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75 Banned or Restricted Breeds: Is Your Dog on the List?

The author loves dogs and is interested in rare and restricted breeds.

75 banned or restricted dog breeds. Isn't that a lot?

75 banned or restricted dog breeds. Isn't that a lot?

Breed-Specific Legislation: What Is It?

Breed-specific legislation are the laws that restrict or ban certain dog breeds. Some states in the United States do not have any breed-specific restrictions or bans, but others do. Currently, there are 75 breeds of dog that are banned or restricted somewhere in the United States. For a complete list, see below.

The list was compiled by the Responsible Dog Owners of the Western States, a not-for-profit group that promotes responsible care, ownership, and treatment of dogs.

Note: The breeds on this list are only restricted in some counties or states in the U.S. None of these breeds are restricted or banned in all states. In fact, some states do not have restrictions or bans on any specific breeds at all. More specific information about bans or restrictions in individual states and counties is available on Wikipedia.

These Breeds Are Banned or Restricted Somewhere in the United States

  1. Airedale Terrier
  2. Akbash
  3. Akita
  4. Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog
  5. Alaskan Malamute
  6. Alsatian Shepherd
  7. American Bulldog
  8. American Husky
  9. American Pit Bull Terrier
  10. American Staffordshire Terrier
  11. American Wolfdog
  12. Anatolian Shepherd
  13. Arikara Dog
  14. Australian Cattle Dog
  15. Australian Shepherd
  16. Belgian Malinois
  17. Belgian Sheepdog
  18. Belgian Turvuren
  19. Blue Heeler
  20. Boerbul
  21. Borzoi
  22. Boston Terrier
  23. Bouvier des Flandres
  24. Boxer
  25. Bulldog
  26. Bull Terrier
  27. Bull Mastiff
  28. Cane Corso
  29. Catahoula Leopard Dog
  30. Caucasian Shepherd
  31. Chinese Shar Pei
  32. Chow-Chow
  33. Colorado Dog
  34. Doberman Pinscher
  35. Dogo de Argentino
  36. Dogue de Bordeaux
  37. English Mastiffs
  38. English Springer Spaniel
  39. Eskimo Dog
  40. Estrela Mountain Dog
  41. Fila Brasiliero
  42. Fox Terrier
  43. French Bulldog
  44. German Shepherd Dog
  45. Golden Retriever
  46. Greenland Husky
  47. Great Dane
  48. Great Pyrenees
  49. Italian Mastiff
  50. Kangal Dog
  51. Keeshond
  52. Komondor
  53. Kotezebue Husky
  54. Kuvaz
  55. Labrador Retriever
  56. Leonberger
  57. Mastiff
  58. Neopolitan Mastiff
  59. Newfoundland
  60. Otterhound
  61. Presa de Canario
  62. Presa de Mallorquin
  63. Pug
  64. Rottweiler
  65. Saarloos Wolfhond
  66. Saint Bernard
  67. Samoyed
  68. Scottish Deerhound
  69. Siberian Husky
  70. Spanish Mastiff
  71. Staffordshire Bull Terrier
  72. Timber Shepherd
  73. Tosa Inu
  74. Tundra Shepherd
  75. Wolf Spitz


Carmen on July 09, 2020:

I have an american bully and a staff, ive had them for years and they've never bitten anyone. Dogs are not born aggressive, people make them that way, they are beaten and abused, mistreated and taught to fight. Maybe people should be banned and placed on an ugly list, some people are not nice, but nothing is done to them, so they'll stop abusing dogs, cats, and many other species of people. This is my opinion

animal lover on March 14, 2020:

this gota to a joke right! I got a Rottweiler and he could not hurt a fly he has cought mice but even the mice are alive

Humphrey on December 17, 2018:

Golden retrievers!? Seriously!? THEY ARE SERVICE DOGS!!!!!!!!!!!

lacy on October 29, 2018:

it is all about the owner

Wendy on July 30, 2018:

Why Mastiffs? Seriously? I have one and he is the best friend I have ever had!

Alison on July 19, 2018:

Golden retrievers and Labradors are safe

Caren on May 27, 2018:

This list is a joke! Im not gonna list off a bunch of breeds, bit the #1 well known breed Labrador retriever are known family dogs! What did you guys make this list based off of?!

Very VocalMerican on April 27, 2018:

Yes, there are several different dogs listed by different breed names. If you look at the top 20, you find the Pit Bull listed on there by five of the different names used for the breed. You also see numerous dogs that many of us own and would not agree with. But looking on the list, the top 20 is pretty accurate for the Chicago area metropolitan cities that have restricted them or banned them. Some of the breeds probably should not be on the list, but if you do a search for the number of reported dog "attacks" in the United States, the majority of these breeds are on it.

Crazy dog lady on February 11, 2018:

This list is bs...and by the way the Australian cattle dog and the blue heeler are two names for the same dog! I own a blue heeler(acd) the red coated ones are called...wait for heelers. Red or ue refers to the dogs coat cilor and heeler refers to the working style that the dog is well known and bred for. Turns out you can't believe everything you read on the Internet ha ha

lespaul1963 on January 21, 2018:

Of all the fumb duckery...Labrador Retrievers and Samoyeds are on this “Verboten List”, aka The Feces Roster in some US geographic region(s)?

