails, beat their butt. Normally, the inner thigh grip works for any form of misbehaving.

    • profile image

      Victoria 6 years ago

      Three days ago, after almost a month of trying the schedule, rewards and praise, high pitch voice, etc., I finally broke down and lightly spanked my 16 week old pup and put her in her crate. I let her out after the hour, petted her and took her outside. She pottied. Came in and had her lunch. Waited five minutes then out and she did both. I also have a bell by the door and have been ringing it everytime we are ready to go out. I say, "Potty outside" and out we go. Could never get her to ring it though. It's been three days now and after the little spanking (you must catch them in the act so there is no confusion why they are in trouble) she's been ringing the bell (gets a treat) and stopped resisting going outside too. Go figure. Wish I could get in her little mind.

    • profile image

      pdh 6 years ago

      Wow....some of the stuff I've been reading is ridiculous. What is wrong with smacking your dog when it is used for the purpose of correcting behaviors? What is wrong with a little pain when it is used to for the good? These people who use smacking as a form of discipline aren't beating the snot out of their dogs, they aren't being cruel. In fact, they're doing what is necessary because they love their dogs. They are creating a consequence for an unacceptable action. It's natural. It's more natural than the "reward system" when it comes to dogs. People who are adamately against using these methods for training are not thinking with their full brain. No offence, but it's true. You're only thinking about how it makes YOU feel, not the overall objective. Think about it this way.....pain is necessary. Without, people and animals wouldn't be aware of what's good for us and what's not. That's all pain is. I watched the most heartbreaking thing on t.v.. It was about a girl who was born without the ability to feel pain. She never knew when she was hungry, she never knew when she was full, she never knew if something was hot and burning her. When she was a baby and teething, she chewed on her own hand. She couldn't feel it, and didn't know it was bad for her. She has no hand now. She also has one eye, because she took her other eye out when she was young and didn't know better. My point're all talking like pain is a bad thing. It hurts, yes, but it is vital to us. So if a dog owner chooses to use smacking as a form of discipline for the dogs own well-being....don't be so quick to put that person down. They're doing what they feel is best for the dog. Another thing to think about.....people who smack their dogs.....THEY DO NOT ENJOY IT, EITHER! Ramsay, I think you hit the nail on the head.."So many Americans have taken physical reprimands which are a natural part of the world and how a puppy would learn with the pack and twisted them into something akin to concentration camp torture."

      I'm not knocking the rewarding method either, or saying it's more or less effective. I think when both methods are used in harmony, it creates beautiful results.I have a very well behaved nine month old puppy.

    • profile image

      Capitol Punishment 6 years ago

      I have, and always will be somewhat physical to aid in training. I say somewhat physical because it is not right to beat your animal for any reason. Having said that, it only becomes physical when there is bad behavior. That is the key to ending unwanted behavior immediately. A sharp tap on the nose or back end grabs their attention by touch. This will condition them with an unpleasant response to bad behavior and the behavior will end.

      I know I have haters now, but I really don't care what those people say or think, so don't bother writing to me about it. Dogs just want to please the Alpha dog, which is YOU. After all, what do you think wild pack dogs such as coyotes and wolves do to discipline their young? That's right. They get physical. It teaches them very quickly, so stop the bleeding hearts and the "bad owner" talk.

      OK, now that I have said that, you MUST also show positive reinforcement with good behavior. This conditions them with a very good feeling and the good behavior will continue to grow and expand as they learn from you. I have been blessed with excellent dogs because of excellent training. Speak to them as you would anyone else in your family. One of my dogs (who lived 15+ years!) knew each of her toys by name, the difference in the sound of my car vs. my wife's car, knew all the basic commands, knew several tricks, walked by my side without a leash, asked to go out when she needed to and loved us unconditionally. She was corrected with bad behavior and rewarded with good behavior. That equated to an excellent dog.

      Training is tough, but persevere and you will both be happy in the end. I am currently training a young dog who has been a challenge, but she is learning. Our older dog is also teaching her! She has been corrected and there are no mental scars. Proof lies in the fact that she is in my lap as I write this. They only know love.

      Good luck!

    • profile image

      Confused dog owner 6 years ago

      I am the owner of a 16 month bitch staffordshire bull terrier.

      When we first got her (at around 10 months) she was completely house trained (bar the odd accident) but over the last 2 months (since her last season) she is constantly weeing and pooing everywhere.

      it started early hours of the morning and would go in the bathroom only, now she will sit infront of me and do it in any room she feels! She also used to give me a sign she needed

      The toilet by either licking my face, or grabbing my shoe.

      She knows she's in the wrong and cowards away immediately to her bed. She gets no little walks than ever before and gets plenty of love and affection.

      I'm getting towards my wit's end as I cannot understand why she's gone backwards!

      Can anyone help with idea's???

    • profile image

      Dee 6 years ago

      we can start by just disciplining with tone voice and words but if u don't see pet a little scared then this most likely will not work for this pet all pets have different personality like children all take different approaches to train. And if u must spank your pet this is not cruel, Its much more cruel to not do so and create a disobedient pet that u cant keep and ends up to a friend who cant keep then ends up in the pound and put under. Now what was more cruel a lil spanking or a pet no one can have as a house pet which is what it was born and created to be because its so bad now it ends up dead. So keep telling people not to pop there pets who are peeing after 6mths still in there home. lets bring all the peeing pets to u and u keep them from the ponds morgue let them disgrace your home don't spank them though stupid i spanked all my dogs ive had and cats they all loved me my 2 cats would act like a dog roll over sit and stay on command it must be done with love is the key just like kids ........

