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80 Japanese Dog Names: Male & Female (From Akio to Yuri)

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Just like people, dogs come from many different places and countries all over the world, but rather than referring to them as nationalities like people, we categorize them by breed. No matter what country you choose, there’s likely a breed that originated there and is likely for more useful purposes other than being a terrific companion.

Japanese Dog Names

If you have one of the breeds who came from Japan, or even if you are Japanese yourself, you might be on the lookout for some good Japanese dog names, and you should be! There is something about the Japanese tongue that just has a nice ring within the English ear. Japanese dog names are both exotic-sounding and desirable, and roll off the tongue nicely!

If you are in need of a few Japanese dog names, here is an entire list broken down by male and female names, also including the meanings behind the names. Meanings are important because many Japanese words may sound really cool, but have a crude or silly meaning.

It is like someone from another country naming their English Bulldog “Hotdog” which is a processed meat product encased in intestines consumed on a bun. It doesn’t sound so good when it’s put that way, does it? Nope. So, here’s the list and meanings!

Great Male and Female Japanese Dog Names


Haru: Sunshine

Yoshi: Righteous

Shinobu: Endurance

Chou: Butterfly

Arata: New

Chouko: Butterfly child

Osamu: Discipline

Kyou: Apricot

Naoki: Honest

Ran: Orchid

Takuma: Pinoeer

Hana: Flower

Minoru: Truth

Aiko: Love child

Akio: Bright man

Takara: Treasure

Takeshi: Warrior

Hinata: Sunflower

Haruto: Soar in the light

Kasumi: Mist

Kiyoshi: Pure

Yasu: Peace

Nobuyuki: True happiness

Hikari: Light

Kaede: Maple

Sora: Sky

Ryou: Cool

Ren: Lotus

Daichi: Great Earth

Akira: Bright

Kenshin: Modest truth

Kaede: Maple

Isamu: Brave

Emi: Beautiful blessing

Takashi: Prosperous

Miku: Beautiful sky

Daiki: Great radiance

Masami: Become beautiful

Hibiki: Echo

Aimi: Beautiful love

Shou: Fly/Soar

Mai: Dance

Katsu: Victory

Tomomi: Beautiful friend

Masaru: Victory

Yuki: Happiness

Ren: Lotus

Akiko: Bright child

Yori: Trust

Hoshi: Star

Yasu: Peace

Chika: Scatter flower

Taichi: Big one

Wakana: Complete harmony

Makoto: Sincerity

Aya: Color

Kazuki: Harmony

Kazu: Harmony

Riku: Land

Yuri: Lily

Ichirou: One son

Rei: Lovely

Kouta: Big peace

Tsubaki: Camellia flower

Shin: Real

Akane: Deep red

Kaito: Ocean

Megumi: Blessing

Akira: Bright

Rina: Jasmine

Noboru: Ascend

Kaori: Fragrant

Hideyoshi: Good luck

Zuki: Moon

Kenta: Big and strong

Natsuko: Summer child

Hinata: Sunflower

Mami: Real beauty

Kenji: Study

Kohaku: Amber

Yoshi: Righteous

Shinju: Pearl

Kohaku: Amber

Akemi: Bright, beautiful

Sora: Sky

Hotaru: Firefly

There’s plenty of Japanese dog names out there that both sound beautiful and have an equally beautiful meaning behind them. Although many Japanese words loosely translate into English, you can get the gist of the meanings by breaking the names down in most instances. You can’t go wrong with any of these names, that’s for sure!

Breeds of Japan

Mostly bred for hunting way back when, Japan has many breeds that originated from various parts of Japan. Oftentimes, because of the names, the Japanese Chin, Japanese Spitz, and Japanese Terrier are thought to have originated in Japan, but this is not true. I can see why it would be an easy misconception, though!

The dogs who did originate in Japan, however, still have unmistakable Japanese-sounding breed names which lead them to be correctly associated with the country. Those breeds include:

  • Akita Inu
  • American Akita (aka Great Japanese Dog)
  • Hokkaido Inu
  • Kai Inu
  • Kisha Inu
  • Shiba Inu
  • Shikoku Inu
  • Tosa Inu (aka Japanese Mastiff)

As you can see, many of the Japanese breed names have “inu” at the end, which actually translates to “dog” in English. Many of the breeds are also named after the area in which they came from in Japan which makes it pinpoint their specific point of origin.

Most of the breeds from Japan are known for being rather well-behaved and quiet dogs, only making a fuss when necessary for them. As with most any breed from any other country, these dogs fare the best when raised indoors in a loving environment, and can develop behavioral issues when left to their own devices outdoors. It is not clear why it is like this, but perhaps it has something to do with their innate hunting abilities.

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