I’ve a good deal of experience with both beeeds and they are both the most unassuming, friendly breeds of dog that I’ve encountered in my 54 years. It looks like Mothers Against Everything has been stirring up the irrational fear stew again and threw in an additional measure of prevarication, a pinch of sophistry and a heaping amount of non sequitur contextual isolation to get this particular “Free Meal” fundraiser to effectively agitprop those two essentially gentle breeds into being seen as an imminent jeopardy threat.

lespaul1963 on January 21, 2018:

Of all the fumb duckery...Labrador Retrievers and Samoyeds are on this “Verboten List”, aka The Feces Roster in some US geographic region. I’ve a good deal of experience with both beeeds and they are both the most unassuming, friendly breeds of dog that I’ve encountered in my 54 years. It looks like Mothers Against Everythibg has been stirring up the irrational fear stew again.

Aaron on January 28, 2017:

Newfoundland is on the list?!?! How could a Newfoundland ever be a danger to anyone, maybe slobbered to death? I see that chihuahua's, Yorkshire terriers, and bichon frise didn't make the list, yet I've been bitten, and nipped by those breeds easily.

Rocky on December 30, 2016:

That's funny i have an english bull dog staffordshire bull terrier mix and he is always mistaken for a pit. It becomes really hard to find a suitable place to live in orlando with this type of breed

paulcarpenter87 on August 22, 2016:

There is no such thing as a bad dog breed, only bad dog owners. Dogs are social pack animals, and follow the lead of the political alpha, which in the case of the pet, is the owner.

Reb on February 17, 2016:

Crazy..where the cats then? While walking my gsd in the neighborhood a neighbor's cat ran down the driveway into the street to attack my dog for no reason. She ended up with a bloody nose and only barked at the nasty cat. The cat attacked another neighbor and scratched up her legs bad. So kitties are next?

Patsy on November 04, 2015:

With this list it only leaves us one choice, a rabbit.

This list takes away any rights we have to own the pet of our choice. It leave us only mixed breeds. Once again someone is dictating what we can and can't have . Stop trying to take our rights away.

Deb Ressler on June 25, 2015:

I really find it funny some of these dogs that r on this banned list !!!!! For instance a pug!!

Stephgzlez on September 08, 2014:

Im honestly a little confused.. They're not banning them from the country are they??? As in we cant own those breeds in this country anymore??? They cant do that!!! That is so unfair, many breeds are accused of things that isn't their fault, owners are the ones responsible for how their dogs are, not the breed in whole. There is no way anyone is taking my two sibe husky babies away.

amy on May 14, 2014:

I have to admit I don't believe this list is at all accurate. It has numerous duplicate breeds. Italian mastiff and cane corso? That's the same dog. I can't list them all but it has to be close to half the list. There might be 50 breeds that are banned if you takeaway the repeats. I've also known a pug that I swear was from Satan and attacked my dogs with intent to kill. But its a pug. They can't really grab and if they do its not hard to make them let go. That made me laugh that it would be banned. My favorite breed is Pomeranians but you often see them raised incorrectly and very aggressive. Mine wouldn't bite you even if you were trying to kill them. But at the same time my two lbs mini pom thinks she's bigger than my cane corso. Lol actually my cat also thinks she's bigger than my mastiff. I have noticed aggressive/dominant traits in the mastiff but we have been training and socializing like crazy. He will also always be muzzled in public as an adult so no one can say he bit someone. Its safer to me to make others feel safe from my 'scary' dog than let him try to show he's a big blue teddy bear at heart.

But anyway. I agree with some breed legislation. As in if someone wants that breed (whatever it is) they should be made to take a class or something and have a permit. Unless they already had said breed. A grandfather law should work in those instances. But I don't think certain breeds should be outright illegal. That's dumb. Teach the people how to raise them instead of letting no one have them. Good responsible law abiding citizens shouldn't be treated like criminals who use animals in criminal ways.

Carol on May 12, 2014:

Try finding home insurance when you have 'exotic' pets. :( I have two California Kingsnakes have have been turned down for home insurance. Brokers can not see the difference between a 6ft CaliKing and a 20 foot reticulated python.

Can only imagine how much harder it would be if we had a pitty or a rottie (both breeds we adore).

Was honestly surprised to see labs on the list. I have known one lab who I would not trust but generally as a breed they have one of the better reputations.

I feel the pain of everyone here trying to get insurance and having to deal with ignorant brokers, unfounded policies, and unfair companies. Stay hopeful and someone will come through.

APBT owner on March 18, 2014:

Now everyone knows how i've felt my entire life. Constantly moving because counties have banned my breed of choice (American Pit Bull Terriers) and we refuse to give up our family members to some stupid law made by cowardice people who don't know a damn thing, especially those wh actually think for a second that bite statistics are close to accurate. Why don't we just ban all dog breeds because they all have teeth and they all use them. Problem solved. If one group of people cant have the breed of their choice, let's make it fair for all. Its genocide and it needs to stop. Wipe them all out or none.

Don't like the breed? Don't own one.