    • profile image

      babieblue 6 years ago

      ok so i was reading through the posts and seeing what everyone was saying when i read lil stars post and he/she/it is dumb making hispanic people look illiterate if they cant use correct grammar that's on them and they need to go back to school! anywho back to the subject at hand, there is nothing wrong with spanking a dog or a child if half of u were spanked and taught right as children half the crime and other crap wouldn't be going on! my chidren are good children and they get spankins if they are bad enough! and there is a difference between beating ur child and disciplining them so stop judging people go look in the mirror and fix ur damn self

    • profile image

      Zug Zug 6 years ago

      I hear fapping your dog works better than slapping.

      Fap! Fap! Fap!

      Then he/she just falls asleep for the rest of the day.

    • profile image

      dog owner 6 years ago

      i have a pack of 5 dogs.... sometimes it is completely necessary to give the dogs a little "spank" on their hind quarters so they who im scolding... if not they all think they are in trouble. i don't by any means beat my dogs I just give them a swat as hard as i would my 3 year old son. its not meant to hurt them, just to let them know i am the boss and i mean business. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT!!!

    • profile image

      gearhead 6 years ago

      I have had dogs for most of my life and if you catch them in the act or them just being a ahole need a well deserved swat. All my critters respond positively and lesson learned, life is good. I had a 9 month old chihuahua that peed in the house because he was to lazy to go outside. Finally had enough, grabbed him by the scruff, screamed at him and slid him outside like a bowling bowl. He never did it again. I hate to be so harsh but sometimes you either do it or they end up in a shelter. Cannot and will not put up with bad manners or habits.

    • profile image

      mattbluesman 6 years ago

      @lilstar Of course you have to slap. you can't teach without both positive and negative reinforcement, That's why alot of peoples kids don't listen anymore.

    • profile image

      Boo boo 6 years ago

      I love my dog.... He will stop peeing....

    • profile image

      Flex 6 years ago

      Guys.. he didnt mean SLAP! he meant light slap/tap..

      why would he tell u to slap ur dog hard? he meant that u must just tap your dog...

    • profile image

      kim 6 years ago

      i have a 17week old puppy, he is a great playful cute little baby,i love him to bits but he has got a poblem with peeing & pooing in the house.

      i got him from the rspca and he was in a kennal for at least 7weeks, so im quessing he is so used to doing his buisness in his sleeping area too.

      but he does do his business outside, which i cant understand, i have pee pads down for him and he uses them aswell as going ouside, but he will go out side have a run about & come straight back in & do a wee or poo! i have seen him do his buisness outside but he still messes indoors, sometimes not even on the pee matt, he has got the freedom of a dog flap which he does use as i have two older dogs!.... am i doing something wrong, can any-one help me.

    • profile image

      AnnieMoose 6 years ago

      Ignorance. So much ignorance. If you want any living thing to fear you, hurt it. If you want any living thing to respect you, teach him. If you want anything to love you, love it. Hurting someone or something is almost always unnecessary. Because your dog doesn't pee in the house after you've hit him for doing so only proves you were not intelligent enough to find a kinder method of teaching. The same is true for parenting children.

    • profile image

      You Don't Need To Hit Them 6 years ago

      I've been a certified professional dog trainer for 11 years and I've never needed to hit any dog. Touching or restraining them is required sometimes to get their attention but I love every dog I've worked with and wouldn't ever hurt them. Even the ones with behavior problems that have hurt me. They're animals. They don't know right from wrong and they can't be good or evil.

    • profile image

      Anna  6 years ago

      I also had trouble with my animal. I tried every trick in the book, nothing at all worked. My dog knew he was not suppose to go in the house but did it anyway. After 2 years I was fed up. I loved my dog but was not living like a nasty person. it took one good time of spanking that butt and he never went inside again. We had a wonderful relationship.

    • profile image

      kim 6 years ago

      hi i posted on here a few weeks back & still having no luck... he DOES go outside and very happy with going outside, but at night when no-one is about he will go inside and if its raining he will go inside! its driving me mad!!! im moving out soon into my own place & really cant be having him doing his buisness inside! iv tried so many things to help but nothing works !! spent so much money buying him things to help but again nothing!! i just don't understand why he keeps going inside when he knows & gets little treats for doing it outside!

      at first i got told to never smack the dog, but now people saying give him a little tap on the nose or bum, which iv started doing & still he does it inside!!!



      he has terrible problems with his poos, iv tried sooo many things, change of food, not feeding him for 12 hours... everything that books, internet, even vets have adviced me but his poos are still so runny & green! can anyone help with my problems, i don't want to give him away but when iv got a young child to think of, i cant have him doing things like this x

    • profile image

      kim 6 years ago

      also can any-one tell me how i can stop my puppy form eating his own poo??

