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50 Unique Names For Dogs With Blue Eyes

Updated on May 03, 2016
Kiger - Penny Harvey's Blue Merle Border Collie
Kiger - Penny Harvey's Blue Merle Border Collie | Source

The Mystique of Dogs With Blue Eyes

Dogs with blue eyes fascinate us with their cool, icy stares that seem to look into and beyond our souls. Since ancient times, blue has been a mystical color, often worn on amulets to protect the wearer from evil. The "evil eye" itself is a blue amulet, representing the eye of the gods, and is worn throughout the Mediterranean to protect the wearer from misfortune. Whether your pup is an Arctic working dog or a pastoral herding dog, these names for dogs with blue eyes celebrate your best friend's unparalleled position as the family protector and talisman.

Scroll down to see the list of dog breeds with blue eyes. Feel free to add your favorite names for dogs with blue eyes in the comments section below!

Names for Male and Female Dogs With Blue Eyes

These unisex names celebrate the wide range of shades blue.

Azure - The color of a clear blue sky.

China - A term for blue eyes and spotted eyes in dogs used by collie breeders

Cobalt - Derived from the German word Kobald, meaning goblin, cobalt, a chemical element, has been used since the bronze age for adding a rich blue tint to glass and ceramics across the ancient world.

Cyan - A greenish blue, cyan is synonymous with aqua. Originally, cyan was derived as a dye from the cornflower plant.

Icey - Blue ice occurs on glaciers when snow falls on them and compresses, creating air bubbles that cause the ice to appear blue.

Indigo - A dark blue between purple and midnight blue, the color has inspired artists from Duke Ellington, Mood Indigo, to the female duo The Indigo Girls.

Powder - Powder, as a name, packs a punch. No less that 5 movies have been released in the last 2 decades whose titles focus on the essence of powder. Powder brings to mind blue, snow, cocaine, gunpowder, sugar, and the list goes on. Name your dog Powder, and you can call him Pow!

Oxford - "Blues" are awarded at Oxford and Cambridge, as well as many other universities throughout the British commonwealth, for the highest levels of athletic achievement. Those who compete at national levels are awarded full blue, while those competing regionally are awarded half blue status. Name your blue-eyed dog Oxford if you want a terrific athlete with a competitive spirit.

Skye - Sky blue is a lighter shade of blue than azure. It is described as the sun at noon. Sky is a popular name for herding breeds that cover the flocks in pastures as perfectly as the sky above.

Zaffre - A deep blue pigment created by roasting cobalt ore.

Arctic Blue Ice reflects the color of many sled dog's eyes.
Arctic Blue Ice reflects the color of many sled dog's eyes. | Source

Female Names From Shades of Blue

Alice - Alice blue was a pale shade of blue favored by Alice Roosevelt, daughter of Teddy Roosevelt. Her affinity for this shade of blue caused a national fashion sensation, with its own theme song, "Alice Blue Gown," featured in the musical Irene.

Baby - Nobody puts Baby in a corner! Name your blue eyed girl Baby, and she can have her own theme song, Bad Finger's Baby Blue.

Capri - A deep sky blue and the color of the Mediterranean sea. More specifically, it is the color of the water of the Blue Grotto, located on the Isle of Capri, in the midday sun.

Celeste - Italian sky blue, Celeste is derived from the word celestial. Name your girl Celeste if you want an angelic companion.

Lapis - A blue stone used to make ancient ultramarine dyes and pigments. This stone was used to make the eyebrows on the gold death mask of Tutankhamen.

Robin - Robins egg blue is a pale blue tinted with green.

Sapphire - The blue gem stone is the symbol of power and strength, as well as kindness and good judgement. As a blue stone, it represents the forces of the highest celestial powers, hope and faith.

Teal - A blue-green shade, teal represents the union of heaven and Earth.

Tiffany - The robins egg blue, Little Blue Box, represents eager anticipation. Only the most exquisite jewels and charms are contained in the Tiffany gift box. Name your girl Tiffany if you want a companion that is as beautiful on the inside as she is auspiciously delightful on the outside.

Male Names for Blue-eyed Dogs

Cerulean - The melding point between azure blue and sky blue.

Han - A blue pigment developed in China and used in imperial paintings from 1045 BC until 220 AD. Name your dog Han, if you are also a Star Wars fan.

Navy - The darkest shade of pure blue.

Royal - A rich medium blue, name your boy Royal-T if you are seeking a battle rapping companion.

Slate - A dark bluish grey and an account, as in wipe the slate clean. Name your dog Slate if you are ready for new beginnings.

Yale - Deeply ingrained in the university's identity, Yale blue originated on pennants flown at rowing competitions in the 1800s.

Blue eyes can occur in dalmatians, although it is a disqualifying fault.
Blue eyes can occur in dalmatians, although it is a disqualifying fault.