Brandon on March 04, 2014:

So my question is what breed of dog is NOT deemed dangerous or vicious??? Where are they coming up with this list? It's amazing that there are so many bans on breeds instead of the people that have violated the law or given their dogs a terrible life forcing them into undesired traits. Some of the dogs that have been deemed to be vicious have been rehabbed and have created great pets so again why punish great potential owners from the dog that works and fits them :(

Laura N on January 21, 2014:

I find this really offensive considering I have 4 dogs that are on this list. These dogs have been around babies, kids, adults and I'd trust them with anything. Heck, a jack russell terrier bit my face and I'd rather trust my chow chow or pit than that jack!! Its how humans raise/treat their dogs..NOT THE BREED!

Laura on November 25, 2013:

I have a Rottweiler who is the biggest baby you would ever meet! People fear him just because of his breed which is so wrong! I had a vet (the first vet I took him to, mind you he was just 3 months old) who was terrified of him and was determined to convince me my dog was aggressive and forced me into these behavioral courses. Well at the behavioral courses the instructor put on this spiked choke collar and yanked on it of course my dog growled at him, I would have bit him in all honesty if you did that to me even! Well regardless I yanked him from those classes quicker than all heck, transferred vets to one who promised he didn't believe in vicious breeds and was a Rottweiler owner himself and told animal control why I discontinued the classes because yanking on my dogs throat with a spiked collar would make him mean and if they wanted to come after me I would raise one hell of a lawsuit and fight till the hells broke loose! They said they understand and would write him off as classes completed so obviously they arent too big on vicious breed labels either where I live. Well case in point now hes 3 years old and the best dog I have ever owned! He does not have a mean bone in his body my 2 year old has numerous pictures with him where shes kissing and hugging on him and he loves it he will go up to her and nudge her for hugs. My vet agreed after having dealt with him only once that he doesn't see a vicious bone in my dogs body and the other vet probably shouldn't of been a vet if they feared puppies of certain breeds. Also frankly if my dog was ever on a list where I was told I couldn't live somewhere guess what? I would look for another darn house or move out of the state if it was a state restriction before I would ever give up my perfectly behaved never did a thing wrong boy up! Good thing is I own my house so I shouldn't ever have to run into that.

Mark Lyons from Orlando, Florida on November 21, 2013:

I have a 8 yr old Rottweiler and she is far from aggressive. I'm sick and tired of dogs getting bad raps for owners mistreatment or training of dogs. Now I'm being forced to put my daughter Sasha down. She's in a kennel missing her family and we go to see her every week. We are trying to move into a house but there's that restriction list. It's not fare to our family members to have to choose whether to keep your friend or put them down due to others. We need more than just a candlelight. I'm sorry, I LOVE my dog and she deserves to be heard with more than a Damn candle. I wish I could do more because we aren't being heard!!

anne on September 03, 2013:

this group is sick, they have all the rescue dogs , and all the service dogs on this. You are sick people... labs newfies, danes retrives...these are people who no nothing about them...

Bull crap. on July 27, 2013:

WTF is the BSL?

I small BULL something.

What gave me that whiff was Samoyed. I did rescue for these dogs. The only really bad thing about these animals is they require a lot of attention or else they become bored and destructive, and they shed a lot. They are a difficult animal to own, but for only one reason - you need to spend a lot of time with them.

I've never met one that was vicious or even slightly dangerous. So, why would the "BSL" whoever they are even suggest banning them?

Carolrose Carlson on June 09, 2013:

Where did this list come from? That is, what part of which country? I am in Canada and fortunately, the only animals that are banned from being within my city's limits are lions. There's a long story to that one; for another time.

Ann on April 30, 2013:

FYI...Australian Cattle Dog and Blue Heeler are the same breed. So, my Red Heeler is okay? What a joke! Watch out for that Pug...if he bites you through that snub nose, it could cause a scratch, which could get infected...left untreated, you could die!!! Hahahahaha!

Christine on March 21, 2013:

I live in Maine and was wanting to move to Seattle. I looked up breed restrictions and I was shocked to say the least. I have 4 Siberian Huskies, I wasn't planning on moving until they all left me, they are all old babies. All will turn 13 y/o this year. They are the sweetest fur folk I know, they'd maybe lick you to death! Never bite or be aggressive. I can't believe the dogs you have on the Dirty 75...I don't think I'll be moving to Seattle. Such a shame, some of the dogs on your list are outrageous! Pugs? Come on people, get real!

This makes no sense. on February 23, 2013:

Pug? Golden Retriever? Clearly this list is influenced by insurance companies who want to squeeze extra cash from their clients.

Beth on September 15, 2012:

I live in NC and just got my Annabelle (rottie) registered through our state. I had no problems at all. I don't know if its the fact I had a trainer. Good luck

Margaret Whymark from Norfolk on August 23, 2012:

Can you tell me about no33 the Colorado dog and if possible a photo. We run a website anti BSL and wish to add a poster of banned breeds.

Thank you

Curtis on August 12, 2012:

Wow. I'm in the process of moving to Georgia and looking for an apartment there. I have a Siberian Husky and a woman told me that the dog was not allowed there and it won't be allowed in most apartments, so I searched for banned dog breeds and came upon this list. Why would my Husky be banned. It makes no sense. I could understand if it was a weight limit, but that is not what the woman told me. My pup is the sweetest thing in the world. This is the dumbest thing I have ever seen.