    • profile image

      Dog Trainer & Behaviorist 6 years ago

      Every ounce of this article should be ignored...and some of the methods the readers are resorting to are appalling and should be avoided at all costs. Hitting, yelling, spanking or otherwise punshing your dog will only result in damage to your dog's emotional well-being and destroy any relationship you have with your animal. Canine psychology and research tells us that a dog can ONLY understand a praise or a correction within 2 SECONDS of the action occurring...that's right, a mere 2 SECONDS. This means that if you see the dog do something you like (such as sitting when you say 'sit') you must offer a treat or praise within 2 SECONDS or the dog will not understand that sitting was what caused you to reward him or her. Likewise, if the dog does something undesirable, such as peeing/pooping in the house, they will NOT make the connection if you bring them back to the accident AFTER the fact and scold them. All they understand is that you are angry....THAT is the reason you may see your dog exhibit a 'guilty look.' Dogs want to please their owners and while your dog understands that you are displeased, he has no absolutely no idea why! If you want your dog to understand that peeing/pooping indoors is a no-no, YOU MUST CATCH THEM IN THE ACT. If you see your dog peeing/pooping in your home, quickly interrupt the dog by saying 'ut ut' and immediately scoop the dog up and take them outside to finish the act. IF YOU MISS THE DOG HAVING THE ACCIDENT AND FIND THE 'EVIDENCE' LATER, it is TOO LATE to scold the dog; you have missed the crucial 2 second window. Clean up the mess, let it go, and keep a closer watch so that you can catch the dog in the act next time. If you return your dog to the 'scene of the crime' and push their face into the pee/poop, scream, yell, hit or otherwise punish your dog, all you will succeed in doing is causing your dog to be wary and scared of you...that's all! When you leave your home or are unable to keep a close eye on your untrained dog, crate him or her. This is not at ALL bad for the dog if the dog is crate-trained properly. When you first get a puppy, take the dog out every hour and give them a chance to eliminate. It is helpful to pick an eliminate command and say this command as they are doing the act. Then give the dog a treat within 2 seconds of the dog finishing his or her business. The dog will begin to associate the word you say with what they are doing (peeing/pooping). The general rule is the puppies can hold their bowels/bladders 1 hour for every month they are old, i.e. a 2 month old puppy should be able to 'hold i' for 2 hours. Make sure to take your puppy outside after naps, right before bed, right after waking up in the morning and after each meal. There are all sorts of effective training methods that will get you the results you want without causing physical or emotional harm to your animal. Research 'positive reinforcement training'--there are a lot of valid suggestions online about how to utilize these methods. Please note: dogs that have been rescued from neglectful situations or puppy mill environments are significantly more difficult to housetrain since they have often been forced to eliminate in their crates or pens. When a dog begins to eliminate in the same place he or she eats and sleeps, it is a very difficult habit to reverse. This is common with some pet store dogs as well--it depends on how well the store (and kennels) are maintained. Hope this helps someone!

    • profile image

      Dog Trainer & Behaviorist 6 years ago

      Every ounce of this article should be ignored...and some of the methods the readers are resorting to are appalling and should be avoided at all costs. Hitting, yelling, spanking or otherwise punishing your dog will only result in damage to your dog's emotional well-being and destroy any relationship you have with your animal. Canine psychology and research tells us that a dog can ONLY understand a praise or a correction within 2 SECONDS of the action occurring...that's right, a mere 2 SECONDS. This means that if you see the dog do something you like (such as sitting when you say 'sit') you must offer a treat or praise within 2 SECONDS or the dog will not understand that sitting was what caused you to reward him or her. Likewise, if the dog does something undesirable, such as peeing/pooping in the house, they will NOT make the connection if you bring them back to the accident AFTER the fact and scold them. All they understand is that you are angry....THAT is the reason you may see your dog exhibit a 'guilty look.' Dogs want to please their owners and while your dog understands that you are displeased, he has no absolutely no idea why! If you want your dog to understand that peeing/pooping indoors is a no-no, YOU MUST CATCH THEM IN THE ACT. If you see your dog peeing/pooping in your home, quickly interrupt the dog by saying 'ut ut' and immediately scoop the dog up and take them outside to finish the act. IF YOU MISS THE DOG HAVING THE ACCIDENT AND FIND THE 'EVIDENCE' LATER, it is TOO LATE to scold the dog; you have missed the crucial 2 second window. Clean up the mess, let it go, and keep a closer watch so that you can catch the dog in the act next time. If you return your dog to the 'scene of the crime' and push their face into the pee/poop, scream, yell, hit or otherwise punish your dog, all you will succeed in doing is causing your dog to be wary and scared of you...that's all! When you leave your home or are unable to keep a close eye on your untrained dog, crate him or her. This is not at ALL bad for the dog if the dog is crate-trained properly. When you first get a puppy, take the dog out every hour and give them a chance to eliminate. It is helpful to pick an eliminate command and say this command as they are doing the act. Then give the dog a treat within 2 seconds of the dog finishing his or her business. The dog will begin to associate the word you say with what they are doing (peeing/pooping). The general rule is the puppies can hold their bowels/bladders 1 hour for every month they are old, i.e. a 2 month old puppy should be able to 'hold i' for 2 hours. Make sure to take your puppy outside after naps, right before bed, right after waking up in the morning and after each meal. There are all sorts of effective training methods that will get you the results you want without causing physical or emotional harm to your animal. Research 'positive reinforcement training'--there are a lot of valid suggestions online about how to utilize these methods. Please note: dogs that have been rescued from neglectful situations or puppy mill environments are significantly more difficult to housetrain since they have often been forced to eliminate in their crates or pens. When a dog begins to eliminate in the same place he or she eats and sleeps, it is a very difficult habit to reverse. This is common with some pet store dogs as well--it depends on how well the store (and kennels) are maintained. Hope this helps someone!

    • profile image

      Loolootraining  6 years ago

      if the dog needs a clip for peeing in the house, then it needs a clip! Simple as.....Discipline is what's needed more of, in this world...............

    • profile image

      Carol 6 years ago

      We have a 6 yr. old poodle/terrier who has been pooping/peeing in the house lately. This started about a month ago and he does it when we are sleeping, so I never catch him. He goes out alot during the day and does his business, but for some reason he continues to do his business during the night. We need help.

    • profile image

      gabby  6 years ago

      i have a puppy and she does that all the time this web site really hellped me with my problem!!!!!!!!!!.

      my dog knows her name missy,

      and she pees in my room in my sisters room its getting out of control.

      so i listend to this web site IT WORKED.