Blue Jeans Inspired Names for Male Dogs

Calvin - Calvin Klein took blue jeans to a new height in fashion with his Brooke Shields ad campaign of the 1970s. Name your dog Calvin, and nothing will come between you and your Calvin.

Denim - The toughest of blue fabrics, and the only fabric suitable for cowboys of the Wild West.

Diesel - Brand of blue jeans and casual wear, and the adopted stage name of tough guy Vin Diesel, born Mark Sinclair.

Levi - Levi Strauss originated the blue jean, and his first name is now synonymous with denim.

Lucky - Lucky Brand blue jeans are the hipster's favorite brand.

Wrangler - Continuing in the denim tradition, Wranglers are the tough jeans that won the West.

Female Puppy Names Inspired by Blue Flowers

Daisy - The daisy represents faith, joy, hope and new beginnings as well as loyalty and trust.

Hyacinth - The hyacinth symbolizes sport and play, while the blue hyacinth additionally expresses sincerity.

Iris - The iris represents faith, hope, endurance, wisdom and courage.

Rose - The Blue Rose of Sharon is a purplish shade of blue hydrangea. The center of the trumpet is purple with a pale yellow stamen.

An Arctic breed, the Siberian Husky often has blue eyes.
An Arctic breed, the Siberian Husky often has blue eyes.

Arctic Locale Name Inspirations for Puppies with Blue Eyes

Haines (Lake)
Watson (Lake)
Ross (River)
Clinton (Creek)

List of Dog Breeds with Blue Eyes

If you happen to love blue eyes on dogs, you are in luck. There are many breeds in which blue eyes occur, although they are often not preferred or may even be considered a fault for certain breeds. Blue eyes in a breed where it is considered a disqualifying fault can give you an opportunity to own an otherwise show quality puppy at a pet price. Blue eyes and perfection? That's a win-win! However, beware of unscrupulous breeders who breed only to produce certain color traits in their puppies to the exclusion of good health and structure, especially if that trait is considered a disqualifying fault for that breed.

Alaskan Malamute - Dark eyes are preferred, however blue eyes do occur. Blue eyes are considered a disqualifying fault.

Australian Cattle Dog - The AKC breed standard calls for dark brown eyes, however blue eyes can occur with certain merle patterns.

Australian Shepherd - Blue eyes are permissible under the AKC breed standard and can occur on any coat color or pattern as full blue or split blue eyes.

Border Collie - Blue can occur in any coat color or pattern. Blue eyes are acceptable, although not preferred in the AKC standard.

Cardigan Welsh Corgi - Blue eyes and wall eyes are permissible only in the merle pattern.

Chinese Crested - Blue eyes do occur in the Chinese Crested, and while dark eyes are preferred, there are no disqualifying faults in the Chinese Crested standard.

Collie - Rough and Smooth Collies - Dark brown is the preferred color, although merles may have "china" eyes. China eye being whitish, blue or spotted with white and blue.

Dachshund - Acceptable when it occurs on "dapple" pattern dogs, referred to as merle in most other breeds.

Dalmatian - Brown is the standard for the Dalmatian, however blue eyes do occur. Blue eyes are considered a disqualifying fault, and Dalmatians with blue eyes will only be registered with limited registration.

Great Dane - Blue eyes are seen most frequently in the harlequin coat pattern, but may occur genetically in other coat patterns. Dark eyes are preferable.

Old English Sheepdog - Dark brown and blue or china eyes are acceptable. An amber eye is most undesirable.

Pembroke Corgi - Light eyes and bluish eyes are undesirable but not a disqualifying fault.

Shetland Sheepdog - It is acceptable under the AKC breed standard for merles to have blue eyes. While blue can occur on other coat patterns, only blue eyes on merle pattern coats are show quality. Blue eyes on other coat patterns are a disqualifying fault.

Siberian Husky - Brown, blue and parti-colored eyes are acceptable.

Weimaraner - Gray and blue-gray eyes are acceptable.

Whippets - Dark eyes are desirable, light yellow or blue eyes are a disqualifying fault.


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    • kalinin1158 profile image

      Lana Zakinov 11 months ago from California

      Cool list! Incidentally, I'm looking for a name for a blue-eyed baby, and I've been thinking of Alice but had no idea that it was actually also a shade of blue. Interesting...

    • Solaras profile image

      Solaras 11 months ago

      Hi kalinin1158 - Go for Alice - she was a powerful intellectual and behind the scenes political apparatchik.

    • profile image

      Jean Bakula 3 months ago

      I used to have a blue eyed Siberian Husky, he was born on my birthday. He lived to be 14, and I never had the heart to get another pet. He was wonderful around little children and protective, but shed like mad!

    • Solaras profile image

      Solaras 3 months ago

      It's really hard to lose them, but they do bring so much love and humor into our lives. You should consider getting another dog, maybe a blue eyed rescue dog!

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