Jo O'Neill on July 18, 2012:

the dingo is not on your list?

Jennifer P on July 16, 2012:

I am a "PIT" owner and have never had a more obedient, loving, dog. I have had him around my grand daughter since his birth, she is five, he is two, they are the best of friends. He would die for her. Yes, he is protective of any unknown person that tries to enter my fenced, and beware of dog ..posted, yard. We did not nor do we encourage any aggression from him, he only acts aggressive towards an "outside" threat, never ever towards us or other friends and family. We can remove his food while he eats without a problem, he sleeps with us in our bed and is a family member to us. We also have had troubles moving and such, but we would never give him up...NEVER!! We will fight against these idiots who want to ban his breed because of stupidity and false fear. You do have a right to own whatever breed you want if you are responsible, as we are, and no one can just take that away...we are americans dammit...the land of the free, right?

Lynn Van Gilder on July 13, 2012:

I love big dogs and have had a At Bernard, 2 Boxers, a Great Outbreak, an adopted Greyhound, two Great Dames and currently have an Irish Wolfhound God help anyone trying to tell me I cannot have my dog of choice, they better start running because they will be facing a shotgun, and other weapons fully loaded.

Li da in Va on July 12, 2012:

It is time for responsible pet owners to rise up against this tyranny and abrogation of our right to live as we wish, to own a dog that is part of our right to life, liberty (freedom) and pursuit of your rights evaporate in one Re a Nd they will surely be in jeopardy in another area before very long...

Sue on July 12, 2012:

Let's breed legislate politicians, seems like they are more dangerous than most of the breeds losted

Connie on July 12, 2012:

Oops have 3 off them on the 10th place....

Thank god i live in The Netherlands we have fight 15 years against this law in 2009 we have won. So keep fighting against the ignorence off these people:))

Brittni on June 28, 2012:

I have a neo mastiff cross and we trained him well he has never hurt anyone ever he's so loving and we trained him so that we kan take his food off him while he's eating we can take him away from his food we can leave him on the back of our ute and trust him completely to know better than to bite anyone or get off he has never hurt anyone or any of out other pets it's all to do with the owners they need to see that! Ban the owners not the dogs!!!!!!

Jake on June 27, 2012:

I had a boxer and she was a lovable big baby not vicious at all she did love her family though

Arief on June 03, 2012:

Oh, I see the terrifying PUG is also banned.

We should probably ban hamsters too. They're DAAAANGEROUS.

tamtam on May 13, 2012:

how about ban stupid people?lol

Tamra on May 06, 2012:

This list is ridiculous! I have a 2 year old English mastiff and can't believe he is on this list. They are gentle giants. We are moving from Cali to NC and are finding it difficult to find a house to rent over there. As soon as I tell them what type of dog we have, we are immediately turned down. Most of the property management companies have mastiffs on their ban list. Their hands are tied because it is the insurance companies that refuse to accept these types of breeds. I am very disappointed and frustrated. I refuse to give up my dog, he is a part of my family.

Ana on March 14, 2012:

Hello :) This list is really making me mad. Is there a reason pugs are on here? A particular reason? Thanks!

Rebecca on February 08, 2012:

Tabitha you are wonderful. Quite honestly no matter what breed one looks to get they should do their research first on what the dog needs. Going by media on any dog is a poor idea.

The thing that bothers me most about this list is that I have done research and found the 3/4 of all primary home insurance companies do not adhere to any breed based discrimination.

I can understand large dogs in apartments but the fact that realty will not rent to you if you own one is ridiculous. My suggestion to anyone who is renting and doesn't want to get rid of their dog, as it was suggested to me, A)rent through a personal owner. B) for pit bulls especially go to your nearest breed rescue center and ask about no restriction housing.

What the realty and apartment people don't realize is that they are loosing tenants by having such restrictions.

Tabitha Ashburn on September 05, 2011:

Sadly, some of the people commenting here are just part of the problem. Take the time to research something on your own instead of just believing what idiots say.

I speak from experience as a long time bully breed owner and a member of Bama Bully Rescue.


Pit bulls do NOT have locking jaws. No dog of any breed has ever been found to possess a mechanism in their jaw which would allow them to "lock" their top and bottom jaw together. There is no such thing as a locking jaw!

Pit bulls WILL let go after they have bitten down. Dogs bite for many reasons. The enormous majority of dog bites (from any breed) are nothing more than a nip or snap - a warning. Some dogs clamp down hard on prey objects - hence the popularity of tug toys, stuffed animals, and rope toys. Similarly, pit bulls were once bred and taught to cling to a bull's nose despite thrashing, tossing, and gouging. They love to hold on to things! But they are also extremely obedient. A properly raised pit bull will yield to his owner's command.


There is no accurate way to determine the pressure of a dog's bite. Although there have been studies to attempt to answer this question, the PSI (pounds per square inch) tends to vary greatly depending on who you talk to. In many cases the number seems to have been completely made up, or pulled from a source (i.e. newspaper) that has invented some ridiculously high number. I have heard: 1000 PSI, 1800 PSI, 2000 PSI, and "10 times the strength of Rottweiler jaws". None of this is based in reality.