    • profile image

      paisley morrison 6 years ago

      what is the name of liquid?

    • profile image

      Dog lover 6 years ago

      Ok so I have a 2 year old chiuaua and she still pee s every where in my house and I really don't want to get rid of because she is a really good playful dog and she is my baby but see my mom said she is gonna have to go if she pee s one more time because she mad are carpets smell like dog pee and I don't know what to do please help......

    • profile image

      EMT!1! 6 years ago

      ok i have this much to say... if anyone here knows anything about dogs, you would know that they are pack animals first of all. and if u knew how a pack structure works u would know that there is an alpha dog. period just one alpha dog. and when this alpha dog wants to correct a pack member its highly unlikely that he/she picks up her paw and spanks another dog... the alpha dog uses tone of "voice" to correct pack members... she also bites them on the ear lol however since it would seem rather unusual to bite ur pet... they also use swift "taps" to the dogs side to get the dogs attention... i can also say this much...i have learned that if a dog is LIGHTLY tapped on the hind end ONLY when being caught in the act... it is effective... dogs don't know what they are being fussed for after the fact and rubbing their nose in it and "spanking" them after the fact will do nothing but cause the dog to hide from you and do its business... slapping the dog on its nose will only cause the dog to associate the human hand with pain and will quickly cause the dog to fear human contact like petting because the dog will think when u come at him with a hand that u are gonna slap it... if u choose to tap the dog to disrupt what it is doing u should use a rolled up newspaper as the dog will associate the newspaper with the spanking rather than the hand

    • profile image

      Mehdi 6 years ago

      Hi guys

      I wonder how some of you are SILLY!!! crate train your dog, and they will learn to go potty in between 7 to 15 days depending on their breed.

      Yes, negative reinforcement is necessary in some cases, but just if you have taught them where to potty and they get stubborn(which happens rarely). And you need to use this kind of reinforcement only once or twice!!! if with two times you did not see the result, start crate training all over again!!!

      I live in the UAE and train SHEIKHES dogs! if my trainees do something wrong it has consequences for me, so when I speak about potty training I know what I'm saying!!!

      good luck

    • profile image

      Tara 6 years ago

      I have a three year old German Shephard who in the last six months has decided to start urinating in the apartment. This started when I lived with a roommate who had a dog whom she let urinate everywhere. I had to start using puppy pads. I moved into a new apartment with a fenced in back yard. (BRAND NEW CARPET)I thought the problem was resolved because there was no other dog. The first month went perfect she did not go in the house once. She has started doing this again I have no choice but to use puppy pads when I'm not home. I know she doesn't have to go! I don't know how to correct this problem other than a crate which is not an option. PLEASE HELP BEFORE I KILL HER!

    • profile image

      Diana 6 years ago

      some dogs (like humans) are just incorrigable. i tried the discipline, the "light tap" until I did begin beating the hell out of her. tomorrow i'm getting rid of her. 13 years of misery. want the answer? don't get an animal!!! They're highly over rated and a pain in the ass.

    • profile image

      Dog Owner 6 years ago

      If your dog is peeing all over the house it is most likely the dog. I have two siberian huskies.. One from a pup the other was a few months older when we get him.

      Both are loved, treated well etc.. the dog that was few months older however has peed from day one. Sometimes you just get a dog with a bad bad bad habbit. As for not touching your dog or tapping.. I think that person has NEVER owned a big dog.. Its called dominance idiot!! not abuse.. !!! Im not sayign beat your dag but be dominant.. if your a push over like you sound you are then the dog will piss crap bite etc when ever they want.. dogs do it in a pack and you have to show them you are the boss. a light touch on the nose or tap NOT a hit and handling your dog to put them in a submissive submission will work in most cases.. if you listen to numb nuts then you will never get your dog to do anything but be the boss..

    • profile image

      DumboMama 6 years ago

      Dear Dog Owner and weeky. Screw these idiots who says you're abusing your dog for spanking it. First of all, my parents would beat me when i would do bad things. I learned from getting beat not to do that (being bad)ever again. For those of you who call spanking your pet abuse, were you never punished and spanked for being bad by your parents???? Give me a fucking break if you say "NO". All i can say is that you must have been one spoiled ass child.

      If you were a parent and your child who is lets say (5 years old) Peed and pooped all over your couch everyday, would you let him/her continue to do this without punishing the child? I don't know about you but i would spank my child for doing that so you better be sure i will spank my dog as well. Even dogs bite other dogs to show they're alpha. So if mother dog bites her pup for being bad is that an abuse too? Give me a fucking break. I love my dog and i spoil the mess out of her but if she fucks up, i will spank my dog as i would my child.

    • profile image

      brian 6 years ago

      What can u do to stop dogs peeing in house.We need to have it stopped we have tried white vinegar but they still

    • profile image

      kirsty 6 years ago

      what can i do my 1yr old king charles pees around the house but only when he thinks we are not around he has been crated since 4 months and he wees in there too i cant bring my self to punish him by force i have 4 children i don't believe in smacking them i don't want my children or pup too fear me

    • profile image

      margaret Roe 6 years ago

      I have a 15 month jack russell which i got from a rescue pound. I have done everything in the book to stop him from peeing and poo in the house, I have him six weeks now and he still wees etc in the house, someone please help me or i will have to send him back.

