How to Walk a Dog in Public Places

Be Commanding & Calm When Walking a Dog

The key to properly walking your dog is to do so with a patient yet commanding presence. The only tools needed are a leash, not a choke chain or shock collar. The only thing you get from these horrible devices is a sad dog. In some cases, these collars have even been shown to increase the dog’s hyper behavior, because he or she isn’t aware of how the pain is happening. As stated earlier, dogs don’t look to antagonize, and therefore just need some guiding and direction.

The Light Tug Rule for Dog Walking

In order to keep your dog from running off, simply stop and hold your ground when they attempt to run off. Even a light, and I mean LIGHT, tug will do the trick. You could even command the dog to sit, so they are aware of their boundaries. Don’t wait for your dog to run off to tug the leash and hold your ground, this will make them think that their boundaries are further out. Immediately when you feel tension, begin this process. Keep in mind that this is a slow process, and that you should take baby steps for your dog. Not actual toddler steps of course, that would be ridiculous! Just pay attention to your dog, and reward small improvements.

Dealing with Distractions & Hyper Dogs

It is very important that, when teaching your dog to walk with you, the surrounding area isn’t filled with distractions. Recent movies have depicted dogs running due to squirrels and cars, which couldn’t be closer to the truth. Walk slowly, making sure to keep your dog’s eyes straight ahead or at you. Try to find a simple area, such as a larger backyard, or even a relaxed neighborhood. Your dog should be a master at walking with you before you decide to take him or her with you to busy areas.

For some extra hyper dogs, a simple walk won’t be enough exercise. It is easy to tell when your dog falls into that category, because walking them will seem like the most difficult thing in the world. Instead, try taking your dog on long hikes, with lots of up and down hill strides. This will keep your dog occupied long enough to wipe them out, and you won’t have to worry about hyper activity for the next few hours. Now this doesn’t mean that your dog won’t ever know how to walk with you in a neighborhood, it will just take extra time. These nature walks will be a great beginning method for your dog, who will soon love to accompany you while obediently staying by your side.

Don't Wait! Walk Your Dog ASAP

Bringing your dog into public areas for the first time can be pretty nerve wracking. For you, you’re probably going to be worried about your dog running off and peeing on everything or barking at people. For your dog, he or she will be introduced into a world they’ve never seen before. It’s like living in a box for your whole life, then suddenly seeing thousands of other people and not knowing what to do. However, if you take caution and follow the steps I’m about to explain, both you and your dog will love being introduced to new people, places, and other dogs as well!

Don’t wait until your dog is years into his or her life to start meeting new people, or they will just be hostile and terrified. Instead, have family and friends who will visit often come over to play with your new puppy. This will help your dog see that other people are friendly as well, and not just you. If possible, also introduce your dog to other pets you may have, or family members pets, so that they will have a positive attitude about other animals. This step is much easier than most people would think. It’s a common misconception that all dogs want to do is eat cats, because dogs can actually love cats. The only reason they can feel hungry towards a cat is because the cat is tiny and looks like a chew toy. Instead of letting your cat run away instantly, have them play together in a small enclosure, such as the cage or crate your dog uses for sleeping.

Don't Be the "Bad Pet Owner" That Everyone Knows

When taking your dog outside to a hectic environment, a little more stopping and sitting will be necessary. If your dog takes off, follow the same rules as with regular walking. Just stop, hold your ground, and lightly tug on the leash so your dog knows that they can’t run away. Keep your dog’s eyes on your or the sidewalk, and if you pass another person, let your dog investigate them. Don’t make it seem as if your dog is doing a bad thing, or they will start to associate people with negativity and punishment. Also, don’t be one of those people who lets their dogs pee or poop on the sidewalk and not clean it up. Always bring small paper bags with you, in case of emergency. Dogs can’t hold nature’s call forever, so they will need to relieve themselves every once in a while. Some cities even have dog potty places, or dog parks which allow your dog to play and go to the bathroom when necessary.

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