In real life a dog's bite strength is determined by a wide variety of factors. While these include the dog's size and individual jaw strength, the severity of a bite is primarily determined by the dog's intent (i.e. aggression, fear, warning snap, playful nip), the victim's behavior (twisting or yanking the body part being bitten can increase the damage), the dog's training, and so on. Scientific experiments indicate that trained bite dogs (of a variety of breeds) can bite at a little over 300 PSI maximum.

Interestingly, recent attempts to measure a dog's jaw strength have indicated that pit bulls have much lower bite pressure than some other breeds, putting lie to the idea that pit bulls have more bite power than any other breed.

Brad on August 11, 2011:

Proud owner of two bullmastiffs, both are therapy dogs. We volunteer at the hospital and library. Happy to represent and display the dogs excellent temperment. But that doesn't make good news so only time you here of bully breeds is when its negative.

Katalynn Rodgers on July 18, 2011:

Okay, I would like to say how absolutely heinous it is that people can ban dogs because they had a bad day and nipped at someone.

My apartment complex recently made my husband and I give up the pup of our dreams because he was considered to dangerous, an Alaskan Malamute. But they allow Siberan Huskies. Oh and let's not forget they are okay with my English Bulldog.

I am a big dog lover and I'm glad that there are people standing up for these innocent pups being ripped away from their families because they were born the same breed as another who was trained to be nasty.

corsoluv78 on April 30, 2011:

It is absolutely true. I saw it somewhere last year, but can't remember where. I was astonished at the breeds listed on it. Labs, Goldens and several others were on the list I saw. It's on a rescue website somewhere. I'll search for it, and post it back here as soon as I find it!

Jen on April 20, 2011:

This is totally ridiculous!!!! I have a bullmastiff who will be a pet therapy dog! He works with kids with ASD (Autism spectrum disorder). Kids pull on him put their hands in his mouth and he would never bite!And there way of guarding is to sit on someone until the master arrives. Come on people, ban should be on irresponsible owners, not breeds!

thunder on April 19, 2011:

I don't belive this dogs it all about how they are rasied you love you feed to tell them what oyu want them to do

and i would like to see were this is posted because i don't belive this is true

animallover4884 on April 09, 2011:

WOW!!! That is so not fair for the dogs. Most of those are sweet dogs!!! And the Italian Mastiff is the same as the Cane Corso because I have one and he is the sweetest dog ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brendan Brady on March 07, 2011:

@Whitney There most certainly are dog breeds with locking jaws. I believe the pitbull has a partially locking jaw, and the current number 1 most dangerous dog in the world was bred to have a locking jaw - the Siberian Lock Jaw - it's named after it!

Alan Banks on February 08, 2011:

Who wrote this moronic crap?

Where is this list posted?

Where does it list areas that the list covers/

I can say rabbits are banned also because of their tendency to attack and kill humans; but I don't think it would fly.

Where is the law information posted?

Shannon on February 04, 2011:

I have owned large breed dogs my entire life. Pitts, Rotties & Great Danes. I currently have a Rottie that my husband gave me for Christmas 2009 after my ex took my other one in the divorce 4 years ago. My parents have pictures of our Great Dane "babysitting" my brother and I and also when I was a baby she would sleep by my crib & wake my parents when I started to cry. I had my first baby in Sept and my Rottie has been so sweet & caring towards my son. He is just over a year old & is a big baby. We recently had a neighbor call animal control saying we were neglecting him. He is 130lbs, updated with ALL shots, HW & Flea/Tick prevents and loves to be outside. He hates sleeping in a dog house and chews them up each time. Animal control came out twice and both times told us nothing was wrong, he's sweet and yes protective but not vicious at all. We are trying to move to FL from NC and we can not find a place due to him being on the banned list. I can not believe that people are going to tell an owner that they have to give up their furbaby just to have a place to live. My dogs are treated just like they are my children. My Chi-Poo was more aggressive than my Rottie (she never bit anyone, but thought she was bigger than the Rott). I also have a hard time with someone telling me my dog is vicious when they have never even met him. Its not the breed that makes them "vicious" its how they are treated and trained. Most of my friends have dogs on the banned list and they are all moving to California or Florida with the military or closer to family. I cant see any of them giving their babies up too easily. Most of us have had our dogs before we had our children. We need to stand up for our babies rights because they are there for us when we need a friend.

Amanda on January 25, 2011:

I am a veterinary technician and have been for 11 years now. After reading this list I am positive that the people who are making these lists have never been involved with animals probably in their entire lives. In my years of work I have been bitten or come in contact with many aggressive dogs. I have seen more chihuahuas and min pins that want to take my hand off then 95% of these other large breed dogs! I find it very hard to believe that half of these breeds are on this list and many small breeds are not. I wish I knew who to contact regarding these lists and find out if they have any experience with dogs and give them my 2 cents in the matter! This is absolutely ridiculous!!!