    • profile image

      Dog Owner 6 years ago

      I have 2 puppies a basset hound ( 6 months), and a pug (8months). I have had dogs my entire life, tapping a dog when they are in the wrong will only teach them that if they get caught they get into trouble so they find other places to do the deed. Puppy training pads are to be used for dogs that stay inside for a long period of time, or are to young to get out side fast enough. The idea of the puppy training pad is to SLOWLY move the pad until the pad has reached the area that you desire your dog to go. I have personally trained dogs both with and with out the training pads, training pads does make it more difficult as the dog may start to think that ANY mat be it a rug, floor mat etc is an ok place to pee but like anything with time the dog will get it.

      I have found that when you have more then one dog trying to train the dog to go outside can be more difficult as the dog may rather play then go to the bathroom, then when the dog gets back into the house realizes that he has to go and goes. My two newest puppies will both go on the pee pad and out side, I use the go hear spray at first to teach them it was ok to go there, and now by the pads with the built in scent. When the pup went on any other surface that i did not approve of I cleaned it well and sprayed with a vinegar/ water mix 50/50 i found works best, it does smell a little but glade airfreshner kinda gets rid of the harsh smell. everything takes time, it takes time to teach a child how to read, how to write, how to go to the potty, so this is no different. Which every way works for you works for you.

      I feel that hitting of any kind should be the last resort, after everything else has been tried. but what ever you choose i am sure that it will be the right choice for you. :)

      sorry if there is any spelling or grammar errors ;)

    • profile image

      Dog Owner 6 years ago

      @ kim

      I have an older dog (american esky) he is sensitive to just about everything, I found that Nutro natural dog food help him with his poo problems. Maybe when you change the dogs food, you need to slowly change the food starting at about 1/4 of new food the first day mixed with the old food and so on. If you feed your dog Wet dog food that may be the problem the dog poo, some dogs are sensitive to the wet or moist dog food. it may take up to a month to see if the new food works, but I hope this helps.

      I cant say this will work for you, but it help me with my aging family dog :)

    • profile image

      *sara* 6 years ago

      Our puppy pees on newspapers located inside the house. Really, the best way is to watch the puppy for SIGNS (spinning, sniffing) If the puppy starts to squat, say "NO" and put her on the newspapers. Or, you can clean up the mess and put the mess on her newspapers and put the puppy there. It'll learn that that is the place where it can RELEASEL.

    • profile image

      Pamela 6 years ago

      You should NEVER need to snack you dog....patience and persistance. Im sorry but i think you are a bit of an arse

    • profile image

      mattrevon25 5 years ago

      that's fantastic my dogs listens to everything it he stopped peeing anywhere else...pamela you are insane for saying shouldn't have wrote a comment on here..if you want to say something negative then do it somewhere else not on here........

    • profile image

      NEED HELP ASAP!!!!!!!!! 5 years ago

      I have a I have a year old pomeranian eskimo spitz she can get outside anytime but chooses to pee a few feet away from where the dog door is. We also have another dog a male pom/japanese chin un-fixed and she is fixed. what can I do if she doesn't stop im giving her away!

    • profile image

      tish 5 years ago

      I have 2 pugaliers and they are now 2 and a half years old. They are brothers, one is very well behaved but the other just pees everywhere, I am beginning to think that is a jealousy problem. He knows he is in the wrong when he does it as he cowers and runs off, even if i have walked in after he has done it, he knows that he shouldn't do it.

      I still don't really fully understand why he does it as he will go to the toilet out side and then come back in and pee somewhere in the house!

      It is driving me crazy but I would never give him away! If anyone has any ideas then they would be very much appreciated!

    • profile image

      Leah 5 years ago


      I have a terrier mix rescue dog from lousiana and she is turning 2 in November..... The problem is that she is house trained but when SHE is mad at us she pees all over the house! We don't know why but its pretty much everyday and It gets very tiring!!! I need Help! If any of you have tips that would be great!

      Thanks A Bunch!

    • weeky profile image

      weeky 5 years ago

      Hi to all my dear readers.. Wow.. It has been quite some time since Ive read the comments.. I didn't know I've caused quite some unhappiness..

      Im sorry if I gave bad advice.. I'm only sharing what I did that worked for me and my 3 dogs. Please do not take it if you disagree..

      However Im really glad and thankful for each of you dog owners that helped to share your tips and experience in helping others

      Dogs owners who are experienced, please continue to comment here and help the rest who are really in need of training their dogs. It would be greatly appreciated!

      Peace guys! All the best in training your puppy/dog! Greetings from Singapore! :)

    • profile image

      Heavy Rain 5 years ago

      I think I was a little too rough on my dog. I said "bad dog" too firmly. The little guy took it too hard and committed suicide. He overdosed on Alpo. It wasn't pretty.

    • profile image

      Lily 5 years ago

      I have a 4 month old American Bulldog that just will not stop peeing inside. I know for a fact this dog won't learn from any technique tried. I leave the door open at night and put up a blockade right infront, so she can sleep inside, yet easily go outside to do her business.

      The pup will go out to poo, yet come back inside to pee and sleep next to the pee.

      This is disturbing, cause I'm being left having a cold house and the possibility of someone coming inside, yet the dog won't learn to pee outside.

      I caught her in the act yesterday, and did yell (scream even) and had to punished her in the snout with a very gentle slap.

      I hoped this would work, cause I couldn't catch her in the act before, since she would only pee inside at night.

      To my shock, she pee'd again last night right next to her pillow which is getting really annoying since I'm left to clean up pee before I leave for work.

      The dog knows she isn't allowed to pee inside, cause I can see her embarrassment in the morning when I'm angry and upset, yet she keeps on doing it every night.

      And I know she's only 4 months, but we walk and jog every evening. and I leave the door open during the day which she uses to go out to pee and poo.

