How to Potty Train Your New Dog

What Not to do When Potty Training Your Dog

Buying is always an amazing experience, whether you're a first time owner or a veteran. From picking the specific puppy from the litter to driving home, buying treats, or even simply naming the dog, the whole ordeal is always unbeatable. However, most owners tend to over look, or under study what it means to be a pet owner.

Potty training a puppy isn't the most fun part by a long shot, but in due time you'll have your own method or one from this guide down. Teaching your dog/puppy where to go to the bathroom can be one of the worst yet most beneficial issues you’ll encounter with your dog. Starting as early as possible is the most important and rewarding method to go with.

One of the biggest mistakes that pet owners make when potty training their dog is putting the dog’s face in their mess or yelling at the dog. This won’t train the dog good habits at all, but what it will do is confuse your dog and make them think that they’ve lost your love. Dogs don’t naturally possess spite, and therefore they will never do something to bother or irritate you, especially not when it comes to potty training. There are several methods of potty training your puppy, with the main 3 ways being pads, powders, and simple command and discipline.

The Potty Pad Method

The pad method is probably the best way to go and it’s also the easiest. Many stores carry bathroom pads that are either brightly colored or have a certain unique material that a dog will recognize. Since a dog naturally won’t consider moving into another room or going outside to pee or poop, try placing the pad near the back door. Definitely consider getting a doggie door so your dog can leave the house to go to the bathroom outside.

Every week or so, move the pad closer to the door or even outside if you have a doggie door. The dog will remember to follow the brightly colored/textured pad and feel that they must go to the bathroom wherever the specific pad is. Eventually, leave the pad wherever you want them to go to the bathroom outside for about a month. Remove the pad eventually and the dog/puppy will understand that they have to go to the bathroom in that one designated spot.

The Command/Discipline Method

The second most popular method is the command and discipline method. This one is pretty self-explanatory, but it sometimes takes a little bit longer. All you have to do is continuously pick up your puppy and move him or her whenever they start going to the bathroom. It can be a messy process but you can definitely get the point across.

Maintain a commanding voice and verbally tell your dog queue words that you can stick to each time they have to go to the bathroom. Eventually, you simply mutter those queue words and they’ll understand the deal. Finally, they’ll know what to do without being informed. Again, this process can take a little while longer than most others, but it’s the cheapest!

The Powder Potty Training Method

Finally, there’s the powder method. Powder for dog training is slightly rare, since it isn’t really extremely sought after. The way the powder method works is you have to put the scented powder wherever you want the dog to go to the bathroom at. Like the command and discipline method, verbally inform and place the dog where the powder is. For the next month or so, put the powder wherever you want the dog to go to the bathroom at, and remove the powder eventually.

Have Fun w/ Your Dog, Even Through the Messy Times!

All dogs take different lengths of time to be potty trained. For example, yorkies tend to take much longer than other dogs, whereas labs will catch on rather quickly. Don’t base your decision of owning a dog on potty training, because it is such a short amount of time and effort compared to how long you’ll be with the dog. Be persistent, and like all other things with a dog, be loving.

Which dog potty training method do you prefer?

  • The pad potty training method
  • The powder potty training method
  • The command/disciple potty training method
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tsadjatko profile image

tsadjatko 8 months ago from maybe (the guy or girl) next door

Great advise! I like the discipline method but you have to be vigilant, NO accidents or it will take longer.

I've found the most effective method is to NEVER allow the dog to be on his own in the house without your eyes on him (until he IS trained). You have to recognize the behavior when they have to go (sniffing around, stopping what he was doing and take into account the time since he last relieved himself, you know he is due) and move or let him out the door (don't pick him up) to the spot you want him to use.

Always take him out after treats or feeding and only give him water with a meal, this will make the urination process more predictable.

To do this you need to crate the dog whenever you are not watching him and always lead him out the door immediately after any long time (more than an hour) in the crate. If you do this religiously most pups can be potty trained in a couple days (even one day), but keep it up for a week or more if necessary.

David Buckner profile image

David Buckner 8 months ago Author

Absolutely agree on all of that :) The discipline method is the one most prefer, because it's easy & cheap as well haha. Thanks for the comment!

modernalchemyst profile image

modernalchemyst 8 months ago from New England

This is timely advice! I'm training a Keeshond puppy right now who took to potty pads right away, but the transfer process of getting him to go outside (in an apartment complex, ugh) is pretty messy. Seems like he's backsliding. But they make training pads with pheromones or some type of scent that encourages the dog to go there, and like you said, the unique material helps.

Great Hub!

David Buckner profile image

David Buckner 8 months ago Author

Hey, I just finished writing a dog walking hub literally 2 minutes ago! You should check that one out when you can, & thanks for commenting :)

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