Jonathan on November 03, 2010:

I have a Husky too. I have been turned down at three apartment communities and this last one even got $250 from me before telling me that my dog is banned. WTH!? This is my 4th one in fact and it's the first time I have ever encountered a problem. They are telling me that huskies are aggressive. Somehow they know more than me, the owner. Hello, Huskies are not aggressive at all. An Ivey league study was just put out that named Sibe's the most friendly dog towards a stranger. How can we end this injustice?

Becka on July 29, 2010:

I don't even understand this list! Some of those dogs are some of the most gentle breeds! The Leonberger is known for being a gentle giant that is great with kids! This is really outragous, they are banning some of the most common dogs, what are people supposed to do? What about the 1000's of dogs that are at the shelter every year that meet those breed specifications? I hate how people who are scared of dogs and are ignorant of their behavor try to label them as dangerous! Now my dog is a mix but every breed in him is on that list and he is one of the sweetest dogs ever! He's a Rottie/Husky/ Austrailian shepherd mix, and there isn't a mean bone in his body. This has to be stopped!

Lisa on July 28, 2010:

I am a cat person. I have nine cats and because I can't have children they are a wonderful substitute. However, as an animal lover in general I am absolutely floored by this. Really? It saddens me to see how this country is becoming so anti-animal. I have several cats and am trying to move myself. When people find out you have more than two they practically alienate you. What exactly is a cat going to do? Sleep on you until you die? Give me a break. People will accept people that have 10 destructive, unruly kids but no cats or dogs. In the 30 years I've owned many cats and the only complaint that could come out of my home is the smell of too much pine-sol. I ALWAYS keep a clean house and so do most dog owners. I don't think they realize that to most of us are pets are our children and it makes me mad that people are so flippant and tell you to get rid of them, as if they were less than nothing. Dogs and cats don't ask for anything but love, and food. There is no backstabbing, alterior motives, or hidden agends. They just want to be loved. I actually prefer animals over people. This just makes me sick.

James on May 17, 2010:

@Becky yeah we have a GSD also and we can't find a place to live. We could stay where we are at now but both of us are well above the means to move into a better neighborhood, unfortunately even Home Owners are having a hard time finding insurance if they own a German Shepard... most landlords I talk to say they even own a dog on the list, they are just not allowed to rent out due to the insurance policy.

This is awful and we're running out of options as the end of our lease gets close. Your not alone.

Brenda on April 19, 2010:

OMG! Just tried to get home owners insurance for our new condo in the state of Florida! First time I've ever been asked if I had a dog! I have a 6 month old pure bred Siberian Husky, just found out that it is a "banned breed" of dog! Has no one ever read the temperment of a Siberian Husky! They DO NOT make good watch dogs, because they love everyone so much! It is the person, not the breed that makes for a dangerous dog! I am sick about what do I do?

Maple on April 18, 2010:

What I don't get is why people are putting up with this. Alright, so the pretty and maybe even handsome folks on 6 o'clock news have convinced you that pits, Doberman, Rots, and German Shepherds are all evil. I can understand people being ignorant, I don't like it but I understand it. Some of these breeds I've never heard of and others I don't understand how they can be up there. Even the smaller breeds aren't protected.

I think it's been proven by now that being breed biased doesn't get you wanywhere. If it worked, than you would be hearing all of those places that haved used it crowing about it now. Instead they're trying to figure which breeds to ban next, wondering why biting hasn't been effected.

Becky on April 10, 2010:

I am currently looking for an appartment and have a german shepard dog, she is the sweetest dog, but was told she was on the aggressive dog list. Deal breaker, I am not giving up my girl!

danny kelly on March 29, 2010:

i live in an area with a fair bit of crime, OH MY GOD!! WHAT'LL I DO!! i know! i'll get a pug, that'll show 'em!! haha! (sarcasm!)

Mike on February 22, 2010:

The politicans need to bann alcohol before dog breeds. What a surprise that most of them have a drink daily. I would say alcohol kills more people than any dog breed ever did. If they leave alcohol to the responsibility of the person, they shoud do the same with dog breeds.

meme on August 27, 2009:

I am currently looking for an apartment or house in Los Angeles, CA (more specifically the san fernando valley. I have a staffordshire terrier, and no one will let us move in. My "scary" pit-bull-esque dog has been attacked by "non-violent" dogs more times than I care to count, and she has never even fought back in any way other than barking. She is a good dog, but I cannot find a place where we can live together. I moved out here with her from new york,and I don't know what to do. I am not willing to give her up. Any suggestions?

Also, isn't some of this breed restriction masked racism/classism, especially in the case of pit bulls?

Gisli on August 02, 2009:

greetings from Iceland....

this list make me so sick to my tummy. 75 dogs banned... I wonder when the are going to ban mentally ill people to have brick and toothbrush in a leach?

Stephen Wolfe, PA ~ USA on May 10, 2009:

According to the CDC, From 1979 through 1996, dog attacks resulted in more than 300 human dog bite-related fatalities. That's apparently why such garbage legislation was passed. It's like banning 9mm handguns if homicides with 9mm handguns increases. People will simply find another means to kill and it will solve nothing. It doesn't make sense... I'd be willing to bet that any dog that kills someone is simply trained to be very mean. I feel it's the owners who raise such mean dogs be punished, not an entire breed...