      Why won't she just do it at night? is she lazy? dumb? afraid or just trying to annoy the hell outta me?

    • profile image

      puppylover 5 years ago

      hey guys , i have a dog is 6months old and sometimes when i touch his neck or hug him he bites my hand ! How can teach him not to bite?I tried holding his snout closed with my hand when he bit me but it didn't work.

    • profile image

      puppylover 5 years ago

      oh there is sth else i wanted to say .whenever he pees or poops on the floor, i hit the floor with a rolled newspaper near his legs in order to teach him not to do that and then i put him on a newspaper and tell him that you should pee here.Do You think That This Is Effective?

    • profile image

      Kadiasmomma 5 years ago

      Please help I have a 8 wk old puppy stray & he pees like.20 times a day I also have a 11 month.old & he pees in the living room & I have to hold kadia to clean it up I got him to pee on the pad today once but nkw he wont I don't know how to train jim I scold him & say no puppy & touch his fur I don't slap or pat but it doesn't help

    • profile image

      wowzers 5 years ago

      A lot of angry people here!

      If you disagree with swating your dog to teach them then say so like an adult instead of ranting like a child pls and maybe put in some of your own advice instead of just complaining about other peoples advice =) your not being productive,reasonable adults and you'll be ignored like you deserve.

      Also lets not say Americans don't disipline their kids =) Some of us do and the first time my son told me after a spanking "My teacher said its child abuse to spank me" I picked up the phone and offered to call child services for him. He's 18 now and while hr isn't perfect,as none of us are,he doesn't steal,cheat,beat people up,do drugs or any other bs like that.While the spanking haters tend to have wild children who do all the above.

      As for the peeing dogs...if you don't want to swat them then find out what they hate, a sound,a certain room,being left alone...what ever and do that as punishment.Either way there has to be punishment and "No!" Just doesn't cut it in my experience.

      EVEN the best dog trainers tell you a sharp touch when nessesary tells your dog who's boss =)


    • profile image

      Confused 5 years ago

      What happened to watching your dog for signs that it is going to urinate/deficate (running around in circles, sniffing the ground) and then immediately taking it outside? I have three dogs at home ranging in age from 7 to 11 and all three were trained using this method. And to the person who said to rub their noses in it - seriously? Dogs cannot make the link between something that happened ten minutes ago and what is happening now. Rubbing a dog's nose in its own urine only teaches it that you do strange things for no apparent reason.

    • profile image

      jennifer 5 years ago

      Three dogs, four years old, let outside about 10 times a day to run in fenced yard and they still pee and poop inside!

    • profile image

      pitty puppy 5 years ago

      You really do need to use rewards and punish by nose rubbing/verbal corection and a good slap on the ass.if the dog pissed on your bed recently, he/she know as soon as you look at the dog while near the area.they aren't being long as it was recent.I feel, for most dogs, only positive or only negative reactions/training are what confuse the dog.that's grey area.they need black and white.

    • profile image

      Allison 5 years ago

      Great advice, thanks! I have a small 5 month old puppy. The breed is unknown because I picked her up from the streets. Anyway, she wont learn at all! When she was smaller, she would pee on the newspaper just fine but now shes really out of control. She pees on the beds, on the floor, everywhere! I take her out to the laundry room in the morning and cover the whole floor in newspaper, tie her up and let her eat and drink and then leave her for a while to do her business. But it seems like she wants to poo ANYWHERE besides the newspaper! So, I will consider looking for the liquid that attracts the smell to pee on the newspaper. Thanks.

    • profile image

      gemma 5 years ago

      I have a four month old puppy and I'm trying to potty train her bit when I take her outside she won't go but she goes in the house when I'm not looking and it's never in the same area either its all over the place

    • profile image

      Neb 5 years ago

      It is NEVER okay to spank your dog. The argument that "But do you spank your child?": goes out the window. DOGS ARE NOT HUMAN CHILDREN! It's a wonder they haven't killed you yet. Like someone else said, a simple and firm "NO!" does the trick. Also... it's all in the energy you emit.

      Like the dog whisperer sayd, "Calm, assertive energy".

    • profile image

      mommie of a shih tuz 5 years ago

      My dog is almost 10ten months now, she has been trained on the pee pad for 4months. We recently got her spayed, now she is peeing everywhere but on the pad. Has anyone else had this experience?

    • profile image

      diablosdad 5 years ago

      My Husky has never peed in the house, but housebreaking him was a total pain. We got him when he was six weeks old. The first thing I did when I got him home was to carry him to the portion of my backyard that I wanted him to use. I think the key was my carrying him and not letting him walk or run. I did this every time I fed him, gave him water and whenever he got up from a nap. I did this for several weeks and he seemed to pick it up pretty quickly. Whenever I would take him out, he would run to the designated area and relieve himself. It was a very tedious task, but I believe it was well worth it. I also made sure to keep this area free of poop. He is 9 yrs. old and still has not messed in the house.

    • profile image

      celetic 5 years ago

      First of all, when I was a kid my mom used to back hand me any time I did anything wrong. I learned from it and didn't do it again. And we have a great relationship and it doesn't make me love her any less. Kids crave discipline just like dogs do. No one is talking about beating dogs, all they're talking about is training dogs and how they did it and OBVIOUSLY it worked. Who are you to judge. Stop getting you panties in a bunch. Dogs are very much like children and if you think a dog is a pet, I could easily say shame on you.

    • profile image

      Mpdoghandler 5 years ago

      When training our military working dogs slaps on the nose is educated training. So this man is doing nothing wrong. If its good enough for a dog the military considers more valuable then a soldier then it's good enough for common mutts.