CJ Belle on May 09, 2009:

I am traveling from Fort Walton Beach, FL to Orlando in two days to take my sons best friend away and bring her to live with me because she is a targeted "restricted breed" ... a 3 year old Pit Bull. Her name is Shyann and she is my sons heart. She was a gift from me to my son nearly 3 years ago. She was raised with my two Pomerainians, has been socialized with people consistently and other dogs for as long as we have had her. We lived In PA and both moved to Florida two months ago so my son could attend Universal Technical School in Orlando and I moved to FWB. Recently a woman saw my son playing with Shy .. she loves to grab hold of a rope and he swings her around, it's a game they play and she loves doing it. The woman accused him of "abusing" her and made a fuss over what type of dog she was (we never had her ears cropped or anything) and reported him to the office of the complex he lives in. Today they showed him the "restricted breed list" and told him she had to go or he had to go.He was appalled. He told me that there were more dogs on that list than he could count. Many were common like American Bulldogs and St Bernards. The list is real and growing and it's frightening to think that ANY breed could be added to this list for ANY reason. I just want to say that I will be showing my support in August and I thank god that I can keep Shy for him until the time when she can be with him somewhere again. People need to educate themselves and take action. Remember, someday it could be YOUR breed of dog.

Elizabeth on April 29, 2009:

This is frickin crazy! My little Pitbull Thomas is the sweetest guy ever, and im sure my mixed breed has some of these "banned breeds" in her. I swear if anyone comes knocking at my door for my dogs, I will fight with my life.

mel on September 09, 2008:

What a load of shit! I have had my german shepherd dog for 7 years and he has never even attempted to bite. My children were 4 and 8 at the time and were taught how to handle him correctly from the start. All it takes is common sense. No breed of dog is born evil. They would never get a hold of my dog!

rottipal on July 10, 2008:

Thank you very much for the list. I would like to copy & paste it onto my website along with a link back here.

I would, however, very much like to see references at least to the jursidictions that have banned the 'less-likely' breeds. I know that Benld, IL is discussing banning all dogs over 15 lbs. Geezz, I've had bigger cats!!!!! What does that leave us? Miniature Chihuahuas?

Please let us know where your statistics come from. Thanks

Loving dogs on June 18, 2008:

In certain breeds of dogs, the amigdala in the brain can cease to send signals to certain areas during stress ie the jaw muscles, causing them to seize, making it appear as though they have locked.But they haven't.....

Chris Miller on March 23, 2008:

I think this list is scare tactics!! You would have to prove to me that a city/county/state has actually banned a non-violent breed like the Pug, Boston or French Bulldog. There are also others on the list that is you do a search on google NOTHING comes up with them being banned.

Whitney from Georgia on March 22, 2008:

PeekABoo, I've known cities filled with ignorant country-bumpkin officers that take people's pets because they think they're Pit Bull. full blooded white boxers with the excuse of boxers aren't white. Catahoula leopard dog with puppies because of the markings. And even dogs that are 100% mix-breed just because they thought the dog had some pitbull type dog in it. Those people never received their pets back, but the lady I volunteered for saved them from being put down and found homes for them. That kennel that I'm referring to disagreed with the lawmakers but had not option to the law. The kennel owner fought her hardest to find homes for as many as she was allowed to, but at the same time most of the pet APBT and pitbull type dogs had to stay in the kennel runs until a court date; they were there for no reason other than being born a particular breed. How fair is that?

I do have hopes for the APBT. All I can think of is that in the past breeds like the Great Dane and German Shepherd were once just as feared, and look at them now. Media remade them into loving family pets and heroes. I think with time it will happen again, and another breed will take the place of the "pit bull".

As for cats.. I could definitely see it happening, since cats carry more diseases than dogs and can be pretty brutal. Ha.

Peek-A-Boo420_420 (author) from Seattle on March 22, 2008:

You know what I could totally see that happen, as it sits right now there many places that are adopting new ordinances that say a dog or cat is considered a stray if it is over 4 months old and does not have a rabies tag on it. Therefore it can be picked up by animal control and taken into the shelter as a stray. And the property owner can as well take the "stray" to animal control.

There are the cat breeds such as Bengals that I could see that would be targeted by the BSL due to the fact they are the "asian leopard cats" and have a more mean temperment than other cats. At least that's what some people belive. And as we all know that is all it takes for a stereo type to began and that is how our beloved animals become out lawed in the eyes of the BSL and other animal haters. I belong to many places that fight the BSL and am constantly signing petitions against it and writing letters to city officals who are trying to pass the BSL and things like that. It will be a sad day when they target our cats as well. But I strongly belive that too will happen. :(

moonlake from America on March 21, 2008:

Your site was very interesting. I had no problem finding information on the web about BSL. I have to tell you I was shocked by the list. I think it's terrible. Pretty soon they will come up with a reason for us not to own cats or horses.

Whitney from Georgia on March 21, 2008:

k... I'd stick around. I'm working on a myths about Pit Bulls hub. Obviously you'd benefit from it. If you just look up the info you'd see that most of the things you hear abot pit bull type dogs is wrong. Lock jaws is the biggest myth. They're built like any other dog. They just have strong muscles and a determination to keep hold. No locking jaw.