    • profile image

      Bianca 5 years ago

      I have a female yorkie,about 3 years old, she was housetrained, then we got another dog and all of a sudden the yorkie started peeing and pooping on my couches and beds. I don't know what to do anymore to stop her from doing it. Can anyone please please give me some advice?

    • profile image

      barbara 5 years ago

      i have kept two dogs for years and have always had top dog problems this is the price we pay for having two dogs they both like to leave their marks around the house !!!

    • profile image

      martellawintek 4 years ago

      hi trevor sorry mate i`v took so long here is the site

      filling address , they have a wealth of knowledge ,just say martells give you there number

    • profile image

      Yeah 4 years ago

      I have these pups containing 2 different Shepherd blood lines. One of the lines is from trained attack police dogs. They are full-sized dogs. They are sweet and cute and emotionally attached to all of us but were designated for our two children. So, the children were learning to take them out for a walk to urinate and such. One of them bit my son. I tried lecturing her, but the next time he walked her she bit hard enough to draw blood. I could tell she was only playing and it was rough so I lectured her some more. Then, I gave her some treats to let her know we surely love her (and we do so much). Finally, the last trip with him we had to send our son to the hospital.

      No, seriously, she did bite my son and I slap the ever loving crap out of her because this type of dog is hierarchical and needs to know who's the alpha. My son no longer walks because my son is eight and doesn't understand. I'm the alpha. Seriously, I'd never wallop a Pomeranian but some folks need to understand not all dogs are lap dogs before they get themselves (or others) into serious trouble with their "advice". Elevating some types of breeds to the status and dignity of humans can be dangerous.

      These dogs NEVER give me any flack and, in return, I am every loving to them spoiling them rotten as long as they obey the ground rules. I'm well trained to teach them those ground rules, too. Knowing what you're doing is important.

    • profile image

      Stan15 4 years ago

      I would never and will never "lightly" hit or even slap my dog.

    • profile image

      Billy 3 years ago

      Hey, I wanted to say that I found this article interesting. I agree Stan, I probably wouldn't hit my dog either. I explained why it is bad in my article here

    • profile image

      Wow, society is hilarious. 3 years ago

      Ok dog lovers... Everyone on here is here, because they care about an animal and want to see proper behavior. While some people have an alpha voice and can lead their dogs to behave appropriately with out touching them , Others do not have that ability. No one was talking about animal abuse. Maybe I am biased, because if I did something I shouldn't be doing as a child... I'd get spanked. I'm alive... no real issues. My parents were not abusive, just stern. These dogs are beings. We need to show respect for their lives; however; nothing is wrong with the method of classic conditioning to train them. Reward when something is done well, and punish if the behavior will not be tolerated.

      Many that are outraged for animal rights (when the animal is not abused at all), should be outraged when they see humans suffering as well.

    • profile image

      Anon123 3 years ago

      My dog pee'd in the house so I decided to take his iPad and cellphone away for a week. Afterwards, she didn't do it again.

    • profile image

      dnha14 3 years ago

      So WTF do you do when the effing dog is 8 years old?

    • profile image

      lola 3 years ago

      my 9 year old yorkie was trained to use the bathroom using pads and she is trained to use the bathroom outside. she is not confused at all. she does pee do to anxiety when I leave the house and I know she knows not to pee in the house because she hides! I don't believe that dogs necessarily need to be caught in the act because they are smart; they know after the fact that that is wrong.

    • profile image

      All peed out 3 years ago

      My bulldog pees on the couch on my sister in laws pillow ,bed the refrigerator basically everywhere but outside even when the door is open all day what should I do or y would he be doing this

    • profile image

      DorothyE 15 months ago

      To the person above calling himself "Screw This Article" -- First, your method actually makes sense, because often a dog is peeing indoors to mark territory, exert dominance, express jealousy, or is simply peeing out of spite. And sometimes, if a dog doesn't have a clear sense of which dog/person in the family "pack" is the alpha male (leader), it will try to claim that role and pee to mark territory & dominance -- or just to express its insecurity. So, your act of peeing on the dog's pee spot makes canine sense because your scent becomes top dog, so to speak. Peeing on the dog probably reinforces that and works, too, but seems unnecessarily demeaning. It's overkill -- well, overspill). Anyway, my point was that I'm female and peeing where my dog pees is an anatomical challenge. Aim is not an advantage for me. Also, I have a small, fast-moving dog, so peeing ON the dog is even more of a balancing act. So your ideas won't work in my case. For that reason, I must assert my alpha female / bitch role in a less primitive but still effective way, by being firm, in control, and consistent, as well as affectionate and predictable. The foundation begins with basic obedience training to establish my role as a leader.

      I only use physical touch when I catch my dog doing the naughty, and then I do not use enough force to hurt; my dog is only 6 pounds and I could do damage with its little chicken legs if I broke bad on him! But I do intend to startle him, which is a type of pain, by nudging or tapping his shoulder or haunches sharply enough one or two times only to get his attention and then scolding in a clearly disappointed voice (tone, not volume, is what dogs respond to). I say, "No , go outside" and then pick him up to take him there. Lots of praise whenever deposits are left outdoors.

      Being a dog owner is more than feeding and loving on a dog. It means staying in tune with my dog's moods and behavior -- knowing where my dog is all the time, for example, and recognizing "gotta go" body language -- maintaining a regular schedule that offers the security of a routine, and providing more than 30 minutes of exercise a day; and much more than that for positive human attention. Couch and lap time count, but long walks on a leash and rides in the car build a pack spirit and a sense of adventurous freedom. Dogs deserve a life outside the home, with plenty of smells to smell and legal places to pee!