Oh I want to retract my statement about not knowing the Great Dane was on the list. I've been doing more readings and found that they were once a feared breed like today's "pit bull" type dogs.

Kim on March 17, 2008:

Our house insurance got cancelled just 3 months after we bought our house because the inspector "discovered" we had a bull mastiff.It was in the original paperwork we filled out when applying for the insurance but i guess no one actually read it.We had to scramble to find house insurance or face losing our home because of lack of coverage,(a condition of our mortgage was that we keep current adequate insurance).Without warning we got a letter stating house ins. cancelled because of our dog starting immediately.We had 2 weeks to find another carrier and were without any ins. for that time period...if we'd had a fire or other catastrophe we'd be out of luck. How is that fair? Luckily nothing happened and our house ins. actually went idea why. Our big baby of a dog.....all 160 of him, would never hurt another living thing....except squirrels for some reason,lol.He actually "babysat" the grandkids while they napped in their playpens, sleeping right next to it and alerting me when they woke up.

k on March 14, 2008:


Peek-A-Boo420_420 (author) from Seattle on March 09, 2008:

Oh K I wouldn't worry about offending anyone on my posts :) It's all good. This is just a place to learn. Your not the only one who ever thought these animals could lock their jaws so actually it's a good thing that came up. Now people who didn't know can better understand. And anyone who takes offense can post a comment and say so although I don't really see why they would be offeneded. Most people are more than glad to clear up these kinds of misunderstandings when it comes to these myths rather than just let it go. Never be sorry for your own opinion or beliefs, yet always be open for the truth.

k on March 09, 2008:

sorry if i offended anyone

k on March 07, 2008:


Peek-A-Boo420_420 (author) from Seattle on March 05, 2008:

No K the staffys and bully breeds and all the other breeds with the big jaws don't actually lock their jaws when they bite. Yes they have a very strong hold when they bite, but they cannot lock their jaws. That is just an old wives tale one might say. They can get quite a grip but their jaws are made just like any other dogs only they have alot of muscles there so they can hold it longer and harder.

k on February 02, 2008:

yes they are staffys and other breeds that have jaws that lock onto you when they bite.

Whitney from Georgia on January 31, 2008:

K- there's no such thing as lock jaw. But I do agree BSL is B/S.

Oh, did you guys know that the world organization to help and save animals are the ones who promote BSL.

K on January 31, 2008:


k on January 31, 2008:

also btw im a former dog owner and also a huge dog lover and pet lover.


k on January 31, 2008:

i am shocked to see what breeds there are on this list. samoyeds, labradors, collies, terriers * shocked* can't believe this but can see the point about the staffy lock jaw dogs.

k on January 31, 2008:

this is silly why kill inocent dogs. some dogs are harmless its how you treat them that makes them go like that sometimes. i know what you mean when it comes to lock jaw dogs though they should wear a muzzle. and be never let loose. thats what the main dog problem is.

Sarah P on January 30, 2008:

I live in New Zealand, but as I am a member of an online animal forum I have heard of the stupidity of BSL. I already hate it, and it has not even reached my country yet, and I am already preparing to fight alongside other dog owners for when it does reach my country.

When I heard of this list I had to see it, and was shocked to read most of those breeds. Labradors? Border Collies? And most horrible of all, my breed, the Samoyed. I couldn't believe such breeds were on the list, not, of course, that any should be. Humans TRAIN dogs to be nasty. Just because a puppy is born as a breed does not mean it is automatically viscious. Thank you for posting this. It just shows how ridiculous BSL has become, and how it needs to be stopped.

Whitney from Georgia on January 14, 2008:

trakker this is a true list. Although I did not know that the Boston terrier, lab, great dane, and the golden retriever were on the list. I was familiar with the others. I do see why the Boston terrier is on the list as of its history and such, as with the great dane, as it was one a feared dog like today's "pit bull."

You must remember that not all of these breeds are banned or included in every BSL admendment, but many of them are groups together.

trakker14 from franklin on January 11, 2008:

I want to know where you got this ridiculous list of dog breeds..I have search the internet and have not found any such a breeder I should know this.

Kate King on November 11, 2007:

As a pet lover I agree, who are these freaks that want to ban pets that have been around some from the beging of our great nation. Is there a petition we can sign or something?

Peek-A-Boo420_420 (author) from Seattle on May 24, 2007:

Well this particular website that u are looking at now Lewis is to fight against the BSL and to protect our beloved furbabies. As you know The list above has dogs on there that are not much bigger than a picnic basket. I mean come on really what is a pug gonna do? Maul you with his scrunched up little face?? The BSL has gone too far this time. We need to stand up for our furbabies.

Lewis Sorenson on May 24, 2007:

as a former dog owner and dog lover i find this web site offensive it isn't the breed that makes a dog dangerious or vicious it is the dog owner most dogs are following commands of a human owner. If this is allowed to continue what is next i have owned many dogs and never had a problem . Sure most dogs are protective but that is bred into them the dogs that kill or bite are trained to do so buy us they r mans best friend and yet we treat them like this when all they give us is unconditional love. they stand by us no matter what and how do we repay them we whip them beat them kick them starve them or not give them watter for days and people wonder y they become vicious we need to think how we treat them if they are our best friend i would hate to see how we treat r enemies