      A dog who knows you're in control, knows what to expect, and knows that there's plenty of affection along with your reliable boundaries is a happy dog. And a happy dog is a devoted dog, one who wants to please you by bringing you dead birds and refraining from peeing in the house! My method isn't perfect, but it's been working with the many quirky dogs I've raised. No method is perfect; no dog is perfect; no human is perfect. That's what makes it all so much fun!

    • profile image

      jerry 15 months ago

      I sat outside with my dog for around an hour waiting for him to go potty, i figured he just didn't have to go so we came in the house. I got a cup of Coffee and sat at my computer, thats when i smelled it, he waited till we came in the house to poop i was so frustrated what should i do ?

    • profile image

      Iris g 12 months ago

      Yes my Maltese is smart he waits till no one is around and pees! Then goes to a corner and sits and watches me till I see it,then hides when I call him, I'm tired of cleaning after him,

    • profile image

      Not A Bad Owner.. 12 months ago

      I am a proud owner of a 4 year old German shepherd husky mix. When I got her she was 6 weeks old peed on everything no matter what I tried and it was getting bad because I lived with my aunt and she didn't want to deal with it so I resulted in the "physical punishment" route and although it killed me to do so, my puppy begged to go outside and would hold it in for hours. It took maybe a month for her to really stop doing it and yeah it hurt a lot on both sides I'm sure but we haven't had an issue since then. She now will hold her bladder until I get home from work even if it's a full 8 hours of holding. It's not abusing your dog, it's discipline and for all who disagree with me I don't think I want to meat your kids. My dog, even though she went through all the pinishments for a month, loves me to death and I love her back even more and would die for her. It just shows how learning something early really leads to something they learn for life and makes both of us happy. And in the end that's what you're going for in a owner/pet relationship, you both want to be happy

    • jtrader profile image

      jtrader 9 months ago

      That is something nobody wants to deal with.

    • profile image

      Ryan 9 months ago

      My dog pees and poops all over the house and nothing I do is working

    • profile image

      Packers2016 9 months ago

      I love my dog but it's getting hard that she keeps peeing everywhere and looking me dead in my face, which causes me to hit her on the butt and she stops. She's actually my wife dog and we walk her and make sure she's not over drinking water each day and about to go the diaper route or make her stay outside and I built a dog house. I had enough and nothing pisses me off more than when she does it and looks me in my face or I almost slip and fall.

    • profile image

      Linmarie 9 months ago

      I have a wonderful Chi/Jack Russel mix. She is a wonderful dog and we are very bonded. She is 5 years old and will not be potty trained. I put pads down for her and she is pretty good about using them. If she doesn't hit them dead center I have a mess. The plastic backing makes it worse I originally got her for my adult Grandson. When he moved out the little one stayed. I love her very much. I must come up with a way to potty train her. I am 67 years old and disabled. I believe that a commitment to a dog is just that. I could not live with not knowing if she were being abused. After all, who wants a dog that's not potty trained? I have had her since she was about 5 months old. She is a wonderful, loving and loyal companion. The family I got her from had little kids that obviously pulled her tail. She is still sensitive about that.

      I won't give her up but I need help. My carpet has been ruined and removed. She wants to please. She is a good girl. This potty thing is her only bad habit. I cannot afford a professional trainer. Any ideas? She has been using the pads for so long. I keep getting older and it's a difficult situation. Constructive ideas would be greatly appreciated

      Thank you so much.

    • profile image

      deb 7 months ago

      found loads of great advice how to train my puppie,people need to get a grip if they get so upset by a small tap on a puppie or dogs nose if they mess,its not abuse ,and if it helps your house not smelling like a toilet then thats not a bad thing ,as if you allow your puppie or dog to keep peeing in your house then thats the real abuse its not heathy for your pet or you medically

    • profile image

      Radhika Gollapudy 7 months ago

      My dog ( Miniature Dashund ) sometimes pees outside but most of time she pees inside

    • profile image

      Doesn't Matter 4 months ago

      Some of you obviously have not been around dogs all your life and until someone who had a perfect child or puppy didn't know any different, no one did. I am of the older generation and watched my father train many dogs. I hate to burst your bubbles cause some of you might need therapy, but dogs and children are DIFFERENT! My father always trained his puppy's whom lived with us inside and he used rolled up newspaper. If the dog keeps peeing in the house then you haven't done something right and you are letting them control you. When the dog would mess in the house he would show the dog what he had done and sometimes put there nose to it. Then he would pop them on the tail with the news paper and take them to the door, bark and take them outside. Those dogs knew they were loved, but they also knew after a few weeks what they needed to do. That is the way I have always trained ours til this last puppy. Now he thinks he can do whatever he wants with this new "Dr Spoc" method. Guess what after the last few days we are going back to the old way. IT WORKS! You can't convince me other wise. I didn't say beat the animal either. If you do it right you want keep dealing with this. If you love animals then you will correct them and let them know. Don't be fooled. They are smart!

    • profile image

      Amanda 4 months ago

      I took my puppy from a dog foster home about a year ago. I love him to bits; he has a great personality, and I feel that he loves our family so much. BUT, whenever I leave him at home he pees in the house: on the carpet, on the bed, on flowers..

      My husband and I were thinking about taking him to 'doggy school', but then again, it’s extremely expensive, and the nearest 'doggy school' is far away from us. Maybe you have some advice? THANK YOU!!!!

    • profile image

      Will 2 weeks ago

      Lot of kids who've never been spanked in prison...lots of dogs who have never been spanked in the pound.

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